Did Ayrton Senna really die?

Because of researchers such as Russianvids and MrE I’ve come to regard conspiracy theories that suggest that certain alleged celebrity deaths are not deaths at all but hoaxes more seriously. Over the course of years many celebrity deaths have anomalous details around them, and many conspiracy minded-people, myself included, often suspect murder. However, that kind of viewpoint often leads you into an endless rabbithole of whatifs. Looking at these suspicious events from another angle might be in order then. The notion that certain deaths are faked is in no way unique, but what I do find unique is the reasonable evidence I’ve seen to suggest that certain celebrity deaths may have been faked.

One of the most obvious of these fake deaths are the artist Prince faking his death and after that pretending to be his sister Tyka. It might sound ridiculous at first, but I suggest you watch a couple of videos by MrE on it. Michael Jackson seems to have transformed himself into his friend Dave Dave. Russianvids even claims that JFK’s death was faked, and some suggest he became Jimmy Carter. David Bowie supposedly turned into the music executive Jack Steven. And then there’s one of the most ridiculous and controversial claims: stand-up comedian Bill Hicks faked his death in 1994 and turned into Alex Jones five years later. I had been aware of this theory for a while, and on the surface it sounds extremely silly, but there’s always been that small “what if” in the back of my mind.

I am not saying I necessarily believe any of these theories 100%, but I certainly think they are worth looking into. Now with this possible industry of celebrities faking their deaths, let’s take a step back into my childhood and the death of Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna.


Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger

Ayrton Senna was one of greatest Formula 1 drivers of his time, as he had won three championships before his untimely alleged demise. This was quite a feat before Michael Schumacher went to win a gazillion championships. However, in 1994 during the San Marino grand prix in Imola, which is situated in Italy, Senna had a crash that lead to his alleged death. I was a young child back then and found it shocking. Although I hadn’t been really a fan of him, I thought he was pretty cool, and seeing one of the best drivers simply perish like that simply seemed wrong. Interestingly I remember thinking that maybe he did not die, but instead faked his death and moved to live on a secret island. I really did think something like that, but I brushed it off as a childish coping mechanism for my unwillingness to accept Senna’s death. Now I think, I might have been right all along.

Senna’s demise wasn’t the only alleged death that weekend. A day before Senna’s crash another driver, Roland Ratzenberger, crashed during the qualifiers and allegedly died. The deaths in one weekend. Even back then I felt something was off. Somebody must have screwed up somehow, or something else was going on, and back then I didn’t know anything about conspiracies, Freemasons, and all that. Today I decided take another look at what happened in Imola in 1994. A very suspicious look.


The Crashes

I had a look of the crash videos of Ratzenberger and Senna, although I couldn’t find a video of Ratzenberger actually crash. All of the footage I saw of it was the left half of his car being destroyed and spinning around. Such as this one. For all we know, he did not crash, and the video of his trashed and spinning car was staged.


There is a video of Ayrton Senna drive into the barrier at high speed on the other hand. We see the car drive into the barrier and bounce back at the end of this video. There are two details about this accident that I found curious though. First of all, before the crash we see the camera view from Senna’s car. However, the camera feed cuts off a couple of seconds before the crash. Why? This other video highlight this fact better than the first one, although video quality is worse. To me it seems somebody did not want us to see what happened to Senna’s car after that point.

The second detail is highly incriminating, if I am correct, although I might not as it is difficult to tell based on the angle and poor video quality. However it seems to like the footage from Senna’s car and the video from further away that shows him crash do not seem to match. Going back to the first Senna video, we see Senna’s car view. He is speeding toward the curve. On the right we see the red and white “Kronenbourg” sign. On the left is the sign that says “Pilot”-something. Senna seems like he is alone there.


This is Senna’s crash from another angle. Notice all of the people and the red truck behind the “Pilot”-sign. At the bottom of the picture we even see some people peeking at Senna. There is no trace of any of this in Senna’s car view. Now it is entirely possible that they are simply hidden behind the sign in the other view. The people might not be peeking at the time when Senna is further away. Yet notice the yellow crane protruding from the truck. That should be visible from behind the sign as it is taller, yet I do not see any trace of it in the car view footage. Granted the quality is not very good in that video.


Notice behind the crash scene, on the left side of the Kronenbourg-sign, all of the pit personnel and the red cars. None of them are visible from Senna’s car view. Once again, maybe they are simply obscured behind the barriers, but I think some of them should be visible from the other views as well.


It is possible that there is a better quality video that proves my observations wrong, but the two do not look like they match. One of them was probably shot beforehand. I recommend taking a look at the videos instead of settling for the pictures I shared here.


The Numbers

Next I will delve into some of the numerology behind behind the Imola crashes. Before that though, I should point out that there was a third dangerous crash during that weekend. Rubens Barrichello suffered a dangerous crash as well that could have cost him his life. Anyway, looking at the footage of Roland Ratzenberger’s crash I noticed his car had the MTV logo on it. Simtek, Ratzenberger’s team, was sponsored by MTV back them. I made me think whether there is any other curious symbolism or numerology when comes to his car. Here is a picture of a model of Ratzenberger’s car:


Cox is 6 in both Pythagorean and Chaldean numerology.  Russell Athletic is 6 in Chaldean. MTVE, since there is an E there, is 6 Pythagorean. Here we have 666. The red part on top of the car says Barbara, which is 7 in Pythagorean, 11 Chaldean. The tires are Goodyear, which is 9 in Pythagorean. R. Ratzenberger is 9 in Chaldean numerology.


Simtek was founded by Nick Wirth. Wirth is 33 in Pythagorean numerology.

Then let’s take a look at Ayrton Senna’s car. Senna Renault is 9 in Pythagorean. Rothmans is 9 as well. Racing is 7 in Pythagorean, 6 in Chaldean. Williams Renault, the team name, is 9 in Pythagorean. Elf is 7 in Chaldean.


Renault Elf is 6 in Pythagorean. Segafredo is 44 in Pythagorean.


911 is encoded interestingly into Senna’s car.  On the side of the front wing it says “Divella”. On its left is tire saying Good Year. Good Year is 9, Divella is 11 in Pythagorean numerology. A. Senna is 9 in Pythagorean.


There is an interesting connection with the three drives who had a serious crash in Imola.  R. Ratzenberger is 9. A. Senna is 9, and R. Barrichello, the third crasher, is 9 in Chaldean numerology. Interesting co-incidence that the the initial of the first name combined with the last name comes up to a nine. We have three nines that become 666 if reversed, and 9 is the devil’s number anyway. Some of the numbers on the cars may be co-incidental, I don’t think all of it is.

I also found a curious video of actor Sylvester Stallone saying Senna had gifted his helmet to Stallone. Stallone is talking about the colours. He mentions yellow and black, although the helmet has a prominent green stripe as well. According to Russianvids, yellow and black is a colour utilized by Satanists.



I do think there was something else going on that weekend than simply a series of unfortunate accidents. The Senna crash videos do suggest to me that some sort of deception had went on. Possibly Ratzenberger’s death incident was practice for Senna’s. Or maybe they wanted three faked deaths, but something went wrong with Barrichello’s accident. The numbers I’ve looked at suggest occult at play as well.


P. S.

I happened to notice this interesting easter egg, while looking at Ruberns Barrichello’s 1994 car. The tires are Good Year (9). Next to it is ASR, which is 11 in Pythagorean numerology. Look to the right of that: Osama. His car says 911 Osama.




PRINCE IS ALIVE! and living as his sister Tyka Nelson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTptzKMujkU

PRINCE IS ALIVE! Part 2 – The Coverup : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEP2Qn_53_8

Patterns of Deception Part 2: George Michael Jackson Paul Walker JFK 9/11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y9Zhl9M7qA

The Kennedy Masonic Hoax – The Occult Of Elm Street And The Trident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JJn5aC1bus

David Bowie Reappears On Sky News As “Jack Steven Fortress Music Executive”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FayHEPA7_Vc

Ratzenberger crash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-lwl74lENo

Senna crash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qYXVfY_9IE

Senna crash video feed end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiLubadXiK4

Sylvester Stallone about helmet Ayrton Senna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY9pcrTz6R0


5 thoughts on “Did Ayrton Senna really die?”

  1. I believe he is still alive as well and his so-called death was planned way in advance i.e. the year before he won his 1st World Championship. His agreement was that he would win it 3 times and then leave it for the next King (M. Schumacher) but would still be remembered i.e. Institution run by his sister, roads names after him, statues, running races etc…and even the battles between the family/Xuxa vs Adriane Galisteu (the last girlfriend) are all staged so that even after his “death” he will rake in money not just for him/his family but for F1 and the media as well. But where is he now….perhaps living in Japan or even Bora Bora on some private island. (Everything was planned – his girlfriend, that he paid for…all the pics of their love (and the best actor & actress award goes to: Ayrton & Adriane)…and the car he bought her in August 1993 for her 21st birthday that is in April 1994 (Number plate: DRI777) – she is party to this hoax…and in return she was promised fame and wealth, with the understanding when they need her…she will perform whenever they need her…. a Monarch butterfly – slave)

    Look at the crash video’s …when he went off track there was dust / markings..but when the medical team etc was there – there was no markings. And also notice that one driver was still driving after the crash and the marshalls had to stop him just before the crash sight – when all the other drivers was pulled off – yet he still continued to drive on. There is just lots of inaccuracies in the official video…people standing at a certain place and in blink gone or appear when there was no one.

      1. I agree….one of his quotes was: Actions speak louder than words. A warning to his fans/world not to believe what he is saying. And everything profound that he said….it was all a deliberate plot for when he had to die…to give him that mythical vibe. Everything he said or done in public was very well thought out and deliberate and he was quite ruthless on and off the track….like he said to his paid girlfriend (Adriane Galisteu): “Dri, the weak is not going anywhere.” and “Dri when I going to crash the car, I know I am going to crash it – I do not go blind.” And his brother’s last words to her as he hugged & kissed at the funeral was: “Nothing we did was by chance…” So many quotes and the videos clearly shows that we are being played with…our emotions, faith – everything. And for what – I do not know. Perhaps Ayrton still lives in Brazil, a few minor surgeries to change his face….or even a gender change…i.e. from Man to a woman. (Nothing surprises me any more.)

  2. It amazes me that’s someone who goes to the lengths you have to build a conspiracy theory finds it hard to believe that someone can actually die or be killed without half the world being in on .
    To fake a death of this magnitude would be a logistical nightmare, yes it’s true that some people may be worth more or earn more after their death but why would the greatest F1 driver need to fake his own death when already worth over $300m and having just become the sole importer of Audi cars, Ducati motorbikes and Mont Blanc into Brazil ???
    Senna was not driven by money but by success.
    The Senna family were already and still are multi millionaires regardless of Ayrton.

    As for Roland Ratzenberger, the man spent his career trying to reach the pinnacle of motorsport, not until he was 33 years old did he actually achieve this remarkable goal so why after only his 3rd race would he fake his own death so publicly, not to mention the thousands of fans that actually witnessed him hit the wall at 200 mph.

    These men have given their lives in the persuit of the sport they lived for, to fabricate a conspiracy theory is, in mind view a massively disrespectful to these men and their families.

    My suggestion is that you use your talents more productivity and let these men rest in peace and remember them for what they achieved

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