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Wrestlemania 33 and Occult Symbolism

Wrestlemania 33 was held last weekend. I watched it for fun, but it was loaded with all sorts of so-called Illuminati symbolism so I figured I should talk about it.

In the beginning of the show there an intro sequence showing an animation of a rollercoaster introducing the wrestlers. The clip has occult symbolism in it every few seconds.

On the left there is the eight-pointed star of Ishtar, but here it also resembles the sun or a nuclear explosion with a crater below. On the right is an upside down blue triangle. Both symbols are seen several times in Wrestlemania 33.


The rollercoaster continues further and we see The Miz with his wife. A black triangle with white outlines is seen in the background.


The journey continues further and the triangle turns into the all-seeing-eye. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this.


The camera goes into the triangle and this green watery portal can be seen.


Then it revealed the eye was of the dollar bill. It has the number 33 on it. There’s Shane McMahon in the middle jumping from the top of a cage. The dollar bill is a kind of double-entendre as Shane’s theme song goes “here comes the money”. Shane is the man with the money (he is the son of Vince McMahon, the owner of WWE).


The rollercoaster continues and we see a yellow triangle with some sort of symbol inside. I don’t know what this refers to as I cannot see the symbol properly.


Then we end up in the locker rooms. The walls are covered with Tron-like computerish blue and black rectangles. I’m also not sure what this means. Reference to being stuck in the Matrix?


A bit later we see the tag team trio, New Day, riding a unicorn on a rainbow. Unicorn probably refers to Osiris, the horned god. The rainbow resembles a dome, or the firmament covering the earth.


Along with the symbolism, I find the name New Day an interesting name. It reminds me of the logo Barack Obama used for his presidential campaign. It also depicts the dawn of a new day.


What is this New Day then? I suppose it is Workers’ Paradise of the Communists, the Utopia just around the corner, the singularity of the transhumanists, or the completed Great Work of the Freemasons, but the trick is that it will never be finished. The point is the anticipation of slaving for this goal. The journey to nothingness is its own reward.

For people like myself who dread this coming dystopia, this New World Order, the trick is to keep us in fear. Anticipating for things to get worse. We’ll see martial law and people herded off into FEMA camps some day. Some day the economic system is going to collapse. Or maybe it won’t. I remember hearing so many doomsday prophecies of different sorts over the years, from the 2012 end of the world (or awakening) to economic collapse that’s supposed to happen in just a few months, back in 2011. But there is never a climax to these stories, whether they promise a Utopia or Dystopia.


Anyway, let’s get back to the Wrestlemania intro. Here we see Triple H as a petrified titan or nephilim who breaks out from his stony prison.


Later there’s a tunnel made of arches with two pillars around it behind Charlotte Flair. She looks like some sort of Illuminati priestess or queen.


Then the rollercoaster shows another portal. This time it’s blue and watery.


After that we see Bray Wyatt holding a lantern.  That’s his usual shtick. He has a lantern and then he blows it out before a match. The reason I found this intriguing is that it resembles the Hermit card from the tarot. It was also in the Economist’s cover for this year.


Then Bray Wyatt’s opponent. Randy Orton, is presented. He is shown, very briefly as half-reptilian. His nick name is the Viper, and the viper is shown throughout the show along with Randy. I’ve always felt the nickname Viper is a boring and generic one, especially since he used to be known as the Legend Killer, something the commentators in the show allude to. I’ve always thought the Viper is a name that some guy in a suit with no imagination came up with. Another boring nickname that seems similar to me is the Beast, which is attributed to Brock Lesnar. Both names also are related to evil characters in the Bible, although viper is not exactly the same as serpent.


This is the most obvious symbolism I found in the intro sequence. There are some other things I found later on in the show.

In the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H, Seth is dressed up in a golden costume carrying a torch. The golden costume the Golden Fleece? Does the torch mean he is playing the part of Prometheus?


Seth Rollins, as does every wrestler in the show, comes out of this sun portal looking thing. In the background there’s a ziggurat or a pyramid, and he walks on a bridge of fire.


I think in the match between HHH and Rollins, the commentators even refer to ‘clash of titans’ or battle between titans, although it might have been another match. As you might remember, Triple H was shown as a titan in the intro sequence. So Prometheus is battling a titan here?


Before the match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, a video clip highlighting the feud between the two men is shown. In the clip Randy is holding this odd-looking symbol he calls a “crucifix”, although the way he says it makes it sound like a “crucix”. What is a crucix? That ain’t no crucifix I’ve ever seen. It’s more like the Mark of the Beast, since there is a circle with an X inside.


This sort of occult symbolism is ubiquitous in our society from movies, to music videos, to sport events to pretty much everything. Many articles have been written and videos shot exposing this fact, but I’m still not quite sure why. What is the purpose of this? Is it some sort of occult magic to manipulate our psyches in some way, or to magically affect the nature of reality? Could be, but I have another interpretation. If you live in a Christian society, you’ll see Christian symbolism and rituals everywhere. People wear crosses, you might see paintings depicting biblical events, people celebrate Christian holidays, they’ll enact nativity plays during Christmas and so on. If you live in a Buddhist society, you’ll see statues of Buddhas here and there, people wear Buddhist accessories and so on. Modern America, and most of the developed world, is a Masonic, Luciferian, Satanist or just occult society. That is the religion that people adhere to, even if most people don’t do it consciously. I think Wrestlemania 33 might just be an example of this.



The Boston Bombing is still a Hoax, and not going away

I just watched a video on the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight interviewed an Australian guy called PeeKay, and David Weiss. PeeKay has done quite a good job of dismantling the fallacious hoax that the Boston Bombing was. I’ve watched some of PeeKay’s Youtube videos before, but not that much.

Another great source of exposing the fraud is Chris Spivey’s website. He’s a British guy who has explored the Marathon Bombing in great detail.

If you’re not aware of the facts of the so called Boston Bombing I recommend taking a look of the work of these two men.

One thing that still bothers me about this hoax is how did they manage to find all of these people willing to be complicit in this conspiracy? Many of the people seem quite amateurish, and many of them had missing limbs already before the marathon. Did they simply recruit a bunch of handicapped crisis actors to do it? I don’t think they (the people organizing the hoax) could ensure their silence simply by paying them money.

I can’t help but think that maybe this was some sort of Luciferian hoax. As I’ve mentioned before, I recently read Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers by Kerth Barker who was involved, or victimized, by these secret societies as a child. He said that he was chosen, because the Luciferians found out he could keep a secret, whereas his siblings could not. All of the Luciferians are blackmailed somehow to ensure their obedience, and I think the people involved in the bombing hoax enjoyed deceiving people in the first place.

This is conjecture of course, yet I still haven’t found a better answer why no-one has said anything, and they seem quite happy to perpetuate the lie. And many of the people involved do seem like amateurs to me, not professional intelligence agency people or anything like that. It would not even surprise me if some people willingly had their legs amputated months in advance to the marathon just so they could participate in the hoax. It may sound extreme, but Luciferianism is a religion, which is based on deception, and religious nuts are willing to do all sorts crazy stuff to further their goals.

In fact there is one guy shown in the Caravan to Midnight video giving the devil horns with his hand (at 2:19:02 in the video), and he is wearing a red shirt with a (devil’s?) trident on his back (at 2:39:03). I know this is hardly proof of anything, but I would at least call it evidence. There’s also one young woman who “survived” hoax in the video who says: “I’m a criminal(?) justice major, actually.” (It’s at 1:07:30-47.) I think there is deliberate mockery in her expression, since she knows she has been involved in this rape of justice.

Anyways, feel free to disregard my conjecture, if you think it sounds nonsensical. But do not disregard the facts presented by PeeKay and Spivey. The bombing was a hoax, and it has been proven.


Caravan To Midnight – Episode 232 Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Deconstructed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN9xf0gmCHI

Boston Bollocks by Chris Spivey: http://chrisspivey.org/boston-bollocks-part-1/

We have to grow around Transhumanism

Transhumanism is the idea of merging man with machine to become something greater. This can be achieved in different ways such as implanting us with microchips or with cybernetic limbs, or uploading human consciousness into a computer. Or perhaps transhumanists just want to get rid of humanity once and for all to give reign to super AI as depicted in the Matrix and Terminator movies.

I have get some things out of the way first. I kinda like the term “transhuman”, if you take it in a Nietzschean übermensch way that we should spiritually evolve from the slave state we are in now. I like various kinds of science fiction and therefore having cybernetic limbs and stuff like that has some aesthetic appeal to me. I like cyberpunk created (at least to a degree) by William Gibson. I used to like the Borg on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but then Voyager violated them. Multiple times. However, those things are fictional, and if I like something to happen in works of fiction, such as various kinds of bloody murder on Game of Thrones, does not mean I would advocate it in real life.

The most obvious objection to all of this combining ourselves with machines is that someone would undoubtedly use it to control us. Most likely the people offering us all of these “enhancements”. Countless conspiracy researchers have commented on this, and I have little to add.

Some of these transhuman improvements might be beneficial, such as offering a prosthetic arm to someone who has lost their arm. Who knows, maybe even microchipping people could be a good thing, if used responsibly. I must stress though that we are light-years away from that scenario. We all know what sort of evil bastards are running this planet. We step away from using technology and cybernetic as a useful tool to help the disabled, however, if and when we think a healthy body needs technological improvement.

Transhumanism, as pandered by Kurzweil and his ilk, is based on a faulty assumption, which is that man becoming machine would improve him. I can relate to the notion that we are a spirit trapped in a body, which limits us, and we want to go beyond that. However the transhuman solution would enslave us even further. It is a materialist answer to a spiritual problem arising due to our material part. The transhuman merging with machine would enslave us further to the material, not liberate us. A cybernetic brain might allow us to think faster, or artificial limbs make us stronger, but ultimately they are mere gimmicks. The solution to this problem is not to mutilate the body with improvements, but to accept it as it is. Then you can find out you can actually do more than your feeble body allows you to. Men can move mountains and masses of millions of people. And it isn’t really thanks to technology, but due to will.

Transhumanism isn’t really a new thing. Transhumanism is merely the contemporary manifestation of an older trend, which is to become digital from the analog state of nature. The conflict between the organic and the artificial. Just in last few decades most of technology has shifted from analog to digital. It seems we are reaching the culmination of someone’s Great Work (even though I don’t know if this trend has really anything to do with Freemasons, but I would wager it does). This transhuman ideal wishes to turn life itself from spontaneous and organic to something scripted and predictable. Ultimately this has nothing to do with the outer, physical world, but it wants to replace the natural archetypes in our consciounesses with artificial ones.

In my interpretation this is, as I have written previously, Luciferianism. Transhumanism is nothing but Luciferianism with a sci-fi slant. I’m not the first to say this, but I can say I sort of reached the conclusion on my own, at least. Luciferianism is basically the notion that man created God, instead of God creating man. God here, does not refer to any Christian or other religious notion, it simply refers to the underlying natural principle in creation. Perhaps we could substitute God with nature is this sense, or say that nature is a perceivable manifestation of the divine principle called God. In this sense, it is logical only to conclude that God created man, and not vice versa. The Luciferians want to screw with the natural order of things, to make creation in their image, to make God in their own image.

I see this artificiality in the minds of men having existed for millennia, growing stronger as time goes on. It is not a new thing, but I guess we can say it has evolved into modernity.

The solution to free us from Luciferian artificial transhumanism is not to reject it unconditionally. We are all already transhuman to a degree. Mac Tonnies, author of Cryptoterrestrials and a transhumanist, said that if you drive a car, you are a transhumanist. If that is true, then certainly we are transhuman if we use a computer. Yet that is not certainly any cause to give up and let Kurzweil infect us with his nanobots. We have to grow around the partial transhuman in us. That is what life does. Machines and computers understand only 1 or 0. Living things have a whole rainbow of options to choose from. Like a plant growing through asphalt, it might not be the most pleasant environment for it, but the plant merely bites his allegorical teeth and says “fuck it”.