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Bill Nye the Fall Guy

I watched a Youtube video titled “Flat earth denier Bill Nye caught up in lies! GAME OVER 2017”. It shows a few clips of people in the main stream starting to turn against Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The video starts off with Joe Rogan saying “scientists are all going after Bill Nye.” Then Rogan’s guest, I don’t know who that is, responponds “Bill Nye the Weimar Guy?” Referring to the decadent Weimar republic that preceded Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. Rogan and his guest also mention that Bill Nye is not even a scientist, and he’s a conman. They’re also pointing out that back in the nineties Bill Nye’s program said that gender comes from chromosomes, but now his TV show is pushing the liberal gender fluidism crap. These are valid points of course, but then there are a couple of comments that make the lightbulb in my head go off.

Rogan’s guest says Bill Nye has fallen into an ideology that is complete religion. Joe Rogan says Bill Nye’s been “influenced”. At least Rogan’s guest says Nye is getting rewarded for it, but I don’t know if Rogan and the other guy go into it in more detail in the full interview. However at least here they make it out to seem like Bill Nye is pushing this liberalism propaganda because he’s “drunk the cool-aid”. This is complete BS, of course. Bill Nye is an actor, and he’s merely doing what he’s being paid for. I don’t know if he really believes any of the gender fluid crap he’s pushing now, or if he cares. He’s clearly being influenced by the producers of his TV show, who want to push this propaganda. I doubt Nye himself has much power to decide the message of his show himself.

What’s interesting is that this establishment puppet Joe Rogan is pushing an anti-leftism angle, and attacking one of the puppets of scientism and leftism. I cannot say Rogan is controlled opposition, since I don’t think he’s even pretending to be opposition, but he is controlled. It seems now the establishment is starting turn the social engineering around. They have an army of brainwashed liberals, and now they want to manipulate others into a suitable right-wing counter-reaction.

I wrote back in 2015: “What is happening today in the West bears an eerie resemblance to what the alleged Freemason Albert Pike supposedly described in his letter to Giuseppe Mazzini over a hundred years ago.” The infamous letter of course details that The Powers That Be plan to unleash the nihilists and the atheists so the decent people would react to defend themselves against these “destroyers of civilization” and eradicate them. I think they are preparing us for this eradication of the “nihilists and atheists”.

The point of this far-left liberalism was never to turn the whole West into a Marxist “paradise”. It was to weaken the West to transform it into something else. Like the alchemical Solve and Coagula, dissolve and coagulate. First the left dissolves the West, and the new Right will coagulate, or form, it into a new image. It doesn’t matter whether your ideology is far-left, far-right or even far-center if you are being controlled by the people who created the problem in the first place.

Over the years I’ve heard conspiracy claims here and there that the elites are actually secret Nazis, which of course sounds like a baseless accusation seeing that Zionists Jews wield a lot of influence in the world and Hitler is the most demonized person in the world, yet things like this make me think maybe this has all been an eloborate conspiracy to Nazi-ize the West. Like Joe Rogan’s anonymous guest said: Bill Nye the Weimar Guy. This is fairly blatantly pushing the narrative that we live in the decadent Weimar republic and it’s only natural to become more National Socialist-like to fight against it. Moreover, in just 5 years more people have become sympathetic toward the Nazis, mainly due to Islamic immigration into the West and the troubles that it brings. So this makes me think, what if there is something to these crypto-Nazi conspiracy theories?

To clarify, I have described myself as Nazi-sympathizer, meaning I do think that the National Socialists and Hitler have been unfairly maligned, and I’ve thought for years that the Holocaust narrative is a lie. Yet I am not convinced that Hitler was a great hero either, the saviour of White race, or anything like that. I don’t know if he was genuine in his efforts, a Rothschild agent, a British agent, a Freemason, or what. At best though, he was a loser with good intentions, but his actions in the end worked against the German people, and the West in general, as his failure to win the war has greatly strengthened the “internationalist clique” that he supposedly fought against.

To get back on topic, I think Bill Nye is being set as a fall guy for fake science and leftism in order to allow other kind of fake science and socially engineered agendas to flourish. The elites create these golemic strawmen, such as Feminism, give them power in order to tear them down after a while in order to further other agendas. A lot of people finally see liberalism as a deluded lie now after it has caused a lot of damage, but they will most likely fall for the next delusion that is waiting around the corner.



Flat earth denier Bill Nye caught up in lies! GAME OVER 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eonqHPPqWjo

How Albert Pike’s letter can aid us in the Nationalist Revival: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2015/10/14/pikes-letter/


Multiculturalism in China

This a continuance to my previous post on how the Cultural Marxists are pushing multiculturalism in Japan and South Korea. This time I discuss China. The push from the Marxists seems weaker in China than the two aforementioned countries, yet Mao’s Cultural Revolution about 50 years ago and the capitalism of the last couple of decades have eroded the Chinese identity somewhat already.



A BBC article discusses how the Chinese view multiculturalism. The journalist mentions a trip to Shanghai where he was shown around by a Chinese student. The student mentioned other Chinese who studied in America and ended up marrying Americans. Then the journalist writes: ” I told her that I had recently seen such a mixed couple in Hong Kong, a Chinese woman with a black American. This was clearly not what she had in mind. Her reaction was a look of revulsion. I was shocked. Why did she react that way to someone black, but not someone white? ”

Racism is bad, ‘mmkay. This seems to be the gist of the “problematic” view the Chinese have when it comes to multiculturalism; they don’t think everyone is equal. And that is a thought-crime, of course.

The article admits that 9 out of 10 Chinese belong to the Han race, and that China has existed as a single country for over 2000 years. The reason for this is: “[W]hereas all the other great empires of the world have long since broken up, China remains united. Why? In one word – the Han. The Han identity has served as the glue which has kept a geographically and demographically vast country together. Without that shared identity, China would long ago have fallen apart.” So a strong, unified national identity is strength, even the BBC admits it, yet it’s bad because the Han have a “relative lack of respect for difference”. Minorities like the Tibetans and Uighurs from Xinjiang are expected to integrate. And, of course, since the Chinese ” attitude has been to regard those of darker skin as inferior”.

The Cultural Marxists really look down on Black people. They seem to view Blacks as inherently retarded or something, and the only use they have in the world is to make others feel guilty for their ableism, i.e. not having been born Black.

The lowdown of this BBC article is then that the Chinese have a unified identity, which gives them strength, but it’s bad because they don’t like Black people.


How Multiculturalism works in China

The Huffington Post writes that officially China consists of 56 different ethnic groups, and although China presents itself as a  “united socialist multiethnic state”, but this is a lie. The Han oppress the minority groups: “The areas populated by minorities like the Tibetans and the Uighurs still experience extreme poverty.” “Tibetan children face corporal punishment and abuse by authorities for wearing traditional dress and singing Tibetan songs.  More recently, the Muslim Uighur population has clashed with authorities. Resentment has grown towards the government which discourages the practice of Islam. At job fairs in the mineral-rich region, signs often read, ‘Uighurs need not apply.'”

Presumably the journalists just want the government to promote the culture and faith of these minorities, but it doesn’t occur to them that independence from the central government could be an actual solution. Free Tibet is so 1990s. Nowadays everything has to be controlled by an inclusive central government.

An article on the La Trobe University website notes that when the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949 “as a ‘unified multiethnic country’, comprising 55 distinct ethnic minorities and a single Han majority. It followed the model of the Soviet Union in creating a complex system of institutions and statutes aimed at promoting the equality, harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity of all these groups.” Also “the 1954 Law on Regional Ethnic Autonomy created an extensive regime of special educational rights and privileges for minorities, including extra funding and subsidies, preferential enrolment quotas, remedial classes, and specialised schools and curricula.” So the Affirmative Action prevalent in contemporary America is literally a Communist idea.

The author points out that despite this the minority communities are underdeveloped, and the Han majority resent these policies, and possibly the minorities as well because of them.

One particular omission regarding these people discussing multiculturalism and mistreatment of minorities in China is that they focus solely on the mistreatment of ethnic minorities, but ignore other types of oppression. The Han Chinese government mistreating the Uighurs or Tibetans is bad, but there’s no problem when the government oppresses other Han Chinese. Hong Kong is being inundated by immigrants from mainland China. The central government has taken steps to suppress the usage of the Cantonese dialect in Guandong and Hong Kong, but since they’re all of the same race, there’s no problem. People of the same race fighting each other is good, people of different races fighting each other is bad.


Multiculturalism and Human Stupidity

An article in The Diplomat mentions how White people are getting preferential treatment in China simply because of their race. Simply having White people in your company gives the impression of being international, so they get hired regardless of their skills. Some White people are getting hired as musicians or English teachers, even if they don’t really know what they are doing, and are getting paid better than Chinese people for the same job, according to the article. I don’t think this is just some Marxist propaganda. I’ve heard similar stories from Chinese I’ve met.

The writer imparts one very interesting account: “white English teachers make considerably more than their bilingual Chinese counterparts and often more than Chinese-Americans too. It doesn’t matter that Chinese-Americans are native English speakers. If parents see an Asian person teaching their children, they often assume the person doesn’t speak English well (even if they themselves speak it too poorly to be able to judge). I once met a Russian who taught at a local English school in Chengdu. He could barely string a dozen words together in English. Nevertheless, he was paid more than four times the average Chinese salary. Naturally, he was white.”

The story is a perfect example of why multiculturalism is a bad idea; human stupidity. Some people, certainly not all, are just stupid and cannot discriminate between the race of a person and the individual themselves. They seem to think that people of another, distant race are all mass-produced cookie-cutter replicas of each other, i.e. some Chinese believe all White people are good at English. While this is a fairly benign form of stupidity, but we can go to Europe for really disturbing examples of this phenomenon. Let’s take the German woman who apologized for the Muslim immigrants that raped her. Since Muslims are all oppressed and cannot help their actions, and they cannot be individuals where some are good and some are bad.

Some people are just so dumb and incapable of seeing the world outside of their own cultural context, so they should not be put in situations where their lack of understanding can cause damage to themselves or others.



Multiculturalism doesn’t seem that strong in China, although Marxists in the West wish to strengthen it. It seems more like a bureaucratic hindrance than a truly nation-threatening problem. That is not to say that China doesn’t have plenty of social problems, but at least they do not seem to be suffering from multiculturalism as much as the West, or even Japan and South Korea.

The White Genocide-crowd who claim that nobody is saying that East Asia should become multicultural has been proven wrong as well. Some Marxists, such as the ones working for the BBC, want the Chinese to be more accepting of Black people for example, but the Chinese don’t seem to care. Once again we should ask why people of European stock are much more deeply afflicted by this “pathological altruism” than others?



Cultural Marxists are pushing their agenda in East-Asia as in the West: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2016/02/12/cultural-marxists-are-pushing-their-agenda-in-east-asia-as-in-the-west/

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Richard Spencer should be tarred and feathered

Rirchard Spencer is a leading figure in the Alt-Right, and he possibly even coined the term Alt-Right.  I hadn’t been that well versed in his ideas before as I had only heard a couple of his interviews. He seemed like an intelligent and intellectual person, but I hadn’t looked too deeply into the ideas the he promotes until yesterday when I was listening to the Alt Right 2016 discussion at Red Ice Radio with John Morgan, Greg Johnson, Daniel Friberg, Richard Spencer & RamzPaul.

Listening to the discussion made me realize Richard Spencer is a stooge for the New World Order, or at best he’s a narcissistic pseudo-intellectual who’s in it for the fame. He supports an empire for White people, and opposes ethno-nationalism, which he thinks is about hating the White neighbour. He seems to be against the idea that the countless different ethnic groups in Europe should have their own nation states, instead there should be grand White country for White people. Basically he seems to be for the European Union, but only for White people. Greg Johnson called Richard out on his ideas, and said he vetoes Richard’s idea, and that reality vetoes his idea. Well done, Greg.


Vagueness of Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer says there should be no division in the race, and is aghast for example that Whites are killing Whites in the Ukraine. He seems to think Ukrainians need his White New World Order to fix their problems. The host Henrik Palmgren pointed out that one reason for the troubles in Ukraine is due to outside meddlers such as Victoria Nuland, which is something I agree with. I’m still not clear on what Spencer means by White. Is it anyone who just looks White, is someone who is half-White, half-Asian White, how about if they’re 1/4 Black, or are people White only if they can prove their White ancestors for six generations or what? At best his idea of this White collective is a vague notion. Spencer admitted in the discussion that he’s a “dreamer”, a Utopian thinker. This alone renders his ideas irrelevant. The time for Utopian notion is over, we need practical solutions.

In fact, Richard Spencer sounds like a Cultural Marxist with the exception that he is pro-White, whereas Cultural Marxists hate White people. The similarity is that Cultural Marxists treat their favourite victim groups like women, minorities and Muslims as some sort of Borg-collective. Spencer’s idea on the White race bears a striking resemblance.

Max Marco writing for Noose: The Online Fascist Zine in his article Contra Altright also notes Spencer’s vagueness. He describes Spencer as “a weak, pandering, fence-sitting coward who tries to play all sides of key issues while maintaining plausible deniability when held to any stance or standard”. I can’t help but agree. Marco describes Spencer as someone who seeks to direct attention away from the Jewish Question and exposing the lies told about the Holocaust.



Rirchard Spencer is also blatantly pro-homosexuality. The most obvious example is the fact that Matthew Heimbach was excluded from Spencer’s Become Who We Are conference for his anti-homosexual views.

Carolyn Yeager criticizes Spencer for having the openly gay Jack Donovan as the main speaker in his conference. On top of that Donovan is a former priest in the Church of Satan. I don’t think him being gay would make a big difference if Jack Donovan was a 9/11 or Sandy Hook researcher, for example, but he is supposedly an expert on masculinity and what it means to be a man. I’m sorry but being gay disqualifies you from being a role-model on being a man.

John de Nugent also questioned Spencer’s stance on homosexuality by asking if he’s “a homosexual, homophile or really straight?” De Nugent notes that Spencer is allegedly married and has a year old child, however he questions whether this is true or not. He asks: “Has anyone SEEN the supposed ‘wife and kids’ of Richard Spencer, who supposedly lives out in a small town in Montana.” De Nugent also points out why the issue of homosexuality is relevant: “the Jewish agenda knowns as transhumanism is pro-homosexual”. I would say that transhumanism is more an agenda of Satanists and Jews serve their interests, but that is a minor detail in this case.

A conservative Youtuber called Common Filth has criticized the Altright for being gay in several of his videos. At first I was skeptical of this, but at least Richard Spencer’s allegiances seem to prove that Common Filth is onto something.

Richard Spencer’s Wikipedia page does not mention that he is married. I couldn’t find mention of this in his Radix Journal or National Policy Institue websites either. I did find claims that he is married elsewhere, though.


Spencer’s “wife”

A few different websites mention that Richard Spencer is supposedly married to a Canadian-Russian woman called Nina Kouprianova (alternative name Nina Byzantina). Kouprianova has a couple of different websites. One is for discussing “Russia, Eurasia, meta- and geopolitics, culture”, and the other is about photography. I didn’t find any mention of her being married either.

She has however written a few articles in Spencer’s Radix Journal website, so Kouprianova and Spencer clearly are associates of some sort. This makes it even more curious, if Spencer and Kouprianova are married, why don’t they just state it clearly? If Nina is Richard’s wife, him withholding this information surely isn’t to protect her, since she is already a writer for his website. If they’re not married, where did the internet rumour that they are originate from? I don’t know what the truth is but there are clearly holes in his background.


Spencer’s liberal anti-conservatism

To come back to Richard Spencer’s New World Order ideology, he published a video, When Conservatism Dies, fairly recently. Most of the video is sophistry that has little content, but sounds smart, but I managed to ascertain a few of Spencer’s ideas from it. First of all, he says a couple times in the video that a “New Order” is rising. By itself it does not necessarily mean anything sinister, but in the video Spencer comments that some conservative politician or commentator has described Donald Trump as a bringer of chaos. Spencer agrees with this and says that Trump disrupts conventional politics, which allows for the New Order to be born, or something to that extent. To my mind it’s quite obvious Spencer is all for the old Order out of Chaos.

Spencer also says something like conservatives and Republicans stand for White protestant values, and he is happy to see conservatism destroyed. I disagree. I don’t think that the conservatives and Republicans no-longer stand for the White protestant values. This is the main reason why Altright is gaining traction. My understanding is that the majority of supporters of Altright support traditional and common sense values, and since no-one in main stream politics are standing for those things, people are turning to the Altright. Spencer, on the other hand, seems to agree with the Cultural Marxists that the old must be destroyed for the something new. He does not define clearly what this new things is either. You’re just supposed to take his word for it that this New Order is something you want. Richard Spencer is a Marxist revolutionary of a new breed.



My humble opinion is that the genuine people in the Altright should either politely show Rirchard Spencer the door, or get some tar and feathers for him. Even if my view of him is too conspiratorial for your taste, I still say he is a sophist at best with little or no practical ideas behind his words.



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Cultural Marxists are pushing their agenda in East-Asia as in the West

One thing I’ve heard people who harp on about White Genocide say is that the Marxists are pushing their multiculturalism only in the West, that only White countries are expected to increase their diversity. This is incorrect. The Cultural Marxists are pushing their foul ideas in East-Asia as they are in the West. I’ll focus on Japan and South Korea in this post. I’ll write about China later.



The Marxists are very clearly promoting their ideas in Japan. An Al Jazeera article by Alanna Schubach from 2014 mentioned that “Hidenori Sakanaka, the head of the Japan Immigration Policy Institute, said that a social revolution is necessary, in which Japan is reconceived as a multiethnic nation”. The Marxists are promoting censorship of free speech, or ban on “hate speech”, in Osaka. This apparently backed by the U.N. The article describes the writer’s Marxist ideology as follows: “even mainstream Japan is, at best, ambivalent about multiculturalism and has resisted loosening its immigration laws despite a rapidly aging citizenry. An ordinance outlawing hate speech would be a significant step toward tolerance, and Osaka, known for being a comparatively lively and liberal city, would be an appropriate leader to soften attitudes about difference.”

Miss Japan of 2015 was the half-black Ariana Miyamoto. She also was chosen to represent Japan in the Miss Universe pageant. The person behind this decision was Inès Ligron, who just happens to be Jewish. She’s also very influential in the fashion world as is promoting prostitute-like attire for models. “In 1998, she was appointed the Japan National Director of the Miss Universe Organization owned by New York real estate mogul Donald Trump & NBC Universal INC.”

Marxists have been pushing multiculturalism in the academic sphere as well. Chris Burgess discussed in the Asia-Pacific Journal in 2007 how certain other academics have called Japanese ethnic homogeneity a myth. This reminds me of claims that Britain has always been “multicultural nation”. It is a way of trying to influence people to accept multiculturalism into their country today, if they perceive that this is the way things have always been. Burgess’ conclusion is that Japan “does not appear to be particularly multicultural, and he he adds that “This begs the question of whether those writing in the ‘multicultural Japan’ vein are not being descriptive but rather prescriptive: not saying what Japan is like but what it should, ought to, or must be like.”

These are just a few examples of Marxists pushing their ideology in Japan. Many other articles on this can be found simply by Google.


South Korea

An article in The Diplomat claims that:

“Few countries take multiculturalism as seriously as Korea does. While most countries have vague and ambiguous multicultural policies consisting of either forcing immigrants to assimilate to the local culture or allowing immigrants to integrate while keeping their traditions, Korea has come up with a new concept: tamunhwa.

Tamunhwa means multiculturalism in Korean, and the basic idea is for Koreans to learn as much as they can about immigrants’ original culture while setting up as many cultural immersion programs as possible for immigrants. With foreign residents now accounting for nearly 3 percent of the population of a country that long defined itself as homogenous, Koreans are taking multiculturalism seriously.”

This sounds like a governmental agenda to push multiculturalism onto people rather than something organic from the regular people. The article also states that Korea has two demographic problems: Koreans being too well educated, so there is a lack of unskilled workers and women from the countryside attending universities, and the farmers having lack of wives, which leads to decreasing birth rates. The solution to this is of course immigration; importing unskilled workers and women as brides. How about just shutting down the universities and letting people do something useful with their lives?

Korea.net has an info-piece titled “Transformation into a Multicultural Society”. This makes it sound like multiculturalism is something to be proud about. It is also mentioned that: “Foreigners are also starting to take a more prominent role in their adopted country. For example, Jasmine Lee is a Filipina- Korean who is currently serving as a member of the Gender Equality and Family Committee of the 19th National Assembly”. Gender Equality committee sounds Marxist as hell.

The UPI website has an article named “South Korea’s population becoming more diverse, but tolerance lagging”. The mere wording is Marxist. The article quotes the aforementioned Jasmine Lee: “There’s negative perception regarding multiculturalism . . . Even in Europe, [Koreans say] multiculturalism has failed, so why would a small country like South Korea succeed?” I don’t think she answered her question, yet she is still pushing the ideology since clearly it’s just something she has to do.

Later on the UPI article quotes Cindy Lou Howe, “an American filmmaker of African-American and Korean heritage” saying: “And multiculturalism is going to be one of those things. Whether or not Koreans are ready, it’s going to happen.” We are the Borg. Resistance is Futile.

A story in East Asia Forum clearly states the subversive goal of international Marxism: “North and South Korea are widely regarded to be ethnically homogenous societies. But with minority populations having grown 
in numbers and importance in both Koreas, demographic homogeneity has become a myth. Yet the importance of ethnic nationalism as an underlying identity of the two states prevents a genuine transition to a multicultural society in both cases.” Naturally you cannot then ask the question whether multiculturalism is such a good idea then? No, you just have to wipe out all national identity so that all will be assimilated into Marxism.

The same as Japan, South Korea is being slowly subverted by Marxist multiculturalism.



The Cultural Marxists do not not only hate the White man and want to genocide them, but they clearly also hate the Yellow man. It is a global agenda for international Marxism. It should be noted that both Japan and South Korea are military “allies” of the United States, or actually subjugated by them. As the US is more or less controlled by Israel, so are Japan and South Korea controlled by it by proxy. America, Europe, Japan and Korea all have the same enemy.

The multicultural Marxism hasn’t been as effective in East-Asia as it has been in the West. One reason most likely is that the Marxists have been manipulating the Western psyche far longer, however I don’t think that’s the only reason. Although the Marxists wish to subvert the East as well as the West, the East has been better at resisting it. It would appear Asians are better at holding onto their heritage than Europeans.

That is not to say that everything is perfect in Asia either. As in the West, we are taught to hate ourselves and believe that our cultures are inherently evil, and look to others for content, similar trends appear in East-Asia as well. In some ways Asian women are taught to admire Western men, and some even have plastic surgery to make themselves look Western. Plastic surgery in general is very popular in South Korea, which denotes the fact that they are not proud to be themselves.

Nationalists all over the world should co-operate to defeat the scourge of international Marxism. They do not only wish to bring about White Genocide, they wish to exterminate all ethnic and national identities.



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Cultural Marxism is not only about eradicating white culture, but all cultures

The term White Genocide has been thrown around for a while now as being one of the goals of the Cultural Marxists. I don’t necessarily disagree with the accusation, but that’s not all they want. They want to have a monoethnic globe, i.e. eradicate all traces of race and culture, except for the corporate culture of today.

Last year a “yoga studio” in Texas wanted to have a Bollywood-themed party, where people would dress up in Indian costumes and such. However, it had to be canceled since some “South Asians” might have found it offensive. I don’t think it anyone even found it offensive, but someone said that someone could be offended by it so it had to be banned.

Texans were celebrating Indian culture, and people thought it was offensive. This isn’t about being considerate of the feelings of South Asian people, but rather despising their indigenous culture. Marxists abhor diversity, and want to see it destroyed, although they claim the opposite. I am offended by Cultural Marxism, Harry Potter and the European Union, but I don’t see anyone coming to my rescue to ban them and prevent me from being offended.

Earlier this year candy from the company Haribo had to be banned, since the candy depicted images of “primitive African, Asian or Native American art”. This is apparently racist.

This summer there was some controversy that Western women dressing up in Japanese kimonos is Cultural Appropriation. Once again celebrating other cultures is racist. But if TV shows and videos game don’t depict members of other cultures, they’re racist since there’s no representation. You’re racist if you do, racist if you don’t, so I suggest you stop caring about these Marxist mocking birds’ opinions.

I’ve worn a kimono a few times in my life, and I own one, and one yukata as well. I recommend it, it’s fun. See how racist I am.

Just last week a high school boy from Ontario, Canada, wanted to dress up as a Mariachi musician for Halloween, but of course he couldn’t since that was Cultural Appropriation. However, apparently the boy was Colombian, and the Mariachi band is part of his own ethnic background, but that still wasn’t enough. A “culture is not a costume”, so it’s wrong, ‘mmkay.

The unifying theme here is that the Cultural Marxists despise expressions of unique culture. They are Monoethnic Globalists, i.e. they want a world with no diversity in race or culture. This is a corporate, transhumanist vision where everything we do and think is artificial. Physicist, and NWO puppet, Michio Kaku highlighted the vision in the infamous video where he says that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna represent universal world culture that everyone should accept. If you don’t, you’re basically a terrorist. I kind of like Schwarzenegger, but he’s hardly the originator of the greatest pieces of art on this planet.

The reason why Cultural Marxists adore Islam is that in this day and age Islam is useful for destroying other cultures. However, when the time is ripe, they will turn against Islam the same as they do for all cultures.

I do think that Marxists are genuine in their philosophy of equality. They despise all cultures equally when it comes down to it. The reason why White/Europeans culture is most heavily under assault is that the breeding chamber that Marxists crawled out of, is situated in the West, and they want to devour their own father first, as that is the culture they know and hate the most, but ideologically all cultures are equal for them.



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Traditional Leftism vs Marxism

Nowadays most people who consider themselves leftists are Marxists. There’s plenty of evidence on the internet of the prevalence of Marxist idiocy and subversion of sane values. Feminism, anti-racists, the LGBT-movement and other Cultural Marxists rear their ugly heads where-ever. However, I’d like to make a distinction between traditional, sane, leftists and Marxists.

I too considered myself a leftist in my teens and early twenties, until I realized the arbitrary distinction between the political right and left is mostly nonsensical. In recent years I’ve noticed myself agreeing more and more with the Alt-Right people, although I’m not sure if I can call myself really Alt-Right or not.

Let’s take a look at some of the values that traditional leftists believe in. They range from taking care of the poor and various types of minorities to being critical of the failings of one’s culture. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these values, in fact, I find them rather noble. In a normal society there are always haves and have-nots, there is the majority whose values are adhered to, whereas the needs of the minorities tend to be disregarded. It is not subversive to try to address the needs of the weak. Right-wing people, on the other hand, tend to focus on promoting strength and excellence. They believe that supporting those with abilities will end up benefiting everyone in the long run, whereas leftists focus on helping the weak and less-fortunate stand on their own feet. I don’t think either outlook is the correct one. In fact, I think both types of people are required for society to function.

The difference between traditional leftists and Marxists is that the Marxists claim to be fighting for the weak, but in fact they seek to weaken the strong in order to take over and subvert society to suit their perverse needs. They present themselves as loving and compassionate individuals, when in fact they are nothing like it. They are like a disease that infects society in order to weaken, and ultimately destroy, it. Proper leftists really do care about the people they see as weak, whereas Marxists only use their plight, whether real or imagined, to further their agendas.

Issues such as imperialism and slavery is something that Marxists often cite in order to demonize European peoples. And I share their sentiment to the degree that I too hate imperialism and slavery, however the Marxists tend to have thought-processes that end up dying half-way, and they complete the process with insane fantasies. They see these evils that are part of the history of the West, and conclude that the Western nations need to be destroyed based on it. They don’t criticize in order to improve. Marxists, and main stream media, tend to ignore the fact that slavery has existed in pretty much all cultures in history, and evil White men were the first to abolish slavery. Moreover, the Marxists are either wittingly or unwittingly pushing a totalitarian, Orwellian global state that seeks to enslave everyone. They want equality. They don’t want a small minority to be enslaved. They want everyone to join in on the game.

Marxists criticize everything and anything that does not suit their world view. Be it video games that don’t represent women and transpeople the way they want, or politics, history and even air conditioners that are too cold (it’s not a feminist issue. I have problems with air conditioners being cold as well). However, Marxists do not criticize things to try make those things better, but to destroy them. Normal people use criticism to find out mistakes and bugs, so they would be fixed. Marxists use it as a weapon.

Marxists are a demonic mass that seeks to devour anything and everything. We must not give them any quarter. If we concede one point to them, they will take another. They cannot be reasoned with.

I hope there are still some reasonable leftists out there. The ones that still exist should be aware that Marxists are tarnishing the good that leftists are attempting to do, and for the sake of their own well-being they should be aware that not everyone can tell the difference between a traditional leftist and a Marxist. I too tend to cringe when I hear leftist ideas, as the left is rapidly being absorbed by Marxists. However, I think there still is a difference between the left and Marxism. Marxists are the enemies of all of humanity.

Rocking MrE Bravely Blocked me

Rocking MrE is a libertarian youtuber who discusses many social issues of today. I’ve watched dozens of his videos over the last few years and I generally agree with them, and I’ve thought he’s a decent guy. A couple of days ago he posted a video titled Recurring German Totalitarianism, which changed my view of him, especially after the treatment I got from him when I responded to his video.

In the video Rocking MrE highlights what he sees as “recurring German totalitarianism”, which has had a negative effect on the world ever since the Germanic Goths raided ancient Rome and started the Holy Roman Empire. He continues onto Martin Luther’s reformation of Christianity, birth of Communism, onto the Nazis and finally into modern day with Angela Merkel. Rocking MrE asks “why Germans were ever allowed to have a national identity again after causing two World Wars?” His solution to the German problem that they “want to dominate others” is not to allow “Germany exist as a nation in any capacity ever again”.

I found Rocking MrE’s claims that German culture is somehow inherently totalitarian outrageous, and his solution is to apparently genocide Germans, or at least massacre them into submission, even more alarming. What else could it mean that he does not want the Germans to exist as a nation ever again other than genocide, or somehow suppress and humiliate the German psyche so that they are mentally and spiritually genocided?

I posted the following comment on his video to address my concerns:

“I usually like your videos, but this time I very much disagree with what you are saying. First of all, I think in WWII the Axis was the lesser of two evils. And if we’re talking about the evil that European nations have inflicted on the world, Great Britain wins the prize. In the Victorian era the British empire dominated half of the world through violence and other underhanded methods. Britain was influential in promoting Zionism and creating the state of Israel. The reason why Germany today is acting totalitarian and telling other European nations what to do is that it’s not the Germans who are in control of their own country, but globalist, US and Zionist -forces. It’s the Zionists who are setting up Germany to be the bad guy, the same as they did in the 1930s, and you seem to believe them.”

MrE ignored my comment. This is fair enough. I don’t mind if someone ignores a comment on the internet. It is a normal occurrence.

I read more of the comments on the video and saw this:


I regarded Rocking MrE’s reasoning for the evil of Germany as an alarmingly Cultural Marxist way of thinking and commented on it. A brief discussion ensued:


As you can see Rocking MrE blocked me and therefore I cannot respond to him on Youtube so I have to do it here. I would have accepted if he had said that he does not wish to argue with me, or that we can agree to disagree, but instead he blocked and calls me “pathetically dishonest” and uses other disparaging remarks, and on top of it he blocked me. I not only take it personally, but view it as evidence that Rocking MrE himself does not have much faith in his claims, and therefore wishes to censor people who disagree with him.

My response to MrE’s final comment is as follows. I did not say he was a Cultural Marxist for opposing the German leftist agenda. I did not say he was a Cultural Marxist at all. I merely commented that his reasoning sounds like it, and I was sort of curious and perplexed by why he would act like Cultural Marxists do. The real issue is not however whether or not the moniker Cultural Marxist is applicable here or not, but that Rocking MrE seems to be advocating war on Germany, because their culture is somehow irreparably wrong. Is he suggesting that other European nations should attack Germany to destroy it? Cause a civil war in the European Union? Don’t you think Europe has enough problems already? Or if he is not talking about literal war against Germany, what is he talking about when he says we shouldn’t allow Germany to “exist as a nation in any capacity ever again”?

You cannot prove that a culture that is thousands of years old is inherently “regressive” with a 10-minute video. This is simply a silly statement. You can take a few negative facts about any culture, downplay the mundane and the good parts, and the culture seems despicable. Maybe I’m just ignorant, but I cannot make a moral judgement on the Goths sacking Rome. It’s just an historical event. I cannot say that the Romans were good and the Goths bad or regressive, or vice versa.

Perhaps I am once again ignorant, but I do not see the connection between Goths sacking Rome over a 1,500 years ago and Angela Merkel’s leftist policies today. Were the Goths the first leftists or something? I hate her policies almost as much Rocking MrE does, but not apparently as much as he does, since his hatred of German culture seems to amplify it. The problem in Germany is that the Germans don’t really control their own country. Instead the United States and Israel, at least, have too much influence over Germany. Many Germans hate Merkel too. I don’t think they’re the exception, the few good non-totalitarian Germans.

Germany was the victim in both world wars. Not the instigator. In the first war it was betrayed by its leftist politicians, and other European nations descended on it like hyenas. Britain started the second world war, not Germany. A document which contains an early draft of the British king’s speech was discovered last year, and it heavily suggests Britain wanted to declare war on Germany before it invaded Poland. It was dated 7 days before the Polish invasion. Germany has been falsely demonized ever since the end of the war. I have written a few posts on this, and alternative media sites such as Red Ice Creations have made many programs on this.

The Frankfurt School, the originators of Cultural Marxism, came from Germany, true. However, they were not appreciated in Germany, and they fled to America. Moreover most of them were Jews. They weren’t exactly the regular beer and lederhosen -representatives of German culture. Same goes for Karl Marx.

Once again I must reiterate that my beef with Rocking MrE is that he seems to be advocating destruction or the genocide of Germans. This is actual Hate Speech. It’s a Marxist term which I despise, but unlike Marxists, I don’t want to see Hate Speech banned. I’m happy to see people expose their true colours. Despite his protests Rocking MrE seems to be advocating the same thing as Cultural Marxists do: destruction of European people, or at least our culture. The difference is MrE has so far announced he wishes to destroy only German culture.

Rocking MrE has added a notification to the start of his video that armies of David Duke have trolled him. I can understand if he is edgy and wants to block people he views as trolls, if many trolls have attacked him because of the video. However, somehow I don’t think David Duke has “armies” or that he would be sending them to attack a youtuber for making a video. I see it as more likely that people were calling MrE out for his insane anti-German rantings.



I didn’t call Britain the most evil nation in Europe because Rocking MrE is British, but because I think Britain’s actions speak for themselves. I also do not blame British culture, but the political establishment. I kind of like both British and German culture.



Recurring German Totalitarianism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j25oBrf1mwo

Document Confirms British were Plotting to Invade Germany Before Germany Invaded Poland: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=31573