Phoenix Illuminati

Phoenix, symbol of the Illuminati

The Illuminati is like the phoenix. Every 500 or 1000 years it seeks to destroy itself by fire to be born anew from the ashes. The Illuminati do it to protect themselves from being discovered (although they might have more esoteric reasons behind it as well). One system of enslavement is destroyed only to be replaced by another. They promise hope and change, and get rid of the old system the people are growing fed up with, but offer more of the same in a pretty new wrapper. When people get wise to it, it’s time to burn again.

In the 14th century the Black Death and witch hunts of the “holy” inquisition put an end to the Middle Ages. Society was remodeled and the Age of Enlightenment began, which at first gave rise to uplifting new ideas. Eventually though it lead to Imperialism and the genocide of countless non-European cultures. One might say the Victorian era was the last century of that cycle. For the last hundred years or so we have been undergoing the destruction of that cycle, which is soon complete. There were two world wars, and various other wars since then. Also society changed from rural to industrial. Now there is the manufactured economic crisis and the possibility of war with Iran, China or whoever. If the Illuminati has its way, it shouldn’t take long for the current monetary system and US hegemony to fall, which is not a bad thing. However they will seek to replace it with more of the same, masquerading as something else.

In the beginning of the Anno Domini era Christians were persecuted by Rome, since their ideas of love and compassion didn’t sit well with Illuminati controlled Rome. However a few centuries later Rome converted to Christianity as they were unable to eradicate all of the pesky peace-lovers. They would instead pervert the religion to suit their needs. They changed details in the Bible to suit their needs and threw away some chapters altogether, the Apocrypha. They established strict and silly dogma. In due time Rome started persecuting heretics and pagans instead of Christians. Over the course of centuries the power of the Roman Empire waned, but Rome stayed as the head Christianity, and wielded great influence over the Christian kingdoms of Europe.

Going back further in time we can find similar patterns of one oppressive society crushed by another, which ends up being as bad as the first. (The fall of Carthage? Ancient Egypt?) What remains is the rejuvenated phoenix. How the Illuminati actually manages to do this is a good question. Whether it’s merely a secret society with group of men conspiring in a dark room, aliens with advanced technology or demonic entities that possess men, is hard to say. What is quite clear are the patterns that emerge when we look at history, and the contemporary world. We have to know their game so we don’t fall for it. We have to refuse the solutions they try to sell us and make our own ones.



2 thoughts on “Phoenix Illuminati”

  1. I believe the eagle printed on American money, wasn’t the first choice,it was the phoenix,but the American public mistook it’s long neck to be that of a turkey,so it was replaced by the eagle.

    Members of a group may change,logos may change,even leadership will change,but the end goal of the group remains the same.

    1. Here it says the phoenix was proposed by the third Great Seal committee. I assume it means the idea was proposed later, if the website is to be trusted.

      On another site it says: “Four kinds of birds were suggested in preliminary Great Seal designs: a two-headed eagle, a rooster, a dove, and a “phoenix in flames.”” According to that phoenix seems to be one of the early possibilities. Dove is another usual bloodline symbol.

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