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Kabbalistic Origins of the Copernican Model

The Copernican heliocentric model and the Big Bang are the basis to the understanding of the cosmology of modern science. Those who tend to look at things critically have probably found these claims somewhat questionable, and there are claims that these ideas, and others concepts of modern science, such as Evolution, are actually of occult or religious origin. There is also alleged Jesuit involvement in our current understanding of the universe. While there are certainly plenty of material on the internet about this, I decided to take a look at it myself. In this article I’ll focus on Nicolaus Copernicus and his ideas. Next time I’ll look at the Big Bang.

However before I move on, I’d like to share my take on the Jesuits, or the claim you see here and there: “It’s the Jesuits.” Jesuits are actually the first conspiratorial group I ever heard about. When I was a child learned that Jesuits embodied the maxim: the ends justify the means. I’m not sure where I learned, maybe from my parents, but ever since I had had the idea of Jesuits of being some sort of conspiratorial cabal. That was years before I even heard the names Freemason or Illuminati. Then around ten years ago, when I was getting serious about learning about conspiracies and secret societies, I heard from a Christian friend that Jesuits are actually really nice, he said they are sort of like hippies. That confused me greatly.  He seemed to be describing a completely different group from the historical Jesuits. Both because I suppose I associated Jesuits with my former childhood self, and my friend’s confusing comments, I hadn’t looked much into Jesuit conspiracy theories in my conspiracy theorist “career”, but maybe a couple years ago I saw some articles about Jesuit universities.

I’ll this article from NY Times as an example from 2013. It describes how the Jesuit Georgetown college celebrated OUTober, an LGBT gay-parade with students prancing around wearing pink shirts. My friend’s view of Jesuits must have originated from these kind of liberal, tolerant modern Jesuit colleges. The Jesuits have been, and still are, all about pursuing their own nefarious agendas and subverting society’s values. It’s just that the times are different, and they are using different methods nowadays. A few centuries ago they were probably more focused on sequestering knowledge, assassination and more traditional cloak and dagger stuff, now they are putting on a benevolent mask and are engaging in social engineering, such as LGBT agenda.

Yet I still do not agree that “it is the Jesuits”. You see and hear these people saying “it’s the Jesuits and that guy never mentions the Jesuits, so he must be a shill”. The next guy says: “No, it’s actually the Freemasons. You’re the shill.” Whereas the third guy claims: “It’s the Jews.” I think these groups, and many others are part of the secret society control system, but I do not know who or what group is on top of it all, nor do I trust anyone who claims they know the truth, unless they are a member of the group that rules over all other groups.


Copernicus and Kabbalah

Let’s move on to Nicolaus Copernicus and the heliocentric model of the solar system. Before Copernicus’ theories, most Europeans believed in the geocentric Ptolemaic system. According to Wikipedia, Copernicus had formulated his theory already in 1510, but his book “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres” was published after his death in 1543. Interestingly in the Controversy-section of the article it states:

“The immediate result of the 1543 publication of Copernicus’s book was only mild controversy. At the Council of Trent (1545–63) neither Copernicus’s theory nor calendar reform (which would later use tables deduced from Copernicus’s calculations) were discussed. It has been much debated why it was not until six decades after the publication of De revolutionibus that the Catholic Church took any official action against it, even the efforts of Tolosani going unheeded. Catholic side opposition only commenced seventy-three years later, when it was occasioned by Galileo.”

I suppose the Catholic church created the controversy on purpose, since Copernicus’ theories had not caught on in the regular people. So they turned Galileo into this oppressed anti-hero basically to advertise the Copernican model as the new and exciting thing that the establishment supposedly is afraid. Sort of how they got a lot of people, myself included, to support Donald Trump. (Although my support of him wasn’t really so much because the establishment pretended to hate him, but because of Hillary Clinton and Pizzagate, but that’s another story.)

Let’s get back to Copernicus. His book was called “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres”. Just the name itself reminds me of the Tree of Life of Kabbalah and Sephiroth spheres on it, or the Norse World Tree with the hanging worlds on it.


I used to think this similarity pretty much proves there is some truth to Kabbalah and the ancient myths, but now I am skeptical of the modern cosmology, so I am more inclined to think the “scientists” who have been pushing this model do so because their religion says so. Nowadays many of the flat earthers believe in the Biblical geocentric, domed-model. I suppose I am one of them, but I am happy to admit I could be wrong. There does seem to be some sort spiritual and scientific battle between these two religious concept going on. One of them could be right, and one wrong, or perhaps both are simply religious ideas.

Anyway, the heliocentric model that Copernicus was pushing is rather Kabbalistic. A Kabbala site called Revealing Science of God says: “It should be noted that the 16th century also witnessed perhaps the first scientific verification of Kabbalist teaching with the book written by Copernicus. The Kabbalists never taught the Earth to be the center of the universe, and Copernicus’ discovery proved them right.”

Another blogger on WordPress had written an article titled: “Copernicus And His Kabbalistic Methods”. He quotes Copernicus saying: “Nor is it necessary that these hypotheses should be true, nor indeed even probable, but it is sufficient if they merely produce calculations which agree with the observations…” This sort of reasoning does indeed seem Kabbalistic.

Torahscience.org has an article states that the Torah, i.e. the first five books of the Old Testament, has a geocentric universe. However, when a “holy” Rabbi Ruzhiner was presented with Copernicus’ theories, people expected him to deny them, however the Rabbi responded as follows:

“When he was informed of this, the Holy Ruzhiner remained completely composed and his response was a very special one. He said that whether the earth revolves around the sun or the sun revolves around the earth depends on the service of the tzaddikim, the righteous Jews of the generation. The answer to the question of “What revolves around what?” is not an absolute answer. If, for instance, the tzaddikim in this generation would serve God in a manner in which it would be correct to see Pluto as the center of the solar system, then in some mysterious way scientific discoveries would adapt to reflect that change.”

Those “tzaddikim” are probably the good Jews who believe in Kabbalah and the Talmud instead of the Torah.

Later on the article gives another example of this: “Accordingly, the variation between geocentricism and heliocentricism can be compared to a difference between a service of God that sees man (on earth) as the center, with God, as it were, revolving around man and caring for all of man’s needs; or perceiving God as the center, whereby man is obligated to God and His commandments.”

According to Kabbalah, it would seem, anything can be anything as long as you can bullshit and fast talk others to believe in it. Even the laws of nature and God are subject one’s ability to make stuff up. I have noticed similar things have permeated all aspects of modern society. Feminism is one example. They say rape is power + privilege, and since White women have them, they cannot be raped. Alternatively, a woman who had consensual sex with man can turn the act post coitum into a rape if she regrets later her promiscuity. Once again, twisting words around can supposedly change reality to suit one’s needs.

I do not know whether Nicolaus Copernicus had studied the Kabbalah, but he did seem to adhere to many Kabbalistic notions. I also do not know if there is any connection between Copernicus and the Jesuits. The Jesuit order was officially formed 1540 and Copernicus died 1543, so it is possible they might have had something to do with it, but I haven’t seen any actual evidence of this.


The Catholics

The Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says that during Copernicus’ lifetime, the Catholic church seemed to be fine with his theories:

“Pope Clement VII (r. 1523–1534) had reacted favorably to a talk about Copernicus’s theories, rewarding the speaker with a rare manuscript. There is no indication of how Pope Paul III, to whom On the Revolutions was dedicated reacted; however, a trusted advisor, Bartolomeo Spina of Pisa (1474–1546) intended to condemn it but fell ill and died before his plan was carried out. Thus, in 1600 there was no official Catholic position on the Copernican system, and it was certainly not a heresy.”

So Pope Clement VII, who appears to have died before Copernicus, reacted favourably to his theories, and the Pope who succeeded him was Paul III to whom Copernicus dedicated his book. Had the Catholic church been hostile to Copernicus’ theories, you might interpret this as a kind of FU from Copernicus, however it does not appear that was the case. There probably were many individuals who did not appreaciate his un-Biblical cosmology, but overall, as Stanford Encyclopedia stated, the heliocentric system was not a heresy.

Interestingly, as is mentioned above, Pope Paul III’s advisor, Bartolomeo Spina, wanted to condemn Copernicus’ book, and presumably he could have influenced the Pope as well, but he fell ill and died. Convenient, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps he was poisoned. His Wikipedia page doesn’t say much, but it says Bartolomeo Spina was involved in prosecuting witches, so he probably understood the Copernical model as the occult concept that it is.

There are some claims that Nicolaus Copernicus may have been a prist. At least he did not marry, and he was a member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic, which is some sort of lay Dominican order. The New Advent website states:

“After his university studies Copernicus practised medicine for six years (1506-1512) at Heilsberg, being sought by bishops and princes, but especially by the poor, whom he served gratis. There is no document to show that Copernicus ever received higher orders. His medical practice, which was only private, would not speak against him being a priest, and the fact that in 1537 King Sigismund of Poland put his name on the list of four candidates for the vacant episcopal seat of Ermland, makes it probable that, at least in later life, he had entered the priesthood.”

So he might have died a Catholic priest. I’ve uncovered no evidence of any involvement of Jesuits with Copernicus himself. The Catholic church, however, did seem be in good relations with him.

Copernicus certainly seems to have been influenced by the Kabbalah, and it was all approved by the Catholic church.

Next time I’ll focus on the Big Bang theory and it’s obvious occult origins.



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#FreeMilo Claptrap

The flamboyant gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter a week or so ago for hurting the feelings of a feminist, and criticizing the latest feminist symbol, the new Ghostbusters movie. Naturally it’s insanely stupid that Yiannopoulos was banned for doing nothing wrong. However, what annoys and concerns me is not the fact that Twitter censored him, but how everyone and their uncle is so eager to defend him. This sort of censorship is not really so Orwellian as it is childish, and anyone with half-a-brain understands it.

What people seem to ignore is how this is clearly a ploy of some sort of promoting Milo Yiannopoulos as some sort of new hero of our time. They seem to be buying it, since there are countless videos on Youtube defending him. Banning Milo from Twitter is wrong, of course, but they should take a minute to think what sort of person he is.

Milo is not only a homosexual, but a flamboyant homosexual who delights in bragging with his perversions. What he does in his bedroom is not any of my business, and that’s just the point, he doesn’t want to keep his private life private. Everyone’s heard how he likes BBC, i.e. Big Black Cock, and other perverse desires and exploits of his. On top of that he is a Zionist Jew. Or at least he supports Israel based on my understanding.

I don’t get his popularity. Why are many supposedly alternative and conservative people supporting him? Sure, he’s more witty than the average bloke, but I don’t think there’s much substance behind his flair. He is just an Oscar Wilde-wannabe.

Back to the censorship issue. Like I said, Milo getting banned is wrong, but where is the outrage and the (alternative) media attention when other people get censored? How about the Germans who got arrested for criticizing mass immigration on Facebook? Sure, it has been mentioned here and there, but it doesn’t mobilize people as much as whatever silly stuff Yiannopoulos is up to. There are more significant issues than Milo getting banned from Twitter, you know. It’s both a distraction for us and free advertising for Milo.

Feminism is in its death throes already. It’s lashing out as fast as it can, but people are seeing it for the scam that it is. This means that the global conspirators have to come up with new games and controversies, heroes and villains for the masses to occupy their minds with; enter the “alpha-homo”, the Natural Aristocrat, Milo.



Milo Yiannopoulos supports Israel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGh5pVwtqpQ

German Police Raiding Homes over Facebook ‘Hate Speech’: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/07/14/german-police-raiding-homes-over-facebook-hate-speech/


Backlash against the Angry Video Game Nerd for refusing to watch Ghostbusters

A couple of days ago James Rolfe, AKA the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), released a video saying he won’t be reviewing the new Ghostbusters movie. Today I found out that the liberal media is getting butthurt over his statement. Just because a man states in public that he does not wish to see a new Hollywood comedy loads of people are getting irate over it. Welcome to current year.

I’ve been a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd for 10 years now, and although he doesn’t do many game reviews nowadays I still respect him. He rose to fame by reviewing bad, old video games in a very entertaining manner. AVGN sometimes reviews movies as well, but those are usually more like a nostalgic look to the past whereas his game videos are where he truly shines.

AVGN basically states in his Ghostbusters non-review that the movie will suck, so don’t waste your money on it. That’s should not be a controversial statement. The vast majority of movies shat out by Hollywood in the last 10-15 years have been remakes, reboots or sequels of older franchises. Most of them suck, and even the better ones are brainless entertainment at best. They hardly strive to tell a great, unique story nowadays. So one should anticipate that the new Ghostbusters will suck as well. However, Ghostbusters is more hated even before its release than most movies.

The trailer of the movie has been one of the most downvoted videos on Youtube, because the humour is pathetic. Another reason is that the cast of the four original male characters has been replaced four females. This is not aggravating because everyone is sexist, but that it is blatant Feminist subversion of the entertainment industry. People just want to see a fun movie about busting ghosts, like the original one was, but instead they are spoon-fed this propaganda. Naturally they are pissed off.

AVGN does not even address this Feminist-propaganda issue in his video, yet he gets lambasted by numerous media websites simply for saying that he doesn’t want to pay money for it and suggests that you do the same. An article in the Esquire is titled “You’re Whining About the Ghostbusters Reboot Because You’re Still a Child and Need to Grow Up”. A Salon article rambles on incoherently on the Nerd’s refusal to see the movie. According to Deathandtaxes AVGN is “sitting in a wet diaper”. Another site accuses James Rolfe of “soft sexism”. Slog suggests that Rolfe is mentally masturbating by making his video. And there’s more, but I’ve had enough.

The new Ghostbusters movie hasn’t even been released yet, and there are all of these websites defending it. Why? This sort of fanboy-behaviour would be understandable if people had seen it, but there’s more to it. Actually there are three reason that I can think of: shilling, politics, and social engineering.

The first thing is that if people take AVGN’s advice and do not go see the movie, the studio doesn’t make money. Some of the websites promoting the movie are formally or informally in cahoots with the movie industry, and therefore want people to go see it. They shill for the film company for the benefit of both parties.

The second reason is the political agenda of Marxist-Feminism. The movie obviously promotes it, and there are many useful idiots willing to put themselves on the line for anything that helps their cause, or fight against anything that threatens it.

The third reason for defending the new Ghostbusters movie is the most insidious one, as it is but one example in the ongoing process at social engineering, which in this case is the inversion of values and symbols. Satanists inverting the Christian cross is one example of this. Orwell’s 1984 expressed it as follows: “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” Everything is turned upside down, or replaced with the opposite of the real thing. In regard to Ghostbusters, the original had four men as the lead characters, the new one has four women. Let’s say that they remade Sex and the City where the main characters were all men (although that show sucked and was subversive trash anyway so it wouldn’t matter as much), that would be inversion as well.

Recently in many movies and comic books characters that were originally White are being replaced with Black actors. This is inversion as Black is the opposite of White. I don’t think the ultimate purpose of this is White Genocide or anything like that, although it seems to be a by-product. The ultimate goal of this social engineering is to invert our sense of morality and even sense of reality. This certainly has been done to many Feminists as they think rape can only be committed by those with this vague, seemingly metaphysical trait of “privilege”, and on the other hand women should always be believed no matter what they say. As if women weren’t capable of deception or making mistakes the same as men.

In conclusion, the Ghostbusters movie will suck. Don’t go see it. Call out these soulless shills who’d do anything for their paycheck or insane ideology. And all the best to James Rolfe.


P. S.

Thanks to /pol for making me aware of this issue.



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The Matriarchy perpetuates Rape Culture

We’ve all heard the feminist rhetoric on the Patriarchy that perpetuates Rape Culture, and hopefully seen through the falsehoods of the narrative. I agree with the feminists to the degree that there is a Rape Culture in the West, and many other regions of the world, but it is not being supported by any patriarchal system in the West. It is the schizophrenic tolerance of every crime committed by The Other that the modern matriarchal leftists and “liberals” espouses that promotes Rape Culture.

I am echoing myself from last January when I wrote the article Bring back the Patriarchy! when I say that if we truly had a patriarchal society we’d have a lot less rape than we do now. The word patriarchy roots from the Latin word “pater” meaning father, and means “system of society or government by fathers or elder males of the community”. Men usually value virginity in women, especially fathers value the purity of their daughters, and therefore do not wish them to become common sluts, whores, sex slaves or rape victims. The feminist claim that there is a patriarchy, or that the patriarchy wants to promote rape, is completely fallacious.

Perhaps if the world was ruled by 20-year old frat boys, or Muslim men, they would happily perpetuate rape culture, but the world is not ruled by men barely past their adolescence. And if, as the feminists claim, the world is controlled by a patriarchy, it is ruled by fathers and elder men. Such people tend more to be overly controlling of the sexuality of young women, particularly inhibiting them of engaging in sexuals acts. This is true at least for Western Christian, and East-Asian Confucian cultures.

Look at how the patriarchy sexually exploited women. This is a picture of a woman a few centuries ago under the patriarchal system.

This is a modern woman under the matriarchy.

Which system tried to conserve the sexuality of the woman more? Which system tried to prevent rape more? Sure there have always been rapes in the world, but before the matriarchy took over it was regarded as a reprehensible act. Not anymore.

Sweden is arguably the most matriarchal country in the world. Rape seems fairly acceptable there. Just a few months ago a Somali raped a 12-year old Swedish girl. The rapist said several times that “black cock is expensive”. He was punished with 180 hours of community service. I guess in practice that means a couple of weeks worth of work. A Swedish Youtuber, Angry Foreigner, commented that the rapist was awarded for the act, since a lot of people would have wanted to get the job he got. This isn’t some quirky exception either, but rather quite common among leftists, feminists and their ilk. They just love to ignore rape committed by non-white people, for some reason.

It should be clear now to anyone paying attention that the matriarchy of the left perpetuates Rape Culture. I’m not sure why, though. Perhaps it is some sick degree of envy that some women hold for each other. If in the past women competed over who has the prettiest dress or the richest husband, now they pride over “I haven’t been raped, you have. Haahaa.” Another thing is the ole Stockhold syndrome (how fitting) where victims defend their attacker. There are cases when some women afterwards defend the rapist that attacked them, or defend men who raped someone else. I suppose the logic in Stockhold syndrome is that the victim is so afraid she mentally joins what she perceives as the winning team, i.e. the rapist, in order not to be victimized again. But truth be told, I’m not quite sure how why feminists and matriarchs promote rape.

All I can say that I’m a man who cares about the well-being of women. Therefore I say the matriarchy must be destroyed in order to stop mass rapes.


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Honor Diaries and Abuse of Women in the Islamic World

I saw an intro video on something called Honor Diaries. It addresses the abuse of women especially in the Islamic world. Lately I’ve done several posts pointing out what a hypocritical hoax feminism is, since its not concerned about the rights of women at all. If taken at face value, the Honor Diaries video is exactly what feminists should do. One woman in the video expresses explicitly that you can get labelled an Islamophobe if you point out the abuse. Sounds relevant to me.

The official website says: “Honor Diaries is more than a movie, it is a movement to save women and girls from human rights abuses – around the world and here in America.” Sounds reasonable.

But at the end of the intro video the writer and producer of Honor Diaries, Paula Kweskin, says: “Honor Diaries talks about one the most important human rights issues today, the subjugation and persecution of women in honor based societies.” You lost me there. One of the biggest problems in modern societies is that there is no honor. The rule is that anything goes as long as you don’t get caught. If there was a sense of honor installed in men, as there were in olden times, many of the problems we face today would not exist. I guess the kind of honor Kweskin means is the fucked up Muslim-extremist honor where women get killed for violating their oppressive rules. That’s probably what she means, but not necessarily. Quite frankly I don’t trust her. Maybe she is actually on a crusade to eliminate the sense of honor from people, and using women’s rights as an excuse to do so. Is she saying women aren’t subjugated and persecuted in dishonorable societies?

I’m not just nit-picking here. You have to be clear what you mean. Is the goal of Honor Diaries to eliminate the concept of honor, or liberate women from oppression? The intro video seems to be focusing a lot on the word honor, such as the name of the movie, but it’s quite vague what they mean by it. They should distinguish proper, ethical kind of honor from the kind of false honor Muslim extremists use as an excuse to butcher women. The phrase “honor violence” is mentioned, but I’m still not convinced by the sanity or integrity of Ms Kweskin.

The honor issue aside, the movement sounds good at face value, but usually these movements are a fucking scam, and I’ve seen little to convince me otherwise in this case. At the very end of the video Kweskin asks for money, of course, to help her. She probably got it since the video was uploaded on Youtube a year ago.

Usually these movements manipulate the emotions and sense of decency of regular people to scam them out of their money. I see little reason to believe Honor Diaries is any different. It would be pleasant if I was wrong, though.


A Klingon’s honor means more to him than his life!
– Kurn, son of Mogh

A Muslim-extremist’s honor means more to him than the life of his female family members, I wager.


P.S. I forgot to mention one thing. One of the women in the video says: “It’s very easy to break a twig or a stick. When you bundle them together, you can’t break that.” This is of course a reference to the fasci, from which comes the word fascism. Not that what she says is inherently evil; the analogy makes sense. I’m just wondering if she’s aware of what she is saying?





Honor Diaries- exclusive extended clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-zWq_Xzw_g

Honor diaries website: http://www.honordiaries.com/

Feminism: Guilty as Charged

A couple of weeks ago I wrote: “if someone thought I was being too harsh on feminism there, you need only look at the Rotherham scandal to notice feminists don’t care one iota about women’s, or little girls’, rights. I have not heard one single feminist get up in arms over the Rotherham scandal, but I’ve seen several websites commenting on the hypocrisy of feminists in this matter. There are titles like Where were the feminists in Rotherham?, Rotherham has a real rape culture–which is why “rape culture”-obsessed feminists don’t care, Why Politicians, Cops & Feminists Turn a Blind Eye to 1,400 Rape Victims and Feminists’ silence on Rotherham is deafening.

Last night I found out the story of a porn actress Cytherea through Ramzpaul’s video. She was brutally raped by three young black guys, and the feminists say nothing at all. Her friend and another porn actress, Mercedes Carrera, made a very poignant video pointing out the hypocrisy of the feminists. I rest my case on feminism.

Not to belittle the humanity or intelligence of porn actresses, but you have to admit society is fucked up beyond the fucking bend when porn actresses are the moral backbone and the voice of sanity in the Western civilization.



Porn Star Unloads on Feminist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4vpO1tzVIs

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My earlier post: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2015/02/07/if-you-tolerate-this-your-children-will-be-next/

Freedom vs Luciferian Liberty

The majority of us human beings are enslaved by the chains of biology and nature. We are trapped in the unfortunate predicament of having to be sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Moreover hideously most us are attracted to people of generally the same age-range as us (although I tend to like younger women). But most of us find thinking of children in any sexual context quite repugnant. Neither do we really see senior citizens engaging in sex and romance with people in their late teens or early twenties as acceptable, although we do not see it as criminal either. Incest too is a hideous taboo that inhibits us from attaining liberty. All of this is very oppressing, and there is little we can do about since it’s programmed to us by the malevolent mother nature. Fortunately we have feminism, gender identity politics and other Cultural Marxist movements that are just exoteric fronts for Luciferianism seeking to liberate us.

I think that is how these Luciferians really see the laws of nature, something that have to be reversed or destroyed so we can be liberated. They see the natural state of humans, animals and nature in general as somehow faulty and desire to fix it. Even though there has been little choice in the matter on my part, I’ve never minded being attracted to women. That’s just my nature, and I’m happy to live according to it. Luciaferians cannot abide by this submission to nature (or God if you see things that way). They want their will to be supreme, and want to subvert even the laws of reality to match their fantasies. Of course, they are insane and will hardly succeed, but they can cause, and have caused, lots of damage by their actions.

Although the way the Luciferians see it, they are more free than those who follow their nature, the Luciferians are enslaved by their ideology. They are obsessed with perverting whatever the general public seems appropriate. Like I mentioned above, for Luciferians homosexuality, incest and pedophilia are the norm. They also revel in desecrating the Bible, lying and doing stuff that is generally not regarded acceptable in society. This is not freedom. This is just a more refined form of enslavement. They are bound to doing the opposite of what regular people do, and you could argue that regular people are enslaved to their habits, but the Luciferians are not any more free than them. For example, I’m a not Christian, and when I was younger I resented Christianity. However, to free myself from its grasp it was better to walk away, and say it is not for me, but neither should I engage in any anti-Christian crusade to subvert or eradicate Christianity. Luciferians seem unable to do that.

Kerth Barker claims he was sexually and ritually abused and mind controlled by Satanists when he was a child, and I believe him. He recounts this in Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers: The Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor. Kerth describes two “incestuous lesbian pedophiles” who are sisters and members of the Illuminati. They believed “that in the future everyone in the world will be homosexual pedophiles.” This is quite frankly the agenda I see when I look at Cultural Marxism and gender identity politics being touted everywhere. This is the tolerance they preach. I’m not opposed to tolerating the existence of homosexuals, but I am opposed to tolerating pedophilia and incest.

I’m trying think of a good segue for my next argument, but I cannot so I’m going to try gather pity by revealing that I am not writing this at my home, since I can’t use internet there due to my modem breaking down, therefore I cannot concentrate on writing this as well as I want to, and lo! We get to Angelina Jolie.

The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh, is reported as prefering to think of herself as a boy, wearing a suit and being called John. This strikes a frightening resemblance to the life of Kerth Barker as he was groomed and conditioned as boy to dress up as a girl, sexually pleasuring adults, including his grandfather, and he was given a female name, Kathy. Then there’s the thing when Jolie had her double mastectomy, i.e. removal of her breasts, to prevent breast cancer. Somehow I don’t think it was really about preventing cancer, but some ritualistic thing of perverting nature and luring other women to do the same.

I can’t help but think that Angelina Jolie is one of these Luciferians, or she is their pawn along with her children.

So when these Luciferians say they are doing something for tolerance they’re trying make us accept something inexcusable. When they promote liberty or freedom, they really mean enslavement to something perverse and harmful. When they do something for your health, they’re trying to make you sick. It’s surprisingly simple once you realize how evil they can be. David Icke said this years ago, how they always mean the opposite, but just recently I’ve really started to see it myself. Likewise, I read Icke’s descriptions of these Satanic or Luciferian pedophiles rings and secret societies, but it didn’t hit me as powerfully as reading Kerth’s first hand account. The link to the book is below. I suggest taking a look.

To get back to the headline topic for a while, the difference between freedom and liberty is that freedom is being able to do what comes naturally to you, like doing fun stuff with your loved ones, playing football, listening to music, reading tomes on esoteric wisdom, discussing philosophy and so on. Our nature is innate, and therefore to a certain degree implanted onto us, but I see little reason to challenge that, unless you challenge negative traits in yourself. Liberty, the Luciferian idea of freedom is more like your mom saying “don’t play with matches” or “don’t play near the train track”. There is a certain degree of courage in defying your mother in that manner, but ultimately it’s fucking stupid and irresponsible as the likely outcome is you’re only gonna hurt yourself or someone else defying nature.

EDIT: Will Smith’s son Jaden wears a dress.




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