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The Faustian West

People of European stock, or the “White” people, do have enemies to be sure, and many of them would be happy to see the White Genocide become a reality, yet at the heart of the matter I would it is not really a White Genocide, but White Suicide. It’s us who are allowing it to happen, and we’ve been working on it for a long time.


Faustian Demon

There’s a psychological or spiritual malady in us that makes us resent ourselves for being infected by it, and also makes us want to look away from it and focus on something else, give us a distraction. Spengler called the West a “Faustian culture”, i.e. having made a deal with the devil in order to gain power. The Western man has lost contact with nature and replaced that with constant strive for technological progress. Spengler probably meant the Faustian pact to be allegorical, but I leaning toward the pact to more literal, even though the demon might be one of our own creation.

John Lash speaks of the same phenomena in “Not in His Image” where he bases his argument that extra-terrestrial Archons have infected our minds on ancient Gnostic literature. Paul Levy describes the phenomenon by the Native American term Wetiko. I do not know where this spiritual malady originated, whether it was brought by an evil invader, or we created it ourselves, but I certainly do agree it exists.

This malady makes us uncomfortable in silence, when we are alone with ourselves. We always have to have something to do. Work, movies, music, video games, projects to work for. Like Carl Jung put it: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” It is not only that we avoid looking into our demon-tainted soul, but doing so we allow the demon to use us to cause havoc.



Like I said earlier, we have many enemies: invading Islamist forces, Jewish control over the media, science and so on, manipulation by secret societies. However, I will argue that those enemies would not have attainted such influence over us had we not allowed them to do so.

For one, half of the Western people see no problem with invading Islamists, and to accuse Jews of doing something bad is anti-semitic hatred, and believing in secret societies is crazy conspiracy theory. They are willingly ignorant of these threats to their existence, because on one hand they have created the problem themselves and therefore don’t want to face their own mistake, and on the other, subconsciously they understand these threats spell their doom, and they welcome it.

The other half of the West (yes these are very rough generalizations) understand the threat we are facing, and are willing to fight it. However, they wish to externalize the threat, and talk about “Jewish tribal breeding strategies” and such, or Islamic barbarism, without taking into account how they themselves, or their ancestors have worked to build up these threats. It’s easy to blame the Jews or the Illuminati for this or that, but it’s difficult to admit where you have worked against your own self-interest. In effect, fighting against these threats gives us an excuse not to look at root cause of the problem, which is ourselves.

On one side the Western people welcome their own destruction since they subconsciously know they are being possessed by this demon, whereas the other side wants an external enemy to fight against so they don’t have to face the real enemy.


The West always shoots itself in the Foot

I’ve heard it mentioned many times that native Englishmen are a minority in London, and when I visited the Heathrow airport I noticed that the vast majority of employees are Indian or Pakistani. Also the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris had a lot of Africans working in it, although the ratio with native French people was more equal. Why is this the case then? I would say it is imperialism. Britain colonized India over a hundred years ago, and now Britain is overrun by Indians. France colonized parts of Africa, and now their country is overrun by Africans (both Black and Arabic ones). How does that work? I cannot say I describe the whole process, but I would say it has something to do with making these racially, culturally and religiously foreign nations part of their empires will naturally make it easier for people from those countries to migrate to Europe.

Let’s take the Rotherham scandal in England. Pakistani immigrants raped hundreds of British girls during a period of over ten years. The authorities knew about it, but didn’t do squat. While of course the Pakistani men bear a lot responsibility for these crimes, the root cause is that the British men did nothing to protect their girls. The main problem is not that the foxes eat your chickens, but that you allowed foxes to guard the henhouse. The Pakistanis wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the Brits making it possible. In fact, Pakistan wouldn’t probably even exist if it wasn’t for the British empire. The region was controlled by the Sikh empire from 1799-1849 until it was defeated by the British East India Trading Company in the Anglo-Sikh wars.

I see the White Man’s Burden-ideology at its core to be an excuse not to focus on the problems at home, and do something else somewhere else to distract one’s attention from the Faustian demon.

The modern state of Israel too would not exist if it wasn’t for the support of the British and Americans. Europeans have known for centuries that the Jews are troublemakers to say the least, yet they were allowed into this position of power. Israel could not wield the power over US foreign policy if Israel did not exist. I don’t think the Jews are the manipulative masterminds they are sometimes made out to be. They are devious and deceptive, but their lies need a willing audience to take effect.

Even the colonization of America by Europeans is, at least partially, due to the unwillingness to fix problems at home, and instead escape from them and ultimately bring the problems elsewhere. Without going into what happened in America between Europeans and the natives, the motive for colonizing the Americas was based on escapism. Many pioneers and colonists went to America escape the religious persecution in Europe. Instead of fixing problems at home, they escaped to America. I understand the sentiment myself. I’d like there to be a pure and pristine continent, or perhaps a planet in Alpha Centauri, where I could escape to start anew, but the problem would migrate with myself.

The post-World War times have plenty of examples of Westerners creating problems for themselves that they can fix later. Look at America setting up Saddam Hussein in Iraq only to declare war on him later. Same thing with the Taliban, or Gaddafi.

The New World Order is not a conspiracy, but an openly declared political agenda, as it has been announced by countless people such as David Rockerfeller, Henry Kissinger and George Bush senior. Yet people who have pointed this out time and time again have been ridiculed and ignored. In effect, Westerners have been complicit in this agenda by their silence.



It is clear that Westerners have been complicit in the crimes against themselves time and time again. The argument that we’ve been manipulated by the Jews or the Illuminati works only to a certain limit. It’s like the maxim George W. Bush couldn’t say: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” The people of the West have been fooled countless times. It’s not that our enemies are so smart or powerful, but we’d rather buy their lies since it gives us the excuse not to take responsibility for our own actions. I suggest we change that. I don’t want Islam to overrun Europe, I don’t want Jews to control over us, and I don’t want the New World Order to become reality. It’s not enough to fight against these threats as we have to recognize there is something psychologically wrong with us that keeps creating enemies for us to fight.

Apparently Spengler believed that for the Faustian man there is no redemption. All he can do is face the inevitable end without courage and dignity. While I do agree that we have to have courage and dignity, but I think the demon can be exorcised. However, that is more difficult than falling battle against overwhelming odds like Davy Crockett.


P.S. It is possible that other people than Westerners are also affected by the same mind virus, but it manifests differently. Arabs, for example, might be affected as well, but their virus manifests as religious fanaticism instead of desire for “progress”.



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Chemtrails, Blade Runner and Fallen Angels

In recent times I’ve heard some people of the nationalist or alt-right persuasion dismiss the issue of Chemtrails as something ridiculous. They’re decent people whose political views I for the most part agree with, but not on their choice to ignore issue that do not fit into that political view.

I can understand that some people feel put off by the more esoteric side of conspiracy theories, and they don’t see the point in dwelling over whether the latest terrorist attack was a false flag or not. They either very distant or minor details that have little practical baring on one’s life. Chemtrails, however, are very physical and easily perceived phenomenon. I’ve seen aeroplanes emit Chemtrails dozens of times over the years. I’ve seen them in various countries, including at least Finland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. I’ve read reports and seen videos of Chemtrails appearing many other countries as well. They are a global phenomenon you can perceive with your very eyes if you pay attention. It is not an issue of belief, emotion, or something nebulous like debating whether “it’s” the Illuminati or the Jesuits.

I’ve seen planes emit contrails, the white chemical trails that disappear after a minute or so. I’ve seen planes spray Chemtrails that linger in the air for a long time and eventually form clouds. This is a straight forward matter. If you don’t believe me, start paying attention when you go outside. You might not see them everyday, but you will see them eventually unless you happen to live in an area where no Chemtrails are sprayed. If such a place exists.

One comment I read recently about Chemtrails was someone disputing the existence of Chemtrails because the idea that the elites would be poisoning the earth like this, since they live on this planet too. First of all that is a huge leap of faith to say that Chemtrails are a plot to poison people. The only fact about Chemtrails I know is they exist, and would seem to be some sort of Chemicals. I do not for what purpose they are sprayed or how they affect things.

Secondly, the comment of this “Chemtrail skeptic” is completely non-sensical. It pre-supposes some sort of universal hive mind of humanity where everybody thinks the same as the guy making the assumption, and moreover the idea that people would never do something that will eventually bring them their doom is demonstratively wrong. Just look at all the Feminists who want Muslim immigrants to invade their countries and rape them. Just look at the Bug Chasers in San Francisco who purposefully want to get AIDS. Yes, they exist, and I am referring the disease, HIV, and not making a South Park-related joke about Jared wanting to give people aides.

That part of this post was cold, hard fact, but this is where the wild speculation sets in.

I just finished re-watching the scifi classic Blade Runner. The movie starts with a shot of a huge, futuristic ziggurat-like building with a vehicle flying towards it. It immediately reminded me of what Erich von Däniken, the Ancient Alien theorist, said about ziggurats in the ancient Mesopotamia. He theorized that they were airports for the flying vessels of the aliens.

I am however very skeptical of the whole Ancient Aliens narrative, but there is plenty of evidence of pre-historical societies with all sorts of advanced technologies. There are loads of ancient ruins around the world that defy the narrative of main stream archeology.

Blade Runner is based on the novel by Philip K. Dick by the name of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, but there are many differences between the book and the movie. While the novel is pessimistic and post-apocalyptic, the movie is more dark, literally, and more transhumanistic. The visuals follow this dark, cyberpunk, machinic society that is disconnected from nature. The Borg from Star Trek, and H. R. Giger’s art, who is most famous for designing the alien for the movie Alien, present a similar world. The future in the Terminator-movies and the Matrix isn’t that different either. While I do find this dark, cybernetic world aesthetically pleasing, but certainly it is not world that any sane person would want to become reality, as it is basically a vision of hell.

The movie is transhumanistic in its depiction of the replicants, the artificial humans. The plot is that four, well six, but two of them died in the backstory, replicants escaped from the Off-world Colonies, i.e. colonies in outer space to earth. Replicants have only a four year life-span, and they’re seeking to prolong it. Their presence on earth is illegal (how can a person be illegal? trololol) and Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, has to hunt them down.

The suffering of the replicants is much more highlighted than the experiences of Deckard. When both of the female replicants are killed sad music is played in the background, and there’s slow motion. And the end battle against the boss, played by Rutger Hauer, is somewhat anti-climactic, since the replicant saves Deckard and simply dies of old age instead of being shot by the hero. I’m not saying this as a movie critic, but with the purpose of analyzing the message of the movie. In effect the movie wants you to sympathize with the inhuman antagonists. I don’t think it worked, though, back in the eighties when people saw the movie, since people back them were more rooted in reality than we are now. Nowadays though, I can imagine a Social Justice Warrior watching the movie and hating human for being so intolerant against these artificial machines.

The underlying message in Blade Runner is, as the Rolling Stones put it, to have sympathy for the devil. Transhumanism and Satanism, I believe, are one and the same. This might sound counter-intuitive to someone not versed in these topics as transhumanism is something scifi and futuristic, and Satanism, or devil-worship is something archaic and superstitious. Yet I believe that demons, or devils, or fallen angels are some sort of artificial intelligences. Either they were devised as concepts in the mind of God, but he chose not to create them, or he created them but banished them to hell. The popular idea of hell is fire and brimstone, lakes of fire and horned demons, but I’m inclined to think it’s more like the artificial, dark world presented in the science fiction works I referred to earlier. This does not mean the artists who make these depictions are necessarily “in the know” or work for the Illuminati, but rather they have inadvertently picked up the inspiration from the ether and depicted what they saw.

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man “(Matthew 24:37) is a phrase that has been plaguing me for a long time. Some Christian Ufologists and conspiracy theorists have interpreted this to mean that in the days of Noah people had a lot of the technology that we have today as well as genetic manipulation, and other sciences that pervert nature. Then God brought the flood to get rid of it. It sounds like a plausible theory to me.

This relates to the ziggurat in Blade Runner, the building of the Tyrell corporation, that creates the replicants. Back in the days of Noah, these high priests used their perverse technologies to try to bring these demonic, artificial entities into our world. The ziggurat probably symbolizes this. The movie Blade Runner states that they are attempting to do it again.

This is where the Chemtrails come into the picture. The most reasonable sounding explanation for what the purpose of Chemtrails might be is that they are used for geoengineering. I think that is the case. Into what are they moulding the world into then? I’d say it’s the dark, artificial world we’ve seen in scifi movies. Perhaps Global Dimming is caused by Chemtrails, if it is an actual phenomenon and not another fraud like Global Warming.

I know there are a lot of different, seemingly unconnected topics I discussed here, and I may have jumped from one thread to another a bit too fast without explaining the whole process, but it’s getting late and I’m sleepy. The big picture though makes sense, when you put it all together.


I’ll add some references here to point out that I didn’t just pull the stuff I said here out of my ass:

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Salvationism in Christianity and atheism

Last summer made a post saying that atheism is the fourth Abrahamic religion. There’s one aspect, salvationism, that seems to be a key feature in both Christianity and atheism. It may or may not apply to Islam and Judaism as well, but I not so well versed with their ways of thinking so I cannot say for sure.

Way back when I was younger there was one aspect of Christianity that made it clear for me that faith wasn’t meant for me; the salvationist ideology. This was decades before I heard of John Lash’s criticism of the concept in Not in his Image. Christians used to say “Do you accept Jesus into your heart?” or “Do you accept Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour?” I might have accepted that Jesus was some transcendental being and spiritually superior to the rest of us, but this particular dogma of having accept something external into me was like accepting a spiritual microchip into my soul, or, pardon the vulgar expression, having his dick rammed into my mouth. I neither liked the idea of having to accept some external, outer thing into me, nor did I see how it would make me better.

I have no problem looking at myself or human beings in general as somehow sinful, although I don’t mean it necessarily in any religious sense. We’re simply all screw-ups, we’ve all done something immoral, there are limits to what we know and can know, nobody’s perfect and so on. I think the best way to handle it is to stop whining, and do the best you can. Try to be a decent person. I fail to see how the mythological remedy Christianity claims to possess can fix our sinful state. I would say it rather gives us an excuse to continue living sinfully since somehow the act of Jesus unjustly being murdered on the cross makes it OK for us to be sinful. It never made sense to me, still doesn’t.  And certainly accepting a murdered Jesus into my heart won’t fix anything either. It is merely an attempt to abdicate one’s responsibility to a “higher power”.

This is also what the atheists do. They don’t believe in God, Jesus or sin for that matter, but they do believe in the marvels of “progress”. To them vaccination is merely an updated version of the Eucharist. Christians drink the blood of Christ and eat his body in order to be saved. Atheists take the jab to be safe from the germs. This is very much the impression I’ve gotten from some atheists and their blind belief in vaccines. I’m not saying all vaccines are necessarily harmful, but some are. But to these atheists saying this is heresy.

Modern medicine in some respect has become the church for the atheists. As now we have all of the viruses and bacteria, the atheists don’t believe there’s anything they can do to fight against these invisible demons, so they give their money to the pharmaceutical companies in order to be safe. Here too I’m not saying all modern medicine is useless or harmful, but I would rather rely on the natural healing properties inherent in my body rather than rely on this multimillion Dollar industry.

In political matters particularly the leftist atheists view the government as a God-like figure to be obeyed, unless you want to invoke its ire or lose it favour. The media serves a role similar to the inquisition. You don’t want be known as a crazy conspiracy theorist/heretic, so you don’t discuss these and those matters in public. It all goes together, the statism, the media, the pharmaceuticals. They’re all a religion. The ultimate goal of it all seems to become a sublim victim like Jesus. Just look as the Je suis Charlie-stuff, or how the alleged crisis actors are always happy to be victims. Don’t get angry. Don’t blame the attacker. Be complacent, be passive, be a victim because it makes you better than the rest since according to this religion there are only victims and oppressors. And the meek shall inherit the earth…

This is the religion of the New World Order. You’re a meek victim while they inherit the earth. Whoever they may be.



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Lion-like Archons in Gnostic Gospel

John Lash, the man who has introduced the word “archon” or “archontic” into our vernacular describes two types of archons, gray alien looking ones and reptilian looking ones. His Metahistory.org website says:

“Physical descriptions of Archons occur in several Gnostic codices. Two types are clearly identified: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type. Obviously, these descriptions fit the Greys and Reptilians of contemporary reports to a T. Or I should say, to an ET.”

I can find reference to the archons as being like aborted fetuses in the Nag Hammadi Library, but nothing about them being “draconic” or “reptilian”. I don’t know where Lash got the reptilian-thing. Maybe it’s a different translation, or my version of the Nag Hammadi is missing some texts.

The Hypostasis of the Archons (the text dealing with the birth of the archons) says: “”Within limitless realms dwells incorruptibility. Sophia, who is called Pistis, wanted to create something, alone without her consort; and her product was a celestial thing. A veil exists between the world above and the realms that are below; and shadow came into being beneath the veil; and that shadow became matter; and that shadow was projected apart. And what she had created became a product in the matter, like an aborted fetus. And it assumed a plastic form molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, as I have already said, because it was from matter that it derived.”

I don’t think the “aborted fetus” is a description of the appearance of the archons, but rather a description of their spiritual state. Rather the archons, or at least the first archon, Yaldabaoth seems to look like a lion.

The Untitled Text writes:

“And when Pistis Sophia desired to cause the thing that had no spirit to be formed into a likeness and to rule over matter and over all her forces, there appeared for the first time a ruler, out of the waters, lion-like in appearance, androgynous, having great authority within him, and ignorant of whence he had come into being. Now when Pistis Sophia saw him moving about in the depth of the waters, she said to him, “Child, pass through to here,” whose equivalent is ‘yalda baoth’.”

Here it says quite clearly that Yaldabaoth was “lion-like in appearance”. Note also that he came “out of the waters” (like Moses, Maritime Law and all that).

The Apocryphon of John describes Yaldabaoth as a “lion-faced serpent”. Wikipedia has this picture, which probably depicts Yaldabaoth.

It looks like the merlion of Singapore. Note that that is a lion associated with water.

Nag Hammadi describes Yaldabaoth as Ariael. Wikipedia says that the angle Ariel (or Ariael) means “Lion of God” or “Hearth of God”.

The Apocryphon of John does mention a dragon, although no draconic reptilians. The book explains that the archons created seven powers for themselves, and the powers created six angels. One of the angles is Sabaoth who “has a dragon’s face”. John Lash equates Sabaoth with the sun, but at least the Apocryphon of John says: “The sixth one is Cain, whom the generations of men call the sun.” I guess Cain would be the Black Sun.

Whatever the identity of Sabaoth is, The Untitled Text, says he turned against his father, Yaldabaoth, and was blessed by Sophia:

“Now when Sabaoth, the son of Yaldabaoth, heard the voice of Pistis, he sang praises to her, and he condemned the father […] at the word of Pistis; and he praised her because she had instructed them about the immortal man and his light. Then Pistis Sophia stretched out her finger and poured upon him some light from her light, to be a condemnation of his father. Then when Sabaoth was illumined, he received great authority against all the forces of chaos. Since that day he has been called “Lord of the Forces”.”

Time to wrap this up. Yaldabaoth, and perhaps other archons, resemble lions. This is quite intriguing since I have been wondering in recent months what does the lion symbolism used by “nobility” refer to. I’ve been wondering if it could refer to false nobility of usurpers. Particularly if there has been, or is some sort of conflict between the dragon and the lion. The Gnostics seem to support my theories.

An example of this scenario can be found in contemporary fiction like Game of Thrones. The Lannisters, the lions, usurping the rightful throne from the Targaryens. While some might say that Baratheons are the usurpers, not the Lannisters. However, the founder of House Baratheon, Orys Baratheon, was probably the bastard brother of Aegon the Conqueror, and therefore has Targaryen blood in him, and therefore Robert Baratheon would as well.

But enough geekiness for tonight.


EDIT: Apparently the reference to reptilians is in Berlin Codex 37.2–25. The codex does not seem to be a part of the Nag Hammadi texts that were uncovered in 1945. The Berlin Codex was found in 1896.

John Lash describes the Demiurge in Not in his image by quoting the Berlin Codex as “having a lion-like body with the head of a drakona, a reptile”. This seems more like the reverse of the lion head with the body of a serpent. I couldn’t find “drakona” in Greek dictionaries, but there seems to be a town or village by that name in Greece. In Greek, dragon seems to “drakon”.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the Berlin Codex. It’s probably included in the 5 volume set of The Coptic Gnostic Library: A Complete Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices. But those books are huge and probably cost an assload.





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Gnostic Sophia symbolism in Björk’s videos?

Björk is an Icelandic female solo-artist and you’ve probably heard of her. I have most of her CDs, but in recent years I’ve lost interest in her music. Today I saw the music videos to a few of her newer songs and found the symbolism perplexing.

I’m not, in the words of Ralph Wiggum, “a Viking” when it comes to analyzing music video symbolism so naturally this is just my impression. The first song on my radar is Family.

The video starts off in an oily, black, dead world. A barren underworld like hell. Reminds me of H. R. Giger’s work, who is best known for designing Alien. There’s a woman on a rock, Björk. The camera moves around. Then suddenly the rock with the dead woman is lying on earth with greenery around. Purple goo starts pouring out of the wound on her chest. The goo brings her back to life.

This is from the video, and the cover for Björk’s latest album, Vulnicura.

I think the videos refers to the Gnostic goddess Sophia. The video starts off in a period after Sophia has fallen from the pleroma (center of the galaxy), as John Lash explains it, but has not become the earth yet. There is only the archontic, artificial realm. She is dead, and perhaps the camera represents the archons watching and lamenting her state. Sophia is the mother of the archons after all.

Later Sophia rejuvenates and creates the earth. Perhaps the archons were allowed to enter this world through Sophia’s wound, as in the picture. The opening of Björk/Sophia’s chest resembles “fertility” goddess Sheela na Gig’s opening. In the end of the video even that wound is healed. Genius.com says: “The title comes from a latin word where “Vulnus” means “wound, injury”, and “Cura” means “heal, care”.”

Another video, Black Lake, has a similar theme. In it Björk is in a cave, the barren underworld, dressed in black bondage dress or something. She’s lamenting something, and in the end beating herself on the chest, either trying to stab herself with an imaginary knife, or resuscitate herself. In this video also she ends up on green land, walking around. At one point she starts spinning around, then floats in the air when something like spirits detach from her and fly into the sky. (Giving birth to the archons?)

Both videos remind me of the video game Dark Seed from the nineties. Wikipedia says that Dark Seed “exhibits a normal world and a dark world counterpart, which is based on the artwork by H. R. Giger.” There’s a parallel world whose inhabitants try to take over our world, or something like that. The parallel world is a dark, Gigerian cybernetic world. I’ve never played it, but I watched a Youtube playthrough of it once.

I think H. R. Giger may have been able to perceive the world of the archons somehow. His art may be based on something real.

I think both of these videos by Björk tell a similar tale of Sophia suffering in the cybernetic underworld, and then creating the earth. Both songs, Family and Black Lake, are from her latest album Vulnicura.

The third video I’m going to address is Mutual Core, from the album Biophilia. In the video Björk has blue hair, and she’s standing with her legs in sand. She seems to represent some sort of earth goddess (Gaia Sophia), since lyrics say: “I shuffle around the tectonic plates”. There are weird Fragglerock-looking dragon-thing tectonic plates rubbing against each other. The video is OK, and the symbolism isn’t so Gnostic to me, but the lyrics are a different thing. From 0:48 on in the video it sounds to me like Björk is singing: “Trying to match archontic mess”. However according to the lyrics it’s: “Try to match our continents”, so maybe my mind is just making it up.


I don’t know to what extent Björk is behind the videos on her latest album, but it seems Gnostic to me. However, not just Gnostic, but Gnostic from an archontic standpoint. The video, or the music, do not seem spiritually uplifting. It’s just tired, confusing and unappealing to me.

I’m not sure what the Gnostic gospels’ or John Lash say about how the archons view their mother Sophia, but I’ve gotten the impression they have an unheathy obsession with her. Like an undead Oedipus-complex or something.



Dark Seed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Seed_%28video_game%29

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Baphomet, Chess, goat money, contracts and Ringwraiths

I recently started reading Tracy Twyman’s book Clock Shavings, which is pretty amazing. In it she recounts her Ouija board sessions with Cain and Baphomet. Crazy stuff, but I find her credible.

According to the usual understanding the Knights Templar revered Baphomet, as Twyman also says, but she suggests that most the secret societies following them, such as Freemasons and the Priory of Sion, have been started by Baphomet in some manner. She links Baphomet with the Gnostic goddess of wisdom Sophia. I wonder what John Lash would say about it?

Twyman writes that Baphomet has been known through many names in different times, and suggests that Mithras, the god of contracts, is one of Baphomet’s identities. She states: “Originally a Persian deity, Mithras came to be worshipped throughout the ancient world. His greatest act was to be sacrificed in exchange for the eternal salvation of mankind. Mithras was known as the god of contracts. He was the mediator between the Persian “Ahura Mazda” (God) and “Ahriman” (the Devil). Indeed, Mithras’ name actually means “contract”.”

Commonly Baphomet is equated with the devil and other evil things, but the truth isn’t that black and white, it seems. Also Freemasons apparently revere Baphomet as well, and while I cannot say for sure to what extent the conspiracy theories that blame the Freemasons for all sort of stuff are true, I’d be very surprised if there was no truth to the accusations. So I would say that there are a lot of nasty people who do somehow employ Baphomet’s powers for their own gain, yet Baphomet him/herself would be neutral in a moralistic perspective. After all if Mithras was Baphomet, and Mithras was a mediator between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, Baphomet would definitely fit in a moral gray area.

Another interesting revelation in Clock Shavings is the game Ageio, the predecessor to chess, Chinese Xiangqi and Indian Chaturanga. This game, however, isn’t about competing, but a device for making magical rituals of some sort. It also uses tokens called agei. The tokens have alchemical power to transmute somewhat meaningless items into something of value. Pretty much like money these days. It’s just pieces of paper or numbers on a computer screen, but still if you have lots of it, you can use it to gain things of real value. Cain, who tells Twyman about Ageio, calls agei “goat money”. Twyman notes that Ageio and agei come from the Greek root word “ag”, which means goat. Another possibility is “agios”, which stands for “sacred,” “holy,” or “saint.”

The word “aegis” comes from the same root probably. It’s a word used in many fantasy roleplaying games, and it has haunted me since childhood. Usually an aegis is a shield or other protective device. Athena and Zeus in Greek myths carry one, and no-one is quite sure what it is, but usually its regarded as an animal skin or shield. Possibly a shield made from animal skin, or goat skin. Wikipedia even mentions the possibility the aegis was some sort of shamanic pouch.



Baphomet, of course, is depicted as a goat. And now finally we are getting to the point I’m trying to make. This Baphometic influence seems to be so prevalent in our society, most people don’t think anything of it. Baphomet is somehow behind the fiat currency system of making something out of nothing. Was Baphomet the creature from Jekyll Island, where the Federal Reserve was birthed? Baphomet being the god of contracts is somehow also behind the need for the “Illuminati” to always tell people in advance what they are going to do, predictive programming and all that. I think subconsciously the masses even know it, but it’s part of the contract between the elites and the masses that the masses get to keep their ignorance and live in their Disney Worlds’ while the dark occultists do their thing. However, now that contract is breaking down for some reason.

Then there’s Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard. I think in the recent Red Ice interview Alexander Dugin said that Brzezinski commented that he had never considered that chess is a game for two. Maybe Brzezinski wasn’t thinking about chess, but Ageio.

Assuming there is any truth to this, I don’t think Baphomet is somehow controlling and enslaving humanity, but rather humanity is using Baphomet to enslave itself. To escape some ancient trauma, perhaps.

Cain, according to Twyman, was not just some peasant who killed his brother, but a god-king in the pre-diluvian world. There was a cataclysmic war that lead to the biblical flood. In the war the Dohir kings, who were sons of Cain, fought against him. For some reason when I think of the Dohir kings, I cannot help but imagine the kings from the Lord of the Rings who were corrupted by the Rings of Power and became Ringwraiths, the Nazgûl.

Another thing, according to Cain, is that Aegean Sea (east of Greece) is where the Land of Nod used to be, but now it’s under water. In the world of Song of Ice and Fire, better known by the TV series Game of Thrones, there is a place called Valyria. It’s similar to myths of Atlantis with great magic and all that, but it was destroyed in a great catastrophe. To me the location on the map has always looked like Greece. I thought it natural since the legend of Atlantis comes to us from Greece, so the author George R. R. Martin made Valyria look like Greece. But maybe there’s more to it than that.


This is a screenshot of Valyria (after the cataclysm) from the game Crusader Kings 2, A Game of Thrones-mod.


Compared side to side with the map of Greece and Aegean sea Valyria does not look alike, but on a subconcious level I do find them similar.



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Fallen Goddess, Archons and Gnostic themes in other Myths

I’ve been reading John Lash’s book Not in his Image as of late. It deals with his unique, pagan interpretation of the Nag Hammadi gnostic gospels, and gnosticism in general. Central to gnosticism is the goddess Sophia, meaning wisdom. In recent years the notion of Archons, artificial mind parasites or evil spirits, has acquired some attention in the conspiracy and spirituality circles of the internet.

The Archons were created accidentally by Sophia as she plunges from the Pleroma (the galactic core, spiritual realms, or something) into external (physical?) realms. I’m probably bastardizing and simplifying Lash’s words, since it sounds quite complicated.

In Finnish mythology the creator goddess Luonnotar (from luonto=nature and suffix -tar=-ess female person, such as actor, actress, so she would be Naturess) is described in The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell and Rachel Storm: In the beginning she was “all alone in a vast emptiness”. She floated in a cosmic ocean until a bird made a nest on her knees and began to hatch eggs. Luonnotar became excited and “upset the nest”, from there were the heavens and the earth formed, and yolk became the sun and white became the moon. The fragments were transformed into the stars.

There is no mention of anything like the Archons here, though, but in certain themes it is similar. The mistake of the creator goddess creates something.

In the Japanese creation myth there’s the god Izanagi and goddess Izanami. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology says they were ordered to create the islands of Japan. They did this by stirring the sea with a “heavenly jewelled spear” (makes me think of the vajra or a trident). When they drew it out, the droplets became an island. The gods went there and “built a heavenly pillar and a splendid palace”.

The gods noticed differences in their bodies, and Izanagi suggested they bring their different parts together. They circled the heavenly pillar until they met and joined together. The goddess Izanami bore a child, Hiruko (Leech Child 蛭子). He was deformed, because Izanami, the female, had spoken first instead of the male. So they abandoned the child into the sea.

Encyclopaedia Britannica says the two gods “considered him inadequate and set him adrift in a reed boat”. According to Wikipedia, he ended up in Ezo, which is possibly Hokkaido. Somehow Hiruko turned into Ebisu, the god of wealth, the sea and fishing. Ebisu (sometimes written Yebisu) is a fairly commonly used name in products and stuff nowadays. For example there’s beer called Ebisu.

This sounds somewhat more Archontic. First of all, Hiruko was born due to the mistake of a female goddess (leave your gender politics out of this, I would suggest), he is the parasitic leech child and deformed. This is similar to the Archons, I believe. The fact that Ebisu is associated with profit and the sea is quite interesting, since we have Maritime Law which is about the sea, and leeching profit off of the people by shenanigans. Hiruko put into a reed basket and tossed out into the sea reminds me of Moses, of course.

I think there is significant similarity between these myths, although I’m sure what their ultimate meaning is.



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