More Las Vegas Mysteries

The only certainly about the Las Vegas shooting where a 64-year old man, Stephen Paddock, allegedly killed 59 people and injured over 500 is that official story doesn’t make sense, which is nothing new to mass shootings or terrorist attacks. I’ve seen conspiracy theory Youtubers argue over whether it was a hoax or a false flag, i.e. did people really die. While it is an important question, the main focus should be on trying to find out what actually happened, and which claims of the main stream media and the government can be proven false or logically inconsistent.

Most of the witnesses who claim to have seen people being killed are not credible, and sound like actors. There are also a few photos showing bloodied people, as well as a couple of videos, yet I am not convinced by them. This does not imply that no-one died however. I think there is a good possibility that some did, but I am very doubtful that the people the media claims died did, or that they died the way the media says they did. There are also people on the internet claiming that they knew some of the dead people, and some of them might even be telling the truth. Yet simply claiming on the internet that you know someone who died is not proof.


The Video

There is one video, that was supposedly first uploaded to Liveleak, where a man goes around in the arena in Las Vegas checking people’s pulses. There are blood and dead bodies in, and it does seem fairly realistic, yet I am not convinced. I would not blame people for believing it to be real, but I think is fake. I think it’s been removed from Liveleak, and it can be difficult to find now. I downloaded a copy of it, and I will show a couple of snapshots of it, which are quite graphic. I supposed I could upload it somewhere if someone can point me to a website where I could do just that.



The beginning of the video shows blood on the floor that is suspiciously red. It looks fake to me, and I’ve seen someone comment, who claimed to be a nurse or something, that they think the same way. Yet someone pointed out that arterial blood is more is more red, whereas venous blood is darker. It could be arterial blood, but would there be this much of it?

Soon after that the video shows a dead girl lying on the ground, and camera man checks her pulse and even moves her arm. This is probably the main reason some people think the video is real. Yet certainly modern Hollywood productions  can look as realistic as this.


The blood still looks fake to me. Moreover, the video overall seems to be made with intention of trying prove people died there: “Look, look. I’m walking around here. There’s bodies and blood. This must all be real.” You can say I’m jaded, but I still don’t buy it.

There’s another video show by Raymond Page, “a Clark County employee”, going toward the arena when people are fleeing it. While many of the people running away are probably genuine, that video especially seems somewhat choreographed. In the end of the video there’s a man with a bloody arm and also some blood on his torso. Yet image is too dark to see if there is an actual bullet wound on the arm. Moreover, paramedics start treating the guy, and then the cameraman leaves. This seems to me like a production. They show you just enough to shock you, but don’t show the whole thing.



Multiple Shooters

There have been many reports of multiple shooters and around other casinos than Mandalay Bay hotel. People reported gunfire and broken glass and whatnot around those locations, but at least I am not sure whether anyone was shot in those places. Perhaps they were, or maybe those shootings were just more distractions.

I still think the video taken by a female taxi driver, that I discussed in my previous article on the shooting, is genuine and the gunfire in that video sounded real, so it would imply that someone was shot, but I don’t know who or where.


The Shooter

Stephen Paddock has been called a patsy by many, and for a good reason. In fact, I’m not sure if he was in Vegas that day. He probably was, but we shouldn’t take anything the media claims at face value.

I found these couple of images illustrating how incredible the official story is:


There are also rumours that Paddock was involved with the CIA or other agencies, but I don’t know reliable the claims are.


I should also mention that Paddock’s brother said that Stephen does not have any military training. Although I find his brother a suspicious character as well.

Another interesting detail I heard is in an interview with Steve Wynn, a casino owner from Vegas. He decribes how Stephen Paddock’s profile was very normal and not suspicious at all, since he had been to Las Vegas many times in the past, but then he says: “However, nobody in this company’s history, no public person has ever walked  in the service elevator unless they were accompanied by security.” Then the interviewer asks did Paddock go in the service elevator, and Wynn answers he’s not sure. So why would he even mention something like? Was it a slip of the tongue, and Wynn knew he walked into the service elevator at Mandalay Bay without escort? If that’s true, it certainly lends more credence to the fact it was a false flag. Or then again maybe the “slip” was deliberate, and giving a red herring for conspiracy theorists to chase after.

What’s clear though, that Wynn is pushing an agenda in the video which is naturally more surveillance and gun control.


The Agenda

Whether or not the shooting was a hoax, I am 99% sure it was a false flag. It has been used already to push for more metal detectors, body scanners and gun control. Whether people died or not, the whole event was clearly orchestrated to push for more surveillance of regular people, but of course not of actual criminals. If that is the agenda, it does not really matter for the perpetrators whether someone died or not. The people behind it know that there is a certain group of people who will always call the shooting a false flag or a hoax, whereas the masses will still eat up everything the media says.


Yet it is possible there was something else going on in Vegas that night as well. The shootings might have been a distraction from the real operation, whatever it was. Unfortunately, I have no clue what, if any, alternative agendas or operations were at play.

I also saw this newstory of a ” key witness” and his daughter “committing suicide” after the FBI raided his home.



I am not saying the Las Vegas shooting was a hoax. I’ve seen people do it, and I find it distasteful, since they don’t know what happened. It’s easy to say that it was orchestrated and that there are crisis actors talking about it, but they don’t know the big picture. It might be a hoax, but you cannot say for sure.

Yet I’ve seen people in the other camp, who do think the bodycount was more or less real, use shaming tactics and appeal to emotion, like ‘how dare you say no-one died’. I find it equally distasteful. This is why advocate for looking at the facts. Nothing that I’ve seen or read has convinced me that people died, but the perpetrators might have hidden the real bodycount under the cover of exaggerated numbers and lousy crisis actors.

If this operation was merely about pushing for more surveillance and gun control, I see it as more likely that it was a complete hoax, yet I do think there was something even more sinister in the background.



I know that there is a camp in the Bohemian Grove called the Mandalay Camp based on Rudyard Kipling’s poem Mandalay, and he just happened to be a Freemason. There’s the Luxor pyramid in the background and all that, yet I don’t know if this symbolism ultimately means anything other than it’s just their calling card, and this occult Masonic symbolism is ubiquitous. It is obvious that this was some sort of false flag, but actual details are not that easy to uncover.



7 thoughts on “More Las Vegas Mysteries”

  1. If you want to claim I’m a liar then do what a good researcher does and fly to Taft California. I’ll give you a place to stay and you can can go meet the Meadows family. Then you can debate whether their daughter is dead or not. Or why don’t you do some detective work and start calling people of the deceased? 4 ppl died in Kern County. Start there. Otherwise your doing hack reporting off of others work that has already been regurgitated 3 times over.

      1. You pay for your own research. I’m telling you as a valid witness of this girl dying and you are telling me I’m a liar. Get a hold of her mother and father and ask them.

      2. I didn’t say you are a liar. I asked you to prove your claims. There is a difference.
        You seem to be obsessed with me though, so please stop.

      3. This is a comment section. Don’t flatter yourself. My word is my bond. I’m a handshake type of guy. I have proved my claims because there is no lie in me.

  2. Personally, I don’t believe that the Mandalay Massacre was a fictional event. My wife is from Vegas, her family (and 2 million other people) live there, and a friend of her parents knew two of the younger, male victims. Sandy Hook, sure – purely fictional event manufactured for political purposes. I have direct sources on this one though, which gives me, personally, a high degree of confidence that several fairly unimportant people died. But who am I? So no worth much for others, understandably.

    The entire situation surrounding the official shooter makes him look, to me, very much like a patsy though. Of course without further evidence we can never know, we can only speculate.

    Those casinos are full to overflowing with cameras… everywhere… but no footage has been released, which can only invite serious speculation. Typically the media spams images of suspects entering and leaving places for days after even a lowly armed robbery.

    It took 80 minutes from when this man first opened fire until the police knocked down his door. There are several other pieces of data that don’t line up well. On their own they would not be cause for much suspicion, but in the context of Federal Investigators keeping so many secrets from the public about this event it’s safe to assume there is something being hidden. They’ve publicly said they aren’t investigating this as a terrorist incident, the official perpetrator is deceased so there is no ongoing manhunt that could be compromised by being completely open and honest about the event… so there is no legitimate reason information & footage surrounding this event should be classified as sensitive or kept secret from the public. But much IS being kept secret, and that in itself is enough to cause concern and support a strong presumption of foul-play having happened in a way that does not resemble what we are being told.

    Also, a somewhat unlikely number of survivors of the incident seem to be dying in car ‘accidents’ and hit-and-runs.

    1. I think it is possible that people died in Vegas that day, however I don’t think that it happened at all as the media portrays it. Not sure if anyone died at the music festival. Paddock is most likely a patsy, and I think most of the “eye witnesses” we’ve seen are fake. Also as you pointed out, some of the survivors have died in curious accidents.

      I mentioned in another article that Q-anon of 4chan suggested that Prince Salman of Saudi-Arabia was in Mandalay Bay that night. It’s possible someone tried to have him assassinated, and the whole mass shooting was cover for that. Even if the claims of Prince Salman were false, I think it’s possible similar operation might have been at play.

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