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Alt-Right protests against Donald Trump’s new alleged War

Alt-Right leaders Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch were protesting against Donald Trump firing missiles at the Shayrat air base in Syria. They allege that Trump is going to start another war in the Middle-East. If that is true, Trump certainly should be condemned, but I am fairly certain these Alt-Right figures don’t have all of the facts, nor do they really care about them. These wannabe politicians are just doing it for the attention.

Another interesting thing is that Richard Spencer was supposedly attacked and beat up by Antifa after his protest. So basically the Alt-Right “Neo-Nazis” are protesting against war, whereas the Antifa Communists are supporting wars of the American imperium. None of this makes any sense. I am glad though to see my enemies fight against each other, since it is difficult to say which I despise more, the Alt-Right (especially Spencer’s and Enoch’s faction of it), or Antifa. However, since Spencer and Enoch have a name and face I can hate, and Antifa is just an amorphous blob of faceless Commie thugs, I have to go with the Alt-Right.


If the Alt-Right, that now seems to be denouncing Donald Trump, truly had ever supported him, they would not turn their backs on Trump simply based on this one incident. This is proof enough that Spencer and his cohorts were all “Hail Trump”, because it was politically beneficial for them to do so at the time. Now a new wind is blowing, and these opportunists with no backbone are changing direction.

I don’t want to defend Trump, however, on his decision to attack the Syrian air base. The alleged gas attack sounds like it was a lie, or a false flag. At least I haven’t seen any actual evidence of it happening, so why would Trump retaliate against Syria based on such a flimsy accusation? Does he really want to start another was like in Iraq or Libya? I hope not, but I don’t know. Nobody who is not an insider knows what motivated him. I do think there is something else going on in the background, but I don’t want to speculate what. I certainly do not trust any of the narratives that are going on in the main stream media, and I’ve seen plenty people on the internet trying to push an anti-Trump narrative. On top of it all, I do not ever want to be on the same side with Richard Spencer as he’d likely stab me in the butt, so I’m going to assume Trump knows what he is doing. I don’t like it, and I’ve said before I think Trump is a con man, but in a den full of rapists, murderers, pedophiles, usurers and Satanists, a liar might be your best friend.

Let’s see after a few days or weeks what has happened. Has the conflict escalated to a US-backed war against Assad, are they heading toward an all out war between US and Russia, or will things cool down after this one missile incident? If Trump really does plan to invade, rape and destroy Syria as his predecessors have done to several other Middle-Eastern countries, Trump does not deserve anyone’s support. Spencer and Enoch though are not demonstrating against Trump because they are so concerned about the well-being of people. This is just another publicity stunt.



Alt-Right Protests Syria War at White House with Richard Spencer: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/85084935853904281

Richard Spencer Just Got His Ass Kicked and Glitter Bombed [VIDEOS]: https://antifascistnews.net/2017/04/09/richard-spencer-just-got-his-ass-kicked-and-glitter-bombed-videos/


Alt-Right leader Mike Enoch is married to a Jew

A couple of months ago the Economist published the magazine cover with a prediction for 2017 in the form of 8 tarot cards. It would seem like some of the predictions are already becoming true.

In recent weeks many of the members of the Alt-Right website The Right Stuff (TRS) have been doxed (or doxxed if you prefer, but my favourite is doxxxed), i.e. their personal information has been leaked to the public. For most of them perhaps there have been some embarrassing revelations, but no major upsets, except perhaps for the person getting doxed. But a couple of days ago Mike Enoch, the owner of TRS, (or as he known now, Kike Enoch) was doxed by the far-left organization, Antifa. It has been revealed that Enoch wife is a Jew, not even a “Red-Pilled” right-wing Jew, but a faghag and active member in the LGBT community.

This is naturally a great upset since the TRS and Alt-Right in general are White Nationalists who are against race-mixing, especially with Jews. There is no doubt that Mike Enoch had wittingly lied and deceived his followers. The only question is, did he do it just for the money, was this some sort of alphabet agenda psy-op, or was it a joke gotten out of hand? My money’s on it being a government psy-op, as I’ve written disparagingly about Richard Spencer several times, and as Mr. Enoch has proven, it is prudent to distrust those who associate with Spencer who has appeared on Enoch’s Daily Shoah podcast several times, I believe.

Spencer’s recent tweet

As we can see above, Richard Spencer seems to have no problems with this revelation of extreme hypocrisy on the part of Enoch. Naturally he wouldn’t.


The Tower and Upheaval

How is this doxing and marrying of Jews -scandal related to the Economist’s tarot cover then?  The first card on the magazine cover is the Tower. In my analysis of the cover I wrote: “The Tower represents upheaval. It may look like an outside force strikes the tower, but it is actually derived from psychological principles. They often result from ‘neglected and mishandled situations’. One example given by [Rachel] Pollack [author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom] for the Tower is friends turning against you.”

The revelations of Mike Enoch’s duplicity has naturally created a lot of tension within the Alt-Right and internet far-right in general. Tension has already existed between 8chan’s /pol and TRS for quite some time as /pol is more National Socialist than Alt-Right, in other words /pol is more far-right, or just more genuinely right. Some TRS forum members are complaining about /pol punching to the right when they criticize TRS, especially since certain TRS forum members are attempting to excuse Enoch’s treachery. Sounds like Stockholm syndrome to me. Anyway this dissension within the right is clear example of the Tower’s effect of friends of turning against each other.

On the Tower card on the Economist cover both Communists and Christians seem to be protesting against the tower as it is being hit by lightning which also has a Christian cross on it. Now it makes perfect sense. The Communists represent Antifa, which did the doxing of Mike Enoch, whereas the demonstrating Christians are the puristic right-wingers (such as /pol) who do not approve of TRS’s pro-Jewish actions. Both factions, although normally enemies, want to see The Right Stuff fall as the Antifa Communists see them as evil racist Nazis, whereas /pol users see them as being a Jewish honeypot, and it seems they were right.



Of course many people in the Alt-Right and /pol are not Christians, but I do think the cross on the card represents the different factions within the right-wing.


My Two Cents

I’m going to share my take on this TRS scandal whether you like it or not. First of all, I must I say I am not a fan doxing, and generally see it as a bad thing. But I could say the same thing about murder, it’s generally bad, but if there is a pedophile in your neighbourhood molesting children then it doesn’t sound too bad. In this case there was a person who is allied with Jews pretending to be anti-Jew, and a bunch of anti-Jew White men became his followers. I think this says tons about not only Jews, that they seem to thrive on anti-Semitism so they perpetuate it themselves, but also about the goy who seem to be so willing to give their money and support to dishonest Jews. (I am also guilty of this, not in relation to TRS, but to 108morris108.)

I’ve listened to a few Daily Shoah podcasts maybe a year ago or so. I thought they were sort funny with a good attitude, but ultimately found them too low brow and simplistic. What ultimately made me dismiss them as pointless, I think, was that some of the people on it said disparaging about investigating conspiracy theories. Recently I saw a tweet by Mike Enoch saying this:



“The Jews did 9/11 conspiracy theory is retarded. Sorry. It’s embarrassing.” Anyone who says this is either retarded, scared of being called a conspiracy theorist or anti-Semitic, or is simply dishonest. I don’t know into which category Mike Enoch falls, but if I had to bet, based on recent revelations I’d say he wants to make you think Jews are just some greedy comical merchants.  Although “Jews did 9/11” is a simplistic way of putting it. I would rather say Israel/Mossad was heavily involved in 9/11.

Anyway, based on failing the litmus test that is 9/11, and being married to a LGBT-loving faghag Jews while pretending to be some sort of Nazi leader, i.e. a complete fraud, I do think it was a good thing that Mike Enoch was doxed. The truth came out. Although after having seem pictures of Mike Enoch I can’t really hate him. He looks like a scruffy sad bear or something. I won’t show his picture or mention his real name since I don’t wanna be part in doxing him (I know I’m a hypocrite). I don’t wish Enoch any more ill will than he has already gotten, but naturally his political career should be demolished and his lies exposed.



As I was finishing this I checked /pol and it seems Mike Enoch mother is Jewish too, which would make him a Jew.



Mike Enoch doxed by Antifa: https://archive.is/I7eME

The Economist’s 2017 Tarot cover, Part 1: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/the-economists-2017-tarot-cover-part-1/

108morris108 censors his comments: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2015/04/25/108morris108-censors-his-comments/

Jewish Mother confirmed: http://8ch.net/pol/res/8792524.html



Alt-Right is proposing an Alliance with Zionist Jews?

Lana Lokteff interviewed a person identified as the Reactionary Jew, a “Red Pilled” Alt-Right Jew, on Radio 3Fourteen the other day, which part of the Red Ice radio or TV network. The interview begins with Lana mentioning she met Reactionary Jew at the NPI conference where Richard Spencer made the infamous “Hail Trump” -salute, and she asks “Is it possible to create a bridge between Jewish nationalists and European nationalists?” If by “European nationalists” Lana Lokteff means the Alt-Right, then the answer is yes, although on the surface it may seem very contradictory.

When the Alt-Right emerged a couple of years ago and Red Ice converted to their ideology, I thought the main purpose of the Alt-Right was to expose the Jewish and/or Zionist control over many aspects of the world and topple it. The Jews were supposedly the eternal enemy of the Alt-Right. I’ve since come to realize that’s not the case. The Alt-Right is basically about worship of one’s race, or worship of oneself. It’s basically Talmudic Judaism for the goyim, or just Satanism. I’ve written about this phenomenon that I name Talmudic Aryanism before.


Reactionary Jew interview

Yet I question how viable an honest alliance between the Alt-Right and conservative Jews would be? In the interview Lana let’s Reactionary Jew do most of the talking without challenging him on issues such as the Holocaust. Reactionary Jew seems to believe in official narrative of the Holocaust even if he does not wish to obsess over it as much as main stream Jews. Both Red Ice and Radio 3Fourteen have done various programs on exposing the falsehoods in the Holocaust narrative. What if she were to challenge Reactionary Jew on the issue? Would they still engage in friendly banter? Is there anything else except their hatred of multiculturalist liberals and the threat of Islam holding them together? Both groups hold similar Talmudic views of being the chosen race, but this does not ultimately unify Jews and the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right envies the powerful position the Jews currently hold and ultimately wishes to usurp it, but I suppose currently they feel weak enough pretend being friendly. I suddenly got a flashback to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

Then there’s the Israel question. Reactionary Jew just seems to assume that Jews have the right to live in Israel, and Lana Lokteff does not contest this. Presumably it’s based on the narrative in the Old Testament. Even if the ancestors of modern Jews did inhabit that land over 2000 years ago, does it still grant them the right to do so now? What if the proto-Finns lived in the area that is now known as Bulgaria 3000 years ago, for example, does it give me the right to kick out Bulgarians out of their homes and settle on their land? The historical accuracy of the Jewish diaspora narrative is in question, and has been studied people such as Shlomo Sand. And even if the Israelites did live in the so-called holy land and were exiled from it, and have a right to return there, can the modern Jews prove they are the descendants of those Israelites?

I don’t want to comment too much on the details of the conversation between Reactionary Jew and Lana Lokteff, but there was one interesting bit where the Jew said that light-skinned Jews are more likely to be liberals than darker skinned ones, and Lana agreed that White people tend to be the most left-leaning race out there. This lends credence to Common Filth’s theory that there is a genetic component to White man’s deviancy. If Lana really cares about the well-being of her race I hope she reflects on the implications of her own words. Maybe her race isn’t supposedly facing extinction because of an outside threat, but by an inner one.

I suppose the ultimate purpose why Reactionary Jew was chosen for an interview with Radio 3Fourteen was because of Richard Spencer. The Jew was at Spencer’s NPI conference and he said he would vote Spencer for president. For whatever reason Red Ice has allowed Richard Spencer to become their lord and saviour and are promoting him. Reactionary Jew, while he seems intelligent and well-versed in many political issues related to Israel, by his own admission does not know what the rich and powerful globalist Jews think, and cannot influence them.


Richard Spencer on the Jews

Early December, Richard Spencer was interviewed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. He is quoted as saying: “I think it’s clear that Jews underwent tremendous suffering during World War II. I don’t deny the Holocaust”. Why exactly is Red Ice promoting this guy? I don’t agree with most of the stuff that Red Ice does these days, but at least I agree that the official Holocaust narrative is bullshit.

The Haaretz also refers to an article Spencer wrote on his Radix Journal website back in 2010 titled “An Alliance with the Jews”. In it Spencer suggests the following: “Who knows? Israeli nationalists might want to help finance the far Right in Europe and North America.” Spencer has been hoping for a long time that Israel would become his sugar daddy.

Spencer was also interviewed by the self-titled human rights advocate David Duke the other day. In the interview Spencer does seem to indirectly agree with Duke that media is controlled by Jews, and they want to destroy White people. Spencer contrasts the gray areas of today with the Bolshevic revolution in Russia. Back then it was supposedly more black and white, when “we” were facing destruction. You’re not Russian, Dick. I suppose the implication is that the communist Jews were genociding White people in Russia, but nowadays it’s more complicated and you cannot just blame Jews for it. Or maybe not. This is classic Richard Spencer; never being clear on what you say to have plausible deniability, and allowing people to draw the conclusions they want. If you are Red Pilled on Jews, you assume he’s exposing the Jew. If you don’t want be associated with anti-Semites he can say that he didn’t say anything about Jews. Another reason for avoiding blaming Jews is that he still wants that Israeli funding.

Quite interestingly at some point Spencer says you shouldn’t be nice to the main stream media, which is actually something I agree with. Then he comments on some misguided Alt-Right people: “They’re living this delusion if only we’re nice to the media, if only we’re nice to our enemies, they’ll be nice back.” It’s refreshing to hear such honesty from Richard Spencer. He admits he’s delusional. In his weak and effeminate way he seems to agree with Duke that Jews are their enemies, yet he wants to be nice to the Jews to get their money. At least Spencer gives the impression that he doesn’t like Jews. He even says one rabbi’s stupidity makes him question the alleged high IQ of the Askernazis. Maybe this sucking up to Jews is a next level play of pretending to be their friend to steal their money, and when he has it he uses it against them?

David Duke starts a new meme in the interview. Since Spencer orignates from Whitefish, Montana, Duke calls him Whitefish. A more accurate description though when it comes to Richard Spencer would be of course Gayfish. Spencer has adopted the mantle of Gayfish from Kanye West. All hail Richard Spencer, Gayfish of Alt-Right, or Aut-Kike or whatever you call it.



Red Ice, which is a mouthpiece for the Alt-Right, is promoting an alliance with their enemy, the Zionist Jews. Richard Spencer already did so 6 years ago, and it doesn’t seem like he has changed direction. While making one interview asking the question whether Zionist Jews and “European nationalists”, or should it be (((European nationalists)))?, can be friends does not imply it’s the absolute opinion of Red Ice, discussing this topic is itself a promotion of the idea. As far as I know, Red Ice has not made a single program discussing the Flat Earth debate, for example, since clearly they don’t want anything to do with the issue. They do appear to want to become closer friends with Zionists though. As long as they’re pro-White, and Spencer is the one to determine what things are good for the White man.



To clarify my personal position on Jews is that while I do not wish to “gas all of the kikes” I’ve been aware of the globalist Jewish elites influence for a long time, yet I do not think they are on top of the pyramid either. This means I am distrustful of anyone I know to be a Jew, but certainly some Jews do stand up from the crowd as positive examples, such as David Cole. He’s a Holocaust revisionist, and his life was threatened for his views. He had to change his name and live for a pseudonym for several years. Cole was interviewed by Radio 3Fourteen a year or two ago. The difference between Reactionary Jew and David Cole, and why I’m ambivalent toward one and somewhat favorable toward the other, is that Reactionary Jew simply espouses certain political views that the Alt-Righters agree with. David Cole on the other hand has done actual research. The facts that he has brought forward speak for themselves, not his identity or mere opinions.



Is it Possible for Jewish Nationalists & European Nationalists to Work Together?: https://redice.tv/radio-3fourteen/is-it-possible-for-jewish-nationalists-and-european-nationalists-to-work-together

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An Alliance with the Jews: http://www.radixjournal.com/altright-archive/altright-archive/main/blogs/untimely-observations/an-alliance-with-the-jews

The David Duke Show w/Guest Richard Spencer 12/26/16: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBX3P-ZcAXY

Why has Richard Spencer been banned from several European countries?

Richard Spencer is the person who supposedly coined the term Alt-Right, a leader in the Alt-Right, and one of the main reasons I’m suspicious of the Alt-Right even though I have common ground with some of their ideas. Back in 2014 he was arrested in Hungary for hosting a White nationalist conference there, and this apparently resulted in him being banned in 25 other European countries. This summer he was also banned from the United Kingdom. The question is why?


Banned from UK

In his interview with Red Ice Radio last month, Spencer gives the impression that he was banned for his extreme White nationalist views, although I find his assertion somewhat vague. He says he received a letter from Prime Minister Theresa May describing the ban. The letter allegedly cites some dangerous things Spencer has said in the past, such as him praising Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism. I get the impression from the interview that Spencer is leaving something out from the letter. I find it hard to believe that the European political establishment would view Richard Spencer as such a great threat. I don’t think that the average person has any idea who he even is.

In fact someone called Francis Soulie wrote about Richard Spencer’s UK ban on The Right Stuff website. The writer calls “Banning Spencer from the UK is also tactically ineffective”, since he’s gained most of his audience through the internet, instead of talking in conference halls. Soulie also points out that the ban “will pseudo-martyr Spencer’s ideas and cause many to seriously wonder if they might actually be correct.”

Could the reason behind Spencer getting the ban hammer be a subtle form of promotion of his ideas by the globalist establishment? Possible, yet I am not convinced. I am more inclined to believe there’s much more to Richard Spencer than meets the eye. Much more.



A couple of months ago certain documents were leaked to the public that showed that Richard Spencer has been running some sort of Alt-Right secret society called Phalanx. One can only guess what goes on in meetings of the society, but there have been suggestions of gay orgies, and Phalanx itself has been described as resembling a pyramid scheme. From an outside perspective these assessments sound plausible based on what I know about Richard Spencer, but it is speculation, of course.

In addition to Phalanx, whose name has probably been changed by now, Spencer admits to some sort of covert Alt-Right meeting in Detroit in the Red Ice interview. Spencer is clearly used to this sort of cloak and dagger way of promoting him political movement. The question is then, if they have these secret gatherings, what do they do there, especially since listening to Spencer’s interviews he rarely states any concrete goals for his movement, and most of the time says a lot of things that sound sophisticated yet have little content?

Perhaps these Alt-Right meetings are simply gatherings for urban diletantes who enjoy hanging out with like-minded people. Or they might be actually doing something that the Hungarian government found disturbing two years ago, and the same would apply to the British government today. It might be some sort of political subversive plotting, but I doubt it. Richard Spencer comes off as someone who only cares about the image and the atmosphere, not concrete issues, and he probably attracts similar people around him. I think the secret meetings are grand parties masked in pseudo-intellectual posturing, Alt-Right politics and some sort of debauchery. The governments of European countries might know of this, and do not wish it to occur on their soil.

However, I do not know what occurs Phalanx meetings and secret Alt-Right gatherings, but one thing is sure: Richard Spencer is used to working in secret, and it appears he is hiding something. If you are a supporter of him, I’d advice you of consider what is it exactly that he’s not telling.


Spencer’s Agenda and Red Ice

I’ve written about this before so I’ll be brief. He rarely says any concrete policies that he supports, but in the Red Ice interview he says several times, as he’s said in the past, he wants a “New Order”. He also suppors attacking the right, or conservatives, whereas advices the Alt-Right not to attack the left. What this tells me is that he is a revolutionary who wants to crash the current system, and bring about his New Order. To be sure, the current globalist system should be brought down, but I doubt Spencer’s new system would be any better.

I sometimes wonder, why do I even care what Richard Spencer does, since I am not Alt-Right myself, but I guess it comes down to his influence of Red Ice. Red Ice Creations used to be one of the best alternative media and conspiracy research sites on the internet, but since they turned Alt-Right a year or two ago, their objectivity has been compromised. I blame Richard Spencer as one of the main catalysts for this conversion, although I don’t know the actual thought processes that went through the heads of the Red Ice crew and who influenced them in what way.

Red Ice used to be an independent and objective site that presented all sorts of alternative research. Nowadays they are openly politically aligned toward the Alt-Right, and it shows. It’s natural to have some some degree of bias in some issues, since human beings perceive reality subjectively, but there’s a big difference between wearing one’s bias on their sleeve. I don’t want to go too deep into minor details on what I mean by this, how Red Ice has lost its objectivity by aligning itself with the Alt-Right so I’ll just how these images:

Red Ice 2012

Above is an image of the Links-section on the Red Ice website from 2012. It contains links to people and sites from various walks of life; conspiracy researchers like David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Freeman and the Corbett Report. Alternative historians like Graham Hancock, Joseph P. Farrel and Lloyd Pye. And a bunch names I don’t even recognize.

Nowadays the Links-section is like this:

Red Ice 2016

It’s all Alt-Right or Asatru-sites. I’m not saying all of these sites are necessarily bad, but that their scope is much more narrow to what it used to be. Also, nowadays Red Ice presents itself as being for tradition and roots, but they’ve gotten rid of the In Memoriam-section for dead researchers:


Red Ice seems to have forgotten its own roots. It used to be a part of the “truth movement” or the conspiracy research community, whereas now it wants to distance itself from its past. It’s like a kid in the school yard who hangs around with the freaks and losers because he’s one of them, but when the cool kids show him attention he abandons his friends to join the new crowd. Red Ice Creations changed its name to Red Ice TV some months ago, and the layout of the website changed too. This was more than symbolical.



I first heard of Richard Spencer from a Red Ice, or Radio 3/14, interview a couple of years back. He’s still part of the crowd, being interviewed and promoted by Red Ice. Spencer, and other people like him, are in my opinion Marxists of the Right. Whatever they touch, they corrupt or pervert in some way. The Alt-Right is not about giving an alternative to those who long for a return to more conservative and old-fashioned values. It’s a way of leading those people astray.



Richard Spencer – The Detroit Experience & How to Get Banned from the UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2TToh17Dk4

U.K.’s next leader banned a prominent white nationalist from visiting:
The Perma-Ban of Richard Spencer: http://therightstuff.biz/2016/07/14/the-perma-ban-of-richard-spencer/

Radio Free Skyrim Episode 34 – Implicit Pyramid Scheme 6/23/16:

Alt-Right just seems getting gayer; i.e. Common Filth did nothing wrong

Greg Johnson, a prominent figure in the alt-right, wrote on his website, Counter-Currents, that “[t]he Alternative Right is subject to occasional gay panics”. This is supposedly unjustified, and the prominence of homosexuality in the alt-right should just be ignored.

Johnson seems to think the reason behind these “gay panics” is either old testament-style biblical views or the leftist idea of homophobia. He writes: “Generally, this slur originates from the Left, where homosexuality is supposed to be a good thing. But gay panics presuppose ‘homophobia,’ one of the Left’s sins.” I’m not quite sure what he means by this. It sounds like he is trying to steer attention away by hinting you act like a leftist if you’re concerned about homosexuality.

Then Johnson goes on the cite a fairly recent “gay panic” when Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach were disinvited from Richard Spencer’s NPI conference for anti-gay views. However, Johnson claims this reason for banning them from the conference is not true, and the two Matts are motivated by “narcissistic rage”. Greg Johnson is either blatantly dishonest or ignorant. At least the reason for barring Heimbach from the conference was his anti-gay views. Richard Spencer has admitted as much.

Spencer wrote in his Radix Journal that the SPLC found the conference LGBT friendly. Then he quotes the SPLC site saying Heimbach was “‘booted’ from the NPI conference for his anti-gay views.” Although these aren’t Spencer’s words, he did not contradict them, nor say that the SPLC was making it up. Later on he even states:

“Our conferences will include people who hold many different views on religious, social, sexual, historical, and political matters. We do not exclude anyone for, say, being a Buddhist, Pagan, Catholic, or atheist, or for being passionate about gay issues or thinking that they are not important. We hope that such questions can be discussed respectfully at our conferences.

NPI will, however, exclude those who show reckless disregard with the media, or those who’ve made morally indefensible public statements. Such people make our movement look bad. We choose not to grant them a platform.  It’s as simple as that.”

Apparently having “anti-gay views” in public is “morally indefensible”, according to Spencer.

There are very good rational reasons to be skeptical of those publicly engage in or promote homosexual behaviour, and this has nothing to do with the Bible or any ideology. It’s based on biology and psychology. The sexual union of two men cannot produce offspring, they cannot start a family. Also the natural option for raising a child is for it to have a mother and a father. Of course it does not always work out like this for each individual, but promoting other types of family structures is irresponsible, in my opinion.

The youtuber, Common Filth, stated months ago that the alt-right has many overtly homosexuals characteristics to it. He has been proven right, once again. Greg Johnson, on the other hand, is not only promoting homosexuality, but is being dishonest about it. He is making out those who speak out against it to be narcissists, and misrepresenting the facts about why the anti-gay Matts were barred from the conference.



Gay Panic on the Alt Right: http://www.counter-currents.com/2016/03/gay-panic-on-the-alt-right/

The Rainbow Coalition: http://www.radixjournal.com/blog/2015/11/4/the-rainbow-coalition

Richard Spencer should be tarred and feathered

Rirchard Spencer is a leading figure in the Alt-Right, and he possibly even coined the term Alt-Right.  I hadn’t been that well versed in his ideas before as I had only heard a couple of his interviews. He seemed like an intelligent and intellectual person, but I hadn’t looked too deeply into the ideas the he promotes until yesterday when I was listening to the Alt Right 2016 discussion at Red Ice Radio with John Morgan, Greg Johnson, Daniel Friberg, Richard Spencer & RamzPaul.

Listening to the discussion made me realize Richard Spencer is a stooge for the New World Order, or at best he’s a narcissistic pseudo-intellectual who’s in it for the fame. He supports an empire for White people, and opposes ethno-nationalism, which he thinks is about hating the White neighbour. He seems to be against the idea that the countless different ethnic groups in Europe should have their own nation states, instead there should be grand White country for White people. Basically he seems to be for the European Union, but only for White people. Greg Johnson called Richard out on his ideas, and said he vetoes Richard’s idea, and that reality vetoes his idea. Well done, Greg.


Vagueness of Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer says there should be no division in the race, and is aghast for example that Whites are killing Whites in the Ukraine. He seems to think Ukrainians need his White New World Order to fix their problems. The host Henrik Palmgren pointed out that one reason for the troubles in Ukraine is due to outside meddlers such as Victoria Nuland, which is something I agree with. I’m still not clear on what Spencer means by White. Is it anyone who just looks White, is someone who is half-White, half-Asian White, how about if they’re 1/4 Black, or are people White only if they can prove their White ancestors for six generations or what? At best his idea of this White collective is a vague notion. Spencer admitted in the discussion that he’s a “dreamer”, a Utopian thinker. This alone renders his ideas irrelevant. The time for Utopian notion is over, we need practical solutions.

In fact, Richard Spencer sounds like a Cultural Marxist with the exception that he is pro-White, whereas Cultural Marxists hate White people. The similarity is that Cultural Marxists treat their favourite victim groups like women, minorities and Muslims as some sort of Borg-collective. Spencer’s idea on the White race bears a striking resemblance.

Max Marco writing for Noose: The Online Fascist Zine in his article Contra Altright also notes Spencer’s vagueness. He describes Spencer as “a weak, pandering, fence-sitting coward who tries to play all sides of key issues while maintaining plausible deniability when held to any stance or standard”. I can’t help but agree. Marco describes Spencer as someone who seeks to direct attention away from the Jewish Question and exposing the lies told about the Holocaust.



Rirchard Spencer is also blatantly pro-homosexuality. The most obvious example is the fact that Matthew Heimbach was excluded from Spencer’s Become Who We Are conference for his anti-homosexual views.

Carolyn Yeager criticizes Spencer for having the openly gay Jack Donovan as the main speaker in his conference. On top of that Donovan is a former priest in the Church of Satan. I don’t think him being gay would make a big difference if Jack Donovan was a 9/11 or Sandy Hook researcher, for example, but he is supposedly an expert on masculinity and what it means to be a man. I’m sorry but being gay disqualifies you from being a role-model on being a man.

John de Nugent also questioned Spencer’s stance on homosexuality by asking if he’s “a homosexual, homophile or really straight?” De Nugent notes that Spencer is allegedly married and has a year old child, however he questions whether this is true or not. He asks: “Has anyone SEEN the supposed ‘wife and kids’ of Richard Spencer, who supposedly lives out in a small town in Montana.” De Nugent also points out why the issue of homosexuality is relevant: “the Jewish agenda knowns as transhumanism is pro-homosexual”. I would say that transhumanism is more an agenda of Satanists and Jews serve their interests, but that is a minor detail in this case.

A conservative Youtuber called Common Filth has criticized the Altright for being gay in several of his videos. At first I was skeptical of this, but at least Richard Spencer’s allegiances seem to prove that Common Filth is onto something.

Richard Spencer’s Wikipedia page does not mention that he is married. I couldn’t find mention of this in his Radix Journal or National Policy Institue websites either. I did find claims that he is married elsewhere, though.


Spencer’s “wife”

A few different websites mention that Richard Spencer is supposedly married to a Canadian-Russian woman called Nina Kouprianova (alternative name Nina Byzantina). Kouprianova has a couple of different websites. One is for discussing “Russia, Eurasia, meta- and geopolitics, culture”, and the other is about photography. I didn’t find any mention of her being married either.

She has however written a few articles in Spencer’s Radix Journal website, so Kouprianova and Spencer clearly are associates of some sort. This makes it even more curious, if Spencer and Kouprianova are married, why don’t they just state it clearly? If Nina is Richard’s wife, him withholding this information surely isn’t to protect her, since she is already a writer for his website. If they’re not married, where did the internet rumour that they are originate from? I don’t know what the truth is but there are clearly holes in his background.


Spencer’s liberal anti-conservatism

To come back to Richard Spencer’s New World Order ideology, he published a video, When Conservatism Dies, fairly recently. Most of the video is sophistry that has little content, but sounds smart, but I managed to ascertain a few of Spencer’s ideas from it. First of all, he says a couple times in the video that a “New Order” is rising. By itself it does not necessarily mean anything sinister, but in the video Spencer comments that some conservative politician or commentator has described Donald Trump as a bringer of chaos. Spencer agrees with this and says that Trump disrupts conventional politics, which allows for the New Order to be born, or something to that extent. To my mind it’s quite obvious Spencer is all for the old Order out of Chaos.

Spencer also says something like conservatives and Republicans stand for White protestant values, and he is happy to see conservatism destroyed. I disagree. I don’t think that the conservatives and Republicans no-longer stand for the White protestant values. This is the main reason why Altright is gaining traction. My understanding is that the majority of supporters of Altright support traditional and common sense values, and since no-one in main stream politics are standing for those things, people are turning to the Altright. Spencer, on the other hand, seems to agree with the Cultural Marxists that the old must be destroyed for the something new. He does not define clearly what this new things is either. You’re just supposed to take his word for it that this New Order is something you want. Richard Spencer is a Marxist revolutionary of a new breed.



My humble opinion is that the genuine people in the Altright should either politely show Rirchard Spencer the door, or get some tar and feathers for him. Even if my view of him is too conspiratorial for your taste, I still say he is a sophist at best with little or no practical ideas behind his words.



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Why we need the Alt-Right

I don’t consider myself Alt-Right nor right-wing, but I can’t help but found myself agreeing more and more with people who do label themselves as such. I am a nationalist although usually tend to avoid labeling myself a believer in any ism, and that too is a fairly new development in my life. Perhaps just this admission makes me right-wing according to some definitions, but I’m not here to discuss about semantics.

I have a fairly conspiratorial view of the world, and I’ve had suspicious mind ever since I was young. I also try to look at the world from a philosophical standpoint, and living in this day and age having philosophical inclinations goes hand in hand with becoming somewhat conspiratorial. Perhaps I’ll write about that in more detail at a later date, but let’s just note that the word philosopher means a lover of wisdom, and conspiracy theorists seek to uncover the truth from a web of lies. My kind has also been called the Truth Movement or Truthers. While I don’t really like those terms, I do resonate with the word truth. Striving for the truth is one of my highest values, as it should be for any conspiracy researchers, yet of course we don’t have monopoly on the truth, nor are we metaphysically more connected to it than regular people. Let’s just say conspiracy theorists tend to spend more time in pursuit of the truth than Joe Average.

Alt-Right’s primary concern seems to be self-preservation and determination. They are more like warriors and builders who actively work toward practical change for the better in the real world, contrasted with conspiracy researchers who tend to be more passive and scholarly.

Some years ago I heard people like David Icke and Max Igan say that we, the people of the earth, need to unite in order to defeat the New World Order. I agreed that this is what we need to do, but I was quite skeptical how this vague notion of a somewhat abstract enemy could unite people who mostly know each other only through the internet. To this day, I don’t think that conspiracy research has been a properly unifying force, and in many cases it has done the opposite. Some people fight tooth and nail over whether one single incident was a false flag or a hoax, while in fact they cannot know the full truth by merely looking at videos and reading articles on their computers. The rise of nationalism though, or the Alt-Right, in recent years looks like a force that managed to unify people in the real world, and it seems to me that it is offering a proper challenge for the New World Order. Race, religion and culture are a better unifying force than abstract intellectual principles. This is why I admire the Alt-Right.

However, I do see some potential pitfalls the Alt-Right may fall victim to. While I like the way they are taking an active role in creating the kind of world they want to see, I sometimes also see right-wingers choosing to see the world the way they prefer than how it actually is. In other words, they don’t care about the facts as much as proper conspiracy researchers do. I’ll illustrate this with examples to prove that I’m not making it up.

In Daily Shoah episode 59 (around 2h 41min) the guys (I’m not sure which voice belongs to whom) are talking about false flags, and how they can understand how anarcho-capitalists might want to say that mass shootings and terrorist attacks are false flags, because it fits their narrative, but it does not the narrative of white nationalists. From the conspiratorial standpoint the question is what is the truth, not what fits my narrative, but for Alt-Right it seems to be what fits their narrative. However, I’m not saying the Daily Shoah’s approach is necessarily wrong though. Take the Paris Friday the 13th terrorist attack for example. I’m personally not convinced it was perpetrated by Muslims, and I am more inclined to believe it was a false flag, but I don’t know all of the facts. It might have been either way. Even if that particular attack was not perpetrated by Islamists, it still is an undeniable fact that the Muslim invaders have committed other heinous crimes in Europe, so I don’t see much sense in going out of my way trying to prove that Muslims were innocent of that one attack, while many other cases do exist.

Another example is from the National Policy Institute 2015 Live Podcast – Become Who We Are (around 56min), an Alt-Right meeting, when Richard Spencer says that “data, empiricism, the truth. These things are really overrated.” He’s referring to the fact that its easier to influence people with music and art than showing them facts and statistics. I hate to admit it, but he’s right.

These are just two examples of how the Alt-Right does not seem to care about the truth as much as conspiracy researchers, but I’ve gotten a similar impression from other videos and articles. I also understand their viewpoint. They look at the world like a soldier whose task is to win the war. You promote the story that helps you win the war, whether its true or not, and hide the facts that hinder you. It makes sense, to a degree.

However, the potential downfall is that you have to be able to distinguish the truth from the narratives you find convenient lest you fall victim to them yourself. Let’s take 9/11 for example. While the Alt-Right did not exist back then in the same sense it does now, the common right-wing reaction to the terrorist attacks is summed up in the movie American Sniper; America was attacked, patriotic soldiers go die and kill the bad guys for what they did. I can agree with the sentiment, but the unfortunate fact is that it is questionable whether Afghanistan or Al-Qaida had anything to do with 9/11, Iraq certainly had nothing to do with it, and even if Al-Qaida was involved the American patriots should have recalled that it was an American creation from the 80s. Moreover, the real culprits of this attack were in the US government and Mossad. It is in situations like these you need a proper conspiracy researcher to point out the facts so you don’t end up working for your enemy, i.e. Israel.

Alt-Right people tend to see their enemies in these three categories; Muslims, Jews and Cultural Marxists. Some identify only two of them as enemies, while others identify them all as such. While any conspiracy nut understands its not that simple. There are other, hard to define organizations at play. Yet I do like the Alt-Right approach to fighting the enemy they can see, instead of passively theorizing in front their computers on the nature of the enemy, the Alt-Right should be reminded what Sun-Tzu said about knowing the enemy.

Like I said earlier, the Alt-Right is focused on winning the war, while conspiracy theorists’ goals are often not so well-defined. This means the Alt-Right people tend to focus on immediate issues that either present a new threat to them, or things that are opportunities to help their cause. Conspiracy theorists certainly sometimes do that, but often they, like myself, discuss issues that have very little foreseeable practical application, such as the Flat Earth debate, moon landing hoax, shapeshifting reptilians, UFOS, spiritual matters and so on. I agree with the Alt-Right in the sense that the main focus should be on practical issues, yet unless we know the truth about a certain issue, we cannot know beforehand whether it will be useful or not. My comment on this matter is that I do understand why many people see these things as a waste of time, and I don’t begrudge them for it, but I do see potential value in exploring the unknown and exposing decades old conspiracies.

In conclusion, both the Alt-Right and conspiracy research community are on the same side. I hope we can find middleground, co-operate and all that. Yadda yadda.



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