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The Economist Tarot card Tower and friends turning against each other

Last November I wrote about the annual Economist cover featuring eight Tarot cards. I theorized the card spread, i.e. how the cards were laid out, represented the four quarters of a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The first two cards on the left, the Tower and Death, represent spring of 2017. The card on top, Tower is the major aspect, whereas Death represents the minor aspect of the quartal. So far, I think my analysis was accurate on at least some points.


The Tower of Dissent

I wrote the following about the Tower:

“The Tower represents upheaval. It may look like an outside force strikes the tower, but it is actually derived from psychological principles. They often result from “neglected and mishandled situations”. One example given by [Rachel] Pollack for the Tower is friends turning against you.”

I also suggested the possibility that the far-left and Catholics join forces to fight other Christians. I haven’t seen evidence of this so-far, but I did expound on the notion of friends turning against each other by suggesting that Trump might turn against his supporters.

Last week Trump allegedly fired missiles at Shayrat air base after an alleged gas attack by Assad. This has lead many people to allege that Trump has turned into a neo-con who is going to start a full invasion of Syria. I overused the word “allege” on purpose, as these things are mere allegations that people people tend to make based on questionable information gleaned from the media.

What I have seen so far is more like so-called supporters of Trump are turning on him, such as certain people in the Alt-Right who were raising a toast to Trump a few months ago and saying “Hail Trump”. This is just the most recent example of this backstabbery.

In January of this year, it came out that Mike Enoch of the Right Stuff and Daily Shoah had been tricking his audience as he was married to a fag-hag Jewish woman, and Mike himself might even be a Jew. Naturally a lot of people turned on him, since he has been deceiving them.

In February or early March another controversy arose with the prominent Pizzagate “researcher” David Seaman being revealed as a con man who seemed to be in the business for the “buzz”, which allowed him to make money. A lot of people turned on him.

In the course last few months, although it started already back in late 2016, a controversy has been brewing in the Youtube “Skeptic Community” as some people in the community such as Armoured Skeptic, Shoe0nHead and Mundane Matt had accepted a sponsorship deal from a company called behind an app and a website called Candid. The app is supposed to be an anonymous social media service that resembles Twitter, and there’s an AI that censors offensive material. On top of that the vast majority of the employees of the company have worked for Google, and there are suggestions that the AI employed by Candid is the same as Google’s Jigsaw.

The controversy with Candid arose when these Youtubers who are supposedly pro-free speech and against censorship signed on with this pro-censorship app, moreover they lied about some of their associations with it, and censored people in their Youtube comment section when they tried to talk about it. Once again, a lot of people turned on these people.

The case with all of these people turning on their friends and allies is very much from “neglected and mishandled situations”, therefore it is good that this has happened. People have shed the illusions away.

The Trump situation though is slightly different in my opinion. I don’t think he is a neo-con, but that’s not to say he’s a good guy either. I honestly still don’t know what to think about him. I do think he is an agent of change, real change and not like Obama. Whether the change will be better, worse or neither I don’t know. Yet the people, such as the Alt-Right who are so eager to protest against this man they supposedly supported reveal their duplicitous and opportunistic nature once again.


Death Card

The Death card represents that minor aspect of spring on 2017. I noted in my previous article that it represents the four horsemen of the apocalypse: pestilence, war, famine and death. The river in the card is dried with a single fish in it, whereas in the normal Rider-Waite tarot there’s a flowing river that according to Rachel Pollack “signifies the unity of change and eternity”. I commented that I don’t see any change in the Economist’s card. Perhaps the dried river means that the specter of apocalypse hangs over us, but it lacks any actual substance. Recently there have been plenty of hints that a new war will occur: Trump shooting missiles to Syria, China sending 150,000 troops to the border of North Korea, Pyongyang supposedly evacuating 25% of its population, just yesterday US military dropped a MOAB in Afghanistan.

I don’t think any of this means that things will escalate into full-blown World War 3, or the events of the apocalypse, but that they are there to either feed our fears of such a thing happening, or to feed the bloodlust of certain people. This is why the Death card has all of these deadly things happening, but it is only the minor aspect of spring, so we’re only supposed to think about it, not actually experience it.


What to Expect?

Assuming that I am correct in my interpretation, what will we see next? The first three months of the year have passed, and we should already be in the second quartal. The cards are Judgement and The Magician.

In the Judgement card Trump is sitting on the world as the king or god of the world. This suggests his dominance. Rachel Pollack’s description on the tarot is ““reality of life has changed”. I expect the claim that Trump has turned neo-con, or that he is being controlled by his daughter Ivanka or Jared Kushner, to be intentional disinfo from the Trump administration. Perhaps we’re about to see Trump’s version of the Night of the Long Knives that he is pretending to show weakness to lure out those who only pretend to be his friends only to destroy them later.

So far, many people seem to think that Trump does not know what he is doing, or that he’s being manipulated by this or that person, but I think that is about to change. He will show his power. Whether it’s good or bad for the rest of us, I do not know, but he will change things.

I don’t know how to expect to see The Magician card to manifest itself in the next few months. The possibilities are too varied.



My earlier stuff on the Economist tarot:




The “Truth Movement” is Growing Up

The direction the “Truth Movement” is going has changed quite significantly over the last couple of years, at least that’s how I see it. Five or ten years ago it was more about the elusive Illuminati, unity consciousness, realizing the falseness of duality dichotomy, physicality is a holographic matrix, letting go of beliefs systems and so on. Basically it was more airy fairy and feminine. In last couple of years its gotten more nationalistic, traditional, racially conscious, and maybe even political in some ways. Nowadays the “truth movement”, along with the realization that conspiracies and false flags happen, is becoming more main stream, concrete and masculine.

While on a superficial level these might seem opposites, like the “movement” is going back and forth without a clear direction, I do think it’s all leading to something meaningful. At first it was about letting go, and changing the inner world of the individual, but now we are realizing there are many things we should hold on to, things worth fighting for. Michael Tsarion said for one to have the Chemical Marriage, one first has to have a Chemical Divorce. I think the divorce happened, now the marriage is occurring. Socially the alchemical Solve et Coagula, dissolve and coagulate, is happening right now. We are a brew at boiling point with various ingredients thrown in. It shouldn’t be too long before its finished, and we, the people who actually care about truth, justice and all that stuff globalists and cultural Marxists don’t like, will start to have perceptible influence over things on this earth.

I’m quite excited to see what the next phase is, where we are heading. Don’t get caught up in the past, ride the tide and all that. I know I’m being somewhat vague, so I’ll try to reiterate my point. At first the awakening was about introducing mystical and synchronistic ideas to us, right now we are in a phase where we are trying to implement them in the real world, and after a few years we should reap what we have sown. In other words, we rediscovered there is a spiritual reality behind everything, now we are using the spiritual understanding in the physical world to affect it, and in the near future the spiritual and physical will merge into something new, and hopefully good.

Am I an Indigo Child, erm adult?

Indigo children is a popular New Agey idea of children born in the 80s or later who are somehow different, in a good way. They’re supposed to usher in change for the better and all that. They don’t really conform with the rules of society.

This article called “The Indigo Child and How to Recognize One” describes 17 characteristics of an Indigo and says that if 11 to 13 match with you, you are an Indigo. What each of the characteristics actually mean is not quite clear, and is up to interpretation, but based on that list I’d say I’m an Indigo. Things like “Born in 1978 or later”, “Possess a deep desire to help the world in a big way” and “Has a history of depression” certainly describe me. Whereas things like “Strong willed” and “Independent and proud” don’t really say anything at all. It’s too generic. And I’m certainly not psychic, which is one of the characteristics.

So I’m an Indigo. So what? Does it make me special? No. In fact, I think most people who’d even consider reading an article about Indigos possess many of the “characteristics” of an Indigo, because they are interested in weird stuff. Normal people tend to dismiss such things as superstitious nonsense. Wikipedia describes Indigo-ism as akin to the Forer effect, which simply means the definition is so vague it could point to anyone. I find myself agreeing with Wikipedia, which is something I generally hate to do. Which leads me to suspect there actually might be something to the idea of Indigo children.

The concept originates from psychic Nancy Ann Tappe who studied the auric fields of people. According to the aforementioned article: “she noticed was that 80 percent of the children born after 1980 had a new deep blue colored auric field. She called this new color “indigo”.” I don’t know much about human auras, except from fiction such as sci-fi, anime and roleplaying games, but I’m inclined to believe there is some significance to them. If Tappe’s claims of changes in the colours of auras of children is true, it means there is some significant change in people going on.

However, many of the New Age sites on the internet that like to throw the Indigo child term around, don’t seem to be looking at the auras of people. They rather describe a few generic characteristics that many people possess, and tell them they are different to stroke their egos. Everybody likes to be special and unique, alas many of us, don’t actually want to do anything special, since it can be bothersome, and if you try it and fail, it can feel quite disheartening. Therefore we’d like to think we are special, and by our mere existence we make a difference without us actually getting out there and putting ourselves on the line. But it doesn’t work like that. It is more important what we do, than what we think we are. It is not enough for us to feel we are not part of the pack. I’m certainly like that. I have to struggle to actually do something, to get out there to try to make a difference, instead of bathing in the self-perception that I’m somehow different. I might be different, I might even be one of those Indigos, but it doesn’t matter unless I act different. Unless I do something to prove I am here to make a change. And if I do that, it doesn’t matter whether my aura is indigo, pink or brown.



The Indigo Child and How to Recognize One http://www.2012-spiritual-growth-prophecies.com/indigo-child.html

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo_children

100 Monkey Syndrome works Both Ways

Alternative and spiritual websites on the internet often refer to the 100 Monkey Syndrome as one way to raise our consciousness and save humanity from its imprisonment.  I agree with that notion also, yet I’d like to point out it works in the other way too, and has done so for Millennia. The “monkeys” have been used to spread all sorts of harmful memes among humanity, such as belief in authority, institutionalized religion and war.

The 100 Monkey Syndrome is the claim that if you teach something new to a certain number (100) of monkeys/ people, others will start to learn it too, even if they do not interact with each other personally. Many effects of the “monkeys” can be seen in the post-9/11 world such as the increase in understanding of conspiracies and spirituality, distrust in political and religious institutions and so on.

Many of these positive, new ways of understanding reality are increasing exponentially. Yet it does not mean that new idiotic, insane or evil ways and ideas could not be spreading as well. Possibly the “sheeple” who are not “waking up” are growing even more stupid and cowardly because of this. They might find new ways of enslaving themselves further, or seeing no possible means of salvation they resort to suicide.

I don’t have any great intuitive wisdom to share about this. I’m merely pointing out this detail that is so obvious it’s easy to disregard.