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Bible vs Christianity, Illuminati Trannies, and 33

Back in 2014 I wrote an article titled “The Fourth Abrahamic Religion”, which referred to atheism or Scientism. I’m going to look back on how I saw the world differently back then compared to now, and discuss where I was correct and incorrect.

First of all I do still think that militant atheism, or Scientism is part of this continuation often called Abrahamic religions. It’s even more obvious now than it was back then with Social Justice Warriors, i.e. Cultural Marxists, becoming more overt with their crazy schemes. While most of them are atheists and anti-religion, many of them are still curiously pro-Islam. Where I think I was wrong though is that Christianity is just one of those harmful, or digital, religions. Or more accurately I don’t think the Bible is part of these man-made delusions. Christianity might be,


A Tale of Two Christianities

I’m not claiming that this is a completely unique position, since Alexander Hislop wrote similar sentiments in The Two Babylons in the 19th century. Yet he was basically saying that Catholicism is Mesopotamian mystery religions in disguise, but if I recall correctly he had a positive view of Protestantism. I think that most main stream forms of Christianity, and most people who call themselves Christians, are either wittingly or unwittingly worshipping such mystery religions, or they simply have their man-made religion that coats itself in Biblical imagery.

There are basically two types of Christians: deliberately false ones, and apathetically false ones. The deliberately false Christians are Luciferians, Satanists, Jesuits, or crypto-Jews, that pretend to be Christian to fool others. The apathetic Christians do not really care about the greater questions of life. They merely want to be nice and have a nice life without offending others, and acting superficially Christian of simply part of their culture. They honestly believe that their unbiblical lifestyle is what God and Jesus is all about.

Perhaps you could call me hypocritical, since I do not consider myself Christian, yet I am judging Christians. Maybe I am. In recent years I’ve merely come to the realization that the Bible seems to hold more answers than any other source I’ve seen so far.


The Abrahamic Religions

I don’t know if it is accurate or not to call Judaism, Christianity, Islam and atheism Abrahamic religions or not, or if only the people who truly follow the Bible should be called Abrahamic. I don’t want to discuss semantics right now. Perhaps you could say Biblically inspired pagan (man-made) religions vs the religion of the Bible.

Also in my article I was praising animistic and polytheistic religions for exuding life with little evidence to back my claims. Those comments seem silly to me now, and reflect my spiritual bias of the day. It’s not to say that I think that those kind of religions are necessarily bad now either, but I just have very little actual experience with them so I cannot say how they are. I try not to idolize or demonize something I don’t know much about.


Trannies, Fallen Angels and the Flat Earth

In just recent months my change in perspective has allowed me to see some conspiracies from a different, and hopefully more accurate, viewpoint. One obvious clue to the relevance of the Bible is the fact that both actual science and the Bible seem to support the fact that the earth does not seem to be curved into a ball, and is not moving. I still do not have all of the facts regarding all of this, but admitting to myself that the earth is probably flat gives a certain inner peace, instead of resisting it out of the fear of sounding silly or going too far against the grain.

For the last few months I’ve been thinking about the idea the movie They Live presents. Every conspiracy nut knows that the basic idea of the movie is true in some sense, but the trick is to figure out how much of an allegory the movie is, or how literal. Are the shadowy elites really aliens, demons, fallen angels, undead spirits of Nephilim trapped on earth, Jesuits, Freemasons, Jews, or what exactly? Are we being controlled by actual non-human entities, humans possessed by such beings, or simply human beings who belong to secret societies?

A couple of Youtubers might have uncovered some important clues to this question: MrE (nothing to do with Rocking MrE) and Russianvids. Both have made videos of the transpocalypse, which refers to the claim that many celebrities, actors, politicians, even royalty, are actually secretly transgender. The claim sounds ridiculous at first, but when you bother to take a look at some of the evidence, it doesn’t sound so silly. MrE claims that basically any actress who has won an Oscar is a transgender. I’m not sure if I would go that far, but there’s something there worth investigating.

Apparently there are some Youtubers who have been discussing these Illuminati trannies, as MrE, calls them for years. I didn’t know until fairly recently that there is allegedly a tranny epidemic among the rich and famous. I did know that Michelle Obama is allegedly a man. I even wrote about it back in 2014. Back then I also heard claims that tennis players Serena and Venus Williams are trannies. Although I wasn’t convinced back then, at least it would make more sense for two men to pretend female in order to excel at sports, but I couldn’t figure out what would be the point in pulling the deception that the First Lady is a man. I wrote about these alleged celebrity trannies a month ago, but back then I was still somewhat unsure what to think of it. Now I have a better view of things.

First of all, if what people like MrE say is correct, that it is basically the religion of many of these elite families to become transgender like Baphomet, and they’ve been doing it for decades, if not centuries, or even millennia, then it’s “normal” for Michelle Obama to be transgender as well. (S)he probably wouldn’t even have been the first tranny First Lady in America. Another thing is that Kerth Barker, who I’ve quoted in the past, said in Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers that the generational Satanist families do habitually engage in transvestite activity, i.e. men pretend they are female and vice versa. I don’t recall him saying anything about them actually going through surgery to transition to another gender, but the basic idea is still the same.

Another thing is that if in fact many of these elite families are Satanists or Luciferians, the old idea of the Black Mass is to do what righteous people or the Bible does in reverse. Russianvids also shows a page from a book by Alesteir Crowley (or his translation of Eliphas Levi’s book?) in many of his videos where Crowley describes how you should de everything backwards. These are things I knew of Satanism and the Black Mass even when I was a teenager. I just always thought they sounded silly so I didn’t pay much attention to it. The idea of backmasking in music has been clearly known for decades even among people who are not interested in conspiracies. But if the Satanists really do engage in doing things backwards, reversing one’s gender does not sound like a stretch at all.

MrE says in many of his videos how the Illuminati trannies are “unclean bodies for immortal spirits of Nephilim trapped on earth” or something to that extent. Quite frankly it sounds reasonable to me.


Numerology 33

Another thing I’ve learned is some practical numerology from Russianvids. I’ve heard over the course of many years many conspiracy researchers say how the Illuminati or Masons love their numerology and they encode things, but I never really got it. I wasn’t sure are the researchers making it up to sound smart or are they talking about something real. Russianvids is the guy who seems to understand numerology, and make his viewers understand it as well. It comes down to recognizing how the Masons encode the 33 into their fake events. Russianvids has countless videos pointing this out. The latest is from the London Bridge terror attack showing plenty of police cars on the scene with the licence plate adding up to 33.

I also like Russianvids’ explanation of the Masonic 33. Everyone knows how 33 is important to Freemasons, but no-one really knows what it means, but according to Russianvids it refers to the third of the angels that rebelled against God. A simple but reasonable explanation. It also explains why these fallen angels, or their minions, would put their brand on everything.

Russianvids uses a numerology program to decode words. I downloaded the same program a little while ago. First I checked out the name of several people I know. None of them were 33, or any other obvious occult number. So it probably is not simply a co-incidence that these numbers are so frequent among the elites. Then yesterday I found some use for the numerology program. There is a newstory of an artist, Dana Schutz, who painted a picture of dead black teen. Then two other artists, or provocators, started protesting the painting, because a White person is appropriating Black culture, or something. These protestors are Hannah Black and Parker Bright. It just happens that “Hannah Black” is 33 in Chaldean numerology. “Parker” is 33 in Pythagorean numerology. “Bright” sounds like a reference to Lucifer. I do believe that this controversy over the painting is a deliberate stunt by the Masons to divide and conquer people. Whites vs Black. Social Justice Warriors vs normal people.



I think most people, even conspiracy minded people, stay away from the “craziest” conspiracy theories because want to bargain with the norms set by society. “9/11 might have been an inside job, but Hollywood actresses are not trannies.” “NASA might have faked the moon landings, but the earth is not flat.” The underlying psychological factor here is that people are trying to run a thin line between reality and acceptability. I will accept this “crazy” but true thing, but I will reject that one, so it evens out. There is always some line people won’t cross to avoid sounding too ridiculous. However the only line you should care about is the line between truth and lies.

And have a gander at the Youtube channels of MrE and Russianvids if you haven’t done so far.



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Cross over Crescent and the ancient World Religion

I visited Tallinn, Estonia, a little while ago and saw a rather interesting symbol on a church. The church in question is St. Mary’s Cathedral, I believe. The symbol I saw is this cross.


It’s an Orthodox cross with a crescent moon underneath, and below the moon is a sphere. I find it curious that a Christian cross and the moon, which is associated with Islam are together on the same symbol, and on top of a cathedral of all things.

Wikipedia offers two different explanations for the “Cross over Crescent” -symbol. First one is that “It is said that this symbol was devised by Ivan the Terrible, after the conquest of the city of Kazan, as a symbol of the victory of Christianity over Islam through his soldiers.” The second one is “B.A. Uspensky offers another view, stating that in pre-Christian times, the ‘Cross over Crescent’ symbolized the sun and the moon, and that in the Christian Era, the cross is a symbol of Christ and the moon is a symbol of the Virgin Mary.” I find the second one much more convincing.


Different Elements of the Symbol

The cross on the cathedral seems like a composite of various different symbols. I’ll break down each individual part.

First, there is the regular Christian cross, which symbolizes either Jesus or the sun according one’s interpretation, or that they are one and the same.



Then there is the Double Cross, or Cross of Lorraine. Wikipedia mentions it was inherited from the House of Anjou, which I believe is related to the Merovingian bloodline. It was also used by the Knights Templar. This cross them would hint to a certain bloodline.



There is the Orthodox cross. The line at the bottom is supposed to represent Christ’s footrest on the cross.

Orthodox Cross

The crescent is associated with the moon and Islam. Alternative interpretations would be that it represents the sickle, i.e. Saturn, or the horns of an animal.



The symbol has the element of the Globus Cruciger, the globe with a cross. It’s better known as the Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch from Monty Python. It’s according to Wikipedia a Christian symbol of authority: “The cross represents Christ’s dominion over the orb of the world, literally held in the hand of an earthly ruler”. Globus Cruciger


These different elements are the sun or Jesus/Christianity, a certain bloodline, the moon/Islam, and the authority of the ruler. The Russian mathematician turned alternative historian, Anatoly Fomenko, suggests that Christianity of 12th-16th centuries was a unified entity that later split into several different denominations: “Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.” I think the symbol on the cathedral supports this hypothesis.


Other symbols

Fomenko’s website mentions that a symbol not appearing on the cross on the Estonian cathedral, yet part of the same mythos, is the Star of Bethlehem, the star that guided the three wise men to Jesus. Nowadays the star and the crescent are a symbol of Islam, and the six-pointed star, or Star of David, is known as a Jewish symbol. However, the star may be part of the bigger picture.



The difference between the Star of David and the Islamic star is that the former had six points and the latter has five. Perhaps they refer to two different stars.

Star of David


The symbols of this ancient and forgotten religion are still among us. The countries of many flags use them. Finland and Sweden have the Christian cross, whereas some Islamic countries use the moon and the crescent, Israel uses the six pointed star, Ethiopia has a five-pointed one. China has one big star and four small ones. The United States flag has 50 stars. They’ve also been used in recent history.

Communists use the star, and the hammer and the sickle. Cuba and North Korea have the star. Soviet Union had the hammer and the sickle. The sickle could refer to the moon, and as the star is also used by communists, does this suggest that Islam and communism are somehow interconnected?



Then again the sickle might refer to Saturn, and how about the hammer then? I would say that refers to Vulcan, i.e. Hephaistos, i.e. Tubal-Cain who is revered by Freemasons. Vulcan et al. was a smith who made lightning in his forge. Hephaistos made the thunderbolt for Zeus, or it was made under his supervision. This also reminds me of the Indian vedas and their mystical Vajra. The Norse Thor is also a god of thunder with a hammer. Is the hammer synonymous with a thunderbolt then? That brings to mind the “lightning from heaven”, or Barrack Obama, i.e. Satan, but I think I should move on.

The picture that is starting to emerge is that we are under a one world religion already, and have been for at least centuries. We just don’t know it. I don’t think the religion itself is evil, but the people who are keeping us from understanding its meaning are. The signs and symbols this religion are everywhere, though.


What it all Means

People like Jordan Maxwell and Santos Bonacci have been saying how Christianity was originally an astrotheological religion. The true meaning of this religion has been forgotten or hidden from the rest of us. The founder of the Bahá’í faith, Bahá’u’lláh, also believed that the major religions are all from the same source. I know very little about the founder’s spiritual ideas, but I know the United Nations are using the Bahá’í faith for furthering their globalist schemes. You only need to take a look at Wikipedia and see how they wish to implement a New World Order. Anyone with understanding of conspiracies will be suspicious of any group with this kind of aspirations.

However, perhaps Bahá’u’lláh was actually privy to spiritual information suppressed from the vast majority of people and wanted to make it public. This is why he was imprisoned by the Ottomans. The reason why the United Nations is using the Bahá’í for their own goals may not be that the faith itself was manufactured by them, but it has been hi-jacked by them so others would not freely explore the ideas behind the faith. It may be difficult, or even impossible, to destroy certain crucial spiritual information. The best way to keep people away from it, is to make them willingly turn away from it.

The same probably goes for religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Any critical observer is bound to find both redeeming qualities and deplorable aspects. This might be that each religion is only a part of a bigger truth. It’s like the people have been handed only a 1/3 of a book, yet they are told the whole book is there. It’s impossible to make sense of the whole message like that. The global conspirators cannot get rid of the book altogether, but they can break it into pieces and scatter the pages in different corners of the earth.



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Satanism and Alt-Right

Certain facets of the Alt-Right heavily push the homosexual agenda onto their followers, although they like to pretend they don’t. Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson are the best examples of this, and while the gay Zionist Jew Milo Yiannopoulos may not be a member of the Alt-Right, he has been flirting with them. Moreover, many of these Alt-Righters are staunchly anti-Christianity. This seems to correspond with the aims of the secret societies ruling over the world. Their spiritual world view have been categorized by various different terms such as Satanism, Luciferianism, Transhumanism, or Dark Occultism. I don’t know which is the most accurate description, but I’ll use Satanism here for the sake of simplicity.

I do not think that the Jewish conspiracy is on the top of the pyramid, rather I  think they are high level managers of the system, not the creators nor controllers of it. But let make this clear; there is a Jewish conspiracy, and dismantling it is a significant part of fixing the problems we are facing in the world.

It should be obvious to anyone how the global Satanist establishment is pushing the LGBT-agenda onto everyone, and they’re also demonizing Christians. They seek to pervert anything decent and natural into a grotesque mockery of its former self, a lot like the Knights Templar did back in the Middle-Ages. The reason they hate Christians must be that certain Christians still hold onto something decent, and won’t willingly give it away, and also there is probably some profound spiritual truth to the Christian doctrine. I, like many others these days, am not a fan of Christianity, but I say that we should be able to distinguish between the man-made institutions of the church and the Christian community, and the stories recounted in the Bible. I do think that the stories in the Bible, or possibly older stories upon which the book is based, are based on significant truths, and in the course of history some individuals have managed to interpret them properly with beneficial effects, while many have misinterpreted them.

For this reason I believe it is important to distinguish between genuine criticism of Christianity and blatant attacks against it. Matt Parrott wrote on the Traditionalist Youth Network site that there is squabbling between Christians and “pagans” in the Alt-Right or similar spheres. He notes that “pagans” needed to be in quotation marks as these are not usually proper pagans, but rather people who use it as an excuse to attack Christianity.

I think that certain facets of the Alt-Right, not all, wittingly or unwittingly serve the Satanists’ agenda. On top of the homosexuality and anti-Christian sentiment, there are other instances where this may not be self-evident, but implied. A week ago or someone called Aylmer Fisher wrote an article on Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal titled “The Pro-Life Temptation” to promote abortion among the Alt-Right. Apparently “the pro-life position is clearly dysgenic”, since poor people, or “the least intelligent and responsible members of society” have the most abortions. I suppose one’s bank account correlates with their IQ and sense of responsibility then.

Fisher argues that “[t]he unborn fetus has no connection to anyone else in the community. If it is not even wanted by its own mother, criminalizing abortion means that the state must step in and say that the individual has rights as an individual, despite its lack of connection to any larger social group.” This sounds like a cold materialist view on life, and reminds of me of the feminist joke meme: “Your rights end where my feelings begin.” Since no-one feels any connection to the baby, it has no value. Fisher seems completely unconcerned by any spiritual implications, or that abortion is murder. The fetus would have developed into a human being, but was killed before it could happen. That is murder, maybe not murder of a human, but of a fetus, which is still a living and developing thing. And quite frankly, I think he only wants more death. He is not as concerned about the purity of his race than giving blood for his blood god.

Although criminalizing abortion wouldn’t stop women from having abortions, so in this sense I don’t think it should be criminalized, but it is still immoral.

Last year a bunch of people from the Satanic temple protested in favour of abortion. I just get the same vibe from Fisher’s article. I think they support abortion because it leads to more death.


A week ago or so, Andrew Anglin wrote on Daily Stormer how some Jews such as Milo Yiannopoulos are trying to infiltrate the Alt-Right. I agree with the general idea of the article, however, at one point Anglin highlights a strategy to direct attention away from the Jewish Question into the concept of “pathological altruism”, that the reason why the West is screwed up is not due to Jewish manipulation, but White people’s own innate empathy.  I think the “pathological altruism” or “narcissistic altruism” of the White man is a greater contributor to our problems than the Jews, but it’s not that both aren’t a factor. There is more than one reason usually when a relationship falls apart.

Anglin says that some people are trying to lead us away from “the corrosive Jewish parasite”. I am not going to disagree with his characterization of the Jew, however, if this is the case, and it’s certainly something that Europeans have believed for hundreds of years, it is not something the Germans discovered to their amazement in the 1930s, so why have Europeans welcomed these parasites to live among us? I see this as evidence that the immune system and common sense of the White man was compromised already before the Jews came to power.

Yet the main point I want to make is that Anglin sees the attempt to replace the Jewish Question with the “pathological altruism” as victim-blaming. This is the classic victim-mentality exhibited by pretty much everyone nowadays. The ultimate goal does not seem to be to strengthen the White man to fight off his oppressors and get rid of the parasites, but to pronounce to the world that we too are victims. We too can have our genocide, the White Genocide, so we can have a White Genocide industry to make money and gain moral kudos points. People should feel sorry for us as they feel for the Africans for slavery and Jews for the Holohoax. I’m sick and tired of this mentality.

What I think is the bottom line of this victim mentality is the classic problem-reaction-solution is this: You feel like a weak victim, you cry about it and then they are going to offer you a solution.


There is, apparently, this campaign in America by the Satanic church to protect children from abuse in school. Protecting children from abuse sounds good, but you should take a look who is offering the solution. What will the cost be? And who created the abuse in the first place?

This, I believe, is at the heart of the victimization we are seeing everywhere. I don’t think the ultimate goal is to genocide every last person of European descent, but to first weaken them physically, mentally and spiritually and then offer them the Faustian pact. Or perhaps that has already taken place and we simply seeing the results of it.

This, I think, is the goal of certain people in the Alt-Right. I don’t think Andrew Anglin is pushing this agenda deliberately, but still he is pushing the victim complex. Despite the bravado, the Alt-Right is best at pointing out how the White man is a victim too, and the solution seems to be homosexuality, or autotheism, worship of oneself through one’s race.



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Was there a proto-Christian-Islamic religion?

Anatoly Fomenko is a highly controversial Russian mathematician whose ideas on history call pretty much everything into revision. According to my understanding he claims that fraudulent historians have invented one thousand years of history that modern history books present as fact, but they are fiction.

I heard about Fomenko some years ago, and was intrigued by the implications of his ideas, however I did not feel like I was ready to go down that rabbit hole. A week ago or so I heard Robert Otey mention Anatoly Fomenko in his Red Ice Creations interview, which prompted me to look into the Russian’s ideas in further detail. Through Otey’s Youtube channel I discovered another Youtube channel, newearth, run by a Russian woman (I believe). She seems to share Fomenko’s view of history.

I am a beginner when it comes to Fomenko’s theories on history, and I have not read any of his books yet, so I cannot say whether his ideas are complete fiction or not. However, it is an obvious fact to any keen observer that our perception of history is skewed at best, and often we have been fed lies on what has happened. For this reason alone, Fomenko’s ideas are at least worth looking into. However, in this post I will focus particularly on one video by newearth on religion. More particularly Christianity and Islam.

The video is part of newearth’s WHEN THE ATLANTIS AND HYPERBOREA SURVIVORS WAKE UP-series. Episode 8; “the survivors, 8 – the Stolen History of the Religions, religious history documentary”. The video claims that both Christianity and Islam, the cross and the crescent were part of the same religion, but it was split into two separate parts, and the followers on these religions have forgotten the connection. This depiction does not differ entirely from the common notion that they are Abrahamic religions, and ultimately worship the same God. However, conventional explanations say that first there was Judaism, then roughly 2000 years ago Christianity sprang from the Judaic tradition, and 1400 years ago Islam came to be. Newearth’s idea, I think, is that there was this original religion that truly did represent lofty, spiritual values and it was both Christian and Muslim, but then the connection was severed, and two bastardized versions of the original religion was born.

Assuming there is any truth to this, the implications are groundbreaking. First of all, mending the rift in Christianity would not mean uniting Catholics and Orthodox. In Islam it would not mean uniting the Sunni and Shia. It would mean re-uniting Christianity and Islam. The common view is that the (used to be) Christian West and the Islamic Middle-East are enemies now, as they used to be during the Crusades and Jihads. If this were actually a lie, and the conflict between the West and Islam would basically be one schizophrenic person fighting with himself by not realizing he is split in two.

Newearth’s video presents some evidence to back up her claims, such as old paintings of Ottoman (Turk) troops using both Christian crosses and Islamic crescents, and Russian czars having Arabic writing and excerpts from the Koran on their helmets. None of this is conclusive evidence, of course, but worth considering.

It should be noted how the conflict between Islam and the West has been artificially manufactured by Jewish and, let’s say, secret society interests in the West. Many of the Islamic terrorist groups have been propped up by Israel/the West. Islamic countries have been invaded and attacked by the Jews and Western secret societies. And it is because of these manufactured conflicts that Europe is being flooded with Muslims who commit all sorts of crimes. While I am very angry at some of the scum that has arrived in Europe, it should be noted that the real enemy are not these “rapefugees” or economic refugees. They are footsoldiers used by the enemy. They should not be ignored, and we should protect ourselves from them, but not lose sense of the bigger picture. Yet the solution to our problems might turn out to be more diplomatic in the end.

Myself I am not a Christian, and there has always been some part of Christianity that I’ve recognized as innately false, but in recent years I’ve grown more understanding of Christianity and people who subscribe to the religion. On the other hand, there is some aspect to Christianity that is truthful. The same could probably be said of Islam, although in the West we’ve mostly forced to come into contact with it’s false and negative aspects (and then there are those who see the negative aspects, but pretend they don’t exist). I can’t fault Muslims who look at the West and see it as a Godless wasteland, since that is true to a degree. Modern pagans scoff at Christianity as a fairly recent religion, an exotic invader to Europe. Perhaps that is a false assumption. At the core, pagan “pre-Christian” religions and the proto-Christian-Islamic religion may be more related than we think. Newearth too suggested in her video that all religions may come from the same source. Certainly evidence exists elsewhere that Christianity is older than we are usually told, such as the recently deceased Acharya S’s book The Christ Conspiracy.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough. This all very hypothetical of course, but the fact is many of our conflicts have been artificially manufactured, and much of our history is a lie. To uncover the truth we must venture into the unknown, and the fringe of the fringe.



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Is Pope Francis Petrus Romanus?

The famous Prophecy of the Popes by Saint Malachy allegedly states that Petrus Romanus will be the last pope. The second to last was pope Ratzinger (or Benedict XVI), the Glory of the Olive, according to Malachy. Since Ratzinger stepped down, and was succeeded by Francis, so therefore pope Francis should be Petrus Romanus, right?

The end of the prophecy states that:

“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit.”

And after that comes: “Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

Wikipedia comments that the “final persecution”-bit is a separate and incomplete sentence, but many people interpret it to refer to Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman), while others think it refers to additional popes between Glory of the Olives and Petrus. I’m thinking this sentence might refer to pope Francis, but for some reason his name or the moniker used to refer to him is omitted from the prophecy. Pope Francis possibly is involed in the persecution of the church.

Alternatively, the “final persecution”-bit might merely refer to Petrus Romanus, but I don’t think pope Francis is him. So how does that work (assuming the prophecy is real in the first place, of course, and not a hoax)? Perhaps technically Francis is not a pope. Ratzinger did not die, so maybe in reality he is still the pope, and the whole ritual about him stepping down and Francis being inaugurated may be some sort of ploy to deceive the people.

I’ve heard on many occasions that the Catholic church has been hi-jacked, while on the side of the coin people say the church has always been evil, so it needs no hi-jacking. I’m not a Christian or Catholic, and I certainly hold no love for the Vatican, but I think there is something to the hi-jacking argument. There is a difference between being dangerously misguided and being utterly evil. It might be minor at times, but there is a difference. Certainly pope Francis has exhibited very openly support for the New World Order on countless occasions. There is no question that he is a servant of evil. It matters whether you’re Christian or not to make the judgement.

First of all he’s a Jesuit. Pope Francis is supported by Freemasons, although traditionally the Vatican has condemned Freemasonry. He’s said even atheists will be redeemed. He’s called for a new economic order. Francis would baptise aliens. He doesn’t “judge” gay clergy. He says personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous. Information about stuff that’s highly unusual for a pope to say, and in accordance with the servants of the New World Order just keep popping up endlessly when it comes to pope Francis.

I’m not saying it’s overall a bad thing to think atheists can be redeemed or that gays shouldn’t be judged, but if the pope does it does sound rather cuckservative. From my viewpoint Catholicism is full of shades of gray. It has done various morally reprehensible things in the past, and also some good things. Pope Francis, though, is sort of like Obama of the Vatican where he supposedly stands for all the good things for all the people, which in the end can only mean he’s totally fake. He is so full of shit, he can only serve evil ends. I think his purpose is to lead Catholics from their flawed and human path into the path of the devil, as it were.

Assuming the prophecy of Malachy has some validity (which you sort of have to do in order to discuss this topic anyway), it would suggest that Petrus Romanus is a good guy who will take back the Catholic church from the Synagogue of Satan that has hi-jacked it, as he “will pasture his sheep in many tribulations”. The Synagogue of Satan know it, and fear it will happen, so they’re trying to use this Francis guy to pervert Catholic values as much as possible before Petrus Romanus comes to fix things.


P. S.

I know I use the pope name for Francis, and human name for Ratzinger, which is inconsistent. Francis’ real name is Bergoglio, and Ratzinger’s pope name is Benedict (or actually Palpatine). However, I just use the name that I can remember for each person, even if it is inconsistent. Writing a blog is so much nicer than doing academic texts.


EDIT: In his interview with Caravan to Midnight father Paul Kramer says that pope Benedict relinquished the governance of the papacy, but not the office of the papacy.



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Salvationism in Christianity and atheism

Last summer made a post saying that atheism is the fourth Abrahamic religion. There’s one aspect, salvationism, that seems to be a key feature in both Christianity and atheism. It may or may not apply to Islam and Judaism as well, but I not so well versed with their ways of thinking so I cannot say for sure.

Way back when I was younger there was one aspect of Christianity that made it clear for me that faith wasn’t meant for me; the salvationist ideology. This was decades before I heard of John Lash’s criticism of the concept in Not in his Image. Christians used to say “Do you accept Jesus into your heart?” or “Do you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour?” I might have accepted that Jesus was some transcendental being and spiritually superior to the rest of us, but this particular dogma of having accept something external into me was like accepting a spiritual microchip into my soul, or, pardon the vulgar expression, having his dick rammed into my mouth. I neither liked the idea of having to accept some external, outer thing into me, nor did I see how it would make me better.

I have no problem looking at myself or human beings in general as somehow sinful, although I don’t mean it necessarily in any religious sense. We’re simply all screw-ups, we’ve all done something immoral, there are limits to what we know and can know, nobody’s perfect and so on. I think the best way to handle it is to stop whining, and do the best you can. Try to be a decent person. I fail to see how the mythological remedy Christianity claims to possess can fix our sinful state. I would say it rather gives us an excuse to continue living sinfully since somehow the act of Jesus unjustly being murdered on the cross makes it OK for us to be sinful. It never made sense to me, still doesn’t.  And certainly accepting a murdered Jesus into my heart won’t fix anything either. It is merely an attempt to abdicate one’s responsibility to a “higher power”.

This is also what the atheists do. They don’t believe in God, Jesus or sin for that matter, but they do believe in the marvels of “progress”. To them vaccination is merely an updated version of the Eucharist. Christians drink the blood of Christ and eat his body in order to be saved. Atheists take the jab to be safe from the germs. This is very much the impression I’ve gotten from some atheists and their blind belief in vaccines. I’m not saying all vaccines are necessarily harmful, but some are. But to these atheists saying this is heresy.

Modern medicine in some respect has become the church for the atheists. As now we have all of the viruses and bacteria, the atheists don’t believe there’s anything they can do to fight against these invisible demons, so they give their money to the pharmaceutical companies in order to be safe. Here too I’m not saying all modern medicine is useless or harmful, but I would rather rely on the natural healing properties inherent in my body rather than rely on this multimillion Dollar industry.

In political matters particularly the leftist atheists view the government as a God-like figure to be obeyed, unless you want to invoke its ire or lose it favour. The media serves a role similar to the inquisition. You don’t want be known as a crazy conspiracy theorist/heretic, so you don’t discuss these and those matters in public. It all goes together, the statism, the media, the pharmaceuticals. They’re all a religion. The ultimate goal of it all seems to become a sublim victim like Jesus. Just look as the Je suis Charlie-stuff, or how the alleged crisis actors are always happy to be victims. Don’t get angry. Don’t blame the attacker. Be complacent, be passive, be a victim because it makes you better than the rest since according to this religion there are only victims and oppressors. And the meek shall inherit the earth…

This is the religion of the New World Order. You’re a meek victim while they inherit the earth. Whoever they may be.



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Christian concept of the harsh Father God

I’ve never been a fan of Christianity, but there is the uncomfortable fact that many of my ancestors have been Christian in once sense or another. For that reason I should attempt to understand Christian ideas better in order to understand my ancestors. One key Christian idea that never really made sense to me is the notion that God is a cruel father who loves you, but you should be afraid of him.

I’ve been wondering about this concept for a few months now, and the best way I can make sense of this medieval idea of God is to regard it as someone or something that ensures constancy in the world. In our modern times we take it for granted that the world has certain immutable laws, that they are predictable, and by understanding them we can repeat certain actions by understanding the underlying theories. To pre-modern man the world was not necessarily so ready-made.

Ancient myths like that of female Tiamat, the primordial chaos, mating with male Abzu to produce a world less chaotic represent a completely different mindset to our society. Abzu is more aching to the Christian God that brings order to chaos. In ancient times, reality was like a narcotic dream where things can change in a heart-beat. But with the Christian God this is not the case. The love of the cruel father ensures that if you shoot yourself in the foot, and it hurts, you can be sure the same thing happens the next time you shoot yourself in the foot as well. If one time you shoot yourself in the foot, and it bleeds, the next time a unicorn will not grow out of the wound, for example. God ensures constancy. If you know what shooting yourself in the foot entails, you know you should avoid it.

In a sense the Christian harsh God is the basis for material sciences of today. God ensures there are repeatable and predictable patterns in the physical world that we can learn to use to our advantage. Without this God there could be no science as we know it. Men would never have begun classifying and analysing the countless features of the physical world, be it flora, fauna or mineral.

This God represents the Zeitgeist of the late middle-ages and the ensuing Renaissance and Enlightenment. It has led us into the modern times, but now it seems the Zeitgeist is changing. We cannot be sure into what, but I would say back into a more chaotic time. Whether this is actually a metaphysical change in the seemingly immutable laws of nature, or simply a shift in human consciousness and perception, is a good question. I’d say it’s a bit of both.