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Trump Won

Trump won. He already held his victory speech. All of main stream media is broadcasting his victory. I certainly did not see this coming a few months ago. Last year I said he wouldn’t win. I’m glad I was wrong.

There are still some possibly upsets that the establishment might pull. They might said there was some election shenanigans. Professor Doom put up a video, before the results were final, I believe saying that Florida had 137% voting. They might use this, or something similar, as as an excuse to say that the election was fixed for Trump. However, I would say that in reality Trump would have won by a much clearer margin than is reported. The official margin seems to be something like 51%. It’s much the same as with Brexit. The media made up the story that the British people are very divided on this issue. I expect the media to push the same narrative in America. Although, I don’t think the divide is as big as they like you to think it is.

There is of course the possibility that they’ll try to assassinate Trump, but I’m doubtful of it. In Britain the government is trying to backtrack on the Brexit vote, something about appealing on article 50. So some sort of shenanigans is to be expected. However, I would say it is difficult to try to pull something like this in the presidential election. Maybe Obama will try to pull something and remain in office for a third term.  I think he did say that if Trump wins he will do as much.

If Trump does manage to actually get inaugurated, the American people should make sure he holds on to his promises, such as appointing a special team for investigation Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. He better start cracking down on the Luciferian pedophile globalists. He must not let them simply evade punishment. He better start making America great, great in the sense that the people want, and not in the way that the globalists want. He should stem the tide of the LGBT agenda. He should work to fight against terrorism, and by that I mean the terrorism that both the Bush and the Obama regime have been promoting.

I am happy to see Trump win. I am optimistic that he is legit, but I am also cautious. Whatever happens I’m sure next year will be weird. I don’t think anyone knows what will happen. If Trump is legit, the globalist establishment will scheme against him. Even if they are in fact losing power in the US, they will still hold a lot of power elsewhere. This election result might be used to create a divide between Europe and America. Most Europeans probably have bought into the anti-Trump propaganda rampant in main stream media. At least the relations between Russia and USA should start improving, but who knows if they’re trying to manipulate a war between USA and Saudi-Arabia, or perchance China.

We live in interesting times. Keep your eyes peeled.

I hope Trump turns out to be new King Cyrus.


The Revelation of the Corrupt Politicians is Deliberate

Five years ago I wrote the article Illuminati may try to Fake its “Death” where I said there will be a global revolution eventually, but we should be wary of the world that emerges after the revolution.

I also wrote:

“We seem to be in the Externalization of the Hierarchy phase of the New World Order/Illuminati plan. It basically means the Illuminati want people to realize how corrupt and unjust the current system is so we’ll ask for change. Problem-Reaction-Solution. That is why they are allowing people like Ron Paul to gain attention. The Illuminati controls the political game. It is safe to say, Ron Paul wouldn’t be where he is right now, if they considered him a threat. They would have assassinated his persona or the person himself.”

Just replace Ron Paul with Donald Trump and all of this is much more applicable to 2016 than it was to 2011. Although Wikileaks has been around for ten years and has made some revelations in the past, now the corrupt nature of the system is made so obvious even the most ignorant will hear about it. It is known (Khaleesi) that Hillary Clinton lied about the email stuff, we know about her and Obama’s involvement with ISIS, we know she stole the Democratic candidacy from Bernie Sanders, just today a tape was released where she talks about rigging the election in Palestine, and now it seems the FBI might investigate Hillary’s actions after all. The purpose of this is to make you ask for change.

Even the president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, was recently revealed to have had a “Shadow President, Choi Soon-sil, who told her what to do. The Wikileaks emails revealed some information about the “Shadow Government” in the US. I don’t think this is accidental that these revelations come at the same time. Moreover South Korea is allegedly controlled by a secret society of “8 Goddesses” (8선녀) consisting of 8 women, but that’s another story.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece urging Americans to vote Trump as it might make a difference as unlikely as it sounds. I suppose I still stick to that, but I would urge them not to rely on Trump. Maybe he gets elected, maybe he will make things better, but don’t put your faith on him fixing things. He is another chess piece in the plan to reveal the corrupt nature of the political elite so you’d get angry and get out your torches and pitch-forks. The trick is, however, as I wrote 5 years ago, that the Shadow Elite behind the political elite will attempt to hide themselves and let the politicians take the fall. It’s like the generals of an army pretend the colonels and captains have been in charge all along as they skulk away in secret.

Additionally, although I like that character that Trump presents in public, I find it alarming that myself agreeing with all sorts of internet media personalities, who support Trump, but whose views I generally don’t agree with. This is another reason to be wary of getting caught up by the Trump Train.

If and when corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Wall Street manipulators, some bankers, and other globalist schemers get exposed and really start paying for their crimes, don’t let them fool you that that’s the extent of the corruption and the conspiracy. There is a hidden elite behind these frontmen and women we see on television. Their secret socities have existed in the background at least centuries and they won’t go away until we force them.

I don’t know what is going to happen with the US presidential election. Will Hillary go to jail or will she be elected? Will Trump win, will actually Hillary’s vice president, Tim Kaine, take office? His name has interesting connotation, Caine, and he’s supposedly Jesuit-educated. Maybe Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, will become president. The suggestion that there will only be chaos and no election has been mentioned among conspiracy researchers as well, and that Obama will remain for a third term. That is distinct possibility too. Or perhaps we will see something completely different. I’ve predicted previously that Hillary Clinton will win, so I’ll stick to that, but I really don’t know what will happen.



Whatever happens, and whoever becomes the president, the point is to look beyond the surface so you’re not tricked by the smoke and mirrors.



Illuminati may try to Fake its “Death”: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/articles/illuminatifakedeath/

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Americans, please vote for Trump

I’ve stated in the past that I think Donald Trump is controlled opposition, and I haven’t really changed my tune. Knowing how corrupt the system there is little chance of anyone genuine and decent of becoming the nominee for either Republicans or Democrats, and even if Trump is genuine he has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected. That’s what my reason tells me. However, I could be wrong. Reason has limits, and certainly my reason does.

I recently heard that some people have drawn parallels between Trump and King Cyrus, or Cyrus the Great, from the Bible. He was a pagan Persian king who did great deeds for the Israelites. When the Bible says Israel, I don’t think it’s talking about Zionist Jews, but different kind of people. Despite Cyrus not believing in their God, God guided his hand to do great deeds. There are suggestions that God, call it synchronicity, Infinite Consciousness or what you will, is doing the same with Trump.

Trump clearly is no saint, not a godly person, yet he has done some good things, such as shed light on Hillary Clinton’s crimes. Timothy Alberino even called him our knight in slimy armor, the only one who can slay the dragon that is Hillary Clinton. According to Alberino, Trump is going to the lair to battle the dragon and we should support him even if we don’t know if he’s going to succeed or not. Frankly, I don’t know if he wants to succeed or not, but I agree with Alberino that there is chance, a tiny one at that, that Trump might be able to do it. This is why we should support him.

Let’s assume for a moment that Trump really is in it to win it, and wants to make not only America, but the world a better place for all people, not just the globalist elite. If that’s the case, he how could he get elected since the elections are bound to be fixed? Already back in the day George W. Bush got into office due to election fraud, allegedly. Alberino pointed out in his video that a landslide victory is hard to steal. Already when the Brexit results in Britain were announced they were supposedly very even, but I thought that was a fabrication, that in reality the Leave-vote had a much bigger majority than we were told. I think that if the American people were allowed to vote, without any shenanigans the vote would be something like 80% for Trump, 20% for Hillary. I think very few people actually like Hillary, but she gets a bunch of votes from people who hate Trump. Yet I think it’s still a fairly small amount of crazy liberals who truly hate him, it’s just the media has made it seem like more people hate Trump than actually do.

There is also the precedent of the Austrian presidential election earlier this year. The liberal Alexander Van der Bellen won due to blatant voter fraud. I also wrote about it, but to my surprise the election result was later overturned as invalid. So law and justice actually worked that time. People in the West have gotten more savvy to the corrupt nature of our democratic system, and nowadays it’s not just us conspiracy nuts who are paying attention to it. If Hillary Clinton is going to steal the election somehow, she might not be able to do by simply having her minions rig the vote. If she does, her presidency would lose all semblance of legitimacy. This might, however, be what the globalists want; have a completely illegitimate president, even more so than Bush (who won by possible fraud) and Obama (who probably isn’t even American) to run the country to the ground completely. But that’s another story.

I have to admit there is only a sliver of hope that Trump is genuine, and that he might be able to win. It is a long-shot, no doubt. There is million-to-one chance that Trump will beat Hillary, but those are just the odds you need to slay a dragon. I suggest you take it. So I beg of you Americans, vote for Trump. I’ve heard the argument that voting for Trump is choosing the lesser of two evils, and one comment was that you shouldn’t vote for evil at all. This might be true, but maybe Trump isn’t evil after all. God might be on his side, as odd as it sounds.

I am well-aware of what I am arguing for; suppressing your reason and putting your faith in God, or chance. I suppose you could say that is a desperate act, but these are desperate times. Hillary Clinton basically wants to rule in hell, i.e. make hell on earth. If you vote Trump, you won’t lose anything except a bit of your time, regardless of the result of the election. I’d vote for him if I could, but I can’t since I’m Finnish. So please Americans, do it right this time.

There is still almost a month before the election, so a lot can happen. A lot of revelations about Trump, an October Surprise, be a false flag, a war, an assassination. But unless any concrete proof surfaces that demonstrates that Trump is a blood-drinking Luciferian or something to that extent, or he just gives up for no good reason and gives Hillary the election thus revealing he never wanted to win in the first place, I hope you vote for him. It might make a difference.



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Alleged voter fraud in Austria

Apparently there was an election in Austria, and it seems there was blatant voter fraud in the election. Because of the supposed fraud the left-wing candidate, Alexander Van der Bellen, won, whereas otherwise the right-wing Norbert Hofer would’ve won.

I am not entirely sure yet whether or not the fraud actually took place, but if the information I’ve seen is correct, it is blatant. Supposedly some areas had over 100% voter turnout, i.e. more people voted than actually exist in that area.


I don’t understand German, but based on explanations on the internet and Google Translate there were 9026 voters in that place, but 13262 people voted. There are some other claims related to this election as well that hint at fraud.

Unless this turns out to be some sort of hoax, this information needs to go viral. If the authorities can get away with this in Austria, it’ll be sure it will happen in every other EU country as well. We can’t let them get away with this.



The right-wing candidate Norbert Hofer has dismissed the fraud allegations and admitted defeat. Sounds like controlled opposition to me, or at least like a complete bitch.


Austria’s new president Van der Bellen has apparently said that “Anyone who loves Austria must be shit”. President who blatantly despises his country. Clearly the Jewmasons want to cause a civil war in Europe. They keep insulting the European people until they crack.


From /pol:



Update June 9, 2016:

The Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) is formally challenging the results of the election, since there are many irregularities. This is what I like to hear. I doubt that anything will come of it in the end, but at least people are bringing the deception to the surface.



Update July 1, 2016:

It seems the constitutional court has declared the election invalid because of the discrepancies. This is great news. I suppose Austria is going to hold a new election later.




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Trump isn’t going to Win

I hold this to be self-evident and wasn’t going to cover this topic, but I feel like stating it nonetheless. Donald Trump is controlled opposition. He is not going to win the next American presidential election, and he’s not there to do so.

Compared to the other candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Trump’s clearly the best choice, but he’s still not good enough. Sure, he says a lot of things that sound legit, but he’s basically an actor there to gather the sympathies of people who aren’t Cultural Marxists. However, that’s all he is there to do; to look and sound good so you’ll be distracted. People put their faith into Trump fixing things instead of actually doing something themselves. He’s a lot like UKIP’s Nigel Farage in Britain. I’ve shared some of his videos on Facebook in the past, and Farage’s got great rhetoric, but he actually hasn’t done anything useful to free Europe from the yoke of the European Union.

The real positive side about Donald Trump is that he is saying some politically incorrect things in public. This is a sign that the “elites” have been forced to have controlled opposition who at least makes some sense. The people aren’t buying blatant frauds like Bush-Gore and Obama-McCain anymore.

Trump isn’t in the race to win, however. That’s not his job. He’s there to distract, and to make you think the democratic system might still work. It doesn’t. I might still vote of Trump if I were American for the hell of it, but it doesn’t matter. Or maybe I’d vote for Vermin Supreme.

I see a lot of “red pilled” people getting excited over Trump. To them I say, you’re not red pilled enough. You still buy into their games. He is not going to win. It’s a scripted race. The house always wins. I’ll have my “I told you so” when that happens. Or if I’m wrong, and Trump gets elected and starts making decisions that benefit America and the world, then you can say I’m just a dumb conspiracy nut.



Why Hillary Clinton will be the next US president: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/why-hillary-clinton-will-be-the-next-us-president/


German politician Henriette Reker stabbed by anti-immigration extremist?

Yesterday a German mayoral candidate in Cologne (Köln), Henriette Reker, was stabbed by a man when she was apparently campaigning. The media is blatantly pushing the story that the attacker did it because he’s an anti-immigration extremist. Regardless of who the attacker was and what his motives were, the media’s motives are clear; demonize people who have backbone and common sense and who oppose the invasion of their country.

As far as I know this incident was genuine, i.e. not a false flag nor a hoax, yet I am not making any assumptions, meaning I won’t assume that we are being told the truth either. There are a few details in the story I find perplexing though.

Most of the news articles I’ve seen on the incident report merely that Reker was stabbed by a 44-year old man with two knives, and he was motivated by anti-refugee sentiment. The media spends little effort explaning the scene that lead to the stabbing. Other people were apparently injured as well. International Business Times says that “Reker was handing out roses at a weekly market”. Independent UK says her supporters were handing out flowers, and the attacker asked for a rose before stabbing her. The same article also has a picture of bloody bandages next to an electoral advertisement for Reker, and the caption says it was at the crime scene.

The BBC has a picture of the crime scene as well, with a CDU (Christian Democratic Union) umbrella, balloons and electoral poster.

The Guardian does in fact state under a picture of Reker that she was campaigning for the election.


It isn’t, however, immediately clear from the articles that she was campaigning, since the only reason the media cares is that it fits their “demonize people who care about their country” and “promote immigration” -agenda. If then she was out in public when she was attacked, and other people were injured, it would probably mean there were eyewitnesses to the stabbing. Why hasn’t the media said anything about them? Sure, it’s possible the police is still interviewing them, and/or has told them not to say anything to the press, but the media could at least mention something about the existence of eyewitnesses. Moreover the media was apparently leaked the bit of information that the attacker had “a racist motivation for committing this act”, and he had “anti-foreigner motives”.

If the media cared about being responsible, and not spreading hear-say they wouldn’t be colluding together spreading the same message. All the main stream media websites I’ve seen so far have told the same tale that the attacker did it because of his anti-immigration views. There is a clear agenda here.

International Business Times (IBT) describes the attacker as “a 44-year-old resident”, and BBC says the police “have arrested a 44-year-old German national and Cologne resident”. Calling the attacker a “resident” sounds suspicious to me. It might mean that the guy’s background is actually that is an immigrant, or that his parents were. However, I’ll have to wait for more information to be released.

The IBT article also has a short video of Reker, apparently, on a gurney holding her hand up. She seems to be fairly healthy for someone stabbed in the neck and stomach. I guess the attacker didn’t get a decent hit in, or something. This seems suspicious to me.

The alleged attacker’s motive is dubious as well. Why did he stab Henriette Rekel. She was a mere mayoral candidate, not someone important, it would seem. Her English Wikipedia page has three lines of text describing her accomplishments, and six lines describing the attack. Her German page is a bit longer, but I don’t know what it says. Probably the authorities are just going to paint the attacker as another lone nut going crazy. I’m pretty sure lone nuts do exist, and they sometimes commit crimes, but more often than not “lone nuts” are just a tool for the establishment, such as Lee Harvey Oswald. IBT writes: “police were set to evaluate the suspect’s psychiatric health in an effort to see whether his alleged xenophobia was the main reason for the stabbing”.

Even if the stabbing was genuine, and some crazy guy did attack Reker, I’m still not filled with empathy for her. I don’t condone the attack, I don’t support stabbing of old women even if they are idiots, yet let’s look at the big picture. Based on the media narrative, Reker is supporting the invasion of Germany by foreign forces. She is colluding with the enemy, and opening gates for them. If people like her, such as Angela Merkel, are not stopped these stabbings will become much more common, as will rapes and murders and other crimes. I cannot feel empathy for collaborators when a war is waging. Europe, and Germany in particular, is being invaded. The collaborators are doing much more damage to Germany than any crazy person with a knife ever could.



It appears Henriette Reker was elected the mayor of Cologne shortly after her stabbing. How very convenient for her. Although BBC says “She is in a serious but stable condition in hospital”, “Ms Reker is expected to make a complete recovery, they added.” I may be a cynical bastard, but this seems more like a publicity stunt. A very sick one at that.





It has been 5 days since the alleged stabbing. The suspect is “an unemployed painter and varnisher and had been living off welfare payments.” As far as I know no further info on him has been released. I also haven’t seen any update on the four other people who supposedly were injured in the incident.



A candlelight vigil was held against xenophobia. How sweet. I haven’t seen them hold vigils for the women raped by the immigrants. Rather the police is covering them up, and Germans may have their children taken away for criticizing the immigrants on social media. Let’s just ignore all of this and cry for Reker who wasn’t even seriously injured.






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Why Hillary Clinton will be the next US president

Years before Barack Obama was elected the fact that a black guy would be president was heralded in science fiction. Already in the early nineties Star Trek Deep Space 9 had the black captain Benjamin Sisko. The movie Fifth Element had a black president of earth. The TV show 24 had a black guy become president. You can call that predictive programming, prophetic or just an interesting co-incidence, but I think it’s significant whatever the reason behind it is.

Science fiction shows, and has shown for a long time, that the next president will be a woman who rules over a time of great distress and upheaval. Already back in 2009 I discussed this topic on the David Icke forum. I said: “Star Trek Voyager points out that after Obama the president will be Hillary or something… ”

The idea in Star Trek Voyager, which started in the mid-nineties, is that the crew of the starship Voyager is stranded on the other side of the galaxy. It is surrounded by the unknown, and hostile races, and they’re trying to get back home. The captain is Kathryn Janeway, a woman.

The contemporary Battlestar Galactica is from the mid-2000s and suggests Hillary, or another woman, will be president. The story is that the human colonies on 12 planets are attacked by Cylons, a race of robots created by humans long ago. The Cylons massacre the majority of humanity while the survivors escape into outer space creating an exodus in space. The president, and the rest of the cabinet of human ministers is massacred, which leads to the Secretary of Education, Laura Roslin (Rosslyn chapel?), in effect inheriting the presidency.

Both shows, Voyager and Galactica, present the people on the show undergoing great ordeal and fighting for their survival in a harsh environment. The leader in both is a strong female who manages to do well despite the odds and all that. (Granted, in Galactica you could say that Commander Adama is equally important as a leader, possibly even more so than Roslin, but symbolically the president is the leader. The same as in real life. I don’t expect any real leadership from Hillary.)

That is why I’m fairly certain the next president of the US will be a woman. Hillary Clinton was my best bet 6 years ago, and still is. If Galactica’s model is anything to go by, Hillary probably won’t even get elected. Maybe another Democrat becomes the president, and Hillary will be his vice-president but then he gets killed or something. Or maybe a “freak” meteor will hit the White House killing Obama and most of the government and Hillary inherits presidency like Roslin.

I’ve been thinking of discussing this topic for months now, but just as I was watching a video by Youtuber SmokinJoeTrainer he said the market crash that happened August 24th will mean the financial system will finally collapse. Moreover, he said he thinks the next presidential election will not happen, that Obama might be last president. That’s when I felt compelled to write of this sci-fi scenario for US presidency. I don’t know if Joe is right or not on the economic collapse, but if the predictions hi-lighted in sci-fi are correct, the woman president should be inaugurated next year, if not sooner, as Obama’s term is coming to an end.

The female president will also herald a time of hardship, which will mostly likely be some of false flag or series of manufactured problems.

P. S. Donald Trump is most assuredly controlled opposition. Most of the stuff he says sounds nice. His purpose is just to agree with him so you’d keep nodding to what he says instead of actually doing something. Politics is so much like pro-wrestling it’s not even funny.



Star Trek DS9, Sisko, Obama, confusion…: http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=91548&highlight=president+deep+space

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