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Revisiting the death of Robin Williams

The actor Robin Williams died August 11, 2014, allegedly of hanging himself by his belt. I’ve written about this before and I’m skeptical of the suicide story. I’ve said since the beginning I suspect he was murdered, and still do. There are some new developments to Williams’ death, not new in the sense of being recent, but new in relation to my old writings on it.

One minor yet highly significant detail is that Robin Williams died August 11th, and was cremated, according to the media, August 12th, the very next day. Maybe I’m just a lunatic conspiracy nut, but if this is true it screams of cover up. Yet Wikipedia and all media outlets that I found describing when he was cremated point to August 12, 2014.

I’m still a bit incredulous of this claim, especially since all the sources I find regarding Williams’ cremation are dated August 20th or later. There could have been some sort of mix up in the media, such as maybe he was supposed to be cremated on the 21st, not 12th.


New Diagnosis on Robin Williams

Originally Williams’ reason for supposedly committing suicide was depression, and he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. However, over a year after his death the media began to report that doctors diagnosed that he had actually had Lewy Bodies Dementia. Lewy bodies are “abnormal aggregates of protein that develop inside nerve cells in Parkinson’s disease (PD), Lewy body dementia, and some other disorders” Wikipedia states. Lewy Bodies Dementia, or dementia with Lewy bodies, is a disease whose cause is unknown and has no cure. Some of its symptoms are depression, paranoia and confusion.

In September 2016, the widow of Robin Williams, Susan Schneider Williams, wrote an article of her late husband’s struggle with the disease  titled The terrorist inside my husband’s brain. She says she learned three months after the death of her husband after the release of the coroner’s report that he had Lewy body disease. The widow had shown Williams’ medical records to four doctors after his death, and all agree he had “one of the worst pathologies [of Lewy bodies disease] they had seen”. Williams allegedly committed suicide to end his pain.

While all of this could very well be true and there is nothing more to see here, I’m going to suggest an alternative explanation. Lewy bodies dementia/disease causes paranoia and confusion, and Robin Williams had already been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which is also related to Lewy bodies. Perhaps Robin Williams had a good reason to be paranoid and confused if he was being persecuted by someone, and they had threatened to kill him. Someone could have forged the coroner’s report to make it look like he had Lewy bodies dementia to explain away his paranoia. Williams’ body had already been cremated a long time ago so no-one could double-check it anyway.


Mystery Witness and Investigation Reopened

According to some celebrity gossip websites a private investigator, or a couple of them, were hired to re-investigate Williams’ death. Radar Online notes that the investigator refused to reveal who hired him. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggestss there is evidence pointing to foul play instead of suicide, since two investigators were assigned on the case. Both websites claim that Robin Williams’ massage therapist and another mystery man were present at the scene. Whatever these two men did or saw around the time of the actor’s death have not been made public, according to my understanding.

The two articles are from September and August of 2015, so that’s almost a year and a half ago. I have not found any update on the investigation. Assuming the claims of these websites are correct, the private investigation on the death Robin Williams is either still going on, the investigators are finished but their findings were not made public, or the investigation has been blocked in some way. While it is possible the investigators finished their investigation, found no foul play and reported it to their employer, yet I don’t think so. I want to hear the investigators state it themselves if this is the case.

Celeb Dirty Laundry had published another intriguing article on the aftermath of the death of Robin Williams in June 2015. Supposedly a legal battle between the widow Susan Schneider Williams and Williams’ family, I assume it means his children, had ensued over Williams’ estate. Moreover the article basically presents the widow, Susan, as a parasitical vampire who started isolating her husband from his children and the rest of his family after they got married in 2011. I don’t know to what extent this is true, but it certainly appears there is more to Robin Williams’ death than both the mainstream media or the wanking-obsessed (autoerotic asphyxiation) alternative media have been reporting.



I certainly don’t know what happened to Robin Williams and I am still not saying he was necessarily murdered, yet I do see good reason to suspect he might have been. If indeed he was cremated the day after he died, I would call this pretty damning evidence that some sort of cover-up had been going on. If private investigators were hired to investigate Williams’ death, it certainly suggests I’m not the only who with suspicions on his death. Yet the sources that claim Williams was cremated the day after his death, and the one’s talking about the new investigation are not the most reliable ones. I wonder if we’ll ever hear any updates to this story?





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My other stuff on Robin Williams:





Gay Mafia and Freemasons involved in the Ulvila Murder Case of Finland?

December 1st, 2006, social psychologist, Jukka S. Lahti, was murdered in his home in the town of Ulvila in Finland. The identity of the killer is still unknown. In 2009 the authorities began to suspect Lahti’s wife, Anneli Auer, of killing him. Auer was taken to court and spent some time in prison, but in the end she was acquitted by the supreme court in 2015.

Naturally, there has been great controversy over this murder in the Finnish media over the years. Yet I had been left out on the whole affair as I was in Japan when the murder occurred (providing me with a convenient alibi). The details of the case had been fuzzy to me until I decided to take a deeper look a few months ago. Here’s some interesting information I’ve found out so far.


Incompetent Police Investigation

The media has reported how the police had screwed up the preliminary investigation in several ways. A few examples of this are that the police did not do a technical or forensic examination of the whole house where the crime occurred. They only examined a few rooms properly.  The police did not protect the blood traces properly and some of them were destroyed or contaminated. The police allowed Anneli Auer to enter the house and take a few things out of it while the house was isolated as a crime scene. There many other details to be found in the media.

While it is possible that the police were simply incompetent and not used to handling crimes of this magnitude, Ulvila, and the “big” city next to it are fairly small places and the police who live there are probably more used to seeing murder cases like this on the TV instead of in their job. However, this sort of convenient incompetence, especially when in great amount, like in this case makes the think the authorities are doing it on purpose to cover something up. Sort of like Rumsfeld saying after 9/11 that they were simply unprepared for such an attack.


Freemason Involvement

Anneli Auer’s lawyer, Juha Manner, is a Freemason in the Franciscus-lodge in the town of Rauma. One of the former prosecutors, Jarmo Valkama, was a Freemason in the Satakunta-lodge in Pori. He had acted a prosecutor in the case for a long time, but he stepped down in 2014. In February 2016, he had died of a disease that had advanced quickly.

While it is possible that it is merely co-incidental that both of these men were Freemasons, yet it seems a lot like the classic case of a conflict where Freemasons play both sides. The attorney defending Auer was a Mason as was the prosecutor accusing her of the murder. The death of prosecutor Valkama sounds suspicious as well, but maybe it was a natural death?


Gay Connection

The victim, Jukka S. Lahti, had been friends with a couple of (prominent?) homosexuals, and one of whom had disappeared and died a day after the murder of Lahti. Pekka Puputti had been in Club Presidentti in Helsinki in early December 2006, Lahti was killed on December 1st. Puputti was found dead in the sea in Helsinki March 2007. According to MV Lehti Puputti disappeared the day after Lahti was killed. Iltalehti wrote that he disappeared on the night between 1st and 2nd. There are suggestions that Puputti might have killed Lahti.

Both Lahti and Puputti had allegedly been doing their doctorate in the town of Kuopio and had known each other. Iltalehti wrote in January 2007, before his body was discovered, that Puputti was a friend of Lehti and was related to the investigation in the Ulvila murder although he wasn’t the main suspect.  Along with Lehti and Puputti doing his doctorate was a gay activist, Olli Stålström. Stålström had written his dissertation on the topic of “Ending the labeling of homosexuality as a disease” in 1997. Stålström thanks Jukka S. Lahti in the dissertation for his help. According to MV Lehti Pekka Puputti also wrote his dissertation on homosexuality, but it was rejected.

While I suppose there is a possibility that Pekka Puputti came straight to Ulvila from Helsinki, it takes about 3 hours to drive between them, killed Lahti and then either committed suicide or was killed by someone else, I don’t believe it. I do think there is a connection between the deaths of Lahti and Puputti, but I don’t know what it is.



There’s a lot more to this murder case, of course, but these are the most intriguing details I’ve found out so far; Freemasons and homosexuals. Small Ulvila is starting to sound like metropolitan city with problems of the big bad world. I don’t know who killed Jukka S. Lahti or why, but to me it seems likely there are important people involved in this affair, directly or indirectly. They’re covering something up.

I am not convinced that Anneli Auer, the wife, is innocent of the whole thing either, but I certainly don’t think she is the sole culprit. If I were a judge in her case I’d have to give a “not guilty” verdict as I haven’t seen proof that she did it, yet I don’t trust her.




(All in Finnish)

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Recent Celebrity Deaths

I’m going to address the deaths of three celebrities who’ve died fairly recently; David Bowie, Prince and Chyna. While Bowie’s death isn’t so recent, since it happened over 3 months ago, it’s still fairly new. Anyways, I find the deaths of all three somewhat suspicious.


David Bowie

First of all, I don’t think anyone really believes that David Bowie died a normal death. I think deep down even the much of the so called Sheeple find it suspicious, but they’ve been programmed with a reaction dismiss any opinion that blatantly contradicts the mainstream. Bowie released his album titled “Blackstar” and two days later he died of cancer although no-one had heard he had had cancer.

I’m sure plenty of people have already written about the occult symbolism of the black star, or the black sun, which may or may not refer to Saturn. There was hit song “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden decades ago and all that. Just this itself is suspicious, and then David Bowie winds up dead right after the album’s release. The Independent writes: “Even those working on projects with him in the weeks before he died were completely unaware of his condition and expressed their shock at learning he had been so gravely ill.” Supposedly this was because Bowie had decided to keep this secret from others, but if he was only days away from death, you’d think the people working with him would’ve noticed something.

Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, Tweeted after his father’s death: “Very sorry and sad to say it’s true. I’ll be offline for a while. Love to all.” There certainly was no admission that he knew about Bowie’s alleged disease. Jones being offline could mean that he is simply grieving, or perhaps he was supposed to go somewhere to be advised on how to behave in public regarding this issue. I question whether anyone really knew about the “cancer” before Bowie died.



The artist Prince, formerly known as the Symbol, died a few days ago. He is known among the conspiracy theorist circles for talking about geoengineering or chemtrails on TV. Sure, he might have been killed for knowing too much and repeating the information in public, but there are other options as well.

The truly suspicious bit is the fact no-one seems to know why Prince died, but there are loads of different rumours floating about such as flu, drugs or AIDS. Moreover his remains were already cremated according to CNN, yet the Medical Examiner’s office is still working on the autopsy report, and it might take “days or weeks before results are complete”. I don’t know how these things are usually handled, but clearly the authorities don’t have a clue how he died, so shouldn’t they hold off on the cremation in case they have to double-check something?



Chyna was a female wrestler for the WWF (currently WWE) in the nineties and early 2000s. I heard just today she had died a couple of days ago. Her death is suspicious as well.

The Independent wrote earlier that Chyna’s death was treated as “a possible overdose” by the coroner’s office. Surprise, surprise, today The Independent said it was confirmed by her friend that she had been mixing drugs and alcohol, although I suppose the coroner’s office is still working on their official report. I wonder what their conclusion will be? Conclusions seem to be drawn before investigating the death.

The WWE has had other suspicious deaths over the years. Back in 2007 I used to follow wrestling regularly and Chris Benoit supposedly murdered his family and himself, I thought it was a murder with him being framed for it. I don’t know who did it or why, although I suspected the owner of WWE, Vince McMahon, was involved somehow. The death of Eddie Guerrero two years earlier was questionable as well. The months preceding his death, Eddie Guerrero’s character in the arena changed suddenly. I think he had been a heel, a bad guy in wrestling lingo, for a while, but suddenly he befriended Batista, who was popular at that time, and become a face, a good guy. I felt back then that maybe Guerrero knew he was about to die, and wanted to be remembered as a nice guy.

Anyways, let’s get back on topic.


The Reason behind the Deaths?

I do not know why these celebrities died, although I’m very skeptical of the story fed to us by the news. There are plenty of conspiratorial explanations such as “Illuminati sacrifice”, killed off to be silenced or perhaps they didn’t die, but their deaths were faked and they escaped somewhere else, such as Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS). Yet the problem with all these scenarios is that they are very hypothetical. The thing is we’ll probably never know the truth, but that’s no reason to believe the official half-truths either.

Just in case all this sounds incredible to someone I should remind how the entertainment industry, and the music industry in particular, is inundated with the occult. Their sole purpose is not to give you circuses (the other part of bread and circuses) and to take your money. There are even more nefarious purposes behind all of it. Just take a look at their occult rituals.

Lady Gaga at VMA 2009 indulging in blood sacrifice
Katy Perry performing a witches’ sabbath in 2014 Grammys
Miley Cyrus twerking to invoke Kali

The people in the music industry are clearly into black magic and occult rituals, and it’s working since countless people listen to their music and go to their concerts.

In this light the idea of celebrities being sacrificed for occult purposes does not sound so ridiculous. I saw a video by someone called pocketofthefuture pointing out the deaths of Prince and Chyna might be linked because of their names. Chyna sounds like China, and Prince refers to royalty, perhaps to prince William or Harry of UK. Perhaps the elites simply want the regular people to keep these concepts in their minds and this by some occult means affects reality by itself. David Bowie’s death would draw our attention to the black sun. As we draw into revere these dead entertainers, the energy might be directed to the abstract concept the names refer to.

I somehow find the idea intriguing that Prince and Chyna were killed simply because of the names they used, and David Bowie for the album name, which was probably decided by someone else. It sounds extremely callous and fitting in the world we live in.



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The Sweden I knew is dead. Swedes have two choices how to continue

I’m Finnish, and my nation has a long history with Sweden. A veritable love-hate relationship. When I was a child I visited Stockholm a few times, and liked it, particularly because of the three-story toystore called Stor och Liten (Big and small). But there are plenty of things in Sweden I, and many Finns, don’t like such as forcing Christianity onto us 700-800 years ago, and forcing us to study Swedish at school, since it’s the second official language of Finland. But the worst sin Sweden has committed is import countless Arabs and Africans into their country.

Reading news about Sweden makes it quite clear the liberal, although often obnoxious, yet benevolent Sweden I knew as a child does not exist anymore. All things change; people, cultures and nations, but Sweden seems different. Sweden has cuckolded itself into a suicide.

Immigrants in Sweden commit rapes, murders and other acts of violence fairly consistently, and native Swedes who speak out are racists, apparently. Well, I’m saying they’re not racist enough. I see that Swedes have only two choices to make: accept the process of suicide they started decades ago, and let Sweden become an Islamic caliphate; or revive the Norse spirit. Start a new nationalist Sweden akin to Nazi Germany. Voting for the Sweden Democrats party is not enough, but I guess it is a start. Islamic caliphates probably have some degree of law and order, what Sweden is becoming seems to lack even that.

I’d feel much safer in Finland with Nazi Germany as a neighbour, instead of any Islamic country. Especially since Sweden seems to have attracted much of the worst people from third world countries. You Swedes have to make the decision, do you want to survive, or are you so afraid of being labeled racist?

A couple of months a mother and child were killed in an Ikea store by an Eritrean immigrant. An article by Ingrid Carlqvist quotes several Swedes emailing their concerns to the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, since he hasn’t even addressed this killing in public. It’s nice to notice Swedes aren’t completely asleep, but how they express their concerns are rather meek. They say things like the government should condemn all acts of violence, instead of just promoting their anti-racism campaigns. Merely having a politician condemn acts of violence, or speaking about them is pointless. It’s the regular Swedes who have to fight violence with violence to preserve their race. It’s no more Mr. Niceguy for Sweden, or there will be no Sweden.

One another thing I noticed is when a horrible crime occurs, such as this Ikea killing, the politicians stay away from it. However, when a hoax or a false flag occurs, politicians promote their agendas. Obama certainly seems to be pushing gun control after dubious shootings. Same goes for feminists who stay silent after a real rape occurs, but make their song and dance routine after a fake one.

Swedes should cut the crap, and fight for their country. I don’t wanna see the Islamic Caliphate of Sweden become reality.



Sweden: “No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun” – Sweden in Shock after IKEA Murders: http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=34466

Stor och liten: http://www.storochliten.se/

Accepting Refugees is the new White Man’s Burden?

Europe is flooding with refugees from Africa and the Middle-East, as everyone knows. The question is why? No, the answer is not humanitarian concerns. No-one in the bureaucracy gives a flying fuck about human beings. They use such terminology only when it suits them to manipulate the short-sighted masses.

Sure it’s nice and humane to give aid to those less fortunate, but it’s even more human to have a degree of common sense. If people of Europe were like Jesus who could indefinitely multiply to fish and bread to feed the masses, I’m sure they’d do it. Alas, we cannot do that, and we have a limited amount of resources, and most of our money seems to be going through a Black Hole somewhere in Greece, we can easily say Europe does not have the resources to carry all of Africa and Middle-East on its shoulders. It would be nice to do so, like it would be nice to feed that beggar on the street, but when the option is feeding your family or the beggar, the choice should be clear. Yet it’s not apparently.

The majority though, seems unwilling to take reality into account when dealing with mass immigration, since they don’t want to be called racist, hater, Nazi or Islamophobe. And no, they do not care about the poor Africans, not genuinely. They just want live their little lives, and play along to avoid being tried by the Inquisition for heresy, which nowadays means saying something politically incorrect. If indeed the masses cared about Africa, for instance, they would have done something about their governments before they murdered thousands of Libyans and destroyed the country’s infrastructure four years ago. Obama and French president Sarkozy were instrumental in promoting the destruction of Libya. Where was the humanitarian concern back then? But of course no-one could oppose Obama, since that would be racist.

I have this crazy extremist New Age ideology of trying to fix problems before they become problems, such as Europeans and Americans having done before something about their insane governments before they managed to destroy Libya and sodomized Gaddafi to death. I did sympathize with Libyans back then, still do. But I don’t want them as refugees in my country of Finland, since it’s not our responsibility. We have enough of our own problems with the EU, US and traitorous politicians.

I think the Libyan refugees should get to move into the White House (or Rainbow House as it is nowadays), or the French presidential mansion, since they’re the ones responsible. They should also pay war reparations to Libya. But not the countries that didn’t have anything to do with the Libyan war.

How about we stop being reactionary, and stop the globalist war machine before they destroy countries and try to force their populations to become refugees? I’m sure it’s a beneficial arrangement for both parties. The European nations don’t get the extra burden of refugees, and the people from the “third world” countries do not get their families murdered and country bombed to hell. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bleeding heart liberal who cares about them poor Africans and Muslims, or a right-wing racist who hates them. It’s best for all of us if their countries don’t get bombed to bits.

If at this point you think I’m some racist right-winger, I suggest you go pop a few anti-propaganda pills first. Let’s look at this situation in Europe and the refugee countries. Seemingly endless floods of people are pouring into Europe. Is it not prudent to ask why? Instead of acting emotionally, and say they’re people too, and we should help them. If you care that much, why don’t you go help them personally instead of just passively acquiescing to anything the media, the EU and the government says? You don’t really care about them. You just want to be a “good person” who isn’t judged or labelled by society.

So why are the people flooding into Europe? Are the African and Middle-Eastern countries simply so shitty, they’re no place for human beings to live in? If so, why is that so? Are the people there somehow incapable of taking care of themselves? They need us nice White folk to take care of them. Is this the updated version of White Man’s burden? In the 19th century Europeans invaded other countries with the pretext of educating the savages. I thought nowadays that practice is seen as racist. Nowadays White Man is no longer invading the countries of other men (they’re just bombing them to bits), but the “savages” are heading into our countries. Same shit, different direction. The attitude that we are somehow better than other people is as racist now as it was then.

The root of the problem is, however, the practice of spreading democracy. In Libya it meant the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, and ass-raping the president to death with a bayonet. This is what democracy looks like! Now they are doing the same in Syria. Ukraine is more or less in the same boat even though it’s a White country. It is a well-oiled engine of destruction and destitution. Unless we do something now, Syria and Ukraine (maybe Yemen too), will be in as crippled as Libya in a few years.

I have a radical suggestion, or more of redefinition of our so-called racial imperative; the White Man’s Burden is not to civilize or democratize the savages, but to stop the insane machine that is our governments from causing any more havoc. Compassion for the refugees is meaningless emotional porn, I’d rather make sure the military industrial complex does not cause any more refugees.

And voting won’t make any fucking difference. Action will.




Gaddafi’s last moments: ‘I saw the hand holding the gun and I saw it fire’: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/oct/20/muammar-gaddafi-killing-witnesses

Robin Williams’ Coroner Report

I read the coroner’s report on Robin Williams. I’ve written about his death a couple times before, and I suspect it might have been murder. I certainly don’t think it was autoerotic asphyxiation.



Unsurprisingly the report says Williams committed suicide. However, there was no suicide note, his wife hadn’t noticed any suicidal tendencies, and the coroner did not find any evidence of suicidal thoughts in his internet browsing history.

Robin Williams has had a history of depression though, and he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years ago. Also in the period before his death Williams had been hallucinating, delusional and paranoid. He had put a bunch of wrist watches in a sock and gave them to somebody hoping they would keep the watches safe. His increase in paranoia had recently increased.

Williams had died from strangulation with a belt, and there was a towel between the belt and his neck, possibly to soften the pain. There were superficial cuts on his left wrist, made with his own knife, I think. The description sounds like something an angsty teenager might do.

If he committed suicide, it appears he hadn’t been planning it for a long time. It was a spur of the moment thing. At first tried to cut his wrists, but failed to do any real damage. Then he hung himself.


Autoerotic Asphyxiation

The coroner asked Williams’ wife if he practiced autoerotic asphyxiation. She said no. The coroner also found no porn or “reflective devices” near Robin’s body. I’m not sure what is meant by reflective devices. Mirrors? Like he would be looking at himself while masturbating? There is also no description of semen near the body. If Williams died due to autoerotic asphyxiation the family has cleaned up the evidence and his wife is lying.

However, if he died masturbating, why would he cut his wrist? That sounds quite disturbing that he should cut his wrist, tie a belt around his neck and start mastubating. It makes no sense to. The alternative media has seemed to be promoting this autoerotic asphyxiation thing for the most part, and it didn’t make sense to me, and still doesn’t.



The coroners report does offer some ground for speculating that Williams was murdered. First of all, he didn’t seem to have any suicidal intent prior to his death. He had gotten paranoid recently. Maybe he was crazy, or maybe there was someone trying to kill him. The bit about Robin Williams putting wrist watches in a sock, and giving it to somebody (his friend?) to protect him sounds crazy when taken out of context, but maybe it isn’t. The watches may be valuable, and Williams may simply have been trying to protect them from being stolen. There’s been rumours that Williams had money problems prior to his death. So maybe loan-sharks wanted his expensive watches, and killed him because he didn’t have them. However, at least his publicist said that Williams had no financial problems, so maybe not.

Williams had cuts on his wrist, and before that he had given his wrist watches to somebody else for safe keeping. There could be a connection. If the watches were special somehow, and someone wanted them, when they didn’t get the watches they cut his wrist to punish him. This is probably not what happened, but the watch thing is curious.


Hazelton Lodge or Hazelden Lodge?

Williams’ wife mentioned that he has checked into “Lodge at Hazelton, located in Minnesota, which is a retreat associated with a drug / alcohol rehibilitation” in June and July 2014. I didn’t find any Hazelton Lodge on Google. There are two small towns in Minnesota called Hazelton. I don’t think that’s what she was talking about. However I did find Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, which is a lodge. Even I know what a Betty Ford clinic is, even though I’m not American. When speaking, Hazelton and Hazelden sound similar, so the coroner may have been mistaken.

Maybe Robin Williams went to he lodge to get help, but they failed, and he committed suicide. Then again I’m suspicious of the lodge. It is called a lodge after all (like Masons and other fraternities). Something else may have gone on in there. But I won’t continue with this topic further, since it’s pure speculation. I do however suggest you look into what Freeman has said about celebrity and Hollywood mind control. Clinics like this may be used for such activities, but I’ve no idea if Williams has had any experience with such things.



I don’t think he died due to autoerotic asphyxiation. I don’t see any immediate reason to discount the possibility that Williams committed suicide. It’s possible, but the thing is, I don’t know that this is what happened. There’s still some loose ends. I think he died under suspicious circumstances, and therefore I’m going to assume murder until proven otherwise, because that’s how I see things.



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My other stuff on Robin Williams:



Why I am more inclined to view suspicious deaths as murder than suicide:


Similarities in the deaths of David Carradine and Robin Williams

David Carradine, the actor known for playing Bill in Kill Bill, died in Bangkok in 2009 in a manner similar to Robin Williams. Both died of asphyxiation by their own belt.

I wasn’t going to continue with Robin Williams stuff, but seems like there’s something I still had to say.



David Carradine was in Bangkok before his death filming his last movie Stretch. He died three days before the movie was finished. The official reason for his death is accidental asphyxiation during autoerotic asphyxiation. This means he was allegedly choking himself with his belt while jacking off, and accidentally slipped or something. Back in 2009 when I heard of his death I thought it was suspicious. Sounded like a punishment for him for something. It’s a rather ignoble way to go. But I didn’t look into it more. I just thought it was suspicious and left it at that.

Now that Robin Williams dies the same way I feel like I should look into Carradine’s death. So unsurprisingly there were claims that he was murdered. His agent Chuck Binder said David Carradine had been murdered, and so does his brother Robert Carradine. Apparently there had been a footprint on the bed that was not David’s. Also according to the brother David Carradine couldn’t have gotten into the “rig” by himself. It sounds somewhat plausible since he was 72-years old when he died. Carradine’s ex-wife allegedly said that he was into “deviant sexual behaviour which was potentially deadly” though.

I don’t know if he was murdered or not, but the thing that disturbs me the most is that people take it face value that a 72-year old man is doing sex games where he strangles himself with the belt while masturbating. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I find it a bit shocking to hear a grandfather dies doing something like that. I know Hollywood promotes all sorts of perversion so it’s certainly not impossible he was playing his sex games, but I’d pause and think at least before accepting the story.



Although similar to Carradine’s death the main stream media has deemed Robin Williams’ death a suicide, not an accident. There are some though, who notice the similarity to Carradine’s death and suggest Williams might have been doing the autoerotic asphyxiation thing too. In addition to the weird Family Guy co-incidence in Williams’ death, there’s another one. A movie called World’s Greatest Dad has a scene where Robin Williams’ character finds his son dead with a belt around his neck. The son had died an accidental erotic death. None of this is probably news to anyone following this story.

Did Williams commit suicide, did he accidentally kill himself while jacking off, or was he murdered? Perhaps he was doing the autoerotic asphyxiation thing, but his family would rather have it known as a suicide as it is less embarrassing. Could be, but I don’t buy it. I cannot dismiss the weird co-incidences, or say that they are synchronicities, as if it explains anything.

The Wikipedia entry on his death has changed since I did my first blog post on Robin Williams. Now it’s much shorter:

“Williams died on the morning of August 11, 2014, at his home in Paradise Cay, California.[2] In the initial report released on August 12, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputy coroner stated Williams had hanged himself with a belt and died from asphyxiation.[126][127][128] His body was cremated and his ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay on August 12.[129]”

Gone is the mention of knife cuts. This thing is no longer there: “The Marin County Sheriff’s department reported there were cuts along Williams’s left wrist, and that a pocket knife was found close to his body.” Sounds like some sort of cover-up to me.

There’s also some speculation that the psychiatric drugs Williams was taking made him go crazy and possibly lead to his suicide. Could be. I certainly believe drugs, or “medicine”, can do it, but I still think there was something more sinister at hand.

Here’s what I think, this is pure speculation though, but this is how I see it: Robin Williams was murdered. The people who did it tried to make it look like he had been up to autoerotic asphyxiation that went wrong, but his family didn’t want people to think Williams died doing something nasty. So there was a double cover-up.  At first the bad guys kill him and frame it as a failed sex game, but then his family frame the sex game to appear as suicide. This is what I think. His family probably believes in the sex game explanation.



I think both Carradine and Williams were murdered. The scenario looks like both actors either stepped on somebody’s toes they shouldn’t have, or refused to do something they should have, and got killed for it. Not only were they killed, but it was a debasing murder. Both were made out to be perverts. They were old men, and to think their final moments were kinky sex games. I may be completely wrong here, of course, but this is how I see it. I don’t think it was an Illuminati ritual sacrifice though. It’s more like organized crime punishment.

This is my speculation based on the individual facts available. My interpretation of them. Perhaps there is no real connection between the deaths of David Carradine and Robin Williams, but I think there is. The weird co-incidences surrounding Williams’ death say to me that we should not merely register his death as a suicide and forget about it. Actor Randy Quaid said there are “star whackers” in Hollywood who kill actors who get out of line. I think there’s a connection.

“I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen every day. But I don’t trust coincidences.”

– Lewton in Discworld Noir



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