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Saint Lucia, Orion and the Occult

Saint Lucia’s day was a couple of days ago December 13th. Saint Lucia was allegedly a Sicilian girl who lived around 300 AD. For some reason though, her day is celebrated especially here in Finland and in Sweden around Christmas time. Blonde girls wear a wreath on their heads with burning candles on it and sing about Saint Lucia. This is something you’re forced to experience every year at school if you’re a child in Finland, and presumably Sweden (although maybe today it’s considered racist).



My wife, who is Asian, experienced her first Saint Lucia song experience the other day and told me about. It got me thinking about it again with my symbolically aware conspiracy nut mind that I lacked as a child. The first thing that comes to mind is that Lucia sounds a lot like Lucifer. It’s not the first time that Lucifer would be rendered into a more simplified form for public consumption. See Lucifer Trust becoming Lucis Trust. Moreover the whole Lucia celebration is about bringing light into darkness.

Another reason why the existence of this tradition in Finland and Sweden perplexes me is that Saint Lucia was a saint canonized by the Catholic church, and apparently revered by the Orthodox church as well according to Wikipedia, yet Finland and Sweden are Lutheran countries. Lutherans aren’t supposed to give a damn about saints. What is the point with this tradition?


Astrological Connection

I was reading the lyrics to the Saint Lucia song with my wife. The Finnish lyrics start off with “Taivaalla tähtivyö kirkkaana loistaa”. It means in the sky the star belt shines bright. Star belt? That is obviously Orion. Although I don’t think the Swedish version of the song mentions the belt. Nevertheless this isn’t the only connection between Orion and Lucia.

Wikipedia mentions that the winter solstice was on December 13th in the Julian calendar. In the Middle-Ages the solstice co-incided with Lucia’s day. Orion starts to become visible in the night sky in November and December. Acharya S writes that in ancient Egypt the Nile flooded in the summer around the beginning of the summer solstice when Sirius was rising, and the flooding began to stop as Orion was rising around winter solstice. I also saw this picture on Wikipedia from the Lucia’s day in Sweden. Notice the boys behind the girl with the burning head wearing KKK-style wizard hats with three stars. Another Orion connection?



Mythological Collection with Orion

There’s more evidence linking Orion to Saint Lucia. Wikipedia has this picture of Saint Lucia with her eyes on the platter. The Finnish language article explains that Lucia is the saint of the blind and visually impaired. It also tells a short story of a young man who would harass Lucia, because he had fallen in love with her beautiful eyes. Therefore she ripped out her eyes and gave them to him on a platter. When Virgin Mary saw her strong faith she gave Lucia new, even more beautiful eyes.



In Greek myth Orion was blinded by king Oenopion. The blind Orion met Hephaistos (known as Vulcan by the Romans, and as Tubal-Cain by Freemasons) who was lame. The smith Hephaistos felt pity for him and ordered his servant, Cedalion, to help Orion. Eventually the sun god Helios healed the sight of Orion.

Although the details differ between Saint Lucia and Orion, but both became blind, but their sight was eventually restored. Some researchers also associate the constellation Orion with Osiris. In Star Trek, the Orions are a race of green-skinned slave traders. Osiris was known as the green god, but I don’t want this train to get off the rails, so I’ll just end this by stating that Lucia’s day has something to do with the bringing of the light (to put it in an Italian way), and is connected to Orion. Religion and the occult is still going strong in northern Europe even if most people aren’t aware of it.



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The Sweden I knew is dead. Swedes have two choices how to continue

I’m Finnish, and my nation has a long history with Sweden. A veritable love-hate relationship. When I was a child I visited Stockholm a few times, and liked it, particularly because of the three-story toystore called Stor och Liten (Big and small). But there are plenty of things in Sweden I, and many Finns, don’t like such as forcing Christianity onto us 700-800 years ago, and forcing us to study Swedish at school, since it’s the second official language of Finland. But the worst sin Sweden has committed is import countless Arabs and Africans into their country.

Reading news about Sweden makes it quite clear the liberal, although often obnoxious, yet benevolent Sweden I knew as a child does not exist anymore. All things change; people, cultures and nations, but Sweden seems different. Sweden has cuckolded itself into a suicide.

Immigrants in Sweden commit rapes, murders and other acts of violence fairly consistently, and native Swedes who speak out are racists, apparently. Well, I’m saying they’re not racist enough. I see that Swedes have only two choices to make: accept the process of suicide they started decades ago, and let Sweden become an Islamic caliphate; or revive the Norse spirit. Start a new nationalist Sweden akin to Nazi Germany. Voting for the Sweden Democrats party is not enough, but I guess it is a start. Islamic caliphates probably have some degree of law and order, what Sweden is becoming seems to lack even that.

I’d feel much safer in Finland with Nazi Germany as a neighbour, instead of any Islamic country. Especially since Sweden seems to have attracted much of the worst people from third world countries. You Swedes have to make the decision, do you want to survive, or are you so afraid of being labeled racist?

A couple of months a mother and child were killed in an Ikea store by an Eritrean immigrant. An article by Ingrid Carlqvist quotes several Swedes emailing their concerns to the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, since he hasn’t even addressed this killing in public. It’s nice to notice Swedes aren’t completely asleep, but how they express their concerns are rather meek. They say things like the government should condemn all acts of violence, instead of just promoting their anti-racism campaigns. Merely having a politician condemn acts of violence, or speaking about them is pointless. It’s the regular Swedes who have to fight violence with violence to preserve their race. It’s no more Mr. Niceguy for Sweden, or there will be no Sweden.

One another thing I noticed is when a horrible crime occurs, such as this Ikea killing, the politicians stay away from it. However, when a hoax or a false flag occurs, politicians promote their agendas. Obama certainly seems to be pushing gun control after dubious shootings. Same goes for feminists who stay silent after a real rape occurs, but make their song and dance routine after a fake one.

Swedes should cut the crap, and fight for their country. I don’t wanna see the Islamic Caliphate of Sweden become reality.



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Mimir’s Well and Baphomet’s Wisdom

I’m continuing on the parallel’s between Norse and Judeo-Christian mythology, particularly the stuff related to Baphomet and Cain as Tracy Twyman describes in Clock Shavings. Now that was an exessively long-winded sentence.

There are some striking similarities between Baphomet and Mimir. Wikipedia says that Mimir “is a figure in Norse mythology renowned for his knowledge and wisdom who is beheaded during the Æsir-Vanir War. Afterward, the god Odin carries around Mímir’s head and it recites secret knowledge and counsel to him.” The Knights Templar allegedly had the head of John the Baptist through which Baphomet advised them. Sounds eerily similar to me. John the Baptist was beheaded at the request of the femme fatale, Salome.

Not only was Mimir a provider of secret knowledge, but the Well of Mimir, or Mimisbrunnr, is situated below the world tree Yggdrasil. Apparently the other eye of Odin located in the well, the eye he sacrificed to gain wisdom. The well appears to be a source of “wisdom and intelligence”. Twyman spoke of Baphomet’s Baptism of Wisdom, and that he/she is located in the underworld in or near the abyssal, primordial waters known as Absu or Abzu in ancient Sumeria. I think there is a connection.

Moreover, Tracy Twyman supposedly contacted Jesus using the Ouija board. Jesus told her that the Dohir kings of the pre-diluvian world hid (Noah’s) Ark at a well. As I mentioned in my previous post that the Ark appears be a cube, and referred to as New Jerusalem in the book of revelations. Then there’s the other, black cube in hell, or on the moon. Perhaps the black ark is at Mimisbrunnr. If the moon is somehow connected to the underworld, and it controls the tides and women’s menstruation, this might somehow be connected to the rivers in the underworld, such as in the Greek Hades.

I also think John 4:4-26 from the bible where Jesus meets a Samaritan woman, who has five husbands, at the well is related somehow.

The Norse Edda describes a character named Gylfi who “was the earliest recorded king in Scandinavia (in Sweden).” He used the name Gangleri when he was in disguise. He was apparently tricked by the virgin goddess Gefjon. Gylfi promised her as much land as she could plow in a night, but she used her found giant sons who turned into oxen and plowed lots of land. This caused the Danish island of Sjaelland (Zealand in English, apparently) to detach from the greater land mass. Gylfi was also “a wise man and skilled in magic”.

I’m considering whether Gylfi could be the same as Cain. Note that Twyman claims Cain was a sorcerer-king. Gylfi was the first king in Sweden. Cain was a tiller of the soil, whereas the story does not explicitly mention that Gylfi was, but there is the story with Gefjon, the oxen and plowing related to him. The plowing event lead to movement of landmasses, whereas Cain supposedly caused the biblical flood. Gylfi’s story is not as epic as the flood that destroyed most the world, but still has a similar theme.

One blog, LadyoftheLabyrinth describes Gylfi: “When I first tried to look up the meaning of the name Gylfi, I found only one dictionary dating back to 1886[3] which provided a clue. It literally said that Gylfi refers to a “werewolf”, “shape-changer”, or a “sorcerer who changes into a woman every ninth night”. The other word that composes the title Gylfaginning is ginning, which means “illusion”, “hallucination”, “trick” or “vision”. In my opinion, the most correct interpretation of the title of Snorri`s first book would translate something like “The Vision of the Sorcerer”.” The blog also suggests Gylfi might actually be Odin himself.

So what does this all lead to? Mimir seems rather similar to Baphomet in many ways, but I’m not so sure about the Gylfi/Cain connection. Yet let’s say for the sake of argument they are the same, then it would be quite fascinating how Odin/Gylfi/Cain sacrifices his eye to Mimir/Baphomet for wisdom and receives information from the decapitated head. A friendship made in hell?

BTW, Odin’s horse Sleipnir has eight legs. I wonder is it has a connection to this thing from Rennes-le-Chateau:



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Nations are prevented from being sovereign

No country is being allowed to govern itself by its own people. This tendency seems older than the neo-liberal economic system as well. The proponents of the neo-liberal system claim the aim of the system is to bind countries together, make them co-dependent and thus prevent conflicts. I don’t buy that for a minute, but if you do, feel free. It’s about the same thing as any political scheme in history; control. The aim to prevent nations from being independent and sovereign, and to tether them to the maritime law capitalist globalist leviathan.

However, before the modern age preventing sovereignty was handled differently. Way back in ancient Rome there was the empire, which conquered and enslaved weaker tribes and nations. As the empire adopted Christianity it became convenient to enslave people spiritually with this new doctrine as well. After the power of the Roman empire dwindled, however, the monarchy became a tool for preventing sovereignty. I don’t mean that monarchy itself is necessarily always a means of control, but has been so in many countries, as the rulers of many European countries were often of foreign origin.

The royalty of Sweden are of French origin, I believe. The Windsor family of England is of German origin. During the Victorian age England ruled half the world, but it wasn’t the English who were ruling, but this foreign family. I may not be expert when it comes to European royalty, and there may be many exceptions to this rule, but a lot of royals seem to come from foreign countries to rule over a nation. Even back 100 years ago when Finland became independent and the elites were trying to decide whether to make Finland a monarchy or a democracy they were going to install a German prince as the king of Finland.

It’s not that the French or German, or any other nation, is evil. The problem is not allowing the English to have a truly English king, or president, or what ever kind of leader they prefer. A foreign leader is incapable of caring for the nation as well as a native would.

Now, things work differently on how to prevent independence. We have the neo-liberal system, but also most European countries are enslaved by the European Union. Scotland and Wales have been controlled by England. The United States is controlled by Israel. South Korea and Japan are vassal states of the US, and so on. There is clearly a tendency to take away the sovereignty of nations. What is the moving force behind this tendency I cannot say. Your guess is as good as mine. For all I know it’s the reptilians, the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion, the Archons, or simply an aberration in the minds of men that refuses them the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives. And it’s been going on for millennia.

Recognizing that there is this “dark force” at play, what we must do is take control of each of our individual countries. While it is important to recognize the enemy, and try to do it capable, but on the other hand we may never know the whole story, therefore we should focus on something we can do.

P.S. I know some people are gonna say “it’s the Jews/ Israel”, and it might be, or maybe they’re just another pawn in the game. However, people living in Europe, or the States or in East Asia cannot do much to affect Israel, but what we can do is affect things in the country we inhabit.


I’ve had a fairly complex relationship with Christianity all my life. As a child I began to detest it, and did so until my mid-twenties. As a teenager I, as most people of our time, were offered the false dichotomy of Christianity or materialistic science. I chose the latter, because it didn’t seem as dumb even though since then I’ve forsaken that belief system as well. In my mid-twenties I began to realize there is as much validity to the Christian world view as any other, even though it was still dumb, but so was any other belief system. I stopped resenting Christianity. I got rid of my emotional baggage on it. Then I could see Christianity truly as the monstrosity it is. Yet it’s never that simple, is it.

Christianity and the Abrahamic religions have been described as a mind virus, and I wouldn’t disagree with it, but I’m not sure if it is strictly true either. I’m more inclined to think of Christianity at least as a vehicle for this ancient Archontic mind virus. It’s almost as if there are these two sides to it, that don’t really know of each other and don’t generally interact with each other. Perhaps this is the ingeniousity of it. The religion of love and compassion has been used as justification for all sorts of violence and torture, and often spread with the sword, and not the pen.


Christianity in Finland (or the Bad)

This certainly happened here in Finland around a thousand years ago. Thanks Sweden. This is one reason I, and many other Finns, have resented Sweden for forcing Christianity on us through force, but of course the same had happened to Swedes before us. They were infected with the virus and had no choice but to infect others. I’d never seen Finland as a purely Christian country, even though in my childhood in the eighties we were. I call it more like lip-service Christianity. Most people didn’t really feel Jesus or Jehovah in their hearts, but it was simply something you should do. Part of the patriarchal control system, or rather the cult of consensus society. Since most people act they are Christian, you have to do it too or you’re punished. This may have been different in other countries in central Europe or whatever. Perhaps in other lands, people truly embraced Christianity, and it wasn’t simply an act of oppression. But not here. We are the men of the North and we do not worship Semitic gods willingly.

Now, I find that Christianity has almost disappeared from the minds of common people. It’s some embarrassing shadow people aren’t supposed to shed light on, except when archaic clerical institutions refuse to allow gay marriage, or some Cultural Marxist tripe like that. Now we are lip-service atheists. I don’t know when or how it happened. Was there a meeting somewhere that I missed? Back in the nineties we still had the lip-service Christianity thing, somewhere post 9/11 there was this invisible shift in the attitudes of people. It almost makes me want to have Christianity back. Almost.

I’ve written about this previously, so I won’t waste much time here, but I argue that Atheism is the fourth Abrahamic religion. It is a continuation of the mind virus, it does not represent freedom from the virus, but deeper enslavement into it. It is merely a system of dogma without any spirituality or mystical aspects to it. No life.


The Good

Despite all of the countless horrible things that Christianity has wrought on the earth, it would be intellectually dishonest to deny its good aspects. There are loads of good people who are Christian and the have been many such people in history. There are aspects of Christian spirituality I find truthful. I do consider the Bible to contain valuable information. I greatly dislike the cult formed around the Bible, and the worship of the book as the word of God. I do agree that God works in mysterious ways, so even though the Bible was of course written by men, and it was altered in the Council of Nicea in 325 AD and all that stuff, I can agree to the possibility that the Bible does contain information from beyond that we should know more about. Yet I think this applies to several other books as well. There’s so much different interpretations of the Bible around there, Bible code and who knows what. I’d be quite hesitant to dismiss the Bible as silly fairy tales. But I also abhor the use of the Bible as some sort of talisman, or an excuse to try to justify one’s particular delusions as reality.

It’s nice to see there’s also some sort of Christian truth movement going on. Although many of them have a very stubborn, dogmatic view on things, which I find hard to connect with, I also realize that many Christians understand the simple fact that there is a battle between good and evil going on on this planet. I certainly don’t agree with them on many details of how and why this is happening, but I agree there are not only nasty control freak people running this place, but there seems to be a more ancient, and less human evil at play too. I don’t see so many atheists recognizing this.


My Ugly Theory

There’s definitely the nasty mind virus-side to Christianity, but there is a positive side to it too. I figure this partially, at least, due to the Pagan elements in Christianity. Christmas doesn’t have anything to do with Jesus, it’s a Solstice celebration. Easter refers to Ishtar. Catholic reverence for the Saints seems like Pagan god worship to me. Even the myth of the god dying on the tree and getting resurrected predates Christianity by assloads (assload is a theological academic unit of time and means “a long period of time”). None of this in new information, of course, and many Christians wouldn’t agree with this, but I see many of these Pagan elements as remains from an older, natural religion that our ancestors followed. The mind virus had to adopt a guise that the Pagans would be attracted to to sucker them in, but once they bought the whole package they couldn’t let go of it. They were assimilated into the collective. Yet perhaps, the Pagan elements in Christianity were still working their magic, and have gradually been subverting the mind virus to more healthy ends.

So even though Christianity started off as a nasty Abrahamic religion, it really didn’t start off as one, since it had borrowed older elements into it. Over the course of millennia certain sects of Christianity may have shed off the virus, and became Pagan in the core while remaining Christian on the surface. I don’t know if this is true, but just trying to make sense of all of this.

So this is my Heretical view on things. Take it or leave it. I don’t want to offend any Christians, I’m just saying it as I sees it.