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Left-wing street propaganda in my Finnish city

The city of Turku has been awash with extreme leftist propaganda posters and stickers for years. At first I didn’t think much of it, but in recent years I’ve began to realize how delusional many of the people who spread this stuff are. My awakening to the dangers of Cultural Marxism has developed gradually. I remember seeing a poster a long time ago that said something like “Oppose sexist and homophobic violence” or “oppose racist and homophobic violence”. I thought that’s dumb, since it implies the person who wrote it supports other kinds of violence, but I figured the writer just didn’t understand what they were saying. Now I realize many of these delusional leftists actually are promoting violence against people who disagree with them.

I’ve taken pictures over the months of some of the street propaganda I’ve seen. Here is some Communist propaganda.

DECENT WORK FOR WOMEN IS ESSENTIAL FOR EQUALITY! SKP stands for the Finnish Communist Party.


It says: Right-wing populism and fascism must be stopped. For justice, equality and love.
This ad from the Communist youth league (or something to that extent) is promoting a classless society.

Here is some anti-fascist propaganda.

For the working class, against fascism. This is from the Varisverkosto (Crow network) extreme leftist organization.
Fascism is a crime against humanity.
I don’t know who the people in the picture are.
The person in the picture might be Olli Immonen, a politician for the Finns party. I doubt he actually owns any Nazi SS uniform.
Smash fascism.

I’ve also seen a few stickers with a picture of a fist crushing the swastika with the depiction: “Crush fascism” or “crush nazism”. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that.

The anarchists-commies show their propaganda too.

Hate the State. Abolish capitalism.

I’ve also seen a couple of graffiti by “Anarcho-feminists” who want to crush the patriarchy. Unfortunately I don’t have that picture either. Then there’s stuff like this.

This a carnival against racism.
This picture was taken at night, so it’s not very clear. It has a picture of Snow White holding a rifle. “Fight sexism & homophobia.”

Other cartoon characters have taken the extremist cause as well.

It says “Together against fascism”.
Even My Little Pony is pulling its weight.
“Freedom on the line. Demonstration against Nazi-pigs in Helsinki December 6. (Finnish independence day) in Helsinki.” Angry Birds are fighting the fascists too, and apparently Mr T. is a bird.

And of course there the internationalist classic emerged last summer:

Refugees welcome
It’s funny how the people spreading this stuff don’t even have enough originality to create their own propaganda, but the same picture has been seen all over Europe.

Seeing all this anti-fascist, anti-nazi, anti-racist and anti-sexist propaganda you’d think the streets of Turku are overrun with Nazis. However I haven’t seen a single Nazi here throughout all the years I’ve been here. It would be quite difficult to do, since Nazism was pretty much wiped out in 1945. I haven’t seen any Neo-Nazis either. I did see two bald guys a few months ago in a bar, who might have been skinheads, however, I emphasize they might have been.

I have seen a poster or sticker of a nationalist group called Patriootti (Patriot) on a couple of occasions. However, compared to the overwhelming amount of extreme leftist propaganda, their amount is insignificant.

Patriootti.com. I didn’t take this picture myself, I found it on the internet.

This city, nor Finland in general, are sexist like, let’s say Saudi-Arabia, nor have I heard of anyone gotten beat-up for being gay either. These extreme leftists are like Don Quixote, fighting against non-existent enemies.

They are quite delusional. There are no Nazis, nor fascists here. There’s no rampant sexism or gay-bashing here either. What is obvious though is that we have an infestation of Marxists. These people either hallucinate and think they see Nazi soldiers walking on the streets, or they think that anyone who does not share their ideology is a fascist or a Nazi.

One of the groups that has spread these propaganda stickers around is Varisverkosto (Crow network). Their website says: “Varis is a Finland-wide network aiming to destroy organised fascism and remove its social breeding ground. We oppose fascism in all its forms politically, ideologically and physically.” What fascism? Care to elaborate where exactly are these fascists breeding?

Later on they explain that “Fascism is the product of capitalism in crisis. As liberal and parliamentary methods of control fail, they are replaced by methods of ‘law & order’ – that is, open violence and supervision. The remnants of a world view based in equality and freedom are being replaced by the most reactionary ideas such as racism, nationalism, sexism and hostility against all that is perceived as alien.” So if you’re a nationalist, you’re a fascist? I got it. Also by their own admission, these people should fight against themselves, since they want to destroy “hostility against all that is perceived as alien.” I would say that they perceive nationalism as “alien”. These are people with no identity, and can only find joy in destroying that others find valuable.

Varis describe their imaginary enemy further: “Today’s fascism is typically two-sided. On one end there are violent street movements, which most often operate in a neo-nazi environment. On the other end there are parliamentary parties and “NGOs” that strive to become presentable and acceptable. These parties and NGOs do all they can to persuade people that they are not far-right.” I know there have been some people in Finland who identify as neo-Nazis, and some possibly still exist, however they are a small minority that normal people do not wish to associate with. But then again Marxists don’t care about facts or reality. Anyone they deem as neo-Nazi is a neo-Nazi. There is no fascist parliamentary party in Finland.

The far-right is not a looming problem in Finland, as it is not in most of Europe. The far-left, though, clearly has numerous mindless drones willing to chase after any fantasy fed to them. These people are dangerous if given power.



Olli Immonen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olli_Immonen

Varisverkosto: http://varisverkosto.net/mika-varis/



When I was younger, let’s say 20 years ago, the meaning of the word “racism” was something like this:

Racism meant using racial differences as an excuse for torture and exploitation. Nowadays the media represents racism as something like this:

Three white men together. No black representation. So racist, oh noes! (And I think Steve Guttenberg is a Jew.)

Notice the difference in the change in the meaning of the word? The old form of racism is wrong, because torture and exploitation are wrong. Race in that case is a superfluous excuse for these immoral acts. The pre-disposition of the aggressor in torture, for example, in regard to other races does not matter as much as the fact that he is committing a criminal act. Granted that racial differences probably are a greater motivation for crime than the victim using the wrong type of perfume, but having a thought or an emotion cannot be a crime, unless you prefer to live in a totalitarian police state.

Prosecuting someone for Thought Crimes is commonly understood as a form of tyranny. However, in our day there is a concept such a Hate Crime. That is equally totalitarian. Feeling certain types of emotions should not be penalized. An emotion can act as a catalyst for a crime, but you cannot punish someone for simply experiencing an emotion unless they act on it. I hate Harry Potter, but I’ve never murdered anyone because of it. I suggest you arrest me regardless, since I am clearly guilty of Hate.

Nowadays racism is perceived as anything that is not overwhelmingly multi-cultural, such as white people doing stuff together with no black people around. Is that a crime for people to congregate together? To do stuff is immoral? Cultural Marxists have sucked the meaning out of the word “racism”. If an actually racist act occurs, it seems as irrelevant as the countless false alarms in main stream media in the past few years. Although, the term racism might be a Marxist invention to begin with, so maybe it’s better to ignore the concept anyways. When a crime occurs, calling it racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, will divert attention away from the crime itself. It’s like if a man in a green jacket stabs someone, and the media goes wild over how people who wear green jackets are evil and should be marginalized, instead of saying that stabbing people is wrong. Sure, the green jacket can be used in identifying the suspect, but the jacket itself holds no more significance.

The way the accusation of racism is used has rendered it fairly irrelevant. I hope people don’t fazed anymore if someone accuses them of racism.


P. S. I used a picture of a white slaver master beating his black slave as example, but I should point out that racism, or slavery, are not the trademark of white people alone. Anyone can do it if they put their hearts into it.


In recent decades we’ve often heard that race is just social construct, or you care about the race of a person you’re a racist. They say there’s only one race, the human race, and other benign-sounding yet pointless slogans. This is the modern leftist of view of race. On the other hand some right-wing people claim their race is the best and smartest race there is. I don’t really subscribe to either view, so I’ll discuss here what race means to me.


Race has an obvious biological component to it

First of all, let’s quickly debunk the modern leftist view that claims there is no race or that it is social construct. Anyone with some common sense and eyes to see can recognize that there is such a thing as race, and its at least partially based in biology. Below are pictures of three men. One of them is Chinese, one is from Congo and one is German.





I don’t think you need me to tell you which is which. I’m sure any peasant today who lives in a country that uses electricity can successfully complete this race puzzle. However, some politically correct academics like to kid themselves they can’t. As George Orwell said: “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

It should be obvious now that race has a biological component to it, yet I would agree with the leftists that race is partially a social construct. I think race is a combination of the genetic traits you inherit from your parents, and also the values and beliefs you inherit from them and the society around you.


Preference for one’s own race

In my experience pretty much all people of all races and cultures feel on some level that their race and culture is the best one, except if they’re infected with Marxist ideas of self-loathing. Even countries like Finland and Azerbaijan that aren’t the most powerful and well-known countries, and don’t have a great history of military dominance and art, do on some level consider them to be the best, even if they envy the bigger countries at times. This sort of racial supremacy ideology is normal, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Sometimes though, these supremacist ideas go too far, and people of one race try to scientifically prove they’re unquestionably superior to another. There are some White Supremacists, Black Supremacists, Jewish Supremacists and so on. However, I do not consider this sort of ideology to be a big threat in this day and age, except when it comes to Jewish Supremacists. Moreover, often the media uses the negative label “White Supremacist” to silence White people who simply wish to preserve their race. Yet I’m sure there have been, and still are, some actual White Supremacists in the world.

A greater threat today are far left race denialists, who go so far as to wish to eradicare biological and cultural differences in people, since they perceive these differences create conflict. I do agree with them to the extent that many types of differences between people (men and women, different races or religions) do often create conflict , but it is not always a negative conflict, but a constructive one. The conflict that the Monoethnic Globalists wage is far greater and more harmful than any naturally occurring one.


Purpose of race

I’ve wondered for a long time why humanity is divided into several races. What is the origin and purpose of race? I still today do not know, but I can only say that race must have a purpose. If you believe in evolution, then you would have to say that the races are different because they have evolved in this way. If you believe that God created humanity, then God must have created different races for a purpose. If you believe that Ancient Alien Space Brothers created different races, they must have made them different for a reason. I don’t think that racial difference is merely an arbitrary or accidental one.

However, I’m wary of anyone claiming to make any universal value statements over race, i.e. saying one is inherently superior to another. I do think that races have differences, and people of one race might be superior to others in general in certain tasks, such as Europeans and East-Asians being better at science and engineering than Africans. However, I do not think Africans are inherently denied abilities in such fields based on their race, but generally speaking Black African cultures are not scientifically minded.

I see each race as being a representation of a different aesthetic or spiritual world view. In such matters it is only natural to have preference for one over another. Some people like rock music, others like classical or rap music. Some people like ice hockey, others like basketball, and some people don’t care about sports at all. It does not mean if you hate one if you prefer the other. I’ve spent a few years in Asia, and I’m a Westerner, so I prefer Asian and Western culture to Middle-Eastern or African culture. It doesn’t mean I hate them. But no, it means I’m a racist so you should ignore all I say.

Also saying that there is an Asian, European or African race is a very rough generalization. There are racial, and biological, differences between Finns and English, and Chinese and Japanese, although they’re not as obvios as the differences between the larger groups.



Racial mixing is fairly controversial topic. The far left is all for it, and the far right is against it. I think both views are extremist, and can be harmful if they go too far.

Some right-wingers would ban inter-racial marriages altogether in order to preserve their race. I’m all for preserving one’s race, but if you are going to legislate racial relations, you should first be able to distinguish what exactly constitutes as a race. Some Nordicists say that only people with blond hair and blue eyes are proper Whites, and others are mongrels. I have brown eyes and hair, so I guess couldn’t intermarry with them. A more common view is that anyone who just looks White is White. I once met a guy from Alabama who looked White, but he said he was 1/8 Native American or so, and he would be legally allowed to open a Casino in the States. Is he White, is he Native American, is he just a mongrel?

My solution would simply be not to over-think it. Moreover, I am not so concerned about this far right view of race, since modern leftists or Marxists are in control of the world today.

They wish to promote inter-racial marriages in order to create a colourless mass. In recent years even here in Finland I’ve begun to notice all sorts of ads that depict non-White people in supermarkets and products. Even some diaper packages had pictures of Black babies on them. I don’t think this is harmless, but a way of manipulating the people to accept this “racial diversity” in order to bring about racial homogeneity globally. Marxists want to gradually erode individuality; racial, social, cultural and intellectual. I find this push for racial mixing repulsive.

However, I am not against people of different races starting families together. If I was I’d be very hypocritical and schizophrenic since my girlfriend is Asian, and I’m White. We’ll probably get married some day and have half-breed children. I am against the global agenda to manipulate people to breed outside of their race though. I’ve even heard some stories of White women feeling like they’re obliged to marry someone of a different race, because of the alleged racism inherent in our race. I find it disgusting that people have been coaxed to be racist against themselves.

For all of my Finnish friends who have a wife or a girlfriend, the girl is Finnish. I think this is usual far all people that they prefer to marry someone of their own race and culture. This is the natural way of things. Yet I don’t think it is unnatural to marry outside of your race, although it is unusual. It wouldn’t suit most people, and the globalist agenda that pushes inter-racial marriage will only bring needless confusion. Me and my girlfriend though, are unusual representatives of our cultures, and for us this seems to work. I don’t think this makes us and better or worse than others, merely different.



In conclusion, all I can say about race is that it exists for a reason, even if I do not know what it is. We should preserve all races from the schemes of the Marxist globalists, but not be too obsessed about “racial purity” either. In one sense the leftists are right that all races are part of the one race which is human race, since all races are able to interbreed with each other. We are of the same species. The offspring of two different races can create fertile offspring, i.e. they are not like mules, the descendants of horses and donkeys. Yet just because we can do something does not mean we should do it willy-nilly either.

Monoethnic Globalism

The main stream media, and people indoctrinated by their Marxist propaganda, call anyone who supports national sovereignty, opposes mass immigration, or has pride in their racial heritage while not belonging to a minority a racist. They paint the picture of hateful bigots who have nothing else to do with their lives than to despise people with a different skin colour. Nowadays even a single comment that is perceived as racist can end a man’s career, as happened to Hulk Hogan and basketball team owner Donald Sterling.

Hulk Hogan allegedly said something disparaging about his daughter dating a “nigger”, and he was purged from being mentioned by the WWE in any way. Donald Sterling, a Jew who owned the LA Clippers, didn’t want his girlfriend to bring black people to his games, so he was banned from basketball. The label “racist” has become equivalent to medieval European label of “heretic”. If the Inquisition labelled someone a heretic, he was burnt at the stake. Nowadays if someone is labelled racist, their career is destroyed. I’m not saying the actions of Hogan and Sterling shouldn’t be criticized. I guess it would be fair to say both men acted like assholes, but who hasn’t acted like an asshole sometimes? He who has never acted like an asshole, cast the first stone. Hogan and Sterling are being treated as if they personally committed the Original Sin, and now they must be punished for all eternity. Or at least as long as the raving masses remember them. This is insane. Especially since both men were spied on. Their personal conversations were made public without their permission.

The proper way to respond to this sort of totalitarian behaviour is not to avoid being called racist, or try to explain “I’m not racist, or he wasn’t racist, since I hate racism too”, but to ignore the whole word. The use of the word has lost all sensible meaning years ago. It is a tool for the Marxist establishment, and it has power only if we fear it.

Instead we should recognize that people who like to label others “racist” support a certain agenda wittingly or unwittingly. I call this agenda Monoethnic Globalism. Monoethnic Globalists are the real haters. For some reason they hate the idea that there are countless different races and cultures on this planet. They want to create a monocultural, monoethnic, monoreligious New World Order where everyone is the same. I suppose the underlying motivation for this is that these people have lost connection with their humanity, and with the ancestry of their own race, culture and nation. The only way they can feel satisfaction is to make other people as hollow as they are. Jack Donovan called this the Nothing from The Neverending Story.

It should be noted there are many decent people who deep-down have not lost the connection to their ethnic humanity, but are being seduced by the ever-present propaganda that tells them they are bad people for caring about their heritage, so they spout the propaganda they hear on TV without understanding it. Hopefully some of them can be de-programmed.

Despite their propaganda that feigns to care about diversity, Monoethnic Globalists abhor it. The world they want to see is much akin to the South Park episode “Goobacks” where hordes of refugees arrive from the future where the whole Earth appears to be monoracial. They all have the same light-brown skin colour, and they speak the same language that sounds like they are vomiting. This is the future that Monoethnic Globalists strive for.

The next time someone calls you, or a person in the public eye, a racist, counter it with them being a Monoethnic Globalist, or a pawn for Monoethnic Globalism. The word “racism” has lost any humanitarian or compassionate concerns it might once had had. It is a tool for genocide, culturecide, nationcide and diversitycide.



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So you say the Nazis were racist and hated everything?

Already back in the early to mid-2000s before I was seriously into conspiracy theories and facts, questioned the Holocaust and all that, the common depiction of Nazi Germany perplexed me. Supposedly they were racist and could not stand other races, but how then Japan had been one of their closest allies? Didn’t the Germans notice the Japanese were… different? Moreover I saw a TV documentary about the Nazi expedition into Tibet where they were trying to uncover traces of the alleged Aryan heritage. Back then I thought Tibet was so cool and mysterious, which raised my interest in the Nazis as well. If the Nazis hated all the other races, or thought them inherently inferior and repugnant, why would they bother to travel all the way to Tibet to look for evidence of their ancestry? The Nazi interest in Asia did not really fit the main stream narrative.

Moreover, I saw a DVD in a supermarket called The Occult History of the Third Reich. I was fascinated by it, and uncharacteristically I bought it although it wasn’t on sale. It was probably the first DVD I bought myself. When I watched it, I found it even more fascinating. The Nazis seemed to believe in something mysterious, something unknown and worth discovering. Compared to the main stream Western beliefs of both dogmatic Christianity and materialistic capitalism, the Nazi religion seemed more vibrant and alive.

I saw the documentary during the height of the War on Terror, in 2004-2005, and felt particularly trapped by the materialistic dogma of capitalism. As if the way we did things was the inherently best way of handling things, and there was no room for change or improvement. The Nazi beliefs hinted that they thought differently from the dogma of the West as well. It wasn’t all written in stone.

Back then, the Second World War looked like it was a conflict between the Old World Order of the Anglo-American Empire + France, and the Axis States that wanted to both bring something new and to revitalize something ancient. Although in my lifetime, decades after the war, the Axis States have been presented as intolerant, regressive and violent, I think that suits the Allies better. Back then I couldn’t imagine Britain, for instance, allying itself in an equal manner with a non-European nation, the way Germany did with Japan. The only way Britain would co-operate with non-Europeans is by conquering them into their empire, like India or Hong Kong. As far as I know, the Nazi expedition to Tibet was peaceful. The British expedition to Tibet in 1903-1904 wasn’t.

That was more or less my image of WWII ten about ten years ago, although I didn’t really dare to make too much of it, or bring the train of thought to its logical conclusion. So I didn’t look further until much later.

Modern media has made great effort to make people associate Hitler and the Nazis in a Pavlovian manner with hate and racism. However, if you bother to look, that’s not the whole story.

First let’s a couple of examples of anti-Nazi propaganda. This is an infamous clip from the Captain Planet cartoon with Hitler. Some bad guys apparently go back in time to sell a nuclear bomb to Hitler. When the superhero Captain Planet comes to save the day the mere presence of Hitler supposedly exudes such hate that it makes Captain Planet uncomfortable.

Who here really radiates hatred, Hitler, or the propagandists who made the cartoon? The same as contemporary Cultural Marxists who claim that everyone else is full of hate, the Cultural Marxists are the one’s who are only motivated by hate.

Apparenty this sort of propaganda originated already when Hitler was alive. There’s the infamous Jesse Owens affair. He was a black athlete who won a gold medal in the Olympics in Germany. According to the media Hitler snubbed him, because he’s black. This was a lie, and in fact Hitler congratulated him and shook his hand.

Modern research has also shown that Nazi Germany’s military was very multicultural. There were plenty of Jews, blacks, and Arabic Muslims who were in the military. Apparently the Germans trusted them enough to give them weapons.

In conclusion, like I’ve said before, the whole image of Nazis that we are presented by the main stream is mostly a fabrication. It is as real as the Captain Planet cartoon. This does not, of course, imply that the Nazis were necessary the good guys. History is not as black and white as a cartoon. But the Allies certainly weren’t fighting for any morally or spiritually lofty goals either.

P. S.

The Chinese (both nationalists and communists) were allied with the Allies, but that was mainly because they fought against Japanese, which I would say is mainly due an old ethnic conflict between the two countries.


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Accepting Refugees is the new White Man’s Burden?

Europe is flooding with refugees from Africa and the Middle-East, as everyone knows. The question is why? No, the answer is not humanitarian concerns. No-one in the bureaucracy gives a flying fuck about human beings. They use such terminology only when it suits them to manipulate the short-sighted masses.

Sure it’s nice and humane to give aid to those less fortunate, but it’s even more human to have a degree of common sense. If people of Europe were like Jesus who could indefinitely multiply to fish and bread to feed the masses, I’m sure they’d do it. Alas, we cannot do that, and we have a limited amount of resources, and most of our money seems to be going through a Black Hole somewhere in Greece, we can easily say Europe does not have the resources to carry all of Africa and Middle-East on its shoulders. It would be nice to do so, like it would be nice to feed that beggar on the street, but when the option is feeding your family or the beggar, the choice should be clear. Yet it’s not apparently.

The majority though, seems unwilling to take reality into account when dealing with mass immigration, since they don’t want to be called racist, hater, Nazi or Islamophobe. And no, they do not care about the poor Africans, not genuinely. They just want live their little lives, and play along to avoid being tried by the Inquisition for heresy, which nowadays means saying something politically incorrect. If indeed the masses cared about Africa, for instance, they would have done something about their governments before they murdered thousands of Libyans and destroyed the country’s infrastructure four years ago. Obama and French president Sarkozy were instrumental in promoting the destruction of Libya. Where was the humanitarian concern back then? But of course no-one could oppose Obama, since that would be racist.

I have this crazy extremist New Age ideology of trying to fix problems before they become problems, such as Europeans and Americans having done before something about their insane governments before they managed to destroy Libya and sodomized Gaddafi to death. I did sympathize with Libyans back then, still do. But I don’t want them as refugees in my country of Finland, since it’s not our responsibility. We have enough of our own problems with the EU, US and traitorous politicians.

I think the Libyan refugees should get to move into the White House (or Rainbow House as it is nowadays), or the French presidential mansion, since they’re the ones responsible. They should also pay war reparations to Libya. But not the countries that didn’t have anything to do with the Libyan war.

How about we stop being reactionary, and stop the globalist war machine before they destroy countries and try to force their populations to become refugees? I’m sure it’s a beneficial arrangement for both parties. The European nations don’t get the extra burden of refugees, and the people from the “third world” countries do not get their families murdered and country bombed to hell. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bleeding heart liberal who cares about them poor Africans and Muslims, or a right-wing racist who hates them. It’s best for all of us if their countries don’t get bombed to bits.

If at this point you think I’m some racist right-winger, I suggest you go pop a few anti-propaganda pills first. Let’s look at this situation in Europe and the refugee countries. Seemingly endless floods of people are pouring into Europe. Is it not prudent to ask why? Instead of acting emotionally, and say they’re people too, and we should help them. If you care that much, why don’t you go help them personally instead of just passively acquiescing to anything the media, the EU and the government says? You don’t really care about them. You just want to be a “good person” who isn’t judged or labelled by society.

So why are the people flooding into Europe? Are the African and Middle-Eastern countries simply so shitty, they’re no place for human beings to live in? If so, why is that so? Are the people there somehow incapable of taking care of themselves? They need us nice White folk to take care of them. Is this the updated version of White Man’s burden? In the 19th century Europeans invaded other countries with the pretext of educating the savages. I thought nowadays that practice is seen as racist. Nowadays White Man is no longer invading the countries of other men (they’re just bombing them to bits), but the “savages” are heading into our countries. Same shit, different direction. The attitude that we are somehow better than other people is as racist now as it was then.

The root of the problem is, however, the practice of spreading democracy. In Libya it meant the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, and ass-raping the president to death with a bayonet. This is what democracy looks like! Now they are doing the same in Syria. Ukraine is more or less in the same boat even though it’s a White country. It is a well-oiled engine of destruction and destitution. Unless we do something now, Syria and Ukraine (maybe Yemen too), will be in as crippled as Libya in a few years.

I have a radical suggestion, or more of redefinition of our so-called racial imperative; the White Man’s Burden is not to civilize or democratize the savages, but to stop the insane machine that is our governments from causing any more havoc. Compassion for the refugees is meaningless emotional porn, I’d rather make sure the military industrial complex does not cause any more refugees.

And voting won’t make any fucking difference. Action will.




Gaddafi’s last moments: ‘I saw the hand holding the gun and I saw it fire’: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/oct/20/muammar-gaddafi-killing-witnesses

“There’s panic at London Heathrow…”

I recently traveled to an undisclosed secret location in Asia. I had to stop by the Heathrow airport in London to transfer planes. It’s the first time I set foot on British soil, and I was a bit excited, even though I was going to spend only a couple of hours there. However, judging by the airport it seemed I landed hundreds of kilometers east of London.

Most of the airport staff were Pakistani or Indian. Since I did not ask everyone their ethnic origin I cannot be sure, but some of the women were wearing head scarves, and therefore apparently Muslim, they were probably Pakistani. So I’m just going to call them Pakistanis from now on for sake of simplicity.

Most of the staff in the airport in Helsinki have been Finnish, the staff in Beijing and Hong Kong have been Chinese, in the Incheon airport (close to Seoul) the staff has been Korean, in Bangkok they’ve been Thai, and in Osaka international they’ve been Japanese. The airport in Amsterdam was ethnically a bit more diverse when I’ve been through it, but it didn’t leave the impression it was dominated by a foreign ethnicity. Why is London different?

I’ve got several theories about it. Many of them ridiculous. First of all, maybe native Britons are simply so unreliable that few of the are hired to the airport. Then again Pakistani airport personnel may be superior to people of other nations, and therefore they are hired. Maybe the airports in Helsinki and Beijing should hire them as well. Or maybe the Pakistanis are remnants of the British empire, and forced to work in the airport as indentured servants while the native Britons play cricket all day.

Seriously speaking, the Pakistanis work there because of globalization and mass immigration, which, you could say, originates from the days of imperialism. Now the displacement of people from their homelands, and invasion of them is more socialist, soft and seemingly benevolent. This what it is, the displacement of people from their homeland, both for the Pakistanis and the Britons.

Now you might say I’m just a horrible racist, and the ethnic Pakistanis are British citizens, many of them may have even been born in Britain. But you’d be wrong. The one’s I talked to were not British, as they did not speak British English, they spoke English with an Indian/Pakistani accent. There was one British woman at the security check with a strong British accent, and a Chinese woman had hard time understanding what she was saying. British English, especially the local dialects, can be difficult to understand for foreigners. Thankfully I trained myself with Monty Python, Fast Show and all that stuff when I was a teenager so I’m fine with it.  Anyway, back to the story. That one woman with a thick native accent, was British, the Pakistanis were not British.

The Pakistanis certainly should not be blamed for not speaking actual British English, since they are not British. Since the British empire controlled half the world and forced their language onto others, you shouldn’t expect everyone to speak it perfectly. I’m using their language too, and I have a Finnish accent when I speak.

Ethnic identity and race are not just some bureaucratic construct you can be given to others by governments. Even if you gave me a British passport and citizenship, it would not make me British. It would just be a wad of papers saying I was, which does not make it true. The same goes for these Pakistanis. You can neither wipe off their original ethnicity by granting them some bureaucratic papers, nor can you make them British with those papers. It is insanity to claim you can do this. It is more insane to claim someone is racist for pointing out this fact.

I didn’t have any problem with the Pakistani individuals on the airport; they seemed to handle their job well enough. It’s just that I don’t see what sense is there in dislocating all these people out of their homes, and doing the same for the native Britons.



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