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Occult Symbolism of Eurovision 2017

I’m doing this a week late since the Eurovision song contest was held a week ago, but since one of my readers asked for my opinion on the symbolism of the Current Year Eurovision I feel obligated to write blog post about it.

I browsed through the final fairly quickly so it’s possible I missed something, and also I should point out these are just my impressions and interpretations of the show. Perhaps the people designing the show did not intend to signal these things.


Diversity Strikes Back

The slogan of the contest was “Celebrate Diversity”, which when translated into normal speech means: annihilate diversity, or promote monoculturalism. David Icke said years ago that when the elites say something, they usually mean the opposite. It’s absolutely true when it comes to “diversity”. Overall, celebrating the destruction was one of the themes I saw in the Eurovision contest.

The logo is a ring of red and black balls. They could be planets, represent the Ouroborous, horns of a bull (or Osiris), or perhaps the pearl necklace of Orion. I’m not sure what they are meant to represent, if anything.


The Start of the Show

As the show started each artist came on the stage as if to introduce themselves. Most of the men were effeminate cucks, and the women just looked weird. At the beginning the camera panned onto the stage, and also a few times during the show as can be seen in the picture below. It reminded me of CERN.


Another interesting bit was when the artists introduced themselves every waved their arms in celebration, except Portugal’s Salvador Sobral, who ended winning the contest. He seemed reserved and humble, whereas most others were very flashy and superficial. I don’t know if this is significant, but he seemed a bit nervous. Perhaps he knew he was going to win, or perhaps his behaviour represented his unique nature that European resonated with, and therefore voted for him.


Another interesting bit is that Israel (which isn’t even European) was the first contestant in the show. Maybe the order was chosen randomly, or perhaps it’s supposed to mean Israel First, Europe Second.



Now I will discuss some of the symbols I saw during the performances of certain artists. Israel had this black sun or iris in the background.



Poland’s song was about freedom and liberation. At first I figured it was just a generic topic for a song, but then I noticed something. There was a night sky with stars in the background. It made me think “A Thousand Points of Light”. Or that according to the Bible, the stars are angels. These stars might represent angels.


Later the word “Freedom” appear in the background. The stars or angels want to freedom, i.e. they are imprisoned.


In the end they turns into a birds (free as a bird) as the angels are freed. I interpret the presentation to mean the celebration as the fallen angels of Lucifer are freed.


The song by the Polish singer, Kasia Mos, isn’t even really about freedom. It’s more a passionate love song. It does have these lines though:

“Like two animals on the run
Not afraid to fly into the sun
Invisible, we don’t leave a trace
We’re shadows in love, we were ghosts”

“Not afraid to fly into the sun” is an obvious reference to Icarus, the symbol of hubris. Also “we” are invisible and do not leave a trace. It sounds like a secret society.



Next in line is Belarus. There was a planet and a bridge (London Bridge is falling down? in the background. Is the planet Nibiru or something?


Toward the end of the performance there was a sun, or a big star in the background. The singers were standing on an airship of some sort. The background show had a Victorian space adventure feel to it.


The lyrics say the following:

“Present day will become a birth
Of new wills and better thoughts

Story of my life
Will shine brighter

The sun will sparkle in our blood
The entire beauty of your eyes”

A herald of the New World Order or a new race, the Moonchild?

Artistically speaking I found the Belarus song to be one of the best in the contest. The singers were obnoxiously cheerful to behold, but their song was pretty decent, at least for Eurovision standards.



The Austrian perfomance has the moon in center stage. The astrological theme in the whole show is obvious. And the singer seems like an obvious cuck.



The Armenian singer looks like a witch, and the performance looks like she’s in hell. There’s also a hindu-like imagery in the performance. There is a symbol in the background that looks hindu to me, and at one point the singer and two dancers create a multi-armed deity icon at some point.


The lyrics go as follows:

“Over deeps, over hills
She casts her wings and now it feels
Love is one

Flying high she became
A sun who’s love and light the same
For everyone”

Seems like an angel. “Love is one” sounds very Current Year “love is love” Luciferian breaking down the boundaries crap. Sun’s love and light sounds like Lucifer to me.



The Netherlands singers remind me of three witches, but maybe it’s just me. At one point, figure of a person appears to be falling into the sun, or something like that. The singers say “angel”. Is the figure Lucifer? Is this an ode to Lucifer?



Italy’s song is Occidentali’s Karma, or Westerner’s Karma. It sounds like a celebration of the fall of the West.  The dancing monkey or gorilla might represent the degradation or dumbing down of people, to turn this world into the Planet of the Apes.

The venue in the music video is a Buddhist temple, but in the performance on stage the chakra system is shown in the background.


Both in the music video and the performance the singer does an odd pose while dancing. I think it’s some sort of symbol.


It looks like the sign of Saturn.


Or the sign of Jupiter reversed.



Portugal won the show, but I don’t have much to say about the performance as it almost put me to sleep.

The lyrics say:

“My dear, listen to my prayers
I beg you to return, to want me again”

He could be praying for the return of Lucifer or the Nephilim.



I actually thought the Azerbaijan performance was sort of interesting. At the end the singer draws a cross on the back of black-robed dancers. The Mark of Cain?



In the Spanish performance there’s the planet Saturn in the background. Nuff’ said. The singer annoys the hell out of me.

Is it just me, or does it seems like every male singer seems like a short manlet? The Swedish guy looked normal/tall though. But most seem short.


United Kingdom

In the UK show, the singer is standing on an oyster shell like Venus. Her image is split into three by mirrors, possibly representing her alters created through mind control. The song is about madness after all.



The music video of the German song was full of obvious triangles or pyramids.


There was a pyramid in the background at some point in the live performance as well, but it wasn’t as obvious.


I feel bad for the artist. It seems to me that she is completely controlled and subjugated by the industry, and probably has to perform all sorts of favours to her handlers. Perhaps the triangles in the video represent how whole of Germany has been subjugated by the Illuminati.

The lyrics go: “I’m almost a sinner, nearly a saint”

Sounds Luciferian to me where morals are just decided on a whim.



A huge head of a titan or Nephilim is in the background in the Ukrainian performance.


The song is about time. Is the giant Cronos or Saturn?



The Swedish artist did the OK sign with his hand both in the music video, and the performance. What it means I do not know, since I’ve heard in the past that it means 666. Nowadays it’s supposedly a racist Alt-Right Trump supporter symbol for White supremacy.



There seems to be the abyss in the background  in the Bulgarian performance. It’s like Leviathan is coming up.



The dome above the stage turns into a spaceship at some point during the French performance. The dome looks like a space helmet to begin with, but during this song it’s most obvious.


The Lowdown

I left out some performances since I didn’t have much to say about them. I noticed some over-arching themes such as astrology and space. There were stars, the moon, the sun, Saturn in various performances. The Italian performance had a symbol that resembles an astrological one.

Religious themes were fairly prevalent as well. Some songs talked about angels. Germany’s mentioned a saint. Portugal’s song had prayer. Italy’s performance featured Buddhism and Hinduism. Armenia had a hindu-feel as well.

Sure, religious themes have been employed in song writing since forever, so this does not necessarily imply some bigger scheme.

Overall I see the Eurovision 2017 performance as another celebration to Lucifer, the return of the Nephilim, or Osiris, or whatever you want to call the religious obsession of the elites. I might simply be interpreting things  through my own bias, as I’ve been researching this sort of stuff for years. Some of the symbolism might be innocuous, but I don’t think all of it is.

If there is some sort of occult agenda behind this, I don’t think the artists are necessarily wittingly involved, but I wouldn’t rule it out either. In this day and age I don’t think it’s impossible that the Illuminati, or whatever you want to call the secret societies, could put their puppet in place in every single country involved in the contest.




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NASA claims to have found 7 Exo-Planets: Conjecturing what it actually means

I am doubtful NASA actually engages in any space exploration. Rather I think they are in the entertainment/deception business. They might actually partake in some space exploration, but as most of the information that comes out of them is unreliable, and they’ve been caught lying several times, it is prudent to be skeptical of their claims and intentions. I will explore NASA’s recent claim that they discovered 7 Earth-sized exoplanets in Trappist-1 (star or system?) from this viewpoint.

The star Trappist-1 is, according to The Atlantic website, located about 40 light-years from Earth. It’s size is only slightly bigger than Jupiter. The Atlantic states as follows: “The system resembles Jupiter’s moons Ganymede, Europa, and Io”. I doubt these 7 planets actually exist. I rather think it’s some sort of astrological meme-magic they are trying to feed to us. Let’s take a look at the meaning of some of these names.

Trappist refers to a kind of monk from the Trappist order. The name apparently comes from the abbey of La Trappe in France. Among us regular people the word Trappist is best known from certain types of beers, and I think there’s also Trappist milk in Hong Kong at least. According to Wikipedia, Trappists are contemplative order, they do not take vow of silence but refrain from speaking when not necessary. They follow the rule of St. Benedict. I’m not sure what its significance is, but it might mean something that previous pope, Ratzinger’s, papal name was Benedict.

The Trappist Cisterian order was founded by Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé. I don’t know his significance either. Wikipedia says that he was “originally intended for the Knights of Malta”, but became a monk instead, I suppose. Knights of Malta is a secret society that still exists today. I don’t know if any of is significant in relation to NASA’s alleged discovery, but it might be.

It’s curious that Jupiter is connected to this new star system, as Jupiter is not only another persona of Osiris, a deity supposedly important to modern secret societies, but it also allegedly represents a shift in the secret society structures.

Ganymede was a beautiful man abducted by Zeus (Jupiter) to be his cup-bearer. Wikipedia explains this about him: “The myth was a model for the Greek social custom of paiderastía, the socially acceptable erotic relationship between an adult male and an adolescent male. The Latin form of the name was Catamitus (and also ‘Ganymedes’), from which the English word ‘catamite’ is derived.” A man abducted for his beauty by Zeus and associated with pedophilia.

Io was a mortal woman whom Zeus lusted after, and she became his lover. She was turned a heifer at some point. Interestingly Wikipedia says that the “ancients connected Io with the Moon”, and in Aeschylus’ Prometheus Unbound “she refers to herself as ‘the horned virgin’, both bovine and lunar.” This reminds me of the various Virgin Mary icons with her standing on a crescent moon.



Europa too was a woman abducted by Zeus. The Rape of Europa is a well-known phrase, and unfortunately a well-known event in recent years.

What do these mythological connections mean then? I naturally don’t know, but I have a few interpretations. Ganymede was a beautiful man whom Zeus (Jupiter) took a liking to and was associated with pederasty, and Io and Europa were women whom Zeus liked. All were mortals. This certainly sounds a bit like Genesis 6:2; “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” Perhaps Zeus (Jupiter) refers to Nephilim, demons, aliens, or just the occult elite who are going to revel in even more twisted Pizzagate-like debauchery.

Then again, perhaps the connection between Jupiter, Ganymede and Io refers to the trinity of Osiris, Horus and Isis. Zeus took the form of an eagle when he abducted Ganymede, and Horus is a falcon-headed man. Io is associated with the moon and horns as is Isis. Though I’m not sure where Europa fits in with this. I’m also not sure what is the significance of Trappist monks with this. Maybe the word Trappist should be interpreted literally, as in people who make traps. Are the secret society occultists setting some sort of trap?

Many conspiracy researchers claim that the elites worship Saturn. Saturn is the father of Jupiter. Jupiter killed him and became the chief deity. These 7 exoplanets might be Jupiter’s army that heralds the dawn of a new era, Saturn getting replaced with Jupiter. Whether this would make things better or worse, I cannot say.

I don’t know to what all of this refers, but I certainly don’t believe any of NASA’s claims at face value. I find a symbolical or occult explanation for these alleged discoveries a much more reasonable one. NASA comes up with a new discovery or accomplishment every couple of years ago that gets science-geeks excited for a few weeks and then it blows over. People forget, and in the end nothing concrete gets done. Science does not actually advance. No new technologies are developed. Whether it’s the alleged trip to Mars that people are supposedly planning, a new discovery, or even the supposed discovery of the Higgs-Boson God particle a few years ago. I know that wasn’t NASA, but it’s still part of the same scientism-industry. All of this is still just a more sophisticated form of celebrity gossip. It’s there just to distract you, or to somehow psychically manipulate you.

Pedophilia has certainly been in the headlines recently. There was, and hopefully still is Pizzagate, just a few days ago Milo Yiannopoulos was kicked from CPAC for supposed pedophiliac comments, and George Takei seems to be undergoing a similar scandal. Ganymede seems to refer to the same thing, but I’m sure what it all means. I hope it simply means that the crimes of these pederasts will be exposed and they will get judged.



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My stuff on Jupiter:

Jupiter Ascending symbolism and messages: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/jupiter-ascending/

Trump’s Victory suggests a shift in the Power Structure of the Secret Societies: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/trump-victory-secret-society/

I suspect a False Flag in May

I’ve seen plenty of predictions for False Flags and other orchestrated events over the years. Usually they don’t happen as predicted, but this time I suspect it might be different. However, this is merely my suspicion.

A Youtuber called Jonathan Kleck has analyzed certain Jaguar car commercials where he suspects the elites are telegraphing their plans, and yesterday he also analyzed the commercial for the Invictus Games sports event in Orlando, Florida, starting next Sunday, which features the Queen of England, Prince Harry and the Obamas. Kleck’s interpretation is that they are planning a nuclear strike of some sort. I’m not sure whether this is the case, but I do think the elites are planning some sort of occult mass ritual in May that will probably take the form of a False Flag attack in America. Not necessarily in Orlando.

I recommend taking a look at Jonathan Kleck’s videos for further information, and I should state my theories on these possibly upcoming False Flags are based on his research, although they are my interpretations.

The Invictus Games are from May 8 to 12. The first day is probably just the opening ceremony, which I suspect to be some sort of occult ritual, as they usually are. Kleck points out in his video their Satanic symbolism. The day after the games finish is May 13, or Friday the 13th. I would say the Invictus Games are a magical ritual to make something happen on the 13th.

A Bud Light beer commercial that Jonathan Kleck analyzed showed a picture of the Hoover Dam, and he interpreted it to represent a clock. I agree, however I interpret it to refer to the date 5/13, May 13th.


The center pillar in the picture represent 12 o’clock. The pillar on the right side is therefore one o’clock or 13. The same pillar is the 5th spoke from the center. That is how I got the numbers 5/13 out of the image. Granted that you might say my interpretation is somewhat liberal, but there are other clues to that date, such as the fact it is Friday the 13th and it happens right after the Invictus Games.

I should remind that last year an image of a truck was projected on the Hoover Dam that some researchers interpret to be a portal, or perhaps it referred to Orion. I’m not sure what relevance it has here, but it might have some.

I also had a look at what the CosmiTec astrology site says about May:

The days around May 13 can be explosive, accident-prone and/or violent.

There is irritability and fanaticism.

Expect sudden reversals and a sudden change of course.

You may be obliged to cancel your plans.

Transportation issues belong to the possibilities and lots of buzz and rumors are going on.”

I wonder if that time will be literally explosive and violent? Then a week later this is about to happen:

The May 21 Full Moon period can be challenging because the Moon is void of course just before the Full Moon takes place at 1° Sagittarius (a degree of police, crimes and/or investigative work).

In numerous instances a void of course Moon prior to a Full Moon suggests that the 48 hours before the Full Moon can be highly explosive.

It implies that situations may get out of hand, out of control and this configuration may point to a crisis event or mass event that is out of control.

In expansive and centrifugal Sagittarius, this Full Moon of increased awareness may point to blasts and/or explosions.

Be again prepared to cancel your plans!”

Be prepared to change your plans, and transportation issues may occur. This is how things work after a terrorist attack. Airports may get shut down or roads closed.

I interpret this to mean that around Friday the 13th the False Flag will occur, around 21st the American military will go after the alleged culprit. Let’s say there is a terrorist nuke on the 13th, and a week later they’re going to blame it on Saudi-Arabia, for example, and start to prepare for an invasion.

Another explanation is that on the 13th some sort of scandal will occur, which will create a lot of social uproar. The next week this spark chaos and violence. It’s not necessarily a False Flag in the traditional sense, like a terrorist attack, but a socially manipulated event like the LGBT promotion last summer.

Then again, this only astrology, and a single website stating this. Maybe this isn’t relevant information at all. Moreover the astrology prediction provided by CosmiTec is supposed to be advice on your love life. Then again the same website wrote regarding November 13-15, 2015, i.e. when the Paris terrorist attacks occurred that: “There can be passion and even irresistible attraction but also pay attention to imposing your will onto others and forceful behavior that may get out of hand (like rape). There can be breaking news and/or messages pertaining to mass events or developments in relationships.”

I’m not a fortune teller nor do I have any insider information, but my gut feeling is that something is about to happen in May. Something unpleasant.



Obama RED ALET ..OBAMA AND THE QUEEN telegraph nuclear destr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nWimfrw1Tk

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2015 free monthly horoscope for November: http://www.cosmitec-astrological-compatibility-advice.com/2015-free-monthly-horoscope.html

The Electric Universe = The Mind of God?

In recent years the notion has arisen that the universe is electric and electricity is the controlling force in the universe opposed to commonly held theories on matter and gravity. Most famous of these is of course the Thunderbolts Project by David Talbot who has been mentioned many times in the alternative media. Recently also Robert Otey stated in his Red Ice interview that the universe is electric, although I think he disagreed with some cosmological ideas that the Thunderbolts Project has. Although I cannot say for a fact whether their theories on the electric universe are correct or, I will theorize on the spiritual implications of this if they are correct.


Telekinesis and Telepathy

When I was a child I was interested in all sorts of weird and science fictiony stuff like aliens, UFOs, telepathy and telekinesis. However, since the adults and scientists said all of those things are humbug I was inclined to believe them, since I was just a kid. What did I know? I did however sometimes theorize what if. What if the scientists are wrong? One idea I had when I was 12 was that perhaps telepathy and telekinesis could work on the basis of electromagnetism.

I knew already back then that scientists claim that the brain produces electric impulses and they transmit thoughts. I also knew that there are things such as electro-magnets. Therefore if our brains were capable of producing electricity and electricity was able to be used to move objects, perhaps we could somehow project the electricity in our brains onto other objects to move them telekinetically. However, if all matter is already electric, then we don’t even have to project the electricity in our brains, we just have to manipulate the electric fields of other objects with our brains. If the mind was capable of this sort of manipulation, then it would not be a stretch to suppose that telepathy was possible as well, since thoughts too are electric impulses or transmitted by them. Perhaps the Force in Star Wars is merely electricity.


Astrology and Remote Viewing

The electric universe could also provide a scientific basis on the belief in astrology. If all planets and celestial bodies are made of electricity, as are our thoughts, then it is conceivable that their movements could have some sort of ripple effect that affects our minds. I cannot comment on the specifics of how this works though. It is often cited that the full moon really does make people go crazy, as crimes and such increase during that time. As far as I know there is no scientific explanation for why this happens. The electric universe model could offer one.

If the physical world is actually an interconnected sea of electricity, then it might offer an explanation for Remote Viewing as well. If both thought and matter are merely different forms of electricity, then they could explain how remote viewers allegedly can project their minds thousands of kilometers away and see what is happening. According to conventional logic, the only way to see what is happening in another place is to walk, drive or fly there. Perhaps there isn’t such a big difference between moving your body and your mind after all.


Mind of God

I would say that the electronic universe model suggests that the world is a program in the mind of God, or a pantheon of gods, if you so prefer. If thought is electricity and the universe is electric, then we would all be thoughts of God, or a composite of a collection of several thoughts.

At the risk of sounding blasphemous, if we picture God as a computer hard drive with numerous different files and programs in it, our universe would be a program running on it; a server God is running for our sake. There could be many different servers like this one on the hard drive, or maybe there is just one.



Most of the things I’ve said here are hypothetical, of course, but I am convinced that the atheistic/materialistic sciences have already proven themselves as a false religion. Not everyone got the memo though. I am eager to see new scientific models that do not exclude the spiritual or the divine. The electric universe seems to me to be such a model, and this model is supposedly based on observation rather than mere theories, which is certainly a good thing.



The Electric Universe: https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2015/01/27/the-electric-universe/

Robert Otey – Unscientific Cosmogony: Gravity, Quantum Physics & Einstein: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2015/12/RIR-151230.php

The Earth is Flat!

Last night I saw a Truther Girls video on Youtube featuring Arron the Barbarian, husband of truther girl Sonya. The video was called “Why Do People Think The Earth Is Flat?”. Unsurprisingly they were discussing the flat earth issue. Arron said he was taking seriously the claims that the earth is flat. Yes, some people still believe the earth is flat. Silly as it might sound, I reminded myself that most things that people believe are stupid and wrong, especially the most popular beliefs, so why not consider the possibility that the earth might be flat. Besides, Arron is a wise man, and a bit crazy, so if he’s looking into it, there might be something to it.

According to my understanding the standard modern flat earth theory claims the earth is shaped as it is depicted on the United Nations logo. Around the edges are high walls of ice. The North Pole would be in the center and Antarctica maybe doesn’t exist then? At least planes don’t fly over Antarctica so there’s something there people don’t want to see.


I’m not so convinced by the flat earth theory itself, but there are some details worth highlighting. One of them is the claim that the earth does not move or revolve around the sun, or anything. The earth is stationary and it is the heavens that move. I find that an intriguing notion. In modern times we’re all indoctrinated by the idea that the earth moves and revolves around stuff from childhood, and we’re told our stupid, superstitious ancestors thought the earth doesn’t move. We learn it so young, we never even think to question it. I’m not saying the earth doesn’t move, I’m saying I don’t know, and I haven’t questioned it before, but I should. We all should. How do we know what the scientists are telling us is true? Where’s the empirical evidence? I don’t have much faith in their theoretical calculation or consensus that it does. That is not science.

There’s one scientific experiment from the 19th century by George Biddell Airy that supposedly proves the earth doesn’t move. Something to do with tilting a telescope and putting water into it. It’s called Airy’s Failure, the failure meaning that his experiment failed to prove that the earth is moving. Flat earthers claim it proved just the opposite. I won’t explain it in detail since I don’t really understand it that well, I’ll add some links in the bottom.

For the flat earth theory to be true, there would have to be a vast conspiracy hiding facts about the shape of the earth, and distorting images from probes sent into space and pictures taken by astronauts. I already believe that’s true, I just don’t know what they are actually hiding so it’s not a stretch to say they could be hiding the flatness of the earth.

However, I’m not so convinced by the flat earth thing. I’m more pleased by the rebellious attitude of flat earthers. Later last night I discovered the channel of a guy called Steven Christ. He claims, or as I interpret his explanation, is that the earth like a snow globe. The earth, the ground, is flat, according to him I think, but the sky is literally made glass. A dome. There are huge chunks of ice hanging from the glass, and sometimes they fall. They are called Megacryometeors. It is sort of like we are living in the hollow earth, or the earth is like a Dyson Sphere. The difference to a Dyson Sphere is that the sun is not in the middle, but on top. Also the stars and space is not vast and infinite. According to Steven Christ the stars are really small. They are swimming in ether, which I think flat earthers also think.

I’m not sure how realistic this model is, but I do think it’s fascinating. The idea that there is a glass dome covering the earth is so crazy I cannot help think it might be true. And the ice. I’ve been bombarded by various claims of a new ice age. Especially on Red Ice Creations they have had a couple of guests talk about it, and some articles probably too. This winter has been really cold. Even the crappy movie Day After Tomorrow predicted a new ice age.

Another fascinating idea about Steven Christ’s model is that the heavens are quite different to what we are told. That’s what I’ve been puzzling over as of late too. Perhaps outer space does not exist as such, but what we see with telescopes is a visual representation of something intellectually distant for us. I once heard someone describe that the huge distances we perceive to exist between stars may be a physical representation of our distance from them spiritually. In old times magicians, prophets and shamans used to go into the astral (meaning star) plane to commune with spirits and stuff. Astrology describes heavenly bodies as wielding great influence over our lives based on their movement, as if it was great cosmic machinery that runs things on earth. As above, so below. Or rather, if we think of the world as computer simulation, the Matrix or something, the astral plane could represent the code, the program, which tells the visual things on the screen, i.e. the physical, what to do.

Perhaps I’m just crazy for entertaining these ideas, but at least I am crazy by myself. The difference between crazy and not crazy is that what the masses believe is sane, if you believe something else you are crazy. I may not understand complicated physics that well, but I do understand social habits of people, and by observing people and society I have noticed two things; 1. People tend to believe what is popular, and things are made popular by repetition. Truth plays little part in the process. 2. The beliefs of the people are usually, and especially in today’s world, really fucked up and wrong. For these two reasons I will proudly question the cultural memes on the shape of the earth and its behaviour in the cosmos.


Why Do People Think The Earth Is Flat?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY4NoewDmIM

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