Illuminati may try to Fake its “Death”

As willfully ignorant as the masses still are about what is going on in the world, there’s no denying that more and more people are raising their heads from the crowd to see what is going on. We are tired of the manufactured wars, artificial economic crises, lies in the media. There is no stopping us; eventually we will have a global revolution.

The question is: what comes after the revolution? Are we going to take control of our own lives or let another charlatan dictate us what to do? When the plutocrats ruling our world are overthrown, we mustn’t let our guard down lest the we fall into another Illuminati scheme to enslave us.

Don’t get me wrong. Our current rulers aren’t going to go down without a fight. They will hold onto their power as hard as they can. They’ll try to provoke wars, possibly threaten us with HAARP or other fancy weapons, perhaps they’ll even make the fake alien invasion scenario come true. Who knows? What is certain though, is that the control system is going down, but it won’t be painless.

We seem to be in the Externalization of the Hierarchy phase of the New World Order/Illuminati plan. It basically means the Illuminati want people to realize how corrupt and unjust the current system is so we’ll ask for change. Problem-Reaction-Solution. That is why they are allowing people like Ron Paul to gain attention. The Illuminati controls the political game. It is safe to say, Ron Paul wouldn’t be where he is right now, if they considered him a threat. They would have assassinated his persona or the person himself.

Let’s get this straight, I’m not saying Ron Paul is controlled opposition or an Illuminati agent. He seems like a decent man who believes in what he says. Contrary to the past, right now it is in the interest of the Illuminati to let the truth out on certain matters to bring about the destruction of the old system to build a new one. Ron Paul is one such vehicle for truth. My advice is, if the American people find him worthy to represent them, support him, vote for him. Just don’t think you can go back to sitting on your asses watching TV while Ron Paul fixes things for you.

Problem-Reaction-Solution works two ways

According to David Icke the P-R-S process is as follows as people recognize the problem: “This can’t go on, something must be done. What are they going to do about it?” There is an alternative way we could and should react: “This can’t go on, something must be done. What are we going to do about it?” We can turn every crisis into an opportunity by offering a real solution.

While I believe that the destruction process of the old world system that is underway is, at least partially, orchestrated by the Illuminati, we can make it for us, the people of earth. We share that one goal with the Illuminati; we want to get rid of the old system that enslaves us. When the system is gone we can make this planet into a paradise, if we so desire. The Illuminati will try to sell us their new control system, which will probably seem very appealing at first but ultimately it will be only a new way of enslaving us. We need to say “no” to their sales pitch.

The Illuminati needs to make us think it has been defeated completely for us to buy into the new guise that the Illuminati will adopt. They have to sacrifice a lot of their assets to convince us. The Rothchilds will probably fake their deaths too and disappear, but they’ll still be there in the background manipulating. When the old world order has fallen, be skeptical of anyone offering “solutions”. The Illuminati will probably masquerade as some faction or factions that helped us defeat the New World Order and offer to help out of the kindness of their hearts.

Too many people know already how we’ve been manipulated and will not rest until the manipulators are stripped of power. For that reason the manipulators, the Illuminati, have to convince us of their defeat to keep manipulating us. We must remember that the Illuminati are masters at deception. Never underestimate the opposition. They will not go down easily. They will feed us lie on top of a lie mixed with half-truths. We must hold on to what we know to be true, not believe hype. Not accept any hierarchy or control system. We must do what we want to do.

Jumping the gun

All of this may be a bit premature, since it will take a lot of time and effort before the current control system goes down. However, we must remain vigilant and remember that the battle for freedom and independence for all of humanity will not be won easily, we cannot take short-cuts. We will win, but for that we need perseverance and wisdom.

All that I’ve said here is highly hypothetical. I am not a clairvoyant, I cannot see the future. I do not have any insider information. I am just a guy who keeps his eyes, ears, mind and heart open. To me, this seems to be where we are heading. Make what you will of it.

– Haukipesukone


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