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Is this the organization that has contrived the terror attacks in Europe?

The Bureau of False Flags might have been found, although it seems more like a private corporation than a governmental bureau. In his interview with SGT Report Ole Dammegard mentioned a website he found: Crisis Solutions, or Crisis Cloud. This organization seems to be involved in staging crisis simulations.


Can it really be this obvious? “The clue is in the name”. The logo sort of looks like 666 and tentacles like Ole Dammegard pointed out.


The Company

The website of Crisis Solutions says they are “Europe’s leading crisis simulation company” and they’ve been doing this since 2000. Their managing director is Richard Whitby. According to his LinkedIn he’s been in that role since 2003. Whitby brag’s in his message on the website that:

“Crisis Solutions delivered the very first ‘Market-Wide Exercise’, involving more than 100 organisations and thousands of participants in a day-long simulated terror attack on London’s financial sector. We were also a key part of the UK Government’s preparations to provide resilience against cyber attacks during the London Olympics.”

Could this “simulated terror attack on London’s financial sector refer to the 7/7 attack in London in 2005?

One interesting point is that Crisis Solutions was started already in 2000, that was before 9/11. I guess they had the lobes for business or something since they predicted that terrorism and counter-terrorism will be big business in the years to follow.


What They Do

Here’s a bit more on what they do:

“Crisis Solutions specialises in getting organisations crisis ready: we set about this by running crisis simulation exercises and crisis workshops.”

“We plan and deploy crisis simulation exercises that feel REAL.”

They have also developed a “secure exercise web portal” called Crisis Cloud: “This includes simulated news videos, news stores [sic] that are updated as the exercise progresses, together with social media activity and interactive web pages where you can post internal and external statements.”

They make crisis exercises that are believable, and they have a computer program, Crisis Cloud, that I suppose mimicks real media and social media in reporting on the development of the situation. Now what I’m thinking is whether sometimes, or all times, this simulated media environment is actually connected to the real world? In other words, simulated terrorist attacks are reported in simulated media, but are shown to the public as if it was real. That is a possibility.

Another section “CRISIS CLOUD – YOUR SCENARIO, OUR REALISM” states the following:

“Crisis Cloud is tailored to your specific exercise requirements, but a typical example will include:

  • News stories based on the scenario. Stories are updated as the crisis exercise progresses
  • News videos to bring the immediacy of media scrutiny
  • Client pages for internal and external statements
  • A Twitter inspired social media page that is accessible to players and updated in real time”

They admit they make fake news based on their fake scenarios. They also have fake social media accounts doing this. The question then, once again is, do they pass off these fake stories to the general public as real news, or are they truly confined to the people involved with the simulation?


“Fighting” Terrorism

There’s a “Current Threats” section on the website. One of the pages is about terrorism. It says the following:

“Britain is currently on its second highest alert level of ‘severe’, as a terrorist attack is considered highly likely. This is hardly surprising given the recent devastating terrorist attacks on mainland Europe.

On 7th January 2015 two armed men forced their way into the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo where they killed 12 and injured 11 others.

Then on the 13th November 2015 Paris was subjected to a series of coordinated terrorist attacks with suicide bomb outside the Stade de France, several shootings, and a suicide bombing, at cafés and restaurants, and the mass shooting at a rock concert in the Bataclan theatre. 130 people were killed; 89 at the Bataclan theatre, and another 368 injured.

On the morning of 22 March 2016, three coordinated suicide bombings occurred in Belgium, killing 32 members of the public and three terrorists, and injuring more than 300.”

It appears as if it was written back in 2016, or possibly early 2017, since it mentions terror attacks in France and Belgium, but merely suggests at the possibility of such attacks in Britain. The people who wrote this must be Nostradamus, since they guessed correctly that there will be terror attacks in Britain. Or alternatively, I’m wondering if this is an indirect way of admitting/bragging that Crisis Solutions orchestrated these attacks/simulations/hoaxes, and the reference to Britain being on high security alert is an advert that they will strike there next?

There’s one section on the website saying how social media is an important part of crisis management: “Social media is the perfect platform to disseminate messages to as wide an audience as possible.”

They also says that “Social media, digital media, the new media, call it what you will, has the unique ability to break and make stories.” Clearly this company is interested in creating believable stories, i.e. and not so interested in helping security services strengthen themselves to prevent further crises.


What I think about it

There’s probably more interesting tidbits on the website to go into, but I want to discuss the implications of this website. Is it real, a red herring, or a hoax? At least I’m pretty sure it’s not just a hoax by a troll. The company seems real, the LinkedIn account of the manager seems real, and I found their webpage back in Wayback Machine going back to 2001. The website appears to have existed over 15 years.

Then again, when you look at the website it seems a bit too obvious that Crisis Solutions is all about managing false flags and crisis actors. This might be some sort of red herring to direct conspiracy researchers away from the truth. For all I know the website was made a month ago, and all of the alleged history of the company, including the Wayback Machine snapshots and LinkedIn profile have been faked. People who are capable to managing false flags and hoaxes across the world would surely be capable of faking the history of such a company.

But maybe it is real. If Crisis Solutions is behind manufactoring false flags, then maybe the globalist conspirators behind it don’t really care should a handful of conspiracy nuts know about it. After all, what can we do about it? That’s the heart of the question: what can we do with this information? Crisis Solutions exists, can we somehow prove it has orchestrated false flags in the past? Can we somehow force the police to investigate the company? Can we expose them somehow? I don’t know if there is anything we can do, but maybe someone else has a better idea.



Ole Dammegard with SGT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNntN-RbAfw

Crisis Solutions: http://www.crisis-solutions.com

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Crisis Solutions on Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20170601000000*/http://www.crisis-solutions.com


The Manchester Terrorist Bombing and Eric Schiffer

I already mentioned Eric Schiffer in my first article on the Manchester terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande concert. I am now even more convinced that the attack was a false flag or a hoax, since I’ve seen some very obvious crisis actor videos, or Disingenuous Relatives of Victims. I’ll probably write about that at a later date, but now I’ll focus on a person who might be somehow involved in the false flag: Eric Schiffer.


Schiffer / Grande Connection

A couple of days after the attack, Eric Schiffer was interviewed by Fox News about the attack. His role in the interview was that of a “crisis management expert”. As far as I know Eric Schiffer was not anywhere near the attack site, nor is he even British. He does, however, state in the interview that he knows Ariana Grande’s family: “She, I’m sure, is very devastated. I know the family.”

Ariana Grande has described her mother as follows: “My mom is a CEO and owns a company that manufactures communications equipment for the Marines and the Navy, so she’s not really the housewife type, if you get what I’m saying.” This was mentioned in an Illuminati Watcher article. Ariana’s mother is Joan Grande. Based on LinkedIn, the company seems to be HMC Communiations. Assuming that’s the correct Joan Grande. There’s no profile picture, and very little information about her.


Eric gets around

Eric Schiffer seems to have his finger in many pies. His own website says he is the “Chairman and CEO of Patriarch Equity, and serves as chairman of Reputation Management Consultants.” His LinkedIn profile also states he is the chairman of DigitalMarketing.com.

He has also been interviewed many times by various media organizations, so he seems to be well-connected among the elite.  In 2014 he was interviewed by Newsmax TV as an economist.  In 2016 he was a “tech expert” in a CGTN America clip. There are dozens of his interviews on Youtube.

Schiffer has been quoted by Salon about his statement on Donald Trump’s alleged anti-Semitic ties. In 2015 he wrote an article on The Washington Times how people shouldn’t be too politically correct when talking about Islamic terrorism. He was quoted by Forbes in connection to the controversy that PewDiePie is allegedly a Nazi. He is involved with a charity called “The Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters Annual Gala”. I’m not sure if Schiffer himself is a Jew, but his girlfriend Dr. Jenn Mann is.

These are just a few examples of how Eric Schiffer seems to be well-respected and connected in global elite, although I hadn’t heard about him before. Perhaps Americans know him better though.


Eric’s Companies

Now I’ll take a look at the companies Schiffer is involved with. Patriarch Organization or Patriarch Equity sounds like a sinister umbrella organization from a B-movie. And as far as I know they are, since I didn’t find much information about what they actually do, and with whom they are connected. They apparently control businesses in the digital industry and develop them somehow. I don’t know which businesses they have “helped”.

Digital Marketing (DM) sounds a less ominous version of Patriarch. They seem to be involved with, as the name suggests, marketing in digital media. The client list of the company is interesting though. It has some big names: Activision, Du Pont, Intel, Microsoft, Boeing, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Fox and you can see the rest below.


I just realized Eric Schiffer was interviewed by Fox News and Fox is a client of his company. Isn’t that sort of a conflict of interest?

Anyway, something tells DM isn’t just helping faceless corporations make more money, but is involved in manipulating people’s opinions on a deeper level.


Reputation Management

Speaking of manipulating people’s opinions, let’s check out Reputation Management Consultants (RMC). This is where it gets good. It is as the name suggests involved in salvaging people’s reputations.


This includes suppression of information: “RMC offers much more than a fast suppression of negative search listings. Our compelling, quality content will be created and placed with your branding in mind.”

This is as it sounds: if search engines keep offering negative opinions on you, RMC will somehow manipulate the results to make you seem better.


They help “high-profile businesses and individuals”, such as politicians, high profile business owners, multinational corporations and local not-for-profit organizations.


They suppress negative views of their client by promoting existing press releases, or they write their own propaganda pieces to make you look good. They also create “Social Network profiles” to help their client. Sounds like paid shills to me.


They allege to be a successfull business, and work with “the wealthiest men and women in the world and high profile invididuals”. I wonder who exactly has been their client? Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, all of them?


I don’t know if all of this is legal, but sounds morally questionable as hell. You basically pay this corporation to lie for you across the internet and media. Not to mention that Eric Schiffer is also connected to Digital Marketing that works with defense contractors like Du Pont and Boeing, i.e. the military-industrial complex. Therefore I wouldn’t be suprised if the online shills you see, especially after false flags like the Manchester bombing, are controlled by RMC. I also suspect Eric Schiffer, or one of his companies, were somehow involved with the Manchester attack, or alleged attack. Perhaps they hire or control crisis actors as well. I cannot prove anything, yet. So this is still just my hunch.

That’s all I have now. I should probably check out Joan Grande’s company, HMC Communications, and verify that this Joan is actually Ariana Grande’s mother. I’m not very good at researching the backgrounds and connections of corporations, or their money trails, so I hope if someone else can do deeper research on Patriarch especially.



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Questionable Details in the Manchester Attack

I’ve been looking more into the Manchester terrorist attack that occured during or after an Ariana Grande concert on Monday. It increasingly seems like a hoax or a drill rather than an actual terrorist attack.


Balloon Pop

Apparently someone tweeted from the arena just after the alleged explosion that they heard a big balloon pop, but everyone else freaked out because of it.


Masonic Symbolism

I saw someone on the internet point out that one of the pictures supposedly portraying one of the survivors resembles a hoodwinker Freemason. The clothes are similar, as are the pant-legs.


Manchester Arena Note

Yesterday there was a note on the Manchester Arena website confirming that there was an “incident”:

“We can confirm there was an incident as people were leaving the Ariana Grande show last night.

The incident took place outside the venue in a public place.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.

Please follow @gmpolice on Twitter for all further updates.”


I didn’t see this note anymore on their website, so I’m glad I saved it yesterday. I find the wording curious: “We can confirm there was an incident”. It sort of suggests that there was uncertainty whether or not the there was an “incident”. Why call it incident, and not an attack, explosion or something clearer?

Another interesting bit is how they state that the “incident took place outside the venue in a public place”. It sounds rather legalize. It happened in a public place so we are no culpable in way. Also I thought the alleged explosion happened at the ticket office, so wouldn’t it still technically be in the arena, and not a public place?


Professional Photographer at the Scene

The photographer who took most of the pictures of the aftermath of the bombing is Joel Goodman. He is a professional photographer and a suspicious character.

These staged looking pictures were taken by him, as was the picture above showing the man dressed in white with leg injuries.


Our friend Joel has also tweeted his support for Comet Ping Pong in the past. I wonder if he’s friends with Alefantis?


Living Dead Girl

Youtuber Lift the Veil noticed something interesting. One girl, Gerogina Callander,  who was allegedly killed in the attack looks very much like a survivor from the event, Jessica.

The girl on the left is Georgina, who allegedly died, and Jessica is on the right. They look very similar, especially on Lift the Veil’s video. On this screenshot they don’t look as alike, because the lighting and the facial expressions on the girls are different, so I recommend watching the video.


But wait, there’s more. Another Youtuber, Russianvids, made a rebuttal to this video. He says the two girls look similar on purpose, but they are actually two different girls. Russianvids suggests that this done to discredit conspiracy researchers who will eventually catch on with this similarily and claim they are the same, but after that someone can prove they are two different girls. This would discredit anyone who says this was false flag or a hoax attack. I find Russianvids’ argument compelling.

Moreover, Russianvids point out that both girls, Georgina and Jessica had met Ariana Grande a couple of years ago and took a picture with her. This was apparently at the same event, since Ariana Grande seems to be wearing the same clothes in both pictures with the girls. There’s no way this is a coincidence.

Georgina and Ariana
Jessica and Ariana with a third chick


That’s not all. Day before the concert, Georgina had said on her Twitter account: “Kill me kill me kill me please tell me they are coming to manchester tomorrow”. She was probably talking about Ariana and her band when she said “they”. Yet if she was going to the concert, wouldn’t she have a ticket and she should know they were coming to Manchester. Then again I don’t really understand teen girl logic. However, this sounds more like some magical spell or ritual thingy that she’s saying “kill me” and then she is allegedly killed.

One last thing is to refer to Lift the Veil’s video. In it two girls, Jessica and her friend are being interviewed. Jessica’s friend sounds like a lousy actor and does not sound at all like she underwent a life threatening situation recently. Jessica is at least convincing in her performance that she is grieving, but she does not seem to be shedding tears.


The Announcement

There is a video that someone apparently took with their cellphone as they were leaving the concert arena. There is an announcent in the PA that goes as follows: “Ladies and gentlemen, please take your time. There’s no need to [unclear words] (punt shot?). There’s no problems here. Just take your time and exit the building.”

This is supposedly after the explosion. “No problems here”? I can understand they are trying to make the crowd remain calm, but this doesn’t sound like there has been a serious explosion/ terrorist attack. It sounds more like a drill.

This clip can be seen on another of Lift the Veil’s videos around 35:18.


Concertgoers in Confusion

I found a little clip interviewing a few different survivors of this horrendous attack. There’s girl being interviewed around 0:10. She says: “It was just a real loud bang. We have no idea what it were, but… Everyone just started running. We didn’t think anything of it, but then everyone was screaming at us to run so…”

Then after that one young man is being interviewed with a friend next to him. He says they heard the bang too, but according to him people were saying it was a speaker. Then people “chilled out”. As they went to the exit, he says there was blood across the floor and the ran. As he starts talking about the blood he develops a smile on his face. After that he says they went outside and there was girl bleeding .

The girl seems like she is genuine. That she was actually at the concert, heard a loud bang and then followed the crowd when they ran away. From this, I get the impression that possible some of the people in the audience might have been sort of agents provocateur, or agents panicateur. Their purpose was to cause panic after the bang.

The young with his calm demeanor and smile does not seem genuine. I think he is lying, although the smile could result from nervousness and incredulity. He might have simply been planning to go a concert and have fun, and not expect to see any people bleeding as it’s something you usually see only in the movies. However, I don’t find him credible. I just think he is a bad actor.


I am not saying anything definite yet, but this whole thing seems contrived. So far it seems like another false flag or a hoax, like we’ve seen in the past. I’ve also seen plenty of shills in Youtube comment sections and internet forums trying to dissuade people from investigating this, and trying to convince you it wasn’t certainly a false flag.



Manchester Arena: http://www.manchester-arena.com/

Manchester Bombing False Flag – Dead Victim is Alive!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-ufj7swnHc&t=1s

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Manchester Bombing False Flag | Another Hoax in the UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpLI8WNlVt8

Manchester terror attack: Concertgoers describe hearing loud bang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xeuy6cp6CU





Munich shooting false flag


There was another terror event in Europe. So it goes. This time an 18-year old German-Iranian allegedly killed 9 people in Munich. I call bullshit on the whole story. This was probably a false flag, or at least they’re covering something up.

According to eye witnesses there had been three shooters, but now as the event is over there appears to have been a single culprit. Eye witnesses say 3, the police say 1. Moreover, the alleged shooter was found dead during the night. Supposedly the killer had shot himself, and I don’t think the police saw him do it. There are a few different interpretations to this bullshit story.

One is that there were three or more shooters, this was a false flag and the dead alleged shooter is a patsy. Either he was one of the shooters, or just a complete fall guy. Another possibility is that the dead alleged shooter has been framed by the real shooter(s). Since, based on my understanding, the police didn’t see him actually shoot people, the actual shooter(s) may have taken an innocent person captive, shot him and given him a gun to make him look like the killer. The actual shooter(s) may have escaped, while the police is chasing a red herring. Sure it’s possible that this was a hoax of some sort, and nobody died, but unless evidence that suggests this was the case surfaces, I’m going to assume that the shooting was real.

The authorities seem very incompetent in this case, if not outright dishonest. At least the information released out to public hasn’t given any evidence to suggest that the police have any clue what they’re doing. 9 people were killed and 16 wounded. It happened in or around a mall. Surely there are surveillance cameras. The search for the shooters lasted for several hours. How can it be so difficult for the police to track down the culprits?

If you’re thinking the police in Germany are ill-equipped and there needs to be more surveillance, more power given to the police, you’re playing into their game. This is classic problem-reaction-solution.

I must reiterate. The alleged shooter was killed so he cannot spill the beans. The media is calling him a “lone wolf”. This is classic psy-op stuff. I’m pretty sure they’re covering something up at least.



It appears that German journalist Richard Gutjahr was present at the Nice truck attack at France earlier this month, and he was also present at the Munich mall shooting. This is very suggestive that both events were false flags.

Gutjahr appears to be married to an Israeli politician Einat Wilf. According to Wikipedia she considers herself a Zionist. There are some allegations that she is a Mossad agent as well, but I am not sure if it is true or not.








Munich shooting: Police appeal for video evidence: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36873672

Münchenissä saksalais-iranilainen nuorukainen ampui yhdeksän ihmistä ja itsensä: http://yle.fi/uutiset/munchenissa_saksalais-iranilainen_nuorukainen_ampui_yhdeksan_ihmista_ja_itsensa/9046402

Red Herrings to distract attention away from the Secret Operation of the Orlando False Flag

I have come to consider the Orlando gay club shooting a false flag or a hoax beyond any reasonable doubt. There are several actors involved in it. Many details that don’t make sense. It’s used to push certain political agendas.  I doubt whether Omar Mateen was anywhere near the club the day of the shooting.

I believe the official story on what happened in nightclub Pulse that night is a complete fabrication, but that does not necessarily mean that no-one died, or that the event was fabricated only to push certain political agendas, like gun control and the gay agenda. I believe that is just the surface of the event. There are at least three levels to the incident; one for the blue-pilled sheeple who buy anything that’s on TV, one for the conspiracy theorists who know something is wrong, and then there’s the truth.

There’s a lot of contradictory and confusing information out there on the alleged shooting. Omar Mateen had allegedly been a regular at the club and used a dating app for gays, yet he was supposedly a radical Muslim ISIS supporter who hated gays. You can take a pick which option you prefer. You can say he was actually gay, and the society that is not accepting of homosexuality drove him overboard (which is a complete lie since Western society is very accepting of homosexuality). Alternatively you can say he was just an Islamic extremist who used violence to solve problems. Then there are suggestions he might have been on SSRI drugs. I think all of these are red herrings.

There are claims of multiple shooters in the nightclub. Another claim I heard is that bystanders were accidentally shot during the shootout between Mateen and the police, and the authorities are pushing the story of multiple shooters to direct attention away from the fact that they accidentally shot people. However, I doubt whether anyone was shot inside or outside the nightclub. Someone probably died, but they were more likely to have been killed with a knife or something.

The contradictions have been inserted into the media for the benefit of conspiracy nuts like myself. We cannot treat the story as a puzzle, where we just have to put the pieces together to make sense of the story. The majority of the pieces available are false, and the pieces needed to complete the puzzle are likely to be hidden forever.

The thing about the holes in the wall of the nightclub perplexes me. Supposedly the police conducted a controlled demolition to get into the club. Yet there are burn makers only around the hole in the middle. Not that I am an explosives expert, but it doesn’t look like something made by explosives. And why would they make five relatively small holes like those? One claim I’ve read is that the explosion set off by the police injured some of the hostages. I, however, doubt that those holes had been made by the police, or that there were any actual hostages.



What do I think really happened at Pulse then? All I can say is I think there was a Secret Operation. I have no idea what the operation was about. Of course I could guess something along the lines that the nightclub was situated on a powerful ley line and they conducted a Satanic ritual sacrifice there for occult purposes. Yet that is nothing but a guess. I think there was a Secret Operation, and the rest, the story about who and what Omar Mateen was, and all of the details about shooting, and the crisis actors are there to keep us saying it was just a hoax to promote gun control. I rather think the ability to push gun control is an added benefit for the people who orchestrated this, or perhaps another distraction so conspiracy savvy people wouldn’t look further.


Brexit vote suspended due to murder of MP Jo Cox

Updated June 17.

This month has been awash with political violence. I suppose we’re gonna see a third event before the end of the month. Earlier today a member of the British parliament, Jo cox, was killed allegedly by being shot and stabbed by a man. The campaigning for the Brexit referendum has been suspended due to this.

I hadn’t heard of Jo Cox before this. Apparently she was part of the pro-EU camp in the campaign. Her killer had allegedly shouted “put Britain first” before killing her. Now, I’m not saying this is 100% false flag, but the message this incident sends is so blatant, it’s hard not to think it is; people who support Brexit are violent brutes like the killer, so you should just feel bad for Cox and vote to remain in the European Union. This was a political assassination. I’m not buying any “lone nut” scenario, that’s for sure. The question is which organization killer her and why?

Another point of significance is that the Brexit campaign is suspended. I wonder how long it will be. Will it continue tomorrow, next week or are they just going to cause a contrived controversy over this incident and hold off on the vote indefinitely? I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole referendum was to be called off.

I haven’t paid much attention to the Brexit campaigning in Britain. I’ve of course been aware of it, but I just don’t care about the finer details, since the globalists who run the EU won’t allow Britain to leave. In the past when some countries had a referendum on the EU constitution, and they rejected it, the EU either forced them to vote again, or just ignored the referendum. The leadership of the EU does not care about your opinions, and no longer has any pretense of being a democratic community. The faster people realize it, the better. The good that can come out of the Brexit vote is that it may force the EU to show its totalitarian tendencies even more blatantly than before, and wake more people up to the reality of the situation. Although since I think the vote does not matter, does not mean I urge people to despair. Rather, I want them to understand they should not play by the rules of the EU, since the house always wins.

Getting back to the murder of Jo Cox, assuming she was actually killed, it reminds of the “attack” on the current mayor of Cologne, Germany, Henriette Reker. She was allegedly stabbed by a man one day before the locals voted on the new mayor, and surprise, surprise, she won the pity vote. I do not think that she was actually attacked, but rather it was a hoax to give her the votes. Cox’s case, though, is different in the sense that she should be dead. (I hope someone has seen the body?) Murder of a public figure is harder to fake, albeit not impossible, so I am going to assume she actually died. Even if I have a hard time trusting even that.

I wish this was a case of the old kind of political violence, where at least murderers are honest in their intentions, unfortunately one little detail I’ve seen makes me think it’s been orchestrated by the same intelligence agencies and secret societies that are behind most false flags. BBC wrote that: “Mrs Cox’s husband Brendan said she would want people ‘to unite to fight against the hatred that killed her’.” Really? This sounds like some Sandy Hook-level of new age bullshit. Just accept everything, tolerate the murder of your wife. Either the husband was coerced into saying this, the quote has been invented by the media for propaganda purposes, or he’s in on the conspiracy.

According to CNN, the husband, Brendan Cox, has said that his wife’s death marked the “beginning of a new chapter in our lives”. Is that how a normal husband behaves the day his wife dies?

Heavy.com claims that Brendan Cox used to be the executive director of Crisis Action. Crisis Action is supposedly an organization whose purpose is to “to protect civilians from armed conflict”. I’m not buying it. Looking at the website I get the vibe it’s a cover company for something else. Maybe it’s in the name, Crisis Action, or Crisis Actors? Praag.org claims Crisis Action is funded by George Soros, but I am not sure if it’s true or not.

I happened to find a 94-page PDF document called “Campaigning for International Justice” . It was published in May 2011, and written by, drumroll please, Brendan Cox. I̶t̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶d̶i̶f̶f̶e̶r̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶B̶r̶e̶n̶d̶a̶n̶ ̶C̶o̶x̶,̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶a̶t̶ ̶l̶e̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶f̶a̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶e̶  ̶s̶e̶e̶m̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶f̶i̶t̶. (It is the same person, his Tumblr profile confirms it.) The document mentions that the “personal philantropy” of George Soros, i.e. his funding, has helped some campaigns that are associated with this one. I am not quite sure yet what the campaign is about though, since it is almost 100 pages and I just discovered it.

This whole case stinks. I might as well call shenanigans now. It isn’t going to get any cleaner as time goes by. Pretty sure this was a false flag or something to that extent. Or the husband is a synthetic simulacrum from outer space pretending to be human.

Brendan Cox, is he part of the conspiracy to murder his wife?



This video shows a man who is apparently an eyewitness saying he didn’t hear the shooter say “Britain first”.



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The Tangled Tale of the Orlando club shooting

Updated June 16.

I’ll lowdown some of the curious facts regarding the Orlando gay club shooting. I am not saying it was necessarily a false flag or a hoax, but something definitely doesn’t add up.


The Alleged Shooter

A few interesting claims have surfaced of the alleged shooter, Omar Mateen. First of all, the FBI had been in contact with him over a period of 10 months in 2013. Moreover, the NY Daily News says he was introduced to “confidential informants”.

The Land Destroyer Report explains: “The significance of this cannot be understated. ‘Informants’ in this context, according to FBI affidavits regarding similar counterterrorism investigations, refers to individuals posing as members of terrorist organizations who approach suspects, coerce them into planning and preparing for terrorist attacks, before finally aiding the FBI in the suspect’s arrest before the attack is finally carried out.”

The FBI has perpetrated terror attacks in the past. This is a well-known fact. The alleged shooter having had contact with the suggests FBI involvement in this case as well.

Omar Mateen’s personal life seems even more fascinating than his FBI connection. Mateen’s wife supposedly knew about his plans to attack club, since according to NBC News “she once drove him to the gay nightclub, Pulse, because he wanted to scope it out.”

Yet other sources suggest Mateen was gay and a regular at club Pulse. According to Daily Caller he used a “gay dating app” called Jack’d. Orlando Sentinel writes that four regular customers claim they’d seen Mateen at the club before. CJAD quotes a regular saying that “He’s [Mateen] been going to this bar for at least three years.”

Mateen supposedly worked for an international security company, G4S. This may or may not be significant.


Multiple Shooters

There are some claims that Mateen was not acting alone. According to Activist Post there are “numerous witness accounts” that there were multiple shooters and the media is covering it up. Some eyewitnesses also describe a second person who was barring a door to prevent others from escaping.

There is also a video of a witness being interviewed by the media. He describes the man barring the door and the phone line is shut off right after that. This suggests the information was being censored.

Already on Monday some media outlets mentioned that the police were planning to arrest an accomplice in the shooting. Now the media is saying they might arrest Mateen’s wife as an accomplice for not disclosing his plans. This sounds like the accomplice has been switched from another suspect to the wife in order to protect whoever else was involved in the incident.


Victims carried into the Club

There is video, originally from NBC, showing survivors from the club carrying a “wounded” person into a truck. However, they are not carrying him away from the club, but toward it. This suggests that they are actors, not genuine victims and survivors. One of the people carrying the man is the fedora-wearing Christopher Hansen who has been interviewed by the media, and who comes off as fake.

The video has been allegedly deleted from Youtube several times, which suggests censorship. A version of the video uploaded by Counter Globalist is still there because he altered the image slightly to prevent bots from automatically taking it down.


Disingenuous Relatives of Victims

I discussed some dubious witnesses from the alleged shooting in my previous post. They seem to have been only the tip of the iceberg. Youtuber Redsilverj has posted several videos on his TeamWakeEmUp-channel highlighting the unbelievable performances put up by these people. They are crisis actors, since the alleged shooting was a crisis and the people are acting, badly.



I won’t make any definite judgements yet on what happened in nightclub Pulse last weekend, but the official story sounds implausible as usual. However, there are several clues to hint to a false flag or a hoax.

The alleged shooter has been in contact with the FBI several times. He was supposedly a regular at the gay club, yet his wife drove him there to “scope” the place out. If he had been there numerous times, why would he need to scope it out? There is video of the survivors from the club carrying a victim towards the club, not away from it. There is no blood either. Many of the witnesses or the relatives of victims are clearly “crisis actors”. This does not necessarily mean that no-one was killed, but it does suggest that.

There are also reports of more than one perpetrator. I believe that in the sense that the operation was planned and executed by a group of conspirators, but I’m still not convinced that anyone died at the club. They might have, but I don’t know that they did. I know the names and faces of some of the alleged victims have been revealed, but I don’t think it has been verified yet by honest researchers whether or not they actually were at the club and did they die there.



I just saw a video from a Youtube channel called Victurus Libertas saying that Omar Mateen was an actor. He had appeared as himself in a documentary about the BP oil spill. He’s making an interestingly truthful comment in it; Mateen claims that the people cleaning the spill want more oil to come out, more disasters since it means they can have work. If not, they’re out of a job.

IMDB notes that Mateen has acted in two movies, “The Big Fix”, about the oil spill, and the second one is “Love City, Jalalabad”. IMDB describes the second movie as follows: “A wild and funny documentary showing how the progressive youth of Afghanistan are rejecting the use of armed force and see film production as an alternative means of bringing peace and social change to their war-torn and occupied country.”

It is starting to look undeniable that the Orlando shooting was a false flag or a hoax. I wonder what actual evidence they have that Mateen was the shooter, if there even was a shooter, or that he was even near the scene at the time of the crime? He’s starting to look more and more like a patsy.





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