Is there a Mysterious Island west of Australia?

I was watching a video on the Mandela Effect the other day that referred to a movie from 1993, Dazed and Confused, which has an intriguing globe on it. It appears there is a fairly big island to the west of Australia on the globe. I later found out that this isn’t the only globe with an island there. I’m also not convinced that this has necessarily anything to do with the Mandela Effect or any reality shift, but may refer to something else.

Globe on Dazed and Confused

I discovered a thread on the David Icke forum as well from 2013 discussing the globe in the movie. Somebody pointed out that the hypothetical continent of Lemuria should have been somewhere where the mystery island is. Later on, one person refers to another globe with an island situated there. A globe made by Denoyer-Geppert Co in 1957.



Yet on this globe the landmass next to Australia is not an island, but it shows the colour code for different levels of altitude. People on the forum point out that this globe is not the same one as in Dazed and Confused as the edges of Australia are green on the Denoyer-Geppert globe, but not on the globe in the movie. Nor does the mystery island in the movie globe have the white outline.

I discovered a thread on Reddit pointing out that there is a globe on the TV show Friends as well with a globe showing an island to the south-west of Australia.

Globe on Friends


The island on the globe is even more fuzzy than the one on Dazed and Confused, but it appears there is an island to the south-west of Australia. I recommend taking a look at the Youtube link for a better image. The location is slightly different on both globes as well.

Dazed and Confused and the Friends episode have another interesting connection. A David Icke forumite pointed out that the girl in Dazed and Confused next to the globe is wearing a red bracelet on the arm. It just happens that in the Friends episode the two characters are talking about a friendship bracelet that Joey bought to Chandler. Both the movie and the TV show have a mysterious island next to Australia and a bracelet in the same scene? Curious.

There’s another thread on Reddit pointing out that there is a globe on the TV show Mad Men as well showing an island to the west of Australia. This globe however looks like a copy of the Denoyer-Geppert globe.

Mad Men


The poster of Dazed and Confused has a curious message too. On top it says:

“It was the last day of school in 1976

A time they’d never forget…

If only they could remember!”



Is this just a reference to their drug use, or is it really related to people forgetting something important, like the existence of the island? Although I’m not convinced the mystery island is in any way connected to the Mandela Effect the movie tag line sort of hints like it might be.

Another possibility for the existence of the island on these globes is that if the island truly does exist, but it’s existence has been covered up for whatever reason. The people making Dazed and Confused and Friends may have wanted to drop a clue about it. The search zone for the missing Malaysia airlines plane, flight 370, in 2014 was in the same area where the island is. Perhaps they accidentally flew over the island and were shot down or hi-jacked so the crew wouldn’t spoil the mystery?

Two years ago Tracy Twyman also discussed the fate of the plane and referred to a French writer, Rene Daumal, who lived in the early to mid-20th century. He had written about a hypothetical mountain, Mount Analogue, an invisible mountain which acts as the mythical World Mountain or Axis Mundi that floats somewhere in the sea. Perhaps something like this is situated west of Australia. The Denoyer-Geppert globe certainly depicts a huge mountain there. Maybe the positioning is not accidental?

If there is no mystery island next to Australia, why depict it on different globes? That would be a weird mistake to make. Is it some sort of inside joke? It appears that the globes on Dazed and Confused, Friends and the Denoyer-Geppert globe are all different. Why are there three different globes more or less hinting at the same supposedly non-existent island?



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4 thoughts on “Is there a Mysterious Island west of Australia?”

  1. If you notice the shape of the supposed landmass in Dazed and Confused is symmetrical, that’s because it is the logo of the globe company. All globes have them. Now watch the video of the globe spinning and you’ll notice there isn’t a globe maker logo ANYWHERE ELSE on the globe. It’s not coincidence. It’s the logo

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