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What is the Origin of the Elite Bloodlines?

It seems to be an established fact that there is an elite bloodline, or a mix of bloodlines, that rule our world. Many conspiracy theorists have described 12 Illuminati bloodlines, while I don’t know if the number is accurate or not, I haven’t seen anyone really dispute the existence of these bloodlines. Even main stream society seems to submissively accept that these bloodlines are a fact. For example most US presidents have been related to each other and to European royalty. The main stream media has even dicussed how Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are related.

The question then is why is this royal bloodline significant? What makes them different, why do they always seem to be in power? From what I see, among conspiracy theorists the prevailing theory is that they have descended from the Nephilim, fallen angels, or possibly the serpent from Eden through Cain. There are variations to this, such as they were descended from Annunaki aliens or reptilians, but in the end the narrative is that the elite bloodlines are evil because they descended from evil non-human entities. And I don’t think it’s a bad theory, but it’s still just a theory, so I will propose another one.


Seed of Abraham

Genesis 17:4-8 states:

Gen 17:4  As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations.
Gen 17:5  Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.
Gen 17:6  And I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee.
Gen 17:7  And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.
Gen 17:8  And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.

God formed “an everlasting covenant” with Abraham and his seed to make him “a father of many nations”, and “kings will come out of” Abraham, which presumable means he will be the progenitor of many kings. Perhaps the seed of Abraham still is ruling many nations through his kings. If this is true, and the elite bloodlines of today are the seed of Abraham, then it would imply two different possibilities: either the God that came to Abraham to make a covenant with him was an evil one, or it was the true God and the only way for anyone to rule over the earth is through the seed of Abraham.

In Genesis 17:1 God, or LORD, says Abram (as he was still known) was perfect (or complete, whole, sound, without blemish, or entirely in accord with truth and fact).  This is why God chose to make the covenant with him. Then why are the elites of today so evil and corrupt then? Perhaps that is reason for their generational Satanist, MK Ultra mind control rituals. That is why the Illuminati trannies seem to exist. God had decided that the seed of Abraham will be kings over nations, and the other side cannot change that, but if they manage to control the seed, they can control the world. This might be what has happened. I’m not saying this necessarily true, but I am putting it out there as an alternative.

If my theory is correct, it would be utterly pointless to try start a revolution to oust the elite bloodlines from power. It would be pointless to hate them. The only way to free ourselves would be to free the elites from the mind control.


Canaan and the Goys

Before I finish, I’d like to take a look at a couple of interesting words from Genesis 17. The word “nations” is used a few times. The original Hebrew word is “goy”, which is certainly familiar as the Jews tend to call non-Jews that, and it supposedly refers to cattle. According to Brown-Driver-Briggs dictionary the word has the following meanings:

1) nation, people (noun masculine)
1a) nation, people
1a1) usually of non-Hebrew people
1a2) of descendants of Abraham
1a3) of Israel
1b) of swarm of locusts, other animals (figuratively)
1c) Goyim? = “nations” (noun proper masculine)

Goy means nation, non-Hebrews, Israel, and descendants of Abraham. Does this mean that all of us non-Jews are the true descendants of Abraham and the true Israelites, and the Jews envy us for this?

Another interesting tidbit in Genesis 17 is: “And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession”.

What is Canaan then? According to Ancient.eu “Canaan was the name of a large and prosperous country (at times independent, at others a tributary to Egypt) which corresponds roughly to present-day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel and was also known as Phoenicia.”

The Brown-Driver-Briggs dictionary gives the following definitions for Canaan:

Canaan = “lowland”
1) the 4th son of Ham and the progenitor of the Phoenicians and of the various nations who peopled the seacoast of Palestine (noun proper masculine)
2) the land west of the Jordan peopled by the descendants of Canaan and subsequently conquered by the Israelites under Joshua (noun proper locative)
3) merchant, trader (noun masculine)

God promised Canaan as an everlasting possessions to the non-Hebrew seed of Abraham. Canaan was inhabited by the Phoenicians, which was conquered by the goy-Israelites, and became known as Israel. It would seem to me that the modern day Jews are the descendants of Canaan, or the Phoenicians, Brown-Driver-Briggs even mentions how Canaan can mean “merchant” or “trader”. If the information presented above is correct, even the Bible itself would seem to state that the Jews have no right to Israel, Syria or other adjacent locations. In fact, the land was held by the Jews a long time ago, but God decided it should go to the goyim, for an eternity.

It would appear that the Cananite/Phoenician/Jews that pretend to be Israelites want their old land back. That is why Zionism was invented to “return” Israel to the Jews under false pretenses, and why there is a war in Syria right now.

I am not trying to twist this into any kind of “anti-Semitic” narrative. I am merely describing what I see.



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Alt-Right is proposing an Alliance with Zionist Jews?

Lana Lokteff interviewed a person identified as the Reactionary Jew, a “Red Pilled” Alt-Right Jew, on Radio 3Fourteen the other day, which part of the Red Ice radio or TV network. The interview begins with Lana mentioning she met Reactionary Jew at the NPI conference where Richard Spencer made the infamous “Hail Trump” -salute, and she asks “Is it possible to create a bridge between Jewish nationalists and European nationalists?” If by “European nationalists” Lana Lokteff means the Alt-Right, then the answer is yes, although on the surface it may seem very contradictory.

When the Alt-Right emerged a couple of years ago and Red Ice converted to their ideology, I thought the main purpose of the Alt-Right was to expose the Jewish and/or Zionist control over many aspects of the world and topple it. The Jews were supposedly the eternal enemy of the Alt-Right. I’ve since come to realize that’s not the case. The Alt-Right is basically about worship of one’s race, or worship of oneself. It’s basically Talmudic Judaism for the goyim, or just Satanism. I’ve written about this phenomenon that I name Talmudic Aryanism before.


Reactionary Jew interview

Yet I question how viable an honest alliance between the Alt-Right and conservative Jews would be? In the interview Lana let’s Reactionary Jew do most of the talking without challenging him on issues such as the Holocaust. Reactionary Jew seems to believe in official narrative of the Holocaust even if he does not wish to obsess over it as much as main stream Jews. Both Red Ice and Radio 3Fourteen have done various programs on exposing the falsehoods in the Holocaust narrative. What if she were to challenge Reactionary Jew on the issue? Would they still engage in friendly banter? Is there anything else except their hatred of multiculturalist liberals and the threat of Islam holding them together? Both groups hold similar Talmudic views of being the chosen race, but this does not ultimately unify Jews and the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right envies the powerful position the Jews currently hold and ultimately wishes to usurp it, but I suppose currently they feel weak enough pretend being friendly. I suddenly got a flashback to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

Then there’s the Israel question. Reactionary Jew just seems to assume that Jews have the right to live in Israel, and Lana Lokteff does not contest this. Presumably it’s based on the narrative in the Old Testament. Even if the ancestors of modern Jews did inhabit that land over 2000 years ago, does it still grant them the right to do so now? What if the proto-Finns lived in the area that is now known as Bulgaria 3000 years ago, for example, does it give me the right to kick out Bulgarians out of their homes and settle on their land? The historical accuracy of the Jewish diaspora narrative is in question, and has been studied people such as Shlomo Sand. And even if the Israelites did live in the so-called holy land and were exiled from it, and have a right to return there, can the modern Jews prove they are the descendants of those Israelites?

I don’t want to comment too much on the details of the conversation between Reactionary Jew and Lana Lokteff, but there was one interesting bit where the Jew said that light-skinned Jews are more likely to be liberals than darker skinned ones, and Lana agreed that White people tend to be the most left-leaning race out there. This lends credence to Common Filth’s theory that there is a genetic component to White man’s deviancy. If Lana really cares about the well-being of her race I hope she reflects on the implications of her own words. Maybe her race isn’t supposedly facing extinction because of an outside threat, but by an inner one.

I suppose the ultimate purpose why Reactionary Jew was chosen for an interview with Radio 3Fourteen was because of Richard Spencer. The Jew was at Spencer’s NPI conference and he said he would vote Spencer for president. For whatever reason Red Ice has allowed Richard Spencer to become their lord and saviour and are promoting him. Reactionary Jew, while he seems intelligent and well-versed in many political issues related to Israel, by his own admission does not know what the rich and powerful globalist Jews think, and cannot influence them.


Richard Spencer on the Jews

Early December, Richard Spencer was interviewed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. He is quoted as saying: “I think it’s clear that Jews underwent tremendous suffering during World War II. I don’t deny the Holocaust”. Why exactly is Red Ice promoting this guy? I don’t agree with most of the stuff that Red Ice does these days, but at least I agree that the official Holocaust narrative is bullshit.

The Haaretz also refers to an article Spencer wrote on his Radix Journal website back in 2010 titled “An Alliance with the Jews”. In it Spencer suggests the following: “Who knows? Israeli nationalists might want to help finance the far Right in Europe and North America.” Spencer has been hoping for a long time that Israel would become his sugar daddy.

Spencer was also interviewed by the self-titled human rights advocate David Duke the other day. In the interview Spencer does seem to indirectly agree with Duke that media is controlled by Jews, and they want to destroy White people. Spencer contrasts the gray areas of today with the Bolshevic revolution in Russia. Back then it was supposedly more black and white, when “we” were facing destruction. You’re not Russian, Dick. I suppose the implication is that the communist Jews were genociding White people in Russia, but nowadays it’s more complicated and you cannot just blame Jews for it. Or maybe not. This is classic Richard Spencer; never being clear on what you say to have plausible deniability, and allowing people to draw the conclusions they want. If you are Red Pilled on Jews, you assume he’s exposing the Jew. If you don’t want be associated with anti-Semites he can say that he didn’t say anything about Jews. Another reason for avoiding blaming Jews is that he still wants that Israeli funding.

Quite interestingly at some point Spencer says you shouldn’t be nice to the main stream media, which is actually something I agree with. Then he comments on some misguided Alt-Right people: “They’re living this delusion if only we’re nice to the media, if only we’re nice to our enemies, they’ll be nice back.” It’s refreshing to hear such honesty from Richard Spencer. He admits he’s delusional. In his weak and effeminate way he seems to agree with Duke that Jews are their enemies, yet he wants to be nice to the Jews to get their money. At least Spencer gives the impression that he doesn’t like Jews. He even says one rabbi’s stupidity makes him question the alleged high IQ of the Askernazis. Maybe this sucking up to Jews is a next level play of pretending to be their friend to steal their money, and when he has it he uses it against them?

David Duke starts a new meme in the interview. Since Spencer orignates from Whitefish, Montana, Duke calls him Whitefish. A more accurate description though when it comes to Richard Spencer would be of course Gayfish. Spencer has adopted the mantle of Gayfish from Kanye West. All hail Richard Spencer, Gayfish of Alt-Right, or Aut-Kike or whatever you call it.



Red Ice, which is a mouthpiece for the Alt-Right, is promoting an alliance with their enemy, the Zionist Jews. Richard Spencer already did so 6 years ago, and it doesn’t seem like he has changed direction. While making one interview asking the question whether Zionist Jews and “European nationalists”, or should it be (((European nationalists)))?, can be friends does not imply it’s the absolute opinion of Red Ice, discussing this topic is itself a promotion of the idea. As far as I know, Red Ice has not made a single program discussing the Flat Earth debate, for example, since clearly they don’t want anything to do with the issue. They do appear to want to become closer friends with Zionists though. As long as they’re pro-White, and Spencer is the one to determine what things are good for the White man.



To clarify my personal position on Jews is that while I do not wish to “gas all of the kikes” I’ve been aware of the globalist Jewish elites influence for a long time, yet I do not think they are on top of the pyramid either. This means I am distrustful of anyone I know to be a Jew, but certainly some Jews do stand up from the crowd as positive examples, such as David Cole. He’s a Holocaust revisionist, and his life was threatened for his views. He had to change his name and live for a pseudonym for several years. Cole was interviewed by Radio 3Fourteen a year or two ago. The difference between Reactionary Jew and David Cole, and why I’m ambivalent toward one and somewhat favorable toward the other, is that Reactionary Jew simply espouses certain political views that the Alt-Righters agree with. David Cole on the other hand has done actual research. The facts that he has brought forward speak for themselves, not his identity or mere opinions.



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Are Jews really behind Zionism?

Zionism is undoubtedly one of the greatest forces for evil in the modern world. They are behind countless acts of terror, false flags, lies and deception, social engineering and wars. Most of the leaders of Zionism are Jewish, and Zionism itself is a Jewish supremacist ideology. There’s no doubt about the influence of Zionism on the foreign policy of the United States, the legal and psychological hurdles put in front of people who want to critically examine the Holocaust, and simply the Zionist-slant of most the global main stream media. All of these facts clearly highlight that there is a Jewish supremacist conspiracy that seems to be running many aspects of our world. Yet my Film Noir Detective Sense tells me everything doesn’t add up. This isn’t the whole story.

Once people break through the barrier that some people in this world who commit nasty crimes are Jews, and acknowledging this fact does not mean you are an evil anti-Semite, they often jump on the bandwagon that claims Jews are behind the New World Order. Certain Jews certainly play an integral part in the agenda, but I question the assumption that Jews are the ultimate mastermind behind it, or that the New World Order is an inherently Jewish agenda. I don’t claim to know the truth; this is at best a theory, but so is the claim that “it’s the Jews”.

Protocols of Zion

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is regarded as evidence of a global Jewish conspiracy by many conspiracy-minded people, whereas co-incidence theorists argue it is an anti-Semitic hoax. Perhaps it is neither. Anyone who reads the Protocols with a rational mind can see that many of the plans have been depicted in the document that surfaced in the late 19th century have become reality. This is significant to anyone interested in knowing what is going on in the world, however it does not necessarily follow that the Jewish conspiracy alleged to in the Protocols was real when the document was written. In 1935 a Swiss court declared the Protocols “to be forgeries, plagiarisms, and obscene literature.” If the document is a forgery or plagiarism, it suggests an original document exists, that significantly differs from the forgery, yet resembles it in some way as well. The Elders of Zion may not refer to Jewish supremacists, but to another group.

The authors of the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, in fact attest that the Protocols of Zion contains elements that are obviously not Jewish. For example, it refers to a King of Jews from the line of David that will become the new pope. The authors comment that: “Since Biblical times no king has figured in Judaic tradition, and the very principle of kingship has become utterly irrelevant.” The Protocols ends with the comment: “Signed by the representative of Zion, of the 33rd Degree”. The authors rightly suggest this sounds more like Freemasonry than Judaism.

The original protocols seems to have been a non-Jewish plan for global domination. Quite possibly a Masonic one, but the popularized version which pins the conspiracy on the Jews is a forgery.

Star of David and the Temple of Solomon

In modern times, the Star of David is regarded as the symbolism for Judaism. It is even on the flag of Israel. However, the association of Judaism with the symbol became prevalent fairly recently in the 19th century, and especially as a Zionist symbol. Wikipedia says: “Unlike the menorah, the Lion of Judah, the shofar and the lulav, the Star of David was never a uniquely Jewish symbol.” Allegedly the Star of David was taken by the notorious banking family, the Rothschilds, as their emblem, which also contributed to its popularization.

The Holy Blood and Holy Grail is devoted to tracing the footsteps of a secret society called the Priory of Sion, which was formed around the time of the First Crusade when Godfrey de Bouillon captured Jerusalem at the end of the 11th century. The Knights Templar were supposedly formed by members of the Priory, but eventually the two orders split from each other. The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail suggest the Templars discovered some ancient secret during this time in the Holy Land. Another name for the Templars is The Order of Solomon’s Temple. And another name for the Star of David is the Seal of Solomon.

Various sources suggest that Freemasonry is descended from the Knights Templar, or The Order of Solomon’s Temple. The Protocols of Zion seem to have a Masonic, not Jewish, origin, and the Star of David/Seal of Solomon is linked to the temple of Solomon and is a Zionist symbol, but not really a Jewish one.

Barry Chamish wrote on the Rense Radio network that modern Israel could not exist without British Freemasonry. He also mentions that the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, did not want to make Israel a Masonic state, although he did have British support. When he died prematurely at the age of 43 and “immoral” Chaim Weizmann took over, Masons started vying for a Jewish Israel.

Although Barry Chamish claims that Theodor Herzl was against Masonic influence over Judaism, it seems certain Masons celebrate him. There is a Theodor Herzl Freemason Lodge in Ra’ana, Israel.

According to certain allegations, Freemasons want to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, or build the Third temple. The building of the temple is tied various world changing religious events such as the coming of the Jewish messiah, and end of the world scenarios for Christians. Even if the Masons aren’t trying to build the temple, it seems plausible that whoever is behind Zionism is. Perhaps it is the British monarchy. Freemasons certainly have an interest in the Temple of Solomon, since their rituals include re-enacting the murder of Hiram Abiff, the chief engineer of the original temple.

Zionism does not seem as concerned with the well-being of Jews as much as it was in gaining control of Israel, and particularly the Temple of Solomon. I see  Jewish supremacy as more of a by-product of this.

Role of the Jews

Like I mentioned in the beginning that Jews do play an important part in Zionism, how is then that I can doubt that Zionism is truly a Jewish idea, you might ask. Nowadays we have countless political movements and ideologies that claim to espouse one thing, but in reality they do something else. Feminism pretends to be about women’s rights, but it’s about all sorts of insane stuff. Environmentalism does not really care about nature, but about religious concepts such as Global Warming, and Carbon Credits and all that. Our world is full organizations that pretend to work for a noble goal, yet the fruit they bear are different. The same is probably true of Zionism.

Despite the loud protests from some people, Jews necessarily are not the conspiratorial masterminds that effortlessly manipulate us dumb goyim. Perhaps the Jews are as gullible as us. The goal of creating a Jewish state was used as an excuse for another agenda, and plenty of Jews bought into it. Right now, I think Zionism, and Jewish supremacy ideology, is no longer serving the agenda of the true conspirators as well as it did in the past, and Zionism is gradually losing power.

For centuries, Jews have been outsiders in Europe. This has probably allowed the Masonic conspirators to use the resentment that many Jews no doubt harbor against Europeans to entice them with the Jewish supremacist agenda. They had their day in the sun, and right now they still seem to be on top, but countless people around the world understand perfectly the evils of Zionism, even if the masses are still asleep, but I believe critical mass has been reached and nothing can save Zionism in the end. The Masonic conspirators know this, and are willing to sacrifice one of their best and brightest pawns if it will benefit them in the long run.

Look at someone like Barbara Spectre saying that Jews are responsible for multiculturalism in Europe. She doesn’t seem like a conspiratorial mastermind, but a useful idiot serving an agenda. This does not excuse the Jews who serve this evil Zionist agenda. It is not my intention to defend Jews who are guilty of horrific crimes, but to remind you that it may not be enough to merely destroy Zionism.


I regard Zionism as only one of the heads of the hydra. It’s one of the biggest and baddest heads, but it is not the body. I cannot help but be old school and suggest it’s the Freemasons, and/or the British establishment. Zionism has been a great tool for creating chaos, so the Masons can eventually offer their solution for order.

While exposing the crimes of Zionism, and preventing it from perpetrating any more of them, is one of the most important goals for us to do, focusing only on Zionism or on the Jews is one-dimensional in my opinion. You have to dive into the deep-end to know what is really going on, and not to get fooled by sudden plot-twists.


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Why I doubt that Israel controls the New World Order

Obviously Israel and Zionists wield a lot of influence in  the world and are responsible for a lot of deception and immoral acts. However, I do not think they are on top of the pyramid, as it were.

More and more accounts of Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians, and unwillingness to accept African immigrants, are being reported in the media, even the mainstream media. The tide is turning on Israel, partly because the people are starting to see Israel and lot of these powerful Jewish organizations for what they really are. But there’s the other side that ultimately what Zionism and Israel stand for are not compatible with the transhumanist, digital, archontic mindset where we are all equal. We’re all just numbers to be controlled the same. Israel’s Jewish supremacist mindset is ultimately at odds with the New World Order’s goals, although Israel has done a lot of work for them.

Israel, and the Jewish people, do consider themselves special and unique, and this is not allowed in the New World Order where everyone is gray, neuter, nameless and faceless. There are no Jews nor Goyim, no Europeans, Africans, Asians or Arabs. Everyone is just a drone according to this mindset. That is why criticism of Israel is becoming more mainstream.

Jews and/or Zionists have served the New World Order well in destabilizing the rest of the world, as the Jews consider themselves the chosen ones, and therefore many of them have happily undermined other countries and cultures. A very good example of this is Barbara Spectre is saying that Jews are behind the multiculturalism in Europe.

The documentary Defamation starts off with the film maker saying he’s making a film about anti-semitism. Another guy asks him what’s that. He answers it’s when people hate the Jews. The guy responds: “No way. The Jewish people control the world.” This is exemplary of the mindset that many Jews have. They themselves believe they are in control, but I don’t think they are. They have been a very good asset for the New World Order, but they are about to outlive their usefulness. The cover of committing crimes under a Jewish mask, and then calling everyone anti-semite to divert attention away has worked well in the past, but it’s not working so well anymore, which is why Israel is unable to serve its purpose for much longer. Another phase in this insane master plan has already begun.

I don’t have much sympathy for Israel, but it should be understood that it’s not necessarily a thing to rejoice if Israel gets destroyed, literally or figuratively, as ultimately it is just another nail sticking out to be hammered down by the machine.

While Jews, Zionists and Israel have played an integral part in this global conspiracy I do not  think the conspiracy itself is Jewish. I don’t think the Elders of Zion are the mastermind. If I knew who was on top of the pyramid, I would say so, alas I don’t. But from my perspective, the Jews are not truly in control. It is not prudent to lose sight of the bigger picture when looking at the individual crimes that do have a Jewish fingerprint on them.



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Carthage wasn’t destroyed completely, it went Underground

In my previous post I considered the possibility that modern Jews are not descendants of ancient Israelites, but of Canaanites and other tainted tribes. I will continue on this line of investigation and go forward to see where the Canaanite thread leads me.

Even Jesus regarded the Canaanites as a lesser people, indirectly calling them dogs in Matthew 15:21-28. He was unwilling to help a Canaanite woman whose daughter was possessed by a devil since he was sent only for the ” lost sheep of the house of Israel “. Yet Jesus changed his mind as the woman admitted her inferiority. Either Jesus was a terrible racist or there was something seriously wrong with the Canaanites.


The Phoenicians and Carthage

The Canaanites were the predecessors of another group mentioned by conspiracy researchers every now and then, the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians were famous mariners and traders. The Wikipedia says one possible meaning for Canaanites is the Semitic word “cana’ani”, which means merchant. Sounds like Jews to me. Another possibility is the Akkadian word “kinahhu” meaning purple dyed-wool. The term Phoenicians “may derive from the Greek word “Phoenix” meaning crimson or purple”, since that is the colour they used. Nowadays Phoenix is known as the bird that kills itself with fire and is reborn. The Phoenicians called it Bennu (or benu), and it was also known as the Morning Star.

The Phoenicians were the descendants of the Canaanites, and perhaps their greatest accomplishment was the foundation of Carthage in northern Africa. Carthage was a great maritime empire that was ultimately annihilated by the Romans in the Punic Wars. And from what I know, it seems like it was for the best.

I am not a great fan of ancient Rome, since I am not a fan of empires. I’m certainly intrigued by Rome for its history, but I’ve seen it as another Borg-like conqueror that wanted an Old World Order. I may have been wrong. Not much is known of the ancient Carthage culture, since it was destroyed by Rome. Most of what is known is from Roman accounts, that may not be so objective. One of the claims was that the Carthaginians sacrificed their children as a burnt offering, a holocaust. This has been regarded as Roman propaganda by some, but even Wikipedia admits: “Most archaeologists accept that infant sacrifices did occur”. I find myself agreeing with them and wondering what other sort of evils were perpetrated by the Carthaginians? The word Punic means “treacherous” even today. Punic is merely a Romanization of Phoenician.

Let’s take a look at their religion. One of their gods Moloch, or Molech, was a fire god worshipped by Canaanites and Phoenicians. People sacrificed children to him. However, Wikipedia offers an alternative explanation to the fiery sacrifice: “some have suggested a rite of purification by fire instead” [of actually burning children]. I remain unconvinced. Other deities are Baal,  Ba’al, or Baal Hammon who is sometimes identified with Saturn. There is Rephan, or Remphan (Chiun in Hebrew?) which is Saturn. Related either to Moloch or Baal. Baal’s female counterpart was Anat, or Tanit in Carthage. She is better known as Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, Semiramis, or Columbia depicted on the Statue of Liberty. Less known names for her are Atargatis (sounds like stargate) and Derketo. I’ll call her Tanit from now on. She was a “Lady Goddess of the Sea” to whom doves and fish were sacred.

Here’s a picture of Baal:


There’s something familiar with the hand gestures…

The difference is Baal and Anat are not sitting down.

Here is the symbol of Tanit:

It looks like a woman in a dress holding her hands up. Then again it resembles an Egyptian ankh.

This one looks a bit like a pyramid with the all seeing eye…


Modern Carthago

I believe modern Jews, and Zionists, are descendants of the Carthagians/ Phoenicians. We see their symbolism everywhere. Look at the Starbucks logo. It is Anat/ Tanit/ Atargatis. I did an earlier post on the Eurovision song contest winning song Rise like a Phoenix. Yesterday I watched a pro-Carthago propaganda documentary titled Carthage: The Roman Holocaust. It’s a shameless attempt to portray the Carthaginians as an enlightened civilization wiped out by the brutal Romans so they could have the monopoly over the Mediterranean. Noticed the name? Now who would use a word like Holocaust to label one race of people as nasty brutes?

There’s the Marxist Fabian Society, of course, which is responsible for a lot of the destabilization of the Western civilization. The society got its name from a Roman general named Fabius. He was famous for biding his time. I believe the modern corporatist culture and obsession with economics has been inherited from the Phoenicians. Not to mention the Saturn death cult mentioned quite often in the alternative media. It was their religion back then, and still is.

These are just a few examples I thought off the top of my head. I have to keep my eyes open for more.

One more thing. This is a drawing of Carthage:

Reminds me of something. Vatican:



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Ancient Israelite, Aryan and Jewish Connection

I am continuing with the Khazar-Jewish conjecture and expanding it to everyone’s favourite race; the Aryans. Yet first of all, let’s ask who were the Israelites of Old Testament. I do not believe they have anything to do with the Jews who are occupying Palestine today. This is regardless of whether the Ashkenazi are Khazars or not.

In my previous post I posed the question:  “Isn’t the Old Testament full of the Jewish supremacist violence?” After chewing on the idea a few days I’m gonna say maybe not. The Old Testament has plenty of scenes were the Israelites butcher other races on the orders of their god. Yet there might be extenuating circumstances to this, to put it callously.

Jim Denison discusses this in his article titled Why did God tell the Jews to kill the Canaanites? He writes:

The book of Joshua presents most readers with a troubling question: how can a God of love command his followers to destroy an entire nation of people? The Canaanites had lived in their land for centuries before Joshua and his people came to claim it for themselves. While some in Canaan fought against God’s people and were destroyed as a result (cf. the battle of Ai, 8:14ff), others did not attempt armed aggression against Israel. The people of Jericho, for instance, retreated inside their city walls and mounted no attack against the Jews. Nonetheless, following divine orders, the Israeli soldiers “destroyed with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys” (6:21).

His answer is that it was divine retribution against the sinful Canaanites. Still to genocide a people simply because they are sinful sounds rather extreme. However, we may look at these genocidal Israelites from another perspective. Various Christian researchers of Nephilim and UFOs have come to the conclusion that there was genetic manipulation “in the days of Noah”. One of them is Rob Skiba. I’m most familiar of this theory from Michael Tsarion who claims to have found evidence on gene splicing in Celtic myths. Perhaps these mass slaughters perpetrated by the ancient Israelites were quite different to the genocide perpetrated by modern Jews. Let’s say the Israelites were racially pure, whereas the other races destroyed by them had been tainted by unwholesome genetics. What the Israelites did may not have been pleasant, yet it was like putting down a rabid dog. Many races in those times had been tainted by Nephilim/ ET/ demon/ reptilian-genes and had to be wiped out. The Israelites were not.

Since I am not a Christian and certainly not a Jew, one might ask why am I defending genocidal old stories those religions are based on? Regardless of my sentiments on the Abrahamic religions I recognize that there are several esoteric insights and truths to the Bible. I wouldn’t say it’s a holy book, but a significant book in many ways and much can be learned from it. Michael Tsarion said something like the stories of the Old Testament did not happen in the Middle-East, but on the continent of Lemuria long, long time ago. The stories were culturally adapted to fit them into the Middle-East. I am very much intrigued by this notion.

An old holy man named Tim Bence was interviewed by Rob Skiba, and Tim Bence told stories from across the world were he ran into Canaanite altars that were corrupting the land and the people around it. Bence destroyed many of them and things got better. Even though he is very devoutly Christian, I believe in the veracity of his stories.

Let’s get back to business. Who were the ancient Israelites, the modern Jews and the tainted races of old? I think many of the modern Jews are descendants of the people the Israelites wanted to exterminate, but obviously failed to do. Over the course of Millennia they assumed the role of the Israelites and are now knows as Jews. There has been a reversal. The Jews are masquerading (most of them unwittingly, of course) as the people who used to cull them. Who were the Israelites then? Well, this is where it gets funny…

They might have been the Aryans. “The European people can be shown to be the true descendants of Israel” claims a blog called Aryan Israel. Someone known only as History Researcher, Australia says “they [Aryans] were proto-Israelites and destined to be the model peoples for the rest of humanity.” There are merely a couple of websites I found with simple googling, so I am not saying this is definitely the truth, yet often the truth is more fucked up and ironic than fiction. Since the end of the Second World War we have been presented with the scenario where the Aryan Nazis are the hateful bad guys that want to annihilate the poor, defenseless Jews. However clear facts point out that Jews certainly are not so innocent and defenseless as can be seen from modern Israel, and that the mistreatment of the Jews by the Nazis during the war has been greatly exaggerated. (For example it seems the Final Solution was only Allied propaganda, and Nazis wanted to send Jews to Palestine peacefully before the war was started by Britain.)

Let’s assume for a while that the ancient Israelites were the same as the Aryans who conquered India, and probably traveled to many other places too. In fact there is someone called Dr. Samar Abbas from India who theorizes that “The Hebrews belong to a branch of Vedic Aryans”. According to him there are many similar words to Sanskrit and Hebrew. Perhaps the Aryans conquered India since they knew the seed of the Archons were hiding there? Yet somehow over time the Jews were able to infiltrate the Israelites/ Aryans and hi-jack their identity like a faceless manipulator.

These are my crazy racist ramblings for today. Have a nice day.



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Fashionable pop-morals for Consumers

Issues of morality are just another fashion in our modern society. Some theater called Tricycle theatre “has pulled out of hosting the UK Jewish film festival this year over concerns of funding from the Israeli government”. I support boycotting Israel and it got the Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council (whatever that is) pissed off, which is nice, but… this sounds just following the trend of the week. Now it’s fashionable to turn up one’s nose at Israel. After a week or two it’ll be something else. This is consumerist activism. Pop-morals. Fashion ethics. Too many labels, don’t know which one to pick.

There’s always one issue, which is high-lighted in the media and everyone gets all excited over it. Be it Save the Whales, Free Tibet, Kony 2012 or whatever piece of crap. The same as there’s always the latest blockbuster movie each month that grasps everyone’s attention, a new Harry Potter book or football world cup. It’s a fine distraction to consume. But the consumer can get bored with pure entertainment so therefore there exists the pseudo-moral dilemma, or the target of moral indignation, until he gets bored of it.

Israel has murdered and oppressed Palestinians for decades. Where was the indignation three months ago? How about 5 years ago, or 10 years ago? The attention span of the consumer is only a couple of weeks or so, so naturally we shouldn’t expect them to remember old stuff like that. You could probably tell them the world was created in the 1960s and half of them would believe it. The history the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a long progression, a story with various phases and developments. No, of course not. It’s like a music video that gives 3-5 minutes of random images of sex, violence and feeds you a few emotions to get your fix. Then you forget. Until the next fix is offered by the media.

Perhaps I sound irate or overly critical, but we really should began to think and observe before a disaster happens, not after it. Like if someone has a deadly tumor you should tend to it before it grows too big. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be as cinematic as letting the problem grow too big, and then try to fix it. Just think about an action movie. What if the protagonist shot the bad guy only 10 minutes into the movie? Then we couldn’t see the exciting final battle with explosions, blood and destroyed buildings all over. Boring.




Newsnight Debates Tricycle Theatre’s Decision To Withdraw From Hosting Jewish Film Festival: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/08/06/newsnight-debates-tricycle-theatres-decision-to-withdrawal-from-hosting-uk-jewish-film-festival_n_5656823.html