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Occult Symbolism of Eurovision 2017

I’m doing this a week late since the Eurovision song contest was held a week ago, but since one of my readers asked for my opinion on the symbolism of the Current Year Eurovision I feel obligated to write blog post about it.

I browsed through the final fairly quickly so it’s possible I missed something, and also I should point out these are just my impressions and interpretations of the show. Perhaps the people designing the show did not intend to signal these things.


Diversity Strikes Back

The slogan of the contest was “Celebrate Diversity”, which when translated into normal speech means: annihilate diversity, or promote monoculturalism. David Icke said years ago that when the elites say something, they usually mean the opposite. It’s absolutely true when it comes to “diversity”. Overall, celebrating the destruction was one of the themes I saw in the Eurovision contest.

The logo is a ring of red and black balls. They could be planets, represent the Ouroborous, horns of a bull (or Osiris), or perhaps the pearl necklace of Orion. I’m not sure what they are meant to represent, if anything.


The Start of the Show

As the show started each artist came on the stage as if to introduce themselves. Most of the men were effeminate cucks, and the women just looked weird. At the beginning the camera panned onto the stage, and also a few times during the show as can be seen in the picture below. It reminded me of CERN.


Another interesting bit was when the artists introduced themselves every waved their arms in celebration, except Portugal’s Salvador Sobral, who ended winning the contest. He seemed reserved and humble, whereas most others were very flashy and superficial. I don’t know if this is significant, but he seemed a bit nervous. Perhaps he knew he was going to win, or perhaps his behaviour represented his unique nature that European resonated with, and therefore voted for him.


Another interesting bit is that Israel (which isn’t even European) was the first contestant in the show. Maybe the order was chosen randomly, or perhaps it’s supposed to mean Israel First, Europe Second.



Now I will discuss some of the symbols I saw during the performances of certain artists. Israel had this black sun or iris in the background.



Poland’s song was about freedom and liberation. At first I figured it was just a generic topic for a song, but then I noticed something. There was a night sky with stars in the background. It made me think “A Thousand Points of Light”. Or that according to the Bible, the stars are angels. These stars might represent angels.


Later the word “Freedom” appear in the background. The stars or angels want to freedom, i.e. they are imprisoned.


In the end they turns into a birds (free as a bird) as the angels are freed. I interpret the presentation to mean the celebration as the fallen angels of Lucifer are freed.


The song by the Polish singer, Kasia Mos, isn’t even really about freedom. It’s more a passionate love song. It does have these lines though:

“Like two animals on the run
Not afraid to fly into the sun
Invisible, we don’t leave a trace
We’re shadows in love, we were ghosts”

“Not afraid to fly into the sun” is an obvious reference to Icarus, the symbol of hubris. Also “we” are invisible and do not leave a trace. It sounds like a secret society.



Next in line is Belarus. There was a planet and a bridge (London Bridge is falling down? in the background. Is the planet Nibiru or something?


Toward the end of the performance there was a sun, or a big star in the background. The singers were standing on an airship of some sort. The background show had a Victorian space adventure feel to it.


The lyrics say the following:

“Present day will become a birth
Of new wills and better thoughts

Story of my life
Will shine brighter

The sun will sparkle in our blood
The entire beauty of your eyes”

A herald of the New World Order or a new race, the Moonchild?

Artistically speaking I found the Belarus song to be one of the best in the contest. The singers were obnoxiously cheerful to behold, but their song was pretty decent, at least for Eurovision standards.



The Austrian perfomance has the moon in center stage. The astrological theme in the whole show is obvious. And the singer seems like an obvious cuck.



The Armenian singer looks like a witch, and the performance looks like she’s in hell. There’s also a hindu-like imagery in the performance. There is a symbol in the background that looks hindu to me, and at one point the singer and two dancers create a multi-armed deity icon at some point.


The lyrics go as follows:

“Over deeps, over hills
She casts her wings and now it feels
Love is one

Flying high she became
A sun who’s love and light the same
For everyone”

Seems like an angel. “Love is one” sounds very Current Year “love is love” Luciferian breaking down the boundaries crap. Sun’s love and light sounds like Lucifer to me.



The Netherlands singers remind me of three witches, but maybe it’s just me. At one point, figure of a person appears to be falling into the sun, or something like that. The singers say “angel”. Is the figure Lucifer? Is this an ode to Lucifer?



Italy’s song is Occidentali’s Karma, or Westerner’s Karma. It sounds like a celebration of the fall of the West.  The dancing monkey or gorilla might represent the degradation or dumbing down of people, to turn this world into the Planet of the Apes.

The venue in the music video is a Buddhist temple, but in the performance on stage the chakra system is shown in the background.


Both in the music video and the performance the singer does an odd pose while dancing. I think it’s some sort of symbol.


It looks like the sign of Saturn.


Or the sign of Jupiter reversed.



Portugal won the show, but I don’t have much to say about the performance as it almost put me to sleep.

The lyrics say:

“My dear, listen to my prayers
I beg you to return, to want me again”

He could be praying for the return of Lucifer or the Nephilim.



I actually thought the Azerbaijan performance was sort of interesting. At the end the singer draws a cross on the back of black-robed dancers. The Mark of Cain?



In the Spanish performance there’s the planet Saturn in the background. Nuff’ said. The singer annoys the hell out of me.

Is it just me, or does it seems like every male singer seems like a short manlet? The Swedish guy looked normal/tall though. But most seem short.


United Kingdom

In the UK show, the singer is standing on an oyster shell like Venus. Her image is split into three by mirrors, possibly representing her alters created through mind control. The song is about madness after all.



The music video of the German song was full of obvious triangles or pyramids.


There was a pyramid in the background at some point in the live performance as well, but it wasn’t as obvious.


I feel bad for the artist. It seems to me that she is completely controlled and subjugated by the industry, and probably has to perform all sorts of favours to her handlers. Perhaps the triangles in the video represent how whole of Germany has been subjugated by the Illuminati.

The lyrics go: “I’m almost a sinner, nearly a saint”

Sounds Luciferian to me where morals are just decided on a whim.



A huge head of a titan or Nephilim is in the background in the Ukrainian performance.


The song is about time. Is the giant Cronos or Saturn?



The Swedish artist did the OK sign with his hand both in the music video, and the performance. What it means I do not know, since I’ve heard in the past that it means 666. Nowadays it’s supposedly a racist Alt-Right Trump supporter symbol for White supremacy.



There seems to be the abyss in the background  in the Bulgarian performance. It’s like Leviathan is coming up.



The dome above the stage turns into a spaceship at some point during the French performance. The dome looks like a space helmet to begin with, but during this song it’s most obvious.


The Lowdown

I left out some performances since I didn’t have much to say about them. I noticed some over-arching themes such as astrology and space. There were stars, the moon, the sun, Saturn in various performances. The Italian performance had a symbol that resembles an astrological one.

Religious themes were fairly prevalent as well. Some songs talked about angels. Germany’s mentioned a saint. Portugal’s song had prayer. Italy’s performance featured Buddhism and Hinduism. Armenia had a hindu-feel as well.

Sure, religious themes have been employed in song writing since forever, so this does not necessarily imply some bigger scheme.

Overall I see the Eurovision 2017 performance as another celebration to Lucifer, the return of the Nephilim, or Osiris, or whatever you want to call the religious obsession of the elites. I might simply be interpreting things  through my own bias, as I’ve been researching this sort of stuff for years. Some of the symbolism might be innocuous, but I don’t think all of it is.

If there is some sort of occult agenda behind this, I don’t think the artists are necessarily wittingly involved, but I wouldn’t rule it out either. In this day and age I don’t think it’s impossible that the Illuminati, or whatever you want to call the secret societies, could put their puppet in place in every single country involved in the contest.




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The Final: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehH0_UXtQlY




Why has Richard Spencer been banned from several European countries?

Richard Spencer is the person who supposedly coined the term Alt-Right, a leader in the Alt-Right, and one of the main reasons I’m suspicious of the Alt-Right even though I have common ground with some of their ideas. Back in 2014 he was arrested in Hungary for hosting a White nationalist conference there, and this apparently resulted in him being banned in 25 other European countries. This summer he was also banned from the United Kingdom. The question is why?


Banned from UK

In his interview with Red Ice Radio last month, Spencer gives the impression that he was banned for his extreme White nationalist views, although I find his assertion somewhat vague. He says he received a letter from Prime Minister Theresa May describing the ban. The letter allegedly cites some dangerous things Spencer has said in the past, such as him praising Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism. I get the impression from the interview that Spencer is leaving something out from the letter. I find it hard to believe that the European political establishment would view Richard Spencer as such a great threat. I don’t think that the average person has any idea who he even is.

In fact someone called Francis Soulie wrote about Richard Spencer’s UK ban on The Right Stuff website. The writer calls “Banning Spencer from the UK is also tactically ineffective”, since he’s gained most of his audience through the internet, instead of talking in conference halls. Soulie also points out that the ban “will pseudo-martyr Spencer’s ideas and cause many to seriously wonder if they might actually be correct.”

Could the reason behind Spencer getting the ban hammer be a subtle form of promotion of his ideas by the globalist establishment? Possible, yet I am not convinced. I am more inclined to believe there’s much more to Richard Spencer than meets the eye. Much more.



A couple of months ago certain documents were leaked to the public that showed that Richard Spencer has been running some sort of Alt-Right secret society called Phalanx. One can only guess what goes on in meetings of the society, but there have been suggestions of gay orgies, and Phalanx itself has been described as resembling a pyramid scheme. From an outside perspective these assessments sound plausible based on what I know about Richard Spencer, but it is speculation, of course.

In addition to Phalanx, whose name has probably been changed by now, Spencer admits to some sort of covert Alt-Right meeting in Detroit in the Red Ice interview. Spencer is clearly used to this sort of cloak and dagger way of promoting him political movement. The question is then, if they have these secret gatherings, what do they do there, especially since listening to Spencer’s interviews he rarely states any concrete goals for his movement, and most of the time says a lot of things that sound sophisticated yet have little content?

Perhaps these Alt-Right meetings are simply gatherings for urban diletantes who enjoy hanging out with like-minded people. Or they might be actually doing something that the Hungarian government found disturbing two years ago, and the same would apply to the British government today. It might be some sort of political subversive plotting, but I doubt it. Richard Spencer comes off as someone who only cares about the image and the atmosphere, not concrete issues, and he probably attracts similar people around him. I think the secret meetings are grand parties masked in pseudo-intellectual posturing, Alt-Right politics and some sort of debauchery. The governments of European countries might know of this, and do not wish it to occur on their soil.

However, I do not know what occurs Phalanx meetings and secret Alt-Right gatherings, but one thing is sure: Richard Spencer is used to working in secret, and it appears he is hiding something. If you are a supporter of him, I’d advice you of consider what is it exactly that he’s not telling.


Spencer’s Agenda and Red Ice

I’ve written about this before so I’ll be brief. He rarely says any concrete policies that he supports, but in the Red Ice interview he says several times, as he’s said in the past, he wants a “New Order”. He also suppors attacking the right, or conservatives, whereas advices the Alt-Right not to attack the left. What this tells me is that he is a revolutionary who wants to crash the current system, and bring about his New Order. To be sure, the current globalist system should be brought down, but I doubt Spencer’s new system would be any better.

I sometimes wonder, why do I even care what Richard Spencer does, since I am not Alt-Right myself, but I guess it comes down to his influence of Red Ice. Red Ice Creations used to be one of the best alternative media and conspiracy research sites on the internet, but since they turned Alt-Right a year or two ago, their objectivity has been compromised. I blame Richard Spencer as one of the main catalysts for this conversion, although I don’t know the actual thought processes that went through the heads of the Red Ice crew and who influenced them in what way.

Red Ice used to be an independent and objective site that presented all sorts of alternative research. Nowadays they are openly politically aligned toward the Alt-Right, and it shows. It’s natural to have some some degree of bias in some issues, since human beings perceive reality subjectively, but there’s a big difference between wearing one’s bias on their sleeve. I don’t want to go too deep into minor details on what I mean by this, how Red Ice has lost its objectivity by aligning itself with the Alt-Right so I’ll just how these images:

Red Ice 2012

Above is an image of the Links-section on the Red Ice website from 2012. It contains links to people and sites from various walks of life; conspiracy researchers like David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Freeman and the Corbett Report. Alternative historians like Graham Hancock, Joseph P. Farrel and Lloyd Pye. And a bunch names I don’t even recognize.

Nowadays the Links-section is like this:

Red Ice 2016

It’s all Alt-Right or Asatru-sites. I’m not saying all of these sites are necessarily bad, but that their scope is much more narrow to what it used to be. Also, nowadays Red Ice presents itself as being for tradition and roots, but they’ve gotten rid of the In Memoriam-section for dead researchers:


Red Ice seems to have forgotten its own roots. It used to be a part of the “truth movement” or the conspiracy research community, whereas now it wants to distance itself from its past. It’s like a kid in the school yard who hangs around with the freaks and losers because he’s one of them, but when the cool kids show him attention he abandons his friends to join the new crowd. Red Ice Creations changed its name to Red Ice TV some months ago, and the layout of the website changed too. This was more than symbolical.



I first heard of Richard Spencer from a Red Ice, or Radio 3/14, interview a couple of years back. He’s still part of the crowd, being interviewed and promoted by Red Ice. Spencer, and other people like him, are in my opinion Marxists of the Right. Whatever they touch, they corrupt or pervert in some way. The Alt-Right is not about giving an alternative to those who long for a return to more conservative and old-fashioned values. It’s a way of leading those people astray.



Richard Spencer – The Detroit Experience & How to Get Banned from the UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2TToh17Dk4

U.K.’s next leader banned a prominent white nationalist from visiting:
The Perma-Ban of Richard Spencer: http://therightstuff.biz/2016/07/14/the-perma-ban-of-richard-spencer/

Radio Free Skyrim Episode 34 – Implicit Pyramid Scheme 6/23/16:

Basic look on Freemasonry

When you delve into the world of conspiracy theories sooner or later, usually sooner, you run into the concept that Freemasons are a secret society that either run the world or are trying to do so. I find the theory fairly convincing, however it is still a theory as far as I know. So I’m going to go back to the basics and just look as some basic facts about Freemasons from an outsiders perspective, and without going too conspiratorial in the matter.

Freemasons do exist, and they are a secret society. There are Freemason lodges and temples in pretty much every developed country around the world. There are countless lodges in Europe and  the Americas, but Africa and Asia have their fair share of them as well. The least amount Freemasonry can be found in the Islamic Middle-East. The Communist party of China has interestingly outlawed Masonry, and I doubt there are lodges in North Korea either.

Wikipedia has a list of Masonic Grand Lodges from around the world. There appear to a be a few hundred of them. Note that these are only the Grand Lodges. Many other smaller lodges exist in each country. The list mentions two Grand Lodges here in Finland. A Finnish website, kaikki.info, lists supposedly all the Masonic lodges in Finland, which is 162. There appear to be 9 lodges in the city I live in, Turku. The thing is, I don’t know the location of any of them.

To contrast the 162 lodges, there are around 80 Islamic Mosques in Finland and two Jewish Synagogues. Finland has around 830 Christian churches. Why this is relevant is that Freemasonry is a religion according to some, although Masons usually deny it, but at least it is a spiritual philosophy. Joining them allegedly requires belief in a god.

Basically, Freemasonry is the second most powerful spiritual doctrine in Finland if we go by the amount of “places of worship” they have. Yet the regular person does not know anything about them. When I click on the lodges on the list on Finnish Masonic lodges, it gives a list of the people involved in said lodge. There are architects, engineers, lawyers and fire chiefs there. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know if the people in high positions in my community are members of a secretive religious order.

This is just the case here in Finland, but I expect a similar situation in most other Western countries at least.

Not only are Masons in positions of power, but Freemasonry itself appears to be powerful. I can say it simply based on the fact that there are countless Masonic lodges around the world, and renting or buying a place to conduct one’s rituals is not cheap. When you go to pretty much every country in the world you can see companies like McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Starbucks having a presence there. You can see that the companies have money, i.e. power, by their presence all around the world. The difference between Freemasonry and capitalist companies, is that Masons prefer to hide themselves, whereas companies thrive on visibility. Of course there are claims that Masons are behind such multinational corporations, but that is a discussion for another time.

Here are a few pictures of Masonic lodges.

Looks rather fancy, doesn’t it.
Money equals power.


This is the super fancy Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.
This may not look as impressive, but renting this place isn’t free.


I guess I should remind you that several of US presidents and other influential and important people, such as certain astronauts, have been Freemasons. I’ve written previously on how at least the French revolution and the independence of the United States have been influenced by Masonic ideals. Simon Bolivar of Venezuela was a Freemason. They have been quite influential in the formation of history in recent centuries, and they seem to at least have lots of money still today.

I wonder if Freemasons are suffering the same social ills as the rest of contemporary society, i.e. are feminists demanding that Freemasons accept more transgender people, or are Black Lives Matter activists saying that Freemasons are racist and need more diversity? Governments, especially the US government along with the NSA, is constantly spying on the average citizen. I wonder whether Freemasons are exempt from the spying? If I was in the government, I’d start with finding out what are the Masons really up to, instead of treating regular citizens like criminals.




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We Chose This

It’s pointless for the Western man to complain about the predicament we are facing as we all agreed to go along with it. Or our parents did, or our grandparents fought to bring it all about. Or maybe they fought against it, but it yielded little results. The point is, we chose this.

Decades ago many different people pointed out that society is ruled by people with their own values and agendas. They don’t think like us, their goals are not like us, but they were ignored for the most part. Whether it’s Jordan Maxwell, Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound, David Icke, David Duke, William Cooper, Freeman Fly or even Alex Jones, they’ve been pointing this out way before 9/11. Yet they’ve been laughed off as crazy conspiracy theorists and ignored. Conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and Freemasons have been around for centuries, yet people have decided to ignore them at their own peril. Clearly people are too dumb to even to tend to their rational self-interest.

Sure, the details of all of presented by various researchers differ from Jews, shapeshifting reptilians, Freemasons, Jesuits and Satanists to the Illuminati, but these details do not matter as much as the fact that our world is ruled by people who see the world very differently from us, and are working toward their eldritch goals. This is the underlying point, which the world has chosen to ignore, at its peril.

Therefore it should not come as a surprise if the “elites” decide to send hordes of violent Muslims to our countries as well as a load emasculating propaganda for men and de-feminizing programming for the women. Especially since the majority is willing to eat it all up. Next week they may come up with some sort of bio-weapon to kill thousands of people, or perhaps a fake alien invasion. Who knows? But the point is; we are their property, we know it yet we’ve gone along with it at least for decades. We’ve already given our permission for all of it.

You can call me lazy, but I prefer to fix a problem before it gets out of hand, and avoid both extra work and suffering. This is not, however, how humanity tends to do things. People prefer to ignore problems until it’s at their front door, when it’s usually too late. If people would’ve reacted September 11th, 1991, when George Bush senior gave his New World Order speech, maybe things would be different now. If people wouldn’t have gone along with all of the wars sparked by September 11th of 2001, maybe things would be different. Yet, if that were the case, people of European descent wouldn’t have their heroic battle of Ragnarok  or Armageddon against the Muslim hordes. That’s just way cooler than fixing problems when they arise, raising a family and having a nice, peaceful society.

What I see nowadays is even the alternative media and conspiracy research degrade into Right-Wing (which is still better than Left-Wing) rhetoric against Muslims immigration while downplaying the role that the West, along with the elites ruling it, had with starting the wars in the Middle-East that cause Arabs to be displaced to begin with. I see this rhetoric of the superior Aryan, White man, whereas the reality seems to be that people of European descent excel in creating toys and trinkets by their engineering skills and their morality is expressed in a game of ice hockey or football; my team is righteous because its my team, your team is wicked because it’s not mine. (That is not to say that any other race is superior in this sense, but certainly White people seem to have the least common sense.) All the White man can do to fix things is either hope Trump does it for them, or Hitler comes back from the dead to save them.

I have little faith in any political movement to make things better. Either they’re born a failure, they’re a scam made by opportunistic people or they’re infiltrated and ruined by agents. All I can do is play Captain Hindsight, and point out things that should have been done differently when I was younger.

However, I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, I am merely pointing out my observations. While I don’t believe in any collectivistic solution to our predicament, which is that society is ruled and directed by secret societies whose agendas we do not completely comprehend, I don’t wish to encourage anyone to lose hope or take on any addiction to engage in escapism. The world we live in is highly Satanic or wicked. One important thing is to hold onto your decency. Do not allow the world to corrupt you, even if the world itself is corrupt. Trying to understand why the world so corrupt is also a worthwhile effort, in my opinion. And although I don’t think that one individual can do much to change the course the world is taking, I do think that an individual can help other individuals. This is something worthwhile.

The timeless words of the Youtuber Common Filth have been going around in my head: “Do not put your faith in man.” Man made institutions and ideologies will fail you one way or another. Maybe there is a God, and maybe he cares enough to fix things for those who are not happy with the world. Even if there is no God, having dignity is the most valuable currency when the world ends with a whimper.

The Circle

I was listening a program with Ochelli and The Greek at American Freedom Radio, when the latter man mentioned the Greek goddess Circe and its connection to the word church. This reminded me of a topic that has been going around in my head for a few months now. Let’s jump in.

Circe is a goddess of magic in Greek myth. Wikipedia describes her as follows: “Circe was renowned for her vast knowledge of potions and herbs. Through the use of magical potions and a wand or a staff, she transformed her enemies, or those who offended her, into animals.”

The word church comes from the old English cirike, circe. Some sources claim the word’s etymology originates the Greek kyriakon (adj.) meaning “of the lord”. This supposed refers the lord’s house. However this interpretation is supposedly false, and I certainly don’t find it credible. A more likely etymological background for the word church is “circle”.

A man called Steven writes on the Bein’ a Berean website that what is called in the New Testament a church, is in the original Greek ekklesia which means “congregation”. However, King James I, known for commissioning the King James Bible, wanted the translators to use the word “church” instead of “congregation”. Although that wasn’t the first bible to use the word church.

Moreover, Steven points out that King James I was also a Freemason, possibly even the originator of the worldwide lodge system, and a homosexual. He even mentions that a circle with a dot inside is a Freemasonic symbol. I believe the conspiracy researcher Freeman has stated that the logo symbolizes apotheosis, i.e. man becoming God.

This is the logo of the company Target, that is behind Walmart. They wish to become gods, I suppose.

Then there is the derogatory term for Jews, “kike”. Etymonline states a possible origin for the word as follows: “Philip Cowen, first editor of ‘The American Hebrew,’ suggests a source in Yiddish kikel ‘circle.’ According to him, Jewish immigrants, ignorant of writing with the Latin alphabet, signed their entry forms with a circle, eschewing the ‘X’ as a sign of Christianity. On this theory, Ellis Island immigration inspectors began calling such people kikels, and the term shortened as it passed into general use.”

This reminds me of another company logo, the Circle K.

The kike circle. Then there’s the Red Ice interview where Dennis Fetcho talked about the Kosher tax. Certain products that have a U or a K on them are taxed by Jewish rabbis.

Then there’s still the word “circus” which comes from the same Latin word meaning “ring, circular line”. A circus is a circle in which performers entertain you. The ring also reminds me of the squared circle of a boxing or “pro-wrestling” match. And of Masons, of course.

All of these words are related to the circle and the goddess Circe; church, kike and circus. What it all comes down to is that the kikes and Freemasons give bread and circuses to distract us, and we go to their churches (or at least used to) to go around in circles trying to find spirituality, or we go buy in their stores for more distractions, while in the background they worship their goddess Circe. Circe transformed men into animals, and that’s certainly happening to many people nowadays. I suppose all of this is some sort of alchemical attempt at attaining godhood to be by Circe’s side.



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The International Clique of Satanic Secret Societies

The people who don’t have their heads up their asses have some degree of awareness of the subversion and attack on sane society. It manifests itself in various ways, such as our countries being invaded by “refugees”, the attempt normalize pedophilia and other sexual perversions, promoting White Guilt to make decent people hate themselves, Orwellian censorship and control over those of us who resist this and so on. The hydra we are facing has multiple heads such as Zionism, Islamists, corporations and governments, Marxists (such as feminists, Progressives, LGBT) and the main stream media. The question then is, what is  the body of the hydra? What controls, or gives power to, these destructive organizations?

I’m an old-school conspiracy nut, so I have an old-school answer: secret societies. Call them Freemasons, the Illuminati, Satanists, Dark Occultists, or what have you, based on what I see they are in control. Feminists, Progressives and LGBT-people are very heavily promoted in society, but many of them are complete idiots or simply insane. Therefore I find it questionable they could have ascended to the high position in society by their own merits. I think it more likely they were allowed to get into power by more competent individuals in order to weaken society to make it easier to be conquered or transformed. Zionism is certainly very powerful as well, but I think they too were built up to be powerful by another group, and did not attain power solely by their own actions. As Revelation 17:12 allegorically refers to the horns of the Beast of the Apocalypse: “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour.” These temporary “kings” receive their authority from someone else.



One of the most disturbing parts of the global establishment is that they seem to be pushing the normalization of pedophilia. The LGBT-movement and some Progressives are doing it too, but I believe them to be mainly useful idiots. The people who consciously push this agenda do not wish to show their faces in public.

The British political establishment seems to have been awash with pedophiles for decades. The BBC has been confirmed to have housed pedophiles such as Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. Many politicians allegedly have been part of pedophiles rings as well. While I am not sure if anyone has been convicted yet, when there’s smoke there’s fire. It looks more like the establishment is trying to cover-up their crimes, instead of innocent politicians being falsely accused. In Scotland a girl with Downs syndrome, Hollie Greig, was sexually abused by the establishment.

This doesn’t seem to be limited to Britain either. President Bill Clinton has been associating with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Researchers like David Icke have been covering these “Satanist” pedophile rings for years. Already back in the nineties he named former British prime minister Ted Heath as a pedophile. Say what you will of Icke and many of his far-out ideas, but his exposure of the pedophile establishment has been spot on.


Sexual Perversion

The sexual perversions these global elites engage in, is not limited to pedophilia. President Obama has been rumoured to be a crack-smoking homosexual. His wife Michelle is supposedly a man, Michael. While these things are mere rumours, when there’s smoke, there’s fire. Not to mention Obama’s support of LGBT-issues.

American politicians and other powerful people annually visit the Bohemian Grove, a boy’s club where they run around naked in the woods. Even the rap-industry is supposedly ruled over by the Gay Mafia.

Pedophilia and sexual perversion are one of the most important issues for the global elite. I don’t think it’s merely because they are hedonists who enjoy various forms of sex. Based on my understanding it has a ritualistic, mind-control function. It is called Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). This is how these secret societies maintain obedience and pass on their “values” from one generation to the next.


The Satanic Secret Societies

Several while-blowers have allegedly been victims of these Satanic secret society networks, and they’ve written books or made video interviews of their expriences. Cathy O’Brien, Kerth Barker, Jay Parker and Arizona Wilder, to name a few, have described their experiences and abuse. Then there are researchers like Fritz Springmeier and David Icke who have reported on these secret societies. Mark Passio claims to have been a member of these Satanic networks when he was younger.

I find it unlikely that these people are all merely mistaken or lying about their research and experiences. I don’t think these Satanic networks are a Christian scare tactic to try to coax people into going to church either. While it is possible these Satanic secret societies do not actually exist, and there is a conspiracy to make you think they do, I find it very improbable. It seems more likely that these secret societies are very real, as there is plenty of evidence to suggest they are.

There is a concept called Generational Satanists. Satanism, i.e. mind control through sexual abuse, runs in their family in order the ensure the nexy generation follows in their footsteps. I even found a quote on the internet by the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, saying: “It’s been known for quite some time that the Bush family are Generational Satanists.” While I do not know if LaVey actually said it, based on what I know about the Bush’s it sounds about right.

Transhumanism is one of the core values of these secret societies, I believe. It’s about merging man with machine, and eventually becoming machine, i.e. losing our humanity. That is what the Satanists want. It’s not about being more efficient or smarter, but about being possessed by demons. Whether the Satanists are merely devious, yet insane people, who believe in demons, or these demons actually exist as metaphysical entities, is a discussion for another time.



When you see insane Social Justice Warriors spouting their propaganda and getting people fired for being politically incorrect, it can be tempting focus on merely pointing out the fallacy of their logic, but as you must realize, they are not well connected with reality. They would not have such power if someone didn’t allow them to have it.

Jews and Zionists do have a lot influence in the world, but you shouldn’t ignore the rest of the story. It can be convenient to blame Jews for everything, but I do not think it is correct. Even Hitler back in the day didn’t exclusively accuse the Jews for all of the problems. He spoke of the clique of internationalists who owe to allegiance to any country. However, toppling Zionism can serve as a means of uncovering what is behind it.

In case you do not know much about these Satanic secret societies, I suggest you look into the work of the people I mentioned above. The secret societies seem to have a religious and practical reason for promoting all forms of degeneracy.



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Baphomet, Chess, goat money, contracts and Ringwraiths

I recently started reading Tracy Twyman’s book Clock Shavings, which is pretty amazing. In it she recounts her Ouija board sessions with Cain and Baphomet. Crazy stuff, but I find her credible.

According to the usual understanding the Knights Templar revered Baphomet, as Twyman also says, but she suggests that most the secret societies following them, such as Freemasons and the Priory of Sion, have been started by Baphomet in some manner. She links Baphomet with the Gnostic goddess of wisdom Sophia. I wonder what John Lash would say about it?

Twyman writes that Baphomet has been known through many names in different times, and suggests that Mithras, the god of contracts, is one of Baphomet’s identities. She states: “Originally a Persian deity, Mithras came to be worshipped throughout the ancient world. His greatest act was to be sacrificed in exchange for the eternal salvation of mankind. Mithras was known as the god of contracts. He was the mediator between the Persian “Ahura Mazda” (God) and “Ahriman” (the Devil). Indeed, Mithras’ name actually means “contract”.”

Commonly Baphomet is equated with the devil and other evil things, but the truth isn’t that black and white, it seems. Also Freemasons apparently revere Baphomet as well, and while I cannot say for sure to what extent the conspiracy theories that blame the Freemasons for all sort of stuff are true, I’d be very surprised if there was no truth to the accusations. So I would say that there are a lot of nasty people who do somehow employ Baphomet’s powers for their own gain, yet Baphomet him/herself would be neutral in a moralistic perspective. After all if Mithras was Baphomet, and Mithras was a mediator between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, Baphomet would definitely fit in a moral gray area.

Another interesting revelation in Clock Shavings is the game Ageio, the predecessor to chess, Chinese Xiangqi and Indian Chaturanga. This game, however, isn’t about competing, but a device for making magical rituals of some sort. It also uses tokens called agei. The tokens have alchemical power to transmute somewhat meaningless items into something of value. Pretty much like money these days. It’s just pieces of paper or numbers on a computer screen, but still if you have lots of it, you can use it to gain things of real value. Cain, who tells Twyman about Ageio, calls agei “goat money”. Twyman notes that Ageio and agei come from the Greek root word “ag”, which means goat. Another possibility is “agios”, which stands for “sacred,” “holy,” or “saint.”

The word “aegis” comes from the same root probably. It’s a word used in many fantasy roleplaying games, and it has haunted me since childhood. Usually an aegis is a shield or other protective device. Athena and Zeus in Greek myths carry one, and no-one is quite sure what it is, but usually its regarded as an animal skin or shield. Possibly a shield made from animal skin, or goat skin. Wikipedia even mentions the possibility the aegis was some sort of shamanic pouch.



Baphomet, of course, is depicted as a goat. And now finally we are getting to the point I’m trying to make. This Baphometic influence seems to be so prevalent in our society, most people don’t think anything of it. Baphomet is somehow behind the fiat currency system of making something out of nothing. Was Baphomet the creature from Jekyll Island, where the Federal Reserve was birthed? Baphomet being the god of contracts is somehow also behind the need for the “Illuminati” to always tell people in advance what they are going to do, predictive programming and all that. I think subconsciously the masses even know it, but it’s part of the contract between the elites and the masses that the masses get to keep their ignorance and live in their Disney Worlds’ while the dark occultists do their thing. However, now that contract is breaking down for some reason.

Then there’s Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard. I think in the recent Red Ice interview Alexander Dugin said that Brzezinski commented that he had never considered that chess is a game for two. Maybe Brzezinski wasn’t thinking about chess, but Ageio.

Assuming there is any truth to this, I don’t think Baphomet is somehow controlling and enslaving humanity, but rather humanity is using Baphomet to enslave itself. To escape some ancient trauma, perhaps.

Cain, according to Twyman, was not just some peasant who killed his brother, but a god-king in the pre-diluvian world. There was a cataclysmic war that lead to the biblical flood. In the war the Dohir kings, who were sons of Cain, fought against him. For some reason when I think of the Dohir kings, I cannot help but imagine the kings from the Lord of the Rings who were corrupted by the Rings of Power and became Ringwraiths, the Nazgûl.

Another thing, according to Cain, is that Aegean Sea (east of Greece) is where the Land of Nod used to be, but now it’s under water. In the world of Song of Ice and Fire, better known by the TV series Game of Thrones, there is a place called Valyria. It’s similar to myths of Atlantis with great magic and all that, but it was destroyed in a great catastrophe. To me the location on the map has always looked like Greece. I thought it natural since the legend of Atlantis comes to us from Greece, so the author George R. R. Martin made Valyria look like Greece. But maybe there’s more to it than that.


This is a screenshot of Valyria (after the cataclysm) from the game Crusader Kings 2, A Game of Thrones-mod.


Compared side to side with the map of Greece and Aegean sea Valyria does not look alike, but on a subconcious level I do find them similar.



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