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Are demons embedded in our DNA or Genetic Memory?

In recent years the notion that society is becoming more demonic, possession is increasing and perhaps even the gates of hell are opening has become somewhat popular in the part of conspiracy research world interested in the occult or religious topics. Extra Terrestrial too are becoming to be seen as interdimensional or demonic entities instead creatures from another planets, especially since traditional Ufology has been going nowhere for decades with their dated assumptions. While I pride myself of usually avoiding trends, I can’t help but find myself floating in the same direction with this type of research.



But there is one big question that no-one really wants to point out too clearly, since they know they cannot answer it; what is a demon?

Demons are generally regarded as non-corporeal, often intelligent entities from other realms of existence or dimensions, such as hell. They cannot affect, or have difficulty affecting, our earthly, physical realm, therefore do it by possessing people or engaging in contracts with them. Often demons are seen as evil or servants of evil, but that seems to be more since the rise of Christianity. I’m going to assume associating with demons is more likely to be dangerous, the same as, say, associating with lions. Lions are not evil, but if you venture too close to them, you will get killed. Still, some people like lion tamers are able to engage in productive relationships with lions. I’m going to assume the same applies to demons.

Now we get to biggest problem; what does this mean? How does it work? What is actually a non-corporeal entity? How can it affect us or the physical world? In modern days this sort of stuff is seen as silly superstition, and even though I try not to think of it as superstition, I still cannot quite fathom would it work. I cannot simply accept that demons , or other kinds spirits exist without some sort of clarification. It has to have a system, a mechanism, something that can be explained. In order to attempt that, we first have to look at the nature of consciousness itself.



Demons, assuming they exist, are conscious being yet without a body or any physical place of habitation, at least from out perspective. Human beings each have a body and a consciousness. Animals too have the same, although their consciousness is (probably) more limited and simple than human consciousness. Perhaps plants too have consciousness, at least shamanic cultures seem to think so. But how about demons, they don’t have any frame of reference in the physical plane, and therefore modern science especially refuses to even consider they might exist.

Ingo Swann, the “father” of remote viewing, wrote in his book Penetration on telepathy and its relationship to consciousness, how the established view of telepathy is wrong. He said that the theoretical model from over 100 years ago is that telepathy is transfer of thought from one mind to another, but this does address what is the vehicle that transfers the thought. Moreover he describes how the consciousness of each individual is regarded as an island “among multitudes of other islands”, but how does one transfer information from one island to another?

Swann mentions that mystics usually believe that: “Consciousness is a universal substance, and that each human is only a small manifestation within it.” He hints that if each individual is an island, then the islands reside on “a greater ocean of consciousness which exists independently of each human unit.” If there already is this, ocean of consciousness it might have other forms of conscious beings in it, which do not require an island, i.e. a body. Perhaps they reside in the wind or the waves, or on the islands inhabited by others.

Ultimately all forms of consciousness would presumably come from the ocean, and be dependent on it, yet they manifest themselves differently. It should be noted scientist have no clue where consciousness exists. It is often assumed it is located somewhere in the brain, but since they haven’t been able to prove this far, I’m fairly certain that is not the case. Better alternatives would be the DNA, psychologist Julian Jaynes suggested it was in the nervous system, if I remember correctly, or perhaps consciousness is somehow external to us, like information in the internet Cloud and we connect to it with the brain.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake claims that telepathy is a natural occurrence, and not a supernatural one. Both animals and people use it. Animals more regularly. I have to agree. Ingo Swann mentioned that Group-think is a form of telepathy too. Certainly when I was younger I suffered from a lack of telepathic ability, since most of the norms of society seemed incomprehensible to me, whereas most people seemed to understand them intuitively. I think this was due to people unconsciously creating a telepathic consensus reality with each other from which I was disconnected. Rather ironically it may be that nowadays most people think that telepathy is humbug, since they have telepathically convinced each other this is the case. I don’t think so, because I never got the telepathic message to believe this is so.


The Ouija board

Tracy Twyman has been using the Ouija board for years to contact spirits, demons or whatever for information. Most famously she has conversed with Cain and Baphomet. I find her genuine. I don’t think she’s dumb or dishonest. Twyman has said that the entities know many things she does not, so she isn’t merely accessing information from her subconscious either. So therefore I’m going assume she has contacted some sort of conscious beings external to her and the other people with her in the room during the Ouija session. She has recorded videos of some of her sessions. I assume they are genuine, and not staged.

The question is then how does this spirit, demon or entity make Twyman and her partner to move the planchette (the object with the hole used to indicate the letters)? I’ve never used a Ouija board myself so I do not know how it feels. In the movies spiritism and seances are usually depicted like some sort of invisible entity float above the people in the room and controls the medium as if by remote control. Like some mystical wifi-energy and the people are remote-controlled by this. Maybe this is nothing like the truth. What if the when using a Ouija board, or a medium being possessed by an entity, it is not some external force that takes over the person, but a program within the person is activated?

In a Ouija session the entity uses the hand of the people involved to move the planchette. Perhaps the entity has been in the people to begin with, it is part of their DNA or genetic memory, or in the blood already. It is an ancient program that is activated, similar to a suppressed instinct. The person allows this program to run its course and control him or her, this results in some degree of possession. Using a Ouija board is a slight form of possession, since the entity uses the hands of the participants to use the planchette. If my assumption is correct, these entities would not be physically external to the people involved, but their consciousness is external to both the conscious and unconscious mind of the possessees. An Ouija seance (if this expression can be used) consists of at least two people. Therefore perhaps the demon program is activated in only one person, and somehow telepathically it affects everyone in the room.

In Twyman’s Ouija sessions Cain, and any other entities, understand English, which I’m pretty sure the mythological or historical Cain did not. And quite interestingly he seems to miss-spell words fairly often. This too would suggest to me that the entities are a part of the person being possessed, as they are able to use their language capabilities to express themselves. However, an entity that told Twyman about the board game Ageio, the predecessor of chess, describe the names of squares in the game. The names were in a foreign language, which the entity said was Aryan, when asked. This reminds me of speaking in tongues, which is regarded as a sacred practice in Christianity. We could have ancient, long-dead languages encoded in our DNA.

Perhaps these demons and non-corporeal entities are simply the ancestors from our distant past, in one sense dead, and in another still alive with us. Their power, personality and how we react to them may have changed over the course of millennia so that we see them as demons or angels. Then again mayhaps they were non-human beings with bodies to begin with, but have died off and been recorded in our DNA for some reason. Perhaps these are the gray aliens and reptilians are, since most accounts of people encountering such beings are dream-like, and they do not appear flesh and blood as we. Perhaps they are creatures of blood, not flesh. They may have encoded themselves in our DNA as only way of remaining alive before extinction. Sort of like a rich man uploading his consciousness into a computer before dying. The demons may be attempting to remain being mentioned in the Book of Life, when they should not be.

One analogy might be that we are from one generation to a next like the same computer, but with each new individual the operating system (like Windows or Linux) is deleted (not formatted), and a new version is installed on the same hard drive. Some of the old programs and files still remain, many of them lie unnoticed, but some may affect us. Throughtout hundreds of generations, all sorts of interesting stuff may accrue into our “junk DNA”.


Racial Memory

If my assumptions are true, then it would suggest different people from different races and bloodlines would have different demons encoded into them. I can’t help but wonder that entities such as Cain and Baphomet are Judeo-Christian in their origin. Would a Chinese guy using the Ouija board contact either of these entities? Might be, but I doubt it.

I think the reason Tracy Twyman managed to do it is partially tied to her culture, being a Westerner, and also her bloodline. Most likely she has some quite potent blood in her to channel such entities. It’s common knowledge these days that most of the elites in Europe and America belong to the same bloodlines, sometimes described as the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Kerth Barker’s book Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers that I finished reading recently recounts the experiences of Kerth, who was as a child abused by Luciferians, and they wanted to recruit him when he got older, because he possessed some important bloodlines in him. David Icke has said a long time ago that the elites have these special reptilian bloodlines that allows them to shapeshift or be possessed by reptilians.

Whatever the details of the story are, the bottom line is that the bloodlines seem to have some specific practical significance, otherwise the elites would not care so much about it. The significance is probably related to information somehow, since DNA and genes are basically just information. Having access to these bloodlines they hope to have access to that information, perhaps in a manner similar to Twyman. I don’t think the bloodlines themselves are evil, it’s just that it’s only evil people who seem to really understand their significance.


Interbreeding and Multiculturalism

If my assumptions are true, then it would clearly make a difference what your blood or race is. A Korean guy cannot access the knowledge of Baphomet, but Tracy Twyman could not be possessed by an ancient Korean general as Korean mudangs are.

It has been pointed out time and time again that the elites want to promote multiculturalism and interbreeding between different races, and I haven’t really understood why. But based on this reasoning it would make sense if you take into account the dystopian account that the elites want engage in dysgenics to breed the masses into an amorphous mass of dumb servants. If everyone possesses the ancestral memories of his tribe or race, the spiritual prowess and wisdom inherent for a particular branch of humanity, the elites want to breed that out from the masses. The ancestral memory gene may be recessive. They want to create mongrels that have no connection to their mystical past.

I certainly am not saying people from different races should not interbreed at all, but that you should do it consciously.



I should not forget to mention that in ancient Greece the word daimon meant an innate spirit within a man, a protective spirit or an advisor, or a “deified hero”. Native American spirit guides may refer to a similar thing. As a modern man, I am not happy to simply accept that we have this sort of supernatural guardian angel in our heads without explanation. Nor am I content to dismiss demons as simply something evil as Christianity has done, yet I don’t want to disregard the warning Christianity has provided either. At least to me it makes sense that demons exist as our ancestors thought, but I do not want to be a naive New Ager who believes they are all benign, and neither am I a puritan who thinks they are all evil. The possibility that demons are something inherent and genetic to us, univeral yet different to each individual, is real.

However, as I’ve said many times, this is mostly assumption and conjecture. Maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.



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The Everpresent Alien Consciousness

Almost ten years ago, few years before I “woke up”, I did a philosophical thought experiment. I wanted to understand why human society is so fucked up, where we are heading and who or what is directing it. The scenario that seemed more likely was that there is an alien consciousness ruling over humanity. The oppressive system with all sorts of insanity such as consumerism and propaganda didn’t seem like human oppression to me. It’s a very human thing for someone or some oligarchical group to want to be king, to exalt itself over the rest of humanity to gain privileges and goods and services not available to others. It has happened over and over again in history. However where we are now looked different. It didn’t seem like human society was there to merely serve the vain ego of a megalomaniacal individual or group of individuals. There was an alien consciousness behind it.

At the time I thought the alien consciousness would be a bunch space aliens, ETs or something along those lines. Alien conspiracies were familiar to me from science fiction, but weren’t something I would entertain seriously. As I didn’t quite believe in the existence of such beings, I didn’t know how to proceed. I was certain though, that the guiding principle in society wasn’t anything quite banal as human greed, lust or even ignorance. Back then I could only tell myself it’s this construct I called aliens, even though I wasn’t sure how the construct would correspond with reality. Now I can say that it does. There are different ways to interpret what this alien consciousness is, as alien merely means: “foreign, nonnative or differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility”.

Now that I examine the alien consciousness I can divide it into two different possibilities; alien beings from other planets or dimensions, or the alien consciousness is a demon constructed by the human mind and perpetuated in the collective consciousness of humanity through cultural norms and beliefs. Whether the alien is the former or the latter is an ontological question I cannot answer, but I do believe it is there.

However, I’d like to discuss other ontological questions regarding crazy alien stuff. Earlier today I listened to a discussion by The Beard World Order with Tom Secker, James Corbett, and Guillermo Jimenez. They talked about how everyone has a limit while researching conspiracies when something starts to sound too crazy, such as the theory that no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11, rather they were holograms. To the three men this seemed like it was on the limit of what they think is crazy, but at least worth considering. They really should spend a few days studying Freeman. They didn’t even get started with the crazy stuff.

I think the technology probably existed in 2001 to project plane holograms hit the buildings, however I’m not that convinced that is what happened back then.

The Beard World Order sort of laughingly discussed reptilians, and high-lighted some of the stupid and superficial claims about reptilians and aliens. They rightly said that when someone believes a completely off-world and outrageous story, they can justify anything with it without looking at the evidence. For many people the entertainment factor of a conspiracy theory is more important than the factuality behind it. There are loads of cases on the internet about many conspiracy theories relating to the “supernatural” or extraterrestrial that make no sense. I think Before It’s News website is full of them (even though not everything there is like that), for example. However, The Beard World Order indirectly suggested, or at least that is how I understood their discussion, that all conspiracy theories about reptilians and aliens is simply “Hollywoodism” or trying to find a quick and simple answer for everything. That simply isn’t true.

I would counter the secular, “stick to the politics”, level conspiracy thinking by saying that it is them who want a quick and simple answer. They don’t want to complicate things so they don’t look at the “weird stuff”, the stuff that could not exist according to our everyday understanding of reality, yet it seems to exist anyway. I know it’s difficult having certainty when researching any conspiracies, 9/11 has countless conspiracy theories and no-one can say which one is closest to the truth. If you add aliens, occult and other weird stuff into it, it becomes even more confusing. Yet that is what you have to do if you want to find out the truth.

Let’s look at the reptilians, again. The most famous, or notorious, exponent of the reptilians theory is of course David Icke, even though he’s not the first or the last to do so. He claims he met a bunch of people in the nineties, while researching conspiracies, who told him about the reptilians. At first he didn’t want to believe it, but eventually he had to take it seriously so he went public with the information. I believe this is all true. I mean Icke is being genuine when he says this. It does not mean, however that the people who told him about the reptilians were telling the truth. They might have been feeding him disinformation, either wittingly or unwittingly. So I don’t know how much of Icke’s reptilian info is correct, but I believe he was trying to find out the truth, even though his quest took him to strange places. Icke has shifted his story to a slightly different direction over the years. While he does not dispute the reptilian claims, his descriptions have become more general, referring to Djinn, Archons or interdimensional entities more often than reptilians. One thing has always bothered me about the reptilians; if they’re shapeshifters, how can you say the reptilian form is their real form?

While I am somewhat sceptical of Icke’s older theories saying that reptilian shapeshifters are ruling over humanity, I do think there is strong evidence reptilians exist. They just might not be quite what Icke said. In Graham Hancock’s book Supernatural the author recounts the experiences of shaman Michael Harner (originally from the book Way of the Shaman, I believe). Harner had met reptilian beings in altered states of consciousness who had said they’re the progenitors of humanity or something. The indigenous shamans in the South American country Harner was in said that many others meet them too and what the reptiles say is not true. Some of Rick Strassman’s test subjects during his DMT experiments had recounted experiences with crocodile-like entities, some of the test subjects were raped by them. This was mentioned in DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

Based on this I would say those reptilians exist in some sense. An important question is, of course, whether the reptilians exist as external entities apart from humanity, or if they are external manifestations of something within the human psyche, such as the reptilian brain? However, whichever the question is correct, the question we should ask what does it mean if something is internal or external to humanity to begin with? It was suggested by Ingo Swann that there is only one consciousness in the universe, and all of our individual consciousnesses are isolated portions of that consciousness. Or something like that. I find that idea intriguing, and potentially very true. In this sense, everything we perceive as external is merely a perception, and what would that make the reptilians then?

To get back to The Beard World Order discussion, I have to say I respect James Corbett immensely, and he has done a lot of good research, and I hope he continues doing so. I don’t remember if he personally said anything about reptilians or other weird stuff in a strictly pejorative manner in the discussion, but he didn’t set things correct either. Corbett has his down-to-earth way of doing research, which he is good at and I’m not suggesting he should become like Icke or something and start researching UFOs and reptilians. I’m just saying you cannot take simply one aspect of research, and ignore others, or label them cooky Hollywood entertainment. As clichéd as it sounds, everything is interconnected.



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