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Miscegenation and Heritage

Alt Right, New Right and people of that ilk are often concerned about the preservation of their race and are against race mixing that leads to miscegenation. I agree with them to them extent that genes, race and inheritance matter, but as I’ve pointed out previously the idea of the White race hasn’t been defined properly. The modern Right seems to have the notion that all people of European origin are somehow in the same in-group. This is simplistic to say the least.

In the old days, people used to be concerned with one’s heritage and family history. Let’s say one’s father had been a war hero this would reflect positively on the son, but possibly others would also expect more from him. Conversely, if a man’s father had been a reviled traitor, his sins would carry onto the son. Perhaps we should embrace this sort notion of inheritance as well, since children tend to inherit biological traits and societal values from their parents. I’m pretty sure this has been known by people for millennia, even before the Theory of Evolution or discovery of the DNA. Children tend to look like their parents after all.

However, the idea promoted by the modern Right seems to be that Americans are somehow inheritors of ancient Rome, for example. Culturally this applies to the majority of Europe and America, since most of Europe adopted the Roman script and Christianity through Rome, but biologically speaking most Americans have not descended from the Romans. They’ve descended from the English.

The notion seems to be that since we’re all described by the attribute White, we’re all in the same group, as if we share significant common attributes. This is modern superstition in my opinion. Did the king of England 800 years ago think of the English peasants as being of his “race”? Did he feel kinship toward them? No, they were viewed as people of lesser heritage. Biologically inferior. This has been the case in most societies. There has been royalty, nobility and the masses. They should not intermarry. To do so would be the old way of viewing miscegenation.

Nowadays the Right seems to be for all sorts of miscegenation among the so-called White people. English, Slavs, Finno-Ugrics, French and Greeks are all White, so they can intermarry all they want, but if you marry a Chinese or an African then you’re a dirty race mixer. I would argue that mixing among these various White races would constitute as race mixing as well. However, I’m not particularly against race mixing as long as you remember your heritage. My problem is that much of the Right seems egalitarian when it comes to White people, but in fact there is great variance between the mental capabilities and moral tendencies among individual White people.

The majority of people, probably regardless of race, basically believes whatever the establishment tells them to do. If today they say: be a good Christian, go to church on Sunday and everyone who does not is immoral, this is what the masses do. Tomorrow the establishment says Christians are evil, oppressive and hypocritical and you should be an atheist, but love Muslims, that’s what people’ll do. Countless people seem to lack the ability to consciously analyze the world and draw conclusions on it. I think the idea of class or caste system is based on this. If the people who do possess the ability to reason intermingle with those who can not, this will most likely dilute the mental abilities of their offspring as well. This is why, I think, there used to be a clear distinction in social classes in the past, and the world is so messed up in modern times because we’re taught to believe that everyone is equal. This is why democracy can not work, since the voice of the informed minority will always be silenced by the animalistic masses.

The point is not that White people are inherently superior than Black people, or vice versa, but that some White people are inherently superior to other White people, and some Black people are inherently superior to other Black people. The problem is that nowadays there is no way to determine the class of a person as these different sub-races have been mixed up so heavily. Moreover, when faced with this sort of information most people would instinctually claim that of course they are natural elite and should be in charge. Pride has this effect on people. Everyone wants to be the Indigo Child or the lost king Aragorn in disguise.

This understanding, I feel, should be at the core of the “racial realism” debate. It shouldn’t be a pissing contest between Whites, Blacks, Jews and Arabs.



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