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Another False Flag in Paris or Mandela Effect?

Seems like Bureau of False Flags is at it again. A gunman killed a police officer in Paris, France, near Champs Elysees. Two others were apparently injured, and the gunman died as well. According to the media at least. Except last night when I saw this news story before going to sleep, the RT article I read said there were two attackers. Today when I woke up, all of the media sources I’ve seen are saying there was only one, including the same RT article. This must be Mandela Effect, right?


The Second Gunman already forgotten

No. I found a website, News Sniffer, that records the changes that news articles undergo as they’re updated. Every instance of the article is recorded. The RT article did originally say:

“The assault was “very probably” a “terrorist act,” with two attackers apparently involved, Reuters reported, citing police source. Howver, there is no official confirmation of that so far.”

Now there is no reference to this second attacker. I’ve heard the same story so many times I’ve forgotten most of them. A terrorist attack occurs or a crazy gunman goes on a rampage, initially there are reports of two or more assailants, but eventually it’s reduced to a lone nut. Sometimes the media at least has the decency to state that there were reports of two attackers, but they were mistaken, however this time it has been brushed aside entirely.

A couple of examples of two attackers in a shooting where one of them is discarded from the official story are the Utøya massacre in Norway in 2011, when Anders Breivik allegedly shot nearly a 100 people, and in 2012, James Holmes allegedly shot up a movie theater showing a Batman movie. Certain eye witnesses claimed he had had an accomplice, but he’s been erased from history as well.

Then there’s a little event you might have heard of, the JFK assassination.


The Election

The timing of this attack is convenient as the French presidential election is only a few days away. Some people are already saying this attack has confirmed the victory for Marine Le Pen. News articles on the terrorist attack have a similar structure to them. RT reports on the attack, and then posts the Twitter responses of candidates Marine Le Pen and François Fillon. BBC reports on the attack and asks “Could the attack influence the elections?”. CNN reports on the attack and has a big sub-headline “Elections on Sunday”.

Clearly they want you to be thinking of this incident when the French go vote. So was this a false flag to make Le Pen win? Possibly, maybe not. Last year in Britain before the Brexit vote, a remainer MP, Jo Cox, was killed by a right-wing Lone Nut™. Despite this Brexit happened. Perhaps the global conspirators want the French to feel the need for Le Pen, but they will fix the election in favour of Fillon to make the French feel even more desperate to possibly cause a civil war, or a new French Revolution.

Then again, the psy-op may have simply shifted from left to right. I was happy that Brexit happened, I was relieved when Trump won the presidency and I hope Le Pen wins as well. Yet I suggest to remain vigilant. The entity or entities behind these false flags, wars and everything else might simply be manipulating us into another cul-de-sac. I certainly am not clear to what extent the anti-globalist sentiment that has arisen in recent years is a genuine threat to their establishment, or simply another red herring.



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Cleveland Facebook Killer Claptrap

A 37-year old man, Steve Stephens, is allegedly going around Cleveland, Ohio, killing people and he even uploaded a video of it on Facebook. The police still haven’t caught him. I find this story unbelievable for several reasons.

First of all, in the contemporary West surveillance is everywhere. There are CCTV cameras, they can locate your cellphone and who knows what they can do to turn your own devices against you. Yet the police cannot find a man who advertised his crimes on Facebook. The ever-present surveillance never seems to help with any kind of terrorism or other extremely violent crimes. Curious, isn’t it?

I don’t think the police want to find him. This could be for various reasons. One is that the perpetrator is Black, and the liberal establishment does not want to demonize Blacks, so they aren’t really trying. I don’t think this is the case, but it’s possible. Another reason might that the authorities want to cause havoc for whatever reason, such as invoking martial law in Cleveland.

Then again, I’m not convinced he has actually killed anyone. If there have been these 14 murders Stephens alludes to, he may be a (willing?) patsy, or maybe no-one died. There’s a video where Stephens appears to be driving, and very calmly he says he just snapped and killed some people. I think he’s acting. At some point he appears to even be looking at his dashboard as if reading his lines. I don’t find his performance credible at all. Moreover, he is holding a phone he is talking to with one hand, and he is supposedly holding another phone with the other and he is driving with the same hand. It’s not impossible to do so, I suppose, but I don’t find it credible either.

It seems most likely that this event is going to be used to push for some sort of agenda. Might be gun control, heavier surveillance such as microchipping of cars or people, or something else. There have been a few “trucks of peace” in Europe in recent months, and a car is involved here as well as the cops supposedly cannot find it, so maybe the globalists are going to push for some sort of “smart” cars that can be tracked and remote-controlled somehow to prevent terrorism and other crimes. But that is just speculation.

I didn’t go looking into this event assuming it’s some sort of false flag or a hoax. I honestly took it at face value when I heard there’s some Black guy killing people and uploading it on Facebook. However, today when I heard that the police still haven’t caught him it raised a red flag. Then I saw the video of Stephens admitting to killing 13, and planning to kill another person, I just found it fake. I’m really beginning to think I was correct when I said that there is some sort of Bureau of False Flags a month ago, which is why we keep getting these half-assed hoaxes and false flags. They’ve got job to do, and gotta fill that quota of at least one event per month.




Accused Facebook killer Steve Stephens faced multiple evictions, financial trouble: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/04/18/accused-facebook-killer-steve-stephens-faced-multiple-evictions-financial-trouble.html

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Terrorism never changes

Another terrorist attack occurred in London the other day and all of the same patterns repeat. The media says the attacker was connected with ISIS. Right-wingers say we have to stop Islamic immigration. Leftists say Muslims dindu nuffin. Conspiracy theorists claim it was a false flag, or that it was a hoax and nobody died. I’ve seen the same pattern so many times. Nothing ever changes.

Usually when you get down to the details of events like these, they turn out to be false flags of some sort, and even if they were “organic” terrorist attacks, they were still set into place by the same globalist forces that manufacture false flags, as the Islamic terrorists were allowed into Europe by them. Yet in the end, it does nothing to change the situation when conspiracy researchers tear apart the official narrative. These things still keep happening. Why? What’s the point in this whole game?

Fear is certainly one obvious purpose for these terrorist attacks. Fear is used to control the masses. The latest attack in London might be used as an excuse to cancel Brexit, if the politicians try to claim they need the protection of EU to fight against terrorism. Yet the people who orchestrate these events must know that there will always some independent researchers who points out the falsities in the official story. I think the imperators of terror are well aware of it, and leave obvious clues on purpose. They weave a symphony with at least two different layers to it, one for those who buy the official story, and one for those who don’t. Terrorism, false flags, hoaxed events have become so banal that they evoke little fear in a great amount of people. So instead the imperators of terror distract those people with the conspiracy angle. Instead of actually doing something to topple the shadow elite, you’re chasing another white rabbit down the hole. It’s a bit like watching a detective TV-show.

I sometimes think these terrorist attacks are so frequent because the intelligence agencies have a Bureau of False Flags. They have a whole bunch of people employed with a huge budget so they gotta keep churning out those terrorist attacks, otherwise they’d be out of a job. It’s sort of like Hollywood; they haven’t had a unique idea for a movie in 15 years, but they have to keep making movies since the industry is already there. So perhaps the only way to stop terrorism is to go after the Deep State. Shouting at the media won’t help. Exposing the false flag on Youtube won’t help.

While I do not wish to dissuade anyone away from the pursuit of truth, but I’m really beginning to see it as a waste of time to delve too deeply into these terrorist attacks. The underlying facts remain the same whether or not you have a conspiratorial or a main stream view of things: there are plenty of Muslims in Europe (some in America as well) that commit violent crimes. I do think that when it comes to most terrorist attacks, Muslims are used as patsies, but people from Islamic countries have perpetrated various acts of violence, especially rape, in several European countries over the recent years. It’s a catch 22-situation; if you blame Muslims for terrorism, you are buying a lie, but if you say that Muslims haven’t done anything wrong, you’re buying another.

Whether you consider yourself right-wing, left-wing, conspiracy theorist or main stream, the facts still remain the same. The Deep State in the US and certain European countries (and perhaps one or two Middle-Easterns ones as well) have started all sorts of wars and troubles in the Middle-East, which has eventually lead to throngs of people coming to Europe and starting troubles here. Whether you’re a hard core right-wing nationalist who cares about the safety of your people most, or a left-winger who has compassion for those poor Muslims, your ultimate enemy is the Deep State, that has destabilized their homelands and forced them to go elsewhere. If you really care about helping Muslims, you’d stop fantasizing about the hetero-normative White patriarchy and recognize the Deep State as your enemy.

I do think that details, and the truth in general, matter, especially when it comes to suspected false flags, but you still shouldn’t lose track of the big picture. I think a lot of conspiracy minded people just go into autoplay when they see a possible false flag and start analysing the components, and in effect cease thinking about what it all means in the end. The same patterns repeat. Stop getting distracted by the heads of the hydra, go for the body.

2016, Summer of Infinite Love?

I recall David Icke say 5-6 years ago that the summer of 2016 will be known as the summer of love or something to that extent. I can’t find the video know, but there is one video from 2011 that has Icke’s speeches, and annoying background music, titled: “David Icke – 2016 Summer of Infinite Love”.

Now it is the summer of 2016. There have been countless terrorist attacks and random acts of violence in Europe and America. Needless to say summer of love couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yet the point Icke was trying to make can be heard in another video from 2010 where he says that 2016 will be the year of change instead of 2012. Looking at the world back then, this outlook is reasonable. He was certainly right that no great visible change occurred in 2012, no end of the world, no second coming of Christ, no alien invasion. 2016 might have been just an arbitrarily chosen number meant to say that things will change sometime in the near future, but not as early as 2012. This year still has several months left. We’ll see if any change for the better will occur or not.

Many of the terrorist attacks of this summer have most likely been false flags, but probably not all. Despite this, the whole situation has been contrived by the globalist conspirators. They’ve imported potential terrorists and violent criminals into Europe and America, even if they don’t directly control all of them. I think the conspirators are getting desperate and attempting to make us scared. I’m not sure they’re so successful overall, though.

Icke says in one of the videos that the control system is in its death throes, and they’re throwing all they can at us. The Summer of Chaos is certainly evidence of this.

There have been so many attacks during the summer, from the Orlando gay club shooting to the shooting in Munich and recently a killing of a priest in France. They’re too many for me to recall all of them. I don’t propose that we should be callous and ignore the carnage, but we should remain calm and see the attacks for what they are; a brutal form of social engineering so we’d accept whatever false solution they’re going to offer.



David Icke – 2016 Summer of Infinite Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyN-kJYbzRw

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Munich shooting false flag


There was another terror event in Europe. So it goes. This time an 18-year old German-Iranian allegedly killed 9 people in Munich. I call bullshit on the whole story. This was probably a false flag, or at least they’re covering something up.

According to eye witnesses there had been three shooters, but now as the event is over there appears to have been a single culprit. Eye witnesses say 3, the police say 1. Moreover, the alleged shooter was found dead during the night. Supposedly the killer had shot himself, and I don’t think the police saw him do it. There are a few different interpretations to this bullshit story.

One is that there were three or more shooters, this was a false flag and the dead alleged shooter is a patsy. Either he was one of the shooters, or just a complete fall guy. Another possibility is that the dead alleged shooter has been framed by the real shooter(s). Since, based on my understanding, the police didn’t see him actually shoot people, the actual shooter(s) may have taken an innocent person captive, shot him and given him a gun to make him look like the killer. The actual shooter(s) may have escaped, while the police is chasing a red herring. Sure it’s possible that this was a hoax of some sort, and nobody died, but unless evidence that suggests this was the case surfaces, I’m going to assume that the shooting was real.

The authorities seem very incompetent in this case, if not outright dishonest. At least the information released out to public hasn’t given any evidence to suggest that the police have any clue what they’re doing. 9 people were killed and 16 wounded. It happened in or around a mall. Surely there are surveillance cameras. The search for the shooters lasted for several hours. How can it be so difficult for the police to track down the culprits?

If you’re thinking the police in Germany are ill-equipped and there needs to be more surveillance, more power given to the police, you’re playing into their game. This is classic problem-reaction-solution.

I must reiterate. The alleged shooter was killed so he cannot spill the beans. The media is calling him a “lone wolf”. This is classic psy-op stuff. I’m pretty sure they’re covering something up at least.



It appears that German journalist Richard Gutjahr was present at the Nice truck attack at France earlier this month, and he was also present at the Munich mall shooting. This is very suggestive that both events were false flags.

Gutjahr appears to be married to an Israeli politician Einat Wilf. According to Wikipedia she considers herself a Zionist. There are some allegations that she is a Mossad agent as well, but I am not sure if it is true or not.








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Alex Jones showmanship at RNC

An altercation occurred between Infowars’ Alex Jones and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur at the Republican National Convention. This is probably something people will be gossiping about until they find a new source of entertainment. And basically entertainment it is, since I believe it’s a deliberately created distraction. A couple of days ago something else happened that Alex Jones does not want to be known by his fans and followers.

A few days ago Jones was supposedly attacked by communists at the RNC, but that’s not the whole story. Another alternative media journalist, Anthony Antonello, was on location, and even managed to film how Jones was surrounded by police and bodyguards immediately after the attack. They treated him like a VIP. Antonello also says that Jones claimed that some demonstrators were punching cops and throwing around urine and feces, yet no-one has been arrested nor is there any video of these crimes. The conference had been peaceful prior to the arrival of Alex Jones, according to Antonello, which suggests Jones is creating controversy to get attention.

Then the altercation between Alex Jones and Cenk Uygur happens. In the Youtube video Alex Jones walks to the set of Young Turks with his crew and starts behaving like an obnoxious asshole. It’s no wonder if Uygur gets mad, especially knowing his temper and personality. Now I despise Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks, and have no desire to defend them, yet I think Alex Jones contributed to the escalation of the situation almost as much as Uygur’s behaviour. I think they worked in tandem to create this situation to draw attention away from the facts that Anthony Antonello reported. It’s like pro-wrestling.

At least Alex Jones and Infowars have put out some decent information along the years, but overall, especially after stunts like these, it’s hard to accept them as genuine. I have nothing good to say about The Young Turks. I find it ironic, and a bit sad, that I have never watched videos from their Youtube channel or visited their website, yet I’ve seen several hours of their footage as many anti-SJW Youtubers often discuss something stupid that The Young Turks have said. Why? Why give the attention to The Young Turks? Are they in any way relevant? Would anyone care if famous and eloquent Youtubers weren’t dismantling their logical inconsistencies consistently?

In fact I first heard about the existence of The Young Turks from Alex Jones. He was saying something like they are funded by Al Gore, they’re controlled opposition and so on. How about not giving them attention then? In my opinion the main difference between The Young Turks and Infowars is that The Young Turks is irrelevant. If the people who supposedly oppose their ideology stopped promoting them, they would go away. Infowars on the other hand, do sometimes offer some relevant information, when they have time from selling T-shorts and water filters. That’s why their duplicity should be exposed.

I want to thank Anthony Antonello for what he managed to bring to my attention.



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It’s all scripted

A week ago a shooting occurred in Dallas where 5 police officers were allegedly killed by a man with Black Lives Matters sympathies. I don’t know whether or not the incident itself was a false flag or not, but the whole overall situation certainly has been manufactured. It’s all about creating resentment and fear between different groups.

There certainly are genuine cases in the US when the police use excessive violence against Black people. I have no doubt about that, but then again there are cases when the police use excessive violence against White people. Black Lives Matter, and other “Social Justice” organizations, as well as the media are there simply to bolster resentment, not to help any oppressed minorities. When a genuine abuse of power occurs, the media ignores it, but when a Black person with a dubious background gets killed by the police the media is all over it. This is supposed to polarize the hearts and minds of people.

People who have sympathies for Black Lives Matter might think of a genuine case when the police mistreated a Black man, and project that conception onto these manufactured media events. Whereas people who oppose these Social Justice buffoons usually do it based on good evidence, yet their worldview tends to get polarized as well. Although they recognize that the amount of police on Black violence, or just White on Black violence, is exaggerated in the media, it might make them to ignore when such things actually do happen. It can also make White people think that Black people are all at the core savages who just “chimp out”. When you are reminded by the worst examples of a certain group, it’s easy to think all members of the group are despicable people.

All of this is to create tension and division between people.

Another thing events such as the Dallas shooting is used for is militarization of the police. Some Black Lives Matters activist have stated that the police force should be dismantled, whereas others have threatened to kill police. One simple conclusion to make is that since the police are threatened in this way, they need to be armed better. This just another nail in creating a proper Orwellian police state. I should remind that Black Lives Matter is not an organic, grassroots organization but funded by people such as George Soros.

I shouldn’t forget the gun control drones either. They always step out of the woodwork as well.

The point I am trying to make here is simply that events like this are orchestrated, but that they have been planned decades ago, if not even earlier. They do it to elicit a reaction in us. A couple of years ago I wrote an article that Charles Manson described the oncoming race war already in the sixties. I think he had some inside information on that. More significantly the Freemason Albert Pike allegedly wrote:

“We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

The Regressive Left, the Social Justice Warriors and their ilk have been created with the exact purpose of turning us into raging savages when we’ve finally had enough of their insanity. There is another entity pulling their strings. We must protect ourselves from the monsters they create, yet we should not fall victim to their games. Like Nietzsche said: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster.”



Charles Manson was right: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2014/11/27/charles-manson-was-right/

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