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Death of Robin Williams and the Synchronicities and Conspiracies surrounding it

I, like most others, heard yesterday that the actor Robin Williams had died. RIP in peace. He used to be one of my favourite actors when I was a kid, but I can’t even remember the last time I saw any of his movies.

Paul Joseph Watson of the Infowars made a Youtube video where he notes that the BBC aired an episode of Family Guy where Robin Williams attempts suicide around the time that the death of the real Robin Williams was announced. Paul Joseph Watson calls this coincidence synchronicity. I agree with him on this one. However, he is quick to announce that he does not think this coincidence means the death is an Illuminati blood sacrifice. Fair enough, yet he, quite aggressively, goes on to call people lunatics who suggest such things. I don’t agree with his attitude. Who made him the thought police? There’s a distinction here between what Mr. Watson believes himself and he telling others what they should or shouldn’t believe.

I don’t think the death of Robin Williams is an Illuminati blood sacrifice, then again if it was how would I know. I have no idea what he’s been up to the last ten years. Does Paul Joseph Watson know the details of Williams’ life and death so well as to point out what didn’t happen to him?

Perhaps you might say I’m splitting hairs here, but let’s look at what we do know about Robin Williams’ death. The Hollywood Reporter writes “Robin Williams Dies of Suspected Suicide”. Maybe it’s just me but the word suicide always makes me suspicious, especially when it is thrown around immediately after someone dies. I could be a lunatic though. Moreover the article says he “has been battling severe depression of late”. Reminds me of the case of doctor David Kelly from 2003. These are just suspicions though, hunches. I’m not saying Williams was murdered, but I think it’s healthy to consider the possibility at least.

Wikipedia says Robin Williams was an alcoholic and suffered from depression. Why was he depressed? Hollywood is run by Zionists and other disgusting criminals, perhaps he was simply depressed because of that. Perhaps he knew something. Perhaps he had been threatened to keep quiet. Then again how can we know he was actually depressed? I found there are dozens of article written after Williams’ death such as “The Robin Williams tragedy highlights how little we understand depression”. “Robin Williams’ suicide may impact suicide prevention initiatives”, “Robin Williams and the link between comedy and depression” and “Robin Williams’ Depression Struggles May Go Back Decades”. Looks like an agenda pushed onto us by the media. I also didn’t find any article written prior to his death saying he was depressed.

Let’s get back to his death. Wikipedia says: “The Marin County Sheriff’s department reported there were cuts along Williams’s left wrist, and that a pocket knife was found close to his body.” However apparently Williams died of asphyxiation having hanged himself with his belt. So he cut his wrist with a knife and then hanged himself? Yeah, right. Could the knife mean he struggled with someone? Maybe he pissed someone off. Maybe he had gambling debts. Apparently Williams has history with drug abuse, might drugs be related to his death? Who knows?

I hate to say it, since I really want Robin to rest in peace, but even at a cursory glance his death leaves questions. Not saying he was definitely murdered, but there’s something suspicious about the whole thing.

EDIT: Apparently someone started a thread on IGN.com just two days before Robin Williams died called “Are people bracing themselves for the fact that Robin Williams will die soon?” . The author was DigInTheCrates. He states the reason for starting the thread:

“He’s old and his health is poor which is why I made this thread.

no I don’t plan to kill him you sick weirdo’s, why would I kill someone I love.

Unless it was a mercy kill and he asked me to in which case I’d be honored”

Freaky stuff.

IGN: http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/are-people-bracing-themselves-for-the-fact-that-robin-williams-will-die-soon.454158743/

Where I first heard about the thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4vme7c6opg




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