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Apparently Hollywood actresses are male

I had heard of the claim that Michelle Obama is a man, in fact I wrote about it back in 2014, but I hadn’t heard that there are claims floating around the internet that countless female celebrities are actually transgender men. I saw a video by a Youtuber named Simona Rich claiming that several famous actresses are male, and I find her video convincing, although I’m still not entirely convinced. On top of that it seems there are many other Youtube videos made about similar subjects.

To me this suggests two possible outcomes: either there is some truth to these claims, or it’s the latest psy-op perpetrated by who knows which agency. It does sort of remind me of how the flat earth thing popped onto Youtube a few years ago. There are plenty of ardent flat earth believers out there of questionable origins and intentions. I don’t think the notion of flat earth research itself is a psy-op though, since a lot what we’ve been told of the make-up and shape of our world is conjecture at best, and sometimes all-out lies. I find the alleged evidence suggesting that the earth is curved to be lacking, but I’ve yet to seen conclusive proof of any flat earth model either.


Transgender Celebrities

Anyway, let’s get back to this trannygate. In the video Simona Rich shows the facial and bodily features of several famous women like Angelina Jolie, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock and many more. She points out some masculine features in them such as male hips and arms. Later on she also points out similarities between the appearance of certain celebrities who are not related, and even shows some of the famous pictures of people from decades ago that resemble celebrities of today. Rich suggests that cloning might be involved, or that these people might actually be fallen angels, nephilim, since they are supposedly genderless.

Now assuming that there is some truth to the whole hypothesis of these people not being truly female I see a few different possibilities. These people could be nephilim, and they are immortal or at least live for a very long time, but the celebrities seem to age, so perhaps they have to renew their skin every now and then just like serpents do. The person, or spirit, inside does not die, but the husk is discarded or regrown somehow. Another possibility is that this is part of a very elaborate Satanic psy-op where these men have been groomed to be women from a very early age and subjected to sex change surgeries in order to make normal men lust after these fake women, and gradually brainwash them into developing homosexual desires. Maybe the gay agenda is a bigger conspiracy than we ever could imagine?

Another video on the same topic I saw is by Cae sar. The video points out that Justin Biber’s ring finger is shorter than his index finger. Men usually have a longer ring finger, whereas women are reversed. This then would suggest that Justin Biber is female. More interesting is the fact that Justin Biber and Miley Cyrus look almost identical although I don’t think they’re related, and one is male while the other is female. I’ve wondered about this before that maybe they are clones, but I just couldn’t figure out why they would bother.

If some of these people actually are clones, maybe they’re not really male or female at all. Perhaps they are neuter by nature, and the genetic engineers that grow them add features to them to make them seem more male or more female. The video by Cae sar said something like estrogen makes the index finger grow longer than the ring finger. So maybe Justin Biber had an excess amount of estrogen go into him while he was still in the cloning vat, although the designer chose to make him male. Their skills clearly aren’t perfect. Perhaps the same goes for the other female celebrities that have male features. The basic model or template the genetic engineers have might have male hips, which is why all of their final products have male hips, but they are technically female. If they’re human at all.


Naturally all of this is simply theorizing. I don’t know if they’re clones or transgender or anything like that.


Is it a psy-op?

These claims that our vapid Hollywood celebrities are transgender might simply be a psy-op, a distraction. Maybe they are physically normal people and all of this controversy over their gender, or them being clones, is simply nonsense. Then again maybe there is some truth to it. For the sake of the argument let’s say that Michelle Obama is male. Certain people might have multiplied this idea to apply to pretty much every female celebrity to make the whole claim sound ridiculous. Instead of inquiring into Michelle Obama’s background, people are just jumping into conclusions that every female celebrity is male.

The globalist elites are certainly heavily pushing transgenderism and the gay agenda onto us. Bruce Jenner transitioning into female and being celebrated in the media is proof of this. Perhaps the claim that female celebrities are actually transgender is meant to make people who oppose transgenderism in general seem crazy. The media could point at somebody who thinks Bruce Jenner is nuts for trying to change his sex, and say the trans-skeptic is the crazy one. Look how they all believe that Hollywood actresses are actually men.



I’m not convinced that the female celebrities are actually transgender, but I do think there is something to the argument. I like the cloning angle. These people could be some sort of automatons, biological robots, or vehicles for non-corporeal spirits. I know it sounds like science fiction, but the faces of Miley Cyrus and Justin Biber keep haunting me. Besides, Hollywood and the globalist establishment is already avash with mind control and the occult. Adding a few clones to the mix wouldn’t make it sound any more crazy.

Yet, whatever the truth about the nature of these people is, it’s very improbably we’ll see any solid proof any time soon. I don’t think we’ll see Alex Jones break into a secret New World Order cloning facility. Or if this is all crazy talk, and the celebrities are just normal people, I don’t think we’ll see proof of that either.



My Strangest Discovery After Flat Earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuaYhTzUNow

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Red Ice, rather Red Slush, pussies out on the Mike Enoch issue

Around a week ago Greg “Grindr Greggie” Johnson was interviewed by Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice TV. I was intrigued enough to listen to the interview since they discussed the Mike Enoch doxing incident. I was wondering whether Red Ice will take a stand or even comment on the issue. Turns out not really.

In the beginning of the interview Henrik Palmgren says the hasn’t looked much into the Mike Enoch incident, so he cannot say much about it, instead he’s going to let Grindr Greggie explain his view on it. Fair enough, except not really. The interview happened a week ago, Mr. Red Ice should have had enough time to look into it by now, but I haven’t seen any “official policy” from Red Ice on the Mike Enoch thing. Unless there is a video or an article on their website that I just happened to miss, I can only deduce that either Henrik continues to support Mike Enoch and they’re choosing to ignore this issue in hopes that it will blow over, or that he disapproves of Mike Enoch’s Jewey wife, but is too much of a pussy to speak out against it. I can understand if he wants to avoid in-fighting in their movement, but there is difference between in-fighting and calling out traitors and liabilities.

Greg Johnson doesn’t seem to say much about Mike Enoch in the interview. He mostly repeats the stuff he wrote about in his article Why I support Mike Enoch. Unsurprisingly, he supports Mike Enoch. He does admit that he knew about Mike Jew-wife already back in 2014, and many of the inner circle in Alt-Right knew about it as well. Henrik Palmgren says in the interview that he didn’t, and he had met Mike Enoch only twice in person. I suppose I’ll believe him on this. Johnson also admits in his article that Enoch’s wife is 1/2 Jewish, although in truth she might be more than that, but half-Jewish is still Jewish. The fact that she is also a faghag who hangs around with trannies is conspicuously absent from the article. Grindr Greggie makes some false claims about Enoch’s wife, Ames Friedman: “she does not have a strong sense of Jewish identity and ethnocentrism”.

Ames Friedman had uploaded this video on her Youtube account (but she has deleted since the doxing, I believe):


It’s about a tranny and two (gay?) Jews dancing around and singing “This is how we Jew it”. In the comment below we can see Ames saying she’s Jewish. She admits she’s Jewish, she enjoys depraved music acts with trannies and gays promoting Jewish ethnonationalism, so I’m just going to say that Greg Johnson is full of shit.

Naturally, Grindr Greggie would have no problem with LGBT-shows like these since he is a known sodomite. Speaking of sodomites, Henrik Palmgren and Johnson spent the first half of the interview speaking about the Alt-Right Youtuber, Millenial Woes, another known sodomite. He had been doxed much earlier, maybe a couple of months ago, and apparently went into hiding, but now he’s come back, since Red Ice has another article promoting Millenial Woes’ return. It states: “After a brief hiatus, Millennial Woes is back at it. In his most recent video, he outlines the recent media attacks against him. If you support Woes, please consider sending a few e-shekels his way.” Yes, keep sending those shekels to the phoneys.

I discovered Millenial Woes’s channel a year, or year and a-half ago, and initially liked it. He has a flair for the dramatic and watching his videos makes you feel like it’s a video blog from a survivor in zombie apocalypse. But after a while I realized, that’s all his videos are: entertaining. They hold little of actual informational content, no great philosophical insight, no practical advice. It’s all about his feelings.

Anyway, I went on this tangent to make a point, which is that these are the priorities of Red Ice. They are promoting sodomites and “intellectuals” who are full of hot air like Greg Johnson and Millennial Woes, but ignore significant issues such as Mike Enoch having a LGBT-promoting Marxist Jew-wife. At the end of the Grindr Greg interview Henrik even tries to defend his wife Lana interviewing Reactionary Jew last year. He’s calling out people who have problems with is as “paranoid”. He says something about people being obsessed with someone having 0.001% Jewish DNA being excessive. I agree, but Mike Enoch’s wife has at least 50% Jewish DNA, or if Henrik’s not talking about her, what is he rambling on about?

The problem with the Reactionary Jew interview is not that they had the audacity to talk to him, but that they are sort of throwing the idea out there to see if someone is willing to bite that the Alt-Right might co-operate with Zionist Jews. Now after the backlash they got, I expect Red Ice to tone down this pro-Jew propaganda for a while. When the Alt-Right emerged I thought their two main issues were nationalism and exposing the Jewish Zionist influence in the world, which is why I liked them at first. Co-operating with Jewish Zionists goes against both of these principles, since Zionists want ethno-nationalism only for the Jews, and are responsible for much of the third-world immigration that is flooding into Europe. I don’t think that the leaders in the Alt-Right are so dumb as not to realize it. Either they are wittingly working for the Jews, or they just don’t care about Jews either way but figure that co-operating with Jews will help themselves personally. The whole of Alt-Right is a scam, and seems like it has been from the get-go.

Just to make a friendly reminder, Richard Spencer, the apparent leader of the Alt-Right, has been caught trying to rub elbows with Zionists again. January 16th, the Forward website published an article of an interview between Spencer and a Jewish rabbi. I think these couple of sentences say all that needs to be said about it: “Spencer says his dream of building a ‘white ethno-state’ is ‘very similar to how Jews conceive of Israel.’ He even describes his vision as something like ‘white Zionism.'”

A couple of years ago when Red Ice started exposing the Holohoax and talking about Jews, I thought it was great. Now it seems it was all more like an advertisement campaign: see how the Jews are controlling everything and screwing us over. First they tried to fight against the Jews, but eventually they decided it’s too hard so according to the beta male maxim: “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Now the Alt-Right Whites want to become the new Jews. The Talmudic Aryans, the White Zionists.

Red Ice has shown how irrelevant they are becoming. They won’t even address the important Mike Enoch issue. Instead of Red Ice, Red Slush would be a better name for them. Cuck Ice Radio.



Henrik Palmgren tries to defend the Reactionary Jew interview by pointing out how they’ve interviewed other Jews in the past, such as Gilad Atzmon, who criticizes the Jewish establishment, and David Cole, a Holocaust revisionist. That’s the point exactly. Has interviewing those people created controversy, have they gotten a huge backlash from their audience? I don’t think so because people understand that those Jews are at least to some degree on the same side. A Zionist Jew is not.



Grindr Greggie on Red Ice: https://redice.tv/red-ice-radio/doxing-only-works-once

Why I suck off… support Mike Enoch: http://www.counter-currents.com/2017/01/why-i-support-mike-enoch/

Woes by any other name: https://redice.tv/news/a-woes-by-any-other-name

The ‘Alt-Right’ Hates the Jews. But It Also Loves Them — and Israel.: https://archive.is/E87su#selection-4625.105-4625.275

Alt-Right leader Mike Enoch is married to a Jew

A couple of months ago the Economist published the magazine cover with a prediction for 2017 in the form of 8 tarot cards. It would seem like some of the predictions are already becoming true.

In recent weeks many of the members of the Alt-Right website The Right Stuff (TRS) have been doxed (or doxxed if you prefer, but my favourite is doxxxed), i.e. their personal information has been leaked to the public. For most of them perhaps there have been some embarrassing revelations, but no major upsets, except perhaps for the person getting doxed. But a couple of days ago Mike Enoch, the owner of TRS, (or as he known now, Kike Enoch) was doxed by the far-left organization, Antifa. It has been revealed that Enoch wife is a Jew, not even a “Red-Pilled” right-wing Jew, but a faghag and active member in the LGBT community.

This is naturally a great upset since the TRS and Alt-Right in general are White Nationalists who are against race-mixing, especially with Jews. There is no doubt that Mike Enoch had wittingly lied and deceived his followers. The only question is, did he do it just for the money, was this some sort of alphabet agenda psy-op, or was it a joke gotten out of hand? My money’s on it being a government psy-op, as I’ve written disparagingly about Richard Spencer several times, and as Mr. Enoch has proven, it is prudent to distrust those who associate with Spencer who has appeared on Enoch’s Daily Shoah podcast several times, I believe.

Spencer’s recent tweet

As we can see above, Richard Spencer seems to have no problems with this revelation of extreme hypocrisy on the part of Enoch. Naturally he wouldn’t.


The Tower and Upheaval

How is this doxing and marrying of Jews -scandal related to the Economist’s tarot cover then?  The first card on the magazine cover is the Tower. In my analysis of the cover I wrote: “The Tower represents upheaval. It may look like an outside force strikes the tower, but it is actually derived from psychological principles. They often result from ‘neglected and mishandled situations’. One example given by [Rachel] Pollack [author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom] for the Tower is friends turning against you.”

The revelations of Mike Enoch’s duplicity has naturally created a lot of tension within the Alt-Right and internet far-right in general. Tension has already existed between 8chan’s /pol and TRS for quite some time as /pol is more National Socialist than Alt-Right, in other words /pol is more far-right, or just more genuinely right. Some TRS forum members are complaining about /pol punching to the right when they criticize TRS, especially since certain TRS forum members are attempting to excuse Enoch’s treachery. Sounds like Stockholm syndrome to me. Anyway this dissension within the right is clear example of the Tower’s effect of friends of turning against each other.

On the Tower card on the Economist cover both Communists and Christians seem to be protesting against the tower as it is being hit by lightning which also has a Christian cross on it. Now it makes perfect sense. The Communists represent Antifa, which did the doxing of Mike Enoch, whereas the demonstrating Christians are the puristic right-wingers (such as /pol) who do not approve of TRS’s pro-Jewish actions. Both factions, although normally enemies, want to see The Right Stuff fall as the Antifa Communists see them as evil racist Nazis, whereas /pol users see them as being a Jewish honeypot, and it seems they were right.



Of course many people in the Alt-Right and /pol are not Christians, but I do think the cross on the card represents the different factions within the right-wing.


My Two Cents

I’m going to share my take on this TRS scandal whether you like it or not. First of all, I must I say I am not a fan doxing, and generally see it as a bad thing. But I could say the same thing about murder, it’s generally bad, but if there is a pedophile in your neighbourhood molesting children then it doesn’t sound too bad. In this case there was a person who is allied with Jews pretending to be anti-Jew, and a bunch of anti-Jew White men became his followers. I think this says tons about not only Jews, that they seem to thrive on anti-Semitism so they perpetuate it themselves, but also about the goy who seem to be so willing to give their money and support to dishonest Jews. (I am also guilty of this, not in relation to TRS, but to 108morris108.)

I’ve listened to a few Daily Shoah podcasts maybe a year ago or so. I thought they were sort funny with a good attitude, but ultimately found them too low brow and simplistic. What ultimately made me dismiss them as pointless, I think, was that some of the people on it said disparaging about investigating conspiracy theories. Recently I saw a tweet by Mike Enoch saying this:



“The Jews did 9/11 conspiracy theory is retarded. Sorry. It’s embarrassing.” Anyone who says this is either retarded, scared of being called a conspiracy theorist or anti-Semitic, or is simply dishonest. I don’t know into which category Mike Enoch falls, but if I had to bet, based on recent revelations I’d say he wants to make you think Jews are just some greedy comical merchants.  Although “Jews did 9/11” is a simplistic way of putting it. I would rather say Israel/Mossad was heavily involved in 9/11.

Anyway, based on failing the litmus test that is 9/11, and being married to a LGBT-loving faghag Jews while pretending to be some sort of Nazi leader, i.e. a complete fraud, I do think it was a good thing that Mike Enoch was doxed. The truth came out. Although after having seem pictures of Mike Enoch I can’t really hate him. He looks like a scruffy sad bear or something. I won’t show his picture or mention his real name since I don’t wanna be part in doxing him (I know I’m a hypocrite). I don’t wish Enoch any more ill will than he has already gotten, but naturally his political career should be demolished and his lies exposed.



As I was finishing this I checked /pol and it seems Mike Enoch mother is Jewish too, which would make him a Jew.



Mike Enoch doxed by Antifa: https://archive.is/I7eME

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Gay Mafia and Freemasons involved in the Ulvila Murder Case of Finland?

December 1st, 2006, social psychologist, Jukka S. Lahti, was murdered in his home in the town of Ulvila in Finland. The identity of the killer is still unknown. In 2009 the authorities began to suspect Lahti’s wife, Anneli Auer, of killing him. Auer was taken to court and spent some time in prison, but in the end she was acquitted by the supreme court in 2015.

Naturally, there has been great controversy over this murder in the Finnish media over the years. Yet I had been left out on the whole affair as I was in Japan when the murder occurred (providing me with a convenient alibi). The details of the case had been fuzzy to me until I decided to take a deeper look a few months ago. Here’s some interesting information I’ve found out so far.


Incompetent Police Investigation

The media has reported how the police had screwed up the preliminary investigation in several ways. A few examples of this are that the police did not do a technical or forensic examination of the whole house where the crime occurred. They only examined a few rooms properly.  The police did not protect the blood traces properly and some of them were destroyed or contaminated. The police allowed Anneli Auer to enter the house and take a few things out of it while the house was isolated as a crime scene. There many other details to be found in the media.

While it is possible that the police were simply incompetent and not used to handling crimes of this magnitude, Ulvila, and the “big” city next to it are fairly small places and the police who live there are probably more used to seeing murder cases like this on the TV instead of in their job. However, this sort of convenient incompetence, especially when in great amount, like in this case makes the think the authorities are doing it on purpose to cover something up. Sort of like Rumsfeld saying after 9/11 that they were simply unprepared for such an attack.


Freemason Involvement

Anneli Auer’s lawyer, Juha Manner, is a Freemason in the Franciscus-lodge in the town of Rauma. One of the former prosecutors, Jarmo Valkama, was a Freemason in the Satakunta-lodge in Pori. He had acted a prosecutor in the case for a long time, but he stepped down in 2014. In February 2016, he had died of a disease that had advanced quickly.

While it is possible that it is merely co-incidental that both of these men were Freemasons, yet it seems a lot like the classic case of a conflict where Freemasons play both sides. The attorney defending Auer was a Mason as was the prosecutor accusing her of the murder. The death of prosecutor Valkama sounds suspicious as well, but maybe it was a natural death?


Gay Connection

The victim, Jukka S. Lahti, had been friends with a couple of (prominent?) homosexuals, and one of whom had disappeared and died a day after the murder of Lahti. Pekka Puputti had been in Club Presidentti in Helsinki in early December 2006, Lahti was killed on December 1st. Puputti was found dead in the sea in Helsinki March 2007. According to MV Lehti Puputti disappeared the day after Lahti was killed. Iltalehti wrote that he disappeared on the night between 1st and 2nd. There are suggestions that Puputti might have killed Lahti.

Both Lahti and Puputti had allegedly been doing their doctorate in the town of Kuopio and had known each other. Iltalehti wrote in January 2007, before his body was discovered, that Puputti was a friend of Lehti and was related to the investigation in the Ulvila murder although he wasn’t the main suspect.  Along with Lehti and Puputti doing his doctorate was a gay activist, Olli Stålström. Stålström had written his dissertation on the topic of “Ending the labeling of homosexuality as a disease” in 1997. Stålström thanks Jukka S. Lahti in the dissertation for his help. According to MV Lehti Pekka Puputti also wrote his dissertation on homosexuality, but it was rejected.

While I suppose there is a possibility that Pekka Puputti came straight to Ulvila from Helsinki, it takes about 3 hours to drive between them, killed Lahti and then either committed suicide or was killed by someone else, I don’t believe it. I do think there is a connection between the deaths of Lahti and Puputti, but I don’t know what it is.



There’s a lot more to this murder case, of course, but these are the most intriguing details I’ve found out so far; Freemasons and homosexuals. Small Ulvila is starting to sound like metropolitan city with problems of the big bad world. I don’t know who killed Jukka S. Lahti or why, but to me it seems likely there are important people involved in this affair, directly or indirectly. They’re covering something up.

I am not convinced that Anneli Auer, the wife, is innocent of the whole thing either, but I certainly don’t think she is the sole culprit. If I were a judge in her case I’d have to give a “not guilty” verdict as I haven’t seen proof that she did it, yet I don’t trust her.




(All in Finnish)

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Celebration of Homosexuality is a Sign of a dying Culture

I’ll look at meaning of homosexuality in comptemporary Western society from a secular, practical perspective. Modern Western society promotes and celebrates homosexuality. This is different from merely tolerating or accepting homosexuality, although one might argue that tolerating homosexuality eventually leads to promoting it.

The former Prime Minister of UK said in 2013 that he wants to “export gay marriage around the world”. US President Barack Obama is well-known for his pro-homosexuality views, and most of the “developed” world celebrated last summer when gay marriage was legalized everywhere in the US, and the White House was lit in rainbow colours. This June when the gay nightclub Pulse was allegedly attacked by a crazy gunman some commentators said it was an attack on Western values or culture. The West in current year not only tolerates homosexuality, but actively promotes and celebrates it as one of its most sacred values. This is emblematic of the West’s self-destructive behaviour.

According to my understanding, pretty much every society in history, with perhaps the exception of some unusual religious communities, have celebrated marriage between a man and a woman and encouraged them to have children. The benefits of this practice should be obvious. For a society to flourish, the society has to produce children that will grow up to be the next generation. Naturally if there are no people, there is no society. And as human beings age and are mortal, you need a fairly constant supply of new people to educate them so they can learn the jobs needed hold the society together as the older generations die off.

Homosexuality, and promotion of gay marriage, is pretty much the antithesis of this natural, healthy social custom. Two men, or two women, who live together in a relationship cannot produce children. Yet, nowadays this is something our society wishes to encourage. You’re supposed to be happy for people who come out of the closet. Why? I can understand if your friend is a homosexual and finds a partner for him or herself, and you see them become happier, but contemporary society wants us to celebrate whenever any public figure, or even a nobody comes out as gay. Why should I care? How does it benefit me, or society altogether if someone comes out as gay?

Yet we’re supposed to clap like happy seals whenever anyone says they’re gay, or does something gay. All of this applies to transgenderism as well. It is an even more efficient way of making sure people don’t produce offspring. Homosexuals can have children, they’re just less likely to. Not so for transgender people.

I must reinterate, there is a distinct difference between tolerating homosexuality, which may not be inherently harmful to society, to treating it as your most valued export. Britain at least used to export all sorts of industrial products, i.e. useful things. Nowadays they want export the nebulous notion of gay marriage. This is a sure sign the West destroying itself. To be sure there are many others signs of destruction the West has wrought upon the world, such as incessant wars in Third World countries, GMOs and other kinds of destruction of nature, to drug use. However, the promotion of homosexuality, I’d say in a way is the foremost symbol of our self-destructive behaviour. It has no upside, whereas in wars and economic imperialism at least someone reaps the benefits, but homosexuality means simply throwing away our reproductive capabilities.



David Cameron: ‘I want to export gay marriage around the world’: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10200636/I-want-to-export-gay-marriage-around-the-world-says-David-Cameron.html


Child of Orlando and the Song of Roland

These are some esoteric and occult observations on the Orlando gay club shooting false flag. These observations may sound somewhat far-fetched so take them with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, I’d like to share them.

It all starts with a comment made by the allegedly grieving mother of a victim in the nightclub Pulse. Christine Leinonen, whose son supposedly died in the incident said in an interview that her son is a “child of Orlando”. This sounded very odd to me, and got me thinking it’s code for something else. A bit later I decided to look into the etymology of the name Orlando. It is the Italian form of the name Roland.

Roland was a knight during the time of Charlemagne. After his death, the character inspired many romances and poems, including the Italian poems “Orlando innamorato” and “Orlando furioso”. Then there is a fairy tale called “Childe Rowland”. Is Christine Leinonen referring to this story with her Child of Orlando-comment?


Childe Rowland

In the story Childe Rowland, his two older brothers and their sister are playing near the church, until the sister runs around the church “widershins”, i.e. counter-clockwise and disappears into the fairyland. His brothers try to go save her, but they too disappear.

Rowland receives relevant advice from Merlin and goes to save his sister. He encounters a few people in the fairyland and cuts off their heads as was advised by Merlin and finds the Dark Tower where the King of Elfland lives. Rowland fights the king, but lets him live and saves his sister as well as the brothers.

This is the very abridged version of the story. Are the people who orchestrated the shooting in Orlando trying to retell this story in some occult manner?

Perhaps the Invictus Games, that were held in May in Orlando were the launching of this mystic ritual. This is analogous to Childe Rowland playing with his siblings. Two days before the gay club shooting a singer, Christina Grimmie, was shot after her concert. This also took place in Orlando. Then June 12, the alleged nightclub shooting took place. Was Grimmie’s death symbolical of Rowland’s sister being taken away to the fairyland? The events in nightclub Pulse then would symbolize Rowland entering the fairyland himself. Note that “fairy” is used as an euphemism for homosexual.

The same day as the alleged shooting had occurred the Empire State Building in New York went dark to show solidarity for the victims of the incident. This then would represent the Dark Tower of the King of Fairyland. Perhaps then the events in Pulse represented the battle between Rowland and the king?

The Online Etymology Dictionary also mentions that Roland’s comrade was called Oliver. The meaning of Oliver is literally “elf-host” or “elf-army”. The only Oliver I know that is somehow related to the Orlando shooting is the comedian John Oliver. I hadn’t even known he existed before this incident. He had made some comments about the shooting. I am not sure whether he is relevant to the “Child of Orlando”-thing, though.


Song of Roland

One of the most well-known exploits of the knight Roland is the “Song of Roland”. It recounts the story of Charlemagne who is fighting Muslims in Spain. The Muslims want to sign a peace treaty, but the Christians need to send a messenger to the court of the Muslim king. Roland nominates his treacherous stepfather Ganelon who hates Roland. Ganelon thinks Roland nominated him so the Muslims could ambush them and kill Ganelon, so Ganelon tells the Muslims how they could easily ambush the rear-guard, which is lead by Roland.

This is what they do. The Christians get overwhelmed by the Muslim hordes. In the end Roland sounds his Oliphant (elephant) horn, also known as a slughorn. He blows it so forcefully he dies and goes straight to heaven.

The connection between this story and the Orlando shooting is less obvious, but there are some similar themes at least. The shooting was allegedly perpetrated by a Muslim extremist. The victims weren’t Christian, as they were homosexuals, most at least, but there a few people whose name was Christian, or something similar, involved. Christine Leinonen is the grieving mother. Her son’s name was Christopher. The singer who was shot two days before was Christina Grimmie.


Brexit Connection

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that there is a possible connection between the killing of Christina Grimmie and British MP Jo Cox, as the night Grimmie was killed she had had a concert with a group named Before You Exit. Before Britain voted to exit the European Union Jo Cox was killed. The message was “before you exit, we need a sacrifice”.

Interestingly, the name Cox has two different meanings. It means “rooster”, but it is also short for “Cornelis” or “Cornelia”. The “corn” in Cornelius means “horn”. Granted that it is a long-shot, but this could be a reference to Roland’s Oliphant horn. This then could be a reference to the horned god known by many names, such as Osiris, Baal, Cernunnos and so on, but I don’t have time to go into that now.



I am not confident to say the Song of Roland has any connection to the Orlando shooting, but Childe Rowland’s themes seem to parallel the false flag in curious ways. Even if I’m wrong about this, the Child of Orlando-comment sounds like it is some sort of occult message.




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Satanism and Alt-Right

Certain facets of the Alt-Right heavily push the homosexual agenda onto their followers, although they like to pretend they don’t. Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson are the best examples of this, and while the gay Zionist Jew Milo Yiannopoulos may not be a member of the Alt-Right, he has been flirting with them. Moreover, many of these Alt-Righters are staunchly anti-Christianity. This seems to correspond with the aims of the secret societies ruling over the world. Their spiritual world view have been categorized by various different terms such as Satanism, Luciferianism, Transhumanism, or Dark Occultism. I don’t know which is the most accurate description, but I’ll use Satanism here for the sake of simplicity.

I do not think that the Jewish conspiracy is on the top of the pyramid, rather I  think they are high level managers of the system, not the creators nor controllers of it. But let make this clear; there is a Jewish conspiracy, and dismantling it is a significant part of fixing the problems we are facing in the world.

It should be obvious to anyone how the global Satanist establishment is pushing the LGBT-agenda onto everyone, and they’re also demonizing Christians. They seek to pervert anything decent and natural into a grotesque mockery of its former self, a lot like the Knights Templar did back in the Middle-Ages. The reason they hate Christians must be that certain Christians still hold onto something decent, and won’t willingly give it away, and also there is probably some profound spiritual truth to the Christian doctrine. I, like many others these days, am not a fan of Christianity, but I say that we should be able to distinguish between the man-made institutions of the church and the Christian community, and the stories recounted in the Bible. I do think that the stories in the Bible, or possibly older stories upon which the book is based, are based on significant truths, and in the course of history some individuals have managed to interpret them properly with beneficial effects, while many have misinterpreted them.

For this reason I believe it is important to distinguish between genuine criticism of Christianity and blatant attacks against it. Matt Parrott wrote on the Traditionalist Youth Network site that there is squabbling between Christians and “pagans” in the Alt-Right or similar spheres. He notes that “pagans” needed to be in quotation marks as these are not usually proper pagans, but rather people who use it as an excuse to attack Christianity.

I think that certain facets of the Alt-Right, not all, wittingly or unwittingly serve the Satanists’ agenda. On top of the homosexuality and anti-Christian sentiment, there are other instances where this may not be self-evident, but implied. A week ago or someone called Aylmer Fisher wrote an article on Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal titled “The Pro-Life Temptation” to promote abortion among the Alt-Right. Apparently “the pro-life position is clearly dysgenic”, since poor people, or “the least intelligent and responsible members of society” have the most abortions. I suppose one’s bank account correlates with their IQ and sense of responsibility then.

Fisher argues that “[t]he unborn fetus has no connection to anyone else in the community. If it is not even wanted by its own mother, criminalizing abortion means that the state must step in and say that the individual has rights as an individual, despite its lack of connection to any larger social group.” This sounds like a cold materialist view on life, and reminds of me of the feminist joke meme: “Your rights end where my feelings begin.” Since no-one feels any connection to the baby, it has no value. Fisher seems completely unconcerned by any spiritual implications, or that abortion is murder. The fetus would have developed into a human being, but was killed before it could happen. That is murder, maybe not murder of a human, but of a fetus, which is still a living and developing thing. And quite frankly, I think he only wants more death. He is not as concerned about the purity of his race than giving blood for his blood god.

Although criminalizing abortion wouldn’t stop women from having abortions, so in this sense I don’t think it should be criminalized, but it is still immoral.

Last year a bunch of people from the Satanic temple protested in favour of abortion. I just get the same vibe from Fisher’s article. I think they support abortion because it leads to more death.


A week ago or so, Andrew Anglin wrote on Daily Stormer how some Jews such as Milo Yiannopoulos are trying to infiltrate the Alt-Right. I agree with the general idea of the article, however, at one point Anglin highlights a strategy to direct attention away from the Jewish Question into the concept of “pathological altruism”, that the reason why the West is screwed up is not due to Jewish manipulation, but White people’s own innate empathy.  I think the “pathological altruism” or “narcissistic altruism” of the White man is a greater contributor to our problems than the Jews, but it’s not that both aren’t a factor. There is more than one reason usually when a relationship falls apart.

Anglin says that some people are trying to lead us away from “the corrosive Jewish parasite”. I am not going to disagree with his characterization of the Jew, however, if this is the case, and it’s certainly something that Europeans have believed for hundreds of years, it is not something the Germans discovered to their amazement in the 1930s, so why have Europeans welcomed these parasites to live among us? I see this as evidence that the immune system and common sense of the White man was compromised already before the Jews came to power.

Yet the main point I want to make is that Anglin sees the attempt to replace the Jewish Question with the “pathological altruism” as victim-blaming. This is the classic victim-mentality exhibited by pretty much everyone nowadays. The ultimate goal does not seem to be to strengthen the White man to fight off his oppressors and get rid of the parasites, but to pronounce to the world that we too are victims. We too can have our genocide, the White Genocide, so we can have a White Genocide industry to make money and gain moral kudos points. People should feel sorry for us as they feel for the Africans for slavery and Jews for the Holohoax. I’m sick and tired of this mentality.

What I think is the bottom line of this victim mentality is the classic problem-reaction-solution is this: You feel like a weak victim, you cry about it and then they are going to offer you a solution.


There is, apparently, this campaign in America by the Satanic church to protect children from abuse in school. Protecting children from abuse sounds good, but you should take a look who is offering the solution. What will the cost be? And who created the abuse in the first place?

This, I believe, is at the heart of the victimization we are seeing everywhere. I don’t think the ultimate goal is to genocide every last person of European descent, but to first weaken them physically, mentally and spiritually and then offer them the Faustian pact. Or perhaps that has already taken place and we simply seeing the results of it.

This, I think, is the goal of certain people in the Alt-Right. I don’t think Andrew Anglin is pushing this agenda deliberately, but still he is pushing the victim complex. Despite the bravado, the Alt-Right is best at pointing out how the White man is a victim too, and the solution seems to be homosexuality, or autotheism, worship of oneself through one’s race.



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