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A Reminder that NASA has provided no proof of Exo-Planets on Trappist-1

As usual NASA has only provided CGI images of the Trappist-1 system. There are no photos. There are only artist’s renditions. Maybe I’m just a simple country boy, but I thought in science you have to prove your claims. I guess NASA has no need for that.

The NASA website has these pictures.


Looks pretty, yet has little actual significance. Besides this picture shows water. Have they found it on one of the new exoplanets?



Not a photo.


Caption on NASA website: “This poster imagines what a trip to TRAPPIST-1e might be like.”

This is perfect. It encapsulates all that NASA is. This is science fiction. Assuming that this planet even exists, maybe NASA should put a man on the moon or on Mars before they start hyping up this solar system that is 40 light-years away that they just allegedly discovered. They sell you fantasies like Hollywood and advertisement companies.

BTW, last night I was playing around with my own telescope and took a picture of a space ship, and a new alien planet with life on it.




If you doubt me, you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist. I’ve provided as much evidence as NASA did.

The newly discovered star system was named after the Trappist telescope that is situated in Chile, but operated from Belgium. Here’s a picture of it.


At least I believe this telescope exists. It sounds weird to me though that the telescope is in Chile, but they control it from Belgium. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to have a team in Chile controlling it? Or perhaps it is easier feed the scientists false data if they aren’t looking through it with their own eyes?

The sevel planets around Trappist-1 were supposedly detected with Spitzer Space Telescope, i.e. a telescope that is floating out in space. I’m doubtful that this telescope exists. The Wikipedia page for it shows the alleged telescope under a tarp, and it looks unfinished.



I also found several pictures of it being assembled, but no actual photos of the finished product.








Wikipedia has an artist rendering of it, and I found several similar ones on Google. I understand that if the telescope is actually out in space it’s not easy to take pictures of it, yet I’ve yet to see any pictures taken of it prior launching it to space. Taking into account the fact that NASA admits they cannot go beyond low earth orbit, I’m inclined to believe they didn’t send that thing into space. The pictures showing the telescope being assembled were probably made in benefit to gullible NASA employees who really believe NASA sends stuff out into space. “I saw them assemble the telescope. It’s real.”



I think it’s time to people to admit to themselves NASA has no credibility. Or if you still believe their claims, please do challenge me. Try to prove me wrong, and provide actual evidence of these exoplanets. NASA’s purpose is to create appealing images in the minds of people, like Eddie Bernays did back in the day by having the beautiful models smoke “liberty torches” so women would start smoking, or De Beers making people associate diamonds with romance.



NASA’s Spitzer Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around a Single Star: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5Xr-WkW5JM&

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My previous article on this: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/nasa-claims-to-have-found-7-exo-planets-conjecturing-what-it-actually-means/

NASA claims to have found 7 Exo-Planets: Conjecturing what it actually means

I am doubtful NASA actually engages in any space exploration. Rather I think they are in the entertainment/deception business. They might actually partake in some space exploration, but as most of the information that comes out of them is unreliable, and they’ve been caught lying several times, it is prudent to be skeptical of their claims and intentions. I will explore NASA’s recent claim that they discovered 7 Earth-sized exoplanets in Trappist-1 (star or system?) from this viewpoint.

The star Trappist-1 is, according to The Atlantic website, located about 40 light-years from Earth. It’s size is only slightly bigger than Jupiter. The Atlantic states as follows: “The system resembles Jupiter’s moons Ganymede, Europa, and Io”. I doubt these 7 planets actually exist. I rather think it’s some sort of astrological meme-magic they are trying to feed to us. Let’s take a look at the meaning of some of these names.

Trappist refers to a kind of monk from the Trappist order. The name apparently comes from the abbey of La Trappe in France. Among us regular people the word Trappist is best known from certain types of beers, and I think there’s also Trappist milk in Hong Kong at least. According to Wikipedia, Trappists are contemplative order, they do not take vow of silence but refrain from speaking when not necessary. They follow the rule of St. Benedict. I’m not sure what its significance is, but it might mean something that previous pope, Ratzinger’s, papal name was Benedict.

The Trappist Cisterian order was founded by Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé. I don’t know his significance either. Wikipedia says that he was “originally intended for the Knights of Malta”, but became a monk instead, I suppose. Knights of Malta is a secret society that still exists today. I don’t know if any of is significant in relation to NASA’s alleged discovery, but it might be.

It’s curious that Jupiter is connected to this new star system, as Jupiter is not only another persona of Osiris, a deity supposedly important to modern secret societies, but it also allegedly represents a shift in the secret society structures.

Ganymede was a beautiful man abducted by Zeus (Jupiter) to be his cup-bearer. Wikipedia explains this about him: “The myth was a model for the Greek social custom of paiderastía, the socially acceptable erotic relationship between an adult male and an adolescent male. The Latin form of the name was Catamitus (and also ‘Ganymedes’), from which the English word ‘catamite’ is derived.” A man abducted for his beauty by Zeus and associated with pedophilia.

Io was a mortal woman whom Zeus lusted after, and she became his lover. She was turned a heifer at some point. Interestingly Wikipedia says that the “ancients connected Io with the Moon”, and in Aeschylus’ Prometheus Unbound “she refers to herself as ‘the horned virgin’, both bovine and lunar.” This reminds me of the various Virgin Mary icons with her standing on a crescent moon.



Europa too was a woman abducted by Zeus. The Rape of Europa is a well-known phrase, and unfortunately a well-known event in recent years.

What do these mythological connections mean then? I naturally don’t know, but I have a few interpretations. Ganymede was a beautiful man whom Zeus (Jupiter) took a liking to and was associated with pederasty, and Io and Europa were women whom Zeus liked. All were mortals. This certainly sounds a bit like Genesis 6:2; “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” Perhaps Zeus (Jupiter) refers to Nephilim, demons, aliens, or just the occult elite who are going to revel in even more twisted Pizzagate-like debauchery.

Then again, perhaps the connection between Jupiter, Ganymede and Io refers to the trinity of Osiris, Horus and Isis. Zeus took the form of an eagle when he abducted Ganymede, and Horus is a falcon-headed man. Io is associated with the moon and horns as is Isis. Though I’m not sure where Europa fits in with this. I’m also not sure what is the significance of Trappist monks with this. Maybe the word Trappist should be interpreted literally, as in people who make traps. Are the secret society occultists setting some sort of trap?

Many conspiracy researchers claim that the elites worship Saturn. Saturn is the father of Jupiter. Jupiter killed him and became the chief deity. These 7 exoplanets might be Jupiter’s army that heralds the dawn of a new era, Saturn getting replaced with Jupiter. Whether this would make things better or worse, I cannot say.

I don’t know to what all of this refers, but I certainly don’t believe any of NASA’s claims at face value. I find a symbolical or occult explanation for these alleged discoveries a much more reasonable one. NASA comes up with a new discovery or accomplishment every couple of years ago that gets science-geeks excited for a few weeks and then it blows over. People forget, and in the end nothing concrete gets done. Science does not actually advance. No new technologies are developed. Whether it’s the alleged trip to Mars that people are supposedly planning, a new discovery, or even the supposed discovery of the Higgs-Boson God particle a few years ago. I know that wasn’t NASA, but it’s still part of the same scientism-industry. All of this is still just a more sophisticated form of celebrity gossip. It’s there just to distract you, or to somehow psychically manipulate you.

Pedophilia has certainly been in the headlines recently. There was, and hopefully still is Pizzagate, just a few days ago Milo Yiannopoulos was kicked from CPAC for supposed pedophiliac comments, and George Takei seems to be undergoing a similar scandal. Ganymede seems to refer to the same thing, but I’m sure what it all means. I hope it simply means that the crimes of these pederasts will be exposed and they will get judged.



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My stuff on Jupiter:

Jupiter Ascending symbolism and messages: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/jupiter-ascending/

Trump’s Victory suggests a shift in the Power Structure of the Secret Societies: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/trump-victory-secret-society/

An in depth look at Project Blue Beam

I’ll take a more detailed look at Project Blue Beam. It’s been discussed several times in the alternative media and conspiracy research community over the years, myself included. I just mentioned it last week in connection with Pokemon Go. However the project is usually just mentioned and its two main features, a fake alien invasion and false religious events, are highlighted, so I’ll look at most of the other features included in the report on Project Blue Beam.

Information about the project was brought forward by a French Canadian journalist Serge Monast in 1994. When I heard about the project and Serge Monast years ago one thing I wondered if it’s some kind of hoax, and if Mr Monast even existed since his name just sounded odd. Apparently he did exist. There’s a video of him on Youtube in a French language TV interview, and even Wikipedia has a page on him, and apparently he had written several book on conspiracies. In 1996 one day he was arrested, and the next day he was released and died of a heart attack.


The Goal of Project Blue Beam

Ultimate goal of the project is “to implement the new age religion with the Antichrist at its head”. According to Monast, NASA is agenda behind orchestrating the project, whereas he identified the New World Order as the head of the operation. United Nations is also heavily involved as “minions” of the NWO.

Project Blue Beam has four stages. The first one is faking historical and archeological discoveries. This is done by artificially creating earthquakes that will allow researchers to “supposedly” make new discoveries that “explain to all people the ‘error’ of all fundamental religious doctrines”. The quakes will hit strategic places where “arcane mysteries have been buried”. The mysteries that the NWO claim to uncover will be used to “destroy the beliefs of all Christians and Muslims on the planet”.

There certainly has been plenty of claims of artificially induced earthquakes used for political purposes among conspiracy researchers. The Haiti earthquake of 2010 is one of the best examples. Faking historical and religious facts also sounds like something they might do, although I don’t recall hearing any case of an earthquake helping archeologists though. If Serge Monast’s claims are correct, then the project has not been implemented yet.


Step Two

The second step in the project will involve NASA projecting holograms and using sounds to make create a “space show” to fool people with false religious events. The sodium layer of the sky will be used as a movie screen for projections of religious figures like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and so on.

Weird things like these have already been seen in the sky. Last year a city appeared in the sky in China, and just a few days ago an “angel” was seen floating above the Ground Zero of the World Trade Center in New York. Does this suggest that Project Blue Beam is closer than we think?

Angel of WTC
City in the sky in China

Monast claims that the Soviets had a computer that studied “the electrical, chemical and biological properties of the human brain.” Based on the description this computer seems like the Universal Translator in Star Trek that allows it to translate any known language instantly. This technology will be used along with the holograms to make people accept the “new Messiah”, Maitreya, or the Anti-Christ.

While this may sound like far-fetched science fiction, the fact that Chemtrails are being sprayed at a fairly constant rate around the world might suggest that the sodium layer isn’t good enough for the holographic projection, and they need chemtrails to help with it. The fact that the New World Order has been gathering all kinds of data from people for many years using all sorts of programs like Facebook, Pokemon Go, Google might mean that they do have this “Soviet” supercomputer used for predicting human behaviour. In fact, the military exercise last year, Jade Helm, was allegedly about an AI such as this.

Social and religious disorder will be dissolved due to the old religious doctrines being revealed as supposedly false which will set “loose millions of programmed religious fanatics through demonic possession on a scale never witnessed before. In addition, this event will occur at a time of profound worldwide political anarchy and general tumult created by some worldwide catastrophe.” I would say this is already happening without steps one and two. Demonic possession appears to be on the rise as well even according to some psychiatrists.


Third Step, Two-Way Communication

The third step in the project is about “telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul.”

Already back 2013 there was a subway ad that made a sound audible only to the target. This technology may have existed for decades, but has been put to commercial use only recently. In the past it was probably limited only to military and assassination use.

Monast also describes how fear has been used by governments and corporations to manipulate people. This has become painfully obvious since 9/11 how it is used, but Monast died  seven years before the false flag attack.

The Canadian says that United Nations teaches that “no one owns his or her own personality”, nor they should be allowed to have it. This is certainly true already today. You’re not supposed to have your personal opinions on topics such as Trump, homosexuality, and Muslim immigration. Monast says that people who cling to the “incorrect” way of thinking will be sent to UN eradication camps. I don’t think that FEMA camps existed in 1994. President Jimmy Carter stared FEMA in 1979, but at least as far as I know they started becoming public knowledge in the 2000s, and were probably built around that time too.


Monast’s Sources

It does not seem that Serge Monast is simply making up the claims he is making, but is based on good information. He mentions Loral Electro-Optical System defense contractor. It seems to exist, although I don’t know if they’ve conducted research on directed energy weapons as Monast claims. He mentions a study “The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Low Intensity Conflict” by Captain Paul E. Tyler.  It seems to exist. He mentions “Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology Edict” by Lt. Col David G. Dean. I found a German version the study.

I have neither the time nor the expertise to verify what exactly these studies are about, but at least it seems like Serge Monast had done proper research instead of simply trying to create ruckus to gain attention.


Fourth and Final Step

The fourth step is to create a fake alien invasion to fool “each major nation to use its nuclear weapons in order to strike back”. After the invasion has been shown to have been false, they will force all of the nations to disarm themselves. This part of Monast’s claim is not usually mentioned when the fake alien invasion scenario is discussed. This actually makes it sound more reasonable, if the ultimate goal of the fake alien invasion is to make everyone realize that it was fake.

The fourth step has two other phases. The first one is to convince Christians that the Rapture is happening along with the alien invasion. The second phase is intriguing: “The waves used at that time will allow “supernatural forces” to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances.” “The goal of this deals with global Satanic ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a wave of suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders.”

One intriguing bit is that black mirrors have been used in witchcraft for a long time to summon demons. Nowadays almost everyone has something that resembles one, be it a cell phone, a tablet or a computer monitor.

Another bit of precognition exhibited by Monast is that he predicted that the New World Order will want to fade out both the use of case and plastic money and replace it with something new. Sweden at least is well on the way to become a cashless society.

Ultimately, Project Blue Beam is all about control. Control of one’s mind, their life and even their food supply.



I find Serge Monast’s claims on Project Blue Beam rather convincing. He predicted several things that were not so obvious 20 years ago, but are now. I doubt the NWO will follow the four steps described by Monast too literally. Certainly some of their plans may have changed, but the overall it sounds plausible. The ultimate goal of the project, the “new age religion”, is certainly here already. It’s the religion of inclusiveness, tolerance, anti-hate speech and so on. The point is not to get along and tolerate people of different religions and cultures, but to tolerate all forms of immorality and debauchery from rape and pedophilia to incest and bestiality.

Just last year Pope Francis was celebrating 9/11 in New York with leaders from various other religions. I think that the majority of humanity already believes in this Satanic, new religion even if they don’t acknowledge it.



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Do even The Powers That Be know the shape of the earth?

The Flat Earth debate has gained traction in recent months, and I’ve been fascinated by the topic as well. The flat earthers have managed to convince me that the round earth model is questionable, but I haven’t jumped onto the flat earth bandwagon either. I am not a flat earther, nor a round earther. I simply do not know what the shape of the earth is, and I’m not whether anyone does.

The very simple reason why I have began to question the spherical earth model we have assumed to be correct since that’s what we’ve been told is that there no, or at least very few, photographs of the earth, and the scientists do not seem unanimous on the shape of the earth either. The flat earth researcher Eric Dubay has pointed out that we are usually told the earth is round, however nowadays scientists claim the earth is an oblate spheroid, yet Neil DeGrasse Tyson, a supposed expert,  said it’s pear-shaped.


Is the earth round?

Oblate sphreroid

An oblate spheroid?


Or pear-shaped?

Eric Dubay’s suggestion is that the earth is flat. Might be, but I suggest that perhaps no-one knows what the shape is.

Most, if not all, of the photos we’ve seen of the earth are computer composites, not unaltered photographs. And I’ve never seen anything that resembles an actual photo of the earth where the earth looks like an oblate spheroid or a pear. So where do these “experts” get the notion that the earth is not perfectly round, yet it is sort of round? If people have sent dozens of shuttles into space, why aren’t there dozens or hundreds of photographs of the earth? There are supposedly over 2000 satellites orbiting the earth, and several probes have been sent out into space. You’d think some of them would take pictures of the earth for all to see.

I think the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from these discrepancies is that either they, i.e. people in charge of space agencies, refuse to show us actual photographs of the earth, or they cannot even take those photos. If the first possibility is correct, then there must be something about the earth they don’t want us to know. The earth might be flat, or there might an alien mothership or Nibiru in orbit around the earth, or perhaps photos of the earth would reveal the existence of a secret continent on our planet that we not know about. These are just hypothetical scenarios, though.

Another possibility is that humanity has been unable to go into space, as is therefore unable to take any picture depicting the earth in its entirety. A solid barrier might encase the earth, such as the biblical Firmament, or perhaps there an energetic barrier such as the Van Allen belt that prevents passage. I remember hearing years ago Michael Tsarion say that the earth is surrounded by a Stargate that prevents anything from leaving. It sounded far-fetched back then, but an intriguing possibility that I am not considering seriously. Alternatively, alien overlords, the true rulers of our planet may tell us that if someone sends a probe out into space they will nuke the whole planet.

The bottom line is, I don’t know what the shape of the earth is, or what’s out there in space, and I’m beginning to think no-one really knows, but for some reason there is a vast conspiracy to feed us these accounts of moon landings and other NASA lies. For all I know the earth is round, flat, a cube or a Möbius Strip, but I don’t want to jump on any bandwagon simply for the sake of belonging. I just want the facts.

I do think that many of the flat earthers are either co-intelpro agents, or simply people who jump on the bandwagon to be cool and contrarian, but not all of them are like that. Some of them seem genuine and intelligent. Many of the round earthers have a really strong emotional reaction when someone speaks the heresy that earth might be flat. They react with emotion, and herd-mentality, and resort to name calling and foul language instead of looking at the facts. The fact is, you don’t know how the earth is shaped unless you’ve been up there in space.



Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says Earth is Pear Shaped: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E9G8fbnZ24

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NASA: Earth from Space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50gC2rY-30w

NASA wants you to know it is a joke as it claims there is Red Ice on Pluto

I just saw on the Red Ice Creations website the news that the New Horizons probe by NASA had found that the planet, or dwarf planet, Pluto has red ice and blue skies. The news is originally from October 2015.

This is the picture that several media outlets have put out regarding the news:


This is a glaring rip off of the alternative media Red Ice Creations logo. Even the Red Ice website comments on it: “Red Ice, oh yeah …and this is the shot they took for the story“.


They found red ice and they use the Red Ice Creations logo. This cannot be a co-incidence. I take it as a clear reference to Red Ice Creations. It could be that they are trying to invoke Pluto in some occult sense to affect Red Ice Creations. Astrology.com describes Pluto’s attributes: “This planet is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth.” Additionally the website says: “This planet rules destruction, death, obsession, kidnapping, coercion, viruses and waste.” Maybe they’re invoking Pluto to destroy Red Ice.

Other possible explanation for this is that the guys at NASA are just having a laugh. They don’t really care about what they’re doing. They know that people with a skeptical mindset don’t trust anything that NASA does, whereas others will buy anything that they claim. Then again, the reference to Red Ice could have been done by a whistle-blower who is saying you’re better off listening to Red Ice Creations rather than NASA or any other official channels. Whatever the reason behind this is, it is obvious they’re deliberately referring to Red Ice Creations.

I didn’t find the exact same picture of the NASA website, but there is this picture which resembles the Red Ice logo, but is not such as an obvious rip off:


What can be understood from this inside joke is that NASA clearly has very little to do with actual space exploration or science. Perhaps they once earnestly did try to explore outer space, but found themselves incapable of doing so, and therefore faked the moonlandings, since they failed to actually go to the moon. Since then they may have thought it’s much easier to fake things than try to do it for real. This is just one example of countless cases of disingenuous data that NASA puts out. There difference is that there is some sort of message included in this one. Or who’s to say other stuff from them doesn’t have embedded messages too, but we just haven’t noticed them.



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Pluto’s Blue Atmosphere in the Infrared: https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/plutos-blue-atmosphere-in-the-infrared

NASA found Earth’s “cousin”

NASA claims to have found ‘Earth’s bigger, older cousin’. Sounds like  empty hype to me. The new planet, Kepler-452b, is situated somewhat similarly to Earth in relation to its sun, so it could theoretically maybe have life. Although “NASA can’t say for sure whether the planet is rocky like ours or has water and air”. So basically they haven’t said anything. It’s like seeing a small rock protruding from earth and suggesting it might be the antenna for a massive ancient space ship buried underground.

I don’t expect NASA to find any actual signs of life on that planet, since I don’t think NASA actually explore anything. I think they mostly make stuff up. I question whether Kepler-452b even exists. For all I know they made it up. How about some actual pictures, some evidence other than an artist’s rendition of what the planet looks like. I have more faith in the existence of Kashyyyk than what NASA is selling me.

I predict that NASA won’t provide any solid evidence about this planet containing signs of life. They may have some more vague promises, but I don’t expect them ever to pan out. And if they do, I’d wager it is a hoax.



NASA finds ‘Earth’s bigger, older cousin’: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/07/23/us/feat-nasa-kepler-planet-discovery/

Richard C. Hoagland is a fraud

Richard C. Hoagland allegedly worked for NASA decades ago, but then he figured out they were covering something up, and became a whistler-blower of sorts. In the last 10 years he’s been interview in several alternative media programs. He usually makes all sorts of outrageous claims, while saying he speaks based on facts. Unsurprisingly his claims rarely, if ever, come true.

I have the book Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA by Hoagland and Mike Bara. I read it several years ago, and found it interesting, although I had problems believing some of the claims, such as glass structures being on the moon. Nevertheless, back then I respected Hoagland’s opinion, and came up with some excuse why none of his predictions and claims ever came true. Now, years later it’s hard for me to deny the fact that, to put it lightly, Hoagland seems to talking out of his ass.

I just listened Hoagland’s recent interview with Richie Allen, and Hoagland was being a complete ass. Simply spouting how great he is and merely denigrating those with a brain who criticize him. But you could argue that that particular interview only deals with opinions, so I think we should go back in time a bit and take a look at a couple of Hoagland’s predictions that did not come true.


Failed Predictions

In 2010, Hoagland claimed it would be year of disclosure on aliens. He was quite sure about it. According to him the clues from NASA or the elites hinted that would happen. Guess what, still waiting for disclosure.

In 2011, he claimed that asteroid YU55 will hit the moon. It didn’t. The comet Elenin was also supposed to be triangle-shaped and a message from friendly aliens, or something like that.

They’re not minor things. They’re very far out claims and yet nothing of the sort happened. Not only that, Hoagland says he bases everything on facts and science and all that, yet he constantly engages in conjecture and innuendo. He talks about secret priesthoods, special occult dates, and every now and then he throws in his Hyperdimensional Physics Model that makes him sound much smarter than anyone can understand.


The Red Ice interview

For example, in an interview on Red Ice Creations May 30, 2010 hour 2 ( from 18:30 on), Hoagland rambles on about some “ritual calendars” of secret priesthoods, how they are realizing that its their time to reveal free-energy and other secret technologies to the public, he name-drops Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, Hoagland says they need to save the planet. I think he’s simply putting out words and concepts that sound grandiose to impress people, then again I’m not attuned to his hyperdimensional model of thinking. Eventually the interviewer Henrik asks (at 20:22) Hoagland if he thinks they are talking about human beings or they (the priests?) are under the control of something else? I think it’s a decent question. Hoaxland responds: “I try to deal with science. In this political realm it’s impossible to know.” Then he starts to ramble on something about the human proclivities to fragment, the civil rights movement and how it’s difficult to work together without any external threat.

I don’t understand if Hoagland’s answer is in any way related to what Henrik asked. I guess he’s sort of hinting that the “external threat” is aliens, but I don’t know. I don’t think he knows either. I think he’s an actor playing a scientist. He rambles on more and then throws in “Yuga cycles of the ancient Vedas”. I think he’s saying that just to sound smart and mystical. It makes no sense. Let’s move on.

About 5 minutes after Hoagland said it’s difficult to know about the political realm, and that he deals with science, then he goes on to conjecture something about the Norway Spiral of 2009 suggesting there is conflict within the secret priesthood. What priesthood? Like the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Adeptus Mechanicus? The spiral supposedly suggests that there are two factions, one of them wants disclosure and the other doesn’t. I guess the non-disclosure faction won, although Obama was a leader on the disclosure side…

Later on in the interview Henrik asks Hoagland about the moon. Hoagland rambles on and eventually he mentions the “Data’s head” on the moon depicted below.

It does look like a robot’s head, or C-3PO from Star Wars, but it does not mean it is. The picture isn’t very clear. But if I was feeling generous I might agree it looks artificial. That’s all.

Yet Hoagland is not content with merely promoting the idea that it is a robot’s head, but he suggests the astronauts that allegedly went on the moon might have been able to talk to it, and even extract ancient videos from it. Sounds like a decent scifi-movie, but Hoagland only deals with science as he constantly points out in his interviews. However, this is hardly only dealing with the facts and science.



I have little doubt that Richard C. Hoagland is a fraud. I cannot say what motivates him. Whether he’s actually controlled opposition paid by “the secret priesthood”, or if he wants to be genuine but he’s just bit crazy and convinces himself that what he says makes sense, I don’t know. He’s clearly just not an actual scientist that has uncovered something significant about the moon, NASA or space.

The funny thing is, I believed him for many years mainly because I wanted to. The things he says sound cool and exciting, and you want to root for him, but that can only happen when you suppress your critical thinking, your reason. Just a year and a-half ago I wrote:

“Hoagland has said a lot of things that aren’t true. Yet I don’t think he’s disinfo or anything. I think he has done a lot of good research, and brought out useful information, but he’s sometimes like an excited school boy with an overactive imagination, saying things that seem true in his mind, but that’s as far as it goes.”

I wanted to believe his claims. I don’t anymore.

If you think I am slandering Hoagland or criticizing him merely out of spite, then I suggest go back and listen to a few of his older interviews with a critical mind. He tends to say a lot of things that are not true, and make predictions that never come true. He keeps on talking about stuff that sounds smart but ultimately does not make sense, shifting from topic to topic so your mind cannot keep up. In his interview with Richie Allen he just kept talking to avoid addressing the criticism Richie mentioned. Basically he’s using the Emperor’s New Clothes -method of talking. You’re confused and dumbfounded by what he says, but he seems smart so you play along because you don’t want to feel stupid.

I have no doubt that NASA has been lying about a lot of stuff, and there’s certainly something suspicious about the moon we should know about, but I’m fairly certain Mr. Hoagland won’t be the one to enlighten us. For example, Youtuber Crrow777 seems much more scientific and genuine to mention one.

The glass structures on the moon mentioned in Dark Mission is just a silly idea. Jay Weidner’s Kubrick’s Odyssey points that out too.



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