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Was the Black Pope busted for participating in Child Sacrifice Ring?

An article was published in Thepedogate.com December 24, 2017, saying the Black Pope Adolfo Pachón has resigned from the Vatican after being linked to the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult that engages in child sacrifice. This however appears to be disinformation.

The Black Pope, formally known as Superior General of the Society of Jesus, i.e. the Jesuits, is allegedly the power behind the throne in the Vatican.

The PedoGate article links to another article as its source: Neonettle.com. The Neonettle article, however, is from July 2014. It repeats the same information about Adolfo Pachón resigning due to being linked to the Ninth Circle. I also found an article from Alamoministries.com from May 2014 saying similar things, however it adds “Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby” to the mix.

The thing is however that Adolfo Pachón, also known as Adolfo Nicolás, resigned in October 2016, well after the claims from 2014, and well before the PedoGate article. He was subsequently replaced by Arturo Sosa. Pachón’s reason for resigning was the fact that he turned 80.

I believe the websites making these claims are purposefully pushing disinformation to discredit those who are looking into Satanic pedophile rings. I do believe the members of many powerful institutions in the world engage in pedophilic ritual abuse, including but not limited to the Vatican. However making easily disproven claims such as these only benefit the culprits.



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By whom, when and why was Great Wall of China built?

I find several details on the official history of the Great Wall of China questionable. This has been bothering me for over a year since I claimed that Marco Polo did not go to China, he went to Cathay, a different kingdom. As this is somewhat of a current issues since Donald Trump may be building his own Great Wall of ‘Murica I thought of revisiting it.


The Qin Wall

According to official history, the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, built the first section of the wall around 220-206 BC. Prior to this China consisted of several small kingdoms, but the emperor unified them, and built the wall to keep out hostile nomads. Or rather he unified already existing fortifications and walls from the various kingdoms in China and unified them into a bigger wall. This wall was, according to China Highlights website, 5,000 kilometers long. It supposedly took 20 years to build. China Highlights points out that there are historical records that suggest that “300,000–500,000 soldiers were assigned to both build and guard the Qin Great Wall with the help of 400,000–500,000 conscripted laborers. Other records suggest that up to 1.5 million men were used during the peak of Qin construction.”

This sounds like a huge amount of people, especially since Qin, according to a Wikipedia estimate, had a population of 20,000,000 at the time. If 1.5 million men were involved in the construction of the wall, it would be around 13% of the population. Moreover of that 20,000,000 at least half would be women, then there would be young boys and old men who couldn’t work, so I wonder how many of the able-bodied men in Qin would not have been working on the wall? This sounds dubious to me. On top of that, building the wall supposedly took 20 years. According to Wikipedia the Great Pyramid of Giza also took around 10-20 years to build. Building the great wall was probably even more arduous than the pyramid. And of course, many critically thinking people find the official claims about the building of the pyramid dubious as well.

The Great Wall of China website states that over a million men died building the wall. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to have those men fight the invading nomads instead of working them to death on the wall?


The Ming Wall

Much of the Great Wall we know today was built during the Ming dynasty around 1368-1644 AD. Much of the Qin wall has been lost. The Ming wall was 6,259 km long, a bit over a thousand kilometers longer than the Qin wall. According to China Highlights it took over 200 years to build this wall. This sounds more reasonable, however, it doesn’t mean necessarily that they spent all of the time building the wall. There might have been periods of inaction when it came to the wall.

The Great Wall certainly is genuine enough. I’ve climbed it as well, the feeling up there was marvellous. It really felt like a spiritual place, and not a place of war. Certain historical claims of the wall though might be different.


Lack of References

A book by J. Marshall Unger titled “Ideogram: Chinese Characters and the Myth of Disembodied Meaning” has a chapter by the name of “The Great Wall of China and other exotic fables”. In it the author suggests that the Great Wall is indeed a fable constructed during the Ming period, and no older references to it exist. Even Wikipedia, i.e. main stream history seems to concur.

In an article on the History of the Great Wall of China, it is mentioned that “One of the first mentions of a wall built against northern invaders is found in a poem, dated from the seventh century BC”. Yet this is 500 years before the Great Wall of Qin was allegedly built. Walls and fortifications certainly existed before the Great Wall did. However, in the section on the Qin dynasty the article states: “Details of the construction [of the Qin wall] were not found in the official histories, but it could be inferred that the construction conditions were made especially difficult by the long stretches of mountains and semi-desert that the Great Wall traversed, the sparse populations of these areas, and the frigid winter climate.” Yes, you can infer whatever you want if you unquestionably accept the story, however it seems off that there are no records the greatest feat of human engineering ever that took decades to finish. You’d think there was some sort of scholar who would have recorded the details for posterity both to ensure that Qin could maintain their defenses and also to glorify the magnificence of their emperor. Perhaps someone did, and the records have been lost, or perhaps there was no record since there was no wall.

Wikipedia does quote a Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) statesman Zhufu Yan’s comment on the construction. However, it appears his quote comes from the histriography book “Zizhi Tongjian”, which was published in 1084, at least 800 years after the Han dynasty ended. This sounds unreliable to say the least.


What does all of this mean?

I believe there is disinformation and a cover-up regarding the Great Wall. For what reason, I do not know, but I have a few different scenarios.

One is that the Qin wall never existed and it was invented during the Ming dynasty for some reason. One might be to give posthumous prestige to emperor Qin Shi Huang. Another might be that there had been another construction similar to the Great Wall, but the purpose had been different. Perhaps the lack of scholarly evidence of this construction is due to Jesuit missionaries creating ties with China around the time of the Ming dynasty. They might have confiscated ancient manuscripts or destroyed them.

If the construction was not simply a wall used for defense and transporting troops, what was it then? This is purely speculation, but it might have been some sort of aqueduct or perhaps even a power grid of some sort. China could hold all sorts of ruins and relics of an ancient civilization that are kept under wraps. There are pyramids in China that have not been excavated. Perhaps there are ruins under some sections of the Great Wall, and since the wall is there, it is a great excuse not to excavate there.

We have a clear image of how the walls look today, many people, like myself, have visited the wall, or at least seen many pictures of it. Perhaps it looked different in the past.

In 2009 it was announced that new sections of the Great Wall were uncovered spanning 180 miles. This might be true, or perhaps they are simply manufacturing these ruins, or “reconstructing” them, for tourism. Maybe there are ruins that would reveal an ancient civilization with an advanced technology in China and they are destroying it and making look like just another section of the wall.



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My other writings on ancient China:



Black Goo, Falklands War and disinformation

Updated September 19th, 2015.

I looked a bit more into the matter of the alleged Black Goo, Black Oil, or Sentient Liquid as it has been called. A few weeks ago I discussed German researcher Harald Kautz-Vella’s mention of the Black Goo alongside with alien spiders. I must admit I am fairly sceptical on the matter of the Black Goo, as well as the alien spiders mentioned by Hatibow.

Kautz-Vella claimed in his lecture that the Falklands War in 1982 between UK and Argentina was fought over the Black Goo. As far as I’ve found out so far, the claim seems to originate from a British man called David Griffin. He is apparently part of the Exopolitics UK crowd. Quite frankly, I do not find him credible.

A lecture by Griffin at the Bases Project Conference (a UFO conference, I guess) was for from enlightening, although he did mention various interesting topics. His lecture seemed interesting, but I found it very lacking in content. In fact, I got the impression that since Griffin speaks so fast and throws out various seemingly unrelated topics he makes out to be connected to each other, his goal seems to be to make him seem smart and knowledgeable, and the listener is supposed to feel ill-informed and trust in his expertise. If he truly held important information he wished to share with the public, he would try to make the audience understand it, instead of just spouting it out and moving on. In effect, I think he is using the Emperor’s New Clothes-method of manipulation. Listening to Griffin is like you walked in on a conversation that sounds intriguing, but you don’t understand all of it since you didn’t hear the beginning. The trick is that the conversation doesn’t really have a beginning.

Griffin throws out ideas like that the Falklands War had ulterior motives beyond being a conflict over territory. That certainly is a possibility, but I remain unconvinced Griffin has any actual information on what that was. He also mentions curious deaths of 25 scientists from the British telecommunications and engineering company, Marconi, from the 80s. It is seems very likely they were murdered for some reason, but once again I doubt Griffin knows the secret behind it.

Griffin credits much of his work on a New Zealander called Alec Newald who wrote a book CoEvolution. Newald was allegedly abducted by aliens for 10 days, and taken to the world of the aliens where he learned a lot of important spiritual lessons. His abduction experience may be genuine, but I find these stories of positive alien abductions very suspicious. I am more inclined to believe French Ufologist Jacques Vallee who suggested in Messengers of Deception that whatever the origin of these alien or ET encounters is, is a deceptive agenda that seems to be pushing some sort of New Age religion. Moreover, Alec Newald speaks highly of the Disclosure Project guru, Steven Greer, which is another red flag for me. I’m not quite sure if Newald has said anything about the Black Goo, though.

Harald Kautz-Vella seems to be promoting the claims of David Griffin in the matters of the Black Goo and the Falklands War, which makes me suspicious of his agenda as well.

Another person who has provided information on the Black Goo, or Sentient Liquid, is Alistair Martin. I do not find him very credible either.

So far, I have not found the information that I have seen on the Black Goo very credible at all. Perhaps the Black Goo is simply a fictional substance made up by the writers of the TV show X-Files. Alternatively, if it is a real substance, these men could be pushing disinformation on it to confuse people. This is my interpretation on the matter, I do not have any inside information on it. I am not an expert on the Black Goo. I could be wrong about the intentions of these men, but I am sorry to say they ring of disinfo to me.


P. S.

There seems to be a man called David Ray Griffin who has done work on 9/11. He should not be confused with the aforementioned David Griffin.



I was just watching a video by Arron i.e. Barbarian Rebellion/Police State Radio on the new 9/11 Holocaust cathedral in New York. He also referenced the Black Goo and it reminded me of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called Skin of Evil. It’s from the first season, the episode where one of the main characters, Tasha Yar, dies. The crew encounters a black oily creature called Armus. It is “a malevolent being” that was “formed when the inhabitants of Vagra II (a planet) rid themselves of all the evil they had inside”.

The episode was made in the late eighties and predates X-files references to the Black Goo by several years. I’m still fairly skeptical on this Black Goo issue, but thinking of the episode makes me feel it might be significant that the writers decided to use this black gooey monster, the manifestation of evil, to kill off Tasha Yar, instead of just having her die in regular phaser shootout or something. I also recall watching or reading an interview where the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, said the episode was important to highlight the fact that space is dangerous.

I recently read The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, which mentioned that another name for the secret society, Priory of Sion, is Ormus. Armus, the monster, is quite similar to Ormus.  Maybe the O in Ormus stand for Omega, and Armus stands for Alpha. I doubt there is actually any connection between these names, but I’m putting it out there nonetheless.





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