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Red Ice and the Alt Right

Red Ice Creations was probably the best alternative media site on the internet a few years back, and I was subscribed to them for several years. However, the website’s quality has been gradually going downhill since they joined the Alt Right, maybe six months to a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, I think most of the guests on Red Ice still these days have been pretty decent, but I just see Red Ice slowly heading toward its doom.

One reason for this is that Red Ice has gotten as famous as it is now. There are all sorts of people who see something nice that others have created and assimilate it into their own network. The Alt Right assimilation is just the latest example of this, but in my opinion it has happened before, but Red Ice managed to evade subversion before. In 2014, Henrik Palmgren, the voice of Red Ice Creations, was asked to host the Secret Space Program conference, and he interviewed many, if not all, of the participants. The idea of a Breakaway Civilization of humans out there in space being funded by governmental Black Projects sounds fascinating alright, but I’ve come to regard it as far-fetched and hypothetical at best. I’m suspicious of some people promoting that stuff, while I’m not saying that every presenter in the conference were a disinformant.

I think the Secret Space Program people dragged Henrik Palmgren into their conference both as a way of promoting the conference, but also as a way of subverting Red Ice from objective research into promoting certain narratives.

In recent years Red Ice has shifted their focus from esoteric conspiracy theories to more practical matters. I agree with this, since the problem with conspiracy theories is not the word conspiracy but theory. It’s something theoretical, hypothetical and conspiracy theorists tend to merely discuss issues, instead of doing something about it (myself included). So when I first discovered the Alt Right I was pleased, since they seemed like they were more practically minded traditional and conservative people who get things done. I’ve since come to the understanding that they’re not.

It has been said before by several people, but the inescapable conclusion is that the Alt Right are the other side of the Cultural Marxists. Both groups have a simplified, digital view of the world and they care more about their virtue signalling, edginess and posturing than actually fixing things. The difference is that Cultural Marxists are effeminate and only see the worst parts of Western culture, and the Alt Right are masculine (often their hypermasculinity extends into homosexuality) and see only the best parts of Western culture. There is big difference between promoting European culture and history, and Alt Right’s cookie cutter notion of Whiteness. For this reason I wish that Red Ice renounced their Alt Right associations.

While so far I do despite their Alt Right associates Henrik has been doing a decent job, and making worthwhile interviews, I fear his Alt Right company will drag him down with them. I am more concerned about some of the things his wife, Lana Lokteff of Radio 3Fourteen, has been saying, though.

In her interview with Sencha MacRae, Sencha was going to say something about Donald Trump being controlled opposition, but Lana turned it around and started saying something like Trump is the manifestation of the desire of White people, or something to that effect, I forget the details. I agree with Lana that people are burning to find a leader, but she should realize that Trump ain’t it. He is practically an actor there to misguide you. Being the wife of the head of Red Ice, Lana should be able to recognize this simple conspiracy fact.

Then at the end of her inteview with Walter T. Richmond she was saying something like Americans should return to their homeland of Europe. That just pissed me off. I’m against mass-immigration. I do not want troves of immigrants from any country into Europe, not from Africa or the Middle-East, not even from East-Asia (which I am fond of), and not from America. You created the problems that you face in America, you fix them. Don’t bring them here.

And last, and certainly not least, is Lana Lokteff’s interview with Greg Johnson on gayness and Alt Right. I already made a post pointing out the dishonesty of Greg Johnson in the way he promotes homosexuality. In the interview with Lana he was explaining his views on homosexuality, and they seem reasonable enough, such as the fact that some people simply seem to be born homosexual, and this has been going on since time immemorial so there’s no need to fuss over it. I agree, however this isn’t what Greg Johnson was doing in his article “Gay Panic on the Alt Right”. Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott were excluded from an Alt Right conference, because of anti-homosexual views, and Johnson was pretending this wasn’t the case. If he wants to have a discussion about the role of homosexuality in the Alt Right, I’d be happy with it, but the Alt Right does not do so, instead they outright censor people who speak out against homosexuality, and then pretend like they didn’t. Moreover, they are blatantly anti-Christianity. For a movement that’s supposedly revolutionary and politically correct, they do seem to agree a lot with Obama’s policies of promoting homosexuality and oppressing Christians. I wouldn’t be surprised if some members Alt Right started supporting Satanism a few months from now.

Had the two Matts said something like gays should be sent into concentration camps or drowned in a bog, I’d understand if the Alt Right wanted to exlude them. But I haven’t seen any evidence that they were advocating any crazy, extremist views such as these. Therefore, I can only conclude that the Alt Right wants to promote homosexuality and stifle criticism of it.

The worst part of the interview is that Lana Lokteff was agreeing with Greg Johnson and promoting his message. All I can say about Lana is that I don’t trust her judgement. She may have the best of intentions, but you know what the road to hell is paved with.

Unless Red Ice Creations takes a quick U-turn I expect it to lose relevance in a year or two as it’ll degenerate into some sort of in-group circle jerk of Alt Right. I’m sure their new audience is pressuring them into promoting Trump as well (and of course he is a better option than Hillary, Bernie or Cruz, but that isn’t saying much). I’m sure many decent people are drawn into the Alt Right, especially since the main stream offers little solutions nor sanity, but the Alt Right is not a real alternative. It’s a distraction at best.



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Archons, Nazis, Zionists and the Secret Space Program

Something popped into my mind as I was listening to John Lash’s latest interview on Red Ice creations and looking at the poster of Iron Sky on my wall. This might be total fiction, not saying I think this is true or anything, but at least it would make a fun B-movie: the Secret Space Program is run by the Nazis, but they do it to hide their presence from the Zionists controlling our world.

For those who do not know, Iron Sky is a Finnish movie about Nazis living on the moon and returning to Earth in modern day. The actors are mostly German and American, but the director, script and the intellectual content is Finnish.

John Lash is the guy who supposedly understood the message of the gnostics from 2000 years ago, and introduced the word Archon into common parlance. I haven’t read any of his books and don’t know that much about his ideas, except what I’ve heard from a few interviews, but it’s hard to dismiss what he says as nonsense. In the Red Ice interview he says Jews basically sold us out to the Archons (artificial, demonic presence) and were infected with the spiritual virus to ultimately destroy humanity or all life. This is something every conspiracy theorist should know already, whether or not they delve into the supernatural realm of conspiracies. A lot of the evil conspirators in our world seem to be Jewish. What co-incidence! (Naturally, this does not mean that every Jew is connected in a hive mind to this conspiracy. Rather it is the higher echelons of Judaism that are involved in this Archontic conspiracy.)

Anyways, there are also some reports of some sort of Nazi secret society still in existence. NASA was founded by Nazis, Argentina has some of that legacy too, I believe. Joseph P. Farrel has written about the Nazi space program, and Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance claims the Nazi influence exists still, I believe, although I haven’t read their books yet. Simply put, there are claims of Nazis still existing in the background, conspiracy theories of a “Nazi Death Cult” and so on. I’ve found this information somewhat contradictory. While even respectable researchers claim Nazis still exist, I really don’t see our culture having been perverted into a Nazi Frankenstein monster, but a Jewish Frankenstein monster. So perhaps there is a Nazi secret society, but they are the good guys, or at least not our enemy.

It should be obvious by now that most the stuff we have been told about the Nazis is false. From the Holocaust and Final Solution (and it being illegal to question it in many countries) to the Jews serving in the German military and the Transfer Agreement. They have been turned into comic book villains. No group of people in history has been as vilified as the Nazis. Might there be a reason for this, or is it mere co-incidence? Although I’m not saying the Nazis from 1930s and 40s were necessarily the good guys, the Allies certainly were not the good guys either, they were merely the winners. What I advocate on the historical Nazis is to treat them fairly and look at their actions, the good and the bad, as an adult. Not as a child saying He-man is good, Skeletor bad. Yet since the Nazis are so vilified to this day, they must have done something right.

And finally we get to the hypothetical (probably fictional) Nazi Secret Space Program. According to my understanding some of the people who theorize that the Secret Space Program exists gets it funding from the Black Projects of the US government. A large portion of that money. Why would the Zionist US government be funding Nazis then? Perhaps, Nazis manage to do this under the radar of the Zionists. Perhaps they created a network in the 40s that allowed them to keep money flowing to them, and the Zionists haven’t managed to stop them. Alternatively, there are two Secret Space Programs: one for Nazis and one for Zionists. Perhaps the Nazis did in fact fly to the moon and build a base there in the 40s, or the Hollow Earth or some other secret place. The Zionists have been reverse-engineering their technology for decades trying to fight them. That could be the secret space war. This sounds really like a comic book, doesn’t it? It also brings to mind Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part 1 and Jews in Space.

Might sound far-fetched, then again Finland managed to win the Eurovision song contest eight years ago, which is much more miraculous in my book. Today’s fiction is tomorrow’s fact and so on. If you think what I said is stupid, I’m fine with it, but go listen to John Lash’s interview and watch Iron Sky at least.




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