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What did Nietzsche mean by God is dead?

I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for a long time, but I think I have a decent idea of what Nietzsche meant by his famous phrase “God is dead”.

Let’s just get right to it. For the sake of the argument, the guy below is God. People worship and revere him, and want to protect him from his enemies.



Eventually the faithful get so worried about the well-being of God, that they build an armour to protect him. This is actually the first sign that people are losing faith in God, as they don’t trust God to take care of himself.

God’s armour


Still at first, God is safe inside the armour and people continue to worship him. Over time though, God gets pissed off at the whole situation and leaves, or simply suffocates, leaving the armour for people to worship. People keep worshipping the hollow armour, and religion becomes a meaningless ritual with no substance to it. This is what “God is dead, and we have killed him” means.

Later on people can take a look inside the armour and see there is no God there, and say God never existed in the first place. Whether or not God actually exists or existed at any point as an entity in the universe is not as relevant as the fact that there is an inherent need in most people to have faith in God. That in itself does change how people behave, hopefully for the better.

To put this hollow armour analogy in a more abstract way, is that at first people had a genuine faith in God whether or not this faith was reciprocated by an actual God. Over the course of time this genuine God was replaced by a man-made image of God. Man got rid of the real thing in favour of a man-made facsimile. I suppose the underlying motivation is that if man made God, man can also control him.

The Left is no longer interested in challenging Social Norms

When I was younger I considered myself a leftist, and I was all for challenging traditional gender roles, the traditional family, religion and so on. Now, years later, however I consider those things challenged and the traditional values came on top the challenge against ideologies of the modern world. The traditional way may not be optimal way of doing things, but so far the alternatives I’ve seen have been inferior the fruits that they yield. The modern, Social Justice Warrior-dominated left on the other hand is not interested in challenging the old ways, they’re only interested in destruction.

Let’s illustrate how challenging something or someone works; Hulk Hogan is the heavyweight champion, but Andre the Giant thinks he is stronger than Hogan so he challenges him for the title. They have a match and the stronger one, or better fighter, wins. (I am aware that wrestling is scripted.) It’s a simple as that. Maybe I think that Andre the Giant will win since he is bigger than Hogan, but after seeing the match I must concede that Hogan is a better wrestler despite this. The Social Justice Warrior, however, is not interested in challenging their opponent. They instead hide in their safe spaces, and avoid direct challenges with their opposition. When they do fight their opponents, they tend to do it in very underhanded ways. Let’s say that the Social Justice Warriors decide, arbitrarily, like they make most of their decisions, that Andre the Giant is a better wrestler. They do not wish to see him and Hogan fight it out in a ring. Instead they would do something like poison Hulk Hogan one day prior to the match so he cannot attend, therefore Andre is declared the new champion. This reveals the lack of faith of the modern left in their own ideologies. In the end, they only want to see that which they despise the most destroyed, since there is nothing they truly love.

The left, as it is now, are like locusts that exist only to annihilate. There is no worker’s paradise they seek. It is an excuse to destroy what they hate; anything that is healthy and wholesome. That is why they ally themselves with the destructive elements of Islam, and are ultimately ruled by the Synagogue of Satan.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to challenge the prevailing social order. In fact, anyone who despises the Current Year social norms of globalism, feminism, political correctness and all the rest, is challenging prevailing social norms: this far-left insanity. It is now the traditionalists, conservatives and right-wingers who are challenging social norms, and usually coming on top. This is not a very unique insight. Rather, I’ve been wondering why my views on certain social issues have changed, and how. Perhaps I haven’t changed that much since my youth, but the world has.


People love a good Con Man

There’s a decent Japanese anime called Mob Psycho 100. It’s a satirical story of a teenage boy with powerful psychic abilities. He is able to exorcise spirits and he’s stronger than any other person with psychic abilities. (The series is sort similar in tone to One Punch Man for those interested in anime.) Yet this isn’t about anime, but about human nature and how well Mod Psycho 100 presents it.

Warning spoilers! If you’re intending on watching the anime and do not wish to learn what happens, I suggest you don’t read this yet.

The main character, Mob, has a mentor or master, Arataka Reigen, whom Mob looks up to. The master is con man, but he has fooled Mob into thinking he is a psychic as well. Reigen has an agency for helping people who are being pestered by evil spirits. Sometimes his clients aren’t actually being affected by spirits, and Reigen pretends they are, and he performs some sort of fake ritual to exorcise the spirits, performs a massage on them, or does other nice things to them. When there is an actual spirit affecting them, he asks Mob to exorcise them for him. Naturally Reigen charges money for his services. Despite being a con man, Reigen usually does make his clients feel better, whether or not there is a spirit involved. He cons people, yet he also helps them.

In the final episode of Mob Psycho 100, Mob and his friends have infiltrated the compound of the Japanese branch of a nefarious secret society, Claw, ruled by powerful psychics who want to take over the world. The logo of Claw even resembles the Illuminati all-seeing-eye. In the final episode there is naturally a confrontation between Mob and his friends between the leaders of Claw. Mob’s friends advice him to use his powers to vanquish their enemies, but when his master Reigen arrives on the scene, he tells Mob he shouldn’t hurt people and advices him to run away instead. However, they are unable to escape and Reigen ends up saving the day.

Reigen ends up beating the boss of Claw and his minions of the Japanese branch. He is able to do that because Mob inadvertently lends his powers to Reigen. So in the end the con man saves the day. Whenever Mob goes all out in using his powers, he goes into some sort of berserk mode that can end up being harmful for himself and others, so by Reigen using Mob’s powers he is in fact saving Mob from doing something harmful, i.e. while Mob may have been able to defeat their enemies with his powers, but it might have cost him dearly.

This reminds me of Donald Trump in some way. While I do think Trump is a con man in some sense, he did do a great favour to all us by defeating Hillary Clinton in the election. Like Timothy Alberino put it before the election, that Trump is a knight in slimy armour, and the only one who can defeat the dragon that is Hillary. Perhaps, Mob somehow represents the people of earth who saw what a disaster Hillary would be as a president, and we loaned our powers to Trump to defeat her. Had we done it ourselves, it might have cost us as well. Like Nietzsche said: “He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself“.

Now that Trump has done what we wanted him to do, we should not expect too much from him, since he is a con man. He did defeat the dragon, but if we delude ourselves to think he is truly a magnificent hero, it won’t end well. Perhaps we needed a con man, someone who tells us half-truths to get the job done, since I don’t think that humanity is prepared to face the truth. We always need a good lie to get us going. This includes us “truthers” as much as the average “sheeple”.

I think all goes back to the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were too willing to buy the lie sold by the serpent that they’d be as gods. There is something in our make-up that we prefer a lie, and a liar, to someone who tells the absolute truth. Had Trump been a paragon of virtue, we wouldn’t have given him the time of day. If and when Trump’s lies start to cause damage, then maybe we’ll just conjure up another con man to save us from him.

In Mob Psycho 100 the boss of Claw even says that they think they are special because they have psychic powers, but Reigen says they are not, and people won’t like them just because of that. Reigen says they are basically children who never grew up. This is reminiscent of the Social Justice Warrios who think of themselves as unique snowflakes and more special than everyone else, but everyone despises them. This parallels with Trump defeating political correctness with his victory in the election.

It all comes down to humanity being unwilling to come to terms with reality, and we invent another lie to protect ourselves from an older lie that has become unbearable.



Mob Psycho 100:


The Red Pill, or rather Suppository, of the Alt-Right

I wrote a year ago how the taking the red pill is another false choice like the blue pill. Stay clear of drugs. Recently it’s become even more obvious to me how right I was.

When I listened to the interview of Reactionary Jew on Radio 3Fourteen a few weeks ago, the most annoying thing about the whole interview is how the Reactionary Jew over-used the term red pill. Him, and many other Alt-Righters use it as if once you are “red pilled” you know everything. There is no longer need for you to look into matters further. You don’t need to think or question anymore. You are red pilled.

I can accept people using the term red pilled in the sense that you are red pilled on an issue, such as being red pilled on 9/11. You understand that the official story doesn’t make sense, building 7 fell down even though no plane hit it and so forth, but it does not mean you know everything about 9/11. But this isn’t how most people use the term nowadays.

I’ve been reading people’s comments on the Mike Enoch doxing and his leftist faghag Jew-wife. Some of his fans and supporters try to excuse the fact that this supposed “neo-Nazi” White Nationalist who pretended to hate Jews was married to one since Mike Enoch supposedly red pilled so many people and brought them into the movement? What does red pilling then even mean? Enoch tells his followers about the duplicity of the Jews, turns them against the Jews, but when it’s found out Enoch is literally and figuratively in bed with Jews they say it doesn’t matter? It just means the red pill is worthless. Enoch’s followers learned nothing. All they got is a celebrity to fawn over. Additionally, since the Alt-Righters seem to be only concerned with bringing more people to their movement, instead of making sure they have decent and trustworthy people, it’s a clear sign that they only care about quantity, not quality. The Alt-Right is not a political movement. It is a gentleman’s club where pretentious dilettantes just want to hold glasses of wine in their hand while they discuss their hobbies and other trivial matters. Their precious 14 words, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”, are nothing but a fashion statement. The same as far-left SJWs who sit in Starbucks tweeting on their i-Pads how capitalism is bad.

Enoch’s defenders also say that Enoch “has done so much for the movement”. As someone who is not well-versed in Mike Enoch’s accomplishments I wonder what he has actually done? I’ve seen people claim he has red pilled people, but so far I haven’t seen a single example of any great insight he has had. No philosophical breakthrough or a strategic maneuver that has benefited the White Nationalist cause in a practical way. Maybe he has done some of that, but based on what I’ve seen he has merely entertained people. He’s been witty, funny and pleasant to listen to, for some people. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it hardly makes him an integral part of any actual political movement.

The whole of Alt-Right is just another drug to distract you from the drudgery of everyday life. Some people get fed up with the blue pill of being an ordinary consumer with a 9-to-5 job and believing everything the TV says. This is good of course, but instead of trying to wake up from the drug-induced stupor you get the red adrenaline pill of fighting for a Noble Cause™. I agree that it is more exciting than the blue pill that makes you mellow and obedient, but you’re still drugged and delusional.

It’s certainly not only the Alt-Right that drugged by the red pill. There are various alternatives of the red pilled tailored for your pleasure. There’s the red pill of the left when you discover how the world is ruled by the evil White cis-het male capitalist patriarchy and you have to fight against them. There’s the leftie-environmentalist pill where you have to fight for animal rights, veganism and all that against the oil companies and the nuclear power industry. There’s the red pill of the conspiracy theorist where everything bad that happens is because it was an Illuminati sacrifice, a hoax or a false flag. That is not to say that Illuminati sacrifices, hoaxes and false flags don’t happen, but you have to investigate every event separately to understand what happened. Then there’s the Alt-Right White Nationalist red pill. And I guess you could say the latest pharmaceutical could be called the Sargon-pill when you are so extremely centrist and moderate you try to make sitting on the fence and being lukewarm an artform.

There are some redeeming qualities to all of these red pills, but ultimately they are a ready-made template that will lead you astray.

I don’t think in this day and age any political movement can work. Internet-based movements just aren’t real movements, and organizing a grass-roots movement in meatspace that could actually wield power in the real world sounds like Utopian dream. Most likely they’ll never get of the ground, or they’ll end getting co-opted either by trained operatives or simply by self-serving assholes. Be it the Alt-Right movement, truth movement, Occupy Wallstreet or anything like that. They always seem to fail. This is not me being black-pilled, but realistic. The only thing we can really do is to try to pursue the truth where it leads and stick with whatever principles we have. Don’t go along with any movement that changes its principles on a whim or based on what sounds convenient.

To finish this off, I’d like to share some screencaps from Daily Stormer of people excusing Mike Enoch’s duplicity. Many on the website don’t and call him out on it, but there are plenty fanboys out there as well.



It’s nice to see you stick with your principles.



How did he actually contribute to the cause? By lying a deceiving all you idiots who fawned over him?



Such mental chicanery. I guess he refuses to look into it further to find out that Mike’s wife is a faghag diversity officer as well.



Mike brought a lot of people to the movement. “Mine more souls!” Only quantity matters. And he chooses to assume the best about Enoch’s intentions. “I have no doubt if…”, “I can’t imagine how…” These comments just reveal you are clueless, and nothing about Enoch’s benevolence.



This post might be a troll. Even the poster’s name is Pakis4Anglin, which doesn’t sound very White Nationalist. However, if this is genuine, it wins the award on mental chicanery to excuse Mike Enoch’s duplicitous actions.

  1. Sure, I used to watch the Nanny with Fran Drescher when I was a teenager. It still doesn’t mean I married a Jew, and I’m not a White Nationalist who has built his career around hating Jews.
  2. Mike clerly did not wear pants since he allowed his wife to be a faghag with LGBT drag queens.
  3. Maybe I’m missing out on something since I am not a White Nationalist, but I don’t think the number of bedrooms is an important issue in White Nationalism. It is not a bedroom or furniture compairing club, it is supposedly a political movement based around race and nationalism. Race-mixing is an anathema to them, especially race-mixing with Jews.



Let’s end this with this week’s “Common Filth was right again” -comment. Saying that this controversy “is sending a shockwave through the pro-white community” just sounds gay as hell. You replace “pro-white” with “LGBT” when talking about any event that the gays don’t like and say “[this event] is sending a shockwave through the LGBT community”.




Maybe you shouldn’t take the Red Pill either:

What does the Monarch stand for in Monarch Mind Control?

One aspect of MK Ultra mind control is called Monarch Mind Control. The word monarch has perplexed me for a long time why is it used here?

The word monarch has two basic meanings; a type of butterfly and “one who rules alone”, basically a king or a queen. The monarch butterfly is often used to symbolize mind control, but how it is the connection here? One explanation I’ve heard is that the mind control victim experiences a kind of chrysalis and emerges as a new person, or alter, from the cocoon after being subjected to various types of torture and conditioning. Fritz Springmeier also said in his interview with Chuck and Kim Ochelli in 2015 something to the extent that some genes are inherited in the same way as monarch butterflies’, but I don’t remember exactly what he said.

My personal theory on the matter of the monarch is related to genes and the second meaning for the word, ruler, i.e. royalty. Many conspiracy researchers, including Fritz Springmeier, have discussed the notion of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines that rule the world. While I do not know if there are exactly 13 of these bloodlines and whether they call themselves Illuminati or not, it is well documented that a kind of royal bloodline is still ruling over most of the world. The vast majority of US presidents have been related to each other and European royalty. Even former vice-president Dick Cheney is related to Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton is related to the Bush family. And so on.

There clearly is some sort of “noble” family ruling the world. Most conspiracy researchers who discuss this issue describe this bloodline as somehow wicked, and seem to suggest that the idea that they rule over the masses is somehow immoral. While it is certainly true that this ruling family, or community of interconnected bloodlines, has acted fiendishly in recent centuries to say the least, but I theorize that the bloodline itself may not be wicked.

It is called Monarch Mind Control; the monarchs are being mind controlled. Perhaps the monarchs themselves are not wicked, but the ones controlling them are. I theorize that the purpose of this bloodline is to rule over people, and they are the only ones that can. Without this bloodline society would descend into chaos. The reason that the vast majority of the masses who see George W. Bush, Barack Obama, or whoever of the blood, on a podium talking are inclined to put their faith in the speaker, no matter what that person is saying. They have a certain unique attribute that makes the listener compliant on a genetic level. You can, of course, resist the effect if you are conscious of it, or of the vile actions of the speaker, but if you are unaware, then you are bound to be affected.

If my theory is correct (and I don’t mean this theory necessarily entirely my unique invention as I’ve read and listened to countless researchers over the years and may have gathered bits and pieces from different people) then the way to fix the world’s problems is not to overthrow the ruling elite, but to release them of the mind control. If a regular guy like or you who probably do not possess the mystical genetic marker try to run a huge nation, it would probably fail despite our good intentions or intelligence. We just don’t have the genetic component that is required to sway the masses.

The Rh negative blood type probably has something to do with all of this as well, but I don’t know about it in great detail.

That’s basically my theory. Too often I hear this fairly Marxist idea in conspiracy research that the world is so messed up because we are ruled over by these evil oligarchs and if we just get rid of them everything will be fine. The oligarchs we have now are indeed evil, but are downtrodden masses genuinely any better? There is the old saying that a country gets the kind of leader it deserves. If we just fetched our guillotines and executed the ruling class, soon after we’d just have more of the same. Perhaps the world wouldn’t be as centralized, but we’d just have local thugs oppressing us. I’m not saying we should be happy with the status quo, but that we need to look for alternative explanations on what is going on, and how to fix things.

When I look at someone like Hillary Clinton I despise what she has done, but when I see all of these weird seizures she has I can’t help but feel sorry for her. It’s like this poor woman is possessed by an evil entity. I think we should help her if we can. The human inside this husk for the globalist Luciferian agenda may simply be another victim.



Jaded Chuck and Kim Interview Fritz Springmeier 6 20 2015:

We Chose This

It’s pointless for the Western man to complain about the predicament we are facing as we all agreed to go along with it. Or our parents did, or our grandparents fought to bring it all about. Or maybe they fought against it, but it yielded little results. The point is, we chose this.

Decades ago many different people pointed out that society is ruled by people with their own values and agendas. They don’t think like us, their goals are not like us, but they were ignored for the most part. Whether it’s Jordan Maxwell, Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound, David Icke, David Duke, William Cooper, Freeman Fly or even Alex Jones, they’ve been pointing this out way before 9/11. Yet they’ve been laughed off as crazy conspiracy theorists and ignored. Conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and Freemasons have been around for centuries, yet people have decided to ignore them at their own peril. Clearly people are too dumb to even to tend to their rational self-interest.

Sure, the details of all of presented by various researchers differ from Jews, shapeshifting reptilians, Freemasons, Jesuits and Satanists to the Illuminati, but these details do not matter as much as the fact that our world is ruled by people who see the world very differently from us, and are working toward their eldritch goals. This is the underlying point, which the world has chosen to ignore, at its peril.

Therefore it should not come as a surprise if the “elites” decide to send hordes of violent Muslims to our countries as well as a load emasculating propaganda for men and de-feminizing programming for the women. Especially since the majority is willing to eat it all up. Next week they may come up with some sort of bio-weapon to kill thousands of people, or perhaps a fake alien invasion. Who knows? But the point is; we are their property, we know it yet we’ve gone along with it at least for decades. We’ve already given our permission for all of it.

You can call me lazy, but I prefer to fix a problem before it gets out of hand, and avoid both extra work and suffering. This is not, however, how humanity tends to do things. People prefer to ignore problems until it’s at their front door, when it’s usually too late. If people would’ve reacted September 11th, 1991, when George Bush senior gave his New World Order speech, maybe things would be different now. If people wouldn’t have gone along with all of the wars sparked by September 11th of 2001, maybe things would be different. Yet, if that were the case, people of European descent wouldn’t have their heroic battle of Ragnarok  or Armageddon against the Muslim hordes. That’s just way cooler than fixing problems when they arise, raising a family and having a nice, peaceful society.

What I see nowadays is even the alternative media and conspiracy research degrade into Right-Wing (which is still better than Left-Wing) rhetoric against Muslims immigration while downplaying the role that the West, along with the elites ruling it, had with starting the wars in the Middle-East that cause Arabs to be displaced to begin with. I see this rhetoric of the superior Aryan, White man, whereas the reality seems to be that people of European descent excel in creating toys and trinkets by their engineering skills and their morality is expressed in a game of ice hockey or football; my team is righteous because its my team, your team is wicked because it’s not mine. (That is not to say that any other race is superior in this sense, but certainly White people seem to have the least common sense.) All the White man can do to fix things is either hope Trump does it for them, or Hitler comes back from the dead to save them.

I have little faith in any political movement to make things better. Either they’re born a failure, they’re a scam made by opportunistic people or they’re infiltrated and ruined by agents. All I can do is play Captain Hindsight, and point out things that should have been done differently when I was younger.

However, I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, I am merely pointing out my observations. While I don’t believe in any collectivistic solution to our predicament, which is that society is ruled and directed by secret societies whose agendas we do not completely comprehend, I don’t wish to encourage anyone to lose hope or take on any addiction to engage in escapism. The world we live in is highly Satanic or wicked. One important thing is to hold onto your decency. Do not allow the world to corrupt you, even if the world itself is corrupt. Trying to understand why the world so corrupt is also a worthwhile effort, in my opinion. And although I don’t think that one individual can do much to change the course the world is taking, I do think that an individual can help other individuals. This is something worthwhile.

The timeless words of the Youtuber Common Filth have been going around in my head: “Do not put your faith in man.” Man made institutions and ideologies will fail you one way or another. Maybe there is a God, and maybe he cares enough to fix things for those who are not happy with the world. Even if there is no God, having dignity is the most valuable currency when the world ends with a whimper.

Miscegenation and Heritage

Alt Right, New Right and people of that ilk are often concerned about the preservation of their race and are against race mixing that leads to miscegenation. I agree with them to them extent that genes, race and inheritance matter, but as I’ve pointed out previously the idea of the White race hasn’t been defined properly. The modern Right seems to have the notion that all people of European origin are somehow in the same in-group. This is simplistic to say the least.

In the old days, people used to be concerned with one’s heritage and family history. Let’s say one’s father had been a war hero this would reflect positively on the son, but possibly others would also expect more from him. Conversely, if a man’s father had been a reviled traitor, his sins would carry onto the son. Perhaps we should embrace this sort notion of inheritance as well, since children tend to inherit biological traits and societal values from their parents. I’m pretty sure this has been known by people for millennia, even before the Theory of Evolution or discovery of the DNA. Children tend to look like their parents after all.

However, the idea promoted by the modern Right seems to be that Americans are somehow inheritors of ancient Rome, for example. Culturally this applies to the majority of Europe and America, since most of Europe adopted the Roman script and Christianity through Rome, but biologically speaking most Americans have not descended from the Romans. They’ve descended from the English.

The notion seems to be that since we’re all described by the attribute White, we’re all in the same group, as if we share significant common attributes. This is modern superstition in my opinion. Did the king of England 800 years ago think of the English peasants as being of his “race”? Did he feel kinship toward them? No, they were viewed as people of lesser heritage. Biologically inferior. This has been the case in most societies. There has been royalty, nobility and the masses. They should not intermarry. To do so would be the old way of viewing miscegenation.

Nowadays the Right seems to be for all sorts of miscegenation among the so-called White people. English, Slavs, Finno-Ugrics, French and Greeks are all White, so they can intermarry all they want, but if you marry a Chinese or an African then you’re a dirty race mixer. I would argue that mixing among these various White races would constitute as race mixing as well. However, I’m not particularly against race mixing as long as you remember your heritage. My problem is that much of the Right seems egalitarian when it comes to White people, but in fact there is great variance between the mental capabilities and moral tendencies among individual White people.

The majority of people, probably regardless of race, basically believes whatever the establishment tells them to do. If today they say: be a good Christian, go to church on Sunday and everyone who does not is immoral, this is what the masses do. Tomorrow the establishment says Christians are evil, oppressive and hypocritical and you should be an atheist, but love Muslims, that’s what people’ll do. Countless people seem to lack the ability to consciously analyze the world and draw conclusions on it. I think the idea of class or caste system is based on this. If the people who do possess the ability to reason intermingle with those who can not, this will most likely dilute the mental abilities of their offspring as well. This is why, I think, there used to be a clear distinction in social classes in the past, and the world is so messed up in modern times because we’re taught to believe that everyone is equal. This is why democracy can not work, since the voice of the informed minority will always be silenced by the animalistic masses.

The point is not that White people are inherently superior than Black people, or vice versa, but that some White people are inherently superior to other White people, and some Black people are inherently superior to other Black people. The problem is that nowadays there is no way to determine the class of a person as these different sub-races have been mixed up so heavily. Moreover, when faced with this sort of information most people would instinctually claim that of course they are natural elite and should be in charge. Pride has this effect on people. Everyone wants to be the Indigo Child or the lost king Aragorn in disguise.

This understanding, I feel, should be at the core of the “racial realism” debate. It shouldn’t be a pissing contest between Whites, Blacks, Jews and Arabs.



What is the White race:

Reintroduce the Caste System: