Why Consciousness Willed Technology into Existence

If we assume it is consciousness which rules matter, and not vice versa as has been dictated by modern science, why has consciousness willed these technological devices that dominate our lives? Why were modern technologies willed into existence? What purpose do they serve?

For those are unwilling to even entertain the possibility that consciousness commands matter, we shall borrow an idea from Max Igan. Take a look at the shirt you are wearing and the chair you are sitting on. They first existed only in the mind of the person who made them. His consciousness directed his hands to shape matter in a certain way. They did not come about by accident, but by purposeful design.

It has been noted often that the internet is a great gift for people to freely share ideas and information. No longer do we need to rely on corporate media or official government statements to form our opinions. Before the advent of the internet, trains, cars, aeroplanes, the telegram, radio, telephone and many other devices revolutionized how people interact and communicate with each other. Men became less bound to the physical location they inhabit. In this sense technology has been a great boon. On the other hand technology has also brought countless new ways to kill and destroy, new methods of surveillance making it easier to centralize power in the hands of the few and other forms of oppression.

Why did consciousness will this to happen? Possibly the desire to connect with other people all across the world existed in the collective unconscious of humanity, and technology is how it manifested itself as. Why did it have to manifest in this way, basically as something external from us, instead of psychic abilities for instance? For a few centuries technology has been evolving quite fast, but human consciousness hasn’t (except maybe for the last few decades). Also why did humanity wish for all of the bad things technology has brought us?

One possible answer is that the Illuminati oligarchs ruling over us hijacked our desires to pervert them to suit their desires. They probably knew what the consensus of the human consciousness was, to bring distant nations closer together, to learn to communicate with each other, and they knew they couldn’t prevent it. Instead they manipulated to process so we got what we wanted in a controlled way, and also they got what they wanted. Had we been free to create exactly what the collective consciousness wanted, we wouldn’t have needed external devices to come together. We could see through the limitations of matter and ideas without the aid of any tool. In addition to diluting the benefits we got, the Illuminati introduced a machinic society with machinic values. If the goal of their New World Order is to create a world run by robotic slaves directed from a single source, they’ll need technology to do it.

There has been talk on the internet about creating Unity Consciousness, which is kind of like a spiritual internet that connects our souls together. If, for the sake of argument, Unity Consciousness is something we could create, one reason why we aren’t creating it is that we have the internet. The internet already fulfills the desire to experience unity with people all over the world, so we do not even think of improving it to be possible in a more profound level. Internet is pretty neat, but in the end it might be holding us back.

I am not saying technology or the internet is bad, nor that we should get rid of it. Like all things, it can be used for good or evil. What I am saying is, if we were completely free and conscious beings we would not need technology as a crutch to help us transcend the limitations of the flesh.



One thought on “Why Consciousness Willed Technology into Existence”

  1. Yes, tptb do eventually take free and mass-empowering movements or tech and coopt them for their own nefarious purposes. Even, or especially, the green movement now is driven by big money and results in tyranny and state-stolen property and land. I think consciousness wills us into the direction of less and less barriers between each other’s supposedly separated minds, and that our current Internet and mobile situation is really just one step away from tech-assisted telepathy. Here the only difference is that I’m pecking out text with my thumb on this phone now, instead of thinking this paragraph to you, the reader/author perhaps. I hope we cast it all off by simply evolving past this dangerous consolidation of power. It is scary now .

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