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Occult Symbolism of Eurovision 2017

I’m doing this a week late since the Eurovision song contest was held a week ago, but since one of my readers asked for my opinion on the symbolism of the Current Year Eurovision I feel obligated to write blog post about it.

I browsed through the final fairly quickly so it’s possible I missed something, and also I should point out these are just my impressions and interpretations of the show. Perhaps the people designing the show did not intend to signal these things.


Diversity Strikes Back

The slogan of the contest was “Celebrate Diversity”, which when translated into normal speech means: annihilate diversity, or promote monoculturalism. David Icke said years ago that when the elites say something, they usually mean the opposite. It’s absolutely true when it comes to “diversity”. Overall, celebrating the destruction was one of the themes I saw in the Eurovision contest.

The logo is a ring of red and black balls. They could be planets, represent the Ouroborous, horns of a bull (or Osiris), or perhaps the pearl necklace of Orion. I’m not sure what they are meant to represent, if anything.


The Start of the Show

As the show started each artist came on the stage as if to introduce themselves. Most of the men were effeminate cucks, and the women just looked weird. At the beginning the camera panned onto the stage, and also a few times during the show as can be seen in the picture below. It reminded me of CERN.


Another interesting bit was when the artists introduced themselves every waved their arms in celebration, except Portugal’s Salvador Sobral, who ended winning the contest. He seemed reserved and humble, whereas most others were very flashy and superficial. I don’t know if this is significant, but he seemed a bit nervous. Perhaps he knew he was going to win, or perhaps his behaviour represented his unique nature that European resonated with, and therefore voted for him.


Another interesting bit is that Israel (which isn’t even European) was the first contestant in the show. Maybe the order was chosen randomly, or perhaps it’s supposed to mean Israel First, Europe Second.



Now I will discuss some of the symbols I saw during the performances of certain artists. Israel had this black sun or iris in the background.



Poland’s song was about freedom and liberation. At first I figured it was just a generic topic for a song, but then I noticed something. There was a night sky with stars in the background. It made me think “A Thousand Points of Light”. Or that according to the Bible, the stars are angels. These stars might represent angels.


Later the word “Freedom” appear in the background. The stars or angels want to freedom, i.e. they are imprisoned.


In the end they turns into a birds (free as a bird) as the angels are freed. I interpret the presentation to mean the celebration as the fallen angels of Lucifer are freed.


The song by the Polish singer, Kasia Mos, isn’t even really about freedom. It’s more a passionate love song. It does have these lines though:

“Like two animals on the run
Not afraid to fly into the sun
Invisible, we don’t leave a trace
We’re shadows in love, we were ghosts”

“Not afraid to fly into the sun” is an obvious reference to Icarus, the symbol of hubris. Also “we” are invisible and do not leave a trace. It sounds like a secret society.



Next in line is Belarus. There was a planet and a bridge (London Bridge is falling down? in the background. Is the planet Nibiru or something?


Toward the end of the performance there was a sun, or a big star in the background. The singers were standing on an airship of some sort. The background show had a Victorian space adventure feel to it.


The lyrics say the following:

“Present day will become a birth
Of new wills and better thoughts

Story of my life
Will shine brighter

The sun will sparkle in our blood
The entire beauty of your eyes”

A herald of the New World Order or a new race, the Moonchild?

Artistically speaking I found the Belarus song to be one of the best in the contest. The singers were obnoxiously cheerful to behold, but their song was pretty decent, at least for Eurovision standards.



The Austrian perfomance has the moon in center stage. The astrological theme in the whole show is obvious. And the singer seems like an obvious cuck.



The Armenian singer looks like a witch, and the performance looks like she’s in hell. There’s also a hindu-like imagery in the performance. There is a symbol in the background that looks hindu to me, and at one point the singer and two dancers create a multi-armed deity icon at some point.


The lyrics go as follows:

“Over deeps, over hills
She casts her wings and now it feels
Love is one

Flying high she became
A sun who’s love and light the same
For everyone”

Seems like an angel. “Love is one” sounds very Current Year “love is love” Luciferian breaking down the boundaries crap. Sun’s love and light sounds like Lucifer to me.



The Netherlands singers remind me of three witches, but maybe it’s just me. At one point, figure of a person appears to be falling into the sun, or something like that. The singers say “angel”. Is the figure Lucifer? Is this an ode to Lucifer?



Italy’s song is Occidentali’s Karma, or Westerner’s Karma. It sounds like a celebration of the fall of the West.  The dancing monkey or gorilla might represent the degradation or dumbing down of people, to turn this world into the Planet of the Apes.

The venue in the music video is a Buddhist temple, but in the performance on stage the chakra system is shown in the background.


Both in the music video and the performance the singer does an odd pose while dancing. I think it’s some sort of symbol.


It looks like the sign of Saturn.


Or the sign of Jupiter reversed.



Portugal won the show, but I don’t have much to say about the performance as it almost put me to sleep.

The lyrics say:

“My dear, listen to my prayers
I beg you to return, to want me again”

He could be praying for the return of Lucifer or the Nephilim.



I actually thought the Azerbaijan performance was sort of interesting. At the end the singer draws a cross on the back of black-robed dancers. The Mark of Cain?



In the Spanish performance there’s the planet Saturn in the background. Nuff’ said. The singer annoys the hell out of me.

Is it just me, or does it seems like every male singer seems like a short manlet? The Swedish guy looked normal/tall though. But most seem short.


United Kingdom

In the UK show, the singer is standing on an oyster shell like Venus. Her image is split into three by mirrors, possibly representing her alters created through mind control. The song is about madness after all.



The music video of the German song was full of obvious triangles or pyramids.


There was a pyramid in the background at some point in the live performance as well, but it wasn’t as obvious.


I feel bad for the artist. It seems to me that she is completely controlled and subjugated by the industry, and probably has to perform all sorts of favours to her handlers. Perhaps the triangles in the video represent how whole of Germany has been subjugated by the Illuminati.

The lyrics go: “I’m almost a sinner, nearly a saint”

Sounds Luciferian to me where morals are just decided on a whim.



A huge head of a titan or Nephilim is in the background in the Ukrainian performance.


The song is about time. Is the giant Cronos or Saturn?



The Swedish artist did the OK sign with his hand both in the music video, and the performance. What it means I do not know, since I’ve heard in the past that it means 666. Nowadays it’s supposedly a racist Alt-Right Trump supporter symbol for White supremacy.



There seems to be the abyss in the background  in the Bulgarian performance. It’s like Leviathan is coming up.



The dome above the stage turns into a spaceship at some point during the French performance. The dome looks like a space helmet to begin with, but during this song it’s most obvious.


The Lowdown

I left out some performances since I didn’t have much to say about them. I noticed some over-arching themes such as astrology and space. There were stars, the moon, the sun, Saturn in various performances. The Italian performance had a symbol that resembles an astrological one.

Religious themes were fairly prevalent as well. Some songs talked about angels. Germany’s mentioned a saint. Portugal’s song had prayer. Italy’s performance featured Buddhism and Hinduism. Armenia had a hindu-feel as well.

Sure, religious themes have been employed in song writing since forever, so this does not necessarily imply some bigger scheme.

Overall I see the Eurovision 2017 performance as another celebration to Lucifer, the return of the Nephilim, or Osiris, or whatever you want to call the religious obsession of the elites. I might simply be interpreting things  through my own bias, as I’ve been researching this sort of stuff for years. Some of the symbolism might be innocuous, but I don’t think all of it is.

If there is some sort of occult agenda behind this, I don’t think the artists are necessarily wittingly involved, but I wouldn’t rule it out either. In this day and age I don’t think it’s impossible that the Illuminati, or whatever you want to call the secret societies, could put their puppet in place in every single country involved in the contest.




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The Final: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehH0_UXtQlY




Ukraine and Australia’s Eurovision Occult Symbolism

The Eurovision contest is over, and Ukraine was declared the winner. Geopolitically it makes sense, I suppose. Everybody is so happy to buy into the narrative of big bad Russia bullying the poor Ukraine, and ignore how Ukraine is America’s bitch.

Anyways, I had figured Russia would be the winner based on the heavy occult symbolism in their show. Russia didn’t win the main contest, but it did win the Marcel Bezençon award along with Australia and Ukraine. I hadn’t even heard of this award before today. I’d wager its purpose is some secret society signalling.

I also hadn’t heard Australia’s song beforehand, so I’ll comment on some of the obvious occult imagery in their show. Later I’ll comment on the Ukrainian show too. Russia’s show I already dealt with in my previous post.

The show starts with a huge letter V pointing at the singer, Dami Im. I’m not sure what it means. Whether it refers to reptilian aliens from the TV show of the same name, the Roman numeral 5, Hebrew numeral 6, NASA’s logo or something else.


Soon we can see that the singer is sitting on the black cube, the same theme as with Russia’s show.


Then a bit later there is this image, the electric colour flashes only briefly. Once again, I’m not sure what it means, but I believe it is important. It sort of looks like the roots of a tree, the tree of life, perhaps. And at the roots would be hell. This is just my interpretation.


Soon after this, the science fiction phase on the show starts. Holographic computer display images start floating in the air, and the singer moves them about. Continuing on the same train of thought, it would suggest that flash of inspiration from a demonic force has allowed us to use this miraculous technology.


Behind the singer and the cube, there appears to be a pillar, or a tree. This could be the tree of life.



The Ukrainian show has very obvious tree themes in it. It stars off with the singer Jamala being surrounded by water. Something going through the birth canal? Baptism of wisdom?


Soon after she comes out of the waters, roots start sprouting from her feet.


Eventually they form a tree. No mistaking that.


And in the end the tree goes away.


I interpret this show to symbolize birthing and creating something demonic, and using their new demonic creation to take control of the tree of life. Perhaps.

I wonder who designed the performances for these artists? Did each country have their own designer, or was there a single person for the whole show?

The Ukrainian song 1944 was about the Soviet’s taking over Crimea back in 1944. I’m all for highlighting the atrocities perpetrated by communists, but that isn’t the purpose of this song, but anti-Russian propaganda. Yet that may not be all of it. The bit sang in Ukrainian is about the singer yearning to return to her homeland of Crimea. One interpretation is of course that Khazar Jews want their land back, as it used to be part of their empire, but I’m skeptical of the Khazar-thing. It just seems there’s something important about Crimea, and taking a good look at the Crimean war from the 19th century might be worthwhile as well.



Winners of the Marcel Bezençon Awards 2016: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=winners_of_the_marcel_bezencon_awards_2016

Dami Im – Sound Of Silence (Australia) Live at Semi-Final 2 – 2016 Eurovision Song Contest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA16qQA4ik0

Occult Symbolism in Eurovision 2016

I happened to catch a part of the Eurovision semifinals earlier this week, although I really don’t like stuff like that. When I saw the Russian artist’s performance the occult symbolism was just too blatant. I should remind everyone that the winner in Eurovision 2014 was a transgender or transvestite Jesus-look-a-like who sang “Rise like a Phoenix”. This alone should have some bells ringing. So apparently occult Masonic or Illuminati symbolism is nothing new to the Eurovision song contest.

The Russian performer is Sergey Lazarev singing “You are the only One”. His show was filled with occult symbolism. At one point he’s standing on a black cube with a sun inside. It’s the cube of Saturn, and the black sun is inside.


Toward the end of his performance something resembling a stargate encircles the sun. It could possibly refer to CERN as well.


As the portal closes, the singer is standing on a futuristic ziggurat.


Then at the end he stands on a white cube (New Jerusalem?) as a woman holds a fire next to it. Is the woman Prometheus? My interpretation of this ritual is that Lucifer, Satan or merely Man is usurping the power of God.



The performance following Russia was Czech Republic. The performance starts with a purple G floating in the air.


Masonic much?



The performance from Montenegro had a black cube with a pyramid inscribed in it. Montenegro means black mountain, so I suppose they’d say the pyramid is a mountain, but I find it rather ominous looking nonetheless. The atmosphere of most of the performances was sinister and Satanic in my opinion.



I haven’t seen all of the performances nor heard all of the songs, so it’s possible I’m missing something relevant. Based on what I’ve seen I’d guess Russia is going to win as their symbolic signalling was the heaviest.


P. S.

Why are countries such as Azerbaijan and Australia participating in the Eurovision song contest as they aren’t part of Europe? Australia has European culture, so it sort of makes sense, but still the same could be said of the United States as well. Maybe it’s because Australia is part of the British commonwealth. Yet I don’t think Hong Kong participated in the Eurovision contest in the 90ies either. But when it comes to Azerbaijan, there’s nothing European about it as far as I know. Then again there’s little that’s European in Europe nowadays either. So who cares?




Eurovision Song Contest 2016 – Semi-Final 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRR3ppOqBzw

Eurovision song contest occult agenda?: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/eurovision-song-contest-occult-agenda/


Eurovision song contest occult agenda?

I’m shamed to admit I watched the Eurovision song contest finals partially last night. The winner was Conchita Wurst, an Austrian drag queen. A bearded woman. I see a few different occult agendas at work here. Whether I’m correct or not is another story.

First of all it’s anti-Russia politics. Supposedly Wurst did his act to fight anti-gay or anti-transgender sentiment, which according to main stream includes Russia. Of course, much of the anti-gay laws in Russia are not even true, the whole conflict was created by the media. A New Statesman article wrote: “Whatever you think of the song, which you can listen to below, a vote for Wurst on the night is another vote against Russian homophobia and transphobia, and a win would send out a strong message of defiance eastwards.”

The winning song is Rise like a Phoenix. I’ve written before that the phoenix is a symbol used by the Illuminati. Lately I’ve been questioning whether or not there actually is any group or agenda which could be described as the Illuminati, but this re-convinces me that it probably does exist after all. Naturally this world is full of conspiracies and malicious agenda’s but whether or not there is an Illuminati controlling them is another question. Anyway the Illuminati works like the phoenix. It takes control, exploits people as long as it can until the people get wise to it. Then it fakes its death, and after a time rises again like a phoenix in another guise. Possibly pretending to be a group that opposes all of the evil the Illuminati did.

The third agenda in the Eurovision winner is the hermaphrodite view of humanity we are given. Conchita Wurst, the character, is a man and a woman. I don’t quite understand the deeper meaning in this hermaphroditic archetype, I just know Freeman has talked about it, and it means something. I guess I should look deeper into it.

Anyways, my two cents about the stupid Eurovision crap. The occult is everywhere.



Can a bearded Austrian drag queen give Putin the bird?: http://www.newstatesman.com/culture/2014/04/can-bearded-austrian-drag-queen-give-putin-bird

Freeman Perspective: http://thefreemanperspective.blogspot.fi/


This pic is from the Eurovision song contest website. Sent by ag in the comments.

The link: “http://www.eurovision.tv/save-files/resizes/58/ee/2d/51/9e/61/48/b9/60/73/4c/64/79/b3/a4/f1/SH_2014D7_backstage2-19.jpg