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Bible vs Christianity, Illuminati Trannies, and 33

Back in 2014 I wrote an article titled “The Fourth Abrahamic Religion”, which referred to atheism or Scientism. I’m going to look back on how I saw the world differently back then compared to now, and discuss where I was correct and incorrect.

First of all I do still think that militant atheism, or Scientism is part of this continuation often called Abrahamic religions. It’s even more obvious now than it was back then with Social Justice Warriors, i.e. Cultural Marxists, becoming more overt with their crazy schemes. While most of them are atheists and anti-religion, many of them are still curiously pro-Islam. Where I think I was wrong though is that Christianity is just one of those harmful, or digital, religions. Or more accurately I don’t think the Bible is part of these man-made delusions. Christianity might be,


A Tale of Two Christianities

I’m not claiming that this is a completely unique position, since Alexander Hislop wrote similar sentiments in The Two Babylons in the 19th century. Yet he was basically saying that Catholicism is Mesopotamian mystery religions in disguise, but if I recall correctly he had a positive view of Protestantism. I think that most main stream forms of Christianity, and most people who call themselves Christians, are either wittingly or unwittingly worshipping such mystery religions, or they simply have their man-made religion that coats itself in Biblical imagery.

There are basically two types of Christians: deliberately false ones, and apathetically false ones. The deliberately false Christians are Luciferians, Satanists, Jesuits, or crypto-Jews, that pretend to be Christian to fool others. The apathetic Christians do not really care about the greater questions of life. They merely want to be nice and have a nice life without offending others, and acting superficially Christian of simply part of their culture. They honestly believe that their unbiblical lifestyle is what God and Jesus is all about.

Perhaps you could call me hypocritical, since I do not consider myself Christian, yet I am judging Christians. Maybe I am. In recent years I’ve merely come to the realization that the Bible seems to hold more answers than any other source I’ve seen so far.


The Abrahamic Religions

I don’t know if it is accurate or not to call Judaism, Christianity, Islam and atheism Abrahamic religions or not, or if only the people who truly follow the Bible should be called Abrahamic. I don’t want to discuss semantics right now. Perhaps you could say Biblically inspired pagan (man-made) religions vs the religion of the Bible.

Also in my article I was praising animistic and polytheistic religions for exuding life with little evidence to back my claims. Those comments seem silly to me now, and reflect my spiritual bias of the day. It’s not to say that I think that those kind of religions are necessarily bad now either, but I just have very little actual experience with them so I cannot say how they are. I try not to idolize or demonize something I don’t know much about.


Trannies, Fallen Angels and the Flat Earth

In just recent months my change in perspective has allowed me to see some conspiracies from a different, and hopefully more accurate, viewpoint. One obvious clue to the relevance of the Bible is the fact that both actual science and the Bible seem to support the fact that the earth does not seem to be curved into a ball, and is not moving. I still do not have all of the facts regarding all of this, but admitting to myself that the earth is probably flat gives a certain inner peace, instead of resisting it out of the fear of sounding silly or going too far against the grain.

For the last few months I’ve been thinking about the idea the movie They Live presents. Every conspiracy nut knows that the basic idea of the movie is true in some sense, but the trick is to figure out how much of an allegory the movie is, or how literal. Are the shadowy elites really aliens, demons, fallen angels, undead spirits of Nephilim trapped on earth, Jesuits, Freemasons, Jews, or what exactly? Are we being controlled by actual non-human entities, humans possessed by such beings, or simply human beings who belong to secret societies?

A couple of Youtubers might have uncovered some important clues to this question: MrE (nothing to do with Rocking MrE) and Russianvids. Both have made videos of the transpocalypse, which refers to the claim that many celebrities, actors, politicians, even royalty, are actually secretly transgender. The claim sounds ridiculous at first, but when you bother to take a look at some of the evidence, it doesn’t sound so silly. MrE claims that basically any actress who has won an Oscar is a transgender. I’m not sure if I would go that far, but there’s something there worth investigating.

Apparently there are some Youtubers who have been discussing these Illuminati trannies, as MrE, calls them for years. I didn’t know until fairly recently that there is allegedly a tranny epidemic among the rich and famous. I did know that Michelle Obama is allegedly a man. I even wrote about it back in 2014. Back then I also heard claims that tennis players Serena and Venus Williams are trannies. Although I wasn’t convinced back then, at least it would make more sense for two men to pretend female in order to excel at sports, but I couldn’t figure out what would be the point in pulling the deception that the First Lady is a man. I wrote about these alleged celebrity trannies a month ago, but back then I was still somewhat unsure what to think of it. Now I have a better view of things.

First of all, if what people like MrE say is correct, that it is basically the religion of many of these elite families to become transgender like Baphomet, and they’ve been doing it for decades, if not centuries, or even millennia, then it’s “normal” for Michelle Obama to be transgender as well. (S)he probably wouldn’t even have been the first tranny First Lady in America. Another thing is that Kerth Barker, who I’ve quoted in the past, said in Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers that the generational Satanist families do habitually engage in transvestite activity, i.e. men pretend they are female and vice versa. I don’t recall him saying anything about them actually going through surgery to transition to another gender, but the basic idea is still the same.

Another thing is that if in fact many of these elite families are Satanists or Luciferians, the old idea of the Black Mass is to do what righteous people or the Bible does in reverse. Russianvids also shows a page from a book by Alesteir Crowley (or his translation of Eliphas Levi’s book?) in many of his videos where Crowley describes how you should de everything backwards. These are things I knew of Satanism and the Black Mass even when I was a teenager. I just always thought they sounded silly so I didn’t pay much attention to it. The idea of backmasking in music has been clearly known for decades even among people who are not interested in conspiracies. But if the Satanists really do engage in doing things backwards, reversing one’s gender does not sound like a stretch at all.

MrE says in many of his videos how the Illuminati trannies are “unclean bodies for immortal spirits of Nephilim trapped on earth” or something to that extent. Quite frankly it sounds reasonable to me.


Numerology 33

Another thing I’ve learned is some practical numerology from Russianvids. I’ve heard over the course of many years many conspiracy researchers say how the Illuminati or Masons love their numerology and they encode things, but I never really got it. I wasn’t sure are the researchers making it up to sound smart or are they talking about something real. Russianvids is the guy who seems to understand numerology, and make his viewers understand it as well. It comes down to recognizing how the Masons encode the 33 into their fake events. Russianvids has countless videos pointing this out. The latest is from the London Bridge terror attack showing plenty of police cars on the scene with the licence plate adding up to 33.

I also like Russianvids’ explanation of the Masonic 33. Everyone knows how 33 is important to Freemasons, but no-one really knows what it means, but according to Russianvids it refers to the third of the angels that rebelled against God. A simple but reasonable explanation. It also explains why these fallen angels, or their minions, would put their brand on everything.

Russianvids uses a numerology program to decode words. I downloaded the same program a little while ago. First I checked out the name of several people I know. None of them were 33, or any other obvious occult number. So it probably is not simply a co-incidence that these numbers are so frequent among the elites. Then yesterday I found some use for the numerology program. There is a newstory of an artist, Dana Schutz, who painted a picture of dead black teen. Then two other artists, or provocators, started protesting the painting, because a White person is appropriating Black culture, or something. These protestors are Hannah Black and Parker Bright. It just happens that “Hannah Black” is 33 in Chaldean numerology. “Parker” is 33 in Pythagorean numerology. “Bright” sounds like a reference to Lucifer. I do believe that this controversy over the painting is a deliberate stunt by the Masons to divide and conquer people. Whites vs Black. Social Justice Warriors vs normal people.



I think most people, even conspiracy minded people, stay away from the “craziest” conspiracy theories because want to bargain with the norms set by society. “9/11 might have been an inside job, but Hollywood actresses are not trannies.” “NASA might have faked the moon landings, but the earth is not flat.” The underlying psychological factor here is that people are trying to run a thin line between reality and acceptability. I will accept this “crazy” but true thing, but I will reject that one, so it evens out. There is always some line people won’t cross to avoid sounding too ridiculous. However the only line you should care about is the line between truth and lies.

And have a gander at the Youtube channels of MrE and Russianvids if you haven’t done so far.



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Antifa riots against Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes

The other day Antifa (or Anti-Fascists or just Communists) started a riot in Berkeley. As far as I understand the riot erupted because the “conservative” journalist Milo Yiannopoulos was supposed to give a speech there. The speech was cancelled due to the riot. Today another riot erupted in NYU college in New York as another “conservative” Gavin McInnes was supposed to hold a speech there. I didn’t even know who he was prior to the anti-Islamic homosexual kiss between him and Milo last year. That’s a perfect example of how conservative they are.

It is common knowledge that Antifa is funded by George Soros, and it’s just another globalist scheme. However, when it comes to these two conflicts, and I suspect more will arise in the near future, I don’t think only the aggressor is controlled. Both Milo and McInnes are controlled opposition, and I believe the whole scenario of them going there to hold a speech and Antifa causing trouble is a globalist manufactured event. It’s classic problem-reaction-solution. Yet I am not sure what the solution will be. It might simple be an attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, but there might be more to it as well.

Then again it might another attempt to Luciferianize society as more and more people begin to notice how dangerously insane these leftist extremists are. Perhaps the globalists want to provoke both the right, and the people in the middle, to go too far in their response. As Nietzsche said: “He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself; and if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.”

Or rather like Freemason Albert Pike planned already over a hundred years ago in the letter to Giuseppe Mazzini that I’ve written about before: “We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

Could this be what is happening? Even if this alleged letter is irrelevant, I do think both sides in these riots were put in place like in a chess-game played by a single player.



Berkeley protests of Yiannopoulos caused $100,000 in damage : http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/01/us/milo-yiannopoulos-berkeley/

Conservative comedian Gavin McInnes is PEPPER-SPRAYED outside NYU as violent student protesters throw punches and clash with police ahead of his performance: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4187092/Demonstrators-protest-against-Gavin-McInnes-NYU.html

How Albert Pike’s letter can aid us in the Nationalist Revival: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/tag/giuseppe-mazzini/

Trump Won

Trump won. He already held his victory speech. All of main stream media is broadcasting his victory. I certainly did not see this coming a few months ago. Last year I said he wouldn’t win. I’m glad I was wrong.

There are still some possibly upsets that the establishment might pull. They might said there was some election shenanigans. Professor Doom put up a video, before the results were final, I believe saying that Florida had 137% voting. They might use this, or something similar, as as an excuse to say that the election was fixed for Trump. However, I would say that in reality Trump would have won by a much clearer margin than is reported. The official margin seems to be something like 51%. It’s much the same as with Brexit. The media made up the story that the British people are very divided on this issue. I expect the media to push the same narrative in America. Although, I don’t think the divide is as big as they like you to think it is.

There is of course the possibility that they’ll try to assassinate Trump, but I’m doubtful of it. In Britain the government is trying to backtrack on the Brexit vote, something about appealing on article 50. So some sort of shenanigans is to be expected. However, I would say it is difficult to try to pull something like this in the presidential election. Maybe Obama will try to pull something and remain in office for a third term.  I think he did say that if Trump wins he will do as much.

If Trump does manage to actually get inaugurated, the American people should make sure he holds on to his promises, such as appointing a special team for investigation Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. He better start cracking down on the Luciferian pedophile globalists. He must not let them simply evade punishment. He better start making America great, great in the sense that the people want, and not in the way that the globalists want. He should stem the tide of the LGBT agenda. He should work to fight against terrorism, and by that I mean the terrorism that both the Bush and the Obama regime have been promoting.

I am happy to see Trump win. I am optimistic that he is legit, but I am also cautious. Whatever happens I’m sure next year will be weird. I don’t think anyone knows what will happen. If Trump is legit, the globalist establishment will scheme against him. Even if they are in fact losing power in the US, they will still hold a lot of power elsewhere. This election result might be used to create a divide between Europe and America. Most Europeans probably have bought into the anti-Trump propaganda rampant in main stream media. At least the relations between Russia and USA should start improving, but who knows if they’re trying to manipulate a war between USA and Saudi-Arabia, or perchance China.

We live in interesting times. Keep your eyes peeled.

I hope Trump turns out to be new King Cyrus.

My Prediction for the Future of America

This is what I expect to see in the following years to happen in America. I don’t have inside information, nor have I channeled this information from the ether. They’re merely my opinions based on observation.

Hillary Clinton will get elected despite even most Democrats seem to despise her. I suppose it’s part of the plan to plan to have a leader that everyone hates. They started with Bill Clinton in the nineties by embarrassing  him with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Then George W. Bush was hated by the majority in the end, but at least you could try to argue he was a strong president and tried to protect his country. Barack Obama on the other hand is a weak figure who always cries on TV and promotes debauchery and weakness in his country, but you can try argue that he at least has tried his best to do good and promote tolerance and so forth. Whereas Hillary Clinton will be evil incarnate. There will be no mistaking this.

During her reign Hillary will open the gates for all sorts of criminals and terrorists even more blatantly than Obama did. She’ll try to outdo what Angela Merkel did here in Europe. Terrorism, rape, murder and all that will increase exponentially in the United States. The American people will be victimized in various ways. There will be different forms of insanity. However, the goal isn’t merely to oppress or enslave the people, but to corrupt them.

The way that these manufactured conflicts are usually interpreted by conspiracy researchers is that the conspirators use the Hegelian dialectic to bring society closer and closer to an all powerful police state. However, I don’t think it’s only about the boot stamping on the human face forever. This is only for the lowly peons, but the conspirators want to breed a new man who arises over the oppression, and sheds traditional morality to become a Luciferian or Satanic demi-god. Cultural Marxism, like feminism, isn’t supposed to last forever. They know it is an insane ideology that cannot uphold itself for long. It has worked well to weaken the West, but their ultimate goal is not to destroy the West, nor to allow Islam to conquer the world. They only want us to think that so we’d remake ourselves in their Luciferian or Promethean image to destroy the enemies they’ve manufactured. I’ve said this before, but they want to temp us like the Emperor tempted Luke Skywalker in the end of Return of the Jedi, to strike down our enemies with hatred only to become a stronger version of what we fought against.

After Hillary Clinton has wreaked the havoc that she will, a new dark hero will rise, be it a person, or a group. They will lead America, and possibly Europe as well, out of the darkness into the light of Lucifer. I suspect that person or group to be openly Satanic or Luciferian. This is the goal of the New World Order. Not Cultural Marxism, not Islam, not Judaic supremacy (although Talmudic Judaism might be a representation of the Satanic ideology). They don’t want everyone to be a weak, pathetic slave. They want proud, transformed demi-gods. They want to corrupt us all, not to kill us. That’s just a by-product.

Although I should say this I believe to be their plan. It probably won’t work out as the so called Illuminati wishes. The decent people in the West won’t just sit on their asses allowing them to do what they please. There are other forces at work than just dark forces in this world.

I hope I’m wrong about this. I hope that Donald Trump really is a decent guy who practices what he preaches. I hope he isn’t just controlled opposition, and I hope he gets elected. However, I don’t believe these things to be true.


Freedom vs Luciferian Liberty

The majority of us human beings are enslaved by the chains of biology and nature. We are trapped in the unfortunate predicament of having to be sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Moreover hideously most us are attracted to people of generally the same age-range as us (although I tend to like younger women). But most of us find thinking of children in any sexual context quite repugnant. Neither do we really see senior citizens engaging in sex and romance with people in their late teens or early twenties as acceptable, although we do not see it as criminal either. Incest too is a hideous taboo that inhibits us from attaining liberty. All of this is very oppressing, and there is little we can do about since it’s programmed to us by the malevolent mother nature. Fortunately we have feminism, gender identity politics and other Cultural Marxist movements that are just exoteric fronts for Luciferianism seeking to liberate us.

I think that is how these Luciferians really see the laws of nature, something that have to be reversed or destroyed so we can be liberated. They see the natural state of humans, animals and nature in general as somehow faulty and desire to fix it. Even though there has been little choice in the matter on my part, I’ve never minded being attracted to women. That’s just my nature, and I’m happy to live according to it. Luciaferians cannot abide by this submission to nature (or God if you see things that way). They want their will to be supreme, and want to subvert even the laws of reality to match their fantasies. Of course, they are insane and will hardly succeed, but they can cause, and have caused, lots of damage by their actions.

Although the way the Luciferians see it, they are more free than those who follow their nature, the Luciferians are enslaved by their ideology. They are obsessed with perverting whatever the general public seems appropriate. Like I mentioned above, for Luciferians homosexuality, incest and pedophilia are the norm. They also revel in desecrating the Bible, lying and doing stuff that is generally not regarded acceptable in society. This is not freedom. This is just a more refined form of enslavement. They are bound to doing the opposite of what regular people do, and you could argue that regular people are enslaved to their habits, but the Luciferians are not any more free than them. For example, I’m a not Christian, and when I was younger I resented Christianity. However, to free myself from its grasp it was better to walk away, and say it is not for me, but neither should I engage in any anti-Christian crusade to subvert or eradicate Christianity. Luciferians seem unable to do that.

Kerth Barker claims he was sexually and ritually abused and mind controlled by Satanists when he was a child, and I believe him. He recounts this in Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers: The Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor. Kerth describes two “incestuous lesbian pedophiles” who are sisters and members of the Illuminati. They believed “that in the future everyone in the world will be homosexual pedophiles.” This is quite frankly the agenda I see when I look at Cultural Marxism and gender identity politics being touted everywhere. This is the tolerance they preach. I’m not opposed to tolerating the existence of homosexuals, but I am opposed to tolerating pedophilia and incest.

I’m trying think of a good segue for my next argument, but I cannot so I’m going to try gather pity by revealing that I am not writing this at my home, since I can’t use internet there due to my modem breaking down, therefore I cannot concentrate on writing this as well as I want to, and lo! We get to Angelina Jolie.

The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh, is reported as prefering to think of herself as a boy, wearing a suit and being called John. This strikes a frightening resemblance to the life of Kerth Barker as he was groomed and conditioned as boy to dress up as a girl, sexually pleasuring adults, including his grandfather, and he was given a female name, Kathy. Then there’s the thing when Jolie had her double mastectomy, i.e. removal of her breasts, to prevent breast cancer. Somehow I don’t think it was really about preventing cancer, but some ritualistic thing of perverting nature and luring other women to do the same.

I can’t help but think that Angelina Jolie is one of these Luciferians, or she is their pawn along with her children.

So when these Luciferians say they are doing something for tolerance they’re trying make us accept something inexcusable. When they promote liberty or freedom, they really mean enslavement to something perverse and harmful. When they do something for your health, they’re trying to make you sick. It’s surprisingly simple once you realize how evil they can be. David Icke said this years ago, how they always mean the opposite, but just recently I’ve really started to see it myself. Likewise, I read Icke’s descriptions of these Satanic or Luciferian pedophiles rings and secret societies, but it didn’t hit me as powerfully as reading Kerth’s first hand account. The link to the book is below. I suggest taking a look.

To get back to the headline topic for a while, the difference between freedom and liberty is that freedom is being able to do what comes naturally to you, like doing fun stuff with your loved ones, playing football, listening to music, reading tomes on esoteric wisdom, discussing philosophy and so on. Our nature is innate, and therefore to a certain degree implanted onto us, but I see little reason to challenge that, unless you challenge negative traits in yourself. Liberty, the Luciferian idea of freedom is more like your mom saying “don’t play with matches” or “don’t play near the train track”. There is a certain degree of courage in defying your mother in that manner, but ultimately it’s fucking stupid and irresponsible as the likely outcome is you’re only gonna hurt yourself or someone else defying nature.

EDIT: Will Smith’s son Jaden wears a dress.




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Feminism despises Femininity

Let’s get down to the basics of what feminism is. I have had this understanding of the core assumption or emotion behind modern feminism for several years now, and I thought I had discussed on my blog, but apparently I had not. So here goes…

Feminism is almost a machine-like hatred of women, and on top of that simply hatred of simple facts of reality. I’m not trying to sound controversial, I am merely stating the facts. Feminists are obsessed with being the victim. Women are supposedly always oppressed by men, they claim to want equality, but they what they want is the subjugation of men. However, feminists do not hate men, at least not as much as they hate women. Feminism is premised on the underlying assumption that women are inferior to men. That is an unquestioned truth in the mind of a feminist, yet the feminist resents this and creates an imaginary social construct where this is not true. The feminist projects the hatred she holds for herself to men, since feminists tend to be deeply disturbed.

Let’s take an example from the hastag-campaign #LikeaGirl. It was an ad-campaign, or something like that, last year with a propaganda video where girls say its harmful when men call someone who is weak, or doesn’t know how to throw a ball they throw it, like a girl. As Youtuber Thunderf00t points out in the video linked below, girls and women are generally physically weaker than boys and men. That is a fact. I think both men and women have understood that simply fact for millennia and dealt with it, but only since feminism came along simple facts of reality have become offensive. It may not be fair from some viewpoint that women are weaker than men, but it matters little that is simply how it is. That does not decrease the value of women as human beings, it merely decreases their value as soldiers, physical competition with men, and in heavy construction. It’s like if I was offended by reality because I cannot turn into a flying dinosaur.

This is where we get to the heart of feminism; it wants women to be as good at being men as men are, but since that is impossible, feminists begin to resent reality instead of recognizing the falsehood of their belief system. This creates the loop where feminists despise themselves for not being as good men as men, but instead of having the decency of blaming themselves for this nonsensical weakness, they project their hatred towards those who remind them of how reality actually works. When rational people point out the insanity in feminist thought, the feminist of course goes deeper into her delusion, and resents reality even more.

Feminism lured women away from the home to the work place to work in the world of men. They want women to have masculine roles like corporate CEOs, soldiers or top politicians. Although most women don’t seem to want that. It is feminism that is oppressive to women, and gives them social constructs to believe, not the Patriarchy or men. Feminism hates for women to be feminine, moreover it hates men to be masculine. Feminism hates the tender, nurturing qualities that are innate to most women, and wants to replace them with simulacra-masculine attributes. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say this was some sort of cosmic conspiracy that tries to undermine the natural order of life on this planet…

The principle of resenting the perceived superior class and trying to undermine it is applicable to Cultural Marxism in general as well. Cultural Marxists basically claim that White heterosexual men are the root of all evil, and those victimized by them are good people. The further you distance from that the better, for example a white heterosexual woman is not as good a victim as a transgender black woman. We can apply the same formula to this as we did to feminism; the underlying assumption is that White heterosexual men are superior to other demographics. That is seen as being the reality, and therefore it has to be resented and subverted. Feminism and Cultural Marxism is very schizophrenic. They create a generalized social construct, which is not entirely true, but then try to assault and subvert what they perceive to be reality. Where this originates must be some sort Archontic infection or Wetiko mind virus.

I assume these mind virus-infected people assume White heterosexual men to be superior, since its basically a historical fact that the world has been dominated by White heterosexual men for the last few centuries. European men have conquered most of the world, invented new technologies, introduced their ideas all over the world. That is obvious, but I would not make any universal statement that European men are superior. European men may be superior in some areas, but Asian women can be superior in others. I don’t believe in the equality of races or sexes, but neither do I believe in the superiority of one. White men have been dominant in the 19th and 20th centuries for sure, but in the Middle-Ages Arabs were superior in science, for example. In pre-historical times some societies were matriarchal and so on. I think it’s more of a cyclical thing.

Anyways, feminists and Cultural Marxists believe White heterosexual men to be superior. That is their sense of reality. And they resent reality. They want to rebel agains it like Lucifer. Ultimately this sounds Luciferian to me, where these people are unwilling to accept reality as it is (as God made it, as it were), but want to make a reality which is a construct. This truly is some deep, occult shit. I am not joking.

Feminism is sexist, although it purports to be the opposite, Cultural Marxism is racist and intolerant although it claims the opposite. Social Justice Warriors fight for social injustice. That is the nature of the beast. You cannot reason with it, you merely have to understand how it behaves. I don’t really understand why it behaves like this, but I can see this is how it is.

None what I said here should be viewed as insulting. I am not saying this to be pejorative nor funny somehow. Feminism is a twisted, spiritual ideology that hates anything natural. Devout feminists are basically demon-possessed. I should add that of course most of the people who buy into feminism are simply naive, and think its about gender equality and girl power, but that’s just the packaging, not what’s inside.



Feminism Is a form of Jewish Control: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGarmqCQfXw



RE #LikeaGirlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_xSZ0HXiIU

Ban bossy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMHoNi7rLqk

We have to grow around Transhumanism

Transhumanism is the idea of merging man with machine to become something greater. This can be achieved in different ways such as implanting us with microchips or with cybernetic limbs, or uploading human consciousness into a computer. Or perhaps transhumanists just want to get rid of humanity once and for all to give reign to super AI as depicted in the Matrix and Terminator movies.

I have get some things out of the way first. I kinda like the term “transhuman”, if you take it in a Nietzschean übermensch way that we should spiritually evolve from the slave state we are in now. I like various kinds of science fiction and therefore having cybernetic limbs and stuff like that has some aesthetic appeal to me. I like cyberpunk created (at least to a degree) by William Gibson. I used to like the Borg on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but then Voyager violated them. Multiple times. However, those things are fictional, and if I like something to happen in works of fiction, such as various kinds of bloody murder on Game of Thrones, does not mean I would advocate it in real life.

The most obvious objection to all of this combining ourselves with machines is that someone would undoubtedly use it to control us. Most likely the people offering us all of these “enhancements”. Countless conspiracy researchers have commented on this, and I have little to add.

Some of these transhuman improvements might be beneficial, such as offering a prosthetic arm to someone who has lost their arm. Who knows, maybe even microchipping people could be a good thing, if used responsibly. I must stress though that we are light-years away from that scenario. We all know what sort of evil bastards are running this planet. We step away from using technology and cybernetic as a useful tool to help the disabled, however, if and when we think a healthy body needs technological improvement.

Transhumanism, as pandered by Kurzweil and his ilk, is based on a faulty assumption, which is that man becoming machine would improve him. I can relate to the notion that we are a spirit trapped in a body, which limits us, and we want to go beyond that. However the transhuman solution would enslave us even further. It is a materialist answer to a spiritual problem arising due to our material part. The transhuman merging with machine would enslave us further to the material, not liberate us. A cybernetic brain might allow us to think faster, or artificial limbs make us stronger, but ultimately they are mere gimmicks. The solution to this problem is not to mutilate the body with improvements, but to accept it as it is. Then you can find out you can actually do more than your feeble body allows you to. Men can move mountains and masses of millions of people. And it isn’t really thanks to technology, but due to will.

Transhumanism isn’t really a new thing. Transhumanism is merely the contemporary manifestation of an older trend, which is to become digital from the analog state of nature. The conflict between the organic and the artificial. Just in last few decades most of technology has shifted from analog to digital. It seems we are reaching the culmination of someone’s Great Work (even though I don’t know if this trend has really anything to do with Freemasons, but I would wager it does). This transhuman ideal wishes to turn life itself from spontaneous and organic to something scripted and predictable. Ultimately this has nothing to do with the outer, physical world, but it wants to replace the natural archetypes in our consciounesses with artificial ones.

In my interpretation this is, as I have written previously, Luciferianism. Transhumanism is nothing but Luciferianism with a sci-fi slant. I’m not the first to say this, but I can say I sort of reached the conclusion on my own, at least. Luciferianism is basically the notion that man created God, instead of God creating man. God here, does not refer to any Christian or other religious notion, it simply refers to the underlying natural principle in creation. Perhaps we could substitute God with nature is this sense, or say that nature is a perceivable manifestation of the divine principle called God. In this sense, it is logical only to conclude that God created man, and not vice versa. The Luciferians want to screw with the natural order of things, to make creation in their image, to make God in their own image.

I see this artificiality in the minds of men having existed for millennia, growing stronger as time goes on. It is not a new thing, but I guess we can say it has evolved into modernity.

The solution to free us from Luciferian artificial transhumanism is not to reject it unconditionally. We are all already transhuman to a degree. Mac Tonnies, author of Cryptoterrestrials and a transhumanist, said that if you drive a car, you are a transhumanist. If that is true, then certainly we are transhuman if we use a computer. Yet that is not certainly any cause to give up and let Kurzweil infect us with his nanobots. We have to grow around the partial transhuman in us. That is what life does. Machines and computers understand only 1 or 0. Living things have a whole rainbow of options to choose from. Like a plant growing through asphalt, it might not be the most pleasant environment for it, but the plant merely bites his allegorical teeth and says “fuck it”.