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Warm underground caves found in Antarctica?

It was reported in the media a bit over a week ago that researchers found a “secret, warm oasis beneath Antarctica’s ice” and that there could be undiscovered animal species there. Apparently these warm caves are 20-25 degrees Celsius, and you can wear a T-shirt there, despite being surrounded by snow and ice. The heat, and possibly light, supposedly originate from an active volcano.

Assuming that this is all true, it is likely to fuel speculation about Hollow Earth, or perhaps an underground sun that heats the place up. Or maybe the Nazis found these caves back in the 30s or 40s when they founded their alleged Neuschwabenland base there with flying saucers and all. It is quite extraordinary if this discovery is true. Warm, habitable caves in the coldest place on earth (since Antarctica is supposedly too cold for planes to fly over), and you just have to wonder how far the caves stretch.

Yet I won’t buy this news at face value. It might very well be a distraction or deception of some sort. Let’s say that flat earth researchers are onto something with their claims of a round ice wall surrounding the round disc of the earth. Maybe this discovery is supposed to draw attention away from the possible fact that the very shape of Antarctica is different than we’ve been told. Maybe they want us to be imagining what is underneath Antarctica instead of what is beyond it, such as the Firmament.

Or maybe this cave discovery is laying the groundwork for a Project Bluebeam-type of deception. Some time ago an alleged fake tweet by Buzz Aldrin emerged showing a pyramid-like mountain in the antarctic with the text: “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”


Maybe the powers that be want us to believe at some point that scientists discover a frozen alien civilization under the ice, and when they are defrosted, they turn against us, and we need another, benign alien race to save us. It’s just one example of a possible silly psy-op they might be pulling on us.

There have been some important visitors to Antarctica as of late. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visited it last year. So did the russian patriarch Kirill a week after meeting with pope Francis. There are also rumours that Obama visited the alleged continent last year during his trip to Argentina.

Could there have been some sort of discovery in Antarctica yet to be announced to the public? Did they manage to make a dent in the Firmament? Is it all a psy-op of some sort? Why this focus on Antarctica as of late? Is the discovery of the “oasis caves” related to these political visits?

I don’t have any of the answers, except that I don’t buy the story of underground caves heated by an active volcano. Maybe the caves exist, maybe they’re warm, but the claim that they are heated by a volcano sounds dubious. Then again maybe the whole story is fiction. The caves are supposedly located “around and beneath” mount Erebus. Interesting name. Erebus is a primordial deity from Greek mythology associated with darkness and born of chaos. The description reminds me of the Egyptian chaotic frog god, Kek, who is revered by many in the far-right nowadays. I cannot say what the ultimate significance of Mt Erebus here is, except this cave business along with Erebus sounds like a manufactured narrative to me, instead of a spontaneous discovery.


P. S.

I thought I should add this “confession” I found on a discussion forum a while ago, about supposed discoveries in the antarctic and how Masons are involved. It’s probably fiction, but at least it’s interesting fiction.



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Erebus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erebus


Bill Nye the Fall Guy

I watched a Youtube video titled “Flat earth denier Bill Nye caught up in lies! GAME OVER 2017”. It shows a few clips of people in the main stream starting to turn against Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The video starts off with Joe Rogan saying “scientists are all going after Bill Nye.” Then Rogan’s guest, I don’t know who that is, responponds “Bill Nye the Weimar Guy?” Referring to the decadent Weimar republic that preceded Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. Rogan and his guest also mention that Bill Nye is not even a scientist, and he’s a conman. They’re also pointing out that back in the nineties Bill Nye’s program said that gender comes from chromosomes, but now his TV show is pushing the liberal gender fluidism crap. These are valid points of course, but then there are a couple of comments that make the lightbulb in my head go off.

Rogan’s guest says Bill Nye has fallen into an ideology that is complete religion. Joe Rogan says Bill Nye’s been “influenced”. At least Rogan’s guest says Nye is getting rewarded for it, but I don’t know if Rogan and the other guy go into it in more detail in the full interview. However at least here they make it out to seem like Bill Nye is pushing this liberalism propaganda because he’s “drunk the cool-aid”. This is complete BS, of course. Bill Nye is an actor, and he’s merely doing what he’s being paid for. I don’t know if he really believes any of the gender fluid crap he’s pushing now, or if he cares. He’s clearly being influenced by the producers of his TV show, who want to push this propaganda. I doubt Nye himself has much power to decide the message of his show himself.

What’s interesting is that this establishment puppet Joe Rogan is pushing an anti-leftism angle, and attacking one of the puppets of scientism and leftism. I cannot say Rogan is controlled opposition, since I don’t think he’s even pretending to be opposition, but he is controlled. It seems now the establishment is starting turn the social engineering around. They have an army of brainwashed liberals, and now they want to manipulate others into a suitable right-wing counter-reaction.

I wrote back in 2015: “What is happening today in the West bears an eerie resemblance to what the alleged Freemason Albert Pike supposedly described in his letter to Giuseppe Mazzini over a hundred years ago.” The infamous letter of course details that The Powers That Be plan to unleash the nihilists and the atheists so the decent people would react to defend themselves against these “destroyers of civilization” and eradicate them. I think they are preparing us for this eradication of the “nihilists and atheists”.

The point of this far-left liberalism was never to turn the whole West into a Marxist “paradise”. It was to weaken the West to transform it into something else. Like the alchemical Solve and Coagula, dissolve and coagulate. First the left dissolves the West, and the new Right will coagulate, or form, it into a new image. It doesn’t matter whether your ideology is far-left, far-right or even far-center if you are being controlled by the people who created the problem in the first place.

Over the years I’ve heard conspiracy claims here and there that the elites are actually secret Nazis, which of course sounds like a baseless accusation seeing that Zionists Jews wield a lot of influence in the world and Hitler is the most demonized person in the world, yet things like this make me think maybe this has all been an eloborate conspiracy to Nazi-ize the West. Like Joe Rogan’s anonymous guest said: Bill Nye the Weimar Guy. This is fairly blatantly pushing the narrative that we live in the decadent Weimar republic and it’s only natural to become more National Socialist-like to fight against it. Moreover, in just 5 years more people have become sympathetic toward the Nazis, mainly due to Islamic immigration into the West and the troubles that it brings. So this makes me think, what if there is something to these crypto-Nazi conspiracy theories?

To clarify, I have described myself as Nazi-sympathizer, meaning I do think that the National Socialists and Hitler have been unfairly maligned, and I’ve thought for years that the Holocaust narrative is a lie. Yet I am not convinced that Hitler was a great hero either, the saviour of White race, or anything like that. I don’t know if he was genuine in his efforts, a Rothschild agent, a British agent, a Freemason, or what. At best though, he was a loser with good intentions, but his actions in the end worked against the German people, and the West in general, as his failure to win the war has greatly strengthened the “internationalist clique” that he supposedly fought against.

To get back on topic, I think Bill Nye is being set as a fall guy for fake science and leftism in order to allow other kind of fake science and socially engineered agendas to flourish. The elites create these golemic strawmen, such as Feminism, give them power in order to tear them down after a while in order to further other agendas. A lot of people finally see liberalism as a deluded lie now after it has caused a lot of damage, but they will most likely fall for the next delusion that is waiting around the corner.



Flat earth denier Bill Nye caught up in lies! GAME OVER 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eonqHPPqWjo

How Albert Pike’s letter can aid us in the Nationalist Revival: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2015/10/14/pikes-letter/

Burning down the Neo-Nazi Strawman

Today is Finland’s independence day, so I’ll try to force this topic to somehow correspond with that fact, since Finland was allied with Germany during the Second World War.

Whenever someone questions the Holocaust, says something positive about the Nazis or shows any interest in race other than saying “there’s only one race, the human race” or demonizes white people, they are labelled Nazi, racist, Stormfag or something similar. As if that somehow invalidates what the person was saying.

It’s an argument based solely on emotion and the pre-programmed image of a Neo-Nazi no-one wants to associate with. The program triggers an image of a person such as these:

Of course nobody wants to be regarded as being similar to these guys or sympathizing with them. Nor do they want to be seen as someone who condones the murder of six million innocent Jews. Fortunately then, we have facts that point out that the Holocaust was mostly a hoax, and the real Nazis, you know the Germans in the 30s and 40s, wouldn’t have liked the nutcases pictured above either.

What kind of a person is a modern Nazi sympathizer then? Well, take me for instance. If you saw me and talked to me, you’d see something like this instead of a skinhead Neo-Nazi:

It’s not my actual image, nor do I play a guitar, but I would say this is more the feel I give to people than somebody who looks like they wanna bash your face in.

No, I’m not making the argument that the hippies would have actually loved the Nazis, or anything like that. I’m just saying I’m a regular, peace-loving guy, and I’d say most people who have begun to sympathize with the actual, historical Nazis are. While I am certainly not saying that I think everything about the Nazis was good and perfect, but looking at the world today, and comparing it with what the Nazis did, if I am being intellectually honest, I cannot fathom how the world could be any worse than it is now had the Nazis won World War II. Let’s look at some of their beliefs and exploits.

First of all, the Nazis managed to turn Germany from an extremely impoverished state to a prosperous one in just ten years or so. The Nazi government actually seemed to care about the people. Nowadays governments seem hell-bent on making the people impoverished. The Nazis were against sexual deviancy and perversion, whereas in 2015 the West celebrates transgenderism and deviancy. They were of course against the World Jewry and its control over economics, but the Nazis did not irrationally try to exterminate the Jews. Nazis merely wanted them out of Germany. They were against Freemasonry and the Clique of Internationalists. They were against both communism and capitalism. The Nazis wanted to see their country prosper and people be happy.

Maybe it’s just me, but I agree with all of these points. I’m not saying their methods were always correct, or effective, but the National Socialist philosophy seems certainly worth studying. However, it should be noted the Nazis failed, so no doubt they committed severe mistakes, and they should not be imitated uncritically.

If I’m a person who sympathizes with the Nazis, what kinds of values does it mean I hold? First of all, it means I value truth and scientific fact over peoples’ emotions and consensus based on repetition. I believe that people should be allowed to discuss historical facts like reasonable adults, instead of the government threatening people and imprisoning them for holding politically incorrect ideas. Questioning the Holocaust is still illegal in several European countries. I believe in some degree of decency, and oppose the celebration of the deviancy rampant in today’s society. I believe that society should exist for the benefit of the people of said society, instead of being exploited for profit as in capitalism, or all of their thoughts and actions being controlled as in communism.

One thing usually associated with the Nazis are their ideas on race. Quite frankly I don’t know enough of the actual Nazi ideas on the topic. I know plenty of accusations on how racist they were, but I do not know to what extent they were true or false. My own ideas on race is that race does exist, and we should be able to discuss race, and racial differences. Both the good and the bad. Too often the mere mention of race is regarded as something negative, and you’re being hateful for doing so. Is it hateful to point out that German shepherds are larger than Chihuahuas?

I’ve seen people on the internet, who are usually rational and intelligent, degenerate into calling others Stormfags and using other insults simply for suggesting the fact that the rapists in the Rotherham scandal in Britain might have something to do with race. The offenders were Pakistani, and supposedly they are into inbreeding with their cousins. Considering this possibility for their criminality should not be out of the question.

I think that is the difference between a communist and a Nazi. The communist will do anything to stand within the politically correct zone, whereas as the Nazi dares venture into unknown territory.

Let’s top this off with a reference to the infamous interview from Britain of some guy protesting against the Islamization of Britain and mumbling incoherently about Muslamic law, and Muslamic rape gangs or Muslamic Ray Guns. The video has spawned some internet memes and stuff. The guy in the video has usually been dismissed as an idiot and laughed at. However, while I think the guy is a dumb thug, he’s also right. He talks about how Muslims are trying to introduce Sharia law into Europe, he mentions how there are Islamic rape gangs in Britain (like the one in Rotherham), and he’s concerned about it.

While all the liberal intellectuals and internet geeks are laughing at him for not being able to express himself verbally, the guy is actually trying to do something to protect British girls from rape. So maybe it’s better to stop worrying how other people see you, and do what is right. I might not want people to associate me being someone like him, but he’s still a better champion for Europe than all of the politically correct people put together who only care about their image.

That shit is for teenage girls, and pop-idols who make money off of teenage girls. Men are not afraid of being called Nazi, racist or any of that. They pursue truth and justice independently regardless of social pressures.

So you say the Nazis were racist and hated everything?

Already back in the early to mid-2000s before I was seriously into conspiracy theories and facts, questioned the Holocaust and all that, the common depiction of Nazi Germany perplexed me. Supposedly they were racist and could not stand other races, but how then Japan had been one of their closest allies? Didn’t the Germans notice the Japanese were… different? Moreover I saw a TV documentary about the Nazi expedition into Tibet where they were trying to uncover traces of the alleged Aryan heritage. Back then I thought Tibet was so cool and mysterious, which raised my interest in the Nazis as well. If the Nazis hated all the other races, or thought them inherently inferior and repugnant, why would they bother to travel all the way to Tibet to look for evidence of their ancestry? The Nazi interest in Asia did not really fit the main stream narrative.

Moreover, I saw a DVD in a supermarket called The Occult History of the Third Reich. I was fascinated by it, and uncharacteristically I bought it although it wasn’t on sale. It was probably the first DVD I bought myself. When I watched it, I found it even more fascinating. The Nazis seemed to believe in something mysterious, something unknown and worth discovering. Compared to the main stream Western beliefs of both dogmatic Christianity and materialistic capitalism, the Nazi religion seemed more vibrant and alive.

I saw the documentary during the height of the War on Terror, in 2004-2005, and felt particularly trapped by the materialistic dogma of capitalism. As if the way we did things was the inherently best way of handling things, and there was no room for change or improvement. The Nazi beliefs hinted that they thought differently from the dogma of the West as well. It wasn’t all written in stone.

Back then, the Second World War looked like it was a conflict between the Old World Order of the Anglo-American Empire + France, and the Axis States that wanted to both bring something new and to revitalize something ancient. Although in my lifetime, decades after the war, the Axis States have been presented as intolerant, regressive and violent, I think that suits the Allies better. Back then I couldn’t imagine Britain, for instance, allying itself in an equal manner with a non-European nation, the way Germany did with Japan. The only way Britain would co-operate with non-Europeans is by conquering them into their empire, like India or Hong Kong. As far as I know, the Nazi expedition to Tibet was peaceful. The British expedition to Tibet in 1903-1904 wasn’t.

That was more or less my image of WWII ten about ten years ago, although I didn’t really dare to make too much of it, or bring the train of thought to its logical conclusion. So I didn’t look further until much later.

Modern media has made great effort to make people associate Hitler and the Nazis in a Pavlovian manner with hate and racism. However, if you bother to look, that’s not the whole story.

First let’s a couple of examples of anti-Nazi propaganda. This is an infamous clip from the Captain Planet cartoon with Hitler. Some bad guys apparently go back in time to sell a nuclear bomb to Hitler. When the superhero Captain Planet comes to save the day the mere presence of Hitler supposedly exudes such hate that it makes Captain Planet uncomfortable.

Who here really radiates hatred, Hitler, or the propagandists who made the cartoon? The same as contemporary Cultural Marxists who claim that everyone else is full of hate, the Cultural Marxists are the one’s who are only motivated by hate.

Apparenty this sort of propaganda originated already when Hitler was alive. There’s the infamous Jesse Owens affair. He was a black athlete who won a gold medal in the Olympics in Germany. According to the media Hitler snubbed him, because he’s black. This was a lie, and in fact Hitler congratulated him and shook his hand.

Modern research has also shown that Nazi Germany’s military was very multicultural. There were plenty of Jews, blacks, and Arabic Muslims who were in the military. Apparently the Germans trusted them enough to give them weapons.

In conclusion, like I’ve said before, the whole image of Nazis that we are presented by the main stream is mostly a fabrication. It is as real as the Captain Planet cartoon. This does not, of course, imply that the Nazis were necessary the good guys. History is not as black and white as a cartoon. But the Allies certainly weren’t fighting for any morally or spiritually lofty goals either.

P. S.

The Chinese (both nationalists and communists) were allied with the Allies, but that was mainly because they fought against Japanese, which I would say is mainly due an old ethnic conflict between the two countries.


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Accepting Refugees is the new White Man’s Burden?

Europe is flooding with refugees from Africa and the Middle-East, as everyone knows. The question is why? No, the answer is not humanitarian concerns. No-one in the bureaucracy gives a flying fuck about human beings. They use such terminology only when it suits them to manipulate the short-sighted masses.

Sure it’s nice and humane to give aid to those less fortunate, but it’s even more human to have a degree of common sense. If people of Europe were like Jesus who could indefinitely multiply to fish and bread to feed the masses, I’m sure they’d do it. Alas, we cannot do that, and we have a limited amount of resources, and most of our money seems to be going through a Black Hole somewhere in Greece, we can easily say Europe does not have the resources to carry all of Africa and Middle-East on its shoulders. It would be nice to do so, like it would be nice to feed that beggar on the street, but when the option is feeding your family or the beggar, the choice should be clear. Yet it’s not apparently.

The majority though, seems unwilling to take reality into account when dealing with mass immigration, since they don’t want to be called racist, hater, Nazi or Islamophobe. And no, they do not care about the poor Africans, not genuinely. They just want live their little lives, and play along to avoid being tried by the Inquisition for heresy, which nowadays means saying something politically incorrect. If indeed the masses cared about Africa, for instance, they would have done something about their governments before they murdered thousands of Libyans and destroyed the country’s infrastructure four years ago. Obama and French president Sarkozy were instrumental in promoting the destruction of Libya. Where was the humanitarian concern back then? But of course no-one could oppose Obama, since that would be racist.

I have this crazy extremist New Age ideology of trying to fix problems before they become problems, such as Europeans and Americans having done before something about their insane governments before they managed to destroy Libya and sodomized Gaddafi to death. I did sympathize with Libyans back then, still do. But I don’t want them as refugees in my country of Finland, since it’s not our responsibility. We have enough of our own problems with the EU, US and traitorous politicians.

I think the Libyan refugees should get to move into the White House (or Rainbow House as it is nowadays), or the French presidential mansion, since they’re the ones responsible. They should also pay war reparations to Libya. But not the countries that didn’t have anything to do with the Libyan war.

How about we stop being reactionary, and stop the globalist war machine before they destroy countries and try to force their populations to become refugees? I’m sure it’s a beneficial arrangement for both parties. The European nations don’t get the extra burden of refugees, and the people from the “third world” countries do not get their families murdered and country bombed to hell. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bleeding heart liberal who cares about them poor Africans and Muslims, or a right-wing racist who hates them. It’s best for all of us if their countries don’t get bombed to bits.

If at this point you think I’m some racist right-winger, I suggest you go pop a few anti-propaganda pills first. Let’s look at this situation in Europe and the refugee countries. Seemingly endless floods of people are pouring into Europe. Is it not prudent to ask why? Instead of acting emotionally, and say they’re people too, and we should help them. If you care that much, why don’t you go help them personally instead of just passively acquiescing to anything the media, the EU and the government says? You don’t really care about them. You just want to be a “good person” who isn’t judged or labelled by society.

So why are the people flooding into Europe? Are the African and Middle-Eastern countries simply so shitty, they’re no place for human beings to live in? If so, why is that so? Are the people there somehow incapable of taking care of themselves? They need us nice White folk to take care of them. Is this the updated version of White Man’s burden? In the 19th century Europeans invaded other countries with the pretext of educating the savages. I thought nowadays that practice is seen as racist. Nowadays White Man is no longer invading the countries of other men (they’re just bombing them to bits), but the “savages” are heading into our countries. Same shit, different direction. The attitude that we are somehow better than other people is as racist now as it was then.

The root of the problem is, however, the practice of spreading democracy. In Libya it meant the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, and ass-raping the president to death with a bayonet. This is what democracy looks like! Now they are doing the same in Syria. Ukraine is more or less in the same boat even though it’s a White country. It is a well-oiled engine of destruction and destitution. Unless we do something now, Syria and Ukraine (maybe Yemen too), will be in as crippled as Libya in a few years.

I have a radical suggestion, or more of redefinition of our so-called racial imperative; the White Man’s Burden is not to civilize or democratize the savages, but to stop the insane machine that is our governments from causing any more havoc. Compassion for the refugees is meaningless emotional porn, I’d rather make sure the military industrial complex does not cause any more refugees.

And voting won’t make any fucking difference. Action will.




Gaddafi’s last moments: ‘I saw the hand holding the gun and I saw it fire’: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/oct/20/muammar-gaddafi-killing-witnesses

“It’s the Jews” vs “Don’t look at the Jews”

I tend to think the truth is usually found in the middle. Extremist arguments may be worth entertaining for a while, but one should not get stuck in such mindsets. I’m sort of Buddhist that way, preferring the golden middle way.

The Jewish question is one with great extremes. There’s the politically correct stance where you must not look at any dubious or criminal event if it looks like there is a Jewish influence somewhere there. To suggest that people who are Jewish might conspire to commit crimes can mean only one thing: you’re a anti-semitic, racist Nazi. This childish attitude still seems rather prevalent in society, although I’d wager it’s really not. It’s just what the media wants you to think.

The other extreme is the “It’s the Jews”-attitude. According to it any conspiracy of any magnitude can be traced down to the Jews. I’m well aware that many of the grievous conspiracies of our time, such as 9/11, feminism, or multiculturalism/mass immigration have a significant Jewish, Israeli or Zionist element behind them. Yet I would be very hesitant to make the statement that it’s ultimately Jews who are behind it all.

I’ve been thinking about this attitude recently. Some researchers and commentators only talk about the Jews. There’s something off-putting about it. Last week someone named John Friend was interviewed on Red Ice, and he was basically blaming it all on the Jews. There’s couple of good comments criticizing his simplistic attitude and pointing out the he doesn’t offer many sources for his information. Unfortunately the comments seem to be visible only for subscribers.

Friend also calls the Holocaust story “ridiculous” and many times completely dismisses it. I call myself a Holocaust (or Holohoax) denier, but there’s something in the way that Friend does it that does not agree with me. According to my best knowledge the Nazis did not kill anywhere near 6 million Jews, nor did they try to eradicate all of them, they did not kill Jews in gas chambers, but simply wishes to get them out of Germany. However, this does not mean that National Socialist Germans did not mistreat, abuse or kill Jews, and other people, at all. John Friend’s idea of Nazi Germany seems rather black and white, like they were the last line of defense against the Jewish New World Order. I certainly don’t think the Nazis were anywhere near as demonically evil as they are usually depicted, but they were militaristic and collectivistic, which are attributes I don’t admire. They may even have been morally superior to the allies, but that still doesn’t make them heroes to be admired.

Friend also made one reference to David Duke, who is another “It’s the Jews”-guy. Jews seem to be the only thought in his head. I’ve seen a few of Duke’s videos, and usually what he says makes sense, yet there’s something off. Another “It’s the Jews”-guy is Brother Nathaniel. He’s quite entertaining to watch too, but…

All three men mentioned above, John Friend, David Duke and Brother Nathaniel, seem a bit too pleased when they point out the criminality of certain Jews. It’s not something that should make you happy. I don’t know how else to put it. I just don’t trust these people. There’s something dubious in their agenda or world view. I’m not saying they are necessarily crooked, controlled opposition or anything like that. I’m just saying the story they are pushing is not balanced. They only see the trees, not the forest.

(BTW if I recall correctly Brother Nathaniel himself said in one of his videos he was born a Jew, but reformed himself a Christian.)

Quite frankly I don’t think the Jews are really in control. Many of these high-level criminal Jews probably think they are, but they are just pawns or useful idiots. Whatever is above them I cannot say for sure. Call it the Illuminati, the Satanic Brotherhoods or whatever, I just don’t think it’s really the Jews. That’s not to say some individual Jews aren’t on the higher levels.

In recent years the quote by Voltaire has become popular in the alternative media: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” We certainly aren’t allowed to criticize the Jews. The simple conclusion would be that we are ruled over by the Jews. And to a certain degree we are, yet I do think there is something ruling over the Jews. For decades we have been fed lies about how Jews are always the victims of goyim racism, we should feel sorry for them and never blame them for anything. The media has created this illusory image of Jews that most of us believed in at one point or another. However, as we begin to wake up and see through the illusion, we begin to recent the Jews, and to blame them for the lies we bought. Yet how do we know it was truly the Jews who created the illusion? I’m more inclined to think, someone else created it, but many opportunistic Jews saw the chance to benefit from it.

I would say we have hit critical mass that a big enough amount of people have seen through the lies about Jews, and their power structure is going down eventually. I think the people behind the Jews anticipated this would happen, and therefore built up the Jews at first to control us, and now that we are regaining control we would only point our guns at the Jews and ignore the real master mind.

This is how I see it. And I know I’m a conspiracy nut and proud of it.

The topic of this post was supposed to be these two extreme views on Jews compared against each other, but there’s not much to say about those who refuse to acknowledge the fact that many people commit crimes under the guise of Jewishness to protect themselves from criticism. Adults who think you are a Neo-Nazi or Stormfront supporter just because you can see some simple facts in our world or question the Holocaust, are embarrasingly naive, and quite frankly so fucking stupid I cannot wrap my mind around it. There’s not much to say about them. The other side of the coin, the “It’s the Jews”-crowd is more nuanced. The issue should be handled with care.

I read years ago on Henry Makow’s website an article from an alleged insider, I think, that the Illuminati or New World Order is going to sacrifice Israel. Back then it seemed unlikely since Israel was still quite respected, but now it doesn’t seem so far off. Unfortunately I cannot find the article anymore.

EDIT: This video seems applicable to the Jewish question.

The Oldest Soul Trapping Game -Tobias Lars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsEj1-MHl94



John Friend – Hour 1 – Demystifying the New World Order: From WWII to 9/11: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2015/03/RIR-150309.php

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Was there an Awakening happening in pre-Nazi Germany?

I recently read Hammer of the Gods by David Luhrssen, a book about Thule Society and origin of the National Socialist Party. It seems there were already many similar theme’s in Germany over a 100 years ago we are tackling with now. The people were unhappy with the multicultural Habsburg Empire, or Austria-Hungary, as it pushed aside needs of the indigenous peoples of Europe. Corporations were seen as a Jewish entity to control the people, and communism and capitalism were regarded as Jewish conspiracies as well. Now after a century, I think it is safe to say there is some validity to these notions by looking at the world as it is.

There was a racial awakening occurring in Germany prior to the formation of the Nazi party. The people were into Ariosophy, the study of supposed Aryan roots of the Germans. They were rediscovering  the indigenous Germanic Wodanic religion, in contrast to the universal/ Abrahamic Christianity. While I cannot say how much of the Ariosophist ideas were fact and what was fantasy, I cannot help but see the rediscovering of a nation’s roots and traditions as nothing but good. This applies to everyone whether you’re Korean, German or Ethiopian. This is our defense against the New World Order.

Many similar themes to today can also be detected in pre-Nazi Germany. Well, this one was used by the Nazis: a poem by Dietrich Eckhart called Deutschland Erwache (Germany awake) “became the motto of the Nazi movement”, according to Luhrssen. The terms “awake” and “asleep” are often used in the “truth movement”. The Thule Society wanted to replace the Roman law, which “serves the materialistic world order” with German common law. Sounds like Maritime law vs Common law to me.

Another interesting thing is the storm symbolism of the Nazis and pre-Nazis. The book is named Hammer of the Gods, referring to Thor’s hammer, the god of lightning. I think there’s a connection to the vajra of Hinduism and Buddhism, which means lightning or diamond, but no-one really knows what it means. The Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel) had two lightnings as its symbol. Nowadays there’s the Thunderbolts Project, which espouses the theory of the electric universe, headed by David Talbott. Moreover it is often stated that we are currently in the Kali Yuga  (world of gross matter) of Hindu yuga cycles, which will lead to Dwapara Yuga where “man gains a comprehension of the electrical attributes, the finer forces and more subtle matters of creation.” It’s not far fetched to mix ancient Hindu ideas with these modern Western ones, since it well-known that the Aryans conquered India in ancient times, and therefore their ideology is probably on some level inherited from the Aryans. I don’t know to what degree the Germans are the descendants of the Aryans, but perhaps Ariosophists were onto something.

One comment in the book was that the word “swastika” is Sanskrit for “so be it” or “amen”. It made me think of “Make is so” by Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I think it’s quite funny to think of him saying “swastika” every time he orders the Enterprise to set a new course.

I don’t know how well I managed to explain it, but reading Hammer of the Gods, and even recalling some of the books from Nietzsche I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like the world has changed that much since the late 19th century. At the risk of sounding New Agey, I think we are trying to “spiritually evolve” into a new, less dense, electric age, but another force wants to delay that. The electronic devices and addictions we have today are not really the proper fruits of a new Yuga, but the same old Kali Yuga-stuff with a new label to trick us. I think there was potential for this “evolution” in pre-Nazi Germany, but something went wrong. I think the Nazi party was a corruption of the genuine spirituality of the Thule Society and other groups.

Alternatively Hammer of the Gods is a good basis for a silly conspiracy theory to claim there is really nasty Neo-Nazi element behind the truth movement, as is evidenced by some of the concerns of Germans over a hundred years ago and similarities in our concers. But no. I’m not buying it there’s any Nazi conspiracy going on in this world, or lets say for the sake of argument that some Nazis escaped to the moon on their Haunebu-crafts or to Neuschwabenland in the Antarctic, and they are somehow subtly influencing world events, I think they’re the good guys, although I don’t really think the Nazi party overall were “good guys”. However, I certainly don’t buy into the Hollywood version of history where the Nazis are the manifestation of ultimate evil and the Allies were heroic as shit.




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