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Skeptical look at Pizzagate

The alleged pedophile scandal Pizzagate is a controversial issue even among conspiracy-minded people. Some think it is a honeypot or a distraction, whereas as others believe it is a lead to an actual pedophile ring. I’ve seen and heard various claims and quotes from the John Podesta e-mails leaked by Wikileaks, but I decided to take a look at them for myself, and verify the basics.

Podesta and Pizza

I looked through all of the Podesta e-mails from Wikileaks that mention the word “pizza”. Most of the e-mails simply seem to be talking about regular pizza. At least on the surface there is nothing suspicious about them. When these Democrats hold their fundraisers and meet-ups to scheme to further their political agenda they need to eat, and they seem to like pizza, a lot. I can imagine this political planning to be tedious, so I presume good food makes it much nicer to get started, However, they seem to be somewhat obsessed with pizza (although they mention other foods too) which is a bit weird, but nothing too incriminating.

Then there’s a couple of e-mails that mention pizza in an unusual context. There’s an e-mail that says:

“The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.

I just came from checking the Field house and I have a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that was left on the kitchen island. Happy to send it via the mail if you let me know where I should send it. I also meant to inquire yesterday about the pillows you purchased. I can send them as well, if you let me know where they are in the house.”

Odd. I would say. Another one is:

“Mary not free

Would love to get a pizza for an hour? Or come over”

There’s a list going around on the internet, I think it originally appeared on Reddit, that says it’s code for pedophilia stuff such as pizza meaning girl, hotdog referring to boy, and map meaning semen and so on. If indeed this is some sort of pedophile ring, I can see the code for pizza and hotdog making sense, but it never really made sense to me that map refers to semen. Especially if the first e-mail says: “The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has semen that seems girl-related. […] They can send it if you want.” Why would they send a semen-filled handkerchief back to John Podesta? Wouldn’t they just dispose of the evidence? Unless if “sending” is code for disposing of it.

The second e-mail talks about getting a pizza for an hour. That’s odd as well. You don’t get pizza for an hour. You usually do an activity for a period time, such as getting a prostitute, play games or something like that. I don’t know who Mary is, but the context of the e-mail sounds like Mary (a prostitute, a loose woman?) is not free, so let’s get pizza (a girl, prostitute) for an hour.

Yet I am not convinced the source for these alleged pedophile code words is legit. Could these words, pizza and map, be code for something else such as drugs or some occult ritual? Might Mary refer to marijuana, and since Mary is not free, i.e. they cannot get hold of weed, so they go get pizza (another drug?) for an hour. I suppose that might make sense. This seems to like something they do for their enjoyment though, and not referring to some sort of clandestine political language.

There are some mentions of a “pizza oven”. Based on the context it does sound like an actual pizza oven, but I figured it might be code an altar to Moloch or something like that, since in ancient times people used to sacrifice children to Moloch in fire. One Hillary Clinton e-mail from Wikileaks mentions someone sacrificing a chicken to Moloch, although that might be a joke. Yet the context of the e-mails does not indicate that in my opinion. Another possibility I thought of might be that “pizza oven” is a drug lab or something, but once again the context doesn’t seem credible.

But let’s assume for a moment that “pizza” refers to some sort of drug. A map might refer to instructions to a drug cave of some sort, or a cypher to lead you to such a place. In this context sending the handkerchief with a map to Podesta makes more sense.

There’s also a couple of instances where the Democrats’ love of pizza seems a bit excessive. One is:

“A woman recently told the campaign her family skipped a pizza dinner at their favorite place so that they could make a difference in this election. That is the commitment that drives this campaign.”

Is skipping a pizza dinner really such a big deal?

Another is:

“During her [Hillary Clinton] 2008 bid, she teared up at a campaign event in New Hampshire when describing the rigors of campaign life: lack of sleep, an overreliance on pizza and limited ability to exercise.”

“Overreliance on pizza” is a bit off as well. It would make more sense if pizza referred to speed, crack or a drug that gives you more energy.

Pizza Attachments

Two e-mails have an attachment with a pizza-related picture. The first one has two women and a child eating pizza.

Laura Ling and Euna Lee

It was sent supposedly by Doug Band and among the recipients are John and Tony Podesta and Huma Abedin. Doug only says:

“As John said, it doesn’t get any better than this”

The two women are reporters Laura Ling and Euna Lee. The child is Euna Lee’s daughter. They were investigating human trafficking along the border of China and North Korea back in 2009, but they crossed over to North Korea and were arrested. Bill Clinton flew to North Korea and got them released. The e-mail with the picture was sent soon after they got back home. I’ll get back to the two reporters later.

The second e-mail appears to be originally from James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong pizzeria to John Podesta. It says:

“My graphics guy sent this Do not forward :)”

It was shared by Tony Podesta to his brother John. Tony’s comment is:

“Our pizza logo

Are you around this sunday”


It is Hillary Clinton’s logo with a pizza on it and Comet Ping Pong green comet. The comment from from Alefantis and Tony Podesta seem to suggest that pizza certainly seems be some sort of inside joke among this group of people, and they don’t want others to know about it. What could that meaning be? It might refer to pedophilia as has been suggested, or drugs, or perhaps this:


A pizza slice is shaped like a triangle like the capstone of the pyramid on the dollar bill with the all-seeing eye. If all of the pizza stuff refers to the all-seeing eye, the Illuminati or other occult forces the “overreliance on pizza” might mean possession by spirits. I know this is a long-shot, but there are a few videos of Hillary Clinton where she does appear possessed.

Whatever the meaning of pizza is for these people, I do think it has a significance other than normal food.

Comet Ping Pong on Social Media

The Podesta e-mails clearly establish a connection between Comet Ping Pong and John Podesta. Comet Ping Pong’s Facebook page says the place is a “Family style restaurant in Washington, District of Columbia”. Is that so? Many pictures have been shared from James Alefantis’, and other people connected with place, Instagram accounts’ that portray dubious values. I’ll take a look at only a few of them.

This picture was shared by jimmycomet, i.e. Alefantis. It shows a child being taped to a table. Although it does not necessarily suggest child trafficking or anything so sinister, would you want your “family” restaurant being associated with such things?


Another picture shows with a half-naked woman  holding a pizza slice in front of her private area. It was shared by joshuaryanv, or Joshua Ryan Vogelsong, who supposedly works for Comet Ping Pong.


Based on Vogelsong’s Facebook page he appears to be a blatant transvestite of some sort. Is this suitable behaviour for someone working for a family restaurant?


One picture was shared by pizzaboyzz. In it a woman appears to be gang banged or gang raped by pizza, and she has a third eye. It has been tagged by joshuaryanv with the words cometpingpong.


These people do seem to equate pizza with something sexual. These people who work in a family restaurant. I think it’s safe to say these people are creepy perverts at least, even if this does not prove they are involved in a pedophile ring.

The picture with the third eye reminds me of a statue of Moloch I saw on Wikipedia. The statue has a third on its forehead, and an eye in the chest as well.

Inauguré en 2000, le musée du cinéma est devenu le plus fréquenté des musées de la ville de Turin, avec 2,5 millions de visiteurs. Il est le plus grand d'Europe avec ses 3 200 m2, le plus riche grâce à l'immense collection que Maria Adriana Prolo a léguée à la commune en 1991, et le plus original par sa muséographie intégrée à la môle Antonelliana. http://www.museocinema.it/en/

The statue of the other hand reminds me of one of the antagonists of He-Man, Merman, but maybe it’s just me.


James Alefantis’ Instagram profile picture features a classical Greco-Roman statue. It just appears that the person depicted in the statue is Antinous. He was the homosexual lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian, and is supposedly some sort of symbol for pedophilia.


The subjects I’ve discussed so far do not offer unquestionable proof that the Podestas, Clintons or staff of Comet Ping Pong are involved in child trafficking. However, what I do think they establish is that the word pizza does seem to have a special, hidden meaning for this Democratic cabal, and at least the staff of Comet Ping Pong seem to associate pizza with something sexual and that they are creepy perverts.

The Two Reporters

Now let’s take a look at the two reporters who were arrested in North Korea. Laura Ling is Chinese-American, and Euna Lee is Korean-American. They “were stopped on March 17 [2009] by soldiers near North Korea’s border with China while researching a report about women and human trafficking. They faced years of imprisonment in the gulag-like confines of a North Korean prison camp”, according to New York Times.

In August of the same year, Bill Clinton flew to North Korea and managed to negotiate their freedom. To me this suggests that these women were important to the Clintons and the Democratic Cabal somehow. I do not think Bill Clinton did it just out of the kindness of his heart, nor do I think he simply went to Pyongyang asked Kim Jong-il nicely who then obliged. He probably had to give something valuable to Kim.

The two women were apparently filming refugees fleeing from North Korea to China. However, they had been harshly criticized in South Korea for their behaviour. New York Times quoted South Korean pastor Lee Chan-woo:

“The reporters visited our place with a noble cause,” he added. “I did my best to help them. But I wonder how they could be so careless in handling their tapes and notebooks. They should have known that if they were caught, they would suffer for sure, but also many others would be hurt because of them.”

It appears they screwed up the refugee helping operation by exposing it by their alleged incompetence. The details on what they were actually investigating are a bit contradictory, since according to some claims they were investigating “women and human trafficking”, and according to others they were filming refugees. Smuggling refugees out of a country might constitute as human trafficking, yet it’s not clear whether they were investigating people who were trafficked for sex trade, or they were simply reporting on the North Korean refugees who were fleeing to China. These things might be related, but sounds like it’s two different aspects of the same thing at least.

Then there’s the photo of Laura Ling and Euna Lee eating pizza with Lee’s daughter, and Doug Band saying: “As John said, it doesn’t get any better than this”. Sure, you might just think these Democrats are celebrating after the Bill Clinton managed to rescue them from the clutches of Kim Jong-il. If the picture simply showed the women safe and sound I might buy it, but they’re eating pizza, and look grossly elated, and the background is ominously dark as well. I think something else is going on.

The three possible scenarios that I can think of for this curious incident are:

  1. The reporters were investigating refugees and whatnot, screwed up and were rescued by Bill Clinton, since he’s such a nice guy.
  2. The reporters were investigating a human trafficking ring that the Democratic cabal is somehow involved with. The reason Bill Clinton got them out of North Korea is to silence them. Had they remained in North Korea, the results of their investigation might have leaked outside. Bill Clinton probably bought Kim Jong-il’s silence along with the two women, in exchange for something. The picture of them eating pizza is a kind of blackmail picture, or proof of initiating them into their cabal. As long as the reporters keep quiet nothing happens to them, but if they don’t horrible things will ensue.
  3. There is a human trafficking operation between China and North Korea that the Democratic cabal is involved with. The two women already worked for the cabal (I saw claims they worked for Al Gore) and were there to ruin the affairs of human rights activists who were helping people get away from the human trafficking ring. The two women were basically agents posing as reporters. The picture of them eating pizza means they truly are celebrating after a job well done. Then again, maybe North Korean government had heard about these two agents and managed to arrest them, but Bill Clinton made Kim Jong-il an offer he couldn’t refuse.

I don’t find scenario 1. credible, so I think it has to be 2. or 3. However there might be other explanations as well, but these were the ones that made sense to me.

I’ll post pictures of the two reporters along with the picture of them eating pizza to make sure that they are indeed the same people.


Laura Ling
Euna Lee with her daughter and husband

The people in the pictures seem to match.


This post is long enough already. Very little of this should be new to people who have been paying close attention to Pizzagate. I cannot confirm with 100% accuracy that there is a pedophile ring in the Democratic party, but I absolutely think this warrants investigation. People should be concerned with this issue. When there’s smoke, there’s fire. It might be that Pizzagate, or Comet Ping Pong, is some sort of distraction, but if it is, it distracts from an even bigger issue.

My look on Pizzagate is still fairly superficial, and many people on 8chan’s /pol, Voat and where-ever have done a great deal more research on it. Yet I wanted to check the facts for myself instead of relying on others. I am annoyed by the ostriches who stick their head in the sand on Pizzagate. Don’t be an ostritch, yet being skeptical of each and every Pizzagate claim is prudent.



Just as I uploaded this my internet connection stoppd working. Obviously it’s working now, but I find this a curious co-incidence.



Moloch: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moloch

Antinous: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antinous


De Vere appears to confirm my ideas on demons in the DNA

A couple of months ago I asked Are demons embedded in our DNA or Genetic Memory? I recently started reading a book that seems to suggest yes.

I wrote: “In a Ouija session the entity uses the hand of the people involved to move the planchette. Perhaps the entity has been in the people to begin with, it is part of their DNA or genetic memory, or in the blood already. It is an ancient program that is activated, similar to a suppressed instinct. The person allows this program to run its course and control him or her, this results in some degree of possession. Using a Ouija board is a slight form of possession, since the entity uses the hands of the participants to use the planchette.”

The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg says: “The Witch was possessed by this daemon, because the Witch by descent and heredity was that daemon itself. It was his or her genetic inheritance and part of his or her racial consciousness. To that the Witch would yield, when occasion necessitated, placing the Witch and the words wicce or Wicca firmly in the tradition of the trance seer (Derkesthai), practice rooted in Scythian shamanic culture.”

Nicholas de Vere was a member of the true royal bloodline, the dragon bloodline of witches, according to himself. He refers to most of the European royalty as “Tinker Kings”, who are not of the blood. De Vere’s bloodline is not of reptilian shapeshifters, but the “Derkesthai”, the one’s who see clearly, and view life from a more spiritual viewpoint than normal people. His book The Dragon Legacy got published because Baphomet asked her to.

When I wrote about demons and DNA I had no idea of who De Vere was or what his book says. All I knew was that De Vere was the name of some guy. Naturally I was aware of Twyman at that point, as I refer to her experiences, although I hadn’t read Clock Shavings yet. I find De Vere’s depiction of the witch being possessed by the daemon in his or her genetic inheritance some degree of corroboration of my ideas. At least someone else has considered it.



Are demons embedded in our DNA or Genetic Memory?: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/are-demons-embedded-in-our-dna-or-genetic-memory/

Are demons embedded in our DNA or Genetic Memory?

In recent years the notion that society is becoming more demonic, possession is increasing and perhaps even the gates of hell are opening has become somewhat popular in the part of conspiracy research world interested in the occult or religious topics. Extra Terrestrial too are becoming to be seen as interdimensional or demonic entities instead creatures from another planets, especially since traditional Ufology has been going nowhere for decades with their dated assumptions. While I pride myself of usually avoiding trends, I can’t help but find myself floating in the same direction with this type of research.



But there is one big question that no-one really wants to point out too clearly, since they know they cannot answer it; what is a demon?

Demons are generally regarded as non-corporeal, often intelligent entities from other realms of existence or dimensions, such as hell. They cannot affect, or have difficulty affecting, our earthly, physical realm, therefore do it by possessing people or engaging in contracts with them. Often demons are seen as evil or servants of evil, but that seems to be more since the rise of Christianity. I’m going to assume associating with demons is more likely to be dangerous, the same as, say, associating with lions. Lions are not evil, but if you venture too close to them, you will get killed. Still, some people like lion tamers are able to engage in productive relationships with lions. I’m going to assume the same applies to demons.

Now we get to biggest problem; what does this mean? How does it work? What is actually a non-corporeal entity? How can it affect us or the physical world? In modern days this sort of stuff is seen as silly superstition, and even though I try not to think of it as superstition, I still cannot quite fathom would it work. I cannot simply accept that demons , or other kinds spirits exist without some sort of clarification. It has to have a system, a mechanism, something that can be explained. In order to attempt that, we first have to look at the nature of consciousness itself.



Demons, assuming they exist, are conscious being yet without a body or any physical place of habitation, at least from out perspective. Human beings each have a body and a consciousness. Animals too have the same, although their consciousness is (probably) more limited and simple than human consciousness. Perhaps plants too have consciousness, at least shamanic cultures seem to think so. But how about demons, they don’t have any frame of reference in the physical plane, and therefore modern science especially refuses to even consider they might exist.

Ingo Swann, the “father” of remote viewing, wrote in his book Penetration on telepathy and its relationship to consciousness, how the established view of telepathy is wrong. He said that the theoretical model from over 100 years ago is that telepathy is transfer of thought from one mind to another, but this does address what is the vehicle that transfers the thought. Moreover he describes how the consciousness of each individual is regarded as an island “among multitudes of other islands”, but how does one transfer information from one island to another?

Swann mentions that mystics usually believe that: “Consciousness is a universal substance, and that each human is only a small manifestation within it.” He hints that if each individual is an island, then the islands reside on “a greater ocean of consciousness which exists independently of each human unit.” If there already is this, ocean of consciousness it might have other forms of conscious beings in it, which do not require an island, i.e. a body. Perhaps they reside in the wind or the waves, or on the islands inhabited by others.

Ultimately all forms of consciousness would presumably come from the ocean, and be dependent on it, yet they manifest themselves differently. It should be noted scientist have no clue where consciousness exists. It is often assumed it is located somewhere in the brain, but since they haven’t been able to prove this far, I’m fairly certain that is not the case. Better alternatives would be the DNA, psychologist Julian Jaynes suggested it was in the nervous system, if I remember correctly, or perhaps consciousness is somehow external to us, like information in the internet Cloud and we connect to it with the brain.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake claims that telepathy is a natural occurrence, and not a supernatural one. Both animals and people use it. Animals more regularly. I have to agree. Ingo Swann mentioned that Group-think is a form of telepathy too. Certainly when I was younger I suffered from a lack of telepathic ability, since most of the norms of society seemed incomprehensible to me, whereas most people seemed to understand them intuitively. I think this was due to people unconsciously creating a telepathic consensus reality with each other from which I was disconnected. Rather ironically it may be that nowadays most people think that telepathy is humbug, since they have telepathically convinced each other this is the case. I don’t think so, because I never got the telepathic message to believe this is so.


The Ouija board

Tracy Twyman has been using the Ouija board for years to contact spirits, demons or whatever for information. Most famously she has conversed with Cain and Baphomet. I find her genuine. I don’t think she’s dumb or dishonest. Twyman has said that the entities know many things she does not, so she isn’t merely accessing information from her subconscious either. So therefore I’m going assume she has contacted some sort of conscious beings external to her and the other people with her in the room during the Ouija session. She has recorded videos of some of her sessions. I assume they are genuine, and not staged.

The question is then how does this spirit, demon or entity make Twyman and her partner to move the planchette (the object with the hole used to indicate the letters)? I’ve never used a Ouija board myself so I do not know how it feels. In the movies spiritism and seances are usually depicted like some sort of invisible entity float above the people in the room and controls the medium as if by remote control. Like some mystical wifi-energy and the people are remote-controlled by this. Maybe this is nothing like the truth. What if the when using a Ouija board, or a medium being possessed by an entity, it is not some external force that takes over the person, but a program within the person is activated?

In a Ouija session the entity uses the hand of the people involved to move the planchette. Perhaps the entity has been in the people to begin with, it is part of their DNA or genetic memory, or in the blood already. It is an ancient program that is activated, similar to a suppressed instinct. The person allows this program to run its course and control him or her, this results in some degree of possession. Using a Ouija board is a slight form of possession, since the entity uses the hands of the participants to use the planchette. If my assumption is correct, these entities would not be physically external to the people involved, but their consciousness is external to both the conscious and unconscious mind of the possessees. An Ouija seance (if this expression can be used) consists of at least two people. Therefore perhaps the demon program is activated in only one person, and somehow telepathically it affects everyone in the room.

In Twyman’s Ouija sessions Cain, and any other entities, understand English, which I’m pretty sure the mythological or historical Cain did not. And quite interestingly he seems to miss-spell words fairly often. This too would suggest to me that the entities are a part of the person being possessed, as they are able to use their language capabilities to express themselves. However, an entity that told Twyman about the board game Ageio, the predecessor of chess, describe the names of squares in the game. The names were in a foreign language, which the entity said was Aryan, when asked. This reminds me of speaking in tongues, which is regarded as a sacred practice in Christianity. We could have ancient, long-dead languages encoded in our DNA.

Perhaps these demons and non-corporeal entities are simply the ancestors from our distant past, in one sense dead, and in another still alive with us. Their power, personality and how we react to them may have changed over the course of millennia so that we see them as demons or angels. Then again mayhaps they were non-human beings with bodies to begin with, but have died off and been recorded in our DNA for some reason. Perhaps these are the gray aliens and reptilians are, since most accounts of people encountering such beings are dream-like, and they do not appear flesh and blood as we. Perhaps they are creatures of blood, not flesh. They may have encoded themselves in our DNA as only way of remaining alive before extinction. Sort of like a rich man uploading his consciousness into a computer before dying. The demons may be attempting to remain being mentioned in the Book of Life, when they should not be.

One analogy might be that we are from one generation to a next like the same computer, but with each new individual the operating system (like Windows or Linux) is deleted (not formatted), and a new version is installed on the same hard drive. Some of the old programs and files still remain, many of them lie unnoticed, but some may affect us. Throughtout hundreds of generations, all sorts of interesting stuff may accrue into our “junk DNA”.


Racial Memory

If my assumptions are true, then it would suggest different people from different races and bloodlines would have different demons encoded into them. I can’t help but wonder that entities such as Cain and Baphomet are Judeo-Christian in their origin. Would a Chinese guy using the Ouija board contact either of these entities? Might be, but I doubt it.

I think the reason Tracy Twyman managed to do it is partially tied to her culture, being a Westerner, and also her bloodline. Most likely she has some quite potent blood in her to channel such entities. It’s common knowledge these days that most of the elites in Europe and America belong to the same bloodlines, sometimes described as the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Kerth Barker’s book Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers that I finished reading recently recounts the experiences of Kerth, who was as a child abused by Luciferians, and they wanted to recruit him when he got older, because he possessed some important bloodlines in him. David Icke has said a long time ago that the elites have these special reptilian bloodlines that allows them to shapeshift or be possessed by reptilians.

Whatever the details of the story are, the bottom line is that the bloodlines seem to have some specific practical significance, otherwise the elites would not care so much about it. The significance is probably related to information somehow, since DNA and genes are basically just information. Having access to these bloodlines they hope to have access to that information, perhaps in a manner similar to Twyman. I don’t think the bloodlines themselves are evil, it’s just that it’s only evil people who seem to really understand their significance.


Interbreeding and Multiculturalism

If my assumptions are true, then it would clearly make a difference what your blood or race is. A Korean guy cannot access the knowledge of Baphomet, but Tracy Twyman could not be possessed by an ancient Korean general as Korean mudangs are.

It has been pointed out time and time again that the elites want to promote multiculturalism and interbreeding between different races, and I haven’t really understood why. But based on this reasoning it would make sense if you take into account the dystopian account that the elites want engage in dysgenics to breed the masses into an amorphous mass of dumb servants. If everyone possesses the ancestral memories of his tribe or race, the spiritual prowess and wisdom inherent for a particular branch of humanity, the elites want to breed that out from the masses. The ancestral memory gene may be recessive. They want to create mongrels that have no connection to their mystical past.

I certainly am not saying people from different races should not interbreed at all, but that you should do it consciously.



I should not forget to mention that in ancient Greece the word daimon meant an innate spirit within a man, a protective spirit or an advisor, or a “deified hero”. Native American spirit guides may refer to a similar thing. As a modern man, I am not happy to simply accept that we have this sort of supernatural guardian angel in our heads without explanation. Nor am I content to dismiss demons as simply something evil as Christianity has done, yet I don’t want to disregard the warning Christianity has provided either. At least to me it makes sense that demons exist as our ancestors thought, but I do not want to be a naive New Ager who believes they are all benign, and neither am I a puritan who thinks they are all evil. The possibility that demons are something inherent and genetic to us, univeral yet different to each individual, is real.

However, as I’ve said many times, this is mostly assumption and conjecture. Maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.



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Neptune, Horses and Tridents

Seems like the theme this year in symbolism is as the title says Neptune, horses and tridents. Mark Gray connected Flight 370 and the Sochi Olympics to this as well in his Red Ice interview. For years now I’ve been seeing all of this “Illuminati symbolism” in places, and the alternative media points it out where-ever it is found. The question I, and countless others, have been asking is, of course, why is it there, what does it mean? Since the symbolism is so prevalent when know to look for it, it must mean something, but that’s as far as we can normally go.  Myself included. However, I am not above engaging in idle conjecture, which is what I will do now.

Perhaps this symbolism works on the basis of correlation, or an even weirder for of quantum entanglement. Mark Gray pointed out some gematric connections between Flight 370 and the Sochi Olympics, and also both of them had trident and Poseidon symbolism too. Perhaps, on a deeper level of reality than our common sense has access to, one was used to affect the other. The elements on a consciousness level of the two events are related, such as on the physical level two objects made of iron have a connection of similarity, since they are made of the same element. One possibility is that by affecting Flight 370, someone could have attempted to affect Sochi, or Russia. However, I don’t believe that. I see it more likely that both of them have been used by the same force, faction, secret society to affect a future event. Perhaps to create an event, or affect how we experience the event.

The symbolism used is probably to affect consciousness. Both the consciousness of humanity, and consciousness of nature, of reality, or whatever you wanna call it. Although I would say our consciousness and the so called external, elemental consciousness are definitely related, ultimately possibly even the same, yet on some level they are separate. Yesterday I listened to John B. Wells’ interview with Dr. Judy Wood on Caravan to Midnight. Judy Wood said that 9/11 was an attack on consciousness. Elsewhere John B. Wells conjectured that if the physical world is electricity or affected by electricity, and our thought processes are electric impulses, the should be a connection between the physical world and our thoughts. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

Based on this rambling and conjecture I would say symbols are tools that are used to shape and construct forms in consciousness. The symbolism isn’t inherently good or evil, just as any tool is not good or evil, but what you use it for. The greatest evil in this scenario is our completely lack of understanding when it comes to these tools.

Let’s look at the tools then.  Mark Gray said something like the trident is used to stir the ocean of consciousness. It makes sense. If the consciousness is an ocean, and currently its relatively calm, settled in one state, where it desires to remain until a powerful external stimulus motivates it to shift, the trident might be the tool used to change consciousness. Before 9/11 the consciousness was in one state, then 9/11 happened and consciousness was in chaos and flux for a while, after which it settled in a new state. It seems possible that this is what they are now doing. They might be, in fact, be working on a new 9/11, which does not necessarily imply a new false flag attack, but simply a powerful shock to stir consciousness again.

My previous post was on Wrestlemania XXX, 21-1 and the Beast. I also mentioned Project Bluebeam. Perhaps the shock will be related to ETs, (mostly likely fake in some way). However, during the Superbowl, earlier this year, the was the Maserati trident, Mars symbolism (i.e. war) and they were telling us to “prepare”, they were gonna “strike”.  I don’t really know where all of this is pointing to, and I doubt I have all of the evidence either.

Let’s get back to the trident. Perhaps the trident it the Hindu vajra. The vajra looks a bit similar, yet different to a trident, although there are some trident looking vajras out there is you google pictures with “vajra” and “trident”. The vajra is translated as thunderbolt and diamond. Nobody really knows what it is, and I’ve been fascinated and mystified by it for years. Once I thought it might be a technological device, sort of like the Jaffa staff weapons on Stargate, but I’m less inclined to think it now. The vajra might have had a profane manifestation in Vedic times in the physical world, but it more likely to be an energetic tool inherent to our mindscape. A symbol forged by the gods that can be used to alter reality if you know how to wield it. Perhaps we should learn how to use it, with great care, of course.

Horse is another symbol inherent to this year, since this is the year of the horse in Chinese zodiac, and Neptune was the god of horses, as well as the sea. I might be going out on a limb here (as if this whole post isn’t doing it already), but in Voodoo “horse” means someone who is ridden, or possessed, by a Loa, or spirit. Perhaps, this year will see, or has seen already, a lot of possession by other entities. It might actually be what “they” want to accomplish, to open means for spirits to possess people even more than before.

Yet, I wanna take heed of Dr. Judy Wood’s words and not engage too much in conspiracy theory, instead is I should focus on the evidence. The evidence is the symbolism floating around there; Neptune, trident and horse, probably other stuff too that I didn’t mention. I would say that they are tools to affect consciousness. That seems like a reasonable hypothesis, but I just don’t have any real understanding how they are used, why and to what ends. In regard to that I can only engage in conjecture, since I don’t know if I know that I don’t know. And I don’t know anyone else that really knows either. There is no expert that I can rely on.



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The Reptilian Consciousness

I saw this article called: “T-Rextasy: Dinosaur-on-Girl romance novels are apparently a ‘thing’ now”. It describes a few books by Christie Sims. Some of the titles are “T-Rex Troubles”, “Mating with the Raptor” and “Ravished by the Triceratops”. All of them seem to portray an erotic relationship between a human female and a dinosaur. There’s also more “normal” stuff called “A Weretiger in Heat”. Also there is computer made CGI porn on the internet with dragons and stuff having sex with girls. So apparently sexual fantasies about reptiles is indeed a ‘thing’ now. Hopefully not a popular thing, though.

Everybody has their perversions, and I’m not one to judge who finds what sexually appealing. Having a liking for girls in bikinis, garter belts or in a playboy bunny costume is a perversion too, even though a more normal one. Personally I find the idea of getting excited sexually about dinosaurs fucking disgusting, but I have no desire to portray any self-righteous indignation because of it. I was excited about dinosaurs too as a kid when Jurassic Park came out, but in a different way.

I’ve remained somewhat agnostic regarding the whole reptilian thing à la David Icke. I’m convinced there is some truth behind these reptilian claims, but too many questions still remain. This reptilian symbolism is spreading further, and I don’t think it’s merely a case of repeaters repeating stuff. I think there is some reptilian consciousness out there that is either trying to manifest on Earth or has been here for a long time is being forced into the open. Or possibly a combination of the two.

On one level, on the conspiracy level, the reptilian consciousness has been there for a long time, and now because of people like David Icke and Stewart Swedlow, is being brought into public consciousness. We have the reptilian brain, which I think was named that way for a reason. There are dragons and reptiles in our ancient myths, but… I think that is all relevant information, yet there is something else there. The reptilian consciousness wants itself made public.

The media has been seeded with countless reptilian hints and allusions for decades. The most obvious being the original sci-fi series V, where evil reptilian aliens mask themselves as humans to fool people. It was made in the eighties, long before Icke got into the reptilian business. There was Jurassic Park and countless other dinosaur shows and movies. Just last year it was reported on main stream media that some scientists postulate that intelligent dinosaurs may live on other planets. The new Avengers movie had interdimensional reptilians invade Earth. Shamans and westerners who take shamanic substances like Ayahuasca speak of reptilian beings that pretend to be our gods or something similar. Possibly even David Icke was used deliberately as a vehicle in making the reptile gnosis public. Why would they want to do that, you might ask.

This is all very much hypothetical of course, but the way I see it is the reptilian energy, or the type of consciousness it is, cannot manifest on Earth as it is. They must first get people to accept their reality on a subconscious level, so we can begin to change the “vibes” on our planet to become more hospitable for them. They are using the Hundred Monkey Syndrome against us in a way. They must change the mental and spiritual frequencies of humanity and the Earth to become suitable for them. I believe Chemtrails are also related to this somehow to shape the Earth on the physical level.

What their ultimate agenda is, what they wanna do here, if the reptilians can get here, I cannot say, except I cannot be anything good. The way the reptilians would manifest here may not mean we’d see reptilian aliens walking about. It might happen only on a spiritual and psychological level. This reptilian porn phenomenon might be a sign they are already manifesting here, and using people as vehicles for their cravings.

It should be obvious, but despite this being nasty stuff (for people who take this stuff seriously) we mustn’t be bogged down by fear. I try to look at this stuff with the curiosity of a child. As a kid I liked stories about invaders from outer space or somewhere out there, even though I knew they were fiction. Now that I’m no longer a kid, and I’m beginning to realize that stuff might be real, does not mean I should paralyzed by fear. I’ll rather be energized by wonder.


By the way I realized this is my 100th post. Yay. Congratulations to me!


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