Many Mistakes and Malfunctions of the Russian Space Program

Being a regular conspiracy nut, my initial gut feeling upon hearing the failed launch of the Russian Phobos-Grunt orbiter in November 2011, was that there was something fishy about the whole affair. A month or two later I learned that malfunctions have plagued other launches in the Russian space program as of late. That should be sufficient to get one’s conspiracy senses tingling.


In December 2010 a rocket carrying three Glonass-M satellites failed to reach orbit and fell into the Pacific Ocean ( August 2011, an unmanned cargo ship headed for the the international space station crashed back to Earth after launch ( In October a manned cargo ship managed to reach the station ( Phobos-Grunt failed in November 2011, and in December Meridian 5 communications satellite was lost during launch ( ,


That’s a lot of failures in one year. Either Russian rocket scientists are spending their work hours playing Starcraft or someone is sabotaging the space program. Some claim that HAARP was used to bring Phobos-Grunt down, but then again more mundane technology could have been used or perhaps the potential sabotage was inside job, someone working for the Russian space program ( How it was conducted is not as important as who did it and why?


Russian president Medvedev promised to punish those responsible for the space program failures ( Is this to viewed as an admission that he knows someone did it deliberately, or is he merely threatening incompetent Russian scientists and engineers? If indeed Medvedev is doing the former, who is he threatening? He mentions financial punishment as one possibility, could that hint to the US? It seems somewhat odd if Medvedev is talking about Russian scientists, that he’s threatening to dock their pay. Financially pressuring a guilty country is more likely. He also mentions criminal punishment, if the reason for the fault is obvious, as a possible solution, but he probably sees being able to prove it as unlikely.


Why would someone sabotage Phobos-Grunt then? The orbiter was headed for the Martian moon Phobos, which is believed to be an artificial spacecraft by many. Perhaps someone, like the United States or ETs, don’t want others snooping around there. Then again maybe the Phobos mission was merely a cover for the probe, and it was set out to do something else, and that is why it was sabotaged. The Phobos-Grunt orbited the Earth for few weeks before coming down. The ever-so trustworthy Wikipedia said :”Following initial concern that the probe might crash in Argentina, it reportedly fell into the Pacific Ocean west of Chile. However, other reports placed greater uncertainty on the location of the crash site, describing it as “in the vicinity of Chile and Brazil”, with fragments possibly falling over a wide area. Recovery efforts had never been made, as the spacecraft was destroyed.” ( Why is the crash site such a mystery, since we have satellite tracking and other fancy gizmos these days? Why weren’t recovery efforts made? How do they know it was destroyed, if they don’t even know where it landed? Perhaps some parts would still be salvageable. Maybe Phobos-Grunt never landed, and it was stolen by something while in the air or space. It might have contained technology or information that the culprit wanted to obtain. There are countless details regarding this case that don’t add up.


An investigation released in February 2012 concluded that space radiation disrupted the computer system of Phobos-Grunt thus causing the failure ( It sounds like an excuse, a cover story to hide the truth. Then again is it is true, it should be asked why didn’t the rocket scientists see it coming. RiaNovosti website says: “The [investigation] commission did not elaborate on why the developers took no measures to protect Phobos-Grunt against such incidents.” Later on it quotes a researcher at the Moscow State University as saying: “The mistakes snowballed, and the probe was launched when still not ready.” Basically we’re asked to believe the scientists were just lazy and stupid? It’s a definite possibility that the scientists were deliberately incompetent, but I don’t buy it that they just didn’t see it coming. Perhaps some of the scientists are working for someone else, perhaps Phobos-Grunt was really some sort of weapon they did not want to see used.


What about the other space failures? In November 2011 Russia successfully launched replacements for the failed Glonass-M launch of 2010. RiaNovosti website said: “Glonass is Russia’s answer to the U.S. Global Positioning System, or GPS, and is designed for both military and civilian uses.” ( If US and Russia are involved in a new cold war, disrupting the opponent’s communications and information gathering would be logical maneuver. The Meridian 5 satellite was a communications satellite as well.


It’s impossible to say who did what and why based on a few internet articles, but there is definitely something fishy going on in the Russia space program. It could as simple as the old US-Russia competition heating up again. Then again there might be other countries involved like China, Iran, some EU countries. Might one or more secret space programs involved as well. Could also be extra-terrestrials. I don’t know whether ETs are involved in Earth’s affairs, but I see it as a possibility. I don’t believe they are, nor do I disbelieve in their involvement. One interesting detail is that there have been no human victims in these failures. If someone is sabotaging the Russians, they seem to have some respect for human lives or they are unwilling to escalate the hidden war further.


– Haukipesukone


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