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The ChristChurch Shooting Comedy

Earlier today an Australian man, Brenton Tarrant, shot 49 people in a mosque and in an Islamic centre in ChristChurch, New Zealand. Or so we’re told. Right off the bat the name of the city where the event took place is quite ironic, ChristChurch, a mosque in ChristChurch gets shot up. This whole event seems like the work of a master of dark comedy.

Whenever any act of violence occurs with significant political implications and it gets vast international media attention, a good rule of thumb is to assume it’s a false flag of some sort. I didn’t say it’s necessarily one, but it’s more reasonable to start off with that assumption than believe everything the media says at face value. The purpose of the media is propaganda, purely that. It is there to deceive you, to feed you a false sense of reality. If this sounds far-fetched to you, you haven’t been paying attention. It is in no way reasonable to assume they are being honest when it comes to political events such as this. My impression is that even the alternative media nowadays tends to assume the “facts” of these sort of events are correct, they’re simply giving the story a different spin.


What if he did it?

Despite me thinking it very unlikely that the shooting was orchestrated by this Lone Nut™, I’ll explore the possibility and its implications. Tarrant supposedly wrote a 74 page manifesto explaining his motives. He was worried about the Great Replacement, i.e. White people getting replaced in their own countries by third world immigrants. He saw Islam especially as a threat and took action against it, leading to the deaths of 49 people (most or all of them Muslim). It is not for me to condemn or condone his methods, and I do understand his motive. The question here is not whether or not it was moral to do what he did, but will the actions he took lead to the outcome he desired? Will killing a bunch of Muslims lead to New Zealand being liberated from Islamic invaders? I don’t think so, it’s possible, but doubtful. It is conceivable Tarrant’s actions will inspire New Zealanders to take up arms against Muslims in their lands and lead to many more acts of violence against them, and in, let’s say 10 years time, most Muslims will leave the country. If this happens, Tarrant was correct in his actions. I however think this will only hinder the cause Tarrant was supposedly championing. Criticizing Muslims will be more suppressed in the Western world because of this incident. According to some reports such as the one below, certain “right-wing” websites are already blocked in New Zealand due to the shooting.


You may take offense to what I said that I don’t condemn Tarrant’s actions or that if his actions lead to New Zealand getting de-Muslimified he was correct. If this offends you, you disgust me. Condemning and denoucing those of engage in violence is mere effeminate virtue signalling. I condemned the United States when they attacked Afghanistan in 2001, I condemned them when they invaded Iraq two years later. Did my moral outrage stop these wars? Of course not. At best, it’s impotent whining to condemn perpetrators of violence. It is also an (unfortunate?) fact that violence does solve certain problems, and sometimes it’s the only solution. After all the United States gained their independence by violence, not by writing eloquent essays. National Socialist Germany was destroyed with violence, not by sternly wagging a finger at them.  The French Revolution too was won with violence, and currently the Yellow Vests are achieving something in France by violence. Regardless of what was your preferred outcome in any of these conflicts, the winners achieved their goals with violence.

Simple-minded people tend to react emotionally to mass-shootings like this. They’re shocked and horrified. I suppose I was too once, but the shootings are so common nowadays I don’t really care to bring emotion into it. You’re supposed to grow up and start looking at these events rationally, if you really do care. Still most people don’t. They can express their emotional outrage on social media, condemning violence and all that, until the next week when it’s all forgotten. But then I’m such a heartless bastard, and I don’t care about poor Muslims, including women and children, that allegedly died today. Show me your outrage on social media about the children Jeffrey Epstein and his cronies molested on Lolita island, the Palestinians and other Muslims Israel has killed over the years, the Americans Israel killed on the USS Liberty and on 9/11, the children Muslims have raped in Rotherham and other places around Europe, etc.

Part of the reason people get more emotional about these sort of shootings by a regular guy is that it’s easier for their small minds to put themselves in the situation, be they the victim or the perpetrator. It doesn’t require much imagination or understanding to do so, but when it comes to war and other political and conspiratorial issues, it’s complicated and their brain shuts off. The deaths caused by an abstract institution or a committee is a statistic, but the deaths caused by an individual is a tragedy. The crime itself, or the perpetrator(s) does not anger me as much as the regular people who feign interest and outrage. But let’s get back to the shooting itself.


Black Comedy

I’ve been at work whole day, so there are still many details of the incident I am yet to have seen or heard, including reading through the whole manifesto or watching the videos the alleged perpetrator uploaded. Wikipedia provides a few interesting details about our suspect. Brenton Tarrant livestreamed 16 minutes of his attack on Facebook. Wikipedia says: “Moments before the shooting the perpetrator in his car played ‘Serbia Strong'”. This is hilarious if you know what song this is. Maybe you’ve heard it:


Also before commencing the attack, Tarrant said “subscribe to PewDiePie”, the evil Alt-Right gamer Swedish gamer troll and king of Youtube. How is this not funny? Regardless of whether it is a false flag or not. The silly irony is increased as in some places in the Western world, such as New York, Australia and presumably New Zealand, the police are guarding mosques against “right-wing” terrorists. I member bit under 18 years ago when White people were afraid of Islamic terrorism, and the Big Brother was out there to help them. Now its reversed.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like an elaborate joke that someone orchestrated.


Everything doesn’t add up

There are some details to the shooting that don’t make sense. First of all, Brenton Tarrant gets all of the blame, although the police arrested two other men and one woman as well. One of them has been released. Did they participate in shooting as well? Why is Tarrant getting all the attention? The shooting occurred at two locations, Al Noor mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre. It started at the mosque, I suppose the shooter then drove to Linwood, since the two locations are around 6km apart from each other. How long did it take cops to get their asses over there? The blue dot on the right is the mosque and Linwood is on the left.


Wikipedia mentions that the police found two car bombs. Also one of the suspects was reported as wearing explosives and there were reports of shooting at the ChristChurch hospital. The police denied the two latter claims. Things like these suggest a false flag, but as the source is Wikipedia, I’m suspicious of them.

Tarrant supposedly frequented the website 8chan. One forum there is dedicated to traditional Nepalese basketweaving and holds people with far-right racist views. If Tarrant was a regular there and he internalized their doctrine he would not have written the following in his manifesto:

“Were/are you an anti-semite?

No.A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.”

No person worth his salt on that forum would say this, as it is a core belief there that Jews are behind most of the problems in the modern world. A true forumite would hold the position that Jews will try to subvert and harm his people, even when they live in Israel. Moreover, in the whole manifesto, which is quite long, the word “Jew” is used only once. A true believer in their doctrine would have emphasized the role of Jews in control of media, finance, US foreign policy, possibly mention how the Holocaust is a fraud, and so on. Tarrant did none of this.

According to certain claims, a magazine for a gun was planted at the mosque before Tarrant arrived. This should be viable in the video he uploaded, but I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet. However I’ll share this image here nonetheless.

There is also this image supposedly of Tarrant on Facebook floating about. According to it, he visited Pakistan, a Muslim country, only six months ago and seemed to be pleased with the locals. There also snippets of people discussing him on Facebook. The conversation seems to hint that Tarrant had Shia sympathies, and the reason he shot up the mosque was because they were Sunni. I don’t know the actual origins of the picture, so it could be fake. If so, it is quite an elaborate one.



Well, no conclusion except as usual there’s more to this case than meets the eye at first glance. There’s bound to be more interesting evidence to be found.


P. S. You might argue that the Whites in New Zealand are invaders who don’t have the right to be there too, so they shouldn’t complain about Muslims coming there. Even if that’s true, it still doesn’t justify another wave of invaders to be allowed on the island.



Mosque shooting:


Sword Art Online: Alicization is crap

I’ve seen the first 13 episodes of the latest instalment in the anime franchise Sword Art Online. I thought that would be the whole series, but probably there are going to be 24 episodes like the earlier seasons. The story is full of plot contrivances and things that make you go “that doesn’t make sense”, “why are doing this instead of that?”. The focus of this article will be more on the bad story writing instead of my usual conspiracy or socio-political commentary, but there will be a little bit of that as well.


Two Boys and a Tree

The story starts off with two young boys trying to cut down a huge tree called the Gigas Cedar. One of the boys is Kirito, one of the main characters, who appears to be playing a new VRMMO, as is to be expected from the series. The tree is sucking nutrients from the soil thus preventing the people from a nearby village from expanding their fields. The villagers have sent someone each day to cut at it for the past 300 years, but there’s only a small scratch on it. At this pace, it would take at least 1000 years to bring it down.

I sort of like the idea of having to cut down the Gigas Cedar, however initially I was wondering if Kirito is playing a new game where all you do is, be a child who has to cut down a tree that takes years, isn’t it that a pretty boring game. Who would want to play that? Later on it’s revealed that Kirito isn’t in a new commercial MMO, but it’s a millitary project to create a new kind of AI in this simulated world. In that sense the tedious tree cutting is sensible enough, however it is exemplary of one of the flaws in the writing of SAO: Alicization. The juxtaposition between story exposition in the real world and the progression of the plot in the new fantasy world, Underworld, is godawful. There are whole episodes that focus on merely the technobabble aspect of the story, whereas for the most part when the story is focused on Underworld, Kirito merely happily plays the part of a fantasy world protagonist, unconcerned on what is going on in the real world. This is problem raises its ugly head already in the first episode.

The first episode lasts around 45 minutes, instead of the usual 20-22 minutes of most animes, and the other episodes in SAO: Alicization. Throughout the first half, we see Kirito and his two friends in this fantasy world, Eugeo and Alice, engage in mundane fantasy village children’s stuff. While Kirito and Eugeo are cutting down the Gigas Cedar, Alice brings them lunch, but since it’s summer they complain that food spoils too fast, unlike in winter. So Kirito comes up with the idea of finding ice, to keep the food cool. The three children travel to the mountains encircling the human realm, they find ice, the bones of a dragon, and a Divine Object sword. On the way back, they get lost, and end up going to the other side of the mountains, next to the  Dark Territory. The children see two knights flying on dragons fight, Alice stumbles and her hand hits the ground thus violating the Taboo Index set by the church. A head pops out of nowhere, which is clearly some sort of bot administering the rules within a computer program, witnesses the violation. The children return to the village, the next day an Integrity Knight flies in on his dragon to take Alice away to the capital to be executed for her crime. Kirito and Eugeo are sad.

While all of the above was happening, I found it moderately interesting, yet a part of me was merely wondering, what is going on, why should I care about the fate of these NPCs, why is Kirito playing this game with them, where is Asuna and their other friends? This wasn’t good storytelling, since the mystery did not take me deeper into the story, instead it disassociated me from it. I knew Kirito was playing a new game, yet it took them ages to reveal to the viewer what game it is, and why Kirito is there. If this wasn’t Sword Art Online, this kind of withholding of information might have worked, but since the viewer who has seen earlier seasons, knows the background, there isn’t much mystery, only a lack of relevant information. On top of it all, after Kirito logs out, we aren’t granted an explanation either, instead we see Kirito and his friends playing Gun Gale Online and talking about a new tournament. I couldn’t care less about this side story, which isn’t even mentioned in the following 12 episodes.


Soul Translator

When we finally get exposition about Underworld, we learn that a company called Rath has figured out where the human soul is located within the brain, using this discovery they have made the Soul Translator technology. Using this they can create a much more realistic VR experience than the technologies from the earlier seasons, and later on it’s revealed they can clone the soul of a human into a computer program to create more realistic NPCs by connecting to your Fluctlight (the soul).

As the characters non-chalantly discuss how a company discovered the soul, something which existence philosophers and religious people have been debating for millennia, and it’s only used to make make glorified video games, all sense of reality fell away from the series. This grand discovery, and it’s merely a plot convenience for a better VR system in this anime series focusing on VR. However, how they describe it, it sounds more like Rath merely located the consciousness or the mind of a person, not the soul, but since the show uses the term Soul Translator, and also the person in charge of Rath, professor(?, or whatever his title is) Kikuoka, uses the word “soul” also in the original Japanese (魂), I just have to call it the soul as well. This show is stupid.

It’s revealed that the secret VR project Kirito is involved with wipes your memories of the experience after you log out. This detail is a also dismissed by the characters discussing it as not a big deal. I would say this is an even bigger deal than the ultimate purpose of the Rath VR project, Alicization, which is to make an advanced AI to create killer robots (not that it’s not alarming, but as a story element, it’s dull and unoriginal). If this program can wipe your memories, you have to wonder, if it could also be made to create false memories. Could they use it to make Machurian Candidate type killers, or simply brainwash people who play your new VRMMO to vote for the correct political party, or make them always buy Pepsi.


The Contrived Disaster

Let’s get back to the story. At the end of the first episode Kirito is attacked by a surviving member of Laughing Coffin, the player killers from season 1. If they kill you in the VR game, you die in real life, and he’s armed with a Death Gun from season 2’s Gun Gale. The attacker manages to hit Kirito, who ends up in a coma after the doctors stabilize him. However they say Kirito has brain damage and may never recover. Then he is secretly transferred to the Rath secret island facility and conveniently put into the new Soul Translator VR machine, so he can continue the Underworld game. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I figured the point of this attack is to make the morally dubious company Rath seem more acceptable to the viewer, or at least allow Asuna, Kirito’s girlfriend, who manages to sneak onto the island, to allow them to keep Kirito in the VR machine so the story can continue. After all, the company did secretly abduct Kirito, which Kirito’s friends figured out, and were not too happy about. Yet after Asuna finds out his situation, and Kikuoka tells her it’s the only way to make him recover, by playing this VR game, she goes along with it. Talk about a plot convience based on a plot contrivance, the attack by the Laughing Coffin member.

If attack didn’t happen, there would have been no need to send Kirito to the secret facility and the AI killer robot plotline couldn’t have been revealed, or Rath would have had abduct them, and thereby making them obvious bad guys.


AI Rights and Killer Robots

Let’s talk about Rath and their intentions. They created a computer simulation how this fantasy world develops over time (time goes much faster in Underworld than the real world). Their intention is to perfect a proper AI to create killer robots to fight in wars to save lives of the Japanese Special Defense Forces. Professor (let’s just call him that) Kikuoka seems quite passionate about this saving lives of soldiers bit. First of all, is Japan at war in the SAO universe? It takes place in the future, so maybe it is, although it doesn’t seem like it. What’s the point in creating robot soldiers to save lives if there is no war? Also none of the characters seem concerned, including Asuna, that they’re trying to create robots to kill humans, the enemies in any hypothetical war. Or are they going to give robots to their enemies too so that neither side loses human troops? It’s not as if civilian casualties are a thing…

Another thing, more importantly is that it doesn’t seem to occur to any of the characters that maybe the robots will disobey their masters, maybe Russian hackers will program them to attack Japanese instead, maybe there’s a glitch, anything like that. Apparently movies like Terminator and Matrix do not exist in the SAO universe, an anime whose whole premise is that somebody comes up with a neat new technology, it’s abused and people end up losing their lives over it. Yet none of the characters seem bothered by this possibility. I can understand that professor Kikuoka who is an amoral mad scientist, or the company, Rath, that makes money off of it, don’t mind, but how about Asuna, who is there on location to act as the avatar of the viewer? Her only moral concerns is that Kikuoka’s research might harm the AI Fluctlights in the program, or when they upload those AIs into killer robots and they go off to die in a war. Kikuoka says he cares more about the life of a single SDF soldier’s life than the life of a 100,000 (maybe it was a million, don’t really care) Fluctlights, and Asuna gets triggered by this. Who should I be rooting for, since Kikuoka seems more reasonable here?

Kikuoka describes the fantasy world of Underworld to Asuna. He says all of the people are very obedient to law, there are no murders or theft, and they slavishly obey the Taboo Index set by the church (which apparently does not forbid rape as is revealed later). He says this is a problem since he wants to create killer robots. However later on in the series it’s revealed that in the Dark Territory the monsters such as goblins also have Fluctlights, but they are more predisposed to slaughter. So they already appear to have AI willing to murder, so isn’t their experiment a success already? Why continue with the whole Underworld VR game?

Another thing that bothered me, is that the Fluctlights in Underworld are able to use magic. What would be the point, if what the programmers are trying to do is to develop AI for killer robots in the real world? The show does sort of answer this later on though, by revealing that the Pontifex Maximus of the church uncovered these system or console commands within the program to make the Sacred Arts. Still, why wouldn’t the scientists at Rath just disable these? Is there any good reason to let them have them, except that this is a fantasy world, and fantasy worlds are supposed to have magic. One character later on says that the people of Rath want the people in Underworld to suffer, so maybe the presence of these Sacred Arts create suffering, but I would say they relieve suffering more than create it.


Back to Underworld

Back in Underworld Kirito and Eugeo manage to cut down Gigas Cedar by using a Divine Object sword they found in the cave with the dragon bones. Like I said earlier, I sort of liked the idea of the tree, but after it’s cut down, we don’t really see how it affects the village nearby. After that the boys, who are now teenagers, join a sword fighting high school in the capital with alleged intention of saving Alice. It’s been 6(?) years since Alice was taken away.

However at the capital the boys simply go along with the sword academy curriculum. This takes them at least two years, I believe. They don’t attempt to go find Alice, and also Kirito seems unconcerned about his situation in the real world, Asuna or his friends. He simply plays along with it. You cannot say that he has amnesia, since when he arrives back in Underworld after being shot by the Death Gun, he remembers meeting with Asuna and Sinon he tries to log out, he wonders if Eugeo is an NPC or a test player, and so on. Apparently he doesn’t care about the real world anymore.

It also makes me wonder why is there such a sword academy in the world anyway. It has been mentioned once that there are rumours of goblins from the Dark Territory who have attacked some villages, and Kirito and Eugeo fought goblins once in the caves beneath the mountains between the human realm and the Dark Territory. It’s also mentioned that there are four empires in the human realm, and the possibility of war is mentioned. So I wouldn’t necessarily call this a plot hole, but it’s simply a lack of relevant information. It’s one of the classic sins of storytelling, show, don’t tell. The purpose of such a combat based academy would be obvious in any normal fantasy world, but not here. SAO: Alicization does not show you these things. If this was a good anime like Goblin Slayer, they’d shown at least a couple of rapes and a dozens murders by goblins by the time the boys reach the academy. Also, if there has been war between the human empires in the past, it renders professor Kikuoka’s claims about Fluctlights being too peaceful moot.

Anyway, Kirito and Eugeo eventually become seniors in the sword academy, and gain a page, or squire, under them. The boys meet two one-dimensional asshole bad guys, Raios and Humbert. They emotionally bully our heroes, but the protagonists handle it well. Their pages, both female, report that Humbert has been asking his page, another female, to fill odd requests for him, such as giving him massages while she is in her underwear. Kirito and Eugeo go to have a talk with them, but apparently Humbert’s sexual harassment continues, the two pages go to have a talk with the two assholes. Eugeo hears about this and goes to confront them as well. Raios and Humbert are drinking wine in their night gowns, and reveal that the female pages are tied up on the bed. After that, they attempt to rape them. After an excruciatingly long angst scene from Eugeo, he cuts off the arm from Humbert. Raios gets his sword, and Eugeo who is emotionally messed up, and because his eye blew out due to reasons not yet properly explained (this part of the storyline does sort of intrigue), is not in the condition to defend himself. So Kirito arrives and kills Raios.

Now let’s back up a bit to analyze Raios and Humbert. From the very first time you see them, you know they are assholes. As more is revealed, you find out they are high-ranking nobles who abuse that rank to be assholes to others. It’s fine to have this sort of one-dimensional bad guys as random thugs the protagonists have to deal with in a regular action scene, but it doesn’t work here. It’s simply bad writing. Moreover, before they attempt to rape the two pages, they say they are punishing them for disrespecting high-ranking nobles. It’s all legal and does not violate the rules of the school or Taboo Index. Apparently rape is just fine according to both laws.

The actions of Raios and Humbert don’t make sense. The two pages come to complain in their room, they tie them up on the bed, and proceed to drink wine until Eugeo arrives. Why didn’t they rape the girls before he arrived? Did they want to do it in front of Eugeo to humiliate him? That was a smart move, turn their backs to an enemy with a sword, who just happened to use that sword on them. They’re only a plot convenience to allow the main characters to do something heroic, and get them arrested.

Prior to this, the world within this VR game had been presented as almost Utopian, even if the Taboo Index is quite strict. Now they expect us to believe that rape is fine. Either because no-one ever thought of something like this (but why would theft be illegal if no-one does it either?), or because it’s really just a dystopian nightmare that looks good on the surface, but deep down it’s corrupt where people like these abuse the loopholes. Fine, if that’s the case, then show, don’t tell. Because based on what we’d seen before this, this is not the case.


The Tower

After the incident with the attempted rape and subsequent murder, Kirito and Eugeo are arrested by an Integrity Knight, who just happens to be Alice. She’s lost her memories though. The boys’ pages come running on the scene with their swords, they ask Alice Knight to be able to bring their swords with them. She agrees, but she will keep hold of them. This action denotes an important fact; Alice is not retarded, but the writer is. Why else would she agree to bring the weapons of these two violent criminals along, unless they were to break free at some point and get those weapons? Lazy story convenience.

The boys end up in prison in the mysterious tower waiting to be executed. Kirito acts very calm, as if this was part of his plan and that they can escape easily, which they do. At this point, I couldn’t help but wonder, what was the point of the sword academy story arc? Is it only to adhere to Japanese law which states that anime always has to have high-school drama? Why didn’t they try to break into the tower two weeks after arriving in the capital? Before that they could have done a bit of scouting and information gathering. They sure claim wanted to save Alice, but didn’t do anything for a couple of years. Maybe they couldn’t get in the tower, except by being arrested. Why didn’t they go on a Grand Theft Auto-like killing spree? That would’ve done the job. Well, that wouldn’t have been heroic. The boys remember their main mission only due to two random assholes that try to rape their pages. Or they’re forced to continue it.

Why in the first place is the viewer supposed to care about anything that goes on in this fictional VR world anyway? Because they’re like real people because of Fluctlights? I don’t. How about Kirito, how to fix him? He’s the main character from the earlier good SAO seasons. He doesn’t even remember his VR childhood with Alice.

Anyway, Kirito and Eugeo break out of prison, but are stopped by an Integrity Knight. They manage to short-circuit him by mentioning him of his heritage, memories that have been suppressed, but not wiped clean. Then a female Harry Potter sends them to her library via teleport spell.


Exposition Girl

Kirito gets two episodes worth of exposition from Harry Potteress who is some sort of program, Cardinal System, who was supposed to take care of the world, but the Pointifex Maximus stole it from her. This excess exposition, from these episodes and from earlier try to make SAO: Alicization seem like it’s hard sci-fi. As if the technological concepts or the moral dilemmas are something to be taken seriously. They’re not. It’s simply tedious. The original SAO was a fantasy anime with a sci-fi twist. It was fun, but nothing deep. The latest season is simply crap.

Back when I saw the original season, I thought the premise wasn’t that believable either. That a company could make this dangerous technology, and some guy would be able to weaponize it, and no governmental agency would foresee it, or that so many people would blindly buy into it without being suspicious. Now that I think of it, it doesn’t sound so far-fetched. I’ve seen so many cases of AAA game publishers sell buggy messes or crap ruined by micro-transactions, and still people pre-order them so that Sword Art Online seems quite plausible.

Anyway, back to SAO: Alicization. Harry Potter reveals how Underworld was created, or how the people populated it. Originally there were four scientists who logged in, they had children, then they had children and so on. However one of those four scientists was a selfish prick, and his offspring inherited that prickishness, and now the nobility and the church are populated by such people. Overall I find the notion that being evil is inherited or genetic quite intriguing, and it may have real world parallels to it, yet in the story it doesn’t quite work. It sounds more like a plot convenience. Especially, since as the story now tries to make us believe, the world of Underworld is this dystopian nightmare where the elites oppress the masses, but we haven’t seen it except in the case of Raios and Humbert, which still seems like an isolated incident. Once again, show, don’t tell. Are the good people in the world so dumb they don’t realize what is going on?

Oh yeah, at the end of the exposition session female Harry Potter wants a hug from Kirito to know what it feels like being a human. It comes out of nowhere. Complete emotional claptrap.

That’s as far I’ve gotten in the show. I think episode 14 is out, but I doubt I can stomach to watch anymore of this. I get the feeling the script writer doesn’t have any overall arching vision for the show, instead they write one episode at a time based on what seems “cool”. It’s awful and offends the viewer’s intelligence.

The Appearance of the NPC Meme

A few weeks ago, the latest iteration of, the NPC meme appeared on the face of the internet, mainly from 4chan and some other ethnic basket weaving forums. It makes fun of people who lack independent thought and repeat what the media tells them to think. NPC is a term meaning “non-player character”, which originates from tabletop roleplaying games or computer games. It refers to all characters not controlled by the player, but in reference to the recent meme it seems to especially apply to dull and generic characters. Here is an example of the meme:

There are various versions of the meme with the gray expressionless face, What makes the emergence of the meme curious is how it has caught the attention and ire of the main stream media, such as the New York Times and Kotaku. Twitter has also banned countless accounts propagating the meme. One of their concerns is how the NPC meme “dehumanizes” people. A curiously hypocritical assertion from the liberal media, as the following meme demonstrates:


The media and the mainstream establishment has been dehumanizing dissent for decades, from George W. Bush saying you’re with him or you’re with the terrorists, or the media labelling reasonable skepticism in pretty much any significant issue as crazy conspiracy theories. More recently anyone who does not go along with the liberal agenda is called a “Nazi”, and apparently it’s fine to attack, verbally or physically, anyone who is a “Nazi”.

Although originally, according to my understanding, the meme was not directed towards leftists or liberals, but towards all kinds of people who don’t seem exhibit independent thought processes, yet for some reason the liberals seemed most outraged by the NPC meme. It reminds me of the late William Cooper explaining the sheeple meme and people’s reactions to it. He said that if you’re walking down the street and you shout “stop thief”, the person who runs, is the thief. Same applies here, the person most getting outraged by allegations of lacking in originality appear to be the liberals who repeat what the TV tells them to.

What is curious though, is why would the media get involved in such a meme. One reason might simply be that the media is becoming less and less relevant, and they’re trying to seem more relevant by discussing the meme. Additionally, it allows them to cement more division between the political right and the left. Yet there is the possibility that The Powers That Be did find this meme threatening, and are trying to fight against its propagation.

The notion that some humans are like NPCs from games, is not new; David Icke has used the term Repeaters (people who simply repeat what the establishment says), then there’s of course the term sheeple, I’ve even heard the term Organic Portal be used in similar context, and myself I have used the term Simulacrum People back in 2013 and in 2014 I compared the thinking of Cultural Marxists to computer programming. The recent iteration of the NPC meme came to be when a 2011 article from Psychology Today appeared on certain internet forums. Based on the study referred to in the article, some people never thought in language, or they lacked and inner voice or inner dialogue. While accuracy of the study should certainly be questioned, it did create a decent amount of discussion. Do certain people really lack the capacity for inner dialogue, are the actually just NPCs? The following Reddit post was also found, which would suggest yes:


The core of the NPC question is a metaphysical one that asks what is a human being? Are we all ultimately chiseled from the same material, or are we not. There are certain references to two possibly types of humans in the Bible as well; in Genesis God says he puts enmity between the seed of the woman and seed of the serpent, and Jesus talks about the wheat and the tares. It is unquestionable that many people truly are NPCs, or sheeple, whatever term you want to use, based on their behaviour, but the question is, are they that way because they simply do not have any inner sense of self, or self-awareness, or have they simply been brainwashed?

In my experience, I would say that the NPCs truly lack some inner aspect that makes them truly human. This is a conundrum I’ve been trying to figure out since I was a teenager. I didn’t care about politics or issues such as that, but I cared about music, creativity, originality and uniqueness. I despised the consumerist pop-culture of the day, which in hind-sight isn’t as bad as today. It annoyed and troubled me that most people were content to consume whatever vapid media was thrust upon them on the TV or radio. It’s as if they had no taste of their own. A perfect example of this is when two class-mates of mine, when I was 15 or so, who always liked the music that was in the top 40-hits that week. One week a band that I actually liked managed to reach the charts, and for a brief period I could share my love for the band with those two people, although naturally it felt hollow.

Yet if it is true that some people truly are NPCs, it still is not easy to determine who is a genuine person and who is not. Moreover, if and when the actual NPCs hear about the concept of NPCs, eventually they will adopt the meme for themselves, and start calling other people NPCs without understanding what it actually means. As the NPC is incapable of inner reflection or understanding the concept of objective truth. They derive their sense of reality from society. What society tells them is true, is true, and they cannot fathom it to be otherwise. Now that does not mean that each NPC is a carbon copy of the other, as NPCs infest any walk of life as it gains enough popularity. On the surface, NPCs can vary greatly, but within their programming is the same. The liberal left is still the prevailing establishment, so naturally the majority of NPCs linger there, but certain there are many NPCs in the Trump-supporting right-wing, or even the conspiracy theorist community/ truth movement. It depends on the authority in the preferred community of the NPC, who constructs their sense of reality.

A more optimistic view on NPCs is that they are simply people who have been brainwashed to lose their ability for independent thought through conditioning and fear, but theoretically are capable of regaining their individuality. It’s possible this view is correct, but I do not possess it. However, if this is true sharing NPC memes, might aid some people in waking them from their stupor as they are forced to face their cognitive dissonance.

Yet if the NPC meme is real, it does have intriguing implications, such as the fact that democracy cannot work, as not all men have been created equal. The NPCs will always be manipulated by those willing and able to do so. As Abraham Lincoln said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” It also behooves those of us who are not NPCs to rise above to take charge. In my opinion, there are basically three types of people: the conscious or self-aware people, the NPCs, and then the malicious people who manipulate the NPCs against the conscious people, as is demonstrated in the meme below. To fix things, we must first recognize the problem, and not hold on to false ideas of equality.



I’d like to thank Mr. Charles McRowan whose comment on my previous article “How about DNA, is it another occult hoax?” inspired me to write this. The article, as the title suggests, explores whether the concept of the double helix DNA is truly science or simply the occult masquerading as such, and Charles left me the following message yesterday:

“Wow…just wow. It’s hard to believe with the vast amount of information available online, in university libraries, and various scientific journals ignorance to this level still exists.”

I was thinking whether or not I should write about the NPC meme phenomenon or not, but as I received Charles’ classic NPC response, I thought I should. Thanks Charles.



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The Flat Earth Pacman Debate

Last night there was a flat earth debate between Lori Frary of the Flat Earth Conspiracy Youtube channel, Darren Nesbit (Daz Nex), Jeran Campanella (Jeranism) and David Weiss (DITRH). Lori and Darren were critical of the Azimuthal Equidistant (AE) round disc model, and they were promoting a 4D “Pacman”-model. I’ll discuss it later. Jeran and David were defending the Azimuthal Equidistant model. Overall I don’t think the debate itself went very well, since the AE model defenders were mostly muddying the waters instead of trying to understand their opposition’s point. All of the participants did get to reveal something about themselves at least.


The Crux of the Debate

I won’t go through the entire four and half hour debate, instead I’ll focus on one bit of it that sums up the whole debate pretty well. Towards the end of the debate Lori and Jeran are discussing simulation theory, different flat earth models and so on, then suddenly around 3 hours 48 minutes, Jeran says: “I think that you guys, and I’m just being completely honest, you either have something either against Mark Sargent, or for whatever reason you feel like…” Then Lori laughs and says she could care less about Mark Sargent. Jeran’s remark comes completely out of the blue, and is entirely irrelevant to the debate. Moreover, when you have to preface your argument with a “I’m just being completely honest”, it probably means you’re not. I doubt the name Mark Sargent had come up at all during the debate prior to this. I think by doing this Jeranism completely discredits himself, as it sounds like since he has no proper argument to defend his beloved AE model, he is trying to paint Lori and Darren as some sort of haters. As if they resent Sargent for introducing the AE map, but Lori points out that “Dubay brought Rowbotham and Rowbotham brought the map”. Jeran used similar derailing tactics elsewhere in the debate to distract attention away from arguments for the 4D-model or against the AE-model, but this was the most obvious example.

I cannot say what the underlying motivations of Jeran were for all of this, but somebody noted in the chat that Jeran has made a lot of money by pushing the AE map, which is why he is pushing it, and this makes him a shill. It might be that Jeran basically believes what he is saying, but he is blinded by his confirmation bias, and the fame and fortune he has made by praising the flat disc, so he is unwilling to entertain other possibilities. In the end of the debate, he even said that he will keep pushing the Azimuthal Equidistant map until he sees evidence that discredits it. He has seen plenty of evidence against it, but he is ignoring the evidence. I do believe that this makes Jeran pretty much irrelevant when it comes to flat earth research.

David Weiss on the other hand seems like he is the handler of Jeran. I haven’t seen many videos by any of the four people in the debate, and I am not well versed with any of them. The first time I heard about David Weiss is probably when Sofia Smallstorm had asked Jim Fetzer to debate flat earth with him. Weiss simply came off as crooked as a three dollar bill. That’s the impression I always get from him. I do think he is a smart guy, but extremely untrustworthy. When I saw a video, which I have discussed in previous posts, that Flat Earth Asshole mirrored from Antonio Subirats where David Weiss is saying the reason FEA went against the Azimuthal Equidistant map is because he is in “low-vibration” and influenced by demons is when I got my confirmation. My impression of David Weiss is that he is a perfect example of a gatekeeper. Some of the questionable antics of Jeranism might be explained with ignorance, but I don’t think that applies to David Weiss.


CIA Infiltrators

A famous maxim goes: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” I try to adhere to that, so the reason I am discussing these e-celebrities is to highlight how the flat earth movement has been infiltrated, or even hi-jacked by infiltrators. As time goes by, I’ve begun to respect Jake Gibson’s, i.e. Flat Earth Asshole’s, and ODD TV’s decision to call out Patricia Steere and Mark Sargent as shills even more. Both of their accusations are based on MGTV’s research, so the kudos should go to him. Often it is counterproductive to go out on shill hunts, since in the end it might end up biting you in the ass and distract from proper research, but since the attraction has been opened, we should ride it to its conclusion.

If I recall correctly, David Weiss said toward the end of the debate that no-one is a shill, that everyone is just trying to figure out the truth. Let’s think this through. Every single flat earther, including those in the debate, believe that the globe model of the earth is a lie. It’s a conspiracy that has lasted for centuries. They all believe in this vast global conspiracy, yet according to Weiss and some other flat earthers, there are no infiltrators in the flat earth research community. So basically when people began to find out the globe model is a lie, not simply false, but a deliberate lie, and the conspirators even faked the moon landings to further that lie, yet they simply let the flat earthers do their research with no interference? Does this sound credible?

Certain “flat earthers” are trying to make it seem like the reason there are conflicts within the flat earth research community is simply due to clashing of egos, nothing more sinister is going on. Flat Earth Reset showed a clip on his channel of a discussion between Mark Sargent, Patricia Steere, Robbie Davidson, IPS and some others I don’t know. One guy was saying: “Even if every single one of us had a history with the CIA, it wouldn’t make any difference. As Robbie so eloquently put, the truth is the truth no matter who says it. So who gives a damn if we’re all CIA shills?” Technically he is correct. The truth is the truth even if it’s coming from a bunch of CIA agents. However, do you really think that a bunch of CIA agents having a circle jerk are going to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Is it not reasonable to suspect that these agents might have ulterior motives? Do you think that the people who have invested a lot of effort over the course of centuries into the globe lie, would not try to derail investigation into the true nature of the earth with disinformation? Anyone who is saying it does not matter whether the CIA is infiltrating them is a CIA agent or very daft.

Moreover, I should point out that you cannot have an open and honest discussion with someone who is acting in bad faith. Whether it’s about the flat earth or more mundane issues. Debates with shills are unlikely to aid the pursuit of truth.


The Pacman Model

Enough of shill talk. I’m going to discuss the 4D Pacman-model that Darren Nesbit and Lori Frary are promoting. The basic idea is that the earth has four corners, be it a square or a diamond-shape. When you step off the map, let’s say in the east, you appear on the edge of the map in the west. Like in the game Pacman, if he steps off the screen on the right, he appears on the left. Another way to illustrate it would be to depict the earth as a continuous rectangle. The continents keep repeating how far you go east or west (I’m not sure what happens is you go off the map in the north or south though.  I should look into it more). According to this model, the earth is basically a cylinder without curvature. If you’ve played Sid Meier’s Civilization games, you should know what I’m talking about.

This is the model shown in the debate.

Certainly when I first heard about this model some time ago, I thought it sounds ridiculous, but the same could be said about the flat earth as well. According to Lori and Darren, this model is the one that best fits observations. I don’t know if they are correct or not, nor am I convinced this model is correct, but I do think it warrants serious consideration. After all, are there any other reasonable alternatives?

I do like the argument that Darren Nesbit made that science might be able to reveal the supernatural nature of God’s creation. Also either Lori or Darren said that maybe God barred off his creation with doors instead of walls. Ultimately though, I would like to see a model that does not require supernatural explanations, but if it is impossible to explain the shape of the earth and the movement of the sun with regular physics, maybe this is the natural next step.



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Division is a natural thing to any movement

There is nothing wrong wanting to separate yourself from dishonest, disingenuine or otherwise harmful people. This is an idea I understood a while ago, but it’s particularly relevant to today. Last night I was reading the comment sections on ODD TV 2 and Flat Earth Asshole’s Youtube channels. I’m of course referring to the recently appeared divide among flat earthers that I’ve written about in my last two previous posts.

Initially it might seem like the “good guys” would always want unite people, they would never want to exclude anyone from them. They will always try to find common ground and so forth, whereas the “bad guys” want to separate themselves from others. Our contemporary culture certainly promotes this ideology, where everything is about unity. Ultimately though it is a globalist and even a Satanic idea.

Speaking of Satan. Say you have a group of good angels and bad angels. Initially they are divided and at odds with each other, and you might think the way to rectify the situation is for the good angels to offer an olive branch to the bad ones. If the bad ones find it in their hearts to accept it, everything will be fine again. However this is a deluded liberal idea. It is the good angels who have more to lose if they were to intermingle with the bad ones. They stand to be corrupted. Sure, there is a possibility some of the bad angels might see the error of their ways and repent, but more likely is that the bad ones will convert some of the good ones to their depraved ways. It is easier to destroy than to heal, or it is easier to succumb to depravity than to escape it.

Let’s have a more earthly example of this. You have a group of healthy people and group of people with HIV or the plague. It would only make sense to separate the healthy from the sick to protect them. Sure, some of the healthy people might want to help the sick if they are able to protect themselves, yet they should not do it at the expense of the healthy. The difference between this and the angel example is that the people, possibly, did not become sick due to their own actions or iniquity.

Let’s say you know a person who is a drug addict and a compulsive liar. He lends money from people and doesn’t pay it back. It’s natural that at first you want to try to help them mend their ways and show compassion to them. Yet if they refuse to change, at some point you simply have to make the decision not to associate with them anymore to protect yourself. It is a harmful delusion to think you can fix everything and all of the world’s problems. Sometimes the best you can do is simply walk away.

Speaking of the flat earth “movement”. As I was reading the comments on ODD TV’s and Flat Earth Asshole’s channels I found most of them supportive of their decision to call out falsehoods and shills among flat earthers, but some people accused them of being “divisive”. Sure, they are divisive and that’s a good thing. You do not want to associate with dishonest or severely deluded people. FEA mirrored a video on his channel where David Weiss rambled about ODD and FEA being stuck in “low vibration” and pointless New Age BS like that. His argument was basically that the reason Flat Earth Asshole and ODD called out the shills, or FEA attacked the AE model of flat earth, is that they are possessed by demons. I don’t know whether Weiss actually believes in what he is saying or is simply trying to manipulate people to do as he says, but he is certainly acting like a cult leader, which is exactly what the Flat Earth Asshole claimed the flat earth movement has become. The main stream of flat earth is a cult, dominated by dishonest or deluded cult leaders. Genuine people are better off leaving them to their circle jerk and focus on the actual scientific facts for and against flat earth and on people who provide proper arguments, not on people who are trying to “unite” everyone.

I hope the flat earth movement dies, and when I mean the movement, I mean this controlled echo chamber of e-celebrities. Genuine flat earth research will be better off without the egos and the mind control. I hope the flat earth conference burns, figuratively. Some comments I read said that Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere brought so many people to the flat earth, so how can they be shills? Does it make any difference if people are mindlessly repeating “the earth is a sphere” or “the earth is flat”, if they don’t understand the contents of what they are saying? Haven’t these people understood the phrase “quality over quantity”? I’d rather have a few fringe websites and Youtubers discussing the flat earth from a critical perspective than a huge bunch of Yes Men and Women using the flat earth as their latest source of entertainment.

Even the Bible has several passages describing division as a good thing:

Matthew 13:49 So will it be at the end of the age: The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous

Matthew 25:32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats

Matthew 10:34-36 Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.

Regardless of what you think of the Bible or Jesus (I myself I am still unsure what to make of it), you should be able recognize the wisdom in these words. Those who seek truth will become divided from those who prefer lies and comfort.

Most of the prominent people in the flat earth movement are in it either for attention or simply to mislead people. You have to have discernment to see this.



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More Las Vegas Mysteries

The only certainly about the Las Vegas shooting where a 64-year old man, Stephen Paddock, allegedly killed 59 people and injured over 500 is that official story doesn’t make sense, which is nothing new to mass shootings or terrorist attacks. I’ve seen conspiracy theory Youtubers argue over whether it was a hoax or a false flag, i.e. did people really die. While it is an important question, the main focus should be on trying to find out what actually happened, and which claims of the main stream media and the government can be proven false or logically inconsistent.

Most of the witnesses who claim to have seen people being killed are not credible, and sound like actors. There are also a few photos showing bloodied people, as well as a couple of videos, yet I am not convinced by them. This does not imply that no-one died however. I think there is a good possibility that some did, but I am very doubtful that the people the media claims died did, or that they died the way the media says they did. There are also people on the internet claiming that they knew some of the dead people, and some of them might even be telling the truth. Yet simply claiming on the internet that you know someone who died is not proof.


The Video

There is one video, that was supposedly first uploaded to Liveleak, where a man goes around in the arena in Las Vegas checking people’s pulses. There are blood and dead bodies in, and it does seem fairly realistic, yet I am not convinced. I would not blame people for believing it to be real, but I think is fake. I think it’s been removed from Liveleak, and it can be difficult to find now. I downloaded a copy of it, and I will show a couple of snapshots of it, which are quite graphic. I supposed I could upload it somewhere if someone can point me to a website where I could do just that.



The beginning of the video shows blood on the floor that is suspiciously red. It looks fake to me, and I’ve seen someone comment, who claimed to be a nurse or something, that they think the same way. Yet someone pointed out that arterial blood is more is more red, whereas venous blood is darker. It could be arterial blood, but would there be this much of it?

Soon after that the video shows a dead girl lying on the ground, and camera man checks her pulse and even moves her arm. This is probably the main reason some people think the video is real. Yet certainly modern Hollywood productions  can look as realistic as this.


The blood still looks fake to me. Moreover, the video overall seems to be made with intention of trying prove people died there: “Look, look. I’m walking around here. There’s bodies and blood. This must all be real.” You can say I’m jaded, but I still don’t buy it.

There’s another video show by Raymond Page, “a Clark County employee”, going toward the arena when people are fleeing it. While many of the people running away are probably genuine, that video especially seems somewhat choreographed. In the end of the video there’s a man with a bloody arm and also some blood on his torso. Yet image is too dark to see if there is an actual bullet wound on the arm. Moreover, paramedics start treating the guy, and then the cameraman leaves. This seems to me like a production. They show you just enough to shock you, but don’t show the whole thing.



Multiple Shooters

There have been many reports of multiple shooters and around other casinos than Mandalay Bay hotel. People reported gunfire and broken glass and whatnot around those locations, but at least I am not sure whether anyone was shot in those places. Perhaps they were, or maybe those shootings were just more distractions.

I still think the video taken by a female taxi driver, that I discussed in my previous article on the shooting, is genuine and the gunfire in that video sounded real, so it would imply that someone was shot, but I don’t know who or where.


The Shooter

Stephen Paddock has been called a patsy by many, and for a good reason. In fact, I’m not sure if he was in Vegas that day. He probably was, but we shouldn’t take anything the media claims at face value.

I found these couple of images illustrating how incredible the official story is:


There are also rumours that Paddock was involved with the CIA or other agencies, but I don’t know reliable the claims are.


I should also mention that Paddock’s brother said that Stephen does not have any military training. Although I find his brother a suspicious character as well.

Another interesting detail I heard is in an interview with Steve Wynn, a casino owner from Vegas. He decribes how Stephen Paddock’s profile was very normal and not suspicious at all, since he had been to Las Vegas many times in the past, but then he says: “However, nobody in this company’s history, no public person has ever walked  in the service elevator unless they were accompanied by security.” Then the interviewer asks did Paddock go in the service elevator, and Wynn answers he’s not sure. So why would he even mention something like? Was it a slip of the tongue, and Wynn knew he walked into the service elevator at Mandalay Bay without escort? If that’s true, it certainly lends more credence to the fact it was a false flag. Or then again maybe the “slip” was deliberate, and giving a red herring for conspiracy theorists to chase after.

What’s clear though, that Wynn is pushing an agenda in the video which is naturally more surveillance and gun control.


The Agenda

Whether or not the shooting was a hoax, I am 99% sure it was a false flag. It has been used already to push for more metal detectors, body scanners and gun control. Whether people died or not, the whole event was clearly orchestrated to push for more surveillance of regular people, but of course not of actual criminals. If that is the agenda, it does not really matter for the perpetrators whether someone died or not. The people behind it know that there is a certain group of people who will always call the shooting a false flag or a hoax, whereas the masses will still eat up everything the media says.


Yet it is possible there was something else going on in Vegas that night as well. The shootings might have been a distraction from the real operation, whatever it was. Unfortunately, I have no clue what, if any, alternative agendas or operations were at play.

I also saw this newstory of a ” key witness” and his daughter “committing suicide” after the FBI raided his home.



I am not saying the Las Vegas shooting was a hoax. I’ve seen people do it, and I find it distasteful, since they don’t know what happened. It’s easy to say that it was orchestrated and that there are crisis actors talking about it, but they don’t know the big picture. It might be a hoax, but you cannot say for sure.

Yet I’ve seen people in the other camp, who do think the bodycount was more or less real, use shaming tactics and appeal to emotion, like ‘how dare you say no-one died’. I find it equally distasteful. This is why advocate for looking at the facts. Nothing that I’ve seen or read has convinced me that people died, but the perpetrators might have hidden the real bodycount under the cover of exaggerated numbers and lousy crisis actors.

If this operation was merely about pushing for more surveillance and gun control, I see it as more likely that it was a complete hoax, yet I do think there was something even more sinister in the background.



I know that there is a camp in the Bohemian Grove called the Mandalay Camp based on Rudyard Kipling’s poem Mandalay, and he just happened to be a Freemason. There’s the Luxor pyramid in the background and all that, yet I don’t know if this symbolism ultimately means anything other than it’s just their calling card, and this occult Masonic symbolism is ubiquitous. It is obvious that this was some sort of false flag, but actual details are not that easy to uncover.


Curious details of the Las Vegas Harvest shooting

I’ve done some digging on the Las Vegas alleged shooting on internet forums and people have uncovered interesting details.

The shooting took place in the Route 91 Harvest Festival. A harvest of souls, you mean? Sounds rather occult. Please also note that they are “excited” to bring a TSA program to the festival. However, as always, their Orwellian security measures did not make things any more safe.


John’s Prediction

There was someone named John who posted this on September 10th on 4chan, I believe. He said there might be some sort of “high incident project” in Las Vegas or Henderson on 9/11, although there wasn’t on that date, something did happen on October 1st. He said “they are trying to create more regulations. you will see laws proposed within the next few years to put more metal detectors and other security devices.” Later on he added: “if their plan is successful state of nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines.” “They” would also put these machines in universities, federal buildings and so on.

John pointed out that OSI systems and Chertoff would be the main producers of the machines. He also said that around 2020 the two companies would merge into a single company.


Here is some info on OSI. The CEO is named Deepak Chopra, but apparently it isn’t the famous one.


OSI stocks seem to have been rising as of late. Possible due to their involvement in this “high incident project”.


OSI’s stocks rating went down on October 1st.


Yet less than 24 hours after that, and after the shooting presumably they went up again.


After the alleged shooting somebody tweeted that they need to install metal detectors “at every Las Vegas hotel”, which lends credence to the claims that John made in September.


The Chertoff that John referred to presumably means Chertoff Group formed by formed US Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff. Wikipedia says: “He formed The Chertoff Group (TCG) on February 2, 2009 to work on crisis and risk management.”

Crisis and risk management? You mean crisis actor management?

There was apparently an ad for “Fun, Engaging Acting Work in Las Vegas” on Craigslist. Possibly referring to crisis acting.


The Alleged Shooter

Stephen Paddock, the alleged shooter, was working for the Israeli terrorist group, ISIS, according to said terrorist group, although the police confirmed he had no ties to such a group. I do belive that he was the patsy. I have seen people spin narratives that Paddock was radicalized Muslim Antifa babyboomer who went on a killing spree, but I have not seen any convincing evidence that anyone has actually died in the alleged shooting, so I have a hard time accepting this narrative. Nor do I find it credible that he alone, a 64 year old man, managed to kill 59 people, including himself, and wounded over 500 people, which seems incredible. I can understand that not everybody has to be hit by a bullet in a large crowd as the ensuing stampede is bound to cause damages as well, but so far I have not been convinced there were any bullets. Naturally, the shooter had “committed suicide” before the cops got to him.

According to the official narrative Paddock took shots from the 32nd floor. This floor might have been chosen for occult purposes. Yet in fact it is unlikely he or anyone actually took shots from that floor. There is video showing a muzzle flash coming from the 6th or 7th floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, but I have not seen any footage of gunfire from the 32nd.


Whether the muzzle flash is actually of a gun that is firing bullets, or is merely a simulated muzzle flash is another thing.

Somebody by the moniker AZ Flyguy posted the following picture on Google maps back in 2015. It depicts the location where Paddock allegedly took his shots toward the Route 91 festival. If the date of this picture is correct, it would suggest they were planning this incident already back in 2015.


Forum researchers have noted that Stephen Paddock purchased a house two days before this photo was taken. If this is relevant somehow, it might suggest he agreed to take part in the operation and paid for the house with the money he received from it.


There are also reports of multiple shooters, as is usual in dubious event such as this, contradicting the “lone wolf” story.


This compilation of videos from Las Vegas shows the millionaire poker player Dan Bilzerian on the scene around the 5:57 marker. He says somebody got shot “in the fucking head”. This comment to me suggests he was in on the hoax or whatever it was, since I am highly doubtful anyone was killed at the festival.


Around 11:07 in the same video a woman is being interviewed and she says there was a woman at the concert 45 minutes before the shooting started saying they’re “all going to die tonight”. Then the woman was escorted out by security. This also contradicts the official story of the Paddock acting alone. Clearly this woman knew something, whether she was trying to warn the people or she was in on the scam.

There’s an interview with Stephen Paddocks’s brother. He says that Marilou Danley is Paddock’s girlfriend. He’s “wondering” where Stephen got automatic weapons from, and says “he has no military background or anything like that”. Still, he seems to have been a pretty good shooter for a pensioner with no training…


EDIT: Shootings at other Casinos

Some people reported shots fired at other casinos as well such as the Aria and Caesar’s Palace. Both are a bit north of Mandalay Bay.


This person heard gunshots 15 minutes after the Mandalay Bay incident.


Then there’s this.


Assuming that these people are telling the truth, some shooting did occur in Vegas that night, but I think the Route 91/Mandalay Bay shooting was a distraction.

There is also this video from a woman who uploaded it to Facebook. She was at the Bellagio Hotel, and something happened there as well:


EDIT: Gunfire

I found a video taken by a female taxi driver. On the video you can hear machine gun fire, and it actually sounds like gunfire, unlike the “fireworks” most witnesses heard. Possibly two shooters can be heard as well. More interestingly the taxi driver says that people aren’t running although there’s gunfire. She notes the gunfire seems to emanate from the tenth floor of Mandalay Bay.

Later on the driver even picks up people fleeing the scene of the shooting, one of them allegedly injured. They’re saying there are hundreds or a thousand dead, and blood everywhere. What I think happened is that the taxi driver is a genuine person whereas her passengers are crisis actors. The passengers also want her to take them to a hotel, instead of a hospital or police station.



I am fairly certain now that this “terrorist attack” was an operation handled by some sort of governmental or corporate agency. Whether OSI Systems of Chertoff Group were actually involved remains to be seen. I do not think anyone died at the concert site where the shooter allegedly directed his fire, yet there might have been something else going on behind the scenes. Perhaps there was a hidden harvest going on elsewhere, be it the Mandalay Bay hotel or the Luxor pyramid.

This “high incident project” may have had two or more faucets and goals. On one level it’s about creating fear and pushing more Orwellian surveillance that never actually helps prevent violence despite being ubiquitous. On the other there might have been a murder or multiple murders and the unconvincing “fireworks” shooting drew attention away from that.



When I saw this Tweet by Hillary Clinton yesterday, I knew the shooting was a joke. She is probably enjoying pushing this blatant gun grab propaganda before the alleged bodies are cold.



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