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2016, Summer of Infinite Love?

I recall David Icke say 5-6 years ago that the summer of 2016 will be known as the summer of love or something to that extent. I can’t find the video know, but there is one video from 2011 that has Icke’s speeches, and annoying background music, titled: “David Icke – 2016 Summer of Infinite Love”.

Now it is the summer of 2016. There have been countless terrorist attacks and random acts of violence in Europe and America. Needless to say summer of love couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yet the point Icke was trying to make can be heard in another video from 2010 where he says that 2016 will be the year of change instead of 2012. Looking at the world back then, this outlook is reasonable. He was certainly right that no great visible change occurred in 2012, no end of the world, no second coming of Christ, no alien invasion. 2016 might have been just an arbitrarily chosen number meant to say that things will change sometime in the near future, but not as early as 2012. This year still has several months left. We’ll see if any change for the better will occur or not.

Many of the terrorist attacks of this summer have most likely been false flags, but probably not all. Despite this, the whole situation has been contrived by the globalist conspirators. They’ve imported potential terrorists and violent criminals into Europe and America, even if they don’t directly control all of them. I think the conspirators are getting desperate and attempting to make us scared. I’m not sure they’re so successful overall, though.

Icke says in one of the videos that the control system is in its death throes, and they’re throwing all they can at us. The Summer of Chaos is certainly evidence of this.

There have been so many attacks during the summer, from the Orlando gay club shooting to the shooting in Munich and recently a killing of a priest in France. They’re too many for me to recall all of them. I don’t propose that we should be callous and ignore the carnage, but we should remain calm and see the attacks for what they are; a brutal form of social engineering so we’d accept whatever false solution they’re going to offer.



David Icke – 2016 Summer of Infinite Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyN-kJYbzRw

David Icke ~ 2016 Is The Year Of Change Not 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr11rzS76x4


Is Alison Rapp an MK Ultra sex kitten?

A PR person for Nintendo, Alison Rapp, fairly recently earned notoriety for her promotion of pedophilia on Twitter. Then last month she was fired from Nintendo, not for promotion of pedophilia, but for having another job. Today it’s come out that the second job was supposedly prostitution.

The forumites of a website called Kiwi Farms seem to have uncovered the fact that Rapp had been working as an escort under the pseudonym Maria Mint. Mint’s website profile even has pictures of her, although the face is not shown, but it appears Rapp and Mint have similar tattoos and rings. Even the description of Mint’s personality seems consistent with Rapp’s on the Eros.com escort site: she’s nerdy and likes to talk about the fall of capitalism.

After Alison Rapp was fired, she said on Twitter (according to Destructoid): “To pay off student loans, I started moonlighting under a fake name, and with no real identifiers. An anon found out, told them, and here we are. It was moonlighting Nintendo didn’t like, despite the fact that it was anonymous.” However, Destructoid points out that Nintendo did not approve of Rapp’s second job, and even Rapp said Nintendo does not have a problem with moonlighting. So she was fired, because the second, anonymous job Rapp had was even worse than promoting pedophilia. All of this makes sense in light of the recent revelation about Maria Mint. Therefore I’m inclined to believe that Alison Rapp is indeed the prostitute Maria Mint.

Even before this recent revelation, I found the whole thing about Alison Rapp rather disturbing. She’s a young and attractive woman, not a creepy old man, yet she’s promoting pedophilia. But the thing that hit me was that her Twitter name is “smol pterodactyl”. A pterodactyl is a flying dinosaur, a reptile. Smol apparently is short for “smile out loud”. A smiling reptile. Just that got me thinking about the stuff David Icke has said about the Satanist reptilian elites and their pedophilic rape rituals to siphon energy from children. And now it’s come out that Rapp is also a prostitute.

To me this sounds like Alison Rapp is an MK Ultra sex kitten. There’s even a picture of Maria Mint with cat ears on. She’s probably been subjected sexual abuse ever since she was a child, and therefore thinks pedophilia, and also using sex as currency, is normal.

Mint cat ears
An MK Ultra sex kitten?

This is, of course, conjecture on my part, but I think the big picture makes sense in light of what people like David Icke, Cathy O’Brien and Fritz Springmeier have said about MK Ultra mind control and sexual abuse employed by the Satanic elites. Maybe she is actually possessed by a demonic reptilian entity, or the reptilian thing is just another mind control program, like the sex kitten. The victims aren’t literally turned into kittens, so maybe the reptilian thing is just code for a different type of programming. I suppose we should look deeper into Alison Rapp’s background to prove or disprove my hunch on her.



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Do Lunar Waves suggest the Moon is a Hologram?

Yesterday I discovered the Youtube channel of someone named Crrow777, and his video “The Moon Is An Illusion & No One Goes Above Low Earth Orbit”. Then I checked out some other of his stuff. He seems to be some sort of amateur astronomer and UFO researcher. Crrow777 and a few other people have recorder video footage of the moon with some sort of weird wave going through it, the Lunar Wave. Crrow777 assures that it is not an equipment glitch or a deliberate manipulation. He suggests this is evidence that the moon is some sort of hologram.

Of course this could be an elaborate hoax, but I am inclined to believe Crrow777, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He may be onto something, I do think its worth paying attention to, if his research develops further. He also talks about some Russian astronomer who did a lot of interesting research on the moon. He’s dead now, I think, and most of his material is in Russian, and Crrow777 is having it translated by some people.

I know this sounds a bit like Sorcha Faal news that start off something like “a memo has been circulating in the Kremlin”, i.e. using the mysterious Russia to push all sorts wacky disinfo, since it’s more difficult to double check the sources. However, this may be different, and like I said I’m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt.

Ever since I read David Icke’s “Human Race Get off your Knees” five years ago, I’ve wondered about the moon. That’s the book where Icke first discusses his idea of the Moon Matrix. I don’t think the idea really caught on, and I found it a bit far-fetched too, but maybe Crrow777’s discoveries will eventually prove that Icke was onto something after all.

Although I was skeptical of the Moon Matrix stuff Icke did point out many interesting facts about the moon that I didn’t know about, such as many actual experts on the (topic of the) moon suggest it is artificial and hollow. The most interesting quotes are from Irwin Shapiro:

“Scientists tell us that the moon is bigger than it should be, is apparently older than it should be, much lighter in mass than it should be, occupies an unlikely orbit and so extraordinary that all existing explanations for its presence are fraught with difficulties and none of them could be considered remotely watertight.”

“The best explanation for the moon is observational error; the moon doesn’t exist.” – Irwin Shapiro; Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Perhaps Shapiro’s second comment is literally true. It could be a projection, although it would seem pointless to simply project the hologram just to make us think there is a moon, when there is nothing there. So the hologram probably is there to obscure something else from our view. Icke called the moon a spaceship and the control center of the Matrix we live in. Sort of like in the Jim Carrey movie Truman Show, the director of the TV show that Truman is unwittingly participating in is on the moon. Sometimes fiction may be as strange as reality.

I suggest taking a look at Crrow777’s channel and his moon videos. The lunar wave really does look like a video loop starting from beginning again. It may be necessary to keep up the projection.

I’m not saying the moon is necessarily a hologram, but I have thought about it every now and then when I look at the moon ever since I read Icke’s book about it. I think its something worth considering. And Crrow777 just might have evidence that this is more than a crazy conspiracy theory.



The Moon Is An Illusion & No One Goes Above Low Earth Orbit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQVVOAyu3vs

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A Time Before The Moon – How Did The Moon Get Here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z-DYIHDEsE

Some Facts About The Lunar Wave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMQTEEbtTYc

Freedom vs Luciferian Liberty

The majority of us human beings are enslaved by the chains of biology and nature. We are trapped in the unfortunate predicament of having to be sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Moreover hideously most us are attracted to people of generally the same age-range as us (although I tend to like younger women). But most of us find thinking of children in any sexual context quite repugnant. Neither do we really see senior citizens engaging in sex and romance with people in their late teens or early twenties as acceptable, although we do not see it as criminal either. Incest too is a hideous taboo that inhibits us from attaining liberty. All of this is very oppressing, and there is little we can do about since it’s programmed to us by the malevolent mother nature. Fortunately we have feminism, gender identity politics and other Cultural Marxist movements that are just exoteric fronts for Luciferianism seeking to liberate us.

I think that is how these Luciferians really see the laws of nature, something that have to be reversed or destroyed so we can be liberated. They see the natural state of humans, animals and nature in general as somehow faulty and desire to fix it. Even though there has been little choice in the matter on my part, I’ve never minded being attracted to women. That’s just my nature, and I’m happy to live according to it. Luciaferians cannot abide by this submission to nature (or God if you see things that way). They want their will to be supreme, and want to subvert even the laws of reality to match their fantasies. Of course, they are insane and will hardly succeed, but they can cause, and have caused, lots of damage by their actions.

Although the way the Luciferians see it, they are more free than those who follow their nature, the Luciferians are enslaved by their ideology. They are obsessed with perverting whatever the general public seems appropriate. Like I mentioned above, for Luciferians homosexuality, incest and pedophilia are the norm. They also revel in desecrating the Bible, lying and doing stuff that is generally not regarded acceptable in society. This is not freedom. This is just a more refined form of enslavement. They are bound to doing the opposite of what regular people do, and you could argue that regular people are enslaved to their habits, but the Luciferians are not any more free than them. For example, I’m a not Christian, and when I was younger I resented Christianity. However, to free myself from its grasp it was better to walk away, and say it is not for me, but neither should I engage in any anti-Christian crusade to subvert or eradicate Christianity. Luciferians seem unable to do that.

Kerth Barker claims he was sexually and ritually abused and mind controlled by Satanists when he was a child, and I believe him. He recounts this in Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers: The Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor. Kerth describes two “incestuous lesbian pedophiles” who are sisters and members of the Illuminati. They believed “that in the future everyone in the world will be homosexual pedophiles.” This is quite frankly the agenda I see when I look at Cultural Marxism and gender identity politics being touted everywhere. This is the tolerance they preach. I’m not opposed to tolerating the existence of homosexuals, but I am opposed to tolerating pedophilia and incest.

I’m trying think of a good segue for my next argument, but I cannot so I’m going to try gather pity by revealing that I am not writing this at my home, since I can’t use internet there due to my modem breaking down, therefore I cannot concentrate on writing this as well as I want to, and lo! We get to Angelina Jolie.

The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh, is reported as prefering to think of herself as a boy, wearing a suit and being called John. This strikes a frightening resemblance to the life of Kerth Barker as he was groomed and conditioned as boy to dress up as a girl, sexually pleasuring adults, including his grandfather, and he was given a female name, Kathy. Then there’s the thing when Jolie had her double mastectomy, i.e. removal of her breasts, to prevent breast cancer. Somehow I don’t think it was really about preventing cancer, but some ritualistic thing of perverting nature and luring other women to do the same.

I can’t help but think that Angelina Jolie is one of these Luciferians, or she is their pawn along with her children.

So when these Luciferians say they are doing something for tolerance they’re trying make us accept something inexcusable. When they promote liberty or freedom, they really mean enslavement to something perverse and harmful. When they do something for your health, they’re trying to make you sick. It’s surprisingly simple once you realize how evil they can be. David Icke said this years ago, how they always mean the opposite, but just recently I’ve really started to see it myself. Likewise, I read Icke’s descriptions of these Satanic or Luciferian pedophiles rings and secret societies, but it didn’t hit me as powerfully as reading Kerth’s first hand account. The link to the book is below. I suggest taking a look.

To get back to the headline topic for a while, the difference between freedom and liberty is that freedom is being able to do what comes naturally to you, like doing fun stuff with your loved ones, playing football, listening to music, reading tomes on esoteric wisdom, discussing philosophy and so on. Our nature is innate, and therefore to a certain degree implanted onto us, but I see little reason to challenge that, unless you challenge negative traits in yourself. Liberty, the Luciferian idea of freedom is more like your mom saying “don’t play with matches” or “don’t play near the train track”. There is a certain degree of courage in defying your mother in that manner, but ultimately it’s fucking stupid and irresponsible as the likely outcome is you’re only gonna hurt yourself or someone else defying nature.

EDIT: Will Smith’s son Jaden wears a dress.




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Don’t just mention the Reptilians, give me something more concrete

I saw on David Icke’s website a trailer to an upcoming documentary Don’t Mention the Reptilians. The film name is a quote, I believe, of what people have said to Icke, that he can talk about all of the conspiracy stuff, but “don’t mention the reptilians”. Although I don’t think the documentary is specifically by or about Icke, but he seems to be interviewed in it.

I started following David Icke’s work several years ago, and I’ve learned a lot of conspiracy facts from him, but in the last couple of years I’ve went intellectually the other way. I still respect his contribution, read his website and all that, but don’t agree with him on some details, and so on. His most controversial contribution is, of course, making the reptilian issue somewhat main stream. I’ve went back and forth on what I think about the reptilians, and I still don’t know what to make of it, really.

There are accounts of people encountering alien or inter-dimensional reptilians, I’m fairly certain they weren’t simply made up by Icke, or any single person. I think it can be said there is a phenomenon of people encountering reptilians, but that’s as far as it seems to go. It is not known whether the reptilians’ true nature is as they seem, or maybe they’re not freaky governmental mind control experiment, or manifestation of our inner demons in the outer world, or persistent hallucinations.

I’ve seen dozens of people making countless videos on Youtube talking and hypothesizing about the reptilians, yet the problem is, they’re mainly repeating the stuff they heard somewhere else. And I can’t really blame them. When I first heard about the idea that these intelligent, mystical reptiles rule our planet I laughed. The second time, I thought it was a silly idea, but the third time I thought “what if…?” Most people who discuss the reptilian issue are probably like this. They’ve figured it’s not such a silly explanation after all, however very few of us actually know anything about them. We just repeat what we’ve heard, and hope that somehow turns into actual knowledge.

We really need some sort of breakthrough on the issue to go forward with any reptilian hypothesis, otherwise it’s just flinging the same ball back and forth. And if in fact they are elusive interdimensional entities, how could we have any breakthrough unless they want to reveal themselves more? Alternatively if the reptilians are a hoax in some sense, how could we have more information about them that wasn’t false? Maybe somebody could uncover the governmental agency’s documents that started the whole hoax, for instance? It’s just we can’t count on anything revelatory happening.

I’m tired of looking at the same information all over again, but this time with a slight twist. I’m not saying we shouldn’t talk about the reptilians, in fact I’d welcome honest, philosophical discussion on whether or not the reptilian hypothesis makes sense. Unfortunately there seems no middle-ground in the alternative media. Most people tend to either reject or embrace the story. We should approach the reptilian issue philosophically, not emotionally, or based on our individual belief systems.

I don’t see the reptilian question going anywhere anytime soon. Still, compared to the Ufology crowd, the reptilian stuff is fairly new. The UFO research community haven’t really uncovered anything new in decades either, at least nothing concrete I’m aware of. The most significant shift that I know is that, instead of thinking UFOs are craft from other planet controlled by ETs, people are starting to think perhaps they’re something more interdimensional or demonic. I find that hypothesis more appealing than the outer space theory, and it would certainly connect it to the reptilians, but that is all very hypothetical still.

I haven’t seen the Don’t Mention the Reptilians documentary, since it’s not out yet, but somehow I don’t think it’s gonna reveal anything new. I wish I was wrong.



The trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eHjQxwd_8M

Don’t Mention the Reptilians-stuff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUzkJATWF2qX8onRJae96GA/videos

Too much extremism, not enough criticism in the “Truth Movement”

There’s too much jumping to conclusion based on a little evidence in the “Truth Movement” or conspiracy theorist community. Whenever someone says something another person disagrees with they’ve labeled disinfo, controlled opposition or worse. Youtube has dime a dozen videos “exposing” Alex Jones as controlled opposition. I can very well understand why people are suspicious of him, since Infowars seems sometimes more interested in their business revenue and advertising than telling the truth. However, it’s never that simple, is it. Alex Jones and Infowars has also woken up countless people and put out good information. I don’t feel qualified to make any final judgement on Alex Jones whether in his heart he is a good or a bad guy. I can only look at facts available and go from there.

This is why the post includes “not enough criticism” in the title. Alex Jones should be criticized for the dubious stuff he’s done, yet if you see someone doing something suspicious you shouldn’t automatically default to the “he’s controlled opposition NWO Illuminati co-intelpro disinfo” programmed reaction. There is plenty of co-intelpro controlled opposition out there to be sure, and it’s easy to see through some of them, but not all. Even so, it’s rather counterproductive to go accusing others without sufficient evidence. People sometimes make mistakes, they make bad choices, or simply say things you disagree with. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are utterly corrupt.

I see some of the “truthers” exposing Alex Jones as a shill, shills themselves. It’s the easiest way to give you the image of being a bona fide Truth Warrior and act all bad ass by sort of pointing out some obvious flaws in Alex Jones. Others who attack Jones this way may be genuine, people who want to contribute to the community, but don’t have any idea what to do so they can at least get some attention by criticizing Alex Jones.

And here I am saying Alex Jones should be criticized for some things, but keep a balanced view. And show some respect, unless you truly know somehow he is not who he claims to be. I’m not a great Alex Jones fan. I’m not saying this because of any personal sentiment for him or the Infowars. I occasionally watch their videos and visit the Infowars website, but on an average day I don’t.

Last year the scandal about David Icke being at the Groucho club emerged. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, though. There’s also been controversy over the lack of transparency over the People’s Voice channel funding. And Icke did hang around with Russell Brand, at least, whether or not they were together at the Groucho club. All of this makes me suspicious of David Icke to say the least. I think he has sort of lost his way, and I’d like to see more constructive criticism of Icke’s actions. However, I’m not willing to throw out all of the good stuff he’s done over the years just yet. Even though the Moon Matrix… well, it seems like something that popped into his head and he wished it would be correct. At least he put out info about the moon that was new for me, such as it probably being hollow and artificial. This info wasn’t new, I think Jim Marrs had written about it long before Icke. Ingo Swann’s Penetration also talks about the moon. Yet even though Icke wasn’t really at the cutting edge of alternative research on this, he did make information not known to everybody spread further.

Let’s be more critical and more respectful, ‘mmkay.

The Everpresent Alien Consciousness

Almost ten years ago, few years before I “woke up”, I did a philosophical thought experiment. I wanted to understand why human society is so fucked up, where we are heading and who or what is directing it. The scenario that seemed more likely was that there is an alien consciousness ruling over humanity. The oppressive system with all sorts of insanity such as consumerism and propaganda didn’t seem like human oppression to me. It’s a very human thing for someone or some oligarchical group to want to be king, to exalt itself over the rest of humanity to gain privileges and goods and services not available to others. It has happened over and over again in history. However where we are now looked different. It didn’t seem like human society was there to merely serve the vain ego of a megalomaniacal individual or group of individuals. There was an alien consciousness behind it.

At the time I thought the alien consciousness would be a bunch space aliens, ETs or something along those lines. Alien conspiracies were familiar to me from science fiction, but weren’t something I would entertain seriously. As I didn’t quite believe in the existence of such beings, I didn’t know how to proceed. I was certain though, that the guiding principle in society wasn’t anything quite banal as human greed, lust or even ignorance. Back then I could only tell myself it’s this construct I called aliens, even though I wasn’t sure how the construct would correspond with reality. Now I can say that it does. There are different ways to interpret what this alien consciousness is, as alien merely means: “foreign, nonnative or differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility”.

Now that I examine the alien consciousness I can divide it into two different possibilities; alien beings from other planets or dimensions, or the alien consciousness is a demon constructed by the human mind and perpetuated in the collective consciousness of humanity through cultural norms and beliefs. Whether the alien is the former or the latter is an ontological question I cannot answer, but I do believe it is there.

However, I’d like to discuss other ontological questions regarding crazy alien stuff. Earlier today I listened to a discussion by The Beard World Order with Tom Secker, James Corbett, and Guillermo Jimenez. They talked about how everyone has a limit while researching conspiracies when something starts to sound too crazy, such as the theory that no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11, rather they were holograms. To the three men this seemed like it was on the limit of what they think is crazy, but at least worth considering. They really should spend a few days studying Freeman. They didn’t even get started with the crazy stuff.

I think the technology probably existed in 2001 to project plane holograms hit the buildings, however I’m not that convinced that is what happened back then.

The Beard World Order sort of laughingly discussed reptilians, and high-lighted some of the stupid and superficial claims about reptilians and aliens. They rightly said that when someone believes a completely off-world and outrageous story, they can justify anything with it without looking at the evidence. For many people the entertainment factor of a conspiracy theory is more important than the factuality behind it. There are loads of cases on the internet about many conspiracy theories relating to the “supernatural” or extraterrestrial that make no sense. I think Before It’s News website is full of them (even though not everything there is like that), for example. However, The Beard World Order indirectly suggested, or at least that is how I understood their discussion, that all conspiracy theories about reptilians and aliens is simply “Hollywoodism” or trying to find a quick and simple answer for everything. That simply isn’t true.

I would counter the secular, “stick to the politics”, level conspiracy thinking by saying that it is them who want a quick and simple answer. They don’t want to complicate things so they don’t look at the “weird stuff”, the stuff that could not exist according to our everyday understanding of reality, yet it seems to exist anyway. I know it’s difficult having certainty when researching any conspiracies, 9/11 has countless conspiracy theories and no-one can say which one is closest to the truth. If you add aliens, occult and other weird stuff into it, it becomes even more confusing. Yet that is what you have to do if you want to find out the truth.

Let’s look at the reptilians, again. The most famous, or notorious, exponent of the reptilians theory is of course David Icke, even though he’s not the first or the last to do so. He claims he met a bunch of people in the nineties, while researching conspiracies, who told him about the reptilians. At first he didn’t want to believe it, but eventually he had to take it seriously so he went public with the information. I believe this is all true. I mean Icke is being genuine when he says this. It does not mean, however that the people who told him about the reptilians were telling the truth. They might have been feeding him disinformation, either wittingly or unwittingly. So I don’t know how much of Icke’s reptilian info is correct, but I believe he was trying to find out the truth, even though his quest took him to strange places. Icke has shifted his story to a slightly different direction over the years. While he does not dispute the reptilian claims, his descriptions have become more general, referring to Djinn, Archons or interdimensional entities more often than reptilians. One thing has always bothered me about the reptilians; if they’re shapeshifters, how can you say the reptilian form is their real form?

While I am somewhat sceptical of Icke’s older theories saying that reptilian shapeshifters are ruling over humanity, I do think there is strong evidence reptilians exist. They just might not be quite what Icke said. In Graham Hancock’s book Supernatural the author recounts the experiences of shaman Michael Harner (originally from the book Way of the Shaman, I believe). Harner had met reptilian beings in altered states of consciousness who had said they’re the progenitors of humanity or something. The indigenous shamans in the South American country Harner was in said that many others meet them too and what the reptiles say is not true. Some of Rick Strassman’s test subjects during his DMT experiments had recounted experiences with crocodile-like entities, some of the test subjects were raped by them. This was mentioned in DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

Based on this I would say those reptilians exist in some sense. An important question is, of course, whether the reptilians exist as external entities apart from humanity, or if they are external manifestations of something within the human psyche, such as the reptilian brain? However, whichever the question is correct, the question we should ask what does it mean if something is internal or external to humanity to begin with? It was suggested by Ingo Swann that there is only one consciousness in the universe, and all of our individual consciousnesses are isolated portions of that consciousness. Or something like that. I find that idea intriguing, and potentially very true. In this sense, everything we perceive as external is merely a perception, and what would that make the reptilians then?

To get back to The Beard World Order discussion, I have to say I respect James Corbett immensely, and he has done a lot of good research, and I hope he continues doing so. I don’t remember if he personally said anything about reptilians or other weird stuff in a strictly pejorative manner in the discussion, but he didn’t set things correct either. Corbett has his down-to-earth way of doing research, which he is good at and I’m not suggesting he should become like Icke or something and start researching UFOs and reptilians. I’m just saying you cannot take simply one aspect of research, and ignore others, or label them cooky Hollywood entertainment. As clichéd as it sounds, everything is interconnected.



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