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Wrestlemania 33 and Occult Symbolism

Wrestlemania 33 was held last weekend. I watched it for fun, but it was loaded with all sorts of so-called Illuminati symbolism so I figured I should talk about it.

In the beginning of the show there an intro sequence showing an animation of a rollercoaster introducing the wrestlers. The clip has occult symbolism in it every few seconds.

On the left there is the eight-pointed star of Ishtar, but here it also resembles the sun or a nuclear explosion with a crater below. On the right is an upside down blue triangle. Both symbols are seen several times in Wrestlemania 33.


The rollercoaster continues further and we see The Miz with his wife. A black triangle with white outlines is seen in the background.


The journey continues further and the triangle turns into the all-seeing-eye. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this.


The camera goes into the triangle and this green watery portal can be seen.


Then it revealed the eye was of the dollar bill. It has the number 33 on it. There’s Shane McMahon in the middle jumping from the top of a cage. The dollar bill is a kind of double-entendre as Shane’s theme song goes “here comes the money”. Shane is the man with the money (he is the son of Vince McMahon, the owner of WWE).


The rollercoaster continues and we see a yellow triangle with some sort of symbol inside. I don’t know what this refers to as I cannot see the symbol properly.


Then we end up in the locker rooms. The walls are covered with Tron-like computerish blue and black rectangles. I’m also not sure what this means. Reference to being stuck in the Matrix?


A bit later we see the tag team trio, New Day, riding a unicorn on a rainbow. Unicorn probably refers to Osiris, the horned god. The rainbow resembles a dome, or the firmament covering the earth.


Along with the symbolism, I find the name New Day an interesting name. It reminds me of the logo Barack Obama used for his presidential campaign. It also depicts the dawn of a new day.


What is this New Day then? I suppose it is Workers’ Paradise of the Communists, the Utopia just around the corner, the singularity of the transhumanists, or the completed Great Work of the Freemasons, but the trick is that it will never be finished. The point is the anticipation of slaving for this goal. The journey to nothingness is its own reward.

For people like myself who dread this coming dystopia, this New World Order, the trick is to keep us in fear. Anticipating for things to get worse. We’ll see martial law and people herded off into FEMA camps some day. Some day the economic system is going to collapse. Or maybe it won’t. I remember hearing so many doomsday prophecies of different sorts over the years, from the 2012 end of the world (or awakening) to economic collapse that’s supposed to happen in just a few months, back in 2011. But there is never a climax to these stories, whether they promise a Utopia or Dystopia.


Anyway, let’s get back to the Wrestlemania intro. Here we see Triple H as a petrified titan or nephilim who breaks out from his stony prison.


Later there’s a tunnel made of arches with two pillars around it behind Charlotte Flair. She looks like some sort of Illuminati priestess or queen.


Then the rollercoaster shows another portal. This time it’s blue and watery.


After that we see Bray Wyatt holding a lantern.  That’s his usual shtick. He has a lantern and then he blows it out before a match. The reason I found this intriguing is that it resembles the Hermit card from the tarot. It was also in the Economist’s cover for this year.


Then Bray Wyatt’s opponent. Randy Orton, is presented. He is shown, very briefly as half-reptilian. His nick name is the Viper, and the viper is shown throughout the show along with Randy. I’ve always felt the nickname Viper is a boring and generic one, especially since he used to be known as the Legend Killer, something the commentators in the show allude to. I’ve always thought the Viper is a name that some guy in a suit with no imagination came up with. Another boring nickname that seems similar to me is the Beast, which is attributed to Brock Lesnar. Both names also are related to evil characters in the Bible, although viper is not exactly the same as serpent.


This is the most obvious symbolism I found in the intro sequence. There are some other things I found later on in the show.

In the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H, Seth is dressed up in a golden costume carrying a torch. The golden costume the Golden Fleece? Does the torch mean he is playing the part of Prometheus?


Seth Rollins, as does every wrestler in the show, comes out of this sun portal looking thing. In the background there’s a ziggurat or a pyramid, and he walks on a bridge of fire.


I think in the match between HHH and Rollins, the commentators even refer to ‘clash of titans’ or battle between titans, although it might have been another match. As you might remember, Triple H was shown as a titan in the intro sequence. So Prometheus is battling a titan here?


Before the match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, a video clip highlighting the feud between the two men is shown. In the clip Randy is holding this odd-looking symbol he calls a “crucifix”, although the way he says it makes it sound like a “crucix”. What is a crucix? That ain’t no crucifix I’ve ever seen. It’s more like the Mark of the Beast, since there is a circle with an X inside.


This sort of occult symbolism is ubiquitous in our society from movies, to music videos, to sport events to pretty much everything. Many articles have been written and videos shot exposing this fact, but I’m still not quite sure why. What is the purpose of this? Is it some sort of occult magic to manipulate our psyches in some way, or to magically affect the nature of reality? Could be, but I have another interpretation. If you live in a Christian society, you’ll see Christian symbolism and rituals everywhere. People wear crosses, you might see paintings depicting biblical events, people celebrate Christian holidays, they’ll enact nativity plays during Christmas and so on. If you live in a Buddhist society, you’ll see statues of Buddhas here and there, people wear Buddhist accessories and so on. Modern America, and most of the developed world, is a Masonic, Luciferian, Satanist or just occult society. That is the religion that people adhere to, even if most people don’t do it consciously. I think Wrestlemania 33 might just be an example of this.


Occult Symbolism in Eurovision 2016

I happened to catch a part of the Eurovision semifinals earlier this week, although I really don’t like stuff like that. When I saw the Russian artist’s performance the occult symbolism was just too blatant. I should remind everyone that the winner in Eurovision 2014 was a transgender or transvestite Jesus-look-a-like who sang “Rise like a Phoenix”. This alone should have some bells ringing. So apparently occult Masonic or Illuminati symbolism is nothing new to the Eurovision song contest.

The Russian performer is Sergey Lazarev singing “You are the only One”. His show was filled with occult symbolism. At one point he’s standing on a black cube with a sun inside. It’s the cube of Saturn, and the black sun is inside.


Toward the end of his performance something resembling a stargate encircles the sun. It could possibly refer to CERN as well.


As the portal closes, the singer is standing on a futuristic ziggurat.


Then at the end he stands on a white cube (New Jerusalem?) as a woman holds a fire next to it. Is the woman Prometheus? My interpretation of this ritual is that Lucifer, Satan or merely Man is usurping the power of God.



The performance following Russia was Czech Republic. The performance starts with a purple G floating in the air.


Masonic much?



The performance from Montenegro had a black cube with a pyramid inscribed in it. Montenegro means black mountain, so I suppose they’d say the pyramid is a mountain, but I find it rather ominous looking nonetheless. The atmosphere of most of the performances was sinister and Satanic in my opinion.



I haven’t seen all of the performances nor heard all of the songs, so it’s possible I’m missing something relevant. Based on what I’ve seen I’d guess Russia is going to win as their symbolic signalling was the heaviest.


P. S.

Why are countries such as Azerbaijan and Australia participating in the Eurovision song contest as they aren’t part of Europe? Australia has European culture, so it sort of makes sense, but still the same could be said of the United States as well. Maybe it’s because Australia is part of the British commonwealth. Yet I don’t think Hong Kong participated in the Eurovision contest in the 90ies either. But when it comes to Azerbaijan, there’s nothing European about it as far as I know. Then again there’s little that’s European in Europe nowadays either. So who cares?




Eurovision Song Contest 2016 – Semi-Final 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRR3ppOqBzw

Eurovision song contest occult agenda?: https://concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/eurovision-song-contest-occult-agenda/


Jupiter Ascending symbolism and messages

I just finished watching Jupiter Ascending. Honestly it wasn’t as bad as it seemed after the first 20 minutes, but I don’t really understand why they make all of this sci-fi directed at teenage girls, as they don’t usually like sci-fi that much. It’s like making pudding for people who don’t like pudding. There’s stuff like Hunger Games and Caprica (prequel to Battlestar Galactica).

Anyways, let’s get down to business.

*Warning spoilers*

When Jupiter Ascending came out a few months ago, the name stunned me. It was around the time I had read Kerth Barker’s Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers. Kerth Barker was allegedly abused as a child by the Satanic Illuminati networks, and his grandfather was part of, they tried to make him part of it, but he managed to escape. According to his book, several decades ago there was a movement within the Satanic networks that wished to reform the ways of the Illuminati. The resistance’s symbol was Jupiter, the child of Saturn who ended up killing his father. Supposedly even the fact that in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey ends near Jupiter, instead of Saturn, as in the novel, is a reference to the success of the resistance. However, the resistance got wiped out in the end.

These things popped up in my head as I saw the name Jupiter Ascending. Could this mean there has been some change in the structure of the “Illuminati”, they’re just taking the piss, or it’s a co-incidence. I don’t think it’s any of the above really.

There’s reptilians and gray aliens in  the movie as foot soldiers for the bad guys. I actually don’t think it means much. They’re everywhere nowadays. There’s one reference in Jupiter Ascending that the earth was originally inhabited by reptilians, i.e. dinosaurs, and humans from outer space wiped them out. I’m not sure if that has any deeper meaning either.

What I find interesting though, is the story the movie is pushing that human beings are not originally from earth, but some distant planet somewhere else. We were supposedly seeded here. I think this stuff, along with much of the ancient alien stuff, is propaganda to try to make us disassociate with our home. In the beginning of the movie there’s even the modern yet old argument that since there’s so many planets out there in the universe, wouldn’t it be silly to think earth is the only place with intelligent life. Well, yes it would seem like a waste if there are countless planets out there, and this is the only one with life on it, but so far evidence seems to suggest that is the case. Haven’t we remote-probed countless planets out there and discovered no signs of life? Seems like a wasteland out there to me.

Another story Jupiter Ascending is pushing is that the earth is some sort of farm, like in the Matrix. In Jupiter Ascending it’s a farm for biomatter to make space royalty young again.

Then we get to the idea of royalty and genes. One character in the movie says that out there in their space federation they treat genes almost religiously, or something to that extent. Like the “royal” bloodlines we have on earth today.  Somewhere along the movie the main character, Jupiter, played by Mila Kunis, finds out she’s not just another earthling, but a reincarnation of the queen of… space? The movie just doesn’t explain what’s so special about being royalty except that bees like you, and you are “entitled” to all sorts of legal privileges. I wonder if this is deliberate? First the movie makes a big deal about Jupiter being royalty, but in the end it doesn’t make her any different from others, except from what some legal documents say.

The main character’s love interest is a generic combat hunk werewolf-boy by the name of Caine, who looks like a younger Ron Perlman. This certainly dips into what Freeman has been saying about the princess programming for girls, and warrior programming for boys, that Hollywood is pushing these days. The name Caine, or Cain, is of course interesting. Why did they pick that one? There’s even one scene where Caine is imprisoned and put into a pit with a metal grate that looks a bit like the rays of the sun. Cain is the Black Sun, and imprisoned in the pit, according to Tracy Twyman’s demonic informants in Clock Shavings.

The movie has also been written and directed by the Wachowskis, known for The Matrix and V for Vendetta. I didn’t even realize that when I started watching the movie. I don’t know if ultimately these themes or symbols mean anything in terms of predictive programming or manipulation. Perhaps the Wachowskis simply spent a few days on the internet studying interesting details to put into the movie so more people would go see it. I’m sure plenty of conspiracy theorists have been interested just because the movie has reptilians and grays.


P.S. I wrote the name of the movie as Jupiter Rising, not Jupiter Ascending several times. Maybe I’m subconsciously thinking of Lucifer Rising.



Jupiter Ascending: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1617661/

Get off your Manichaean Band Wagons

Certainly all throughout main stream society we have these dichotomies where you’re supposed to pick a side and root for it; left-wing vs right-wing, pro-choice vs pro-life, Christian vs atheist, blue team vs red team, ad nauseam. Yet similar behaviour applies to the “truth movement” and alternative media. There’s socialists vs nationalists, Christians vs “neo-pagans” vs New Age, and so on. Then there’s of course the various It’s The _______-crowds. Fill it _______ with anything you like from the Jews to crypto-nazis, to the Jesuits or reptilians. Quite frankly I’m starting to be nauseated by all the people who pretend that as long as they’re vocal enough, their favourite story will become truth.

Another thing that has started to nag me recently is that people recognize the various the occult symbols in the media and elsewhere that the “elites” seem to be using, and conclude the symbolism itself is evil. I do agree that the symbolism is obvious from the all-seeing eyes and triangles people do with their hands, and references to goddess Isis/Semiramis (including the Statue of Liberty), or that one statue of George Washington has his arms pointing exactly as Baphomet is in the picture by Eliphas Levi. These occult symbols are out there, and I think people use them for a reason. And many of the people using the symbols are evil, or are working for some sort of evil masters, but it does not necessarily follow that the symbols themselves are evil or perpetuate evil by their mere existence.

“By their fruit you will recognize them.” I do think there is great evil at work in our world, but the evil does not lie in a person’s ideology, the symbols they use, the words they utter, and not necessarily even the people they associate with, but in their deeds. For example, the main stream media perpetuates evil by lying and deceiving people, and omitting various truths. This is not some abstract statement, but a fact anyone can corroborate by observation and rational thought. The New World Order military-industrial complex is evil as is evidenced by the death and destruction it brings, and the financial enslavement the vultures of the IMF bring as it moves in after the smoke has cleared. The conglomerate of political correctness, feminism and anti-racism breeds evil rather than fights it, as is evidenced by the Rotherham rape scandal. Deception, murder, enslavement and rape are all evil acts, and those who consistently perpetuate them are evil.

These are concrete examples of the evil that goes in the world, opposed to someone making a triangle sign on TV or having Isis symbolism on display. Now I am not saying this symbolism is meaningless, on the contrary, as I said earlier, these people are doing it on purpose, but I’m tired hearing the same old “occult symbol=evil”-dogma. I would rather look at what is the fruit that these symbols bear. How do they affect people, why do they affect people, do they have some metaphysical effect as well? Could we possibly use these symbols for good?

I find a lot of these predetermined definitions meaningless, such as Christian, pagan, nationalist, anarchist… since everyone has their own idea of what they mean by it. Several years ago I had discussion with a friend who is Christian, and I was complaining how Christianity has been responsible for so much blood-shed and oppression in history. He responded by saying that ‘it’s just the Catholics. They’re not real Christians.’ A Catholic would of course say that Catholic are the only real Christians, and somehow justify or excuse the violent actions of the Catholic church. I don’t even think that me, my friend or the imaginary Catholic would necessarily be wrong. We are merely looking at and talking of different issues, but we are confused by overly generic words like Christianity. After all what Christianity was 2000 years ago is very different to what it was a 1000 years ago to what it was 30 years ago to what it is now. Then you can confuse the issue further by comparing Christianity in medieval England to the Byzantine Empire, or the countless different denominations and sects, and add in really different heretics like the Cathars. Traditionally the gnostics and Essenes are thought of as Christian, but some disagree with that…

So what I’m trying to say we should recognize that there are always great differences with what I think a word means and things I associate with than what you do. Sometimes people try to frame issues a certain way, that itself could be considered a form of magic to control the other person’s mind. Like the question that is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor has been repeated in the main stream media a countless times. I think he’s a bit of both. It is heroic to reveal the stuff that he revealed, however it wasn’t really any great revelation since anyone who had been paying attention more or less new about all the spying anyways. He is being a traitor by quite probably working as an agent in some sort of psy-op.

So stay off the band wagon, and look at things as they are and not as you think they are or as you want them to be.

The Meaning of Saturn Worship

In recent years several conspiracy theories focusing on the occult have noted that the bad guys worship Saturn. That sounds reasonable to me, yet few have actually managed to explain what is the significance and meaning of Saturn. There’s usually just vague assertions that Saturn is Satan, evil or something like that. It is rather simplistic to say the least.


Satan and Saturn

Ishtar Babilu Dingir is a British shaman (with a very confusing name). She quotes in her article The Origins of Satan the astrologer Peter Stockinger: “Saturn’s action is principally binding, chastening, chronic, cold, crystallising, denuding, hardening, depleting, hindering, limiting, magnetic, obstructing, retarding and suppressing”.

Satan is more or less equivalent to Saturn. Both represent obstruction. Ishtar Babilu Dingir writes that Satan first appears in the Bible as an angel that stops a guy named Balaam from going forward. Satan is an angel, which his donkey can see, but Balaam cannot. The donkey refuses to move. He beats the donkey in punishment until after the third time the donkey speaks to him.

I know this story best from Nick Cave’s novel And the Ass saw the Angel.

Satan/Saturn is not evil, but represents a metaphysical force of nature related with obstruction, suppression and binding. This is not good or evil, it simply is. However an excess of anything can be evil, or a certain thing in a certain situation can be bad. The existence of fire, for example, could even be described as a good thing. Fire gives you light, heat and can be used to cook your food. However, fire in a dry old library can burn the place down, and fire in a crowded night club can lead to deaths.

The Satanic energy of obstruction can have positive and negative uses as well. Let’s a say pretty vixen is trying to seduce you, but despite finding her attractive you turn her down, because you want to remain faithful to your wife. This would then be a Satanic act.


Saturn Worship

The black stone of Kaaba that Muslims worship supposedly refers to Saturn. Some orthodox Jews wear a black cube on their foreheads, the tefillin, which possibly refers to Saturn as well.



Both Islam and Judaism seem very Saturnian to me. Islam has all sorts of rules and limitations, especially for women. They have to dress up in black, Saturnine robes, they cannot even drive in Saudi-Arabia and so on. Men aren’t allowed to drink alcohol, they have to pray to Mecca five times a day and so on. Jews have strict Kosher laws on what they can and cannot eat. They cannot work on the Shabbat, Saturn’s day. They have to get circumcised.

Both religions are very restrictive and binding. This is Saturnian. Not inherently evil, but at least from my viewpoint excessively obstructive and controlling.

The six pointed star is the Seal of Solomon, or nowadays known as the Star of David. It’s also known as the talisman of Saturn.



King Solomon used the seal or ring to command demons or djinn. If the seal is imbued with Saturnian powers it makes sense it can be used to bind spirits in some manner.

Anyways, in addition to Jews and Muslims, the “Illuminati” elites seem to be worshiping or invoking Saturn as well (or they all believe in the same religion, although on the surface it seems different). This in itself is not evil, but as Saturn’s power is to obstruct and inhibit, the elites are using Saturn to control our lives. They try to prevent us from seeing certain truths, from living how we want to, and force us to live their way.

The excess Saturnian energy may be why so many people are unwilling to change their minds even when confronted by evidence. Why people are unwilling to look at conspiracies like 9/11 objectively. Why society has such a lack of understanding of spirituality.

As David Icke has said many times, human consciousness is a like ball under water. It rises  to the surface by itself unless somebody keeps pushing it down. This may be the purpose of the invoking of Saturn by the elites.



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Saturn, Rainbows and other gay stuff

I’ve heard it mentioned that the rainbow is a symbol utilized by the Illuminati elites and/or Jews. Sure as sodomy there’s an article written by a rabbi saying “The rainbow reminds Jews of God’s glory and faithfulness to the covenant.” Of course the rainbow is also the symbol of the gray pride movement. It has been suggested there’s a connection. Then it occurred to me, could this be related to Saturn?

Here’s a picture from the European Space Agency website titled Saturn’s Rainbow Rings:



Countless researchers have pointed out over the recent years how the Powers That Be are worshiping, or at least invoking, Saturn in many symbolical ways. There’s also the hexagon in Saturn’s north pole, which may have a connection to the Star of David. None of this is news, so I won’t go on with this, but rather with some other observations. I’m not quite sure what their implications are, if any, or if they are mere co-incidental observations.


Observations on the Rainbow Flag

First of all, the gay pride (or LGBT) flag has six colours, whereas the rainbow has seven. The colours are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The one missing is indigo. Indigo is merely a dark hue of blue, so possibly it was seen as redundant, since there is another blue hue in the flag already. Wikipedia says there were originally eight colours in the gay flag, with hot pink as an added colour.

I made one symbolic, occult observation on the colour indigo. They may have left it out for occult purposes to symbolize omitting a certain aspect from followers of the flag. There’s the concept of indigo children, who have special powers or something. Wikipedia says: “The color electric indigo is used in New Age philosophy to symbolically represent the sixth chakra (called Ajna), which is said to include the third eye. This chakra is believed to be related to intuition and gnosis (spiritual knowledge).”

Assuming this symbolism is accurate, leaving out indigo from the flag might mean those who rally behind the gay pride flag have closed their third eye and lack intuition and gnosis to understand what they are doing. I would say this is certainly the case with many Cultural Marxists who think they are being tolerant and compassionate by supporting gay rights, but are just in fact useful idiots to be manipulated by the manipulators.

Rainbow flag



Wikipedia comments on Rainbow colours as symbol of gay pride as follows:

“The rainbow flag has found wide application on all manner of products including jewelry, clothing and other personal items and the rainbow flag colors are routinely used as a show of LGBT identity and solidarity. The rainbow colors have become so ubiquitously recognized as a symbol of LGBT pride and identity in recent years that they have effectively replaced most other LGBT symbols, including the Greek letter lambda and the pink triangle. One common item of jewelry is the pride necklace or freedom rings, consisting of six rings, one of each color, on a chain.”

The use of the word “solidarity” accentuates the Marxist nature of the gay pride movement to rally minorities against the majority in an attempt to destabilize society and bring about transformation. The use of the word “solidarity” itself may not be a clear indication of Marxist leanings, but in this context it does seem to be.

I find the “freedom rings” a quite fascinating object. Rings like Saturn to me. Moreover they are freedom rings connected to a chain. I love this symbolism, since chains are a symbol is enslavement or imprisonment. You can freely celebrate possessing these baubles in your intellectual enslavement.


(???) Pride

Another thing may simply be a Finnish phenomenon, so I cannot say if it is a universal, but I find it perplexing to say the least. The English word “pride” is sometimes used in Finland to denote gay pride without explicitly stating this is the case. Note they do not use the Finnish word for pride, which is “ylpeys”, but the English word. Let me explain.

Some years ago I read a news article that a gay pride parade was attacked with stink bombs or something like that (I thought it may be a false flag, but that is beside the point). The article did not even once say that the “pride parade” was a gay pride or LGBT pride parade. They simply said “pride”. You merely had to infer that they are talking about “gay pride”. I couldn’t fathom why. Maybe it was some weird form of smugness. Trying to be hip, or something.

Then just few weeks ago I noticed there is a “pride” (English word) display in my local library. There was a clearly visible sign saying “pride” and then there were books around it. All of them presumably dealing with homosexuality in some form. Then there was a little sign somewhere a bit out of way with the letters “LGBT”. I don’t remember if the sign said what LGBT stands for, but at least I had to look for the it to see it, whereas the word “pride” was obvious immediately.

So maybe this is just Finnish idiocy and failure to grasp the meaning of the word “pride”, or maybe it’s something else. But it doesn’t make much sense to me if these people want to proudly announce their gay pride to the world, and they don’t clearly say this parade or display is for “gay pride” or “LGBT pride”. It’s completely counter-intuitive.

Perhaps this “pride” stuff is not about gay pride after all. Maybe the seemingly noble goal of sexual equality is used to entice useful idiots as bannermen for another cause. Could this cause be the Saturnian rainbow perchance?





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Neptune, Horses and Tridents

Seems like the theme this year in symbolism is as the title says Neptune, horses and tridents. Mark Gray connected Flight 370 and the Sochi Olympics to this as well in his Red Ice interview. For years now I’ve been seeing all of this “Illuminati symbolism” in places, and the alternative media points it out where-ever it is found. The question I, and countless others, have been asking is, of course, why is it there, what does it mean? Since the symbolism is so prevalent when know to look for it, it must mean something, but that’s as far as we can normally go.  Myself included. However, I am not above engaging in idle conjecture, which is what I will do now.

Perhaps this symbolism works on the basis of correlation, or an even weirder for of quantum entanglement. Mark Gray pointed out some gematric connections between Flight 370 and the Sochi Olympics, and also both of them had trident and Poseidon symbolism too. Perhaps, on a deeper level of reality than our common sense has access to, one was used to affect the other. The elements on a consciousness level of the two events are related, such as on the physical level two objects made of iron have a connection of similarity, since they are made of the same element. One possibility is that by affecting Flight 370, someone could have attempted to affect Sochi, or Russia. However, I don’t believe that. I see it more likely that both of them have been used by the same force, faction, secret society to affect a future event. Perhaps to create an event, or affect how we experience the event.

The symbolism used is probably to affect consciousness. Both the consciousness of humanity, and consciousness of nature, of reality, or whatever you wanna call it. Although I would say our consciousness and the so called external, elemental consciousness are definitely related, ultimately possibly even the same, yet on some level they are separate. Yesterday I listened to John B. Wells’ interview with Dr. Judy Wood on Caravan to Midnight. Judy Wood said that 9/11 was an attack on consciousness. Elsewhere John B. Wells conjectured that if the physical world is electricity or affected by electricity, and our thought processes are electric impulses, the should be a connection between the physical world and our thoughts. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

Based on this rambling and conjecture I would say symbols are tools that are used to shape and construct forms in consciousness. The symbolism isn’t inherently good or evil, just as any tool is not good or evil, but what you use it for. The greatest evil in this scenario is our completely lack of understanding when it comes to these tools.

Let’s look at the tools then.  Mark Gray said something like the trident is used to stir the ocean of consciousness. It makes sense. If the consciousness is an ocean, and currently its relatively calm, settled in one state, where it desires to remain until a powerful external stimulus motivates it to shift, the trident might be the tool used to change consciousness. Before 9/11 the consciousness was in one state, then 9/11 happened and consciousness was in chaos and flux for a while, after which it settled in a new state. It seems possible that this is what they are now doing. They might be, in fact, be working on a new 9/11, which does not necessarily imply a new false flag attack, but simply a powerful shock to stir consciousness again.

My previous post was on Wrestlemania XXX, 21-1 and the Beast. I also mentioned Project Bluebeam. Perhaps the shock will be related to ETs, (mostly likely fake in some way). However, during the Superbowl, earlier this year, the was the Maserati trident, Mars symbolism (i.e. war) and they were telling us to “prepare”, they were gonna “strike”.  I don’t really know where all of this is pointing to, and I doubt I have all of the evidence either.

Let’s get back to the trident. Perhaps the trident it the Hindu vajra. The vajra looks a bit similar, yet different to a trident, although there are some trident looking vajras out there is you google pictures with “vajra” and “trident”. The vajra is translated as thunderbolt and diamond. Nobody really knows what it is, and I’ve been fascinated and mystified by it for years. Once I thought it might be a technological device, sort of like the Jaffa staff weapons on Stargate, but I’m less inclined to think it now. The vajra might have had a profane manifestation in Vedic times in the physical world, but it more likely to be an energetic tool inherent to our mindscape. A symbol forged by the gods that can be used to alter reality if you know how to wield it. Perhaps we should learn how to use it, with great care, of course.

Horse is another symbol inherent to this year, since this is the year of the horse in Chinese zodiac, and Neptune was the god of horses, as well as the sea. I might be going out on a limb here (as if this whole post isn’t doing it already), but in Voodoo “horse” means someone who is ridden, or possessed, by a Loa, or spirit. Perhaps, this year will see, or has seen already, a lot of possession by other entities. It might actually be what “they” want to accomplish, to open means for spirits to possess people even more than before.

Yet, I wanna take heed of Dr. Judy Wood’s words and not engage too much in conspiracy theory, instead is I should focus on the evidence. The evidence is the symbolism floating around there; Neptune, trident and horse, probably other stuff too that I didn’t mention. I would say that they are tools to affect consciousness. That seems like a reasonable hypothesis, but I just don’t have any real understanding how they are used, why and to what ends. In regard to that I can only engage in conjecture, since I don’t know if I know that I don’t know. And I don’t know anyone else that really knows either. There is no expert that I can rely on.



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