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Terrorism never changes

Another terrorist attack occurred in London the other day and all of the same patterns repeat. The media says the attacker was connected with ISIS. Right-wingers say we have to stop Islamic immigration. Leftists say Muslims dindu nuffin. Conspiracy theorists claim it was a false flag, or that it was a hoax and nobody died. I’ve seen the same pattern so many times. Nothing ever changes.

Usually when you get down to the details of events like these, they turn out to be false flags of some sort, and even if they were “organic” terrorist attacks, they were still set into place by the same globalist forces that manufacture false flags, as the Islamic terrorists were allowed into Europe by them. Yet in the end, it does nothing to change the situation when conspiracy researchers tear apart the official narrative. These things still keep happening. Why? What’s the point in this whole game?

Fear is certainly one obvious purpose for these terrorist attacks. Fear is used to control the masses. The latest attack in London might be used as an excuse to cancel Brexit, if the politicians try to claim they need the protection of EU to fight against terrorism. Yet the people who orchestrate these events must know that there will always some independent researchers who points out the falsities in the official story. I think the imperators of terror are well aware of it, and leave obvious clues on purpose. They weave a symphony with at least two different layers to it, one for those who buy the official story, and one for those who don’t. Terrorism, false flags, hoaxed events have become so banal that they evoke little fear in a great amount of people. So instead the imperators of terror distract those people with the conspiracy angle. Instead of actually doing something to topple the shadow elite, you’re chasing another white rabbit down the hole. It’s a bit like watching a detective TV-show.

I sometimes think these terrorist attacks are so frequent because the intelligence agencies have a Bureau of False Flags. They have a whole bunch of people employed with a huge budget so they gotta keep churning out those terrorist attacks, otherwise they’d be out of a job. It’s sort of like Hollywood; they haven’t had a unique idea for a movie in 15 years, but they have to keep making movies since the industry is already there. So perhaps the only way to stop terrorism is to go after the Deep State. Shouting at the media won’t help. Exposing the false flag on Youtube won’t help.

While I do not wish to dissuade anyone away from the pursuit of truth, but I’m really beginning to see it as a waste of time to delve too deeply into these terrorist attacks. The underlying facts remain the same whether or not you have a conspiratorial or a main stream view of things: there are plenty of Muslims in Europe (some in America as well) that commit violent crimes. I do think that when it comes to most terrorist attacks, Muslims are used as patsies, but people from Islamic countries have perpetrated various acts of violence, especially rape, in several European countries over the recent years. It’s a catch 22-situation; if you blame Muslims for terrorism, you are buying a lie, but if you say that Muslims haven’t done anything wrong, you’re buying another.

Whether you consider yourself right-wing, left-wing, conspiracy theorist or main stream, the facts still remain the same. The Deep State in the US and certain European countries (and perhaps one or two Middle-Easterns ones as well) have started all sorts of wars and troubles in the Middle-East, which has eventually lead to throngs of people coming to Europe and starting troubles here. Whether you’re a hard core right-wing nationalist who cares about the safety of your people most, or a left-winger who has compassion for those poor Muslims, your ultimate enemy is the Deep State, that has destabilized their homelands and forced them to go elsewhere. If you really care about helping Muslims, you’d stop fantasizing about the hetero-normative White patriarchy and recognize the Deep State as your enemy.

I do think that details, and the truth in general, matter, especially when it comes to suspected false flags, but you still shouldn’t lose track of the big picture. I think a lot of conspiracy minded people just go into autoplay when they see a possible false flag and start analysing the components, and in effect cease thinking about what it all means in the end. The same patterns repeat. Stop getting distracted by the heads of the hydra, go for the body.

A Reminder that NASA has provided no proof of Exo-Planets on Trappist-1

As usual NASA has only provided CGI images of the Trappist-1 system. There are no photos. There are only artist’s renditions. Maybe I’m just a simple country boy, but I thought in science you have to prove your claims. I guess NASA has no need for that.

The NASA website has these pictures.


Looks pretty, yet has little actual significance. Besides this picture shows water. Have they found it on one of the new exoplanets?



Not a photo.


Caption on NASA website: “This poster imagines what a trip to TRAPPIST-1e might be like.”

This is perfect. It encapsulates all that NASA is. This is science fiction. Assuming that this planet even exists, maybe NASA should put a man on the moon or on Mars before they start hyping up this solar system that is 40 light-years away that they just allegedly discovered. They sell you fantasies like Hollywood and advertisement companies.

BTW, last night I was playing around with my own telescope and took a picture of a space ship, and a new alien planet with life on it.




If you doubt me, you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist. I’ve provided as much evidence as NASA did.

The newly discovered star system was named after the Trappist telescope that is situated in Chile, but operated from Belgium. Here’s a picture of it.


At least I believe this telescope exists. It sounds weird to me though that the telescope is in Chile, but they control it from Belgium. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to have a team in Chile controlling it? Or perhaps it is easier feed the scientists false data if they aren’t looking through it with their own eyes?

The sevel planets around Trappist-1 were supposedly detected with Spitzer Space Telescope, i.e. a telescope that is floating out in space. I’m doubtful that this telescope exists. The Wikipedia page for it shows the alleged telescope under a tarp, and it looks unfinished.



I also found several pictures of it being assembled, but no actual photos of the finished product.








Wikipedia has an artist rendering of it, and I found several similar ones on Google. I understand that if the telescope is actually out in space it’s not easy to take pictures of it, yet I’ve yet to see any pictures taken of it prior launching it to space. Taking into account the fact that NASA admits they cannot go beyond low earth orbit, I’m inclined to believe they didn’t send that thing into space. The pictures showing the telescope being assembled were probably made in benefit to gullible NASA employees who really believe NASA sends stuff out into space. “I saw them assemble the telescope. It’s real.”



I think it’s time to people to admit to themselves NASA has no credibility. Or if you still believe their claims, please do challenge me. Try to prove me wrong, and provide actual evidence of these exoplanets. NASA’s purpose is to create appealing images in the minds of people, like Eddie Bernays did back in the day by having the beautiful models smoke “liberty torches” so women would start smoking, or De Beers making people associate diamonds with romance.



NASA’s Spitzer Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around a Single Star: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5Xr-WkW5JM&

NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star: https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-telescope-reveals-largest-batch-of-earth-size-habitable-zone-planets-around

Spitzer Space Telescope: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spitzer_Space_Telescope

NASA Can’t Go Beyond Low Earth Orbit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmoiwjXepHM

Diamonds Are A Brand’s Best Friend: The Evolution Of De Beers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob6aN4uYKTw

My previous article on this: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/nasa-claims-to-have-found-7-exo-planets-conjecturing-what-it-actually-means/

An in depth look at Project Blue Beam

I’ll take a more detailed look at Project Blue Beam. It’s been discussed several times in the alternative media and conspiracy research community over the years, myself included. I just mentioned it last week in connection with Pokemon Go. However the project is usually just mentioned and its two main features, a fake alien invasion and false religious events, are highlighted, so I’ll look at most of the other features included in the report on Project Blue Beam.

Information about the project was brought forward by a French Canadian journalist Serge Monast in 1994. When I heard about the project and Serge Monast years ago one thing I wondered if it’s some kind of hoax, and if Mr Monast even existed since his name just sounded odd. Apparently he did exist. There’s a video of him on Youtube in a French language TV interview, and even Wikipedia has a page on him, and apparently he had written several book on conspiracies. In 1996 one day he was arrested, and the next day he was released and died of a heart attack.


The Goal of Project Blue Beam

Ultimate goal of the project is “to implement the new age religion with the Antichrist at its head”. According to Monast, NASA is agenda behind orchestrating the project, whereas he identified the New World Order as the head of the operation. United Nations is also heavily involved as “minions” of the NWO.

Project Blue Beam has four stages. The first one is faking historical and archeological discoveries. This is done by artificially creating earthquakes that will allow researchers to “supposedly” make new discoveries that “explain to all people the ‘error’ of all fundamental religious doctrines”. The quakes will hit strategic places where “arcane mysteries have been buried”. The mysteries that the NWO claim to uncover will be used to “destroy the beliefs of all Christians and Muslims on the planet”.

There certainly has been plenty of claims of artificially induced earthquakes used for political purposes among conspiracy researchers. The Haiti earthquake of 2010 is one of the best examples. Faking historical and religious facts also sounds like something they might do, although I don’t recall hearing any case of an earthquake helping archeologists though. If Serge Monast’s claims are correct, then the project has not been implemented yet.


Step Two

The second step in the project will involve NASA projecting holograms and using sounds to make create a “space show” to fool people with false religious events. The sodium layer of the sky will be used as a movie screen for projections of religious figures like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and so on.

Weird things like these have already been seen in the sky. Last year a city appeared in the sky in China, and just a few days ago an “angel” was seen floating above the Ground Zero of the World Trade Center in New York. Does this suggest that Project Blue Beam is closer than we think?

Angel of WTC
City in the sky in China

Monast claims that the Soviets had a computer that studied “the electrical, chemical and biological properties of the human brain.” Based on the description this computer seems like the Universal Translator in Star Trek that allows it to translate any known language instantly. This technology will be used along with the holograms to make people accept the “new Messiah”, Maitreya, or the Anti-Christ.

While this may sound like far-fetched science fiction, the fact that Chemtrails are being sprayed at a fairly constant rate around the world might suggest that the sodium layer isn’t good enough for the holographic projection, and they need chemtrails to help with it. The fact that the New World Order has been gathering all kinds of data from people for many years using all sorts of programs like Facebook, Pokemon Go, Google might mean that they do have this “Soviet” supercomputer used for predicting human behaviour. In fact, the military exercise last year, Jade Helm, was allegedly about an AI such as this.

Social and religious disorder will be dissolved due to the old religious doctrines being revealed as supposedly false which will set “loose millions of programmed religious fanatics through demonic possession on a scale never witnessed before. In addition, this event will occur at a time of profound worldwide political anarchy and general tumult created by some worldwide catastrophe.” I would say this is already happening without steps one and two. Demonic possession appears to be on the rise as well even according to some psychiatrists.


Third Step, Two-Way Communication

The third step in the project is about “telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul.”

Already back 2013 there was a subway ad that made a sound audible only to the target. This technology may have existed for decades, but has been put to commercial use only recently. In the past it was probably limited only to military and assassination use.

Monast also describes how fear has been used by governments and corporations to manipulate people. This has become painfully obvious since 9/11 how it is used, but Monast died  seven years before the false flag attack.

The Canadian says that United Nations teaches that “no one owns his or her own personality”, nor they should be allowed to have it. This is certainly true already today. You’re not supposed to have your personal opinions on topics such as Trump, homosexuality, and Muslim immigration. Monast says that people who cling to the “incorrect” way of thinking will be sent to UN eradication camps. I don’t think that FEMA camps existed in 1994. President Jimmy Carter stared FEMA in 1979, but at least as far as I know they started becoming public knowledge in the 2000s, and were probably built around that time too.


Monast’s Sources

It does not seem that Serge Monast is simply making up the claims he is making, but is based on good information. He mentions Loral Electro-Optical System defense contractor. It seems to exist, although I don’t know if they’ve conducted research on directed energy weapons as Monast claims. He mentions a study “The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Low Intensity Conflict” by Captain Paul E. Tyler.  It seems to exist. He mentions “Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology Edict” by Lt. Col David G. Dean. I found a German version the study.

I have neither the time nor the expertise to verify what exactly these studies are about, but at least it seems like Serge Monast had done proper research instead of simply trying to create ruckus to gain attention.


Fourth and Final Step

The fourth step is to create a fake alien invasion to fool “each major nation to use its nuclear weapons in order to strike back”. After the invasion has been shown to have been false, they will force all of the nations to disarm themselves. This part of Monast’s claim is not usually mentioned when the fake alien invasion scenario is discussed. This actually makes it sound more reasonable, if the ultimate goal of the fake alien invasion is to make everyone realize that it was fake.

The fourth step has two other phases. The first one is to convince Christians that the Rapture is happening along with the alien invasion. The second phase is intriguing: “The waves used at that time will allow “supernatural forces” to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances.” “The goal of this deals with global Satanic ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a wave of suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders.”

One intriguing bit is that black mirrors have been used in witchcraft for a long time to summon demons. Nowadays almost everyone has something that resembles one, be it a cell phone, a tablet or a computer monitor.

Another bit of precognition exhibited by Monast is that he predicted that the New World Order will want to fade out both the use of case and plastic money and replace it with something new. Sweden at least is well on the way to become a cashless society.

Ultimately, Project Blue Beam is all about control. Control of one’s mind, their life and even their food supply.



I find Serge Monast’s claims on Project Blue Beam rather convincing. He predicted several things that were not so obvious 20 years ago, but are now. I doubt the NWO will follow the four steps described by Monast too literally. Certainly some of their plans may have changed, but the overall it sounds plausible. The ultimate goal of the project, the “new age religion”, is certainly here already. It’s the religion of inclusiveness, tolerance, anti-hate speech and so on. The point is not to get along and tolerate people of different religions and cultures, but to tolerate all forms of immorality and debauchery from rape and pedophilia to incest and bestiality.

Just last year Pope Francis was celebrating 9/11 in New York with leaders from various other religions. I think that the majority of humanity already believes in this Satanic, new religion even if they don’t acknowledge it.



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Is Hillary Clinton’s alleged Illness a distraction?

It’s been all over the news for a few weeks now, at least in the alternative media, that Hillary Clinton is seriously ill and might not even make it to the election (or selection).  It might be true, of course, but I’ve been suspicious of it due to the amount of evidence available that she might be sick. If she truly was sick, and the establishment didn’t want it known, I think they’d do a better job of covering it up.

Today I saw a video claiming that the footage where Hillary collapses when trying to get into a van has been doctored with. It shows one of the metal poles behind the iron fence meld with some of the bars in the fence. This might mean the footage was edited, or it might just be a trick of the light. I’m not saying anything definitive about it, but it is evidence that my hunch might be correct.

Another weird detail about the Hillary collapse video is the piece of metal that comes out of her pant leg. Is she a cyborg and her control chip is malfunctioning? Honestly, I’ve no idea what that is.

A TV reporter even said on live broadcast that Hillary Clinton is dead. Sure, it might be true, and maybe they’re replacing her with a doppelganger, but I’m more inclined to believe this is just another part of the deception to make us all gossip over her degrading health.

If I suspect that Hillary’s illness is a deception, or at least an exaggeration, what would be the motive for such a thing? For one, it has distracted our attention away from her crimes and the fact that the FBI director let her go scot-free. If her opponents are just eating popcorn and waiting for her to keel over and die, they aren’t going to dig up more evidence of her crimes and make them public. They think they’ve already won.

Another thing is that Hillary’s team has said she has pneumonia and has to withdraw from publicity for five days. Maybe she is actually going to some secret meeting in an undisclosed location, and the alleged illness is used as a cover for it. It reminds me of the rumour mill that started some time ago, I think last year, that Vladimir Putin had died, or went to Switzerland to be with his lover, or something else, as he disappeared from publicity for a few days. I think there was a good reason why disappeared back then, and I think there’s a good reason why Hillary is doing the same now, but we’re not privy to that information.

I’m just speculating here, but I find it suspicious how many different pieces of evidence there are suggesting that Hillary Clinton is sick. I think they want us to gossip about it.



BREAKING !!! Is The Hillary Fainting – Seizure Video A FAKE ? CHECK THIS OUT !: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEXnmHKrJck

Mysterious piece of metal flings out of Hillary’s pant leg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzZl9j580tM

SHOCKING !!! – ABC NEWS Joe Torres Reports HILLARY CLINTON IS DEAD On LIVE TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv_0gggJPDs

Red Herrings to distract attention away from the Secret Operation of the Orlando False Flag

I have come to consider the Orlando gay club shooting a false flag or a hoax beyond any reasonable doubt. There are several actors involved in it. Many details that don’t make sense. It’s used to push certain political agendas.  I doubt whether Omar Mateen was anywhere near the club the day of the shooting.

I believe the official story on what happened in nightclub Pulse that night is a complete fabrication, but that does not necessarily mean that no-one died, or that the event was fabricated only to push certain political agendas, like gun control and the gay agenda. I believe that is just the surface of the event. There are at least three levels to the incident; one for the blue-pilled sheeple who buy anything that’s on TV, one for the conspiracy theorists who know something is wrong, and then there’s the truth.

There’s a lot of contradictory and confusing information out there on the alleged shooting. Omar Mateen had allegedly been a regular at the club and used a dating app for gays, yet he was supposedly a radical Muslim ISIS supporter who hated gays. You can take a pick which option you prefer. You can say he was actually gay, and the society that is not accepting of homosexuality drove him overboard (which is a complete lie since Western society is very accepting of homosexuality). Alternatively you can say he was just an Islamic extremist who used violence to solve problems. Then there are suggestions he might have been on SSRI drugs. I think all of these are red herrings.

There are claims of multiple shooters in the nightclub. Another claim I heard is that bystanders were accidentally shot during the shootout between Mateen and the police, and the authorities are pushing the story of multiple shooters to direct attention away from the fact that they accidentally shot people. However, I doubt whether anyone was shot inside or outside the nightclub. Someone probably died, but they were more likely to have been killed with a knife or something.

The contradictions have been inserted into the media for the benefit of conspiracy nuts like myself. We cannot treat the story as a puzzle, where we just have to put the pieces together to make sense of the story. The majority of the pieces available are false, and the pieces needed to complete the puzzle are likely to be hidden forever.

The thing about the holes in the wall of the nightclub perplexes me. Supposedly the police conducted a controlled demolition to get into the club. Yet there are burn makers only around the hole in the middle. Not that I am an explosives expert, but it doesn’t look like something made by explosives. And why would they make five relatively small holes like those? One claim I’ve read is that the explosion set off by the police injured some of the hostages. I, however, doubt that those holes had been made by the police, or that there were any actual hostages.



What do I think really happened at Pulse then? All I can say is I think there was a Secret Operation. I have no idea what the operation was about. Of course I could guess something along the lines that the nightclub was situated on a powerful ley line and they conducted a Satanic ritual sacrifice there for occult purposes. Yet that is nothing but a guess. I think there was a Secret Operation, and the rest, the story about who and what Omar Mateen was, and all of the details about shooting, and the crisis actors are there to keep us saying it was just a hoax to promote gun control. I rather think the ability to push gun control is an added benefit for the people who orchestrated this, or perhaps another distraction so conspiracy savvy people wouldn’t look further.


The Tangled Tale of the Orlando club shooting

Updated June 16.

I’ll lowdown some of the curious facts regarding the Orlando gay club shooting. I am not saying it was necessarily a false flag or a hoax, but something definitely doesn’t add up.


The Alleged Shooter

A few interesting claims have surfaced of the alleged shooter, Omar Mateen. First of all, the FBI had been in contact with him over a period of 10 months in 2013. Moreover, the NY Daily News says he was introduced to “confidential informants”.

The Land Destroyer Report explains: “The significance of this cannot be understated. ‘Informants’ in this context, according to FBI affidavits regarding similar counterterrorism investigations, refers to individuals posing as members of terrorist organizations who approach suspects, coerce them into planning and preparing for terrorist attacks, before finally aiding the FBI in the suspect’s arrest before the attack is finally carried out.”

The FBI has perpetrated terror attacks in the past. This is a well-known fact. The alleged shooter having had contact with the suggests FBI involvement in this case as well.

Omar Mateen’s personal life seems even more fascinating than his FBI connection. Mateen’s wife supposedly knew about his plans to attack club, since according to NBC News “she once drove him to the gay nightclub, Pulse, because he wanted to scope it out.”

Yet other sources suggest Mateen was gay and a regular at club Pulse. According to Daily Caller he used a “gay dating app” called Jack’d. Orlando Sentinel writes that four regular customers claim they’d seen Mateen at the club before. CJAD quotes a regular saying that “He’s [Mateen] been going to this bar for at least three years.”

Mateen supposedly worked for an international security company, G4S. This may or may not be significant.


Multiple Shooters

There are some claims that Mateen was not acting alone. According to Activist Post there are “numerous witness accounts” that there were multiple shooters and the media is covering it up. Some eyewitnesses also describe a second person who was barring a door to prevent others from escaping.

There is also a video of a witness being interviewed by the media. He describes the man barring the door and the phone line is shut off right after that. This suggests the information was being censored.

Already on Monday some media outlets mentioned that the police were planning to arrest an accomplice in the shooting. Now the media is saying they might arrest Mateen’s wife as an accomplice for not disclosing his plans. This sounds like the accomplice has been switched from another suspect to the wife in order to protect whoever else was involved in the incident.


Victims carried into the Club

There is video, originally from NBC, showing survivors from the club carrying a “wounded” person into a truck. However, they are not carrying him away from the club, but toward it. This suggests that they are actors, not genuine victims and survivors. One of the people carrying the man is the fedora-wearing Christopher Hansen who has been interviewed by the media, and who comes off as fake.

The video has been allegedly deleted from Youtube several times, which suggests censorship. A version of the video uploaded by Counter Globalist is still there because he altered the image slightly to prevent bots from automatically taking it down.


Disingenuous Relatives of Victims

I discussed some dubious witnesses from the alleged shooting in my previous post. They seem to have been only the tip of the iceberg. Youtuber Redsilverj has posted several videos on his TeamWakeEmUp-channel highlighting the unbelievable performances put up by these people. They are crisis actors, since the alleged shooting was a crisis and the people are acting, badly.



I won’t make any definite judgements yet on what happened in nightclub Pulse last weekend, but the official story sounds implausible as usual. However, there are several clues to hint to a false flag or a hoax.

The alleged shooter has been in contact with the FBI several times. He was supposedly a regular at the gay club, yet his wife drove him there to “scope” the place out. If he had been there numerous times, why would he need to scope it out? There is video of the survivors from the club carrying a victim towards the club, not away from it. There is no blood either. Many of the witnesses or the relatives of victims are clearly “crisis actors”. This does not necessarily mean that no-one was killed, but it does suggest that.

There are also reports of more than one perpetrator. I believe that in the sense that the operation was planned and executed by a group of conspirators, but I’m still not convinced that anyone died at the club. They might have, but I don’t know that they did. I know the names and faces of some of the alleged victims have been revealed, but I don’t think it has been verified yet by honest researchers whether or not they actually were at the club and did they die there.



I just saw a video from a Youtube channel called Victurus Libertas saying that Omar Mateen was an actor. He had appeared as himself in a documentary about the BP oil spill. He’s making an interestingly truthful comment in it; Mateen claims that the people cleaning the spill want more oil to come out, more disasters since it means they can have work. If not, they’re out of a job.

IMDB notes that Mateen has acted in two movies, “The Big Fix”, about the oil spill, and the second one is “Love City, Jalalabad”. IMDB describes the second movie as follows: “A wild and funny documentary showing how the progressive youth of Afghanistan are rejecting the use of armed force and see film production as an alternative means of bringing peace and social change to their war-torn and occupied country.”

It is starting to look undeniable that the Orlando shooting was a false flag or a hoax. I wonder what actual evidence they have that Mateen was the shooter, if there even was a shooter, or that he was even near the scene at the time of the crime? He’s starting to look more and more like a patsy.





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In memory of Germanwings Flight 9525

Exactly one year ago, March 24, 2015, a Germanwings plane allegedly crashed in the French alps killing 150 people. The supposed cause was that the “killer co-pilot” Andreas Lubitz had purposefully crashed the plane into the mountain. The truth is, however, that it is unlikely the plane ever crashed the mountain, and that Lubitz was framed for the disappearance of the plane.


No Evidence of a Crash

I wrote several pieces on this incident in the days following it occurrence, and back then I already realized the whole story was questionable. The facts are there is no proper evidence to show the plane actually crashed in the alps, nor are there any evidence of bodies. The pictures given to the media only show rubbish on the mountain, with a few plane parts scattered here and there, but certainly no trace of a plane, nor was there any evidence of blood or corpses. One of the black boxes, or the flight recorders, that are designed to withstand heavy impacts, were in this crash heavily damaged and the memory card was missing from the other one.


The pictures only show rubbish, not proper debris from an actual crashed plane. No trace of dead people either.



On top of this, the French president, Hollande, was priming the minds of people to accept that all of the passengers were dead just couple of hours after the crash, i.e. before the salvage crew had been able to verify whether or not there were survivors. This is common practice in false flags. While the public is still in shock, tell them any story that sounds plausible and they will hold onto it later. Also the president of the alps council, Gilbert Suivan, knew the plane had “disintegrated” just a couple of hours after the alleged crash. First of all, the plane should not simply disintegrate if it crashed into a mountain, how could monsieur Suivan know it so early on? This suggests it was a cover story to hide the truth of what happened to the plane.

The bodies of the victims were all allegedly smashed into tiny bits, yet they haven’t provided any evidence of this. Moreover, this sounds more like some cartoon logic like in South Park or Happy Tree Friends where characters just explode like a balloon of blood. On top of it all, the description is contradicted by the images that allegedly show debris from the plane, yet show absolutely no blood or guts.

The salvage crew allegedly recovered 40 cellphones from the wreckage, but The Telegraph quotes a French prosecutor saying they are “very damaged, apparently making their recovery particularly difficult”. How convenient.

They have not provided any evidence that the plane actually crashed in the alps. When applying your critical thinking faculties, you can come to no other conclusion that the authorities are lying and covering something up. It’s the same as with the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, you’re just supposed to take their word for it. No trace of the plane’s fuselage, no bodies, the black boxes were damaged and the memory card stolen, and even the cellphones are all broken.


Andreas Lubitz

Andreas Lubitz was the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane, and allegedly purposefully crashed it into a mountain. This story originated from speculations by the prosecutor or other officials, and afterwards the evidence that they recovered simply seemed to fit this narrative. This sounds very much like he was framed. If you do an honest investigation, you look at the evidence first and then try to figure out what happened. Lubitz was quite clearly the fall guy, the lone nut, to act as the fall guy for this conspiracy.

The media has speculated that he may have been depressed, there are allegations that Lubitz was losing his sight, he had seen 41 different doctors before he “snapped”, and supposedly had a diary that showed his “descent into depression”. Some of these allegations might be true, but not all I’m sure. For he most part they serve to frame him for something he did not do. It is easy to recognize Lubitz as the fall guy by looking at the physical evidence, or lack thereof. Obviously there was a bigger conspiracy at hand. Even if Lubitz was depressed or losing his sight, he cannot make the plane disappear into thin air.


Other victims of the “crash”

Allegedly 150 people, including Lubitz, died in the crash. I don’t think the plane had crashed, as there is no evidence of this. I think the plane was hi-jacked and the passengers taken prisoner. For what purpose, I do not know. Another possibility is that the plane never even took flight. I am not suggesting that this is what happened, but I do think it is a possibility. Can we be sure that the crew had disappeared? Have all of those people really died or is it just something that the media claims had happened?

There were some alleged family members of the victims in the media who behaved like “crisis actors” or Disingenous Relatives of Victims. This suggests that at least some of the alleged victims did not die, but others might have genuinely died. You can see my article from last year on this for more detail.

I do not know whether the whole thing was a hoax, and if it was, what would be the purpose behind it, or a hi-jacking of the plane, but framed as a crash to prevent people looking for the victims. I am sure though, that this was a cover-up, and the authorities and the media have not provided any evidence that the plane actually crashed in the alps.

The alternative media as well, at least he bigger outlets in the alternative media, have ignored this conspiracy for the most part. Many independent youtubers and smaller websites have dealt with this, but overall the alternative media did squat to try and expose the conspiracy. I suppose they want to sound credible and not delve too deep into crazy conspiracies, but I just see them as weak and cowardly, caring more about their reputation than the truth. The alternative media, has become much like the main stream media, in that their primary concern is pandering to a populist audience. Keep the message simple and memeable or the idiots will tune out.



The Germanwings plane did not crash in the French alps, or if it did, the authorities covered up the facts. The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was the fall guy, similar to Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK assassination. Just focus on this one dubious character, and ignore the big picture. If this sounds far-fetched, I challenge you to look into the matter yourself. All you need is some critical thinking and basic understanding of physics to know that a plane should not disintegrate like in the pictures.

And I suggest you stop giving your money to the alternative media. For the most part, it’s becoming as institutionalized as the main stream. They don’t want to take risks in fear of alienating Joe Average. Their disinterest in events like this prove it well enough.




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