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Gay Mafia and Freemasons involved in the Ulvila Murder Case of Finland?

December 1st, 2006, social psychologist, Jukka S. Lahti, was murdered in his home in the town of Ulvila in Finland. The identity of the killer is still unknown. In 2009 the authorities began to suspect Lahti’s wife, Anneli Auer, of killing him. Auer was taken to court and spent some time in prison, but in the end she was acquitted by the supreme court in 2015.

Naturally, there has been great controversy over this murder in the Finnish media over the years. Yet I had been left out on the whole affair as I was in Japan when the murder occurred (providing me with a convenient alibi). The details of the case had been fuzzy to me until I decided to take a deeper look a few months ago. Here’s some interesting information I’ve found out so far.


Incompetent Police Investigation

The media has reported how the police had screwed up the preliminary investigation in several ways. A few examples of this are that the police did not do a technical or forensic examination of the whole house where the crime occurred. They only examined a few rooms properly.  The police did not protect the blood traces properly and some of them were destroyed or contaminated. The police allowed Anneli Auer to enter the house and take a few things out of it while the house was isolated as a crime scene. There many other details to be found in the media.

While it is possible that the police were simply incompetent and not used to handling crimes of this magnitude, Ulvila, and the “big” city next to it are fairly small places and the police who live there are probably more used to seeing murder cases like this on the TV instead of in their job. However, this sort of convenient incompetence, especially when in great amount, like in this case makes the think the authorities are doing it on purpose to cover something up. Sort of like Rumsfeld saying after 9/11 that they were simply unprepared for such an attack.


Freemason Involvement

Anneli Auer’s lawyer, Juha Manner, is a Freemason in the Franciscus-lodge in the town of Rauma. One of the former prosecutors, Jarmo Valkama, was a Freemason in the Satakunta-lodge in Pori. He had acted a prosecutor in the case for a long time, but he stepped down in 2014. In February 2016, he had died of a disease that had advanced quickly.

While it is possible that it is merely co-incidental that both of these men were Freemasons, yet it seems a lot like the classic case of a conflict where Freemasons play both sides. The attorney defending Auer was a Mason as was the prosecutor accusing her of the murder. The death of prosecutor Valkama sounds suspicious as well, but maybe it was a natural death?


Gay Connection

The victim, Jukka S. Lahti, had been friends with a couple of (prominent?) homosexuals, and one of whom had disappeared and died a day after the murder of Lahti. Pekka Puputti had been in Club Presidentti in Helsinki in early December 2006, Lahti was killed on December 1st. Puputti was found dead in the sea in Helsinki March 2007. According to MV Lehti Puputti disappeared the day after Lahti was killed. Iltalehti wrote that he disappeared on the night between 1st and 2nd. There are suggestions that Puputti might have killed Lahti.

Both Lahti and Puputti had allegedly been doing their doctorate in the town of Kuopio and had known each other. Iltalehti wrote in January 2007, before his body was discovered, that Puputti was a friend of Lehti and was related to the investigation in the Ulvila murder although he wasn’t the main suspect.  Along with Lehti and Puputti doing his doctorate was a gay activist, Olli Stålström. Stålström had written his dissertation on the topic of “Ending the labeling of homosexuality as a disease” in 1997. Stålström thanks Jukka S. Lahti in the dissertation for his help. According to MV Lehti Pekka Puputti also wrote his dissertation on homosexuality, but it was rejected.

While I suppose there is a possibility that Pekka Puputti came straight to Ulvila from Helsinki, it takes about 3 hours to drive between them, killed Lahti and then either committed suicide or was killed by someone else, I don’t believe it. I do think there is a connection between the deaths of Lahti and Puputti, but I don’t know what it is.



There’s a lot more to this murder case, of course, but these are the most intriguing details I’ve found out so far; Freemasons and homosexuals. Small Ulvila is starting to sound like metropolitan city with problems of the big bad world. I don’t know who killed Jukka S. Lahti or why, but to me it seems likely there are important people involved in this affair, directly or indirectly. They’re covering something up.

I am not convinced that Anneli Auer, the wife, is innocent of the whole thing either, but I certainly don’t think she is the sole culprit. If I were a judge in her case I’d have to give a “not guilty” verdict as I haven’t seen proof that she did it, yet I don’t trust her.




(All in Finnish)

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Mayor of Cologne betraying the Germans as Muslims assault women

It shouldn’t be news to anyone what happened last new year’s eve at the train station in Cologne, Germany. A horde of Muslim immigrants harassed and raped women and committed other crimes. I just heard what the newly elected mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, said about the whole affair, which was basically that be a good victim. Smile as you’re being harassed.

First let’s look at some of the background. Henriette Reker was allegedly stabbed last October just day before the mayoral election in Cologne. Not surprisingly she got the pity vote and got in. The alleged attacker is a 44-year old “unemployed painter and varnisher and had been living off welfare payments.” His alleged motive was anti-immigration sentiment, as Reker is blatantly anti-German, I mean pro-mass immigration. I use the word “alleged” a lot, since to my knowledge they still have not released any picture of the attacker, nor his name. For all I know he does not even exist. Four other people were allegedly injured in the incident as well, but I haven’t heard what happened to them. I haven’t seen any mention of eye witnesses to the incident. No evidence that the attack actually happened except Reker’s and the media’s word. If Margaret Thatcher was the Iron Lady, Reker must be the Titanium Lady since despite being nearly 60 the stabbing did not seem to bother her much, and she recovered without complications pretty quickly.

The whole story sounds hokey and I blogged about it back when it happened. Nothing has changed my skeptical attitude on it. And all I can say, if she really was stabbed, it’s too bad for Cologne she survived.

Now back to current day. Reker has commented on the assaults by the Muslim horde on new year’s eve, and basically said for women to deal with being harassed and raped. She suggested a “code of conduct” for women such as keeping at an arm’s length from strangers and other useless crap. Of course she’s not going to actually do anything about the fact that Muslims are running amok doing stuff like this. That’s not her job. She’s there to make sure the victims are happy, or at least quiet.

Infowars reports that 300 women held a demonstration in Cologne against Chancellor Merkel, who like Reker is promoting Germany to be overrun by Muslim hordes.

The thing that bothers me about this is how the media focuses on how the women should deal this harassment, and how they’re protesting against it. How about the German men? What are they doing? It shouldn’t be role of the women to protect themselves, but of the men. We all know how German men would have handled crap like this in the 1930s and 40s. Let go of your false guilt and throw these invaders out. If the Muslims want German women, give them Merkel and Reker. Everybody wins.



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When I was younger, let’s say 20 years ago, the meaning of the word “racism” was something like this:

Racism meant using racial differences as an excuse for torture and exploitation. Nowadays the media represents racism as something like this:

Three white men together. No black representation. So racist, oh noes! (And I think Steve Guttenberg is a Jew.)

Notice the difference in the change in the meaning of the word? The old form of racism is wrong, because torture and exploitation are wrong. Race in that case is a superfluous excuse for these immoral acts. The pre-disposition of the aggressor in torture, for example, in regard to other races does not matter as much as the fact that he is committing a criminal act. Granted that racial differences probably are a greater motivation for crime than the victim using the wrong type of perfume, but having a thought or an emotion cannot be a crime, unless you prefer to live in a totalitarian police state.

Prosecuting someone for Thought Crimes is commonly understood as a form of tyranny. However, in our day there is a concept such a Hate Crime. That is equally totalitarian. Feeling certain types of emotions should not be penalized. An emotion can act as a catalyst for a crime, but you cannot punish someone for simply experiencing an emotion unless they act on it. I hate Harry Potter, but I’ve never murdered anyone because of it. I suggest you arrest me regardless, since I am clearly guilty of Hate.

Nowadays racism is perceived as anything that is not overwhelmingly multi-cultural, such as white people doing stuff together with no black people around. Is that a crime for people to congregate together? To do stuff is immoral? Cultural Marxists have sucked the meaning out of the word “racism”. If an actually racist act occurs, it seems as irrelevant as the countless false alarms in main stream media in the past few years. Although, the term racism might be a Marxist invention to begin with, so maybe it’s better to ignore the concept anyways. When a crime occurs, calling it racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, will divert attention away from the crime itself. It’s like if a man in a green jacket stabs someone, and the media goes wild over how people who wear green jackets are evil and should be marginalized, instead of saying that stabbing people is wrong. Sure, the green jacket can be used in identifying the suspect, but the jacket itself holds no more significance.

The way the accusation of racism is used has rendered it fairly irrelevant. I hope people don’t fazed anymore if someone accuses them of racism.


P. S. I used a picture of a white slaver master beating his black slave as example, but I should point out that racism, or slavery, are not the trademark of white people alone. Anyone can do it if they put their hearts into it.

The Sweden I knew is dead. Swedes have two choices how to continue

I’m Finnish, and my nation has a long history with Sweden. A veritable love-hate relationship. When I was a child I visited Stockholm a few times, and liked it, particularly because of the three-story toystore called Stor och Liten (Big and small). But there are plenty of things in Sweden I, and many Finns, don’t like such as forcing Christianity onto us 700-800 years ago, and forcing us to study Swedish at school, since it’s the second official language of Finland. But the worst sin Sweden has committed is import countless Arabs and Africans into their country.

Reading news about Sweden makes it quite clear the liberal, although often obnoxious, yet benevolent Sweden I knew as a child does not exist anymore. All things change; people, cultures and nations, but Sweden seems different. Sweden has cuckolded itself into a suicide.

Immigrants in Sweden commit rapes, murders and other acts of violence fairly consistently, and native Swedes who speak out are racists, apparently. Well, I’m saying they’re not racist enough. I see that Swedes have only two choices to make: accept the process of suicide they started decades ago, and let Sweden become an Islamic caliphate; or revive the Norse spirit. Start a new nationalist Sweden akin to Nazi Germany. Voting for the Sweden Democrats party is not enough, but I guess it is a start. Islamic caliphates probably have some degree of law and order, what Sweden is becoming seems to lack even that.

I’d feel much safer in Finland with Nazi Germany as a neighbour, instead of any Islamic country. Especially since Sweden seems to have attracted much of the worst people from third world countries. You Swedes have to make the decision, do you want to survive, or are you so afraid of being labeled racist?

A couple of months a mother and child were killed in an Ikea store by an Eritrean immigrant. An article by Ingrid Carlqvist quotes several Swedes emailing their concerns to the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, since he hasn’t even addressed this killing in public. It’s nice to notice Swedes aren’t completely asleep, but how they express their concerns are rather meek. They say things like the government should condemn all acts of violence, instead of just promoting their anti-racism campaigns. Merely having a politician condemn acts of violence, or speaking about them is pointless. It’s the regular Swedes who have to fight violence with violence to preserve their race. It’s no more Mr. Niceguy for Sweden, or there will be no Sweden.

One another thing I noticed is when a horrible crime occurs, such as this Ikea killing, the politicians stay away from it. However, when a hoax or a false flag occurs, politicians promote their agendas. Obama certainly seems to be pushing gun control after dubious shootings. Same goes for feminists who stay silent after a real rape occurs, but make their song and dance routine after a fake one.

Swedes should cut the crap, and fight for their country. I don’t wanna see the Islamic Caliphate of Sweden become reality.



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Aggressor Sympathy

I find it difficult to sympathize, i.e. feel the same emotion about the same thing as another person, with most people. Their concerns don’t seem pertinent, and moreover they don’t seem concerned with things that are important. I used to question myself, if there’s something wrong with me because of this. now I don’t think so. I’ll introduce one aspect that the “average person” seems to experience that I don’t, which I call Aggressor Sympathy.

Aggressor Sympathy is sympathizing with the perpetrator of a violent, immoral or criminal act. What lead me to devise this notion (I’ve no idea if psychologists have a different term for the same phenomenon) is the curious reaction the general public has to many tragedies. One such thing is suicide bombers. At least in the past the public seemed shocked and horrified more by suicide bombers rather than ordinary warfare. I on the other hand felt willing to blow yourself up for your cause is courageous, even if it’s not admirable nor wise, whereas killing people by firing a gun, dropping bombs or piloting a drone to kill people is sort of lame. Also people are generally horrified by suicide, and offended by the notion, whereas I’ve considered it a personal choice. Why the people feel that way is, according to my reasoning, due to Aggressor Sympathy. They can imagine themselves in the place of the aggressor, the one committing suicide simply for the sake of suicide or to kill others, and as they do not want to die, they feel horrified. When they feel Aggressor Sympathy for the soldier pulling the trigger or piloting the drone, their emotional reaction is lighter as this kind of violence has little effect on the aggressor. That’s why there is no outrage from the “main stream” people about drone strikes, because it doesn’t make them feel anything.

Let’s look at Aggressor Sympathy from other angles. 9/11 for example, people can sympathize with the notion of zealous terrorists hi-jacking planes and committing suicide strikes on buildings. They can sympathize, meaning they can imagine how it would feel, and they don’t like the feeling, so they hate the act and the idea, but they cannot sympathize the conspirators of an inside job to murder their own countrymen to further their political goals. This idea does not make sense to them as the juvenile public is still stuck in the archaic notion of us vs them. One country/ religion/ ideology against another. One team is red, another is blue, and they fight. The public cannot sympathize with people who see things differently.

The public sympathizes with the authority, which is the greatest aggressor and criminal there is. Be it Bush/ Obama, the pope, the CEO. They sympathize with the aggressor, that the decisions they make cannot be easy, and furthermore they project their own childish benevolence onto the aggressor. “If I was in that situation, I’d do the best I can.” They cannot sympathize with the notion that the CEO only cares about profit and his career, not the man working for his company. The politician cares only about his agenda and paycheck, not the people he is supposed to represent. The priest cares only about power over others and not closeness to God.

Perhaps the public condemns criminals like rapists, robbers and murderers too, because they know the aggressor will be punished harshly if and when they are caught, and they fear that fate. The act of violence and the fate of the victim does not concern them so much.

Perhaps I’m wrong about this. Perhaps I just don’t understand the common man and his motivations for supporting the system. Maybe I sympathize more with the victim, which has its own problems. I tend to see the whole of society as an aggressor, and the people as the victim. The real problem in cases like these is reacting with emotion to begin with, and not looking with your eyes and thinking with your mind.