This is what a plane crash looks like

Yesterday a plane carrying a Brazilian football team apparently crashed in Colombia. Six people survived, whereas the rest died. Initially the amount of people on board was reported to be 81, but at least according to the Telegraph four people did not board the plane leaving 77 passengers and crew members aboard.

The reason for the crash is not clear yet but BBC reported that the “the pilot reported an electrical fault” before losing contact with ground control. The BBC also states that “The plane broke apart on impact but did not explode, raising suspicions that it had lost power due to a lack of fuel.” I’m not sure about this statement. Based on what I’ve seen some planes do catch fire when they crash and others don’t. The two Black Boxes were apparently recovered “in perfect condition”.

Here a couple of pictures of the wreck of the plane:



This looks like an actual plane crash. The reason I am commenting on this is to contrast it with the alleged Germanwings crash of March 2015. You might recall the story where the “killer co-pilot” Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane into the French alps. At least according to main stream media. I followed the story back then and wrote about my skepticism of the story. There were several suspicious aspects to the story, but the lack of evidence of an actual plane crash was the most significant one.

Here are a few of pictures from the Germanwings crash:





Compare them with the plane crash in Colombia. The Brazilian football team’s crash site has the remains of an actual plane. The Germanwings crash has only random debris. Sure the speed and the angle the planes crashed may have been different and it may have affected how the planes got wrecked. Yet large chunks of the plane should not simply de-materialize as has happened with the Germanwings plane.

So far I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest that the Colombian crash was anything but an accident so I will call it an accident. If it was some sort of false flag or a hoax at least they’ve learned to do a better job at it. But for now it seems like an unfortunate accident. The name of the airlines is Lamia, which is a child-eating demon from Greek mythology. The timing of the crash co-incides interestingly with the Pizzagate “child-eating” revelations of recent weeks. This might however be just a co-incidence.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about the Germanwings crash, and I hope others remember it too. I may sound like a lone nut harping on about something no-one else cares about. So be it. It was also when the Germanwings crash occurred I began to get exceedingly exasperated with the alternative media due to their tendency to take the main stream media’s assertions at face value. Nowadays much of the alternative media simply gives their own spin on the stories pushed by the main stream without questioning the overall claims.


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