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Apparently Hollywood actresses are male

I had heard of the claim that Michelle Obama is a man, in fact I wrote about it back in 2014, but I hadn’t heard that there are claims floating around the internet that countless female celebrities are actually transgender men. I saw a video by a Youtuber named Simona Rich claiming that several famous actresses are male, and I find her video convincing, although I’m still not entirely convinced. On top of that it seems there are many other Youtube videos made about similar subjects.

To me this suggests two possible outcomes: either there is some truth to these claims, or it’s the latest psy-op perpetrated by who knows which agency. It does sort of remind me of how the flat earth thing popped onto Youtube a few years ago. There are plenty of ardent flat earth believers out there of questionable origins and intentions. I don’t think the notion of flat earth research itself is a psy-op though, since a lot what we’ve been told of the make-up and shape of our world is conjecture at best, and sometimes all-out lies. I find the alleged evidence suggesting that the earth is curved to be lacking, but I’ve yet to seen conclusive proof of any flat earth model either.


Transgender Celebrities

Anyway, let’s get back to this trannygate. In the video Simona Rich shows the facial and bodily features of several famous women like Angelina Jolie, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock and many more. She points out some masculine features in them such as male hips and arms. Later on she also points out similarities between the appearance of certain celebrities who are not related, and even shows some of the famous pictures of people from decades ago that resemble celebrities of today. Rich suggests that cloning might be involved, or that these people might actually be fallen angels, nephilim, since they are supposedly genderless.

Now assuming that there is some truth to the whole hypothesis of these people not being truly female I see a few different possibilities. These people could be nephilim, and they are immortal or at least live for a very long time, but the celebrities seem to age, so perhaps they have to renew their skin every now and then just like serpents do. The person, or spirit, inside does not die, but the husk is discarded or regrown somehow. Another possibility is that this is part of a very elaborate Satanic psy-op where these men have been groomed to be women from a very early age and subjected to sex change surgeries in order to make normal men lust after these fake women, and gradually brainwash them into developing homosexual desires. Maybe the gay agenda is a bigger conspiracy than we ever could imagine?

Another video on the same topic I saw is by Cae sar. The video points out that Justin Biber’s ring finger is shorter than his index finger. Men usually have a longer ring finger, whereas women are reversed. This then would suggest that Justin Biber is female. More interesting is the fact that Justin Biber and Miley Cyrus look almost identical although I don’t think they’re related, and one is male while the other is female. I’ve wondered about this before that maybe they are clones, but I just couldn’t figure out why they would bother.

If some of these people actually are clones, maybe they’re not really male or female at all. Perhaps they are neuter by nature, and the genetic engineers that grow them add features to them to make them seem more male or more female. The video by Cae sar said something like estrogen makes the index finger grow longer than the ring finger. So maybe Justin Biber had an excess amount of estrogen go into him while he was still in the cloning vat, although the designer chose to make him male. Their skills clearly aren’t perfect. Perhaps the same goes for the other female celebrities that have male features. The basic model or template the genetic engineers have might have male hips, which is why all of their final products have male hips, but they are technically female. If they’re human at all.


Naturally all of this is simply theorizing. I don’t know if they’re clones or transgender or anything like that.


Is it a psy-op?

These claims that our vapid Hollywood celebrities are transgender might simply be a psy-op, a distraction. Maybe they are physically normal people and all of this controversy over their gender, or them being clones, is simply nonsense. Then again maybe there is some truth to it. For the sake of the argument let’s say that Michelle Obama is male. Certain people might have multiplied this idea to apply to pretty much every female celebrity to make the whole claim sound ridiculous. Instead of inquiring into Michelle Obama’s background, people are just jumping into conclusions that every female celebrity is male.

The globalist elites are certainly heavily pushing transgenderism and the gay agenda onto us. Bruce Jenner transitioning into female and being celebrated in the media is proof of this. Perhaps the claim that female celebrities are actually transgender is meant to make people who oppose transgenderism in general seem crazy. The media could point at somebody who thinks Bruce Jenner is nuts for trying to change his sex, and say the trans-skeptic is the crazy one. Look how they all believe that Hollywood actresses are actually men.



I’m not convinced that the female celebrities are actually transgender, but I do think there is something to the argument. I like the cloning angle. These people could be some sort of automatons, biological robots, or vehicles for non-corporeal spirits. I know it sounds like science fiction, but the faces of Miley Cyrus and Justin Biber keep haunting me. Besides, Hollywood and the globalist establishment is already avash with mind control and the occult. Adding a few clones to the mix wouldn’t make it sound any more crazy.

Yet, whatever the truth about the nature of these people is, it’s very improbably we’ll see any solid proof any time soon. I don’t think we’ll see Alex Jones break into a secret New World Order cloning facility. Or if this is all crazy talk, and the celebrities are just normal people, I don’t think we’ll see proof of that either.



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Invasion of the Butt-Snatchers

Last year I wrote about zombies; how we are already surrounded by countless, unconscious people repeating their routines with little understanding of anything. They’re stuck to their smart phones and meaningless hobbies like politics. This makes the people who aren’t zombified feel pretty lonely, but ultimately zombies are slow and dumb, and cannot really harm you unless you give them the opportunity to do so. I think that is about to change.

I was going to write about Pod People, the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, after the Zombie-article but other things came up. Right now I see that it wasn’t the time for that quite yet. But right now I think the zombies are leveling up, or being upgraded, to become Pod People.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a science-fiction horror film from 1956 where alien plant-like pods try to take over the world by absorbing people into the pod, killing them and creating a clone with their appearance and memories, but the clones don’t have souls or emotions. The aliens do it slowly and covertly until they have a distinct majority, when they take over overtly.

The movie was, of course, an analogy for Communism. I thought the Red Scare paranoia of the 50s and 60s was funny when I saw Body Snatchers as a teenager twenty years ago, but I don’t think it’s funny anymore, since the Commies are at my doorstep. There have been two remakes of the movie in the seventies and nineties. The seventies version has Donald Sutherland and Leonard “Spock” Nimoy in it, but I don’t remember much of it. I’ve always liked the nineties version, since I’m a nineties kid.

How it relates to today is quite obvious the New World Religion with the Rainbow Flag. Yesterday I perused through Facebook and it looked like 1/3 or 1/4 of my friends had added the rainbow effect to their profile pics. I find this sort of mass behaviour really disturbing, regardless of what one’s view on homosexuality or gay is marriage is. Can’t they see how they are being controlled by the media-political complex?

After the gay marriage law in the States, Head-Pharaoh Obama (I mean puppet) said Americans need to shift religious views to accept gay marriage. Well, this doesn’t affect just Americans. The Rainbow Religion has been celebrated all over the world. Maybe I should move to the Middle-East, that might be last region in the world to accept it?

Anyways, I don’t think the message about shifting religious views means just that conservatives should become more progressive, but that they should shift their religious views from their previous religion, Christianity, Islam, agnosticism, atheism, Buddhism or whatever, into the New World Religion of Transhuman Inclusiveness. I think the fact that the White House is now the Rainbow House reflects a much deeper change in the spiritual beliefs of America and the world than that they are merely being “tolerant” of those who are different.

How this is related to the Pod People then? I can’t help but feel that those of us who still have a mind of our own and have a hard time accepting this new religion, will find ourselves in situations similar to the characters in the Body Snatcher-movies. If you say something like: “I think marriage is a bond between a man and  a woman”, or “I find it disturbing that people are suddenly showing that Rainbow Flag everywhere”, the Pod People are going to point their finger at you and scream hater, Nazi, or homophobe. They will of course tell their friends, and they will ostracize you for not seeing the multi-coloured light (which is ultimately brown).

I’m not saying this to try to stir panic, but just to give a heads up on what to expect. Some people clearly do not have souls. Either they’ve lost them or never had them in the first place. They just go with the program no matter what.

This whole thing isn’t ultimately about homosexuality. I don’t care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms, or if two guys wanna call themselves husband and wife. I guess I’m leaning toward the idea that a marriage has to have a man and a woman, but ultimately it’s an individual’s choice how to view the issue. My beef is with the fact that this Rainbow Religion is not about any individual opinion. Either you get into the alien pod with everyone else, or you will be eliminated.

I also don’t think it is a co-incidence that recently Bruce Jenner “transformed” into a woman and it was all over the news, and the Charleston shooting happened and the Confederate Flags are being replaced with the Rainbow Flag. These things, and the promotion of the Rainbow Flag, all are steps on the path toward where the Matrix movie started: in small cybernetic pods.



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Culture of Critique

I used to consider myself a leftist before I “woke up” and realized the left-right paradigm in politics is made up of all sorts of false choices. Then I tried to disassociate myself from both political directions, although in recent years I’ve found myself going a bit to the right for two reasons: because the majority of leftists seem to be completely spineless hypocrites, and right-wing thought nowadays is at least somewhat grounded in reality, while leftism has went completely off the deep end.

One of the main reasons why I considered myself a leftist, because I was anti-war. I thought that’s one of the basics of leftist thought, that war should be avoided at all costs. I was of course against the War on Terror started by Bush. When Obama, a supposed leftist, became the king of the world you’d think he would’ve stopped the War on Terror, or when he didn’t do that all of the leftists would have called him out for the liar that he is. Of course they haven’t since they’re spineless Gollums, who are anti-war only, because under normal circumstances they’d consider themselves to be on the losing side. Then there’s the insanity of Cultural Marxism, which claims the highest values in our life is homosexuality, transgenderism and erosion of all natural culture, particularly Western culture.

I certainly believe that homosexuals have a right to do what they want in the privacy of their own bedrooms, but nowadays quite ironically leftists want to invade that privacy. They want all of us to peek in on gays couples doing their business, clapping and rooting for them for being so brave. I believe in the right of gays to be gays, but not in the sexual equality heterosexuality and homosexuality. If mine or your parents had been gay, we probably wouldn’t have been born. There’s this practical natural function that heterosexuality provides, which makes it more relevant than gay sex. I don’t want to see this small minority of homosexuals being persecuted for the way they are, nor celebrated for being aberrant. Just let them be.

Transgenderism, like the Bruce Jenner transformation, I’d allow since I believe in the right of human beings to do harm to themselves if they so desire. I guess they should be politely dissuaded from it first. However people like that are emotionally and hormonally very imbalanced, and their insanity should not be praised.

Criticism of one’s own culture is one of the corner stones of leftist thought, and something I agree with in principle. The Western civilization has done  a lot of morally questionable things in the last few centuries, such as imperialism, murdering and forcing people from their lands in the Americas, imposing Christianity on others, implementation of corporations, communism, excess social inequality and so on…

These are things we Westerners should not be very proud of, instead we should look at the mistakes of history and try learn from them. Look at history to provide constructive criticism. Modern leftism however is very critical of most things Western, but offers mostly deconstructive criticism. It basically says: “We’ve sinned in the past so we should perish in a fiery inferno.” Leftists no longer care about improving things, they just wanna fuck shit up. Modern leftists also tend to ignore the failings in other cultures, and focus on deconstructing the West. I still have that leftist view that I wish to be more critical of my own culture than especially a culture I’ve never even visited. I think that is a sensible view, since I cannot properly criticize a culture if I don’t know much about it. But the important thing in all criticism, be it of art, science or culture, is to point out potentially fatal flaws and offer hints for improvement. That is something modern leftists vehemently despise.

Right-wingers, in my experience, tend to rather look at the positive aspects of their own culture. If taken to extremes, this can lead to completely ignoring the fact that people of all cultures and races are capable of mistakes and atrocities, and pretty much every culture has done something nasty against other. A fine example would be the bible belt people in America who supported Bush on his crusade simply, because they perceived Bush to be one of them against the middle-eastern Islamic terrorists.

Like I said, we should offer constructive criticism and advice, so here it is; let’s try to find some degree of balance and sanity. I think society needs both types people, the leftist thinking, and the rightist thinking, but both need to have a grasp on reality. Nowadays mainly it’s the leftists who have gone totally crazy, but there are some signs of some right-wingers heading off the cliff as well. For example I’m all for “White” people or Europeans being proud of their race and culture, and I oppose the mass immigration forced on us, but protection of one’s borders and culture should not devolve into a reptilian brain-dominated xenophobia where everything is seen in terms of race or nationality.