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The Manchester Terrorist Bombing and Eric Schiffer

I already mentioned Eric Schiffer in my first article on the Manchester terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande concert. I am now even more convinced that the attack was a false flag or a hoax, since I’ve seen some very obvious crisis actor videos, or Disingenuous Relatives of Victims. I’ll probably write about that at a later date, but now I’ll focus on a person who might be somehow involved in the false flag: Eric Schiffer.


Schiffer / Grande Connection

A couple of days after the attack, Eric Schiffer was interviewed by Fox News about the attack. His role in the interview was that of a “crisis management expert”. As far as I know Eric Schiffer was not anywhere near the attack site, nor is he even British. He does, however, state in the interview that he knows Ariana Grande’s family: “She, I’m sure, is very devastated. I know the family.”

Ariana Grande has described her mother as follows: “My mom is a CEO and owns a company that manufactures communications equipment for the Marines and the Navy, so she’s not really the housewife type, if you get what I’m saying.” This was mentioned in an Illuminati Watcher article. Ariana’s mother is Joan Grande. Based on LinkedIn, the company seems to be HMC Communiations. Assuming that’s the correct Joan Grande. There’s no profile picture, and very little information about her.


Eric gets around

Eric Schiffer seems to have his finger in many pies. His own website says he is the “Chairman and CEO of Patriarch Equity, and serves as chairman of Reputation Management Consultants.” His LinkedIn profile also states he is the chairman of DigitalMarketing.com.

He has also been interviewed many times by various media organizations, so he seems to be well-connected among the elite.  In 2014 he was interviewed by Newsmax TV as an economist.  In 2016 he was a “tech expert” in a CGTN America clip. There are dozens of his interviews on Youtube.

Schiffer has been quoted by Salon about his statement on Donald Trump’s alleged anti-Semitic ties. In 2015 he wrote an article on The Washington Times how people shouldn’t be too politically correct when talking about Islamic terrorism. He was quoted by Forbes in connection to the controversy that PewDiePie is allegedly a Nazi. He is involved with a charity called “The Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters Annual Gala”. I’m not sure if Schiffer himself is a Jew, but his girlfriend Dr. Jenn Mann is.

These are just a few examples of how Eric Schiffer seems to be well-respected and connected in global elite, although I hadn’t heard about him before. Perhaps Americans know him better though.


Eric’s Companies

Now I’ll take a look at the companies Schiffer is involved with. Patriarch Organization or Patriarch Equity sounds like a sinister umbrella organization from a B-movie. And as far as I know they are, since I didn’t find much information about what they actually do, and with whom they are connected. They apparently control businesses in the digital industry and develop them somehow. I don’t know which businesses they have “helped”.

Digital Marketing (DM) sounds a less ominous version of Patriarch. They seem to be involved with, as the name suggests, marketing in digital media. The client list of the company is interesting though. It has some big names: Activision, Du Pont, Intel, Microsoft, Boeing, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Fox and you can see the rest below.


I just realized Eric Schiffer was interviewed by Fox News and Fox is a client of his company. Isn’t that sort of a conflict of interest?

Anyway, something tells DM isn’t just helping faceless corporations make more money, but is involved in manipulating people’s opinions on a deeper level.


Reputation Management

Speaking of manipulating people’s opinions, let’s check out Reputation Management Consultants (RMC). This is where it gets good. It is as the name suggests involved in salvaging people’s reputations.


This includes suppression of information: “RMC offers much more than a fast suppression of negative search listings. Our compelling, quality content will be created and placed with your branding in mind.”

This is as it sounds: if search engines keep offering negative opinions on you, RMC will somehow manipulate the results to make you seem better.


They help “high-profile businesses and individuals”, such as politicians, high profile business owners, multinational corporations and local not-for-profit organizations.


They suppress negative views of their client by promoting existing press releases, or they write their own propaganda pieces to make you look good. They also create “Social Network profiles” to help their client. Sounds like paid shills to me.


They allege to be a successfull business, and work with “the wealthiest men and women in the world and high profile invididuals”. I wonder who exactly has been their client? Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, all of them?


I don’t know if all of this is legal, but sounds morally questionable as hell. You basically pay this corporation to lie for you across the internet and media. Not to mention that Eric Schiffer is also connected to Digital Marketing that works with defense contractors like Du Pont and Boeing, i.e. the military-industrial complex. Therefore I wouldn’t be suprised if the online shills you see, especially after false flags like the Manchester bombing, are controlled by RMC. I also suspect Eric Schiffer, or one of his companies, were somehow involved with the Manchester attack, or alleged attack. Perhaps they hire or control crisis actors as well. I cannot prove anything, yet. So this is still just my hunch.

That’s all I have now. I should probably check out Joan Grande’s company, HMC Communications, and verify that this Joan is actually Ariana Grande’s mother. I’m not very good at researching the backgrounds and connections of corporations, or their money trails, so I hope if someone else can do deeper research on Patriarch especially.



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Friday the 13th Paris Terror Attack Aftermath Psyops

After the terror attack in Paris last Friday the 13th the media is ripe with psychological manipulation, much the same as with Charlie Hebdo. Facebook allows you to change your avatar into a French flag, similar to the rainbow flag last summer after the pro-gay laws in America. Facebook has an app that lets people to know you were alright after the attack. Even Youtube changed its icon to have the French flag. This is celebration of victimization.

The people who buy into these feel-good hype compassion campaigns just signal that they too wish to be victims, as victimization is somehow spiritually uplifting. First you have to get victimized, and then you do something symbolical and meaningless to show how brave you are, while nothing actually gets done to, you know, stop further acts of terrorism.

I don’t get it how people have their heads so up their asses they don’t look at the scenario we’re presented like rational adults. The scenario the main stream puts forward is this: shiploads of Muslim immigrants, many of them undocumented, are brought into Europe. The government and the media celebrate this and says we have to accept them, and the immigrants are given all sorts of privileges. Yet then fairly regularly Muslims commit terrorist acts, and people die. People are outraged about this, but here’s the thing that doesn’t make sense; the people do not address the issue that Muslims are brought into our countries, and commit crimes. They’re so afraid of being called racist that they cannot say, if the Muslims commit all of these crimes, let’s deport them, let’s have martial law, let’s start another war on terror. Anything. The basic logic of survival is absent from the media discussion.

However, this is just how the main stream media presents the case. Plenty of Europeans are against this mass immigration, and understand that many Muslims do not respect our laws and notions of decency. We just have to understand that pretty much every article and story originating from the main stream media is some form of psy-op. The world view they push is devoid of reality, and they are trying to make you insane. They want you to silently accept the violence perpetrated by the invaders.

Yet, that’s not the whole story. While I do understand that many Muslim immigrants do commit crimes, I’m skeptical as to whether or not this Paris attack was perpetrated by them. There are countless rapes and murders done by immigrants in Europe every month, but usually the main stream media ignores or downplays them. Sometimes if an African or Middle-Eastern man rapes a woman, the media only says they were a Swedish or German citizen, i.e. hides the fact that they are foreigners. Yet some of these  other violent acts get great media attention. This makes me suspect it was a false flag, as well as the whole Facebook and Youtube support for the French terrorists.

Granted, this attack was one of the biggest terror attacks since 9/11, so naturally it deserves much attention, but it’s just the way the media promotes this sort of events, and ignores other crimes, makes me suspect this is an event explicitly planned by the globalist establishment. There’s some evidence of a drill the same day the attack occurred, but there always is some evidence to suggest any event was a false flag if you’re actively looking for it. Like I stated yesterday, if president Hollande is to be trusted, the perpetrators were US-Israeli Zionists. However, whether or not it was a false flag, the most important issue is the agendas they’re going to push after the event.

Youtuber Professor Doom1 and 21st Century Wire both pointed out that a Syrian passport was discovered somewhere nearby one of the crime scenes. They suggest this might be used as an excuse to launch a war on Syria now that Russia seems to have eradicated most of the Zionist-controlled ISIS-forces. Another agenda, a very obvious one, is to push the self-victimization of Europeans further. They are angry about terrorism, yet they cannot rise against the alleged Islamic terrorists, so they have to settle for their symbolical suffering cults.

One obvious detail that has been pointed out in many places is the date the attack occurred, Friday the 13th, i.e. the day the Knights Templar were arrested in France centuries ago. The date may only have superficial, symbolical significance here, but based on my understanding the secret the Templars uncovered in the Holy Land during the Crusades is still influencing the world today, and is kept by the Freemasons, but that’s another story.

Regardless of whoever you believe perpetrated this attack, and for what reason, don’t let yourself be suckered into the media’s feel good campaigns. We have to be like that guy in the movie, Network, and be mad as hell and not take it anymore.


P. S.

Some have argued that this terror attack was a hoax, and nobody died. I think it’s possible, but improbable. And even if nobody died, it was still an attack on our sanity and consciousness.




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Big ISIS Terror Attack in Paris

There was a terror attack in Paris with at least 125 people dead allegedly perpetrated by ISIS. That pretty much says it all; US-Israel did it.

Finnish YLE news reports that French president Hollande claims an extremist Islamic terrorist organization perpetrated the attack. YLE writes (my translation): “According to President  François Hollande the Paris attacks were an act of war. He claims the attacks were planned and organized from abroad in collusion with parties within France.” Later YLE states that ISIS has published an announcement that says they were behind the attack. BBC also states that Hollande blames ISIS for the attack.

This is fairly reminiscent of 9/11 that the authorities know so early on who perpetrated the attack, and Hollande also knew very early on that the Germanwings plane that allegedly crashed into a mountain last March was crushed into small pieces. Yet I’ve learned to reign in my nasty conspiracy theorist impulses since those incidents and trust what the authorities say. They say ISIS did, so it must be true.

ISIS is, of course, a US-lead coalition, as was admitted by some guy on CNN last month. The war ISIS is waging benefits Israel, and curiously this alleged Islamic extremist organization has not attacked Israel, but mainly attacks countries that are not allied with the United States. Plenty of people have pointed out how ISIS is a US-Israeli creation, how they always seem to have Toyotas, and all that stuff. So I’m inclined to believe president Hollande when he says the attacks were planned and organized from abroad in collusion with parties within France.

The attack was fairly elaborate. There were apparently attacks in six different locations. This suggests it took some professional planning, and was not simply done by rag-tag refugees who got drunk of religious fervor. This is not to say that some of the so-called refugees couldn’t be professional soldiers, but I doubt they would have all of the resources for pulling an operation like this without backing from a government.

Some might say it is insensitive of me to go into conspiracy theories on this attack while all the bodies may not be yet cold. Quite frankly I don’t care how people feel. This was a mass murder, a terrible crime, and if we’re trying to find out what happened, we have to look into it rationally from day one. Moreover, so many terror attacks and false flags, other acts of violence have occurred since 9/11, I don’t get it how somebody can feel emotionally shocked when something like this happens, except of course if someone you know was killed in the attack. Stuff like this happens every week. Acting like a hysterical woman won’t prevent future attacks.

I reiterate; if ISIS did the attack, as Hollande seems to be saying, it means US and/or Israel did it.


P. S.

I just saw the most fucked up thing on Facebook. There’s a new app you can use to mark if you were safe after the Paris terror attack. Sure, on one level I can admit it is handy, but on another it represents quiet acquiescence to the ever-present terrorism. It’s like “it’s raining. It sucks but I just have to use my umbrella.” “The terrorists blew up another building. It sucks, but I’m glad I have this Facebook app.”

I wonder if they’ve used this app before, or if it was devised specifically for this terror attack?

Paris Terror Attacks




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Social Engineering of the Western Psyche by extremes and opposites

After 9/11 happened all of the Western world was suspicious of Muslims, that any one of them could be a terrorist. This allowed the US led coalition to wage war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The general public allowed these wars to start due to fear of, and desire for revenge against, the Muslim world. Although 9/11 occurred in America, the psychological effect was similar in Europe.

However, as years passed and people were forced to realize the immorality of the wars, and flawed nature of in seeing all Muslims as potential terrorists. Gradually the attitudes shifted from seeing Muslims as terrorists to realize the West was the bigger terrorist as Abu Ghraib torture and such events became public knowledge. The image of Muslims shifted from being the evil threat looming in the shadows to being victims of Western crusade for oil and intolerance. Compare 9/11’s response calling for outright war in 2001 to Charlie Hebdo attacks where grown men have become like pre-teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert waving their “Je suis Charlie”-flags.

This fairly quick change in the psyche of the Western people has fucked them up real good, and rendered them unable to think rationally. On one hand they see Muslim terrorist attacking them and experience anger, but on the other they realize the unwarranted Western aggression toward Muslim nations in contemporary history, so they do not know how to act or react. Moreover the Cultural Marxist propaganda has went into overdrive in recent years and Western people are afraid to call out criminal behaviour in non-White people for fear of being called racist (see the Rotherham pedophile scandal). The weak and heavily socially engineered minds of the general public cannot handle these contradicting forces rumbling around in their heads, nor the emotions welling within. This inability to rationally assess the situation and act accordingly has in effect rendered them child-like automatons who know only to follow instruction from the parent-figure, which is usually the government. Their humanity has been suspended.

Take the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. The whole city goes on lockdown due to a 20-year old kid being on the loose, the military marches into the city and the people cheer. Then in 2015 in Paris 2 Muslim extremists allegedly kill a bunch of people, and people fucking just march on the streets holding identical signs stating hollow slogans. What the fuck? They’re so proud to be victims. That’s all they know now. The spineless cowardice and lack of common sense of Europeans makes the Conquistador genocide in South America seem heroic. At least those guys were tough.

I don’t think for a second that this shift in Western psyche is an accidental occurrence. I think it’s fairly obviously a result of careful social engineering. I’m not saying all this was planned ahead of time in 2000 when the military industrial complex’s conspirators planned the 9/11 attacks in their PNAC meetings, or when-ever the 9/11 inside job conspiracy was hatched. I’m saying these conspirators have the magical ability of observation, and then changing their behaviour and propaganda by reacting to different changes in the environment. They noticed that the people were getting tired of wars, and the old patriotic “we will hunt them down and fuck their asses”-routine was not working. They had to come up with another scheme to render the massess impotent, and they did. Et voilà, at least the majority of French people are mentally so disarmed they cannot bring themselves to fight agaist the attack physically or mentally. The French may have a reputation of being more lovers than fighters, but let me remind you that the French almost conquered all of Europe just 200 years ago under the command of Napoleon. They didn’t use to be a bunch of pussies.

I don’t know if the Charlie Hebdo attack was a false flag, or a genuine terrorist attack by Muslim extremists, or something in between. All I know I sure as hell don’t trust the official story, but I haven’t heard any convincing alternatives either. So I’m gonna conclude it was suspicious as heck. And since the masses don’t seem to care what the truth of the matter is, why should I? Just as they believed the official line in the Boston Marathon bombing, they cannot even conceive the possibility that the truth might be something other than what the main stream media and the government is telling them.

All I can say for sure is the Charlie Hebdo attack was an attack on the French people. Whether it was a genuine terrorist attack by Muslim extemists, an inside job by the French secret service, Mossad or other agency, or a hoax by such agencies, it was still an attack on consciousness of the French people, and all of the Western civilization. Therefore I think it is prudent to ask who did it and why. However, even more prudent is to realize how it is used to attack freedom of speech in France and the consciousness of the French people now by the French government. It is not ironic nor hypocritical, it is normal. Until the people realize this is how they act, the people will remain utterly clueless.

We have to remain one step ahead in the game. The next time there is an event like this, and trust me, there will be, similar mind-fuck propaganda will occur. Let’s not fall for it.

P.S. What the fuck does “I am Charlie” even mean? Seriously. If you want to sympathize with the victims of the attack, fine, express your sympath, but I don’t really understand how “Je suis Charlie” accomplishes that. “Charlie” is not even a victim, it’s a magazine. Let’s say a guy named Bob was killed in the attack, it would make more sense to say “Je suis Bob” to express sympathy, even though that doesn’t make sense to me either. Since I may feel bad for Bob’s death but that does not make me Bob. How about saying “I want to express my condolences over Bob’s brutal demise, and hope his family manages to recover from this tragic incident.” I don’t fucking know.

Maybe I’m just stupid, but I’m leaning toward none of the people holding up the “Charlie”-signs really knew what they were doing either. They were just mindless drones following direction.

I really do expect something even more stupid from the next National Tragedy, where-ever it’s going to happen. Let’s say a guy gets killed by terrorists at a zoo near a monkey cage, and maybe one of the monkeys will get shot too. The next day there will be people flinging shit at each other monkey-style to express their solidarity in victimhood. I’m not even trying to be funny. I just think this is how ill-dignified and inhuman the general public has become.

Hopefully though, this too is just something manufactured by the media, and the majority of French people are not as lack-witted as the media presents them to be.


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